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  1. Please pray for me to get well quickly from what I believe is a shin splint, I really need to get well quickly, it hurts pretty badly. I also need to lose weight. So that’s why it’s crucial for me to get well so I can exercise. God bless you!

    • Dear Lord, Please heal Kristina’s body. You know that pain and suffering make it hard for us to do all you would have us do.

    • Kristina – I will be praying for you. I understand how frustrating it can be to get injured when you have a goal you want to achieve. I tore a muscle in my back recently and it really threw off my routine! I will be praying that God will heal you quickly but that you will also listen to His voice (and your body’s voice) to see when it would be best to start things up again.

    • Pray God heals you and gives you the guidance you need to loose whatever weight you are hoping to loose.
      God bless.

    • Lord please help her to heal quickly and get to doing things to help lose the needed weight. Bring peace, joy, and strength and holy presence.

    • Father, Be with Kristina… in this moment, give her comfort and peace and relief from the pain… heal her body, and help her to know You as her Great Physician… help her as she heals to be strong in her desire to lose weight… help her to honor You in all she says and does… thank You, Father… in Jesus’ name…

    • Please pray for me I am a caregiver for my mother with Alzheimer’s and it has affected my physical health and emotional health severely. I have 24 year old twins who have distanced themselves from me which breaks my heart. I have been divorced for many years and would like to be married again. Feeling isolated and alone.

      • Loving Father I pray for Elaine. Touch her Father touch her body and soul, dear God heal her. Help her with her mother too Lord. You are our God, our physician. Loving Father, I pray for reconciliation between Elaine and her grown twins. Soothe them and strengthen their heart. I decree and declare that their joy in You will be their strength Amen in Jesus name!

      • Elaine,
        I pray that God will sustain as you are you are pouring yourself out, that He will draw close to you in your times of loneliness.
        The Lord is near to the broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

      • Elaine,

        Praying for you sweet sister. I completely understand-both my parents had dementia in all forms. Watching your loved ones go like that takes its toll on one. I pray you can feel God near you giving you hugs & lots of patience. May God change the hearts of your daughters.

        Jesus- help Elaine. Give her the strength to carry on as she must. Heal her mind, body & soul. Your word says you are near to the brokenhearted. Be near Elaine & heal that gaping wound. Help those grown children to come back to mom. Bring friends around to help out & give her a little relief. Take away the isolation. Allow Elaine to find a nice man if it is your will. Take away her loneliness.


    • Kristina prayers for God to heal you and give you the strength as you heal. May you feel God’s loving presence everyday

  2. Please pray that the roots of bitterness will be removed from my family, that reconciliation will take place. It will take a miracle. My God is a God of miracles.

    • Dear Lord, Please let reconciliation take place in Carol’s family. And please let there be reconciliation in my family too. We love you, Lord!

    • Father, I lift Carol and family to You today… Father, may You bring healing to this family… help them to see that You desire it to empty themselves of the bitterness and replace it with Your peace. Father, be with Carol… help her to be Your instrument of peace… Thank You, Father… in Jesus’s name…

  3. My life is a bit of a mess, and although I know with certainty our Lord makes beauty out of such mishaps I am struggling with many things-perhaps trusting Him most of all. So I would ask that you would pray that I would hold to our Lord’s promises and hang in there. To remember that I am loved and important even when it feels as if I am invisible and so very insignificant.

    • Tonya –
      I can very much empathize with your prayer request. Nothing seems to be going right? I pray that God provides us with little victories for a positive path forward.

    • Tonya, Charles Stanley had an excellent message on the Prodigal Son. I believe if you listen to his message, you will be encouaged & blessed.

    • Tonya I too feel the exact same way. You have spoken the exact words in my heart and soul. I pray God reveals Himself to us in such a way that it leaves no room for doubt that He is with us, for us, and loves us unconditionally.

    • Tonya I too feel the exact same way. You have spoken the exact words in my heart and soul. I pray that God reveals Himself in a way that leaves no room doubt that He is with us, for us, and loves us unconditionally.

    • Tonya,
      I found I had to ask God to work trust deep into my soul. Often it’s not a work we can do….it’s okay to ASK Him to do the work in us. Praying that He would give you the trust in Him that you so desperately want. He WILL answer.
      Blessings sweet sister,
      Bev xx

  4. Pray for our families for my fiance and I who have both been widowed. That they would be thankful for the new love hope and peace Godvhas given us and support our relationship.

    • Praying for you Karen! Lord, be with each heart in this family….draw them close to You and to each other. Help them to celebrate this new love and relationship. THank you, Lord, for teaching us how to love.

    • Lord, healer of all things, and comforter of the brokenhearted, please heal Sheila’s broken heart. You know the details, she believes you can. I know you can because you have healed mine. Give her a new life of hope and love again!

    • Heavenly Father, I lift up Sheila to you in prayer. Father You are our great Physician and Healer. Whatever has caused Sheila’s heart to hurt, I pray healing over it. Your word says that you are close to the brokenhearted. Come besides Sheila and lift her up. Soothe her, fill her with your peace and love. Take the broken things and restore them. Breathe new life into her broken heart and soul and may she feel your holy presence during this time. In Jesus name, Amen.

  5. In Courage,

    I have a good friend going through breast cancer. She takes chemo & then lands in hospital each time with blood infection. Pray she can survive the chemo. I haven’t seen her in a long while, but text her often to see how she is doing.

    I would also like to pray all the women here. I know you all have trials & troubles. May God send peace & comfort to your hurting souls. May you feel His loving arms around you & His presence with you always.

    Blessings 🙂

  6. Thank you for encouraging me and others to look to our Lord and Savior for guidance. I agree with you in prayer for every day peace of mind that only God gives His children. I pray for your success in the ministry of your calling. I am thankful for prayers already answered. I look forward to the manifestation of health, well-being and healing in my body, my mind and my emotions. God bless you!

    • My prayer is for God’s peace. The last few months I started suffering extreme anxiety. Reading this opened my eyes as to the possibility of why. I would appreciate your prayers.

      Praying for Brenda and my other sisters.

      • Hello Pam, thank you for keeping me in your prayers. I know our Creator is the author of faith and love. We are blessed to know His love. He is faithful even when we don’t know how to stand in faith. I will petition to our Father to watch over you while you lean in to listening for His quiet voice. I thank God for His goodness and His tender mercies. I believe you will see yourself in wide open green and peaceful pastures. Be encouraged. I love you.

  7. Prayers. For those befoe me. Families who are struggling. I add mine to that list. My grandson graduates today. He needs prayer. And that my husband can desire to stop smoking. It is killing him. I praise God for his power and grace and faithfulness.

  8. Beth, I admire those who pray for others and support those who need healing. God bless you and please know that He gave you to your friend for standing in the gap with her. Hallelujah thank the Lord for true friends.

  9. Hello my name is Yvonne. I don’t know what to do anymore. My husband is starting to drift away with work. He uses the excuse that there are too many bills that need to be paid. He listens to musici don’t like, he never prays or reads the Bible. He is just living and I need someone to help me intercede for him. He isn’t getting spiritually fed and that worries me and he doesn’t see it. If I tell him he just argues with me because he knows I’m right. God needs to send someone else to do this.
    Thank you

    • Yvonneness,
      Would your husband ever consider meeting with a third party (pastor, counselor, lay pastor)?? Sometimes marriages need an objective third party. I will be praying that the Lord would capture your husband’s attention and refocus his mind on what is good, pure, lovely, and true. Praying for His mighty intervention right now. You can’t change your husband, but keep working on the best you that you can be with the Lord. Maybe your husband will take notice?!
      Bev xx

  10. Please pray for my marriage. My husband & I are separated & I do not want a divorce but he won’t even be in the same room with me. His heart is so hardened towards me. I have completely transformed since he has left & he won’t give me a chance to be kind to him. We have 3 kids that we both love a lot but he is too angry & bitter to see clearly. He always thinks I want to fight because of my past behavior but God has been so good at revealing my sin & transforming me into his creation. I’m scared it’s too late for my husband to reconcile with me. He is the love of my life & I treated him poorly instead of like a cherished gift from above. I have said sorry to God & my husband for all my sins & my husband still won’t forgive me.

    • Praying for your marriage. I believe your husband still loves you and desires to be a family again. Continue to express your love and give it to God. He will work it out. Most times God doesn’t move like or when we want him to but he is moving and always right on time. Faith of a mustard seed is all we need.

    • I pray that our Lord God, the God of miracles, will save your marriage. I can hear your hurt and no matter what happens, Our Lord will be in the middle of this. My daughter is in the same situation as you. Her past mistakes have caused her husband to not believe a word she says. I don’t believe she is willing to admit her problems- alcohol, lying, and more. She’s not a believer. I’m praying for both of your marriages and for Gods healing hand.

  11. My husband and I have a young boy that we have mentored sine birth. He is now 9 and has ADHD and learning delays. I am going to tutor him through the summer in reading comprehension, vocabulary and math. Please pray that his mind will be open and ready to accept these lesson and that he will find peace in knowing that the Lord can handle his anxiety.

    • Father God be with Bonnie as she tutors her young friend this summer. Give her the patience when he struggles, may she teach ways that are actively fun for this ADHD guy. Make it truly an rewarding experience for both. You know I have been in her shoes with my own kids and it was with your intersession that helped me through the days we locked heads. Be with Bonnie at the beginning of each lesson.

  12. My husband lost his job after 30 years and he has been tasked with closing up the office since his boss lives out of state. My husband is a good man and has been deducted for the company. He is struggling with anxiety and depression. He feels like he is letting me down. His health is not great, so I am praying that he be able to take some time off to heal and regain before starting over.
    His boss has given him the assets to sell and we can keep the money. It is turning out to be not worth much. We are both discouraged and scared. I am at the edge of a road and not sure where we are going to be soon. Thank you in advance for any prayers. I am feeling like He is too busy to listen to us right now. I know He’s there, but I can’t feel Him as much right now. Thank you!!!

    • Deb, please Jesus let Deb and her husband feel your love and peace. Calm the anxiety and fear for the future so they can concentrate on the next path you’re going to direct them to. We know what stress can do to your body, mind and soul. Give them the peace and relaxation they both long for right now. And when it’s time, direct her husband to the next job that will provide for them even more and give him back his self confidence. God we know you can and will. Let the money come to them during this time, give them a big hug. Hugs are great. We ask it all in your precious name, amen

    • Deb, I’m praying for the Lord’s strength and guidance for both you and your husband. I pray that you will feel His love and His presence in your lives soon!

  13. Good morning! Please pray for complete healing of my body. I’ve been in the hospital 5 times since Feb with the same infection, a severe UTI . They can’t seem to find the cause of them. What makes it bad is that I have a transplanted kidney. I’m so blessed to have that kidney but it’s taken its toll on it. Thank you so much and God bless you

    • Heavenly Father, I pray that you would eradicate this infection from Connie’s body. I pray for wisdom and a discerning eye and mind for the doctors treating her and I pray that her new kidney would fully align itself to your power and submit to your authority. I pray that you’d direct Connie’s mind and thoughts to full healing, peace and joy in You. Amen

  14. I know exactly what you are going through Yvonne. My husband is also ignoring his spiritual health. He is very good at taking care of his physical health but not so with the disciplines of nurturing his spiritual growth. It saddens me.
    Father I pray you would intervene on behalf of Yvonne’s husband and speak directly to him of your desire and his need of spiritual fellowship with You. Draw him into your arms and renew his passion to enjoy your truth, your presence and your work. Help Yvonne to be in complete confidence of your involvement and care. Let your light shine through her. Bless them with the same mind and unity of Christ. Thank you for your love! You are faithful!

  15. Please pray for a cousin to be set free from his addiction of drugs so he can raise his four yr old son as a godly father and get back in his church.

  16. Strained family relationships and finances; I ask for wisdom to handle both of these areas, for The Holy Spirit to intervene, and for my husband and I to have joy in the midst of these stressors

  17. Oh Thank you so much for this opportunity to ask for prayers. Please pray that we could have our precious grandchildren come and stay with us for awhile. this week And please pray that their parents would turn from ungodly, very harmful parenting to the path the Lord wants them to be on for parenting. Please pray for godly wisdom for them and for us, and healed hearts for the children and all of our relationships. Thank you so very, very much

  18. I am desperately praying for Gods healing over me after my kidney stone surgeries. I am having minor complications and I am desperately looking for relief.

    • Lord Jesus, we thank you for your provision of these surgeries. I pray that you would align her kidneys to full submission to your authority and that you’d speak new life and healing into her body. Thank you Jesus. Amen

    • Dear Jesus, please provide healing and relief to Becky. Let her draw closer to you during this hard time. Use these circumstances to do immeasurably more in her life than she could ever imagine. Thank you for being her living hope in these hard times. Amen.

  19. I am struggling with finding freedom from an eating disorder. It started when I was 15, and I am now 21. Although things are much better than they were, I still have big problems with my body image and my eating habits, eating either too little or binging. I deeply desire peace and freedom from this and a new prespective*

    • Barbara, I’ll be praying for you….
      Do you have the YouVersion Bible app?? There’s a reading plan called “Food is not the enemy”, that I helped me (and many more)

  20. As I read this article, it seems that you’re speaking directly to me. I watch the news each day because I want to be aware of what’s going on in our nation and the world around us. But….then I get angry when I see the in-action of those in power. I love our country. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. And I pray for the Lord to guide our country’s leaders to do what is right and good for all of us. Yet, I get so discouraged.
    I’m in need of prayers for patience and hope for the future of our country.

    Your description of standing in a grass field. Wow, placing myself in that entire paragraph was exactly what I needed and I’m sure I will use that imagery often. Thank you!

  21. Please pray anxiety, fear and depression , leaves forever and I trust in God to do this .. amen. Thank you.

    • Heavenly Fsther, I pray that you’d release Linda from the bondage of anxiety , fear and depression. I pray that you would give her the strength, faith, trust and belief that you will do this for her because of your unfailing love. Thank you Lord for your immense love for Linda. Amen

  22. In many ways, I feel like my life is in shambles, but it all stems from a pretty toxic relationship. We have a daughter who is the light of my life, and I want her every dream to come true. Rent was due two days ago, and I haven’t been able to pay it because he didn’t give me money. I’m crippled by guilt, shame and confusion. Please pray that God will show me his vision for my life and that I am open to seeing it.

  23. For perseverance, a focus on Jesus, and good spirits as I am dealing with morning sickness. Baby is healthy and is such a blessing! Also that I would accomplish whatever God needs me to do during this time period. Thanks!
    New life certainly can bring with discomforts…in all seasons of life… If I may be so bold, perhaps even our sicknesses can be signs of new life in some form: some more obvious than others 🙂

    • Lord Jesus, what beautiful wisdom and insight that you’ve imparted to Sarah. You do bring new life through trial and adversity. I pray for all of us that are in the depths of these trials to cling and lean into You knowing that You are the creator and giver of life and healing. I pray mercy for my friend Sarah. I pray for some relief and a break from the morning sickness. I pray that her body would receive and accept this pregnancy well and every part of her body full submits to Your control and authority. Amen

    • Hello Young Lady, I am thankful for the expected new life you will have the pleasure of shaping and molding into a young believer. What a privilege! My best job is Mother to 3 young ladies. I know you are going through some physical discomforts. And I agree with you in prayer for relief while you wait on your blessing. And while you are waiting say a prayer for others expecting, smile. New life is a journey toward God.

  24. This touched my heart today. Thank you don’t have for this ministry. I ask for prayer for my dad – he has neuropathy in his feet and weakness in his legs and is struggling to walk. Please pray for healing, for the meds and cream to work and for peace for him and my mom. Thank you.

    • Hi, My feet & legs used to go numb on me & actually caused me to break my foot when I tried to walk so my doc sent me to a neurologist & he gave me a Medicine called “Gabapentin” & it has been wonderful.

      • Thank you so much for responding. Your messages truly brought tears to my eyes. Knowing others are there, women I have never met, praying for my parents and caring enough to offer your own experiences…. you are shining Christ’s love so very loud and clear. Thank you both so very much.

    • I agree with Frances, Gabapentin is very helpful for neuropathy. I will be praying for your Dad as I know that nerve pain is so debilitating. Also, a stationary bike that wasn’t weight bearing was good for circulation and numbness. Lifting you all in prayer right now.
      Bev xx

      • Thank you so much! Your encouragement and taking the time to reply is a true blessing to me today. I cannot even find words to say thank you. This is the first time I have posted anything like this before and again, am blessed. Also, thank you incourage for opening this up for prayer. Amen and Amen!!!

        • Carolyn,
          I had to learn that when I opened up and expressed my trials and distress, there was often someone who had walked the path before me and had good advice, encouragement, and most of all prayer to share. Lifting you up this am.
          May you have a blessed day and a day of healing for your dad….
          Bev xx

  25. Please lift up prayer for specifically all those fighting the tough, good fight against cancer. Also prayers for their families as they struggle together. Also pray for women everywhere holding families together , working inside or outside the home. Life is not easy , God never promised that, just the that he’d would be here to come along side ofus and be our strength and help us. I pray for blessings on all who are discouraged, all who are weary, all who feel they are powerless. May Jesus be your refuge and your strength.

    • I pray as my sister in Christ before me asked for all those who are suffering or have a family member dealing with cancer. Please hold them all tightly in your arms Lord, bless them, heal them according to your will. You are almighty beyond our understanding and your love runs so wide and deep let each an everyone feel your love and find comfort in you. IJN Amen

      Can I ask for prayers for the Lord tobless me with an answer to a practicum placement in Peace and Conflict/humanitarian sector from all the emails I have sent may I receive a yes! And may it be right where you Lord want me to go. Help me to write these two last assessments, give me energy and fill my mind, bless my fingers to write well my Lord and to do well. I am waiting for your direction Lord please reveal it clearly so I understand and follow your path. Thank you!

  26. I’m currently suffering from a bout of diverticulitis and am scheduled to fly out to CA for a scheduled surgery, hysterectomy, not related to this recent flare. Everyone has agreed to move forward so far but I’m anxious and scared. Please pray for this infection to clear early this week, for safe travels, successful & uncomplicated surgery and safe return home from surgery and no further diverticulitis episodes during recovery. And peace, strength and joy. Thank you! Rebecca

    • Please bless Rebecca lord. Heal her ready for surgery and then heal her again from Surgery. I lift her up to you in Jesus Name, Amen

  27. My heart cry has been for my husband, Tom and son Matthew to come to faith in Jesus Christ. Then for my adult brother, Jerry, who tried to commit suicide last year, that he be freed from the pain that brought him to such desperation and that he too come to faith in Christ. And for the rest of my family, Steve, Chrissy, Jimmy, Cam, Laraby, Clarice, Amanda, Sandie, Cookie, all of whom have abandoned Christ. Thank you for your prayers!

  28. I have a dear friend who lost her 24 year old son two months ago unexpectedly. She is a single mom and this was her only child. She is grieving so. She knows the Lord and has a strong faith but right now it is on shaky ground. Please pray for peace for her and to just be able to put one foot in front of the other. Thank you

    • I pray for Dawns friend to be strong and patient. Let her keep her faith strong. Losing a child unexpectedly is something no mother should ever have to do. It is a one day at a time process now. My family is at that stage as well. Yesterday would of been my grandsons senior graduation. We lost him unexpectedly as well almost 2 years ago. My daughter needs prayers as well to get through this time in her life. Its not an easy time , thats why you take one day at a time or even one minute at a time. This prayer goes out to all mothers that lost a child unexpectedly. Its not an easy road and remember your friends and family are here with you every step of the way and dont ever give up.

  29. I ask for prayers that God will heal my mind and body so that I can delight in the many blessings He has given me, as well as come to a positive place in my relationship with my son. If, however, it is not God’s will to give me the energy I so desperately seek, to be better able to enjoy His many blessings, and the resolution I so desperatly want with my son, then I pray that He change my heart to accept His will as my own.

  30. Please pray for me. I am a teacher and will be finishing up school in the next two weeks. I am also a mom who will be transistioning to staying home full time. There are a lot of mixed emotions that in the end make me exhausted. Please pray for strength and wisdom for both times to work and times go rest.

    • Heavenly Father, I can hear the exhaustion in what Jenn has written. I pray that you’d align her mind and body and soul to you today. I pray for you to impart discerning wisdom to her as she transitions this part of her life. I pray for strength, peace and joy. Amen

    • Dear Jesus, I lift up Christopher to you now-Bound in chains by addictions. Lord, I pray that you would bind the powers of darkness and break those chains. You have the power to break those chains Lord. Heal the heart , mind and body of Christopher and lead him in your ways.
      Bring great hope peace to Dee’s heart and mind. Encourage her Lord, as there is nothing as disparate as watching our children being tortured by the enemy. We trust you Lord, and have great hope that Christopher will come to know you and put his faith in you Lord and will have a powerful testimony of your love and great power to change a life. Amen.

    • God is healing God. We are his children and he loves us all. Lord, please remove the desire from Christopher’s mouth, mind, body and soul for substance abuse. Please give his mother the resources she may need to help her son. Give mom peace, strength in knowing this to one-day shall pass. In Jesus name. Amen

  31. Brandon, my adult son also has addictions and health problems. He rejects God. Please pray for his heart to soften. Please pray for his protection.
    Thank you.

  32. Lord, I pray you grant Helen with the ability to delight in You as you bring healing to her body, mind and soul. I also pray You fullfil Your promise to turn the hearts of the children towards their parents’ and the hearts of the parents towards their children’s. May Your love reach and soothe those hurting places and Your Name be glorified in this relationship. We love You, Lord, and thank You in advance because we know that the answer’s been sent before we presented the request.

    I ask for prayers for my employee and friend, Daniela. I’ve been praying for some years now that she may know the Lord as the loving and caring Father He is. I know it’s the Holy Spirit’s work to reveal that to her, but it breaks my heart to see her struggling (she’s been thrown a couple of curve balls recently and is on the verge of a mental breakdown) and I know that only in God she’ll find the rest and peace she so desperately needs. She believes in God, but as someone completely alien to our ordinary lives, so pray the Holy Spirit reveal Himself to her

  33. Jenn, I will be praying for your time with your children! This is such a precious time for them! Please pray for my ex-husband. We have been divorced since my son (2nd child) was 5months old. He is now 11. I have felt God telling me for years He is going to restore our relationship. My ex-husband is now a new Christian! He says he is not hearing the same thing I am from God. I think he is struggling with secret sin and needs to be released from that. I do not think he sees it. Please pray God would open my-ex husbands eyes to see Gods will for our family and that my ex-husband would obey!

    Thank you,
    Dawn A

  34. My prayers are with you, and your loved ones, that you may have peace, wellness, strength, comfort and guidance.
    Have a blessed day all,

  35. I have a family member recently diagnosed with treatment resistant cancer. We neeed Gods healing and hope.

    • I pray in Jesus’ mighty name for your healing. Under the power and authority of His naje, may that cancer be healed. Amen.

  36. Please pray for my family. For unity in our marriage and unity as we raise our son. I’m a believer and my husband is on a slower spiritual journey. Pray for our son to see God’s relevance in his life.

  37. Lord I lift up Joann and her family to you.Please give her strength as she is fighting for her family. May she find comfort in Your loving arms while waiting for things to change. That she may allow you to work in her life as well. Bless her family abundantly Lord.In Jesus’name I pray.Amen

  38. Please prayer for my niece Brit, she fell Friday night down the stairs at her home on top of that she is pregnant.

    • Father God, I pray for Tricia’s niece, Brit. I pray that her baby would be healthy and a blessing to the family and Brit would recover quickly from her fall.

  39. Please pray for my friend who is battling cancer and that my young adult son would be able to find a good job. He has multiple interviews coming up and he needs God’s favor.

  40. I thank God for this opportunity to see another day. My prayer is for my finances. I’m a widow with children and unemployed. All my bills are past due with a few disconnection notices staring at me..
    Recently I have wanted to start a new career in Real Estate and Logistics Brokerage and or agent. I found this program that provides funding to take the the 72 hours logistic course. Of course there are qualifications that come along. My only worry is passing the math portion of the TABE test. Please pray for that I pass the test on the 1st try and funding is approved quickly so I may start the course on Monday June 11 2018.
    Thank you for your prayers

  41. My husband and I could use prayer for our first foster care placement. It has been extremely difficult and we do not have biological kids of our own so we have kind of jumped into the deep end. We need prayers for healing for the children and prayers for compassionate hearts for us.

    • Jessica, praying for you and your husband! Praying a special blessing for you both for being willing to step into the lives of these hurting kids. As a mom of two adopted children who are now grown and on their own. The Lord has reminded me faithfully over the years that I am only called to love them, grieve with them their losses, point them to Him, and pray for them. Success should only be measured by my faithfulness to stay engaged and love them. Only He can heal their deep losses and bring true healing. Praying for endurance, love and healing.

  42. Thank you for this devotion! Please pray for me! I need Jesus’ peace that passes my understanding. The last 10 months have been so hard. My mom’s lung cancer returned and she had several strokes. I moved to her town and in with her to care for her last August. She went home to be with Jesus and my Dad on Easter Sunday. I praise God for the opportunity to care for her. I’m home now but I am struggling with so much anxiety and fear after her passing. This time apart from my husband has been so hard. In the midst of this Hurricane Harvey hit and we had to let go two employees in our small mortgage business. Then IRS told us we owe a huge amount of back taxes. My husband got depressed and our business is struggling. I’m struggling to function each day and need God’s peace and comfort. I need to know God is with me and He cares and loves me. I need to grieve but cannot because of all the fears. Thank you for being willing to pray for me.

  43. Please pray for church mete healing from a pinched nerve. This is the second time this year that I have dealt with this problem and I can’t do this anymore. Pray that any back problem causing the pinched nerve will be healed and that this will not happen again.

    Thank you

  44. Please pray for me as God is working in my life. I really need to take care of myself cause I feel that all my life Ive been taking care of others and neglecting myself. Ive always been a people-pleasing type. Pray that I may continue this journey with God and grow in my relationship with Him. Pray also for my daughter’s health, that I may take appropriate decisions concerning her medication. Pray also for Brunô who is resigning from one of his jobs because of health issues due to overworking. May he find time to grow in his relationship with the Lord.Thank you for your prayers.God bless you all.

  45. Please pray that kids will be okay this morning at new church so we can become connected spiritually to a family of believers. We are very isolated spiritually. This has been a long struggle.

      • Thank you for praying! My son loved it! My daughter made it about 30 min, then cried for us. They were in the same room, and we were told that when she cried, my son ran to her, hugged her, took her by the hand and brought her along with him. Please keep this in prayer for future.

  46. Pray for my family. My husband of 281/2 yrs and 5 children has left us on Friday, June 1st because he is following a man who is teaching the Bible wrong. (Jim Brown w/ grace&truth ministries.net in Hendersonville, TN). One of the things he teaches is if your family is not following the Bible the way Jim teaches then we are following wrong and you are to distance yourself from them, which he did for a couple of months while at home. I did tell him if he was going to continue to treat his family like we have leporasy he needed to leave the home. He only interacted with us when necessary. He couldnt
    eat with us, tell us to have a good day, tell us he loved us, touch us, do anything with us. He left on Friday and moved to TN where this man’s Church is and it is exactly where my husband grew up. My children are 23 (boy named Christan married to Emi and they are Christians), a son 20 named Seth (he is a Christian), a daughter 18 named Bethany (not walking with the Lord), a daughter 16 named Josie (who is not walking with the Lord) and a son (13 in July) named Uriah. I’m not sure exactly where his walk is with the Lord, but he is connected with Church, youth and a guys group from the Church. R like being connected but actions at home don’t always portray a Christian walk. My heart is broken, sad, disappointed, hurt, hurting for my kids that their dad left them. This is not okay. He didn’t leave because one of us has an affair with another human, he left for a cult. So messed up! Thank you for your prayers.

    • Dear Donna Earl,

      I pray for the Holy Spirit to interpret the Lord’s truth for your husband and vide him back to you and your family through Christ, our Lord, from whom all good things come. Amen.

  47. Please pray for the healing of my lip. It has been making me very self conscious/sad. Thank you for your prayers and may God bless and answer all of your prayers in His perfect timing. Amen ❤️

    • Please Lord heal Stephanie’s lip and grant her Your vision so she sees how beautifully you have created her every day for the rest of her life. Amen.

  48. Please pray for a healthy final 2 months of pregnancy and a smooth, uncomplicated delivery of baby #4. Thank you!

    • Praying April, right this very moment, for health, energy, comfort and EASE in the next two months and through your delivery. Praying you feel the Lord in every moment, even the hard ones. ❤️ So many prayers lifted today and in the days to come. You got this!!

    • Father,

      I lift my sister April before you and ask you to bless her with your peace and with your comfort over these last two months of carrying this precious soul in her womb while talking care of her family. I pray you will calm her when she feels anxious and fearful. I pray she will feel your presence with her supporting her and giving her strength. I pray for a safe and uncomplicated delivery. Allow her body to do exactly what you’ve created it to do and do it well. And finally, I pray for this tiny child you have created and placed within her. May you bless it with health and vitality and may you knit its heart to you so that he or she will seek you and find you as they grow and mature.

      We are so grateful for your care and for your love. Amen.

  49. Mine is a joyful prayer needed…not serious as those above but important to me in my next phase of life. My son graduates high school in two weeks (my last child flying the nest) and I am jumping back into the full-time workforce. It has been years. I have applied several places but I am praying most joyfully that I will land a directorial job for which I applied last week. It is my hearts dream to be able to create and collaborate full-time with other artists. Please pray that the interview board looks at my resume and sees that I am the person who could bring love, joy, enthusiasm and expertise to this position. Thank you so much for your prayers!

  50. I’ve been dealing with a toxic work environment for several months, which has decimated my efforts to become clean and sober and drop 20 pounds. Although I have been praying forf another job and actively sending out resumes, I have haad no offers. Please pray I make the right decision on whether to stay in the abusive work environment or leave without other employment. I have an ex husband and two children to support. Thanks fi r your prayers. May the Holy Spirit guide us asll on our faith journeys. Amen.

    • Father God, I pray for a true complete healing for Lisa. You are our Creator, and we are the result of a master design. We know you created our bodies to work as a complete system. I ask that You restore Lisa’s heart to perfection, and grant her Your peace. In Jesus name, amen!

  51. Wow, so many prayers! So thankful God loves them all!
    Please pray for my daughter. She is 19 and completely out of control. Lots of history. However, I found out she went to “hang out” with some friends Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. There was some weed smoking, and someone brought out a tray of coke. Yes, she used. Of course, big argument when we (my husband and I) found out a couple of nights later. My husband had to block the door to keep her from leaving. I’m sure you could hear the commotion from several houses away.
    This has been an ongoing struggle. I have lost TONS of sleep waiting for her to come home in the middle of the night. It’s extra tough because I have a demanding job supporting two executives at a very large international energy company.
    She has lots of ongoing health issues (recurrent endometriosis, gall bladder removed, POTS, fatty liver disease). There have been countless arguments over her disrespect of our rules. She’s constantly telling us she CAN leave and the police won’t do anything. And, she’s right.
    She refuses to get therapy (I’m waiting for my appointment now). But, it seems to me the coke-thing took this to a whole new level.
    If I were listening to another parent, I would likely tell them, let her go. Let her see just how tough it can be. But that’s easy to say when it’s not your son/daughter.
    I’m afraid if she leaves, we’ve lost her forever.

  52. Please pray for my healing and restoration. I think Something is going on with my left temple and it is giving me a constant headache as well my left eye feels sort of weak. I am making an appointment with a physician this week however all the prayers would be greatly appreciated. I have no clue how and/or what is causing it but please pray with me that no internal damage has occurred and that I will find relief soon! Thank you! ❤️

    • Father in heaven, I lift Stephanie up to you in Jesus’ name. Give her grace and faith to believe that You have healed her. Give the medical team wisdom and knowledge to know exactly the right way to help. I speak wholeness for Stephanie in the name of Jesus.

  53. Please pray for the salvation of my family…Oliver, Yolanda, Toa, Yoriko and Tyler. I prsy that God’s will and purpose will be fulfilled in our lives. Thank you.

  54. Praying for y’all. When read Tonya’s request, thought, like Frances, of prodigal son msg just heard on Charles Stanley. Naturally Scripture is first and formost for us but appreciate Godly preachers and teachers. Hangeth thou in there, ladies. Could use prayer for a couple sensitive teeth. They anchor permanet bridges so big issues. Thank you. Have routine appt Tuesday and figure Lord counts hairs on our heads and hopefully counts teeth and knows I need mine. Blessings.

  55. For our financial situation. Also for my marriage, we are recovering from my husband’s infidelity.

  56. For sister who is overweight, many health problems – diabetes, anxiety, can’t walk due to knee injury, struggling faith, children turned from faith and lack of connection with her. Her husband come to Jesus.

    Sister-in-law & brother burdened with shame. Make idols. Involved in Cults. Wicken. Most extended family caught in demonic trap.

    God’s will over my metastatic cancer, depression and life.

  57. I recently interviewed for what I believe is my dream job at my church after 15 years working in a corporate job. I have longed for many years to return to ministry. My existing job is terrible, with a critical, demanding group of leaders over me I just don’t know if I can keep going very much longer under such scrutiny and pressure. It is no longer my passion and I am increasingly convinced that it really is time for me to leave.

    Please pray that the Lord will remove all blockers from being hired to this new job and that He will confirm that it is indeed what the He has for me and that I will be rescued soon from this difficult place. Pray for my fear and anxiety over the future and for my faith to be made stronger as I walk through this valley of waiting. Thank you.

    • Father God,
      Tiffany has been faithful to the work she has been given, but her heart longs to be in ministry. Help her to follow the path and plans You have for her, to trust Your timing, and seek Your will in her decisions. If this interview is where You want her to be, then we trust that You will go before her and make her path smooth. We’ll serve You and praise You in the waiting.

  58. Please pray for my anxiety i believe is caused by my blood pressure medicine, and that the Dr. would cooperate with me and give me a better medicine more aptly suited to me and that doesn’t cause anxiety! I would appreciate any and all prayers til this is resolved, because anxiety is no fun! Thankyou very much for praying about this if you will!

    • Lauren,
      Having lived with anxiety my whole life, I know it’s not fun. I’d let your doctor know immediately about the side effects of the blood pressure medicine. I pray there is another alternative that won’t cause this side effect. If not there are many effective meds for anxiety that are very helpful. I’m sure you don’t want to take more medicine thought. Praying the doctor will find the right combination that works well for you. Anxiety stinks….keep asking till they get it right. Praying for the best possible solution.
      Bev xx

      • Thanks Bev! And thanks be to the Lord! Thanks for your support! I appreciate it! Love in Christ! Lauren

  59. Please pray for my mom, Brenda, who has been experiencing kidney and bladder pain since October—we almost lost her from a severe kidney infection that went septic. She is still not fully recovered. Please pray for wisdom for the doctor treating her. Also, my step dad who has trouble breathing…and my in-laws who have daily health struggles. Thank you. Praying for all here.

  60. I would like for everyone to pray for me to be the person God wants me to be. He already sees us that way. Father, in Jesus name, I speaking healing over you, cancers bow to His name. He is the finisher of faith, and the restorer of souls. I pray His peace that He already left us, will permeate your homes with His presence. I pray for these hardened hearts to be convicted by the Holy Spirit, and brought repentance, by His grace. Fill the earth with angels and glory today, Lord. This is the day you made and we should be rejoicing in it. Give us a teachable spirit, and a heart of worship, we need only to look to you as healer, the way, the truth and the life. Remember, to stop looking at yourself and being dissatisfied with your life or looks, He looks t your heart and he is pleased if you believe in Him, He will perfect you, you are beloved, His masterpiece. Rest in His love today, in Jesus name.

  61. My boyfriends needs to find a job but is struggeling to start searching for one. He doesnt really know himself why he has been putting it away since January! He is running out of money now so I hope this helps. I pray that God gives him a right mindset and guides his thoughts and steps. And I pray that God uses me in whatever way neceserry to talk to him. Thank you for praying! This means a lot!

  62. Please pray for my health. I have been battling hormone levels and cortisol for years. It makes me so weary and tired and makes it feel impossible to work to lose the weight I need to lose. I often have a lack of energy and brain fog. Lately, I have also experienced badly itching skin and inflammation. Pray that God gives wisdom to know what changes I need to make and the strength and courage to make those changes. Thank you.

  63. Father, I lift Carol and family to You today… Father, may You bring healing to this family… help them to see that You desire it to empty themselves of the bitterness and replace it with Your peace. Father, be with Carol… help her to be Your instrument of peace… Thank You, Father… in Jesus’s name…

  64. Father, I come to you in the name of Jesus and ask you Father to help Rebbeca become the person you already know she is. Help her find what you want her to be and let her shine with your light. In Jesus name Amen!
    I am asking for prayer for finding who God wants me to be also. I have been struggling with feeling like I don’t belong at work, feeling unloved and unwanted by friends and family, feeling lonely, and have lost my desire to do my crafting that God has gifted me with. So many things are getting in my way to going back to my crafting. One of them is my husband. He will not let me get what I need to be able to do my crafts. He drinks a lot and he spends hundreds of dollars a month on beer not to mention dip and food. I never get a lot of things for myself because he says they cost to much. I’m so tired of this whole life. My health has been suffering because of all the stress.

  65. God is working in my life. I feel it and I so want to be the person he wants me to be and to go where he wants me to go. Right now I feel like I am in a box. Every direction I go, I hit a wall (side, top or bottom of the box). I am NOT good at waiting so please pray that God will continue to work with me and mold me so that He can show me what He has planned for me as I approach the next phase of life.

  66. Father, thank you for Donna and for her heart which is wired into following Your ways. Please help her to find Your way of waiting, to learn all You want to teach her in this time, to use the time to grow, to take rest from doing, to keep on hearing You and hearing Your directions, to prepare for what You have next for her, to cultivate and grow her faith, her patience and perseverance. Thank you for her, Father, for her life and her purpose and for Your plans for her. Donna, never forget that God is faithful to His promises and hold on to that. What God brings through such times is more precious than gold, but these are hard times. God bless you!

  67. I would also ask you for prayer, I am also in a waiting time and waiting for a move of God in a relationship which was broken, repaired really through miracle and “on waiting”. I want to really hear from God, to know if I have to do something or keep waiting, I don’t want to be “in the way” of His working. And I want to see the miracle God has promised. I know He is faithful and He finishes what He begins. Thank you for your prayers, God bless you all!

  68. My first year as a full-time elementary teacher ended Thursday, and in two days I fly out to host summer mission teams in northern Mexico. It’s a great opportunity to encourage friends and ministry partners where I previously served, but it brings stresses and uncertainties as I will be the bridge between the teams and the local congregations. Pray that the Lord will guide our steps, provide safety and favor in our travels, and help us to demonstrate Christ’s love in all that we do.

  69. I have read through all of these comments and prayed individually for each one. God knows! Please pray for salvation for several of my family members and that they would see Jesus in me! I feel like I lack in so many ways, but I know that my Lord will fill in where I lack.

    • Thank you for your prayers, Courtney! Praying for the salvation of your family members, that God open their hearts so that they can see Jesus in you and also that God open doors of opportunity to share your faith and touch their hearts. Trust that God makes the seeds grow even when we don’t see it yet. God bless you and your family members!

  70. We found out that our toddler’s health condition is terminal this month. There are no available treatments for her. Churches and Christians around us have turned their backs on us. As soon as we could no longer serve weekly we were outcasts. We are suffering and grieving alone. We struggle to provide for all of the medical and medication costs and the stress on top of the grief is almost smothering. I am heartbroken. And so alone. I am struggling greatly.

    • Oh, Maria! It is unthinkable that any of us in Christ’s Body would forsake another part of His Body when they are down and out! BUT unfortunately people or individuals will sometimes let us down. BUT JESUS will NEVER let us down! HE will NEVER let you down, leave you, or forsake you and your family!

      I know it seems impossible, but out of sheer guts, I ask you to obey God in forgiving these individuals–not excusing them–but forgive them and GOD will take care of your feelings and your broken heart. And He will deal with anyone who has done wrong. you just don’t want to be chained to unforgiveness or bitterness. Stay close to the Lord and He will help you recover.

      Lord! You heal the brokenhearted! And You will bind up their wounds! You are the avenger of wrongs. Help Maria and her family to lean HARD on Your everlasting arms! Help them to REST between Your shoulders! They are Your beloved ones! And that precious little child, help her/him to learn more about You as her parents go to You!

      You are Jehovah Jireh, the God who sees their needs! Thank You that You see them and go into Your eternal Warehouse to provide for each of their needs! For comfort, for fellowship and true love from You and other believers You put them in contact with! Heal that little girl and her family whose wounds are so painful! Lord, nothing is too difficutl for You! And yet, help them to be able to trust You with whatever your ultimate answers are…for whatever You have for each of your children is for good, but sometimes hard and unfathomable. Be the God of all Comfort and the God of all Hope to each of them and encourage their hearts day by day. Help them to look to You, keep looking up, for You are with them and will help them. Show them the way, little by little….bless and touching them with what they need….

    • Maria
      So sorry to hear of your incredibly sad news. I can’t imagine the pain you are going through… please know that God sees your struggle snd is holding you in the palm of his hand… now and always

  71. Oh, Father! Thank You that You have NOT given Lauren a spirit of fear or anxiety! But instead,You have given her a spirit of LOVE, a spirit of POWER, and a SOUND MIND and of SELF CONTROL! Help her to know and believe and declare this out loud! And in Jesus Name, we bind away anything that is trying rob, kill, and destroy in her life! Thank You that you will deliver her from all her fears and anxieties! Help her to talk with You abut every single thing that is bothering her, and thank YOu that You will lift her burdens as she brings them to You! Help her to step out, even baby steps, in trust and courage in YOU, Lord! Thank YOu that You go ahead of her and will fight for her! Bless and encourage her, Lord, and lead her in the way she should go. Jesus says,
    “Peace I leave you, Lauren. My peace I give you. Not as the world gives. For In this world you will have trouble. But take heart. for I have overcome the world! I am with you, Lauren. Don’t be afraid. Only believe. I will never leave you or forsake you. You are mine. And I am yours, dear Princess of mine. I love you with an everlasting love. And I am enough.”

  72. Please pray for my precious little 6 yr old granddaughter who has put her faith in Jesus…that if it is NOT God’s best for her, that her parents will change their minds and not let her go halfway across the country to be involved in some questionable summer activities with her cousins. And for God to revive and wake up my son and his wife, living to please God and not the world, the flesh, or even the ways of the enemy. To cause them to live in holiness and purity rather than for worldly pleasures. Also, if his wife is not really a Christian that she will be saved ASAP. Thank you so much if you would pray. I feel somewhat alone in this and need some more sisters to lift up my arms about this…

  73. Please pray for me as I seek daily to walk in Him. I ask God to show me my spiritual priorities so as not to be involved in too many things. His Word is VERY important to me. I want to listen to the Holy Spirit and run with Him. Also, I have multiple medical conditions I live with every day. I want to remain thankful and submitted to Him trusting Him in everything. I am asking God for opportunities to love and encourage others and share the Gospel.
    Thank you for praying for me.
    Mrs. Marilyn Saxon

    • My Lord I lift Marilyn up to you Lord in prayer. Please guide her and use her talents in your plan for her. Amen

  74. Can I ask for prayers for the Lord tobless me with an answer to a practicum placement in Peace and Conflict/humanitarian sector from all the emails I have sent may I receive a yes! And may it be right where you Lord want me to go. Help me to write these two last assessments, give me energy and fill my mind, bless my fingers to write well my Lord and to do well. I am waiting for your direction Lord please reveal it clearly so I understand and follow your path. Thank you!

    • I pray the Lord opens up a door for you. And may he reveal it in such a way that you won’t miss it. May he fill you with power to finish strong! !!

    • Praying for the Lord to comfort you Tee, anxiety is not fun! Asking him to relieve you of this and depression too. Seek help from your doctor there is no shame in getting help with medication if needed. Meditation, exercise all have helped me. I’m no longer on medication but still meditate and take regular exercise and it all helps.

  75. Please pray that my life and significant relationships will bring glory and honor to my Lord who has blessed me so abundantly .
    Thank you!

  76. I am going through incredible turmoil in my marrriage and feel completely lost in this storm… but i am in vast open spaces in Iceland—- God is everywhere… why do i feel so utterly alone?

  77. Asking for God’s enablement to eat healthy foods and resist the rest. I am in need of losing weight!!! Would honor God to do this. Need to defeat the strong hold of over-eating. Thank you.

    • Prayers for you Betsy as you embark on a new journey to eat healthy! May the Holy Spirit fill your body, soul and stomach so that you do not have the cravings anymore!

  78. I feel so overwhelmed right now – I am not sure where to begin but I know I serve a Loving God that has shown up so many times and ALWAYS provides but I am famous for giving it all to the Lord only to steal back the worry within minutes – prayers appreciated!

    • Amy, I’ll be praying for you tonight! It seems I’m in the same boat you are as I am extremely overwhelmed as well right now! I had to read your post twice because I thought, wow, I know I didn’t just post but they sure sounds like what I’m feeling! I’m praying for God to pull you up and out of the feelings of being overwhelmed and worried. Keep praying and keep that faith.

    • I pray that you overwhelm Amy with Love and Healing! Lord, for when we are overwhelmed, these are the special moments when you make yourself available to overwhelm what overwhelms us. So overwhelm her with peace, love, and guidance. Replace worry and anxiety with faith and confident trust in You. And even as she has many cares, give Amt the grace to cast her cares on you because you care so deeply for her. In Jesus name Amen.

  79. I broke my 5th metatarsal in my foot in 2015. Pain started again and x-ray indicates that either I have fractured it again or the original break did not heal. May need to have surgery to correct the break. Orthopedic Dr. I used in 2015 is not on my current insurance plan. My 2nd choice of an Orthopedic group is also not on my plan. I am at a loss as to how to proceed to find a reputable, established Orthopedic group that I can trust if surgery is involved. And true to the saying that when it rains it pours, tonight our hot water heater leaked all the water out the bottom and we assume it rusted out. Obviously it will have to take priority and be replaced. God has always provided for our needs and I know He won’t let us down this time either. Just feeling a bit down, discouraged and fearful. Prayers would be greatly appreciated.

  80. Praying for both Amy and Robin right now! Father, please meet each need whether emotional, physical, financial… You know all things and by Your grace we ask for your mercies to intercede. We give thanks and gratitude for Your faithfulnes! Amen!

  81. I am asking for prayers for direction and what I should be doing. I’m very overwhelmed right now and tend to worry too much when I know it’s slready taken care of. I’m needing some direction and apparently I need a big flashing neon sign to tell me which direction to go. I believe I have too many irons in my fire, (homeschooling our three kids, I am also finishing school to be a holistic nutritional health coach, trying to decide what direction to take in how to help people, and trying to bring in a little extra money as well. Overwhelmed!
    Thank you in advance for the prayers!!
    Much love!

    P.S- boy are we all storming Heaven tonight with all of our prayers!

    • Heavenly Father, I left up Amy and her heart to serve You and others. Give her the strength and the power to overcome and rest in the assurance of Your peace. Pull her close to You and help her to see the path You have for her. Amen.

      1 Timothy 1:7

  82. Hello everyone, my prayer request is, I am in physical pain. I am struggling with my living situation and I need a financial miracle and grace to overcome exhaustion. Also, the grace to trust God in the waiting of deliverance.

    • Dear Sweet Cynthia, I lift you before the throne of God who gives us grace and I pray that you would find grace to help you as you wait upon the Lord, He would renew your strength, that you would mount up on wings as an eagle, that you would run and not be weary and walk and not faint…..that as you wait upon Him, He would give you the deliverance you are asking for, that exhaustion would have no place in you b/c He is renewing your strength and exhaustion would fall by the wayside as you rest in God, haing make your requests knowm to God and having His peace with you, giving you the strength, courage and trust to leave them with Him, knowing He has heard your requests and knowing that in His time and His way, He will answer. I pray against pain in your body and curse it at the root, that it would no longer have its way in you as Jesus healing power flows through and heals damaged areas, bringing completed wholeness. I thank you now, Lord for answers to prayer, thank you for your peace that surpasses all understanding and garrisons about Cynthia’s mind, body and spirit now. You are an awesome God, a Loving God, all powerful, all knowing and ever present with us. To You, God be all the Praise Honor and Glory, In Jesus, Mighty Holy, Name, Amen

  83. four times I have tried to write out my requests and my computer manages to erase them, so I will just ask the Holy Spirit to p[ray through you or tell you what to pray, at least for now. I am exhausted, having been up all night myself, mostly trying to put a dent in what is left of way too much paperwork, way too much pain, esp. nerve pain. I also have been without an accessible van for 2 1/2 yrs. and I have been trying, when I can to look online for what type of vehicle I might be able to get that can be made accessible for me. It has been difficult to go out to look for any due to all the paperwork, medical appts. and phone calls on my plate to work on daily. Isolation is an enemy to me right now as I am a social person, but have have very little social outings in all these yrs. The weather, too has been my enemy as it tends to make health issues, nasty pain, esp, when it is nerve pain has all been an enemy. Please pray these issues all be resolved so I can get out to the pool which is good exercise which I need desperately as well as to locate a church that reaches out to the “shut in” and especially has a heart for the differently abled community. Oh, yes, I very much need to hire another aide or 2. Please pray God lead me to a person who has a heart for caregiving, not someone who justs wants a paycheck. I prefer someone who is a person of integrity, honest, not into drugs, esp. taking mine, who is a Christian who enjoys hurmor. That’s all I can write for now, I have to get ice and see if I can get the fire out of my leg. I have prayed for some and will pray for others I see who have written above. God Bless Your Caring, Praying. Dawn

  84. Asking for prayers as my husband and I walk through infertility and a miscarriage in January. We have a beautiful almost 3 year old son and long for more children but just don’t understand and don’t know what steps to take, if any at all, towards that longing. Thank you.

  85. We appreciate prayers over our finances- especially our home/mortgage. 9 years ago we became the journey of better financial health & decisions- paying off debt- our mortgage is our lady hurdle & proving to be the biggest of all.
    Please pray that we can come to terms with our mortgage company over a refinance option.
    Praise & blessings over all those you lift up in prayer!

  86. Jessica,
    I will be praying for guidance, direction and God’s precious comfort and blessings on you and your family. This from Psalm 138, always helps me when I am overcome with a particular burden and problem that I can’t see past: The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me. Psalm 138:8

  87. My prayer request is to be able to get my new resume written, to be inspired and energized to write good, solid cover letters and to have the guts to go for another, better job. I just finished the added education I needed and am now stumbling with fear of actually trying to step out. I feel unqualified and like an imposter. Thank you very much.

    • Heavenly Father, be the words of Stephanie’s mouth, that she may speak what is needed to be heard, whether written or orally, so that those who hear will know that SHE is one to be pursued. Help her to be confident as she boldly steps out on interviews, letting her Light shine, that they will KNOW there is “something different” about her. Let Stephanie seek You first in making a wise decision on which offer to accept. Affirm to her, Lord, that she is qualified! She is prepared to move forward to wherever You choose to lead her. Let her step out dressed in the Armor of God, bravely pursuing all that You have for her. Let her light shine for You! — In Jesus Name

  88. Please pray that my husband’s anger at me as well as life in general will be diminished, and that he will seek, find, and keep employment. There is much strife in our home relative to insufficient income and his unwillingness to work for the past seven years. My income isn’t sufficient to keep us afloat, and my health is starting to break down from the stress.

  89. Pray for guidance for my husband and me as we navigate through a job loss and uncertain times. Help us focus on the positive, and see the plans God has for us as our future unfolds and mostly remind us to trust in Him.

    Funny my request is similar to Early Bird. I pray for God’s love to get you through this anxious time and that His wisdom leads your husband towards new employment.

  90. Hi,

    Please pray for me to be able to sell my house quickly. I was laid off 6 months ago and it is getting harder and harder to make the mortgage payment so we had to put the house up for sale. I have been looking for a new job and I have had interviews but no job offers yet. I know God has this so I am not too worried just concerned that we are heading in the right direction. God has always taken care of me in the past so I know that He will take care of me. We just have to trust Him and wait for Him to answer our prayers.

    I am praying for you Kimo as I also know the fears and anxiety of a job loss and of uncertainty. I pray that God calms all your fears and anxieties. God will work out everything for our good, but its in His timing and His way. I am praying for peace for you and your husband at this time. I pray that God will comfort you and guide and direct you to His will for your life.

  91. Hello. Please pray for my grieving heart over the loss of my best friend who passed away this January from a brain aneurysm at the young age of 46. We had been friends since I can remember. Over 40 years of friendship. The hardest part is that everywhere I go, I am reminded of her. All of our memories surround me and reminds me daily of this loss. Letting her go is not the hard part, it is knowing that I will never have new memories of her in my lifetime. I know she is at peace, I just wished I was too. This grief thing is inconsistent and just when I think I am doing fairly good, the waves of memories hit me all over again and I am right where I was when I first lost her. I am surrounded by my husband and kids and they try their best to encourage me to not dwell so much on this loss. Still I know it affects me more than I am willing to show. I know it is still fresh, new and will take time and I feel guilty for letting it take so much control over my mind, my life. I feel as if I have to con myself into thinking that she’s just away on a long trip without Wi-Fi and soon I will see and hear from her. I am not sure I can continue to do this for the next 30 years of my life. Praying for peace and understanding of this grief.

    • I am praying for peace within your soul, Maylee. I can not understand your loss, but I can grieve for you. You are blessed to have your family who love you and encourage you. Give your grief to God, trust in His love for you and know that you will see your friend again. Live in each present moment and know that in time your grief will lessen. It will not abate fully. We are human and God knows our frail hearts. Give all your grief to Him and let Him heal you as only He knows how. God bless you!

    • Maylee,
      I will be praying that you wie blessed with peace and comfort during this time of loss. One of my favorite verses is, “A grief shared is half a grief. A joy shared is twice a joy.”
      If your dear friend’s song is to be heard, then you’ve got to do the singing. Is there something from your friend’s life that she was passionate about that perhaps you could emulate or carry forward? It may be a way you can creatively honor your friend by carrying forth her legacy and placing your love for her into action. I pray you can find a way to continue to hold your friend close to you until you are both reunited in the eternities. Praying you will allow God to bless you in this journey. My thoughts and prayers are with you!

  92. Thank you for praying with me and for me. I am thankful to God for his grace and mercy toward me. Lifting up to the Lord in prayer my health issues, the need for financial blessings, family members, relatives and friends. Praying for each person that has submitted a prayer request. Praying for each of us every man woman boy and girl in the world in which we live. Praying for and thanking God for supplying our needs, saving each of us, healing, delivering, protecting us from hurt harm or danger. Thanking God for positives changes in our lives. Thanking God for provisions made, pay increases, better jobs, careers, advancement, businesses flourishing! Praying for salvation, and the mindset of our children, youth, young adults to be respectful of others and their selves, praying for them to have morals, values, self esteem, integrity, desire to excel in school, and in life. Heavenly Father we are all in the need of thee in our lives. Forgive us where we have fallen short, help us to grow spiritually and to develop a closer relationship with you, to be dedicated to serving you dear Lord….in Jesus name we pray amen

  93. I just stumbled upon this site. There’s way too much going on for me to even write, but essentially I’m wanting to escape from everyone and everything. Negativity has seeped into every crack of my being and has taken hold of me. I constantly feel worthless and pathetic in every way. Everyday is one step forward, two steps back. Grace has all but disappeared from my life, especially in terms of how I treat myself. I struggle with the concept that I am capable of being truly loved, even by God himself. My feeling miserable has in turn made those around me feel that way, too. I am guilt ridden and without hope.

    • Dear Sara,

      I just saw your post and want you to know you are not alone. It was not an accident that God led you to this site and this post today. He did me too. I am praying for you. That you will get the help you need to get through this difficult season of your journey. Scripture tells us in Jeremiah that God formed us in our Mother’s womb. He knew us before we were born. The creator of the universe loves us more than we can possibly imagine, sins, blemishes, extra pounds, negativity, disbelief and all. May the spirit of darkness that is overshadowing the light in your life be cast out in the name of Jesus our lord and savior. I am praying for you sweet sister!

  94. Please pray with my husband and me for our son Matthew. Pray that he will turn away from the vaping, alcohol and other substances he is using. Pray that his 6 weeks this summer at a Christian boy’s camp will deepen his relationship with the Lord, soften his heart and help him see that he is hurting himself and setting him up for a lot of unhappiness in his future. Our hearts are broken and we so apppreciate your prayers! Thank you in advance.

  95. Please pray for me as I battle through some childhood trauma that is resurfacing into my life again. Please pray for healing in my life.

  96. I ask for prayers for my niece, who is four undergoing test at the moment for bowel cancer and test for organs too… Please pray for strength for my sister, while not religious, may she feel the presence of love, of companionship in some form that enables her to let go of her anxiety and embrace the beauty, the gift, the joy that is before them both. May the Lord protect them both, watch over them and be with them on this journey which feels like the cross is too heavy.
    Many blessings to you all for holding them in your prayer.