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ALIZA LATTA is a writer, artist, and pastor who is a huge fan of telling stories. She creates content for Canada’s largest youth conference, Change Conference, and is a church planter in Ontario, Canada. Her artwork and writing have been featured in publications for LifeWay, Dayspring, and (in)courage. She is...

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  1. It’s early and I don’t want to wake everyone up, but I feel like standing up and cheering!
    You’re ahead of the game, Aliza, if you can hold onto this conviction and carry it with you into whatever the next turn in the road brings to you.
    Every blessing as you follow His slow lead.

  2. (in)courage friends,
    First I must say thank you for the kind words and prayers that were a balm for my weary soul that is running on fumes….God bless all of you who make this a wonderful community. You were just what I needed!
    Your post really hit home. And you know what? I should know better. So true that “Hurry is a form of violence for our soul.” As l look back on my life, the very BEST times were honestly pre-cell phone. They were times when I unplugged, slowed down, tried spinning fewer plates in the air, was intentional about a few things and let the things that weren’t absolutely necessary go. We were not meant to do it all, all the time. When Christ died so that we could have abundant life, I don’t think He had in mind what the world feeds us. I have been burned out by working at a break neck pace. The other day, I refused to pick up my phone or my laptop. I took my coffee out in the back yard and drank it slowly. I watched, with amusement, as my beagle sniffed all over the yard. I got up close to the deep pink peonies that just bloomed and studied the intricate petal structure. I looked up at the sun streaming through the canopy of trees above me and gazed at the clouds. I picked up a blade of grass and made it whistle like I used to do when I was a kid. It was a respite for my soul. Especially because the next day I was in the dentist’s chair for two hours. My soul NEEDED…no craved that slow time. Even God rested and slowed down, so what makes me think I should be any different? SLOW DOWN….awesome five year plan and post, Aliza. Put the cell phone down and enjoy!
    Bev xx

    • Bev, so glad you survived the dentist visit. I really did ask for a general anesthetic to have my teeth cleaned. The dentist thought I was joking.
      I am praying for you. Praying that prayers for your children continue to be answered and that your health improves every day.

  3. Aliza,
    I needed to hear this right now. I am trying to do it all, studying a Masters full time, be a mother and wife and I am perpetually running from one thing to the next! It is not good to live in a hurried state which brings on the anxiety! Which I like said no one ever! Thank you for this post, I am choosing to slow down and take time to just be. I pray the Lord will give me peace in my soul that I so desperately need and I pray He gives it to you, Bev, Michelle and whoever comments on this post and to our whole incourage community. You all mean so much to me and are my nightly (I’m in NZ) connection with God before I go to sleep every night. God bless you

  4. Aliza, this message could have been written just for me! I woke up this morning (after a restless night of not being able to shut down my brain) with everything that “just had to be done” today making me weary just thinking about it. Slow down…….how much I needed to hear that! Thank you, Aliza, and with God’s help, this will be one of my “words to live by”.

  5. I am so encouraged by this. I know this is a stumbling block for me. Thank you for the reminder. I am taking your lead!

  6. Aliza,
    Your post is exactly what I needed today. The quote “Hurry is the great enemy of spiritual life in our day,” really hit home. God is calling me to be something or do something. I have absolutely no clue what that is. It seems like He is silent. Maybe it is more that I can’t hear Him because I don’t slow down enough to listen. Why do we think everything depends on us as women and our world will implode if one thing remains undone? Especially when that one thing pulls us away from worshiping and spending time with God. And that one thing won’t matter tomorrow. Thanks again for bringing the important to the front where it belongs.

    • When I first heard that quote, it too, hit home for me. You’re right — I think often times when we feel God is silent, it stems from our busyness and not being able to hear him. Praying for you today, Donna!

  7. I can’t imagine being born into a generation that’s always known the pull of tiny computers in back pockets. I have sons around your age, and I’ve often told them how hard it must be to not have a comparison — a before and after. To never have lived an organically unplugged life. I so admire your desire to set yourself apart. And, I so relate to needing to slow down! More like Jesus…amen. Thank you, Aliza. ((hug))

  8. Aliza,
    I am always inspired by your writing. The message today was so on point for our hurried lives. I too, am teaching myself to slow down. When the soul is hurried the rippled effects can make us unhealthy. Continued blessings to you as you (in)courage and inspire.

  9. Aliza,
    Slow down, and not race against time, I’m trying harder to, but it’s taken me awhile to learn this. I’m so happy for you that you have at a young age. Thank-you for sharing your wise thoughts with us today.
    Have a blessed day all,

  10. Such wise words. I will admit, Aliza, when I began to read your post, I was surprised to learn you were so young. Often women your age do not (in my experience) have your depth of wisdom. I began to have these feelings more when I turned forty. I didn’t so much think of hurriedness, itself, but rather the fleetness of time and life. Life itself is but a breath, a wisp, a minute hurtling through this world towards eternity, toward meeting the Lord face to face. How would I spend my time–ergo, my life–so that I was doing God’s will, appreciating the life He’d given me, and making a real difference for Him? I wanted time to slow. And, of course, your idea of making yourself slow *in* time is one way, and a good way. I know that plans too are wise, and God mentions them in the Bible. I guess I never much liked five-year plans, though, because they didn’t seem to leave much room for God to intervene, and for the sometimes surprising directions in which He leads us. But what I love here, is that you are slowing down long enough to discover the wonderful plans that He has for you. Just to be aware *now*, Aliza, that you want to slow and savor is a tremendous advantage. You are taking time early enough that you will not waste your life. When I was forty, I was to give a talk to elderly women in the church where I worked, and they requested a talk about death. I did it, but balked inside. It felt so morbid. And then I stopped thinking about my own death. That was *not* wise. Ecclesiastes bids us think about that. When we consider that this life will end soon, we will invest the life we’ve been given in far better ways.

    This statement of yours is also wise:
    “We have one short, precious life here on earth.” That is exactly right. Life is precious. Life is short. And that is why it’s wise to realize how quickly life itself hurries by and to do all we can to slow down, appreciate it, and make it count for the Lord. I would just add that I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong to “curate” life if you mean by it to take charge of it, sift through it, consider it. I think that is, in a way, what you’re doing now as you slow down. You’re pondering and sorting, keeping what is important at the forefront and letting go the hurry (and perhaps some of that elusive American dream). One lovely way to curate your life is to journal about it… to journal about all God is doing in your life. Journaling will slow you down like nothing else I know as you commune with the Lord. Your journal will become your sanctuary where you meet with Him, learn about Him and *His* plan for your life, and where you confess, share your joys, ask deep questions, and receive His answers. And this kind of curating is something you can pass on to those you love. Just a thought….

    I can’t tell you how much I appreciated your thoughtful, heartfelt, hopeful, and beautiful post. Thank you so much for sharing!
    Lynn (Morrissey)

  11. My husband taught me this lesson and was so good at doing this – Slowing IT Down and just Soaking In the Day when I would have so much to do and get burned out and stressed. He one day saw this and said, “Get in the Car” and drove to a peaceful and quiet lake and pulled up a chair and we sat there for hours just sitting and breathing. It was a GOD Day!!!!

  12. Hi Aliza, You really nailed it with this. It seems that we’re always in a hurry to do something or be somewhere. And there is just never enough time to do it all. So, today I pray that we (myself included) will slow down and see what God has for us in this moment. And feel His touch on our lives. God bless you!

  13. Aliza, as with everyone else who commented, I really needed to hear this. I’ve thought about it but never pushed myself to make a change. Your words are so inspiring that I find myself already looking at my schedule for a place to move at least half of my “to do”items to another day or week so I can “breathe”. My bathroom mirror now has another important reminder on it: Slow Down and Breathe with Jesus. Thank you!

  14. Aliza,

    You hit the nail on the head. Hurridness, constant information are two causes of most health issues. I am guilty of the rushing-especially using the fast lane. My weeks are filled with work, church, meetings, local mission work. Some weeks I get so busy that my body screams stop! It needs a night off to breathe & just be. People rush so much that time gets away from them. The older I get the more I enjoy quiet time at home with just hubby, myself & pets. Time to just get things done & yet enjoy God’s beauty around me. You mentioned time moving quickly. I find it hard to fathom I’ve been married 14 years this year & come August mom will have been in Heaven 9 years. Where did the time go? Everyone should take an electronic vacation for a week. Just unplug-take a walk outside or talk to neighbors, Let your devices & phones be. Give your eyes & brain a nice rest. Do some soul care for yourself. You deserve it. We are only given one short life to live. We need to be living it for God-not all stressed out. I agree with your five year plan: SLOW DOWN!

    Blessings 🙂

  15. I once went to a convention in Nashville, to hear a speaker on healing. My cousin told me I’d have to run to get a seat, a lady in red was behind me and almost pushed me through a plate glass window to get ahead of me. Then an old lady asked me why I was running, you know, I still don’t know. Glad you know this at 24, I wish I had. I have so much more enjoyment since I have learned about rest, we have to enter that Sabbath rest to even know what heaven will be like. Slow down, you and all of us have the rest of our lives and may be on the brink of eternity should He return.

  16. Aliza!

    What a wonderful Wisdom that has poured out from you to my soul this morning – the Lord says that even the young ones have wisdom – I can say that because I am almost double your age and sometimes wondering “what I am gonna be when I grow up”

    So sweet are you and it is so great that you have taken time to slow down and slurp up the real moments God wants to impart to you. He says “Peace,be still”. If that is not a command to slow down, then I do not know what is.

    He says: abide in me…you shall know that Truth and the truth will set you free…you are set free to be impacted and directed of His Wisdom before you got tricked and distracted and despairing of the foolish pace of the world.

    Celebrate that…go grab your favourite drink or ice cream, find a bench to watch the world go by as you hear God speaking “Peace,be still.”

    Thank you for the reMINDer to go at the Lord’s pace and to “follow Him” who created and creates time.

    His time and list for our lives is important. He gives us our to do lists and they lead us in paths of righteousness for His Name’s sake.

    Aliza : you don’t have to worry about making an impact on the world – just – IN THE WORLD…which is what you did today…encouraging all of us who love him to slow down: Peace,be still.

    Peace, be still.

    Have a blessed day ladies – feel God’s embrace as you follow His detours and construction stops. In Him,”we live and move and have our being.”

    Abundant blessings from Toronto Canada – Janine