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  1. A prayer for restoration of relationship between my father and brother. Prayer that my Dad knows and feels real freedom through Christ while he is still able to understand and for both of my parents to experience the peace of Jesus Christ.
    Thank you

    • Kim,
      Lifting your father and brother up right now that God would work in both of their hearts to bring them to restoration and reconciliation. Praying for the peace that passes all understanding for both of your parents and that your Dad would be able to walk in the freedom Christ paid for.
      Bev xx

    • I pray for you Kim that the Lord will intervene and bring reconciliation between your father and your brother, that there will be forgiveness, understanding, love and peace. I pray that your father will now be delivered from the opression of the enemy and experience true victory through Christ. I pray for both your parents that the Lord will fill them with his love and his peace that they will truly experience their salvation and the true meaning of God’s freedom and love. I pray all this in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen. Stand firm in your faith, Kim. May the Lord bless you abundantly.

    • Father, May the relationship between Kim’s brother and father be healed… may they know the peace that comes from surrendering self to You… may they value the special gift You created in being a father or being a son… give Kkm wisdom to reflect You to them in her words and actions… thank You Father, in Jesus ‘ name

    • Kim,

      May God restore the relationship between your dad & brother. May His peace come to both your parents. May they feel & know the freedom Christ can give. Help Kim reflect Christ’s love in her words & actions.

      Blessings 🙂

    • Precious Kim,
      Jesus came to restore!!! That is the greatest news and we can rest in His intent to do just that in our families ! I am agreeing with your prayer request over your family knowing that God is moving in hearts even when we can not see it! Believing with you for RESTORATION!!!!!!!!

      • Kim,
        Praying for your family, that all will be well.
        Have a blessed day,

    • Praying for these family members and peace for each.

      Numbers 6:24-26 24″‘”The LORD bless you and keep you; 25 the LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; 26 the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.”‘

    • Stephanie – asking for prayer for God’s Intervention to send me a helper to get me money to move to a place I found and to settle the bill where I have been staying. I have lost everything. I need to be moved in early tomorrow morning. Please pray also I get money to get furniture and a new car. Had to give mine up when I moved. I am in a desperate situation. I need God’s Divine Intervention Now – not tomorrow. I am a believer. Just been through hell and back. Believing God for financial Breakthrough. Thanks

  2. I would like to thank those of you who have prayed for my adult children…slowly some prayers are being answered. Continued prayers still welcomed. I need balance and something’s got to give. I am burned out trying to run a non-profit foundation, write for my own blog, spend time with the Lord which I NEED right now, and do some things for my health – like consistent exercise, plus do life. Also I have a root canal on Monday and I’m a big baby when it comes to teeth. Thanks you.
    Bev xx

    • Father, Thank You for the answers to prayer that Bev is seeing in the lives of her children… thank You for the awesome gift You have blessed her with to be a mom… continue to strengthen her and at the same time show her Your peace… in Jesus’ name…

    • Bev,

      Thank you Lord for answering some of our prayers for Bev’s adult children. Give her strength & endurance to run the race set before her. Help her tomorrow with a root canal. She is scare. Take the fear away.

      Blessings 🙂

    • Lord, Monday’s coming, so we pray that you would give Bev peace as she looks ahead to an odious dental appointment. Help her to focus on gratitude for the care she’s receiving.
      And thank you for the progress she is seeing in her family. We pray for a spirit of reconciliation and love to flood her home and her relationships with adult children.

    • Psalm 72:6. “May God come down like rain upon the mown grass – like showers that water the earth “-
      And may He refresh your body and soul.
      God doesn’t ask you to run crazy doing His work dear sister – you will have to let go of something .
      Look after your body . He just asks us to praise him ..and let the Holy Spitit work thru you as He speaks not as we think we should be doing. Hugs and Love as I pray that you will Let Go For a season at least . Exercise itself can stress one out but this is Gods body you are taking care of remember

    • Bev, praising our Father in heaven for the answers to prayers for your children — He loves them and wants the best for them, and also for you. He cares that you have His peace and balance in your life. You are a wonderful servant for Him, responding and caring for others. I believe you are always seeking Him, as I am, and I understand your longing to be “Mary” and sit at His feet. He may call you to more “being” and less “doing” at this time, but we know He will enable us to do what is needed, for our health and rest in Him. For your dental procedure: “Be strong and courageous…for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Prayers and blessings, Angela Cook

    • Jesus said “Come to me and I will give you rest.” Lord, I carry Bev to you so that in your presence, knowing you are with her and focused on her, she will find the rest that you promise. Help her to understand that she can cast her cares upon you, and trust you to bring about your will in her family and her life. Bless Bev and give her times of refreshing even as she goes through her days, even as she sits in the dentist’s chair. Thank you for carrying her load.

    • Bev,
      I’m so happy to hear that there’s been a change for the better. With all that you are tackling, I pray that you will have a time of rest, and that all goes well tomorrow.
      Have a blessed day,

    • Father God, thank you for Bev. I have been so uplifted by her comments in this space as she always encourages those who write here. Thank you for helping her to ask for prayer. Prepare her today for tomorrow’s root canal, help her find courage and refuge in you. Thank you for the experiences you allow that reveal our need to continue to depend on you in and for everything.

    • Pray God’s supernatural peace and calmness over you at your dental procedure. Thereafter, Grace to live everyday in His Grace as it comes. The lord will amaze you❤️

    • Father, thank you for the blessing Bev is to so many people. We thank you for the work you are doing in her children’s lives. I ask that you give her direction as to the changes she needs to make in her life. Show her what to set aside in order to maintain peace and rest. As she goes to the dentist tomorrow for the root canal, go with her and let her sense your peace that surpasses all understanding. Give the dental team wisdom to do the work well and pain/stress free for Bev. We know that you have each moment of our lives in your hands. Thank you for guiding and directing our steps. Forgive us when we get off coarse. Lead us back to where you want us to be. I speak health, rest and peace to Bev. Thank you Lord for taking care of your precious daughter. In His name I pray. Amen
      Love you Bev!

    • Bev, Last year my hubby had a root canal done & got along great with very little swelling & very little pain. The dentist used a
      new” drug to deaden the gum.. it was amazing how well Ray got along. I pray the same thing for you & tonight you experience peace that passes understanding!

    • Praying for you and yours Bev! I had my first root canal last summer & I was practically breathing into a paper bag on my way there (how ridiculous is that)?! Of course I prayed and prayed and guess what? It was a piece of cake! Super great dentist (whom I’d never met before)…worst part was paying the bill lol! You’ve got this!

      Thanks, too, for your comments and insight that you leave on Incourage. I appreciate your time and sharing of experiences.

    • So many lovely comments rich in prayer, hope and encouragement for Bev and Kim. I just ask the Lord to bless and keep you all, to grant according to your needs.

    • Numbers 6:24-26 24″‘”The LORD bless you and keep you; 25 the LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; 26 the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.”‘

    • Bev,
      I am praying for you today. I so understand the fear related to dental problems. I once asked if I could get a general anesthetic just to have my teeth cleaned.
      God is so faithful to answer prayers. Isn’t it wonderful to see him working in your adult children? God, please continue to work in their lives. Bring comfort and peace to Bev as you remove her burdens and concerns. Amen.

  3. Please pray that would God would fill the longing in my heart to find a spouse, or remove the longing! I want to walk in peace and joy, being a service to His purposes, and not in sadness and loneliness!

    • Father God I pray for Kathy, you know her inside and out. And Lord, her hearts desire is to find the one you have chosen for her nad be married to him. Please lead her in the right way, alert her to him when he is present, and answer her “soul tears” In Jesus Name, Amen

    • Father, Be especially close and precious to Kathy… help her to know the joy of Your love… may she rest in the promise that You hold her future.., wrap her in Your kind and loving arms… thank You Father, in Jesus ‘ name…

    • Dearest Kathy…I once was a wandering single mother of an incredible young daughter. I know how lonely it is without a “soul mate”. Trust God’s guidance on your journey…focus your attention on doing good for others – anything you can do – to honor God and the blessings you have. In your heart, you know that God has great plans for those who love Him. Our God is mightier than you can imagine! He WILL answer your prayers…give Him time, and be patient, my sister-in-Christ ♥️

    • Numbers 6:24-26 24″‘”The LORD bless you and keep you; 25 the LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; 26 the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.”‘

  4. Kim – I add your family to my prayers!

    Please pray for my healing from mental stresses and strongholds. It’s been a long season.

    Also my mother struggling with the loss of her husband, my brother’s illness, and the impending death of her best friend.

    Thank you!

    • Michelle,
      Praying for all you are going through and the events you know are to come. May God’s presence hold you and your family tightly giving each of you a sense of peace like you’ve never felt before. God bless you all!

    • Father, Be bear to Michelle in this moment, surround her with Your presence and Your peace… be close as she journeys with her mom through some difficult valleys… bring comfort to her mom, thank You for always being there and knowing all… help her to trust… in Jesus’ name…

  5. Please pray for our family as we head towards Mother’s Day weekend. This is going to be an extremely rough time as my daughter-in-law and my son, as well as the rest of our family, still mourn the loss of their 3 1/2 month old daughter who passed unexpectedly and without answers on March 1 of this year. Our hearts continue to be ripped into pieces with a pain so raw it is unbearable at times. Celebrating Mother’s Day is going to be so hard this year. Thank you.

    • Oh Father, be especially close to Michelle and her daughter in law and son as they mourn the death of their precious little one… wrap them close in Your arms of love, help them to find solace in the blessing of this little life, even though the time was short… comfort them as this Mother’s Day comes… be their solace in their grief… thank You Father, in Jesus’ name…

    • Oh indeed it is a hard time. May you feel Gods love and care. He understands.

  6. I would appreciate it if you would pray for a relationship in my life that I very rocky and painful. I desperately just want clarity and closure, not necessarily restoration. I am going to see this person today and I need God’s help to treat them well and actually love them. I am struggling with negative thoughts and giving grace.

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Sarah,

      Praying that God will speak through you to this person in your life today and will give you clarity and peace.

      Joy in Jesus,

  7. Thank you again for the opportunity to share prayer requests and pray for each other. I will be lifting up those who have written before me. And I thank you for the prayers that have been given already for my the precious Grandchildren the Lord has blessed us with and for their parents who are trapped in horribly destructive and extreme traps from the enemy, in most areas of these precious very young ones lives. Please pray that these parents would repent and be delivered from the bondage of the enemy and be filled with God’s wise and loving truth for these precious little ones who are suffering much. Please pray these little children would be protected and their little souls restored, including from the long-term effects that normally accompany such behavior against them. We are never allowed to say a word for truth or we are cut off for however long they determine and are already limited in time with these little ones. Thank you for your past and present prayers. Praise Him for His love and power!

    • It sounds like your grandchildren are quite lucky to have you in their lives even if it is for just a short time. May they continue to feel your love and support as well as the hand of God. In my prayers…

  8. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by many seemingly little things in my life. I feel some pressure to “have it all figured out.” Can you please pray that I take things one at a time and that I am open to God’s guidance?

    • Dear Father-
      Please give Elizabeth the knowledge to rest in your arms, understanding that you have the plan. Please grant peace and calm as she tackles her list one action item at a time. When the questions and doubt arise, gently remind her to turn her face toward you and whisper your name, reminding her that you are always with her.
      Thank you for your constant presence.

  9. Pray my marriage as we argue all the time.
    Pray my husband would accept Christ. It’s a bad situation.
    My son is getting a divorce. Life is tough!
    Thank you!

    • Barbara,

      Father give Barbara some peace as life is hard now. Heal her marriage & help them to stop arguing. Change the heart of her husband towards you. Help the son with his divorce. Give her peace & contentment about all this. Give her guidance for her words & actions. Help her to shine your light into the lives of her family!

      Blessings 🙂

    • Dear Father God, cover Barbara with your peace. Comfort her as you hear her prayers, and Lord, I pray for healing her family ♥️

  10. Please pray that the communication with my husband is filled with love and understanding — as it has been filled with hurtful comments lately. Thank you, Betty

    • Praying for you and your husband, Betty. That the two of you may come together and speak kindly to one another. Father, I pray You would move her husbands heart to get rid of all bitterness, rage, anger, slander and every other form of malice. Give him a gentle and patient spirit so he may speak kindly. I pray he would let kindness rule his words and actions, saying nothing he will later regret. May the words of his mouth and the meditation of his heart be ever pleasing to You. Psalm 19:14
      In Jesus’ name,

  11. Prayers that my husband will find a stable, well paying job over the next few weeks and restoration to our financial situation. After almost 15 years of a flourishing career, and then a sick child (which eventually led to job loss) we are going on over a year with only side “jobs” here and there and we’d love God to hear our prayers and give my husband his career back with a good, solid, stable company and benefits! Prayers that He provides abundantly and that my husband and I and our 3 kids will adapt quickly wherever He sends us.

    • Dear Lord I lift up Sarah’s family to you and pray for abundance, a solid job with benefits and good pay. Please continue to provide for their needs and give them strength and patience as they wait. Fill them with peace as they walk along this difficult road and fill them with joy knowing you are at work. You hear their cries. They’re growing through the grit and will come out of it with praise and thanksgiving to you. Please sustain them and surround them with encouragement and love. Amen!

  12. Please pray for my teen son; for a closer relationship with the Lord. Humility and compassion to replace pridefulness. For guidance and direction as senior year is about to end. Thank you! ❤️

    • Lord, we lift up this dear mum who is running headlong into a big transition in her family. Please awaken in her son an awareness of his need for you in every area of his life. Thank you that you will guide his steps, and we pray that you would give him a following heart.

    • Sharon,

      Lifting you up to God now. Please guide & direct the steps of her son & replace pridefulness with humility & compassion. Bring him back to you. Make him aware of your love for him. Give Sharon wisdom to shine your love into her son’s life. Put some peace & contentment into their lives. Help Sharon with this big transition.

      Blessings 🙂

    • Sharon, I’m praying for you and your son. I also have a teenage son who needs humility and compassion to replace his pridefulness…..so I completely understand what you are feeling. I will continue praying for your son.

      • So glad you understand and thanks for the encouragement and prayer. I’ll pray the same for you Pam 😉

  13. Please continue to pray for me as I deal with anxiety and panic attacks. Pray that I would grow even closer to The Lord through this. Big praise that I have good doctor’s working with me! I am hopeful and prayerful. Thanks everyone! <

    • Laura – I understand that battle. I went through it about eight years ago. I am glad to hear you have good help!! I will continue to pray for you that God will give you lots of grace as you learn how to respond to those things that may cause you to be anxious and for wisdom for the doctors as they seek to help you through this season.

  14. I would like to ask prayers for my husband that he will rely on the Lord through his difficulties and find peace in his faith and not deal with them in his flesh. Please pray for him to have the desire to come back to church and that his faith will be restored and grow. Finally, please pray for the resolution of his personal issues with his ex-wife and children. Thank you.

    • Lord, the desire of Carole’s heart is that she and her husband could be truly one in You, so we pray that you would stir his heart, that you would give him grace to turn over every part of his life to your Lordship. Help Carol to be patient and to continue walking in trust as situations with his ex-wife and his children are resolved according to your plan.

  15. I have a prayer card of surrender. Lord, I surrender to You, take care of everything.

    I will pray that He takes care of the previous person tomorrow at the dentist, and that she is guided to surrender.

    If we do so, we will see so many good things happen.

  16. Laura, I you are not alone. Now and today will be praying for you, I understand. You are whole and loved.

    I am in the middle…. need God to part the waters and provide.

  17. I would like to ask for prayer for myself. I am a teacher with a lot of things on my to do list, both for school and home, as I prepare for the end of the year and for a transistion into staying at home full time. While I am excited for the new season, I know that will be a mind shift for me and my family as well as well as for those I work with. Also, I would ask for wisdom about child care this week. That is going through a shift as well and I need lots of wisdom and grace!! Thanks 🙂

    • May your transition be smooth, and may God grant you and everyone involved His Grace.

  18. Pray for my son Ward as he decides what to do for school next. He has always played sports and is at a crossroads.
    Praying for Jen as she transitions to a stay at home mom!

  19. I pray for all the requests before the God will lead, guide, direct and restore. I covet your prayers for my young adult son that God would lead him to a good job. Give us wisdom and knowledge Lord as we submit to your will. Our God is good and in control.

    • We pray that you would provide in every way for Denise’s adult son. Thank you for her love for him and for you. Please guide him to the situation that would meet his needs and set him on a good path, not only for his career, but also in his walk with You.

    • Denise,

      Lord please help her son find a good job. Guide & direct his every steps. Help him to depend on you for everything. Bless the family with peace & contentment. Help Denise to show your love to him daily. Help his walk with you to grow stronger daily.

      Blessings 🙂

  20. Please pray for a very difficult financial situation that feels like it’s too overwhelming and impossible to get out from under. I know God can do anything; I’m just being honest with how it feels to have this hanging over me everyday. Thank you for praying.

    • Pam,
      Praying that you are given clarity to overcome your present situation, and a peaceful mind while you await it.
      Have a blessed day,

  21. I would love prayer for victory in my mind. Seeing more and more clearly that our battle with the mind influences how we speak and act and feel. I would love prayer to win this battle. That my mind would be free from worry and fear and steadfast on God’s thoughts. Romans 12:2

    And I am praying for you Kim as you asked. Our prayers win so many of these battles. Don’t stop praying!

    • KC,
      Praying that you may overcome this, and are able to give your mind a rest.
      Have a blessed day,

  22. My husband has had severe depression for several years. He has tried a myriad of drugs, counseling, ECT, and TMS. I have tried my best to be a positive encouragement and caregiver. Please pray for healing and encouragement for both of us. Thank you and blessings.

    • Katie, I am praying with you for healing and encouragement for you and your husband. May God cover both of you in his love, comfort and peace. – Kimberly

  23. In Courage,

    I have a huge praise report. My 90 yr old FIL was diagnosed with Stage III bladder cancer in January. Radiation & chemo were not an option. He asked his doctor to do surgery & remove it. Surgery was scheduled for April 23rd. We were all apprehensive. I knew God could heal him. The doctor told us he had to remove most of his bladder-but got the tumor. It was up against the ureter. Praise the Lord he made it through the surgery fine. Stayed in hospital 1 more day. He went home just 2 days later with a catheter in for about 2 weeks. They have Home Health. Has walked around the yard & even mowed with a riding mower. He has seen his PCP & he is anemic-probably from all the blood loss of surgery & peeing blood before hand.

    Thanks for the prayers!

    Blessings 🙂

    • Beth,
      Praying that after all that your Father in Law has been through, that he will overcome this, and that all will be well.
      Have a blessed day,

  24. Please pray for my husband Bill — He had an appendectomy Friday evening and we are still in the hospital recovering. It will be slower due to his age (74) and other health issues. He writes (prize-winning!) Gospel music lyrics and needs to get well to get back to it! He also reads (in)courage! We just had a visit from a sweet nurse tech who heard the gospel music on the phone and offered a wonderful prayer for Bill — Isn’t God wonderful?! Thank you all for adding your prayers to ours! Adding my prayers for all of the requests mentioned here.

    • Angela,
      Praying for Bill’s recovery to be smooth and steady.
      Have a blessed day,

  25. Please pray for my father Rick. In October 2016 he was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer. As a result of prayer, chemo therapy and radiation in May 2017 he had a successful Whipple procedure and was determined to be cancer free. Then in August 2107 we were told the cancer had metastasized to his liver. In January 2018 we found out the chemo he had been receiving since September was not working and more cancer spots were showing on his liver. He then began a new regimen of chemo therapy and it is time again for a rescan and follow up meeting with the oncologist. My dad is scared. He has increasingly not been doing well. The chemo has caused him to be very cold all the time. He can’t even touch or drink anything cold. He is also experiencing a lot of neuropathy in his legs and feet. And he has no appetite. Needless to say he is not getting the proper nutrition and has lost a lot of weight. When he is on his feet he gets lightheaded. He spends a lot of time in bed to stay warm and because of the lightheadedness and weakness. My family and I continue to remain hopeful and pray for a supernatural healing. I know my dad believes in God and he tells my mom that he prays. What I do not know is if he has or would claim Jesus as his Lord and Savior. This is not something that I think I can discuss with him. I believe in Jesus but I do sometimes struggle with accepting that acknowledging Jesus as one’s Lord and Savior is the only path to eternal life. My dad has been an amazing, caring and loving human being. He has read the Bible and he believes in the one God. Please pray for healing, comfort and peace for my dad in body, mind and spirit. Thank you so much for reading this. I apologize for the length of this prayer request but it has been helpful for me to write it out. -Kimberly

    • Praying for you. God’s Peace over your dad. God will intervene in his matter, and grant him what he needs at this period❤️

    • Please God, heal Kimberly’s dad of his cancer if it is Your will. You are a good, good Father, You can always make a way and You will. Please give Him the peace of Jesus and help him to feel Your presence. God bless Kimberly, her mother and father all with belief and trust in Your one and only Son our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Jesus, when You we’re here on earth with us, You never turned any one away who came to You for healing. Just to name a few of Your many miracles, You gave the blind sight, You healed the leper, You healed the paralyzed. If it is Your will, please heal Kim’s earthly father but whatever thy will may it be done and may Kim, her dad, and her family receive the peace that only You can give. Thank You for Your will. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

      God bless you and your family Kim! I recommend reading Matthew 8: 1-17 Thank you for sharing ❤️

    • Praying for you & your family, especially your dad. Because I went through the cancer nightmare, I also got neuropathy in his legs and feet
      I saw a neurologist after breaking my right foot while trying to walk while my foot was numb. He gave me a medicine called Gabapentin, which I consider a miracle drug..perhaps this would help your dad. Yo’all will be in my prayers.

  26. I just wanted to thank you all for your prayers last week! We have received answered prayers! Praise Jesus! Your prayers really do matter and I just wanted to say thank you. God bless ❤️

  27. Please pray that God would guard my new freedom and that I continue to be filled up and look up and give up. I have been tussling with addiction issues (food more than anything) and other old behaviors. I long to walk in freedom fully, every day. It’s a battle I know so please pray that I embrace Truth and Jesus one day at a time and experience a string of days of victory. I need encouragement. Thank you so much.

  28. My marriage of 34 yrs is ending and my new daughter in law is going through her second round of cancer. Please pray for peace and complete healing. Thank you!

  29. I pray for both Kim and Bev that will see them through what they are going through at this present time. Just know that God is always there for all of us and at all times.

    • Praying for Patty, her husband, AND their daughter. Blessings on all of you, and may the grace of God fill your hearts by the time of the setting sun today.

    • Papa God, I lift up Patty and her husband as they reach out to their daughter today. I pray that you will give them wisdom and peace about the situation. I pray you help them speak with love and understanding and open their daughters heart to receive what they have to say. Be with them Papa and guide them with your grace and mercy! Prepare the way before them Lord God! In Jesus precious name, amen.

  30. I pray that I very soon will find a good housemate, as I desperately need that income, as I am retired on a very limited income. Thank you Lord, as I realize that as bad as my situation is, it could be far worse, and I have much to be thankful for.

  31. My marriage is in trouble. Please pray for peace, restoration and healing. I’ve been married for 17 years and we’re at our worst. My husband is so full of anger that he won’t discuss unless it’s slinging mud. I thought things were going better only to be blind sided by the latest events. Please pray for me.

  32. My husband and I have been separated for three years.
    I need to hear God’s voice. I need wisdom for what steps He wants me to take. We have four young children. We are all hurting immensly. I am still asking God to protect our marriage and to restore our family. Through this trial my 14 year old daughter has turned away from God. Thank you so much for praying for us.

    • Dear Father in heaven, I pray for the reuniting of this family, the restoration of this marriage. I ask healing of the hearts of this family. Please draw this young lady who has doubts closer to You. We know you are the Comforter and are with each member of this family. Please hold them close as we left them in prayer to You. May they continue to feel Your presence in this time of trial. Restore their hearts and unify them as one. In Your holy name we pray. Amen.

  33. Please pray for healing for my husband and me. I have been going through something for at least three years. Several doctors and many tests through out this time and still seeking answers. During this time I have been unable to return to my job (early 2016). My husband was injured on the job in 2016 and he required three surgeries. The most recent just three weeks ago. He was fired from his job early 2017. I believe the Lord is taking care of us. He is providing. I believe and know I am healed by the stripes of Jesus! My humanness is having a tough time dealing but my spirit is hanging on to His promises. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

  34. Oh how many of us need prayer ♥️
    I am praying for each of you…whatever your request may be – for I also am standing in the need of prayer.
    This is the first Mother’s Day I face without my mother. She went to be with the Lord last May. She was a true and faithful Christian mother, who loved completely, and sacrificed for her family. Her mother was, as she was, a loving mother. Her life as a wife was one of total submission to a man who demanded it…she obeyed God.
    I pray for reunion in paradise…hold on to your faith through these times in which we find ourselves. May we feel the peace of God that passes all understanding and persevere with faith and trust.

  35. Please pray for my son to get the promotion his company has been talking to him about. This will enable him to work remotely and he and his wife would move here with me. He is my only child and I have not seen him in nearly four years due to his job move to another state. If this goes through, he wants me to retire early as I have some health issues. We all want this to happen and they said he would know by July. I need prayer for energy and strength to get the house ready for this move. Having to use crutches to walk makes it very hard to get things moved and done. I feel overwhelmed with my house. I need help. Please pray my friends can find time to help me. Thank you for praying.

    • Pray for my general physical health, especially my painful stomach area. Pray that I don’t have peptic ulcers etc.

    • For Kathleen: Lord I pray for health and strength for your precious daughter. I pray for Your provision for her to be more than she could ever imagine or hope for (Eph. 3:20). I pray that her every need would be met, abundantly.
      Lord, as for her son. I pray that You would surely secure his promotion – enabling him to be near to his mother. We know from Matthew 19:26 that with You, all things are possible. Open the door – even today. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  36. Please pray for healing and peace. I have a few chronic diseases and they seem to be worse these days. They do come with pain and can be quite expensive. It has but a financial burden on me. I am single and have no children or family near me. Some days I am just overwhelmed. I have walked with God long enough to know staying in the word is the answer. But I’m not good at sharing my plight with others. Thank you for offering to pray. I read this email every Sunday but never ask for prayer. Thank you for asking and being faithful to praying.

    • Praying for you Kristy! May you have peace and healing. I’m praying for strength for you as well. May God bless you my friend!

    • Father, You told us through your Word that anything we ask in your Name and according to Your will would be given to us. I ask right now for You to meet Kristy right where dhe is today and move through her body. Lord, help her to feel Your presence right now and to know that she is not alone. Please provide for all of her needs and let her experience Your presence, peace, and provision like never before. We thank you for all that you are doing “behind the scenes” and give you all of the glory and honor! Be blessed my Sister!!!

    • Praying for you Kristy. I too suffer from chronic pain and it is overwhelming at times. I am single and some of my family lives near by but they don’t understand what I go through on a daily basis. Please know I will pray each day for you. Believing healing and peace is yours at this very moment. Reach out to others and don’t isolate yourself as I have done. The devil likes to keep us isolated and fill our thoughts with lies. I am working through this myself. Staying in the word and praying helps me through the day. God bless you sweet sister.

  37. Please pray for my precious 34 year old daughter Bonnie. She has progressive MS and can no longer walk, sit up, use her arms. Her legs cannot move and she is having more severe cognitive issues. She cannot swallow food and her vision is very limited. I pray for a miracle to heal her. I pray that she will not continue to suffer and that God will bring her peace in her heart and mind. Please also pray for my sweet sister Betty as she faces cancer for the second time in a year. Lord please heal these good, kind, strong women and cover them with your love and peace.

  38. My daughter and I are preparing for a move from California to Washington. We are moving because it is just too expensive where we are at now and we don’t feel connected to anyone here in the Bay Area, other than my older daughter who will stay here. I am asking for prayer that the move will go smoothly, and that we will find provision when we get to Washington, good jobs and most importantly we are hoping to find community. We haven’t been a part of a church for several years after being hurt by the church after my husband passed away. We know God’s is behind this move because of the doors He opened to make it even possible, so we’re believing for good things! But sometimes I still get afraid because it’s such a big change and there is so much to do to be ready to load up everything on May 16.
    Thank you!

  39. I ask for prayer in regards to my heart . I find myself caught up in the things of the world . I want a heart that fully devoted to God and delights in His word. Also for freedom from the fear of man . I want to live for the audience of one, which is God .

  40. I pray for all of your requests in Jesus name, healing deliverance and what ever you may be in need of this Sunday. I just want to be walking in that peace that surpasses all understand as I move forward with some things God had on my heart. I keep second guessing myself, but not Him, I won’t do that. That is what many of us do, please don’t ever doubt His love or willingness to heal, deliver and restore what the enemy has stolen.

  41. Lord, I pray for Rebecca that you would lead and guide her and give her your peace in those things she’s wanting to move forward with. Thank you for her heart as she prays for the women here, amen! Please pray for my family as we navigate losing my dad 4 months ago. We need peace and healing. I pray for my boyfriend of 16 months as he now ‘is thinking about things’ and I haven’t heard from him for over 4 weeks. He also lost his sister 6 months ago. Please pray for God’s will for our relationship.. and healing and forgiveness in both our hearts.. amen.

  42. I need prayer to keep my heart in a mode of thanksgiving continually. Several years back I injured a disc in low back – herniated it. Some days it is more difficult than others. I don’t drive anymore – so there is a loss of independence that I have embraced from God. I thank Him as is commanded in 1Thess 5:14??? “In everything give thanks for this is God’s will concerning you.” I love the Word of God. It is my necessary food. Even though I am shut-in I am not shut out and God uses me in different ways encouraging and exhorting other women. I pray for opportunities on my Facebook page to share the Word and encourage others to study. I am 66 years young and married to a wonderful Christian man who is very supportive. We have one child who went to be with the Lord in 2011. He was 27 and that was a full life for one having a diagnosis of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. I am in peace.

  43. God bless Betty and Barbara and all others that are in those rocky places of their marriages. May their hearts be at peace as they trust in Him. Look to the Healer and not the healing. I would appreciate prayers for my family. I lost one of my sons in a tragic manner after a nasty divorce over 34 years ago. Of my remaining 5 adult children, only one still stays in touch with me. The rest don’t know or care if I am dead or alive. I was their primary care taker for all their growing up years. Mother’s day is one of the most painful days of the year. Please pray that the Lord will remove the root of bitterness that has taken place in their hearts and that they will all come into a right relationship with the Lord. Thank you.

  44. Marilyn I have given up driving also. I also have had 4 surgery’s on my back. I pray for you and your family. My grandson goes into seizures when he gets a high fever. Sometimes I am afraid to watch him when he’s sick. I also pray for your peace to continue on with your life, your son would want this for you. “Hug”

  45. Please pray for my immediate and extended family. Many needs, especially that all will seek to be in God’s will.

  46. I am standing for the complete healing and restoration of my marriage and husband. Please pray that my husband would receive deep revelation of God’s love for him and return to Him, me, and our two children. Please pray that I will not be overcome by fear and heartbreak; that I will continue to walk in Christ’s victory. Please pray that all of this would be very soon!! Thank you deeply!

    • Lindsey, I’m lifting you and your family up in prayer. Remember God is the great physician and will use everything to His glory. Dear Lord help Lindsey’s husband to open his heart to you and value a disciples life. Dear Lord help Lindsey to find great comfort in you and to seek Your guidance through this valley she is walking in and help her to stay focused on you Lord…In Jesus’ name I pray! Amen

  47. I just continue to ask prayers for the direction in my life. My children and grandchildren do not live close by and I struggle with the loneliness this creates in my heart. I really do want to be in the center of God’s will for my life…and truly want to put Him above all else in my life. I pray that I am able to retire in 3 years and move closer to my child and family. I would love to work in some kind of ministry, but trying to figure all these things out can be stressful so I leave it in God’s hands (most of the time) I pray that He will allow me to be a part of my kids/grandkids lives. I also pray for my atheist son-in-law, please lift him up he needs the Lord so badly!
    Thank Ya’ll so much

    • Gracious God, guide Denise to where her gifts will be best be used. Provide her with friendships so she is not as lonely. Thank You for the gift of her children and grandchildren. Surround Denise with your love. Help her to be able to retire and move closer to you in three years if that is your will. Be with her son in law. Open all of our eyes, ears, hearts and minds. Amen!

  48. That God would answer the desires of my heart. I yearn so deeply to be a wife and mom. One of my best friends is a guy and I would love for it to be more but he’s not there and there are thousands of miles separating us. I also am deeply considering respite foster care. Being in a new community I am longing for friendships. I miss those friends I had to leave when I moved.

    • Tara, I’m in the exact same position minus the male friend. Lord, please lift Tara up and give her your peace and encouragement. Surround her with those you would place in her life at this time. Give her the desires of her heart Lord! Let her turn to you daily for all she needs. Surround her with your love, in Jesus name amen.

  49. Sweet Heavenly Father, You know Denise’s needs, and I pray that You would give her peace over the lives of her children and grandchildren, as well as the loneliness related to this situation. If it be Your will, Lord, I pray that she would be able to retire in 3 years, and also be able to move closer to her children and grandchildren. Direct her path dear Lord, and ease the struggles that she’s dealing with. I pray that You would speak to the heart of her son-in-law, and help him to believe in You. I pray that he will see God in the actions and words of those he is closest to. Thank You Father for Your many blessings and for Your love. In Jesus’ name I pray,

  50. Prayers for Carolyn’s husband’s salvation. Lord, move you move in his life in such a way that he can’t ignore you and will turn to you.

    I’m asking for prayers for my mom’s health as she is fighting Lymphoma. She is having difficulty coping with a different normal. She was very active & enjoyed being out and about. Prayers for her complete healing.

    Prayers also for my father-in-laws health; he continues to recover from major surgery in January and has had a series of health issues since. Prayers also for my mother-in-law as she so lovingly cares for him. They were active in their church, enjoyed family celebrations, and other community events. They are also dealing with a new normal due to my father-in-laws health. My husband, son, & I live 5 hours away from our parents as we have a special needs son; we had to relocate for my son. We feel guilt that we can’t help with the caregiving as much as we would like.

  51. Please pray for my father’s health, his body is getting weaker and he is still taking meds for recovery, and had to visit his doctor for the weekly injection. Please also pray for God’s provision that we need these days. We are financially and emotionally affected since my father’s sickness started. Thank you and God bless you all.

    • Dear Lord, I pray this morning for Kimberly’s father. I pray for his strength, and that you would touch his body today with healing. Also I pray for the financial strain this has put on their family- God you are our provider, and we know you will meet their needs. Thank you for the opportunity to pray for Kimberly today.

  52. Please pray for a dear friend starting chemo today for pancreatic cancer. Pray for peace, strength and God’s healing of her body.
    Thank you

  53. Father, Please I ask you I ask you in the name of Jesus to please heal Kimberly’s father. Help him regain his strength and for God’s provisions that her family needs. I also pray that you would help her family financial needs as well as their emotional needs. Father please help them find rest in You and comfort to know that You are with them. Amen!
    I would like to thank everyone who has prayed for me this last week. I have been having a really hard time with issues going on with my health as well as my family. I am at my witts end with being a caregiver to my 27 year old daughter who has been separated for almost a year now and will not move forward to getting a divorce. She also has epilepsy. I have to make sure she takes her meds and now she has a device called a VNS which is to help with the seizures. So far it has started to work. But she has an attitude now and always seems to want to pick a fight with me. I also have a husband who is an alcoholic. When he comes home from work the first thing he does is open a beer. I have lived with this for 34 years and he spends so much money on it, that I could have payed off our house at least 3 times. Financially we are struggling financially because my paycheck has been cut by $400 because I spent the end of January and most of February in and out of the hospital. So my job has cut my pay until June. I just feel my like life has spun out of control and that I am under attack from the Devil and I don’t know how to fight him anymore. I feel like I just want to curl up in a ball in a corner and just die.

  54. Dear LORD, I pray for Cindy’s friend to experience the peace that passes all understanding which only comes from You as she begins chemo today. I pray for the doctors, nurses, and staff who are in charge of her care, that they will have gentle words and thoughts. I pray for Your will to be done concerning the healing of her body from pancreatic cancer. Give her the strength to fight, even when she is tired of fighting. Our hope is in You. Amen

  55. Please pray for my husband. He is experiencing dizziness and not feeling well. We are getting a doctor’s appointment today. Thank you

  56. Please pray for my adult sons, who are both attending community college and living at home, and for wisdom for my husband and I for dealing appropriately with them as adults in our home. They are each having some struggles and our desire is for them to turn to the Lord for his answers and direction for their lives.

  57. Lord I pray right now for each person who has left a request on this site today. Each one needs to feel your touch Father, and I ask that you meet them all at the point of their needs, for themselves, for friends and for family members. I lift these requests to you today in the precious name of Jesus, Amen.

    It’s difficult for me to do this, because I know so many others are facing more serious problems than mine. But I come today asking prayer that my husband and sons will all come to know the Lord as their personal savior, and truly want to live for Him. In the past 18 months we have been through a DWI conviction with one of them, another admitting his drug addiction and subsequent conviction for possession, and everything that goes with these situations. We are now at the point of financial bankruptcy, but can’t afford the cost of an attorney to get it accomplished. Our family has been broken and split apart because of all that has happened. Please pray for physical, spiritual, emotional and financial healing in our family, that relationships will be mended, and for the Lord’s wisdom as we face so many challenges still ahead.

  58. Please join me in prayer for my son Matthew who has a drinking problem. He has such a generous heart. He has not accepted Jesus yet but I have asked the Lords help to soften his heart.

    • Dear God, I pray with this mama to soften her sons heart and shower him with your love and care for him. Release him from the bondage of alcohol and bring him under your wings and make him to look more like you and teach him of your love. Amen

  59. The days we do this I always manage to be late. I think we’ve also done this so many times and I’ve asked for almost the same thing which just makes me feel like a failure if I’m honest. The depression is still here and still controls me when I’m all alone and sometimes when I’m surrounded by others. There’s all these changes coming up and I just feel really lonely and like people are tired of hearing about my same old sadness that just won’t go away. Some days I’m happy and laugh and productive and do things to care for myself and that I enjoy and other days I’m good to just feed myself and then lay in bed staring at the wall or my phone or TV to try to stay awake and not just go right to bed after work. I think I’m getting better then I spend five days in a row just sobbing. I want relief and want to be able to release things out of my control to God and trust him with them but I don’t know how and I feel like I can’t.

    • Dear Heavenly Father, I pray with Kristi, and ask that you bring her joy. We know that Your Word says that You are there for us at all times and that You would never leave anyone to struggle alone. Please help Kristi to turn her thoughts to You every single time this sadness comes upon her and bring to mind those Scripture that tell the truth of Your love and grace.

  60. A prayer for peace and comfort for my mother who is nearing the end of her fight with stage 4 breast cancer. Comfort and Peace to all those supporting her endlessly.

  61. Cait- I join my prayers to your for your mother. I am approaching the 2-yr anniversary of my mom’s passing, so I know your grief. Peace to you all.
    I am asking prayer for me as I struggle to find the connections and friends I have been needing. Part of it is me hiding, and part is I don’t know how to look for these connections. Please pray for God’s clear path for me and for healing for my hurting heart. Thank you!

  62. My younger son has many challenges, he needs healing and to open his heart and listen to Gods guidance. I pray everyday that God will give him a voice and to heal his challenges. Dear God please give my son peace, give his strength, give him endurance, give him understanding. Lord he cannot make it without you, crush his pride and make him humble to your desires. Amen and thank you in advance!

  63. Please pray for me and my son. Since he just left for boot camp in SC to the Marines Corp. And I am so sad my heart is broken, can’t stop crying. I really will appreciate any prayer.