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Becky is happily outnumbered by her husband and three little boys and thanks Jesus for coffee daily. She’s a blogger, writer, certified life coach, and speaker with a Master’s Certificate in Discipleship. Becky loves encouraging God’s daughters to embrace their precious worth and live fully loved. Visit her at

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  1. Becky,
    I loved reading this. Our family has been in seasons of waiting for nearly three years and it took me almost that long to realize that waiting on some point in the future is robbing me of my present joys. God not only does work in the middle, like you said, but can bring peace, joy, and wonderful memories in the midst of circumstances that we wouldn’t ordinarily choose. Most of all, He lets us know Him better through those times of waiting. Thank you for this beautiful encouragement.


    • Becky and Courtney,
      So true and a needed reminder. It seems as soon as one “middle” comes to an end, another begins. I need to be reminded to grow and learn in that middle season. Not to always be wishing for the end, or you miss the middle…enjoy and learn from the moment no matter the circumstances. Same with raising my kids, as I stop waiting for the next stage and enjoy the present moments instead. Thank you!

    • Hello Lovely’s,

      Thank you for sharing Sister,

      I can so relate. My husband Milton had brain surgery on February 8th, 2018. The waiting had to be the hardest thing ever. I remember sitting in the waiting room, staring at the screen, waiting and waiting. Finally it said.
      Milton was in recovery. Now the waiting to hear from the neurosurgeon. According to the volunteer at the desk, she stated. Don’t be surprised if the Neurosurgeon doesn’t come in to speak with you. Most of the time. They don’t and they send one of the nurse’s to speak with you.

      The Neurosurgeon did come in and speak with myself and the family. He stated the surgery was a success and he had a few question about my husband. Asking if he had any weakness on his left side. I informed him, that no he was not experiencing anything of the sort. He shook his head and said that’s strange. His exact words were. Wow. That’s a MIRACLE. And that Milton will have some weakness on his left side, due to the tumor was leaning on his left side of his brain. I said out loud. That was ALL GOD. HE SHOWED UP.

      Thank you and God bless you
      Rose Martinez

      • Praising the Lord with you!
        Rose ! Becky I’m in my 2 Nd year in the middle and yes I’m watching and serving until the end.., then His will be done! Love y’all, happy Sunday

  2. Becky, thank you so much for this. I need to be more patient in waiting. However, there have been times that I didn’t even realize that I was waiting until the Lord pulled me through a problem or sent a blessing I didn’t know was coming. I am waiting now for an answer to a long time prayer for my daughter. It’s hard for me to give her to Him, but I must. He is all powerful and He knows the end from the beginning. My hope is in Him. May God bless you and your family!


  3. The waiting is always the hardest part. I think especially for me sometimes as I feel I’ve been in the waiting mode all my life! Lol
    But God (Love that phrase) has shown me soooo much in the waiting, about what I needed to learn, the people that needed me, and all those reasons for waiting have suddenly become so clear.
    Thank you for your post. Such a confirmation for me today!!!

  4. Becky, I am absolutely middle-challenged, so I appreciate this glimpse back over your shoulder into a life lesson you learned on that rocky ground. Thank you for transforming your own hard middle season into a glorious meeting place for us all to be reassured that God is also there in the in between!

    • Becky and each one of you have replied:
      It is so wonderful how God works in each of us to will and do of His good pleasure. Wooing and drawing us to Himself,
      to that wonderful day we become the Bride of Christ
      As we wait, may we continue to keep our eyes on Jesus, the Author and finisher of our faith!
      Bless each of you for sharing! V. Balfour

    • Michele, I’ve missed you on here. Your tender insights and comments add a blessing to my day. Pray all is well.

      • Jean, you are so sweet! I’ve been away with my family, and since we were staying with friends where my access to the internet was limited, I just decided to take a break from my blog and from any on-line presence for that week. I’m sure I missed a lot of great content here, but it was a wonderfully restful time. And what a blessing to be welcomed back with your kind words!

        • Michele,

          I’ve missed you also. Glad you had some precious family time. That is so important. Welcome back.

          Blessings 🙂

  5. Becky,
    As I read through your post, anxiously waiting for your happy ending, near the end it came, what a relief. So happy for your family that it did. I’m being taught a whole new meaning of patience this past few weeks in a different kind of waiting. Then last night I was told in what was meant to be helpful, that it would never come.
    ” When we hope for what we can not see we wait for it patiently.”
    8:24 -25
    Thank-you so much Becky, for not only sharing your words, but also for the gentle reminder. I will keep hoping as I wait (on this), and try hard to do it patiently.
    Have a blessed day all,

  6. Thank you Becky. This is what I needed to hear this morning. I feel like we’ve been in the middle for a long time, but I know God has everything under control. Im not good at waiting, so I guess God is teaching me patience. In the midst of it both my husband and I have grown spiritually and that is worth it all.

  7. YES. Love this, “waiting is not for the weak.” And how in this weakness, God’s glory comes in full. Seasons of waiting always seem to be upon us in one way or another, don’t they? Love this much needed reminder for the season I’m in! Thank you for sharing your story.

  8. Becky—-awesome article! What great insight into a subject that not only we wrestle with…but great prophets, deciples, men & women throughout the ages have faced: “The Waiting Room—The Middle!”, but with great confidence in Him we know a new day will dawn in our lives to bring us new joy, unspeakable and full of glory!
    Thank you for this faith- filled article!
    Congrats on the publishing…looking for more!
    Gramma Joy

  9. Becky, thank you for this. It’s a lesson I’m learning, too. I loved your comment, “It’s the heart of our story.” So very true and a much needed reminder today. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Becky, thanks for helping us recognize the purpose and power of all our waiting, middle-of-the-story places. God is so good to fill us with hope. Even when we can’t see the final outcome, we can trust Him.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful story with (in)courage!

  11. Becky, what a great thought, ” Your day of resurrection is coming. ” And I don’t think we have to die to get there.

  12. I just have to say Thank you —truly
    From Godfor me—— thank you for sharing ✝️❤️

  13. Becky,

    The middle waiting period can be hard. I have found that you grow more in the middle. I have learned to trust & get really close to God during those times. That may be why God designed middles to give us hope. This world cries out for immediate answers & that is not how God works. Like you I’m not patient. Waiting is hard-especially in hospitals. Waiting produces character & character hope. It is where prayer lives can come alive again. God has a purpose for everything. He doesn’t waste a thing. For all who are in the middle-wait with expectant hope & pray hard.

    Blessings 🙂

  14. Thanks for sharing this Becky…

    I am in that middle place of waiting for a lot of things and this is encouraging…

    It’s a reminder especially this extract below…

    ““…waiting is not for the weak. It takes strength and courage to still our hearts and trust Jesus for the days to come. And most days I wish I could be a little braver. But here’s the thing, my friend:

    You are truly in such good company.

    If you are a living person, you will unavoidably find yourself in the middle at some point on your journey. And at that moment you can stand and look around and know that you are not alone in your struggle to find peace in the midst of the anticipation.

    Our middles are just as important as our beginnings and ends.

    Sometimes we wish we could bypass the middle and fast-forward to the final chapter where our prayers are answered and our desires fulfilled. But we have such a kind God, and He doesn’t waste a single second in our life. He doesn’t push the pause button when we feel like life stops moving. He is always working for the good of those who love Him, and that includes you.

    Waiting is the breeding ground for hope…”

  15. This brought an aha moment:
    I love that the Romans verse is in the middle…Romans has 16 chapters and this verse is found halfway in chapter 8- “In the middle” and includes four hopes.