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Maggie, guacamole enthusiast, lives in the Atlanta suburbs with her husband and four kids. Talking about truth and making new friends are among her favorite things to do, as well as hanging out with kids, dreaming about travel, and watching Parks and Rec.

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  1. Oh, how lovely this was. It can also be difficult to simply receive when you feel the weight of expectations from your husband or family to get things done. And also my own expectations to make him happy, because I know how much he appreciates acts of service and that is his main love language. It is so hard to simply receive sometimes. Thank you for a beautiful post!

  2. I blew this lesson (big time) on a vacation last year with my family. I was so intent upon being “helpful” so that I could lessen the “burden” on our hostess that I guess I nearly drove her crazy popping up at the end of every meal and clearing the table. It turns out that she likes a more leisurely style of . . . everything, and I was setting an uncomfortable pace for her in my zeal to be the appreciative house guest.
    I love knowing that you have struggled on the uncomfortable receiving end as well!

  3. So insightful.
    When we have guests, they make me so nervous if they can’t relax. Their best gift to me is just enjoying themselves.

  4. Am the “Martha” kind of person too. A wise woman, during challenging times said to me, “Do you like ministering and helping others?” Of course my answer was a resounding yes. The next statement was “then why are you keeping others from experiencing that joy by not allowing them to minister to you?” Point taken and often repeated in my head.

  5. Wonderful reflection. And so true of us women. You’ve really defined this feeling if indebtedness and it’s interference with God’s blessings very well. Thank you.

  6. Papa God has been leading me to be a grateful receiver at Jesus’ feet without any guilt. We are growing now by the Holy Spirit to be that way with other people. It is very difficult for me not to itemize a”tab” of what I “owe” to people for what they give and do for me. I am thankful to be able to day how much I appreciate them and what they do or give to me. Also I pray for God to Bless them a hundred fold. Our Creator Gives the most amazing gifts!

  7. Maggie, I exhaled deeply here: “If I was so terrible at receiving a few meals, some shared groceries, and a guest bed, how much less was I receiving God’s most precious gift? How much was I hustling for my own salvation?” Thank you so much for reminding me to swim in the ocean of God’s grace — not just nervously tiptoe around it.

  8. I can identify with this because I am the one who is always busy! Busyness is my middle name and I seem to always have balls in the air! working to not let any of them fall… I am not very good at receiving and much better at the giving…or being the one who is cooking and cleaning… but I have learned that when we do not stop our busyness we miss his whispers to us. It’s like the busyness clouds our mind and we cannot hear god…I have learned I need to slow down and be Mary sometimes… even in my own home… this allows my mind to not be so cluttered with what is on my to do list next and it frees my mind up to hear HIM speak… 🙂

    thank you for this!

  9. Thank you for this post. Learning to receive is certainly a grace gift. One that I have difficulty with also. I have been submitting my to do list but I am learning the Father is a relationship God. This indeed is a new & challenging place to be. I am thankful God loves me enough to help me through the process and change

  10. Maggie,

    I’m like you also. A Martha doer person. If someone is sick, in hospital. dealing with illness I am the one who wants to immediately make a meal for them. Constantly want to help out in each & every situation. There is merit in that. God wants us to help others-just not to the detriment of spending time with Him. God doesn’t want our busyness to be hinder our Mary time with Him & miss out on His Whispers of Rest for our souls. There is a time to be both Martha & Mary. We are robbing others of joy of giving & helping out if we don’t receive His grace gift. Let’s all strive to be a little bit Martha, take some time for soul care & be Mary’s at His feet!

    Blessings 🙂

  11. I was a mother-of-the-bride for the first time yesterday. And I experienced this first hand as Christian friends of mine tirelessly worked in the kitchen, serving up food and clearing off tables and washing the china plates and silverware and glasses. Every time I would try to come in and help, they would shoo me out of the kitchen, telling me I needed to spend more time in my “uncomfortable zone” (NOT working and being busy), a gentle and loving jibe to my Martha-ness. What an enormous blessing they were to demand that I accept their work at this time as an act of love and grace poured out. A rare time, indeed, that I was on the receiving end. And I am certainly feeling overwhelmed by such love!

  12. Finally, we are learning to be Mary. Choose Jesus the one needful thing. I have been that way, trying to pay my way or earn my way. What Jesus does is a gift, we need to receive from Him, and if others are a blessing that is grace and favor. Just down the freeway from yo in Jackson, I grew up in Atlanta.

  13. Thank you Maggie for this insightful sharing. I tend to be a Martha. What ‘hit’ me most in your article is “If I was so terrible at receiving a few meals, some shared groceries, and a guest bed, how much less was I receiving God’s most precious gift? How much was I hustling for my own salvation?” I really need to be more of a Mary.