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    • Hahahahaha….I was asked to come up with one word for the new year at the elementary school where I worked. I spent a significant amount of time thinking about it and came up with simplify. Just now I took the 7 question quiz and wallah! it comes with simplify! I think someone’s trying to tell me something

  1. My word for 2018 is orthodoxy. I’m reading Chesterton’s book with that title, and I’m going to spend the year looking at the basics of my faith — the simple truth.

  2. My word was simple. My desire for 2018 is to not only simplify but to savor the time I spend with Jesus and my family.

  3. My word was brave. I think that’s awesome because I am going to try and push my photography work into a whole ‘nother level this year and I was already thinking that’s going to take a lot of courage!

  4. My word from the test was Brave. The word I felt God gave me this year was Strength– kind of close!

  5. My word is simplify. In a season where God is calling me to focus on what is truly important, so that His will is not drowned out in the clutter of my thoughts or plans–when the Master Gardener is asking me to prepare my soul for His planting–it is ideal. Thank you for the reminder and Happy New Year!

    • My word is also Simplify and your comments are perfect. I am in a new season of caring for my aging mother with new health challenges including memory issues, so learning to simplify and focusing on God’s love and care and direction for me are essential. I want this to be a good season for mom and for me and not a burden.

  6. My word is JOY, which fits well! My Instagram name is @joyfully_tracie, and my chosen theme for 2018 is “comfort and joy.”

  7. My word of the year through this quiz was Simplify, which makes sense because the word I have chosen for myself for the year is Rest. I want to rest more in the Lord and get more rest. I often make things more complicated than they need to be. I want to learn to simplify.

    • You and I may be long-lost soul sisters. My response from this quiz was Simplify, while the word I had prayerfully chosen for the year is Refresh (but more like Re-Fresh, or fresh and fresh again, as often as necessary).

      I need to simplify the mission. Loving your neighbor as yourself means you must actually love yourself. Father, renew us all in You this year!

  8. My word was Kind. Plenty of food for thought in one tiny word. Looking forward to seeing how this develops over the course of this year!

  9. I couldn’t find it either. It had me sign up and then showed a blank screen with word of truth showing. I’ve chosen my word as forgiveness for 2018, but I wanted to see what this test said. I will try again once I’m at work. Maybe it only works on desktops and not mobile?

  10. My word is BRAVE! 2017 was a year of struggles and I’m excited about this word. I’m starting to learn what it really means to give all your worries over to God. In order to do that you really must give up control and trying to worry about the outcomes. This is what being brave is all about to me, knowing that whatever the outcome He is there for me!

    • Yes! Brave was also my word and I believe in my heart that I need to be brave and trust His will for my 2018. 2017 was about laying the foundation – I need a strong foundation to build what the Lord has planned for me. I went through struggles and trying times but towards the end of 2017 I turned to the Lord and am learning to trust Him more and more but it is still scary when I think that I can control everything better than anyone (oops) 🙂

  11. My word is simplify – I think that’s very appropriate for me, I need to slow down and simplify.
    I wanted to share even though I’m not eligible for the competition, I live outside of USA.

  12. My word is brave. I’ve been hearing this resonate in my head and heart. I want to step up and step out and truly follow where God leads me.

  13. My word is love. It means to me that I need to be more like Christ in putting others first and serving sacrificially.

  14. LOVE! The word I received was love. I think this is a perfect fit. I am easily brought down by other people’s comments. But I don’t want what other’s say to affect me. I want to be stronger in the Lord. I want to learn how much God loves and feel that love inside of me. And then, in turn, I want to show other people the love of Jesus.

  15. My word is Brave. I need to stand brave in trying to make good choices and changes in this new year.

  16. My word is KIND. It will be a nice reminder each day, no matter what I’m feeling or what is going on, to gift those around me with kindness.

  17. My word is joy! Which is a total GOD thing. Prior to the end of the year, I picked what I thought my word was, but a dear friend gave me an ornament and said my word was joy. She clearly knew what she was talking about.

  18. Thank-you so much for the offer. Being a Canadian I don’t qualify for the giveaway but thought I would take the quiz anyway. The link didn’t work for me, but the word I had already chosen was growth- (both spiritually & mentally).
    Blessings to all,

  19. My word is Brave. I think it’s very fitting because I do so many things out of fear or don’t do things because I am afraid. This year I’m going to put my trust in Christ and be brave!

  20. My word of truth is Love. This means a lot to me sinces sometimes its hard for me to show love to others. If someone does something offensive to me I am quit to cut them out my life, instead of having mercy. I think this was God’s way of telling me I need to truly apply Luke 10:27 in my life, not just say it but live it. It maybe a difficult task for me, but I know I can do all things through Christ.

  21. My word was Brave, which has been my word (or something similar) for the last few years. While I see myself growing in trust and love in some areas, I still struggle with fear and doubt- usually in my most important relationships. This journey to being brave and trusting has been a long one, so I wasn’t quite surprised when my 2018 word popped up.

  22. My word was brave. I know that this is a year of change & finding my purpose & there will be times I need to be brave.

  23. My 2018 word is Simplify. I need Jesus more than anything else in my life. If it doesn’t glorify Him its time for me to let it go.

  24. My word is brave which is so appropriate. Since I lost my husband a year ago it has been a struggle learning to be alone. With Gods help I choose to be brave this year and step up to Gods challenges.

  25. My word was simplify! Can I get an AMEN?! Have been working through my household off and on as responsibilities allow for two years. By the grace of God may progress be made in 2018!

  26. My Word was SIMPLIFY ….
    Actually took the quiz on January 1st… At first I wasn’t sure about it… But EVERY DAY since then I have come across this word…. I think the Lord is trying to tell me something

  27. My word for 2018 is love. Having that as my word makes me happy because I want to love the Lord more and more. I also want to develop a love for others like Jesus calls me to do.

  28. Simplify: my prayers, my daily life, my mind, my heart. Rid myself of all the business and just be. Be with Jesus and follow His example.

  29. My word from the quiz is simplify but the word I choose at the beginning of the year was intentional. These 2 words go hand in hand because I cannot be intentional without simplifying my life. I’ve always wanted to write and continually I’ve let the enemy tell me I could never accomplish my dream and it’s been put on the back burner for over 30 years. I’ve never told anyone my dream for fear of failure and in the last year I’ve had several people tell me “you should write a book” so this year will be my year I’m proclaiming it right now…. I will be intentional and I will simplify my life in order to do so.

  30. Possible. At first I didn’t like it, but when it settled in, it settled in deep. ALL things are possible — what a great reminder for me in this new year!!

  31. My word was brave. It’s not the word I thought I needed but I will trust God that He has a reason and even though it’s a small quiz that He uses that and me this year.

  32. Brave…. To me it means that God will be with me through the long haul, the long journey that I am on. That I need to trust and allow Him to guide me through the year and follow where He leads and what He wants me to do.

  33. My word was KIND. I always thought I was a kind person, but events at work have shown me areas that I need to work on in showing more kindness.

  34. I got simplify, something I have been trying to do for the past year and a half. I hope I can finally get it right this year.

  35. My word is Love!… I believe I do love but there’s always room for more Love! Just look at HOW MUCH LOVE the Good Lord gives to us!

  36. My word is BRAVE and this means SO much to me in this new season, this new year. It reminds me to stand strong and to remind myself that God is on my side, He is always protecting me and He has a purpose for me, even if hell is breaking loose. This word means so much to me as I am participating in fasting and prayer with my church and the enemy has orchestrated spiritual attacks towards me.

    I know that it means that I must be doing something right with God, especially since I have been devoted to prayer and delving into the Lord’s word all week, as well as receiving prophetic words towards my future and my path. The word BRAVE reminds me that this too shall pass, and that I need to put on my armor and realize that I am stronger than I consider myself to be. God didn’t give me a spirit of fear, but a spirit of faith!

  37. My word is BRAVE. I didn’t know quite what this mean until I read some of the others who also got brave as a word. Love the reference to the armor of God. I will use that as I try to push through physical therapy exercises this year. And get healthy! I will be BRAVE for this journey!

  38. My word was BRAVE! My husband left me after 31 years and I need to just trust that God will lead me through this fierce daily battle. You have to be brave to be on the front lines, right? I need to be BRAVE enough to step out and trust that HE will guide my every step. Easy to say, hard to do.

  39. The link doesn’t work when I try to take the survey, but I’ve already identified my one word for the year— it’s DISCIPLINE. For me, it’s about doing the things small things things every day that get you to your goals. Theses “small things” are not always fun or necessarily easy, but they develop your self-control and become your habits, which then become your life. I want a disciplined, consistent walk with my Lord this year. Happy New Year!

  40. My word was Simplify. I am challenged to create space for what truly matters in all aspects of my life. It won’t be easy but nothing worthwhile ever is. I can do this…

  41. My word of the year is love. I was excited to see this because one of my goals for the year is to love others well. Loving others well makes me feel amazing!

  42. My word is Simplify.
    A perfect word, since last year was content, the year before was anchor.
    I am thrilled to journal and search for God in the scriptures .
    Thanks for a Great survey.
    Sister in Christ, Elizabeth.

  43. My word is simplify–which doesn’t surprise me! 2017 brought lots of changes to my life, leaving me feeling like everything had spun out of control. God has been drawing me to declutter–not just my home, but my mind, my heart, and my prayer life.

  44. My word was BRAVE. I was thinking that it would be TRUSTING – because that is the way I feel I live my life – trusting in the Lord, always. I just retired after being in the working world for almost 50 years. The last 15 years have been as a hospital and hospice chaplain and a pastoral care associate for my parish. That ministry led me on the most humbling, inspiring and faith-filled journey that I could ever have been blessed with. So where does the BRAVE come in. It must be because I am learning who I am without a ‘title’. I am adjusting to being home – a whole lot – with my husband of 44 1/2 years, in a small house, in the dead of winter. I am pondering a job offer to work in the bereavement/funeral home field. So maybe BRAVE is what I need to be while contemplating another ‘road’ in my journey. Ministry is not something that can be turned-off – it truly is part of my being. I’m blessed that 15 years ago I was BRAVE and took a leap of faith and listened to what God was calling me to do. I’m still listening, and will BRAVEly go where God is calling me.

  45. simplify
    Major life change again this year, DH will retire for the second time in our 41+ years of marriage. His second career will be finished in just 3 short months.
    Anxious, Anticipating and being able to enjoy ourselves in our individual interests.

  46. My word is LOVE!!!
    May I see others as Jesus sees each of us this year!!!❤️❤️❤️

  47. I took it twice as it was hard to choose between some of the responses. I got “joy” and “simplify.” I believe God’s word for me in 2018 is Hope. To place my hope in His unfailing love. To have hope that He will help me grow and mature spiritually. I look forward to studying verses in the Bible that talk about hope.

  48. My word for 2018 is Kind. I had previously chosen the word “renew” asking God to renew my mind and spirit. Looks like that renewal will lead me to more acts of kindness, compassion and service.

  49. My word is Joy. It fits me and what I would like my year to look like. Thanks for the opportunity to win this giveaway!

  50. My word was simplify. I always have a tendancy to make things harder than it needs to be. So to simplify is going to be challenging. For starters i am going to let others be more responsible. I will pray to God each day to help me keep things simple.

  51. Wow, there are a lot of us who are going to be BRAVE in 2018! I am praying for courage and faith as well, to step out and do what the Lord’s will is for my life. I’ve been in this complacent place way too long!

  52. My word is Brave! My husband and I moved to Colorado 6 months ago! I start my new job on Monday! I’m trusting God to help me be brave as I continue to step out to meet people and to serve Him and others and as I start this new job! Thanks be to God for His goodness and gentle guidance in 2018!

  53. My word was Joy. One of my favorite Bible verses is Nehemiah 8:10, “The joy of the Lord is my strength.” It’s a great reminder that when life bogs us down that we can keep our joy in Christ.

  54. My word was brave. I get it because I find it very easy to sit back and “go with the flow”, do it like I have always done it. But I need to be brave this year, trust in my Papa God, and do things differently. I am very excited to see what He has planned for this year…

  55. My word was Brave. This kinda ties into the word I was leaning towards for this year…Trust. I can be Brave when I Trust that the Lord is always with me and will work all things for good in my life. 🙂 Happy New Year!

  56. My word is Love. It will remind me of God’s great love for me, and the love I am called to show everyone else.

  57. My word is brave. I have to step out of my comfort zone and follow the will of God wont be easy. With God’s help I will be brave

  58. Brave…. As someone who battles anxiety, to think that I could be more brave in Him than I could ever be in myself is both humbling and empowering.

  59. My word is KIND. God continually reminds me to remember how it would feel in another’s shoes. My husband, the preacher, constantly reminds me that I have a smart mouth and that what I think doesn’t necessarily need to be said.

  60. My word is Brave. I’m not sure what God has for me this year and it is a little unnerving thinking I will need to be brave, but if God is with me and I’m going to grow in Him and His Word, then I will do my best to be all in.

  61. My word is JOY. Oh how I need that. My pastor preached on Joy the whole month of December. It’s confirmation. Thank God for your ministry in my life!

  62. My word for 2018 is Joy! I am trying to start out this year focusing on my walk with Jesus and my family!

  63. My word was LOVE.
    To Love Jesus…everything I do is for LOVE.
    God’s LOVE has been lavished upon me. My self-worth it’s based on the fact that God loves me and calls me his daughter. I am a member of his family who is becoming a reflection of God. As I continue to grow I have victory over sin LOVE for others and confidence before God.

  64. My word is brave. I’ve made a life changing decision for this year that will begin this month. While I’m not positive it’s in God’s will I feel this change is necessary. I know that He is always with me even when I make mistakes so I need to be brave and trust Him to carry me through it.

  65. My 2018 word is also brave. I’ve been contemplating a career change recently, working in the same field but in a ministry setting. The opportunity before me is at the church where my family and I worship and I’m torn between being called by God to work in my own community of faith and remaining a volunteer. BRAVE means to me listening to God as he whispers his plan for me and stepping out on faith to allow God to work his plan in my life rather than stubbornly following my own path. Thank you for the encouragement I receive here on a daily basis, you all never fail to touch my heart!!

  66. My word is BRAVE and will be one to stand on as I face some relational issues this new year that need to be resolved after 5 years……with Gods guidance I need to be Brave enough to do this!

  67. My word was Simplify. I need to declutter and let God guide. It feels as though 2017 was fast, furious and not very productive-spiritually or in daily living.

  68. My word is Brave. This year I hope to focus on growing myself. I want to grow in knowledge and also in how I reflect God into the world through my actions. This movement to grow is outside of my comfort zone and will definitely require me to be brave. I hope in 2018 I will be brave to grow in and with God.

  69. My word was brave. That’s not the word I’ve chosen for myself, but it compliments my word nicely and is very appropriate for some of the projects and reaching out I’d like to do this year.

  70. My word is simplify. Which is perfect for me because I already knew I wanted to focus on simplifying things this year and really take in the beauty of and appreciate what God has blessed me with in life.

  71. Thank you for this simple quiz, and my word was JOY! And what a God thing as that was my word I chose even before taking the quiz! 🙂 Choosing JOY in 2018, and praying I will cultivate it with God’s help.

  72. Brave. Last year every area of my life was sifted, turned upside down and I found God asking me if I trusted him enough to allow him to show me the areas of in the wreckage of where he wanted me to grow. Brave meant to be bold enough to strengthen others with encouragement and transparency of not only what he was doing but what was happening.
    This year God is asking me to be bold, to step out in faith to share the gospel and what a real walk with the Lord looks like. He’s asking me to be bold enough to lean into him harder than I ever have while professing the truth of how he is always with me.

  73. JOY!!
    Nehemiah 8:10 “ The JOY of the Lord is my strength.”
    Looking to find and keep my joy through whatever God purposes for me in 2018

  74. My word is Simplify.
    Very appropriate as that is what the last 4 years have been for me. Letting go of the clutter and choosing what remains. But my real challenge is a phrase I have chosen for myself. “When the fullness of time had come” Im seeking to allow that to be my focus this year & into the future.

  75. Brave. In 2018 that is what I’m going to need to be as I set out to find a new job/career since my previous one abruptly ended in November. And it looks like this might be the year my Dad meets Jesus face to face.

  76. My word for 2018 is SIMPLIFY! The Lord k ows me so well! 🙂 I spent much of 2017 feeling overwhelmed and cluttered, so thus year I pray God will help me to simplify and be intentional about loving Him, studying His Word, applying it to my life and loving my husband, family and friends well. Praise God from Whom all Blessings flow! <

    In Him,
    Lara <

  77. My word was JOY. Which is good– I can see it encompassing several themes such as teaching myself to be more positive in general. I am so blessed with many things and people and I need to be more grateful and show the JOY that I should be feeling/recognizing that I am blessed to have the comforts of things and people that others would not be so lucky to have. And also JOY that the eternal reward is at hand and learning to focus on that promise.

  78. My word was kind. I’ve never picked a word for thebywse before, but in the fall, I started feeling the pull. When I took the quiz, it confirmed what God had already been whispering to me.

  79. My word is Joy. I thought it might be hope or courage but I think as I reflect on this it makes sense. Taking time to find joy in life, with my family. Finding joy in my faith!

  80. My word was KIND. I know how kind Jesus was/is/always will be. So I pray I can serve him and all his children with kindness.

  81. My word is JOY!! Funny because I chose a desktop wallpaper on December 29 that says ‘Choose Joy’!

  82. Simplify – something that has been on my heart for awhile. It’s something God has been quietly calling me to do, but I need to intentionally focus on it!

  83. My word was BRAVE , I find that interesting as 2017 was an awful devastating as we dealt with Harvey then I had multiple hospital visits and they “ lost me “ twice!
    God has more plans for me and for that I’m blessed and brave as I venture into the new year, making many more memories with my family and loved ones .

    I love these devotionals and appreciate each of you ladies for sharing your writings and touching my life each day !

  84. My word is BRAVE. So fitting for the season I am in right now and the big challenges I have coming this year!!

  85. My word was Simplify. In a world where I sometimes rush from home to work to after work activities this will take some getting used to…but I had already chosen the word Intentional, so it goes hand in hand. My goal is to slow down, and savor the time and moments with friends and family.

  86. My word was Brave! I need to be brave by letting God take control and trusting in His outcome!

  87. My word was simplify. I need to get rid of the clutter in my life, which will in turn declutter my mind and allow more space for God to do his work.

  88. My word is Simplify. I’ve got to intentionally strip away all the distractions and focus in on following God. On doing exactly what he wants me to do and not what I think others expect me to do.

  89. My word for 2018 is love. Love is really what this journey called life is all about. It will get us through anything, provide for us in every way and challenge us to live fully and completely in Him.

  90. Mine was brave. This word of truth means a lot to me as I step out and start my own blog and become an author, not only that but my and my husbands names combine is Brave (Bri+Dave).
    We got married in 2017 and now 2018 is a continuation of our Brave Adventure which is the name of my blog.

  91. My word for 2018 is LOVE. No coincidence as my most often and intense prayer is for God to soften my heart. This just may be the year!!

  92. My word is “Simplify” and it is funny because I’d already decided on this being my “word” for 2018!

    Simplify to me is focusing on what matters — God, family, relationships, my community. 2017 was a year of up’s and down’s in my personal life but I always tried and continue to try to see the positives that came from it all. Excited for the new year and what is to come!

  93. My word is love. The word I had already chosen is Grace. These go hand in hand. My prayer for this year is that I see and love others as God sees and loves them. I wish to share love and grace to others, just as God has done for me.

  94. My word is BRAVE. I will be retiring in June, so I feel God is telling me to be brave and accept what new challenge He has for me I this new chapter of my life.

  95. I clicked over to try to take the test but all I see is a banner saying “Find your word of truth.” I tried clicking it and nothing happens. I don’t see a quiz. I’ve tried on two different browsers. Is there something obvious I’m missing?

  96. My world is brave which is very fitting since my husband will be deploying very soon and I’ll be at home with two energetic babies

    • You can do this. My husband deployed 3 times. First time when my eldest was 9 months old. It made me stronger (in my spritiual walk, as a parent, a wife, and a friend ~ especially to single moms in my church) and my children became very independant over the years. YOU GOT THIS MOMMA!

  97. my word was BRAVE though i am doing another study and chose another word for my year. BRAVE completely aligns with my other word and is part of the quote i chose to focus on as well!

  98. My word is “Simplify”. And it is spot on. In fact, the description and synonyms on the second sheet are nearly word-for-word identical to the prayers I have been lifting over this new season that is beginning in my life. My 10-year season of non-stop elder care for three parents (one parent was extremely abusive) has very recently come to a close. My fatigue has been enormous; physically/emotionally/spiritually depleted. I am looking forward to tending to (declutter, refine, clear up, streamline, clarify, make effortless) all that has been neglected during that 10-year period: my own house (literally and figuratively), relationships (earthly and Heavenly), taking time to rest, be still, breathe, pray, listen, walk, reconnect…but all and only in God’s perfect timing and as He leads. SEE, HE IS DOING A NEW THING! HE WILL RESTORE MY SOUL.

  99. My word is joy. I’m in a season on transition. I’m entering year 2 of that transition and joy is something I must choose each day – in the big decision making moments and the ordinary “just do it” moments.

  100. Mine was simplicity..which felt, too…simple! LOL But I can see how I need to simplify. As the kids get older the schedules somehow become busier! Who would’ve thought that kids at 10,9 and 7 were busier than when they were 4,3 and 1!? Just a different kind of busy. But busy-ness doesn’t equal successful and this year I had already determined my word would be Intentional. I was, at first, disappointed when intentional didn’t pop up..but as I thought about it, simplicity and intentional can and really does, go hand in hand. Less going,doing and feeling breathless… and more sitting,thinking about others and how I can be there for them, listening to stories that I’ve heard a hundred times from my kids and laughing with them,getting to know their hearts and character. Yes, simplicity sounds..simple.. but in a day where we strive to do and be more..keep up with the Joneses and make sure we appear to have it all together, I think simplicity sounds quite nice!

  101. My word is Simplify
    This completely resonates with me, as it is something the Holy Spirit has been speaking to my heart! I’m trusting Him to show me how to “simplify” processes and all the stuff my life demands.
    Simplification = Uncomplicated

  102. My word is BRAVE…..which goes hand-in-hand with the word that I had been thinking, which is Bold. I need a word to get me back on track…..I need to be BRAVE in my faith and in my Bible studies, I need to be BRAVE in my home as an empty-nest mother, I need to be BRAVE in my marriage as my husband and I move into year 26, I need to be BRAVE in my friend and family relationships…….BRAVE – just think if I was?

  103. My word for 2018 is “Joy”
    I’m sitting her crying because without realizing it, I had completely lost my joy. I’ve always been known for being joyful and generous, but street the born of our youngest I feel into deep PPD. No one recognized it, or was able to reach me if they had. By the grace of God I’m starting to walk in light again, but it’s a struggle, and I often feel the weight of defeat. I thank God for the blessing of #incourage especially in this season. <3

  104. My word is Simplify. Not surprisingly! I desperately need to step back and simplify! I am ready to simplify and declutter in many areas of my life! My home, my mind, my work and my faith. Thank you for this quiz. It was a fun and refreshing exercise!

  105. BRAVE. That scares me! LOL! Honestly, I need to remember that God goes before me, stands behind me, and upholds me. There is so much unknown, but God knows, and I trust Him. Time to put it into practice and action!

  106. I took the quiz a couple of times because I REALLY struggled with choosing between two answers on a few of questions! My primary word is SIMPLIFY and that makes a lot of sense to me because I long for more quiet time in my life. I also know that my life is in a place that should allow more quiet time, so it’s a perfect time to make it a priority. My secondary word is BRAVE, which also makes total sense. I am a perfectionist and often will not try new things because I’m afraid I’ll fail. We moved to a new state a year ago and I miss all my friends and family “back home”. Other than work, I haven’t really met any new friends. Even church can be pretty anonymous if we just walk in before worship and walk out after! I need to put myself in places where I’ll meet people.

  107. Brave, for me it means be bold and courageous and fearless, trusting in God with each step I take.

  108. SIMPLIFY – In the hustle of daily life and all of the chaos I am a part of, amen and yes to this idea! I’ve been working on it for several weeks already. With God’s guidance, it is getting done, praise Him!

  109. My word was Brave. I had already found my word for 2018 as Dream. I think the two words are interconnected for me because I’ve been afraid to dream the last few years, mostly because of disappointments due to settling. I decided in the fall of 2017 that I wouldn’t settle for anything less than God’s best for me and that made Dream the obvious word for me in 2018.

  110. My word for 2018 is joy. I hope to remind myself throughout the year to choose God’s joy in the face of challenging circumstances. God has promised never to fail or abandon me, and He is mine always. May this inspire me to feel His joy in my life!

  111. The Dayspring quiz gave me the word “simplify.” I had already chosen the word “build” for myself. After a breast cancer diagnosis, two surgeries and the death of a Family member in 2017, I am ready to build (my life, my schedule, my faith, my ministry, my friendships) in 2018. “Simplify” gives me clear direction in the building.

  112. My word is Joy. That is something that doesn’t come easily for me. I struggle with chronic depression. I have a sticker on my back windshield that says “Choose Joy” so this is very relevant for me.

  113. My word was Simplify. Maybe it is a good one. It doesn’t really resonate with me right away, but I will sit with it a bit.

  114. My word is love …
    In all that hassle to survive and manage every day (I am a working mom of 4 children), I lost my joy and had to acknowledge that life got a battle instead of a spirit-filled walk with God. And sure, I might achieve and do a lot and yes, I might be a strong woman, but on this busy way I somehow lost my focus on Jesus – and even worst: I lost my love and gratitude – simply for the fact, that I live and for all those countless, wonderful blessings in my life. As Paul would say it: you may have everything and achieve everything, but witout love, it’s all rubbish …

    So it really hit me deeply, when my word turned out to be LOVE. Thank you, Elizabeth, for sharing your wise words “Love is really what this journey called life is all about. It will get us through anything, provide for us in every way and challenge us to live fully and completely in Him.” Therefore, LOVE seems to be my all-in-one solution. 🙂
    Let’s see what God will do this year! Many blessings from Europe

  115. The word of truth given to me was: kind. How fitting! I would certainly say that being kind and kinder at all times, not just when it is fun or convenient for me is a topic that needs more of my attention! It is an area that does require focus for me. I will certainly work more diligently in this coming year, and always to focus more in that area! Thank you for the opportunity to enter your giveaway!

  116. I took your quiz and got LOVE! However, the Lord gave me three words for this year: diligent/steadfast/truth. BUT if I do those three without Love? I’m like a clanging bell. Amen? xo

  117. My word is Believe. John 6:47- Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will have eternal life.

    To me, this word is the foundation, the core, the center of everything else. It’s the most simple word, but not necessarily the easiest. There’s no striving in Believe, no checklists or agendas. It’s just me, meeting my Savior in the Word, taking Him at His word. It’s freeing, abandoning the plans involved in other words, all the pressure on me to perform, and instead nestling down into God’s arms and looking into His face with simple childlike wonder. Lord, I believe, help my unbelief.

  118. My word for 2018 is BRAVE. I must admit after this last year I have had to be BRAVE… with two surgeries and 5 hospital stays, not certain of the outcome, and now having my vocal chord damaged from surgery #2. The not knowing if I will ever regain my voice. Then after my 5th hospital stay my father-in-law went in the hospital only to graduate to HEAVEN a few weeks later. BRAVE is exactly the word for me. I am believing that 2018 will be a better year for our friends and family. Thank you!

  119. My word is Joy. 2017 was a rough year and 2018 rung in with an unexpected (minor) surgery for my little one. I have to choose to find joy in even the bad circumstances. My little on is feeling much better and is bringing joy and smiles to our home.

  120. “Simplify”

    Oh, how apt! And how in-keeping with what the Lord has been nudging my heart towards.

    (I loved the printable sheet with verses and tips, too – thank you!)

  121. My word was brave. Last year my dad left the house due to unfaithfulness to my mom. I hated my dad for lying to my mom and to me about his love for us and leaving us without money or a stable environment to live in. I hated God for letting my dad leave and letting him do such a thing as cheat on my mom. This year I have a goal to be brave and to have faith in God’s plan for my family and for the rest of my life as I head off to college. I’ve forgiven my dad and he is coming back home soon. I am forgiven by God for blaming Him for what happened.

  122. My word was LOVE. 2017 wasn’t a great year. I played a big part in helping take care of my Mom who suffered from Alzheimer’s Diease. We were able to keep her home. It wasn’t an easy task watching your Mother slip away and yet be there physically. To watch her and take care of her daily needs was sometimes unbearable. Then on October 18th of this year at 8:40pm, I lost her again, this time, she went home. I know in my heart that she is with the King Himself, but it still hurts in my heart. I miss my Mom so much my heart feels empty. On top of all this, there are other issues in my family that I just can’t talk about since my Mother’s passing that is disrespecting her deeply, so I’m angry, yet trying to grieve at the same time. I came across this quiz the other day, took it, and felt that God was saying, You need My help, and here is where we are going to start. So, I took my Dayspring Planner, and turned it into my “Love Word” Journal. I gathered up all the scriptures on Love I could find, and each day I read one, study it, write it down, and if it speaks to me, I Bible Journal it.

  123. My word is Simplify. I think setting out on a journey to simplify my life will open up more time to spend in the Word and grow my relationship with God. In doing that I can build better relationships with the people in my life. I feel like Simplify is a great stepping stone to get to some healthy, positive paths for this year and focus on the important things.

  124. My word is JOY! I felt the Lord giving me this word at the Christmas which is a very difficult time. I want
    to look outside of myself and find the JOY the Lord has for me.

  125. My word is Love. That hit me hard because I’ve struggled for so long with its meaning. I will definitely be searching, seeking and sharing the meaning and value of this wonderful word this year.

  126. My word is SIMPLIFY. When I got “the word”, the smile on my face was huge. I’d been telling myself I needed to simplify things in my life, home, my desk at work, and other things in which I find myself involved.

    Okay, maybe I wasn’t telling myself. Maybe God was telling me to “SIMPLIFY.”

  127. My word is brave which is fitting this season and year as I parent two teenage sons and start a new job this year.

  128. My word for 2018 is simplify. I am looking forward to a wonderful year of growing closer to my Savior and prioritizing what is truly important in my life.

  129. My word is Love. I’ve build a wall around my heart and I’ve been asking the Lord to help me. Help me tear down this wall I’ve put around my heart and give a tender,loving heart like Jesus.

  130. My word is Love. Love. So beautiful is this simple word. I will strive to be pure love and espouse it’s authentic meaning.

  131. My word was “simplify”…..and I have been trying to do just that. Concentrate on what I need, not what I want…..keep only what is important in my heart and mind.

  132. My word was simplify. I hadn’t thought much about it until now but that’s what I need to do this year.

  133. My word is Simplify. I’m not sure it is spot on – not what I would have chosen….but maybe that’s the point! 😉

  134. My word is BRAVE. In 2018 I want to dare to do more for God’s glory. With him, all things are possible!

  135. My word is willing am I willing to submit to lean in to God to others Psalm 143:10 Teach me to do your will, for you are my God! Let your good spirit lead me on level ground.

  136. My word was simplify. I my goal is to simplify during the hustle of being a single mom and taking the time out for myself to spend with God daily.

  137. Today my word is “Simplify” – looking at this word and breaking it down, I may go with it – Simply I Will Fly (We can all fly when we put God first right and of course this is my own take on this word today?) This is my 3rd time to take the quiz as I search and wait on my OLW for 2018. The first time it was Brave, then Joy, and now Simplify. Not sure what to think other than that on any given day, we can all be in different places based on our circumstances and where we are. I love life and all it’s crazy twists!!

    Happy New Year 2018 and thank you for choosing to show up everyday here to inspire and encourage all of us to live better lives!!!


  138. Relevant-I want my life to be relevant to my family, my friends and those I come in contact with. I want to have purpose!!

  139. My word was Simplify. Right now, it means…don’t make it more difficult or elaborate than it is or needs to be.

  140. My word was brave. One of my goals this year is to be brave, to step out of my comfort zone and not care what other people think.

  141. My word is KIND
    Just the sound of that word being on my mind and heart each day brings me peace. That no matter what is going on in my life, or how others treat me – thinking on the word KIND will help me put everything in perspective, and be that light for those who least expect it.

  142. Brave. My word is Brave. You’d think that someone about to turn 60 (!) Would be plenty brave, but noooooooo!

  143. My word of truth is Brave. This word is very timely for me! It’s time for me to be brave with strangers who need the love of God. It’s time for me to be brave in getting back to “real life” after being disabled and homebound for so many years. I am surprised at how timid I am now, when that was never my personality before. And it’s time for me to be brave in my business. <3 Thank you for this exercise, it's really given me focus for the new year. Heart Hugs <3

  144. I’ve taken that twice now and gotten simple and joy. Good words. But the word I chose for 2018 was “together.” Because I tend to be a lone ranger leader, and God wants that to be reined in. I’m excited for it!

    • This word means a lot to me because I do need to be more of this inna lot of situations in my life and trust God

  145. My word was brave which is very fitting as I feel God leading me in big endeavors and I’m scared out of my mind to follow.

  146. My word for 2018 is JOY. On New Year’s Day driving home and reflecting on my life, I was praying and seeking my theme word for 2018 to guide my year. I have many areas of my life that need growth and pruning, so many words kept popping into my head such as simplify, declutter, kindness, change, forgiveness, joy and patience. My heart kept bringing up my greatest challenge – to forgive family who have lied about us, hurt us and broken our family into sides, beyond a point of resolution. This is my greatest burden. When I think of these instances, I feel very angry and bitter. My bitterness is eating me alive. When I reflect on my bitterness and how overwhelming it is to live with every day, the word JOY pops into my head. I am feeling a tug on my heart to choose JOY this year instead of bitterness and anger. I need to make peace with the division in our family, forgive and move beyond the negative feelings that are only hurting me. I deserve JOY over bitterness and hate. When I took the quiz and JOY was my word, I knew that The Lord wants that for me, too.

  147. My word was brave which is very appropriate. I have lived my life cautiously and in fear of failure-definitely not brave.

  148. My word was simplify. This word has truly been something I have been feeling because this past year life has been so busy that I feel I was trying to fit God in the midst of the busyness. So this word has come at a perfect time to remind me to simplify my life and get my priorities in order.

  149. SIMPLIFY – with change and new opportunities this year, It is my prayer to simplify my life with God to walk this journey close with him.

  150. I thought I’d be able to guess it, but I was incorrect. Those simple questions cut right through to the unspoken thing in my heart: JOY! Last year I told the enemy he couldn’t have my joy. Joy is my abounding love, peace and contentment regardless of what’s happening externally. Joy is my inward exhiliration that warms my heart even on the darkest day. My 2018 will be filled with JOY.

  151. My word was joy. This is a little hard for me to think of right now. It is also a good goal for 2018. 2017 was spent grieving the loss of both my dad and my daughter. There has been some joy, but much more sadness and tears. I pray that God will help me find more joy in 2018, and that I will realize joy and grief can coexist. Both are okay with God and both can be a reflection of His character.
    Thank You, Abba, for the joy that comes from knowing You.

  152. My word of truth for 2018 is love…………
    To show His love to all- family, friends, and those I meet
    during the day.I have a greeting card ministry within the choir
    group at my church. To show love to everyone, each one is important
    to the kingdom of God.

  153. My word was kind. Very fitting since I have been very intentional about being kind with my words the last couple of months.

  154. Brave. I’m working to be brave and courageous for myself and those around me so we can all live our lives more fully and with greater inspiration.

  155. My word is ‘Kind’. I don’t always show kindness with my tone of voice. I will focus this year on sharing kindness with not only what I say but how I say it as well.

  156. Simplify, is my word. Ahhh yes that is the word I need. To me it means prioritize first and organize my schedule so that I can simplify my life. I will absolutely be working on simplifying this year.

  157. Well, obviously I do need something simple, as my word turned out to be “simplify”. This is definitely in line with my thoughts so far for 2018, and perhaps I need to simplify and just use this as my word! I naturally tend to over-complicate things, and crave simplicity in my life. Not only this year, but for several years, this has been my prayer, so much so that I named my blog Simply Flourishing Home.

    I’ll think and pray on this one. Thanks for the fun/simple quiz to help us find some direction for the year!

  158. My word is Brave. Thank you for the reminder to Be and not just a busy person checking off my 2018 goal list. Make room for Gods daily direction.

  159. My word is simplify. Which is actually funny because the 2 words that I really kept feeling the Lord impressing on me for the last part of 2017 were simplify and seek. So I started off this year trying to do those 2 things. Simplify means more to me than just getting my home uncluttered. It means uncluttering my mind and soul with things of this world and focusing on Him. Truly seeking Him.

  160. I got Brave. That is SO perfect because me and my 3 girlfriends started a movement this past summer called “Fearless by Forty” where we decided to keep doing things that scare us (cliff diving, singing in public, etc.) all before we all turn 40 in 4 years.

  161. Brave is my word and it fits perfectly as I have been battling fears for months and have declared that it is time to move forward!

  162. My word is BRAVE which is perfect. I have a tendency to cower when it comes to new situations and certain people. I realize that i need to trust the Lord and allow Him to be my strength.

  163. Last year I made a big switch, stepping away from pursuing a career path I’d been on for years. Seeking after God, He gave me my next step in a new direction: this year I get to work with YWAM, to be equipped and to serve. To know Him more and to make Him know.

    Living much of my life beaten up by anxiety and fear, this new direction will take me far out of my depth in many ways… But I’ve been so amazed at what God has been doing so far, so thankful for His goodness and care in this new season. So thankful for the freedom and victory He gives me in the face of each intimidating moment. The waves are high, but I know the One who commands them. I’m excited to see where He will take me, what He will do. ^^

    BRAVE. Even a year ago- it’s not a word I would have used to describe myself haha… But now… With Him, I know I can have courage enough. I know His grace is sufficient.

    This year, in Him, I can and will be BRAVE. ♥

  164. My word was brave and it sounds just about right for this year. The past 6 months have been hard for me. I’ve struggled with an autoimmune disease since I was a teenager but I’ve been in a flare the past 6 months while also starting my first year of grad school after being out of school for a few years. There has been so many changes these last 6 months and I found myself drowning in fear and anxiety. I’m hoping to find my hope in Jesus again and be brave this year.

  165. My word is Brave. I just finished a year of intense treatment for breast cancer. My last one is on February 2. I will need to be brave as I face years of scans and tests to be assured that it does not come back.

  166. My word is JOY! Interesting, but it makes sense. Thanks for this gentle nudge and direction for 2018.

  167. My word was BRAVE and I could not feel more excited about that word as I move into the New Year! I have struggled in my life to feel worthy and to feel like I would have a voice to speak into and live into the passions and purpose God stirs in my heart. But I have experienced tremendous healing in 2017. It has been so hard, but so good! I feel that I have been more released than ever to be BRAVE as I step into this year to follow God’s call and dare to step in to all that He has for me. Thank you for making me worthy, Lord, and for loving me into living life to the full!

  168. My word is JOY and I am so glad. I was looking to choose a word this year and so thankful for this little quiz. I want to find Joy in all I do, and especially Joy in the Lord.

  169. My word was Kind. I definitely need to work on being less judgmental, more accepting, and to stop interrupting people (tall order!)

  170. In Courage,

    I took the quiz when it was sent to me. My word is love. I want to show the world around us more of God’s love. Need prayers for my in-laws. They were both in hospital Thanksgiving week. Mother-in-law was septic-God saw her through all that. Now she has a bad cold. Add to that father-in-law having additional medical issues. He is diabetic, & has prostate cancer. I need to help my husband take care of them. Meantime I’m finally getting over a cold that I’ve had since Thanksgiving.

    I pray God blesses everyone & you all have a great 2018!

    Blessings 🙂

  171. My word is *brave*. Out of all the words “brave” is the one that fits my personality the least so finding out this was my word for the year has truly encouraged me to look deeper into what being brave means to me. There are dreams I have that I felt only needed faith, hard work and patience but being brave is probably going to be the biggest requirement of all. Thank you for the opportunity to seek God’s strength in becoming brave.

  172. My word is Brave! 2018, here I come! God is with me, so nothing can stand in my way.

  173. My word for 2018 is Joy. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that that’s the word God placed on my heart a few weeks ago. He wants to restore lost joy & give it back running over. I’m so ready.

  174. Hi, all!
    My word came up as “kind”…it is what I love to do is be kind, but sometimes my kindness gets stuck in my mind and I don’t follow through (as in with a card, phone call, meal, prayer, etc.) Praying this year to stick with it and NOT forget.

  175. My word is Simplify. Great word for 2018 as I have some health issues which am making me need to “Simplify” my life. So 2018 is a year of simplifying by starting to declutter my house and life so I can still do what the Lord has planned for me.

  176. My word was Brave. I am seeking out what the next step for me is in my teaching career. This is a great word for me as I look ahead to stepping out of my comfort zone.
    Adrienne Maples

  177. My word is Simplify. A real challenge for most of us. Want this year to find me seeking Him with all my heart every day- to hear the whisper of God over the shouts of the world.

  178. My word was brave. 2017 was a hard year for me. I feel the Lord is telling me to be brave and trust him. He has this

  179. My word is brave. I was struggling to find a word to connect the swirling ideas in my head and coming up short. Brave is perfect because it doesn’t require a connector for the ideas at all, it only requires me to let them be and be ok with them being open ended.

  180. My word is Simplify. Perfect for me and my husband!! Our goals for this year include sorting through, donating, throwing away, organizing, and hopefully simplifying and streamlining our physical spaces. With all that clutter gone, our spiritual lives will have more room to rest, grow, and bask in the presence of our Savior 🙂

  181. Brave… Yes, I need that. Bravery to delight in God’s plans and His love for me, relying less on what others may think of me… Bravery to take the steps of faith to begin and thrive in a new ministry with new relationships…

  182. My word is Love. I closed out 2017 answering many of my kids life questions with “We’re just going to love them.” I look forward to letting God reveal new and fresh ideas for showing others and His love in the new year.

  183. My word is SIMPLIFY! and it’s perfect for me this year. I started purging my home back in the fall for this very reason. I need this in my life and God has been pointing me in this direction for the past 6 months.

  184. I knew my word would be joy! Why? Because joy is what I never knew until I knew the Lord 5 years ago. And joy is how I feel ever since! My life isn’t perfect now, but it is complete! That is the meaning of Joy for me: complete in Christ!!

  185. My word was “brave”. To me it means that more than ever this year I need to step out in faith and be brave about what God is calling me to do!

  186. My word was brave . Similar to Joanna I need bravery to take steps of faith. In many new seasons that will occur in 2018. I often speak faith to others but it is finally time for me to step out of the boat and practice it. My own testimony may one day bless someone else.

  187. My word was kind. Sort of brought me up short and made me think. I do stuff for people all the time. I lead groups, I plan activities, I take care of business……but am I simply kind? Which led me to caring, listening – simple kindness. Yikes – guess I have some work to do (said with a smile on my face)!

  188. I had already chosen my word for 2018. At Thanksgiving time God was really pulling on my heart. I was sad and worn and was not focusing on His love and the blessings I was surrounded with. I heard God tell me he wanted me to be joyful again. I know that I am happiest when I am walking closely with the Lord. So I resolved to focus on my walk and live a life of joy in 2018. Took the DaySpring quiz just out of curiosity and wouldn’t you know, my word is JOY!! ❤️

  189. Oh the irony, my word is Joy! But sometimes the word “joy” doesn’t mean much more to me than what I am called. I know I need to learn to choose joy in the overwhelming or mundane day-to-day.

  190. After taking the quiz, I discovered my word is “brave” and the word Christ had previously placed on my heart for 2018 is “destiny.” These two words go hand in hand. Christ is calling me to be brave and step into the destiny He designed for my life. LORD, HELP ME TO BE AMAZINGLY BRAVE AND DO ALL YOU’VE CALLED ME TO DO ON THE EARTH.

  191. Simplify… Yes! This has been an ongoing project for the past 2 – 3 years. God is continuing His work in me. Thank You, Lord!

  192. My One Word is Brave. Many things have happened in the almost 15 yrs of multiple suicide losses…to face the grit , you need to brave or you succumb to it.

  193. Brave … I must trust God’s plans and continue to have faith that facing and living with hardships are His way of helping us grow in our spiritual journeys. He’s got this in 2018! as He has for over 10 years. Thank you, God!

  194. My word was “kind.” I just started reading the posts last fall and am looking forward a year of 2018 getting daily encouragement to help my heart become more like Christ’s – and one of those traits is to be kind and encouraging to others!

  195. My word is “BRAVE”, this fits with what the Lord has laid on my heart as I was praying about this new year – Courage was the word He gave me. It is a year of new beginnings and He is reminding me to have Courage in Him, to be Brave as I step out in my faith in Him!

  196. The word I got from the quiz was brave! I think that goes well with the word God has put in my heart for 2018, which is the word worship! Living a life of worship means being brave to step out in new ways, live against the flow of the world, and surrender everything for God’s will in my life.

  197. My word is Joy…. after 2 hand surgeries in 2017… this word is so accurate for me.. Joy to thank God for another day… Joy to rise each day… Joy for the breath of life.. Joy to encourage family and friends of the goodness of our heavenly father. Yes, I’ve had some challenges and my hand has sustained some loss, but I’m here… so I can make a joyful noise…

  198. My word is Love – first thought was “Love never fails”; second was “God is Love”; so, God never fails us, even though we fail him daily…

  199. My word is simple but straightforward and also hard. “Love.” I hope I can fulfill this word this year toward all those I love and all those that need His love. Thanks for the quiz.

  200. My word is brave. And I love that. This year I am feeling called to trust God more and step out in faith with expectant hope of all the God has planned for 2018.

  201. My word is Joy. Contemplating what that means and what God wants for me this year as I go through a season of grief.

  202. My word is Joy I really hope this is true all I had for 2017 is sadness. I hope this happens.

  203. My word is Brave. I want to walk fearlessly this year, leaving my old fears and insecurities behind.

  204. My word was BRAVE. It fits, our family word based on all that God did for us in 2017 we said SUPPLY. We ended the year out declaring we would trust him 100 and ask no one for anything without taking it to God first (Must understand we have no transportation, I have no steady job due to health reasons). Then God allowed a test to hit our doorstep, and my kids and I held the standard God gave us in our home. We had been doing Bible study at home since we could not make it to church. I was learning to trust God more and listen to his voice and direction. After this encounter at our home, we faced it had on and loved with the love of God consistently at every turn and opportunity. That’s when we realized, we know God and he knows us. It was time for us to stop being some-timey. So our word for 2018 as a family is Consistent, but that does mean for me being BRAVE!! You can’t be consistent in your walk with God without being BRAVE. God is all about getting you out of your comfort zone and getting you to see past yourself and love others as he loved you where you were. So thanks, this was nothing more then a confirmation and a few prayers. God has given me a few ideas for programs and workshops for my community. I wrote them down as he gave to make the plan clear. I have to be BRAVE now and do them. (I first started a lot of them in my home with my kids. lol, God is always in control. We just don’t always see it with our busy lives.)

  205. Initially I got simplify, but I was urged to rethink my responses, then I got brave. Courage and strength are necessary to walk in God’s light, to follow his plan and purpose for my life and trust and have faith in him without condition or wavering.

  206. SIMPLIFY. . . Perfect for me! I was just saying how I need to learn to slow down and take time for myself and for my family and friends! There are too many things in my life and I normally bring that on myself… Time to clean house and heart!

  207. I took the text and got “simplify” and it so resonated with me. There are so many things I need to simplify in my life this year, starting with my own heart. Thank you for offering the giveaway.

  208. My word is “Simplicity” and it’s EXACTLY what I am striving for in 2018. The latter part of 2017 I stepped down from several major responsibilities and I am currently transitioning to a new church home. God has peeled away things I relied upon and brought me back to the “raw” me. He has called me to a new beginning with “busyness” being replaced with meaningfulness ❤️

  209. My word is love. I can’t wait to hang the printout up to remind me every day! This word means so much to me because I am desiring to know how to love and delight in the Lord in a deeper way and also love others through the new home God has blessed us with.

  210. BRAVE
    This year I will speak up, I will not be afraid of what others will say or think. I will be confident when I speak. I will speak gods words, I will do things that are outside my comfort zone. I will open my home to others and not be afraid of criticism. I will be brave with you god by my side we shall accomplish this.

  211. My word is Brave and it is very fitting. I have spent most of my life being scared of things that I cannot control. I need to step out in faith and be brave so I can learn to truly enjoy this life that God has blessed me with. Thank you for the giveaway! Happy New Year!

  212. I took the quiz a second time-re evaluating the questions This time I got Truth for my word. Truth & Love. I need to be more patient , loving & less judgmental of others.

    Have a great year everybody!!

    Blessings 🙂

  213. My word is Kind. I’m looking forward to seeing where God leads me in 2018 as I focus on this word, and how it applies to my life,

  214. The word I got was BRAVE. Which seems fitting as I feel lost and need to be brave to see where life and God is taking me.

  215. Too late for the contest, I am catching up on emails now. I got the word JOY which I found very interesting because the last several years have been a little tough on me (and the cold weather we have had to start off the new year have not helped!) but I will really try hard now to find a little joy in each day!

  216. My word is “love”. Yes we are called to love one another. It is hard to love others when we think their behaviors and actions are not worthy and we must remember that we all are not worthy of this life. It is through His grace and love for us, we are made whole. Let us this year, go forth and love on one another and be that light for God. I always say a little kindness never cost a thing, so spread kindness everywhere. Thank you for sharing this message. Simple is best!