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Jennifer is an artist living in rural Nebraska with her US Army veteran husband. She loves to create and seeks to reflect the beauty of Christ and encourage others in meaningful, beautiful ways. You can find her and see more of her art on Studio JRU.

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  1. I’m thankful for this lovely community with its daily gift of words that point my heart toward beautiful truth. Thanks, Jennifer, for speaking out against the endless messages that tear us down in our own eyes.

    • I’m ditto on this message Michelle!! What a sincere post and timely as January shouts out to the unpretty everywhere we go! We are made to shine.. in His radiant light:) blessings today gals

  2. Thank you Jennifer for this timely piece. It’s so hard to remember the truth when those distractions from true beauty are all around. I needed a change in perspective.

  3. Jennifer,
    I love how YOUR inner beauty comes out in the magnificent works or art that you produce. You use your giftedness, by God’s own hand, to glorify Him. You look upon other people’s souls and what they struggle with and you give them art that reminds them that they are loved, that they can have peace, that they are enough just as they are. Your beautiful heart flows through your hand out onto the canvas to create something that is such a beautiful reflection of His love. I don’t care if your hair is frizzy or your outfit wouldn’t be on the cover of Vogue….your heart is simply beautiful. YOU are a work of art!
    Bev xx

  4. After surviving a tornado hitting our street followed by floodwaters stranding us all in our homes for 8 days… I got to know my neighbor gals better than most neighbors ever know each other these days! I live in a neighborhood of women that are resilient, strong and kind. God blessed me ABUNDANTLY with these neighbors and their loving hearts!

  5. Awesome story. It reminds me we can compliment someone on their internal beauty just as much as the outward. It will have more impact when we speak about their inner beauty. They will probably remember that for the rest of their lives.

  6. Thanks, Jennifer. This is still a much needed topic to write about. I have discovered that only after I felt that I lost my “perfect outer appearance” I have began to understand that I have always relied on my outer appearance to be beautiful. Now I start to realise that it isn’t about my body but my soul (or spirit, whatever :D). God is softening my heart on this topic more and more.

  7. As someone who struggles with self esteem more since being in my 50’s I want to say thank you for a very timely reminder and for the sheer beauty of your words which in themselves showed how truly beautiful you are!

    • Teresa, what a thoughtful compliment. Thank you so much. I hope you take these words to heart. I know you have such an amazing inner beauty. I know this because of how thoughtful your comment was!

  8. Jennifer-
    Your words came at the perfect time. A new year always seems to call us to change something about ourselves in the form of a resolution. Many times our goal has to do with our appearance.

    I am learning to lay down what I believe about myself and embrace the truth that God says about me. Your encouragement today helps in that process. Thank you for always pointing others to God through your words and your gift of art. Happy weekend!

    • A new year really does do that, doesn’t it, Mary?! I love hearing you are embracing the truth that God says about you. Now that is a goal we can all happily be part of! Thank you!

  9. Last evening , I received from my “embraced daughter”, the most highest and beautiful compliments I have ever had. I was so moved, it showed me a mere glimpse of how much Abba loves us.

  10. Continued from previous comment: She is actually the from the inside out Beautiful creation of Abba. I couldn’t be more blessed, by having her in my life. Thank you, Jennifer for this amazing tender post.

  11. I have struggled with self esteem for years always feeling less than beautiful, physically. And those magazines at the check out line sure don’t help. My precious husband has always been amazing though and has never contributed to my insecurities whatsoever. Ironically a real life beauty queen pageant winner works in his office and the enemy loves to use her to make me feel even worse about myself! Ugh! However, lately God has been showing me through prayer, devotions, church and forums such as this that outward beauty is NOT what matters most! Thank you for reminding me that we all are His masterpieces and our true beauty comes from the inside, how we love and serve and care for one another! It’s a lesson I’m learning more and more each day! I have a wonderful friend (her name is Pauline) who has been there for me during my darkest hours. She would do anything for anyone no matter what they ask! But the sad part is she isn’t a believer. So I pray for her daily! Such a beautiful spirit and heart but ultimately lost. May God show Pauline how much she needs Jesus and that she too is His masterpiece! Thanks again for your beautiful post today!

    • Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Cindy. You beautifully shared an experience that so many of us can relate to. And then you reminded us how to work to overcome it! I am so happy to know you have a husband that lifts you and does not bring you down. That is such a blessing. I will join you in prayer for Pauline! She is blessed to have you as a friend.

  12. Jennifer,
    I so much appreciate reading your heartfelt words this morning, thank-you so much for them. Most of us haven’t a clue what the other looks like on here which doesn’t matter because I can see the beauty in you all by reading your words.
    Blessings to all,

  13. What a beautiful message. Earlier today, I was waiting my turn for a young technician to take me to a room for X-rays. She had escorted an elderly woman back into the changing room, where I was waiting. I watched as she helped her change back into her clothing, and zipped up her outer garments and placed a scarf around her neck. She then walked her back into the main waiting room, assisting her by holding her arm, supporting her. When the young woman returned to the room and called my name to walk me down to X-ray, I told her that what she had done was lovely. Not only had she done something so caring for another human being, but she had put a smile on my face, and in my heart. It costs nothing to pay someone a compliment. I saw true beauty in what she had done.

    • Oh Cindy, good for you!! My heart is so happy to hear that you took a moment to let her know you saw the true beauty in her actions. I can just imagine what that meant for her to hear. Thank you so much for sharing! Bless you!

  14. This calls to mind the inner beauty of the woman who used to head the ministry I am now the director of. She possessed a gentle and quiet spirit. She was an amazing listener and these endearing traits makes her beautful in my sight because it is a reflection of Jesus’ grace in action in her life. Just watching her caused me to become more self-aware.

  15. Jennifer
    I second Bev’s comments above. You have true inner beauty that shows in your art. My in-laws were in the hospital Thanksgiving week & have had medical issues continuing. They were back in the hospital this week. My shout out goes to Biltmore Baptist church & their pastor. They have supplied meals continually for my in-laws. One couple stayed with my in-laws on thanksgiving day-they were in different hospitals-so they wouldn’t be alone. That group of people has truly shown God’s love to my in-laws. They are beautiful inside & out!!

    Blessings 🙂

    • Thank you, Beth. I really appreciate those words. Please know I am praying for your in-laws. What a beautiful example of His great love made by all those people during such a difficult time. I can just imagine how happy they make God!

  16. On your knees praying for someone, beautiful. I’m glad women are finally realizing inner beauty in Jesus, something the enemy would steal if he could, he wants us not to believe in it.

  17. Lovely and inspiring post, Jennifer. I’m thankful to have a friend in my life who takes the time to point out my inner beauty. It’s much needed as I see myself inexorably moving into middle age and not matching up to the image of beauty portrayed in our culture and the society we live in. I’m thankful for God’s deep love that speaks peace and acceptance for me, no matter how I look or feel. Praise God!

  18. Dear me, I feel I am a taker, not a giver – I gain so much every day from this great community, this sisterhood of believers. Some with the most unimaginable burdens, some glowing with new achievements by themselves or family, but each one radiant with unshakeable faith.
    I may not post every day, but believe me I give thanks every day, and pray, for all of you – you lighten my life.
    Thank you all.