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  1. I picture so many women reading this devotional and turning in their broken yardsticks.
    May we find abundant grace to open our hands and receive the gift of Jesus’ enough-ness!

  2. (in)courage,
    Thank you for sharing Kristen’s devotional from “A Moment To Breathe”….it truly is a breath of fresh air on days when the world squeezes in a little too tightly. Comparison is one of the best used weapons in the enemy’s arsenal. If he can get us comparing ourselves and our lives to the rest of the world, then he knows we will be left feeling “non-enough” in some area. When he can get us feeling disappointed, dejected, and despairing, then he can render us useless for the kingdom. I have really gotten into the practice of “whatever is good, and lovely, and pure….dwell on these things.” Reading scripture and God’s words of love and truth for me has a much more profound and positive effect on me than scrolling through Facebook (comparison central). When I hold the words of God (Truth) up to the lies of the world and the enemy, and if they don’t match up….I go with the truth and know that I have permission to kick the enemy and his comparison lies to the curb. If a criminal came to your door, you wouldn’t give him a foot inside the door. I am learning to do that with comparison….don’t even let it get a foot inside the door. (I know easier said than done, but I pray for God’s awesome power to enable me to do this). “Apart from Him I can do nothing.” Great encouragement today in a world that loves to compare.
    Bev xx
    ps. Lynn Morrissey…you have just been on my mind and in my heart for your gentle and loving ways and I am lifting you and your family up in prayer for a concern you raised. May you have wisdom and God’s gentle guidance. You are a gift to so many here….including me. Advent blessings to you. xx

  3. As a counselor for teenage girls in crisis, how I wish I could impart this message to all of them. Feeling like they are “Enough” just as they are is a very difficult thing for someone so broken. But in knowing that they are not alone, that there are so many orhers just like them, and that Jesus has such a different standard of measuring…. what a blessing!
    Thank you for your word today!

  4. Good morning, Kristen Welch, and thank you for this beautiful message. I’m no stranger to the burden of feeling inadequate. Since February this year, the Lord has been transforming me and teaching me how beautiful and perfect I am in Him, and I’ve been confidently resting in what His Word and what it says about me. Finally, at age 49, I know that I am enough because of Him. I just returned from visiting my mom in Florida for a week. She’s married to a woman who is a very hard, condescending, and judgmental of others, and she saves no room for me in her appraisal of my life and choices. Back in July, I discontinued my college studies in dual psychology degrees and began seeking only God and His wisdom. I know that He has called me to minister healing to women suffering with psychological disorders and trauma with His Word and His love, and not with the world’s psychology. While trying to explain to her my calling and new direction in my life, I was bombarded with unkind words and eye rolling, and told that I’d never accomplish my goal without finishing my degrees. She told me that without my degrees, I’ll always be struggling financially and that there’s more to life than just mere Christianity. Wow, very bold statements! Money has never been the reason for my wanting to get college degrees, and I know that there is nothing greater in this life than my Lord Jesus Christ and His purpose! While she chastised me, I spoke only the Word that the Holy Spirit spoke to me and the promises that I know are mine in Christ Jesus. I did not succumb to feelings of inadequacy. I rose above and spoke Truth and proclaimed my faith in the One who called me. I am firmly rooted and grounded in Christ and I know that as I continue to seek Him and follow as His Spirit leads me I will accomplish what He has called me to do for His sake and the sake of His hurting daughters. It’s such a blessing to be where I am today and to know without a shadow of a doubt that I am enough because He is in me and I am in Him. God’s blessings of Grace and Peace to you this Christmas season. Cristos Gennatai! Doxasete!

  5. Miss Kristen,

    My heart is full from the encouragement in your words. I just finished praying for clear confirmation in this season and then I happened upon the blessing of your words. God is so faithful. I love that He is able to use complete strangers to speak so directly to us. From the bottom of my heart thank you for sharing today… I will carry this little nugget of wisdom with me for days when I so easily forget. May you and your family have a blessed day!

    This side of Heaven,
    Summer Rae

  6. I also needed this message this morning…..I have felt “not-enough” for almost my entire married life of 30+years….its something I constantly struggle with and so encouraging to be reminded that Jesus sees me differently…..thank-you!

  7. We are enough all through God, such miracles we are. And then we have His son Jesus to pour into our imperfections. Wow, so vast and limitless. Brings chills to me.
    Thank you for your words, Kristen. It actually placed a smile on my face and filled my heart.

  8. Kristen,

    No more perfect words spoken here. The comparison game is so easy to play. I was born with two punctured ear drums. No one really noticed-see I had three older sisters. I didn’t talk till about 2.5-3 years old. Could gesture for something & get it. Three surgeries and many years later my ear drums are closed up & hearing is semi normal. I compare myself to others in that area getting discouraged easily. I have taught myself not to look at what I don’t have/can’t do but what I can. Count my blessings daily. If I must compare myself then look at others less fortunate & see the blessings God has given me. Like Bev above kicking comparison out into the cold cold streets!!

    Blessings 🙂