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At (in)courage, we empower women to be like Jesus. Our writers share what’s going on in their life and how God’s right in the middle of it. They bring their joys & struggles so that you can feel less alone and be empowered by the hope Jesus gives.

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    • Dear Heavenly Father,

      Today I want to lift up “M” to You. I pray Lord that they hear when You tell us that we are “not to have a spirit of fear but of power, love and self-discipline” (1 Timothy 2:17) and that “we can do everything through Christ who gives us strength” (Philippians 4: 13). Knowing these truths Lord help us remember that we have no reason to fear; for You, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, are on our side… Help us remember we don’t have to be courageous or “strong” for “Your power is made perfect in our weakness” (2 Corinthians 12:9); we just need to be courageous enough to fullheartedly turn over the reigns to You… Please help us to remember the only confidence that we need to have is in You… because we know You will never fail us. Please comfort “M” and help them and their family to have a blessed day.

      In the Name of our Savior Jesus Christ I pray, amen.

      Numbers 6: 24-26

    • Praying for courage and confidence for M. I need strength for one more year of work before retirement . Have been drowning in stress even though I know God is with me. I pray for all these prayer warriors and am so thankful for them in the midst of such a crazy world.

      • Father, bring renewed strength and confidence to Sharon as she continues her work… although the stress will come, give her Your peace… may she draw from Your well to meet her needs… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

    • M,

      Praying for you sweet sister! Take away her fear & give her courage, confidence & encouragement. Help her in this battle to know you are there for her ALWAYS! Bring people along side her to encourage her in this daily walk. Give her the will to trust you completely!


    • Father, be especially close to M today… wrap her in Your arms of love and comfort her. May she find strength and encouragement by leaning on You… keep Satan from having the victory… may she know Your presence in a very real way today, and in the days to come… thank You, Father…. in Jesus’ name…

    • Dear Father,

      I am lifting “M” up in prayer. I pray that you will strengthen her, give her confidence and Hope that only you can give give her. The strength to never give up and to pray without ceasing; for I know you are a God who answers prayer.
      Thank you Father for hearing my prayer and for strengthening each one of my sisters in faith and courage.
      In Jesus name Amen.

    • I pray for my dear sister M for I know that the thoughts you have towards her are of peace to give her hope and a wonderful future. Father guide her heart as you watch over her in Jesus mighty name.

      Please i need God to touch the heart of my daughter and heal and deliver her. She misses her late dad. Thanks

      • Dear Lord,
        Please hold Elizabeth’s daughter close to your heart as she walks through her healing process with her late dad. Give her strength and show her that You are the way to her healing. Show her that her beautiful memories of him will always give her courage and make her smile. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

        • Dear Lord,
          Please keep my son’s safe and hold them in your arms and whisper to them, that loving You and being who they are sober, is so much better than walking this life alone, and who they are when they are on drugs and alcohol. They both struggle with addiction, lack of self confidence and lack of self esteem. My heart aches as I don’t know how to help them, other than to give them to You. Thank you for being my stronghold through this difficult time. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

    • Dear Lord, thank you for sister M for she is not alone. I too am afraid for unforeseen circumstances that have risen within our family. I will continue to pray not only for myself, but for M as well. You, almighty God, have always granted us your favor in our time of need as know You will for M. Be Still and Know….

    • Seeking peace and confidence that the Lord has me exactly where He wants me. Even at 63 years of age He has me in youth ministry. Pray that my co-workers see my value in our work through Jesus’ eyes not the worlds.

    • Praying for you M. God bless you richly in all areas of your life. I pray you will see yourself through Jesus ‘ eyes and heart. He loves you so much! He would never tell you the lies satan has been telling you about yourself. Let Jesus help you stand up now (we don’t do anything alone), look in His eyes filled with love beyond human understanding just for you. And I pray as your confidence in that love grows it will spill from your heart into every area of your life especially in the area of your knowledge of how precious your are to our Lord.

    • Please pray for my daughter M and me. We both have MS. This truly has an effect on everything we do. We both work full time, try to remain positive, but it’s tough. MS is very misunderstood. We need our God’s healing strength.
      Thank you!

    • I pray that God would fill you dear one with all of His tremendous strength, grace and confidence. He is our strength when we feel weak and makes up for all we feel we are lacking. He will go to battle for you and give you all you need.

      I ask for prayer for my husband who is being brutally attacked at work that he would find a new job and God would bring restoration and healing to him.

    • Philippians 4:13New King James Version (NKJV)

      13 I can do all things through Christ[a] who strengthens me.

      I will pray for you!

  1. Ladies of (in)courage,

    I want to share a moment of rejoicing and offer a praise… I am so grateful for this site. I have learned so much from these women. There is such a strong sense of welcoming community and true christ-like love here with only honest intentions behind every word that I hadn’t really known before. It’s a safe place for me. Because of this community I have grown in being able to reach out to others. Thank you. With that, my prayer request would be that I am able to have the right words at the right time and that they come out correctly… also, that I may continue to learn to be more God-centered rather than self-centered. Thank you again; I pray all of you lovely ladies have a blessed day.

    This side of Heaven,
    Summer Rae

    • Father thank You for working in and through Summer Rae. I ask that she would increase in sensitivity to Your Spirit so Your words would go to those You have in her life. Continue to make her more like You. Thank you for how You will work in her life. Amen

      • Almighty Father thanks for Summer Rae. Continue blessing others through her.May the people she encounter experience your love and peace through her.

    • Summer Rae
      Thank you for you and the women of (in)courage for having the right words at the right time for so many of us who are still coming of “prayer age”. You are the blessing God has sent to help all of us become women of encouragement and love of the Lord. In times of trouble four words have helped me, “Let Go. Let God.”
      Please pray for my friend, Judy and her family, to have faith and courage with her brother’s illness. Pray they all know God. Ask for healing if it is His will.

      • Father, be close to Judy and her family – and especially to her brother who is sick. Father, give strength, peace and comfort to this family… bring healing to this brother. Guide the physicians… give them wisdom… help Judy to trust in You, our Great Physician… thank You, Father… in Jesus’ name…

    • Lord, thank you that Summer Rae has an attitude of gratitude! I pray that You would help her to grow even more God-centered and give her the right words for each situation that she encounters.

      “A man takes joy in giving an answer; and a timely word — how good that is!”
      ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭15:23‬ ‭HCSB‬‬

      I’m asking for prayer for my physical and mental health. I’m fighting effects of MS and for the past 4 fall/winter season I’ve experienced severe depression and anxiety (Seasonal Affective Disorder- SAD). I’m praying that, as the days grow shorter and colder, I will grow more joyful!

      • Father God! Thank you for Judy. I pray for strength and healing upon her at this time of seasons changing, and her health not at 100%. Help her to call out to You on a daily basis. At the Name of Jesus Satan will Flee!! Praise God! I ask you to cover her with the blood of Jesus, claiming healing of body, mind and soul. For Your will to be done as she seeks to serve You above all things. Help Judy to feel Your presence when she is down in the dumps and not let Satan win by discouraging her. Fill her with unmistakable JOY that comes from You! Bring people into her life that can bless and encourage her. We ask this in the Name of Jesus, Amen!

      • Dear Lord, thank you for my sister, Judy. I lift her up to you and pray that you will touch her body and soul with your light and healing presence. Thank you Lord that You are Light and in You there is no darkness at all!
        Psalm 36:9 says, “For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light.” Lord, please help Judy this fall and winter to overcome SAD through your loving power.
        In Jesus’ Name, Mary

      • Father, Wrap Judy in your loving arms – help her to especially feel the closeness of Your presence. Give her strength as she journeys this illness… bring healing… bring peace… keep Satan from his attempts to bring discouragement… help her to see the beauty in each new day as she trusts in You… in Jesus’ name…

    • Lord, today I am praying for Summer Rae. Your Word says “a word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver”. Please, Holy Spirit, at the right time in the exact right place give Summer Rae the words she needs. Remove the self-doubt that may cause her to not say a word when the opportunity is present.
      Thanks for the growth Summer Rae and I have experienced being a part of this group and more importantly being in Your Word. Continue to work in our lives to keep our eyes and hearts focused on You and not ourselves.
      Lord, please continue to bless incourage as they direct us to You. Give us a great day of worship today! In the mighty name of Jesus.
      I would appreciate prayer for my hubs salvation and for continued guidance as we prepare to make a move to another state.
      Thank you.

      • Father, I pray for Jeri’s husband – help him to be led to come to know You as his Lord and Savior… use Jeri in a mighty way to be a reflection of You in their marriage, to help her husband see Christ in her… give them wisdom, guidance, strength and peace as they ‘uproot’ their family for this new chapter in their life journey… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

    • Thank you Jesus for how you have encourage Summer Rae through this site. It brings me great joy to see how you take care of each person so specifically and that she feels safe and cared for. I pray that you would continue to use it to encourage her heart and teach her how to know you more deeply. I asked that you would help her to keep growing in her daily dependence upon you and that she would look to the cross throughout the day. Guide her heart as she speaks. May she be filled with your love for others.
      In Jesus name, Shelly

    • Father, thank You for Summer Rae and her desire to draw close to You… be near to her… help her to focus on You, on serving You, on reflecting You… in Jesus’ name…

  2. Our beautiful 40 year old daughter, Stacy, went to be with Jesus last evening. She went into cardiac arrest, had emergency surgery to remove her spleen, she had a mass in her liver that ruptured. Her body just could not recover from all of the trauma. I am going to miss her so. Our hearts are broken. We especially ask for prayers for her two sons Max (just turned 13) and Mason (9) and our son in law Jason.

    • Dear Suzann.
      My heart is broken by reading your post. I will pray very hard for you because as a mother i can hardly imagine what You are going by. I have very strong fears for my eldest girl who will turn 28 in few months and does not seem to find here place in this earth… I know That Stacy will be ok now. I will pray for her and your family with all my love and compassion

    • Suzann,

      Prayers for you, your family & her family! Losing a loved one is never easy, but losing a child is hard! May God draw near to you all now. I pray you feel the love, & hugs from friends & us here at in (Courage). May God’s peace enter you mind, body & soul.


    • Oh Father, our hearts are broken with Suzanne and her husband at this tragic death of their daughter Stacy – it seems unthinkable for a mother to face such a loss, but Father help her to trust that You are her comfort and her peace… may she feel wrapped and secure in Your love. Be with this family – with Jason as he faces life without the mother of their children, Mason and Max… give him strength, help him to rest in You and trust You for wisdom and guidance in the days, weeks and months ahead… be with Mason and Max – comfort their hurting hearts… Father, help us to trust You even when we don’t understand… in Jesus’ name…

    • Oh Suzann… words fail. I am deeply sorry for your loss. Praying for dear Mason and Max, and your whole family. Lord, give strength that comes straight from Your heart of peace.

    • May God meet you in your pain, grief and sorrow. May he show you and the family his love and comfort. My heart goes out to you. I feel with you, even being in Germany. Sending you love.

    • Suzann- Our love and prayers most certainly go out to you and your grandsons and son in law today. May you be surrounded by the love and ministering of your family and friends during this sad and shocking time. May you be comforted in the days and months ahead as you all learn to adjust to your daughter’s absence here on earth. May you cherish and embrace the very best of memories to carry you through the days ahead. May God send each of someone very special to help you through this most difficult season. Most of all, may you find rest and peace in our Savior Jesus who has beforehand gone and prepared a place to receive your beautiful daughter. I am so sorry for your loss.

      • Thank you all for your powerful prayers and words of comfort. I am leaning on my Savior-my HOPE is in Him as we begin our new normal. God Bless, Suzann

  3. I overdosed on aspirin today… I want trying to suicide, but I was definitely trying to harm myself. I’ve been battling depression and anxiety for years now, and today it was just to much for me. Hence the overdose. I have excellent support and people here are pursuing for me, which I am so grateful for, and I was discharged from hospital, but I still feel unwell and have no idea how to pay about this. I’m scared…

    • Papa God, I lift Laura to you. Surround her with Your love, Your comfort, Your people who can care for her and lift her up to You. But Papa, most importantly surround her with people who truly see her as the loving, amazing, awesome daughter of the King that You created her to be.

      In Jesus’ name,

      Layra, I will continue to be praying for you…

    • Laura I will pray for you. Hold on and stay strong, seek the help you need to remain on this earth. You are a miracle and a gift as you were fearfully and wonderfully made. You are his, hold on to him xxx

    • Laura Dee,
      I have battled anxiety and depression for 50+ years. I KNOW the dark and hopeless place it can take you. I know the desire to want to end it all to get relief from the tortuous thoughts and feelings. But, God has a reason you are still here. He loves you and you are his beautiful and beloved daughter. I know I needed to take my medicine regularly….no exceptions and I needed to see a good Christian therapist or counselor who helped me see my worth in God’s eyes. I am praying, earnestly, that you won’t give up because there CAN be joy and good things for you. Often, “Jesus help” were the only words I could pray. He hears you and He loves you and He wants more for your life….believe me. Praying for you sweet sister. You are loved!!
      Love and prayers,

    • Laura Dee, I encourage you to seek help for your depression and anxiety. Talk to your doctor about medication for those issues. If you have been taking meds then the doctor needs to know they’re not working well. Get some good Christian counseling also. It sounds like you have supportive people in your corner, but you need to take the advise of good counsel and medical doctor/team. The Lord sees you right where you are. He’s a gentleman though, He won’t barge into your life but rather waits patiently for you to come to Him.
      My prayers are with you as you pursue your freedom for the chains of depression and anxiety.

    • Laura Dee,

      Just cry out to Jesus. Say His name & He will hear you. He knows your every need. I am here for you sweet sister. Seek any help you need. Praying that His love & peace will enter you mind, body & soul. Remember this: Psalm 139: 13-14 For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, know that full well. He knew you before you were born! He loves you enough to make you in HIS IMAGE!!


    • Father, Be with Laura Dee… wrap her in Your loving arms, bring her comfort and peace… surround Laura Dee with Your presence, and with the presence of other godly women who can support and encourage her. Father, help her not to allow Satan to have victory, but help her to trust You – moment by moment… bring to her good doctors who can help her with any medical issues, and lift this veil of depression that is overwhelming her… help her to feel Your love… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

    • Dear Laura Dee. We grieve with you in your pain. We lift you up to the One who is Healer. We praise Him for the work He’s already done and continues to do in your heart. And we encourage you to seek professional counseling and assistance, because we are FOR YOU and for your heart and for your life well lived. May you feel His peace and strength today.

  4. Just started fostering children and taking home our first child today- very medically fragile and we have a 21 month old at home – praying for wisdom, help on balakncinf the two and that my baby will thrive during this.

    • Amy,
      Thank you for opening your home and your heart to children.
      Heavenly Father,
      Thank you for Amy and her family, please meet all of their needs according to your riches in glory. Strengthen her father when she is weary and surround her with godly people who will help her in her time of need.
      In the mighty name of Jesus!

    • Father, Thank You for Amy and her husband, and for their willingness to care for a child who may not have known the love of a mother… give her strength to balance all the demands of this new addition to her life… and may she see an outpouring of Your blessings for her faithfulness to You… care for and provide for this family… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  5. I ask for prayers for getting my business up and going. For discernment about how to proceed and the courage to follow through.
    But mostly, that God will use me to reach the right people and truly make a difference.

    • Jinger,
      I pray that you remember that YOU are God’s handiwork created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God has prepared in advance for you.(Ephesians 2:10) I am sure that the work of starting a business is hard, I pray that you listen(and follow) the still, small voice of God in all that you do.
      May God continue to bless you and your efforts!

    • Father, Lead and guide in Jinger’s life as she begins this new journey in her life… give her wisdom and strength, but mostly help her to trust in You and let her life be a reflection of You in all that she does… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  6. We are moving house and city tomorrow. I am unbelievably stressed and struggling with the behaviour of my toddler and caring for a young baby. My stress is causing me to be very angry and impatient. I am so nervous about change and I know I need to trust God but I am struggling to see past the fear and the immediate difficulties. I need grace and a huge amount of patience to get through this next week. Thanks so much

    • Dear J
      I pray God will pour out His grace and help on you. Bless your family and to know the Lord sees you and cares about every detail.

    • Father, Be especially close to J today – right now in this moment – and tomorrow and all the days ahead as they move and settle in a new location. Bring Christian women into her life in this new setting… help her to trust Your leading… give them strength for all the work to be done… keep her heart focused on You… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  7. I would appreciate prayer. My husband passed away in June after long illness. We have a wonderful family who are helping me.we have a huge cleanup,to do at our home, a heavy debt load and so many decisions to make. The grieving process is difficult. Thank you for prayers.

    • Nancy,

      Sweet sister so sorry for the loss of your husband. Praying for discernment & wisdom to make right decisions. Father,

      Blessed Savior please help Nancy with her grieving. Surround her with your loving arms. Bring a sense of calm to her now. Help her to make the right decisions. Bring people to help her & soothe her soul. Shower her with grace & mercy. Give her the rest & calm assurance she needs.


    • Father, Be with Nancy as she grieves the death of her husband, and as she struggles through this emptiness inside her at the loss of someone so precious… thank You for the closeness of her family… wrap her in Your loving arms and bring her peace and comfort… guide her in the days ahead… may she feel Your presence in every moment… thank You Father for being our Great Comforter… in Jesus’ name…

    • Nancy,
      May the Lord walk with you as you go step by step through the grieving process. God promises….I will not leave you comfortless; I will come to you. (John 14:18) Praying this truth over you right now and in the days ahead.
      Love and ((hugs)),

  8. Good morning. Please pray for my heart. My heart was broken by someone I thought was a friend. Instead of telling me they did not want me to be my friend the person just cut off all communication with me.

    • Dear Jesus, I bring Liza before you today. She is deeply hurting within her heart and soul. To be wounded by friends is one of the most difficult things we go through in life. Help her to find comfort and rest in Your Everlasting Arms. May there be reconciliation between her and this other person, if this is Your will for her life. As difficult as it is to let someone go, sometimes it is necessary to grow in our walk with You, but we cannot see that at the time. It is in the hindsight of life that we see where You have brought us from that broken moment. Help Liza to trust You and to trust others that are close to her. We all need someone in our lives and I thank you for the friends and support that she does have that can help her through this difficult heartache. Bring healing in the Name of Jesus, Amen.

    • Father, Be close to Liza – help her to feel Your love and presence… help her to know You as the constant in her life as she struggles with the disappointment of this broken relationship… Father, I would pray for healing and restoration… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

    • Almighty Father
      May Liza find peace and friendship in you.
      Pray for me that I may be able to continue taking care of my dad .He has been incapacitated since 2013.He has been blessing to put family in that state.I thank God for him.

  9. I pray that M and Summer Rae are granted what they both are in need of in the name of Jesus. We have to remember that God hears our prayers and will act on our behalf. I stand in the gap with you that your prayer request is already heard. Continue to hold to the hem of His garment and know He’s always there even when we move. Please stand with me for a job and catching up all my bills.

    • Father, Be close to Lenora… help her to feel Your presence… help her to trust You as her Provider… lead her to the job You have prepared for her… surround her with Your comfort and peace… bring those into her life who might be able to help her with her bills… thank You for loving her and promising to care for her… Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  10. Lord God in Heaven, the Father of all compassion, the God of all comfort…

    O God, thank you that you are our Good Shepherd who is with us in every dark valley. To the very depths that we suffer, you have promised that right there, in the depths, when the pain and darkness overwhelm, when we are hurting beyond what we can bear, when our hearts are bleeding and raw…

    You are there. With us. Comforting us.

    O God, we lift to you our beloved sister Suzann and her family and this loss of a beloved daughter, wife and mother. O God, help them I pray. . In the depths may they hear your voice…the voice that not only calms the storms but also the voice that brings peace beyond understanding in the midst of great loss. Lord God, be with Jason, Max and Mason. Jesus, please hold them right now.

    Thank you that because of Jesus, we can come boldly to Your throne of grace and find the mercy and help that we need when we are in need. Thank you that you are the God of all comfort and the Father of all compassion, and that you are forever faithful to provide our every need for that is what you have promised to do and you can do nothing less. God you know the specific needs of fish precious family going through these deep waters. Right now where they are, would you supply that specific need they have?

    Thank you that in the name of Jesus, the One who understands every hurt of our hearts for He has walked where we have walked, we know that their needs will be supplied.


    2. Corinthians 1:3 – 11

  11. My brothers friend since the teenage years and he became my friend by default committed suicide last Tuesday. I am living in another country right now but can I ask dear sisters that you pray for the wife, stepdaughter aof our friend and his family as they grieve this shocking loss. For my brother and his friends too and for me that God will blanket us in his grip, giving us peace in our different needs and pave a way forward. Thank you

    • Praying for all of you during this difficult time of loss and grief. May the God of all peace hold you close in His arms and provide you all with comfort.

    • Father, Be especially close to Jas and her brother, and to the family of this friend who chose to end his life… Father, help them to trust You even when it is so hard to understand this tragic loss… bring comfort… help them to know Your peace… Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

    • Jas,

      Praying for your brother & his friend’s family. Sweet Sister know that I am asking God to wrap you all up in His arms. May you feel His presence all the time. Help the family during this difficult time. Give them assurances of your love. Send them peace a that only you can send!


  12. I’m having surgery Tuesday at 10:00 am to remove an ovarian cyst. Praying the cyst is benign and the surgery goes smoothly.

    • I am praying for complete healing and a good report! I am also praying for the surgical team performing your procedure on Tuesday at 10:00

    • Father, Be the Great Physician in Susan’s life, and as well be her comfort and peace… give Susan peace as she faces this surgery… give the doctors wisdom and skill… Father, we pray that this is a benign cyst, and that she will have complete recovery… Father, over these next hours as she awaits this surgery, wrap her in Your loving arms, help her to know that You care for and about every detail and every moment of our lives… help her to feel Your love and Your presence… Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  13. I quit my job and started a new company which is such a dream/passion for me. I have a huge meeting on September 20th at 10 am that would be a turning point in my business. Please pray that God gives me the wisdom and strength to close this deal. Please pray for prosperity and that God provides me with the clients needed for my new company to grow!! Also, pray that I will Glorify/Honor God through it all!
    “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.”

    • Father, Be close to KH as she has begun this new journey… help her to know Your leading and Your will for her life… meet the needs that she has… help her to trust Your leading every step of the way… help her always to be Your reflection… give her wisdom and peace… Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

    • KH,

      Praying for discernment in& wisdom from God to help you in this new venture. Send her the resources she needs to succeed & glorify you in the process!~

      Blessings 🙂

  14. I’m afraid for the future and so many of my dreams have not come true – I’m 44 and gave up my career to come to Bible college – I thought I would meet someone. Now I’m working part time and feel like life has passed me by. I know God and have hope for heaven but not earth.

    • Dear Abba Father,
      I lift up to you your cherished and loved daughter, S. We all have a sense of what it means to lose sight of Hope and you alone know her hurts and fears and loss of expectations. I ask that you will open her eyes to see you today, open her heart to experience your love for her, even if it is in the tiniest things , even if it is in her darkest, distant times. You are there. You have not forgotten her. Every step she has taken is with purpose that you will not waste. Convince her that nothing she does is in vain and that her life is not over. Help me to keep my sister in prayer today. I ask all this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen and Amen.

    • Father, Wrap S in your loving arms today, and in the days to come… help her to know Your presence and Your peace… help her to trust You… and know You as her first love… may she sense the leading of Your Holy Spirit… bring joy to her life – through friendships and others who care about her… guide her as she faces an uncertain future… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  15. Dear Laura this may sound trite but please remember that Jesus said “I will never leave you or forsake you” tell Him how you feel for He understands. Will keep praying for you and so glad you have support.

  16. Good Morning,

    I would ask to please keep Richard in prayer. He has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

    Thank you and God Bless you!

    • Father, be close to Richard – help him to find strength and comfort in You as he faces this medical diagnosis… give the doctors wisdom… bring healing to his life… Father, I pray that he knows You as his Lord and Savior – if not, I pray that he will be drawn to You… be with Anna as she walks alongside Richard… might she be Your reflection to him… give her strength to support him… thank You Father for the promise that You are our Great Physician… in Jesus’ name…

  17. Prayer for husband’s job-being targeted and treated unfairly. They are trying to make him leave, but He has been faithful! His mercies are new every morning! Need breakthrough soon as we are weary in the fight against principalities, knowing our fight is not against flesh and blood. God is so good.

    • Father, strengthen Connie and her husband. We know Your plans are best and You will prevail, but please lift and provide rest. Thank you.

    • Father, Be close to Connie and her husband at this difficult time… help them to continue to be Your reflection even in the face of opposition from others… give them peace and strength… give them wisdom as to how to respond in this situation… help them to not let Satan have the victory, but help them to rest assured in Your promises and in Your leading… Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  18. I am weary and overwhelmed. I covet His healing, His protection for the days ahead and for the assurance of God’s love and perfect plan to migrate from head knowledge to life grounding.

    • Father, Wrap RB in Your loving arms and help her to feel Your comforting presence in her life… bring healing… bring strength… bring protection… help her to rest assured of Your love, and bring that assurance from her head to her heart so that she can know Your peace… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  19. I am struggling with anxiety. There’s been a lot of changes in my life and I’m having a hard time dealing with them. I recently experienced a church split, lost my ministries and my job at the church. I’m mourning for the loss of my church family. I have found a new church home after many weeks of searching but it’s still not home. Please pray that I can press into Jesus more and worry less. I so appreciate and covet your prayers.

    • Father please meet Wendy in her mourning for the loss of her former church. I thank You that You are unchanging despite how our circumstances swirl about. Thank You for all You will work together for good in Wendy’s life. Please calm the anxiety. Amen.

    • Father, Surround Wendy with Your loving presence… help her to feel close to You… continue to guide her as she seeks to worship You… bring those into her life who would encourage and uplift her… might she be filled anew with the joy of serving You… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  20. I find myself feeling so very “alone” even around others. Please pray that I will not give in to sadness.

    • Heavenly Father, I pray for Martha right now. I pray that you’d lift the melancholy. I pray for her to encounter people today who truly see her and interact with her. Invite her to Your word that has so much evidence of Your love for Martha. You love her so much and can empathize with her loneliness because you encountered it as well, the man of sorrows. Put people around her full of comfort, peace and joy and do not let her sit in isolation but willing to risk being around others. Bring to mind a service that she might provide others that in turn might ease her loneliness while being a blessing to others as well. I pray that You would bind all oppression and cast it away. Help her to lean into the freedom that You’ve provided for her by Your sacrifice made for her, Lord. Thank you Father for seeing, truly seeing Martha and answering her prayers
      Isaiah 41:10 Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.

    • Father, Be close to Martha today – and in all her tomorrows… life the blanket of sadness that enveloped her and instead help her to feel wrapped in Your presence and comfort… bring Your joy into her life to replace the sadness… help her to rest her weary soul in You… and trust You… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

    • Blessings (even from around the world- hello from Germany)! May God meet you today in this place and overwrite the feeling of loneliness with his presence and comfort.

  21. Thank you for praying for me. I cherish every word taken to the throne of God on my behalf. My request is for wisdom in making deliberate decisions regarding a certain relationship. That I would stop wavering, for it is so tiresome and affects every part of my life, physically and emotionally. Thank you.

    • Heavenly Father, I pray for strength, discipline and courage for Mary. Help her to see the depth of love that you have for her; how jealous you are for her. You are her redeemer and restorer. Give her the grace and strength to turn away from this unhealthy relationship trusting You in the circumstances
      Isaiah 48:17 This is what the Lord says— your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: “I am the Lord your God, who teaches you what is good for you and leads you along the paths you should follow.

      I also pray that Mary will cling tightly to the freedom that you offer, resting and trusting in You, amen

    • Father, Be close to Mary as she seeks to do Your will… give her wisdom in decisions that need to be made… help her to trust in You as her loving Father… give her peace and comfort through Your presence in her life… guide her steps… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  22. We are facing a new job transition with a pay cut and preparing and selling a house. I have no doubt this is the opportunity God brought us at the right time, but it’s still terrifying to take a financial cut in pay and have so much we are facing. The unknown brings a lot of fear. Prayers are much appreciated.

    • Lord, I pray for strength and courage for Kimberly and her family. I pray Lord that You will guide them and give them peace and joy as they make this transition fully trusting You.

      Isaiah 41:10 Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.

    • Father, Be near to Kimberly and her family… help them to feel Your presence in mighty ways in the days ahead as they move forward in faithfulness to Your leading… meet the needs created by a cut in pay… surround them with Your peace and strength… and Your joy… may this be the start of an amazing new beginning of service to You… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  23. I will pray, Summer Rae, for your desires as expressed–to be God-centered and to have the correct words at the right times.

    My prayer request is that my daughter would be healed completely from the eating disorder with which she has been plagued for the past five years. She has made tremendous strides after admitting she needed professional assistance and then willingly following the plan. Pray for continued diligence. Thank you.

    • Dear Dawn

      People very close to me and I myself struggle with an eating disorder as well. I am so glad to hear that your daughter has made such great progress. So even though it is still something that I struggle with. God has healed my heart of so many of the wrong perceptions and ideas that lead to the ED in the first place and I believe with all my heart that complete freedom fom ED is possible. So here is my prayer for your daughter:

      Dear Lord

      I lift Dawn’s daughter up to You today. Thank you that she is making such great progress in being healed from the eating disorder. I pray that You will finish in her the healing that you started and that she may have true and complete freedom from this eating disorder. May her identity be always placed in You and may she truly know and feel the great love you have for her. Protect her from the thoughts and lies that may have lead to the eating disorder. When she doubts or starts feeling discouraged in her progress,may she run to you and find her strength to continue the good fight.

      Be with Dawn and all those who are close to her daughter. Give them wisdom and understanding when they do not know what to do to help and give them peace and joy as they trust in You to heal her completely.

      In Jesus’s name

      • Thank you so much, Barbara. It encourages me to hear that someone believes that EDs can be totally overcome. (I do, as well!) Your encouragement helped. I, too, have struggled with depression. Medication is necessary in my case, so if you are not taking anything, you might look into the possibility.

        “Dear Father, place Your healing, loving hands on Barbara today. Remove the heavy chains that the enemy wants to use to keep her down. Give her freedom and abundant life, your choice for her. Show her Your love this day. Amen”

    • Father, Be close to Dawn’s daughter as she struggles with this eating disorder… may she continue on the journey of healing… keep Satan from drawing her back… surround her with Your armor and Your protection… may she know Your peace and joy, and may she rejoice in the victory of healing… guide Dawn – in the ways that she supports her daughter, help her to be Your reflection… Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  24. I am feeling really depressed and I am really struggling to bring it to God and to find joy again.

    • Lord, I pray for Barbara to stand firm in her faith in the power of God despite how she feels.. Lord, we pray for an end to this depression in Jesus’ Name! Replace depression with your joy.

      Barbara, I’m the Judy who wrote about SAD. I understand what you’re experiencing, and I continue to pray for you and all of my sisters who experience attacks of depression and anxiety!

      • Thanks so much for the prayer Judy, it means a lot to me!

        I pray that you too may find true joy in this winter season.
        May God give you peace and hope and may He be your strength when you feel weak in your depression. I pray that ultimately you may be completely healed from depression and anxiety.

    • Father, Wrap Barbara in Your love and peace… help her to feel Your presence in the face of this depression… lead her to physicians and others who might be helpful to her healing… guide her by Your presence even when she doesn’t feel close to You… help her to know that You are always there… and that You love her with overflowing love as her heavenly Father… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

    • Barbara,
      I encourage you to seek medical attention if the deep depression continues. As one who has suffered severe depression, I know what a toll it can take on you. Joy IS possible and God does want you to have life and have it abundantly. Depression is an illness – not a character flaw or lack of faith. Take your prayers to the Lord and take your concerns to a doctor. God can and does bless us through medical intervention and counseling….I know….I’ve been there. Praying for your joy to return and your emotions and feelings to we well and whole again. Our God is able!!
      Love and ((hugs)),

  25. Needing strength to let go of someone in my mind whose presence is very harmful to my soul. Please pray for renewal of faith. Need self-compassion to believe I’m worth something and that I can and will change for the better.

    • I’m praying for you T, that you will keep your eyes on the Lord to help you and guide as you take these very brave steps trusting Him with the outcome. He is your Redeemer, He will redeem and restore you because He loves you so very much!
      Isaiah 48:17 This is what the Lord says— your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: “I am the Lord your God, who teaches you what is good for you and leads you along the paths you should follow.

    • Father, Surround T with Your presence and Your love… help her to find the strength to let go of things in her past, and to trust Your leading as she moves forward… help her to know how valued You know that she is, how beautiful You know that she is, how precious You know that she is… thank You for loving her… in Jesus’ name…

  26. I am praying for you, M that you would feel God’s presence with you today and know that no matter the circumstances, He is with you. I often feel a lack of confidence and the verses that Summer Rae shared are ones that I lean on too. You are never alone.

    Please pray that my husband will come to know Jesus. He is very supportive of my faith and has such a kind heart, but struggles to see that Jesus is for him as well.

    • Father, I lift A’s husband to You and pray that he will come to know You as his Lord and Savior… help him to see Your reflection in A… may she be the light that leads him to You… thank You Father for the awesome gift of Your salvation… in Jesus’ name…

  27. I ask for prayers for healing in my cervical spine and back. They found many bulging discs causing left side numbness, weakness, and pain.

    • Heavenly Father, I pray for Laura right now. I pray for your healing hand to uplift her and heal her. I pray for proper treatment – wisdom and discernment for her and the medical team helping her. I pray that she can hand this over to you for your control and sovereignty and lighten the load of this pain, discouragement of fear. Steady her heart, trusting You in Your mighty power. Amen

    • Father, please give Laura relief from pain. Guide she and her doctors along a path of healing. Help Laura to feel your strength and your comfort during this time. Wrap her heart in your reassuring presence. In Jesus name.

      At the start of another school year, help me remember to not be anxious or discouraged. Help me to be a light to the children and my fellow teachers.

    • Father, Be the Great Physician in Laura’s life, and bring healing to her back… help her to feel Your strength in the midst of her pain… help her to be able to rest in Your presence… bring wise physicians into her life who will be able to help her physically… help her to trust You… give her peace… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  28. Heavenly Father, I pray for the many in Houston that are tired, grieving and still so much work to do. I pray for their encouragement, strength, endurance, perseverance and health.

    I also give you thanks for my recent labs that are showing some improvement. I pray for the areas that still need work: my heart/blood vessel inflammation; hormonal and neurological issues. Lord, guide my path to healing with wisdom, discernment, faith, belief and courage. I also pray for favor and joy as we celebrate my husbands birthday tomorrow. Amen

    • Father, I join with Rebecca in prayer for all those who are starting anew in the face of the destruction caused by the flooding in Texas and Louisiana… may they find strength in You… bring Your people to help with the cleaning and the rebuilding… and especially use this time to bring others to Yourself… be with Rebecca’s physical health… may she find complete healing… may she feel Your strength and Your presence in her life… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  29. Corrupt locals in authority. Please pray October 11 that court case will be dismissed & no further charges ever

    • Father, Be with Ellen during this difficult time in her life… may she feel Your presence and Your peace… may she move forward through this time to a new chapter in their life… may she find comfort in knowing You are close… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  30. So much is going on in my life right now. I am busy working full time as a preschool teacher. I finally completed a book I’ve been working on for the last five years and it is in the hands of a content editor. I should receive it back this week. I suddenly have feelings of inferiority and questioning who am I to think anyone would want to read my book. I am going to turn 65 years old on my next birthday and feel the time is precious and there’s not enough of it. I pray that the Lord would calm my fears and give me direction for the next steps. Thank you for your prayers. I appreciate it.

    • Debbie, I’m a writer and I know what you’re going through. Writing is a gift and an art. When we write, there is always that question of whether it is good enough. Don’t let it deter you from the gift that has been born within you. The enemy never wants us to realize the blessings God has for us. He wants us to doubt ourselves and not allow us to get to our greatest potential. Stay the course and know that your God given gift is not for you…it’s to be a blessing to others. It will be brilliant!

    • Good for you, Debbie. How exciting. As much as I love to read, I should be able to write superlative books. Smile. Best wishes for a successful book launch. Blessings.

    • Father, Be close to Debbie and help her to feel Your presence in real and tangible ways during this time of uncertainty in her life… help her to know Your peace as she waits to hear about her book… strengthen her for the work You have called her to do… surround her with Your love… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  31. Asking for prayers for my husband. He refuses to deal with the pain of his past and doing not see how it dictates his future and pushes him away from God. I ask that God will use me in every way possible to minister to him. I ask that the Father will strengthen and guide me in my relationship with him.

    • Father, Be close to V and to her husband… help her husband to find Your healing grace from his past and feel free to move forward in the joy of Your presence… help V to be his strong support, and Your reflection to her husband… guide her, strengthen her, give her peace… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  32. Please pray for my daughter Kathryn and her husband Dave and there unborn baby. We are relocating to Philadelphia so the baby can be born at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. May the medical team have the skill to treat the baby’s lung mass. God please take care of our family.

    • Joining you in prayer, Janice. O LORD God, please cup this baby in Your hands, Your perfect, healing hands of protection and provision. We know You want what is best for each of Your children and we ask Your healing of this baby’s body, Lord. Eliminate this mass, Lord. You create and have power over each and every cell in our bodies and I beseech You, in the name of Jesus to heal this precious baby. You are our healer and protector, our Jehovah-Rapha. Comfort these parents and grandparents and the family Lord and let Your presence be known to them and through them. Thank you for this opportunity for them to witness for you to everyone they encounter at the hospital.
      We don’t know ‘why’ Lord, but we know Who and what….You and Your glory will shine through this. Blessings.

    • Father, Be with this new little life that You are preparing to bring into this world… and be with Kathryn and Dave… give them peace in the midst of the unknown, help them to trust in You, our Great Physician… guide the doctors who will be caring for them… give them skill and wisdom to care for this little one and bring healing… be close to Janice… help her to feel Your peace, give her Your strength… Father, thank You… in Jesus’ name…

    • Father, Be with Stephanie’s nephew K’Den – heal his body… remove this bacteria from him… give the doctors wisdom… help Stephanie and K’Den to trust You as our Great Physician… surround Stephanie with Your peace… and remind her continuously of Your many, many reassuring promises… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  33. One of children’s marriages is in crisis. They need prayer for healing, forgiveness & love. They need freedom from the tentacles of sin. I need prayer to be a good support & encourager without being too much of a Mom. And that I could rest in God. Thank you.

    • I’m praying for you, Shelly, to have the strength and wisdom to be the mom you should be in this situation. I’m so sorry for your having to watch the hurt in your child’s life and marriage, but I’m trusting with you that God is a God of restoration. Praying for healing, forgiveness and love to be their portion, as only comes from the Holy Spirit. I agree with you and stand against sin in this situation, and pray that the light of God’s truth will shine brightly, bringing conviction and then freedom. God be glorified through it all and give everyone involved his perfect peace. God bless you, sister.

    • Father, I pray for healing in this marriage… Father, may Satan, who would seek to destroy marriage, not have the victory, but may this couple come to You, and commit to You to honor the vows they spoke before You… guide Shelly as she prays… help her to be Your reflection… give her wisdom as to when she should speak and when she should just pray… help her to trust You… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  34. I would like to ask for prayer for favor with our health insurance company in regards to an emergency finger surgery I had back in April for which they are trying to bill us. We need protection over our finances and provision in this area. Thank-you.

    • Dear Lord, bless K. Ann as she deals with her insurance company. Let favor fall on her situatiin and bring her a good and positive outcome.

    • Hi K Ann,

      I know you don’t know me but I have experience with Health insurance Appeals. If the procedure was medically necessary by law they cannot Bill you. It’s probably for medical necessity sometimes these situations look cosmetic when there a medical emergency. check with the billing company to make sure they’re using the right diagnosis code and procedure code and that their notes support your procedure. Also if they’re denying because it wasn’t pre-authorized emergencies don’t fall under the pre-auth situation. If you need more help please email me at RHORUN@MSN.COM.

      Rhonda R.

    • Father, You know each of the circumstances in our lives, and You know about this insurance problem that K. Ann is facing… give her peace as she works to have this bill paid… help her to trust You, and rest in the assurance that You are our Great Provider… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

    • Father, Simply put – may Mady be Your reflection to her family… may she show others Your love and Your greatness by her words and by her actions… may others see Christ in You… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  35. Psalm 46:10
    Be still and know that I am God

    I pray, that in your stillness that each of you may feel the comfort of the Lord.

    blessings to all,


  36. My family is fractured, so many broken relationships, please pray that hard hearts would be softened & relationships restored. I only see this happening by the renewing of minds through the Holy Spirit, but sadly most of the family members with hardened hearts don’t know the Lord. So please ask the Lord to call those people by name, pull them close to Him and show them such an overpowering example of love that they will change their minds & turn from darkness to light, away from the power of Satan towards the grace of Jesus.

    • Father Fod, help heal Stacy’s family. Let your light shine upon this family filled with brokenness. Show them the way, open doors to forgiveness and kindness.
      Take the darkness off their eyes and removes the hardness from their hearts.
      Lord, you are our God and can make anything possible.
      In your glorious name we pray.
      God Bless you Stacey

    • Father, Be close to Stacy today – help her to feel Your presence and Your peace as she grieves the brokenness of these relationships… Father, may she be a reflection of You that will drawn these to You – to receiving You as their Lord and Savior… Father, give her wisdom to know how to help, and how to pray… thank You that You know our needs even before we pray… bring healing to this brokenness… Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  37. Praying for my former husband, James. He needs to find God, and I pray that Someone will come into his life and lead him to our Lord. May he have a change of heart.
    I also pray for my hometown of Houston. May we see God ‘s glory as we begin our recovery.

    • Praying for James that he comes to know and love our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Paying that He sees and feels His goodness and that his eyes are opened. Please Lord, continue to watch over Houston. Please bless all those in Houston with comfort and peace. Please be with them as they help rebuild the city after this devastating hurricane. You are always with us. Thank you God. In Jesus’ Name, Amen! ❤️

      “Jesus looked at them intently and said,“Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible.””
      – ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭19:26‬ ‭NLT‬‬

      ““Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me.”
      – ‭‭John‬ ‭14:1‬ ‭NLT‬‬

    • Dear Lord,
      Come into Deborah’s former husband’s life and show him that You are the way. Let Your grace and mercy fall on him so he comes asking “What must I do to be saved?”.
      Please bless all of Houston and the surrounding areas as they recover from the devastation brought on by Harvey. You sllowed this to happen for a reason and in the aftermath of it all, let us cone to recognize that You are God and only thru You will true restoration will be bought about.

    • Father, Lead James to Yourself today… help him to come to know You as his Lord and Savior… bring others into his life who will help point the way for him to seek You and come to trust You… Be with Deborah… give her peace and bring comfort to her hurting heart… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

    • Heavenly Father we bring James befor your throne. Lord please toich his heart, let him be ware that he needs you as his saviour and friend. Thank you that you know him and that it is your will that he’ll be saved. We thanknyou for touching him in Jesus name.
      We also like to lift up Houston and its community. We thanknyou that we know that nothing that has happend ia a surprise to you. Please restore and touch hearts as the people pick up the remains. May they be encouraged by your children to trust you for bringing them theough these hard days. Be glorified through it all.

      I pray for Deborah that she may be salt and light to the people around her. Please give her wisdom and strenght. In Jesus name we pray

  38. Please pray for me as I go thru the hardest trial and test in my life. Please pray for a miraculous financial blessing and addiction my daughter is hoing thru. The last five years I’ve been trying to help her and I feel it has totally gone wrong. And in doing so, I have had to declare bankruptcy becsuse every dime I had is loss. I am on the verge of loosing my home and car. I have a granddaughter who is used like a pawn against me for my daughter to get what she wants. I can now see a negative change in my granddaughter as she is thrown in the middle of this madness. From being cussed out, disrespected in ways unimaginable to actual physical voluence, I have had to endure. I am more fearful for my granddaughter as things continue to spiral out of control. Please pray that the Lord will strengthen me as I go thru this and bring it to a swift and positive end. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

    • Praying for you! May God bless you with peace and may He save your daughter and free her from her addiction. May your granddaughter be blessed also. In Jesus’ Name, Amen! ❤️❤️

      “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.”
      – ‭‭2 Timothy‬ ‭1:7‬ ‭NLT‬‬

      “I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.””
      – ‭‭John‬ ‭16:33‬ ‭NLT‬‬

      “So be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid and do not panic before them. For the LORD your God will personally go ahead of you. He will neither fail you nor abandon you.””
      – ‭‭Deuteronomy‬ ‭31:6‬ ‭NLT‬‬

      “Even when I walk
      through the darkest valley,
      I will not be afraid,
      for you are close beside me.
      Your rod and your staff
      protect and comfort me.”
      – ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭23:4‬ ‭NLT‬‬

    • Lord please wrap your arms around J’s daughter as she struggles with addiction and the demons who want to pull her down. Shine your heavenly light upon her and show her to begin to conquer her addiction. Praying that J may find strength in You and peace and comfort in your love as she struggles with the repercussions of her daughter’s illness in her life. Please keep and hold J’s granddaughter as she is an innocent in this situation. Please heal her wounds and brokenness. I pray this family finds peace and strength to walk with you to today and every day.
      God bless you J, your daughter and granddaughter

    • Father, First I pray that You will keep J’s granddaughter safe – wrap her in Your protecting arms, and keep her from harm… Father, may this family be drawn to know You… to accept You as Savior… to be freed from the influence of Satan’s power in their lives… Be especially with J… surround her with Your peace… meet her financial needs… help her to know Your presence, protection and love in this moment… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  39. My father had a heart attack and quadruple bypass surgery recently. I live with my parents. I feel the need to contribute to more bills, but don’t make enough money to do so. I am also miserable in my job, and now feel like I need to keep the job to wait for a raise and help pay the bills. Prayers for peace, and the right doors to be opened, as well as healing for my dad are appreciated.

    • Father, Be with Logan’s father… bring healing to his heart… meet the needs in this family… financially and medically, in ways that show Your amazing power… help Logan to be Your reflection and Your presence right now… meet her needs, so that she can help meet the needs of her family… give her comfort in her job… give her peace… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  40. Please pray for my nephew. He has a stage 4 brain tumor and without a miracle will not live. He just got married last year. We also lost his brother to an accident 4 years agi. My sister can’t handle losing another child

    • Father, You are our Great Physician, and I pray for healing today for Tammy’s nephew… guide the physicians caring for him… give them skill and wisdom… be with Tammy’s sister as she continues to grieve the lost of one child and now is facing this serious illness of another… surround her with Your love and comfort… give her peace… guide in Tammy’s life as well… help her to be Your reflection to this family… help her to sense Your presence and Your peace… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  41. My prayers are with all of you. I pray the Lord will be with you and comfort you and give you everything you need. For myself , I ask for prayers for my daughter who recently had a biopsy on her thyroid. We are still waiting for the results. Lord give us all strength & courage. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen! Amen!

    “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” (Psalm 23:1)

    • Father, Be with Elaine and her daughter as they await the results of this biopsy… give them Your peace and comfort… may this biopsy show nothing of concern, may there be healing… thank You for being our Great Physician… in Jesus’ name…

  42. I am a young widow. I lost my husband very suddenly under traumatic circumstances. I have been diagnosed with PTSD. I have chronic health issues so I am unable to work but have been told that I probably would not qualify for disability. I lost my home and I have been living off savings for the past couple of years. I am struggling with fear as my savings are beginning to dwindle. The grief, PTSD, sickness and isolation are hard. I desire to one day become a Christian counselor specializing in trauma and grief. I desire to bring glory to my Heavenly Father through all of this pain.

    • Father, Wrap Christy with Your loving arms and give her the peace that only You can bring… comfort her as she grieves the death of her husband… may she find strength in You to heal, may she trust You on the many days when she still hurts… help her to turn to You for comfort and peace… be with the physicians caring for her physical illness, and with her PTSD… may they have skill and wisdom to treat her, that she might be whole again, and able to move forward to serve You in ways that You are preparing for her… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  43. Good Morning! Please pray for us as we start public school for the first time. We have homeschooled for 5 years and we have decided to send our kids to a Christian School not far from where we live. The kids are in grades 4 and 6. It will be a huge change, a good change, but we are nervous. We are glad that we have the freedom to choose a Christian based education school since that is what we have done over the years through Sonlight. I think it will be hardest on me and I ask for peace and strength! Also for a friend of mine that has cancer and I have not heard from her or been able to get ahold of her since Aug 8th. She is not a believer. Pray for the situation and for wisdom and clarity to know what I can do. Thank you my sisters

    • Father, Be close to Lydia and her children as they start a new school year in a new setting… may the foundation that has been established for the children through homeschooling carry them through the days ahead… might they find new opportunities to make friends and grow in You… thank You for the privilege of being able to have Christian schools where the Bible is still honored and taught… Be with Lydia’s friend… may she find healing… may she be safe… Father, give Lydia peace, comfort her and surround her with Your love… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  44. Please pray for loneliness. After 21 years of marriage, I filed for divorce. After he left, I felt free, but I also realized how much I desire the companionship that we never had. My kids are busy with their lives, they don’t need mom like they used to, and my friends are busy with their families. I try to have faith that God will fulfill the desires He put in my heart, but day after day, it’s a struggle to hold onto hope and not feel forgotten.

    • Prayers big for you ! ❤️

      “The LORD is close to the brokenhearted;
      he rescues those whose spirits are crushed.”
      – ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭34:18‬ ‭NLT‬‬

    • Father, Surround Jennifer with Your love and peace… may she know Your presence in real ways… may she come to trust You more and more each day… may she rest in Your presence and Your strength… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

    • Jennifer,
      After 25 years of marriage, my husband left. I know the feelings of abandonment you feel – especially at this stage in life when your children have lives of their own. It is a hard road to walk, but God is faithful. Take hold of His righteous right hand and he will walk with you THROUGH the valley. He will not leave you stuck there. My divorce drew me into such a close relationship with God….He is able to bring beauty from the ashes. Praying this truth for YOU to day. Be good to yourself. Ask for help. Don’t allow yourself to become isolated. Seek support. God loves you dearly….just because one person doesn’t see your immense worth, doesn’t mean that God and others don’t. You are beautiful and you are loved.
      Love and ((hugs)) sweet sister,
      Bev xo

  45. I ask that you please pray for my friend Angelo for the salvation of his soul. Thank you so much for your prayers! Blessings and love to you all ❤️

    • Father, I pray and lift up Angelo to You, that he will come to know You as his Lord and Savior, that He will invite You into his heart, and accept Your amazing gift of forgiveness and salvation… be with Stephanie, help her to be Your reflection to Angelo – may he see Christ’s love in Stephanie… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  46. Dear Lord,
    I lift up “J” to you. Wrap your loving arms around her and let her feel the peace only you can give. The world holds no easy answers for the situation that is affecting her. Help her to keep her heart and mind focused on you. Please send caring people into her life who can help her in the world while sharing your love and grace with her. Help her to accept and have faith in your guidance. Lead her, pull her in the way she should go knowing that you are the one she can trust. Asking this all in Jesus name. Amen

    My prayer need is that God will continue to remove the anger that I feel due to some things that have happened in my life and replace it with the peace that only he can give.

    • Father, Be close to Bethany today – help her to feel Your presence… help her to not let Satan have control in her life by continuing in her anger, but help her to give it to You… help her to trust You for healing, and give her Your peace… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  47. Hi
    My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for nearly 3 years. Can you please pray for me to keep standing in faith for this.
    Thank you

    • Father, Be close to Emma and her husband as they desire to bring a new little life into the world… Father, You are the giver of life, and I pray that they will be able to trust You, and find peace in You… give them faith, keep them strong, surround them with Your peace… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  48. I’m asking for agreement in prayer. That like the soldier, our entire household will come to faith in Christ!

    • Father, I join with Brenda in prayer for the salvation of her family… may they come to realize Your amazing gift of forgiveness and salvation, may they come to know You as Lord and Savior… may Brenda be Your reflection to them… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  49. I am at a loss of what to do and I feel Satan working hard on me and my family. My husband has a pornography addiction and was over 6 years in recovery when he relapsed last Oct. I only learned about the relapse in May. He stopped, restarted recovery efforts, dealt with consequences and more. He confessed a slip last week. Except then earlier this week I discovered more and the amount of lies and deceit is crushing to me. Even if it’s ‘not that bad’ by some standards. We had so much better. I know recovery is possible. But this latest has me questioning, on a whole new level, whether that’s the path he will choose and what that means for our family. Our teenage children know and are crushed. We just moved states and they don’t have their support networks. I know I need to feel my various feelings in order to heal and move forward through them. Sometimes they feel so intense that I want to hurt myself to give them a pathway out. I know that’s false and so I don’t & I use my own trauma recovery tools to help. But sometimes it is crushing. I feel lost and confused about the next steps to take and pray desperately to know God’s path with the clarity to take it with courage.

    • Oh Father, wrap Heather in Your tender and loving arms, help her to feel Your peace and Your love… I bring her husband to You, Father, and ask that Satan will no longer have the victory in his life with this addiction, but that he will turn from Satan and seek to serve You as His Lord and Master… Father, give Heather and the children peace in their new home… bring others into their lives to befriend and support them… may they know Your comfort and Your strength… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  50. Dear Lord,
    I Luger up all these great women who have come before us and asked for prayer.
    Please sent strength and faith to Emma and her husband as they have tried to have children . God , you know the plans you have for them , maybe the time is now to bless them with a bundle of Joy . Until then , lift them up with prayers of strength and faith as well as courage as they go through this process .

    I would like to ask for pray for my family , particularly my daughter Kk and Zackh as they lost pretty much all from Hurricane Harvey ! We are all blessed to be alone and to have one home ( our home ) to line on while they rebuilt theirs. I know they are staying strong and are blessed with so many great people around that are volunteering help and support . I know this is going to be a long journey as they only bought the home about 6 months ago and have been working their butts off to remodel , now it’s pretty much a total loss .
    Thank you

    • Father, Be close to Jen’s daughter and son-in-law as they have been so devastated by the recent flooding… may they rest assured in Your protection – thank You for sparing their lives… may they be strengthened for the work ahead… bring others alongside them to help them as they rebuild… meet their every needs… help them to see Your presence and Your power and Your peace… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  51. I am a 66 year old mother of 2, first born 46 and younger son 32. My oldest boy committed suicide, shot himself in the head while severely drunk in April. So, thank you for all the prayers.

    • Father, Be close to Nancy as she grieves the tragic death of her son… may she feel Your presence and Your peace… may she trust in Your… comfort her in the hurts of this death… help her to rest in You… thank You Father, that You love us and care about our every hurt, our every need… in Jesus’ name…

  52. Please pray that through my doubts, I believe in Jesus. Also, that I will stand up and be a light on my volleyball team(I’m a highschool student).

    • Father, Thank You that You have promised never to leave us or forsake us… help Mary Margaret to trust in You and rest in the promise that You have promised to be with us always… help her to be Your reflection on her volleyball team and among her classmates and friends… may others see You in her and desire to claim You as their Savior… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  53. I haven’t posted on these in a long time but today I need prayers of others. I’m on my knees begging the Lord and can’t do it alone. Shouldn’t.
    My anxiety is high because I’m surrounded by health yuck. None mine but those I love.
    On a dream trip to Alaska last week, my almost-70 year old mom fell REALLY BADLY in a town. The ship doctor did surgery on her face. It’s all healing OK but now her knee is infected on the inside. I live thousands of miles from her. She’s single and I’m an only child. I can do nothing from here and she’s stubborn. Pray for healing but also that she would ask for help from others. She’s super independent.
    The other is dear local friends. They have 3 week old twins and one was in the hospital for two days this week. 6 hours after she came home, her brother went to the ER. They have what would be a common tummy bug in an adult but is meningitis in newborns. Pray for parents Adam and Haley (she NEEDS to eat to keep up strength for feeding two babies), logistics of covering home and other kids and getting breast milk where it needs to be, etc. Pray for Haley’s anxiety. She’s having a really hard time. This is for sure treatable but it’s horrible seeing your newborn all hooked up to things and being pumped with antibiotics.
    It’s simply “all the things”. It’s heavy on me.
    Oh, also, I’m 7 months in to a job restructure (I work for a ministry) and have NO CLUE what my job is going to be. I’m 46 years old. Is this a time for a new career? I am dream-less and have no idea what to do. I still long to be home with kids but that hasn’t been the Lord’s plan.
    Sorry for the verbal vomit. Thank you for praying, dear internet friends.

    • Father, Surround Kristen with Your love and Your peace… may she feel the comfort and security of Your loving arms… be with her mom… help her to heal well… give wisdom and skill to the physicians… give Kristen comfort as she is so far away from her mom… be with her friends who are coping with such sick infants… Father, bring healing… give rest to this new mom, and help her to have the strength and energy to walk this difficult journey by trusting in You… and help Kristen to know Your perfect will for her life… help her to listen for Your Holy Spirit’s leading, and help her to rest in You… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  54. Please pray for wisdom, courage, provision and a cheerful countenance/grateful heart as I go forward in Godly stewardship.

    • Father, Be close to Sonia and help her to feel Your presence… I pray that she will have the wisdom and courage to serve You well… I pray that You will meet her needs… I pray that You will bring joy to her life that will overflow into a cheerful countenance so that she can be a blessing to others… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  55. please pray for me for a new job, something that will pay me a good amount more than what I am earning, that will allow me to get home on the early side for my daughter, and allow me to have vacation time with my family, but something that will allow me to use my gifts. my current job is rough, doesn’t require a college degree (which i have) and is very physical. I can’t find work using my skills. Even if I kept my present job and was able to find work from home extra income, that would be so wonderful. But overall…I don’t want to become hopeless and bitter. I don’t want to feel like God has forgotten me. I know He has not, I know He has a plan. Thank you for asking how you could pray, thank you for caring.

    • Father, I join with Lou in prayer… provide the right job, in Your perfect timing… and bring rest and peace in this time of uncertainty… bring a real awareness of Your presence… and assurance that You hold us firm in Your hands and never let us go or forget us… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  56. Please pray for my daughter who is beginning high school. She has social anxiety and hasn’t connected with any new acquaintances yet. She is spending her lunch and break times alone. I pray that she is able to walk with courage and confidence to meet new friends. Her anxiety just paralyzes her and keeps her from showing her kind, gentle and sweet and funny spirit to the world. Thank you in advance for your prayers for her.

    • Father, Be with Margarita’s daughter as a new school year begins… give her peace… help her to rest and trust in Your… bring new friends into her life who will encourage and support her, and those to whom she can also be an encouragement and support… calm her anxious spirit, and help her to know Your love… thank you for the gifts You have blessed her with… may she use them to bring honor to You… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  57. To all my brothers and sisters as we stand in the gap for each other. I hold dear to these words “If He brought you to it. He will bring you through it “. I pray in the end that All will be well with each of you. In Jesus name. Amen

  58. Please pray for physical strength for me as we get ready for exhibiting livestock at the fair and as I prepare for two days of judging at another fair. Pray that we might represent the Lord well and bring glory to his name.
    Thank you,

    • Father, Be with Sandy and her family… thank You for the gift You’ve given them to raise and care for animals – help them to be strengthened during these days of exhibition… give strength to Sandy – equip her for the tasks You have given her to do… may this family be Your reflection to light the way for others to come to know You… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  59. Today is my dad’s birthday. The present he desires most of all is the healing of my younger sister who has advanced metastatic breast cancer and is currently in hospital. I am a cancer survivor myself having been diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer in 2015 but by God’s grace I am all clear now. I want the same miracle for my Sister because I know that there is nothing the Lord cannot do. Her doctors have said there’s not much more they can do for her but I have hope that He who healed the sick and raised the dead has not changed and can turn things around.
    Thank you for your prayers.

    • Susannah –
      My mother is a 16+ year cancer survivor, so I know the pain that the disease can cause a family. I’m praying for peace, comfort and understanding for your family along with healing for your sister. May you all feel God’s presence surrounding you.

    • Father, Be close to Suzannah’s sister… wrap her in Your loving arms… give her peace… heal her body of this cancer… give the physicians wisdom… help her to trust You as her Great Physician… thank you for healing in Suzannah’s body… thank You that You are the God of miracles… thank You for another year of life for her father… in Jesus’ name…

    • Sussanah,

      I have a good friend at church who had stage 4 colon cancer. I say had-because the whole church prayed mightily. She is now currently cancer free. Yes!! There is nothing God can’t do. He can perform miracles. I’ve witnessed it in my own life personally. Praying for your sister to be healed this side of Heaven.


  60. As I sit here with my coffee contemplating what to ask you to lift up in prayer, I am feeling overwhelmed. My biggest struggle right now is financial. I have been unemployed since November and have almost maxed out my credit cards just to survive. I feel like I have dug myself into such a hole and don’t know how to get out. I know that I made some bad decisions over the past year, so I fear that God is punishing me. I guess I really need his guidance. I do have faith that God has a plan, but I desperately need direction.

    • Father, Be close to Elizabeth – help her to trust You and rest in You… lead her to the job You have chosen for her… help her then to be able to have the resources to conquer this debt… bring others alongside her who might be able to help her… may she know Your peace and Your comfort in these days of uncertainty… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  61. Lord please be with Susannah’s family. May they find comfort and encouragement under Your wings Lord. Please bring complete healing to her sister for with You nothing is impossible.bring peace to each of them.in Jesus’name,amen.

  62. Sooooo many needs in our world near and far that I usually avoid asking for prayer for myself BUT I am having recurrent stomach issues that I tought were gone or under control. I would appreciate prayer for healing by out Great Physician Jehovah Rapha. Joining with yall in praying for and with all the lovely ladies listed above. Our God is good, all the time.

    • Father, Be the Great Physician for Marcene today… may she find healing from these stomach issues… may she rest and trust in You… may she be strengthened by Your mighty arms… may she be Your reflection even in the face of adversity so that others may see Christ in her… Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

    • Marcene,

      Praying for complete healing from the Great Physician! May God bring about some rest, peace & calm to you body, mind & soul.

      Heal Marcene of her stomach issues. Help her to find the quiet calm she needs. Strengthen her with your loving arms. Shower her with grace, mercy, peace & calm!



  63. Please pray for my daughter’s father, for my daughter and for me. That we may find comfort through this season of suffering. That we may take appropriate decisions. In Jesus’name ,amen

    • Father, Be close to Gem and her family… wrap them in Your loving arms… bring them peace during their season of suffering… may they know Your will for their lives… lead them and guide them… thank You Father that You know each of our needs, and we can trust You for the answers… help this family to trust and rest in You… Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

    • May the peace of God which passes all understanding fill your heart and mind this season and may you feel His presence like never before in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  64. Please be in prayer for me. I am needing healing over pasted relationships and present ones. Over my feelings of loneliness. Also for my husband and I healing inside and out. I am having a hard time dealing with people inside my church who are in a leadership role now being fake in the church, when they are talking bad about me outside of church and smoking marajuana.

    • Father, Be close to Nesha – may she feel Your presence and Your peace in her life… may she trust You for healing with her husband… may she know the power of Your perfect will… may she reflect You in all she does… and rest in Your promises… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  65. Feeling discouraged and unhappy where I am at …that is, my job and the environment. The feeling of dread driving to work and not wanting to be there or do what I do. Praying that God shows me where He wants me which I don’t know what He wants from me ;and what He has called me to do.

    • Father, Be close to Amelinda and help her to feel Your presence and Your peace… may she know Your will for her life… may she rest assured that You are in control and You will guide in her life – help her to trust in You… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

    • Amelinda, to the

      Sweet sister I am praying for you now. I have been in your shoes. Hating the whole work environment. Asking God for discernment as to what steps you should take next.


      I come to you now asking for discernment for Amelinda. She is discouraged by her work & environment. Give her the wisdom & discernment to know what to do next. Guide her by your unseen hand to the place you want her. Give her a sense of peace & rest.



  66. Please pray for my son & daughter-in-law’s marriage. They have been struggling for a few months and are both about to give up on each other. They have a 15-month old son and have been married 4 years. I’m praying they can put the hurt feelings behind and focus on saving their marriage.

    • Father, I pray for the marriage of Tammi’s son and daughter-in-law… may Satan not have the victory in destroying this marriage, but may these two be faithful to the covenant they spoke before You and the commitment they made to a lifetime of being together… heal their hurts… restore their love… be with Tammi, give her Your peace… and wisdom to know how she might best help… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  67. Oh sweet Jesus,
    Lifting up Elizabeth, Gem, Marcene, Nesha, Amelinda to you Lord. Jesus asking today that you would intercede for each of them before our heavenly Father. Thank you Jesus for praying for us. We love you Jesus!

  68. Praying for all these requests. I know God hears our prayers even before we ask! I ask for prayer for my grandson David. He is neurologically challenged after the death of his mother, a father who left him with an abusive friend to care for him, losing his sister when she was adopted , etc. He’s a very brave ten year old but now has none of his family left. He is attending a new school this September and would appreciate prayer for him. Thank you.

    • Oh Father, I pray that You will wrap MK’s grandson David in Your strong and loving arms… protect him from all the hurt and pain that is around him… bring those into his life who are chosen by You to support him and care for him… may MK know Your peace and Your comfort in real and tangible ways today… may she be Your reflection to her grandson, may he know the special bond of the love of his grandmother… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  69. Please pray for my broken family that I created when I divorced a year ago. Please pray for my adult disabled son and my 17 year old daughter to find their paths. Please pray for my fiance to find it in his heart to open up to me and help me through our problems. I ask this through Christ our Lord from whom all good things come.

  70. Please pray for my Son and his wife. They lost custody of her Son from a previous marriage. They based the dedcision on my Son being a Marine and false accusations that were not questioned. They are broken and need the Lord. They need to know His love more than ever. Thank you in advance.

    • Dear Lord,

      Please be with Martha’s family. Bind them up in your loving arms and give them strength as they walk through this storm.

      In Jesus name,


      Please be in prayer for my daughter(16) who is broken-hearted from unspoken circumstance in her life. For God to send her people to walk along side her. Her to step out with us and find a church home, her to achieve higher self esteem, ability to catch up on missed assignments in school and courage to move forward until one day this may be resolved. Lord help her become a stronger person because of this.

  71. For my sister. That her faith may increase and her prayer life grow. We ask this in Jesus’ name amen.

  72. Please pray for my father Rudy who is 80 years old and has not accepted Christ yet. And also for my sister Karin who is envolved in all kinds of spiritual things that take her deeper into darkness. She too haa not accepted the Lord

  73. I am all alone, noone but my dog. I am so depressed and alone I don’t even have words, everyone in my life has died and no family. I just want to be with them. There is no meaning to my life, I have nothing. How do you find meaning to a life. I need prayers please. I don’t even know what to ask for, I just don’t want my soul to hurt anymore, I want to be happy again. I don’t think I ever will. What have I done so bad.

    • Denise,
      God is always at your side. Even if the whole world abandons us or passes away, God is our constant companion. You have suffered so much loss, I encourage you to seek professional help with the depression you are experiencing. We ALL need help coping with life and it is not being weak…it’s loving yourself like God loves you. He gave you that wonderful little four legged companion to remind you of HIS unconditional love for you. He wants you to have joy on this earth. Please be good to yourself and seek help. Our world needs you. You are loved and your are precious. Lifting you up in prayer right now. This is nothing you have done….life is so very hard sometimes, but with help we can find joy again.
      Love and prayers,
      Bev xo

    • Denise,

      I agree with Bev please seek professional help or counseling. Praying that you will feel God always at your side. He will never leave nor forsake you! God has you here for a reason. I find meaning in life by attending church & helping others in my community. You can sit with them & talk or simply pray for them.

      Heal Denise’s soul today. Relieve her of the depression she feels. Give her discernment & wisdom to know how to live life. Help her to find happiness again. Show her why she is still here. Shower her with your love, grace & peace.



  74. So many needs and blessings – so many caring & prayerful responses. Thank you (in) courage!

    Please hold my mother close. After a 2+ year battle with cancer, we lost my stepfather in February and she struggling with depression and making a new way after 38 years.

    And I ask for me. With so many others in need, it’s hard to ask or expect anything for myself. I’ve lost my way and just need to feel Jesus in my spirit.

    • Father God, I pray in Jesus Name, that Kathy’s daughter is completely healed from this skin cancer!
      Thank you that you are a miracle working God, You are the same yesterday & today & tomorrow & I thank you Jesus, that you paid the price for every sickness, disease & infirmity in Your Own Body, on the cross of Calvary, where you defeated death itself.
      Thank You, God for the precious blood of Jesus, which covers & protects Kathy’s daughter & her family from every spirit of infirmity, in Jesus Name!

  75. Please pray for our family. We are downsizing to an RV, by choice, to full time live for 3-4 years before my husband retires from the Military. We have been slow with finding the right RV and I know it will come but I feel like we’re running out of time and getting frustrated. We have time so my feelings don’t make sense. We just desire to move on with the next stage of life and need strength in making the right decisions for our family. Secondly, we have a situational problem with the pageant director that oversees our daughters. We’re praying for quick resolution as the stress is horrendous on them and my PTSD. Blessings!

    • Father God, I lift Amy Sue & her family before you & ask that you would grant them Your perfect peace in the waiting, in this situation, which WILL be resolved, in Your perfect timing. I also lift the situation regarding her daughters to You, for Your resolution, in the power of Your Holy Spirit, in Jesus Name. Thank You God, that You alone are the Healer of every stress & anxiety that afflicts us. Let Your peace reign over this family. Amen

  76. Lord I thank you that before a word is on our lips you know it completely. You created all of us and you saw our unformed bodies whilst we were still in out mothers’ wombs. Thank you that you hear us when we call on you. Thank you that you make all things beautiful in your time. Lord I lift up every request that has been written down today by your daughters, even the ones in our hearts that we have not been able to write down or put into words. Hear our cry oh Lord and show yourself mighty on our behalf. Be a healer to the afflicted. Mend the brokenhearted. Provide for the needy. Strengthen the weak. Reveal yourself to the lonely and help us all to trust that you can do much more than we can ever ask or imagine. Help us to be still and know that you are God. In Jesus’ mighty name.

  77. I have 2 requests for relatives:
    S found out on Friday that the severe pain in her back is from bone cancer. Please pray for her as she will know more next week about treatment.
    D found out last week she has an aggressive form of breast cancer. She goes this week for a 2nd opinion.
    Please pray for these 2 ladies as they suffer physically and emotionally.

    • Please bring peace to these dear ladies of yours father and lead, guide and direct each step of their healing process !! Thank you for placing your strong protection around each of them!! In Jesus name Amen

  78. Currently packing up to move cross-country to a place I feel led to go and start over at 65. Need prayers to stay motivated and to joyfully let go of all the excess stuff so I can put my house on the market; for safe travel as I go for preliminary house hunting and for my move to go smoothly.

    Thank you for this prayer ministry!

    • Lord I pray for Suzanne, that You will be by her side through each of the steps she needs to take for her move. Lord I pray that her trip will be a safe one guided by You. I pray that her house will be sold easily and quickly and that she will be able to find a new house that will comfort her in her new ventures. May Your peace be with her.
      In Jesus Name, Amen.

  79. I’m asking for prayer that I can have the courage needed to end the current relationship I am in. Fear is holding me back.

    • Father, I lift Becky up to You. I don’t know her or her situation, Lord; but You do. Please reach into her heart and mind and give her Your strength and courage. Help her to follow where You lead.

  80. In need of change. Looking for a different job, but unsure of where I belong. I have lost all my dreams and confidence since my
    divorce a few years ago. I pray for healing and guidance, but don’t seem to hear God!

  81. Lord I pray that you show Mary Jane the path you have for her. I pray you heal the hurts inside of her from her divorce and show her the dreams you have for her!! I pray that you restore 7 fold what the enemy has taken from her!! Most importantly that she would FEEL YOUR LOVE FOR HER!!

    My request is to have a hunger for God’s word and I want to know Him!!

    • Dear Lord,
      Now, my dear sister Dee has the same request I once had for you.You answered me,I have not because I ask not.Dee needs a hunger for your Word ,and to know you.She gives you this request.Show Dee a part of you she never saw,and fill her with your Holy Spirit that will guide her and teach her to love and want your Word and promises each day.

      Thank you Lord for this.

      My prayer request is for the Lord to send me lost souls open to hear his Word and be saved.Also for strength as a care taker.
      Thank you.

      • Thank you Maria for lifting up my request!! God Bless you! And may God bring you the lost souls that so desperately need Him!! Also, to strengthen you in every way to be equipped to serve as a caregiver!! In Jesus precious name! Amen

  82. Dear Father, I lift up Mary Kay to you. Not only her dreams and passions, but her gifts and talents you have instilled in her. You have said you order our steps, Father we just need to ask. I pray Mary Kay would begin each day with a humble prayer of Lord show me your will for me today. Let not Mary Kay be hindered by past mistakes or circumstances, but giver her a heart full of utter dependance upon you to guide and comfort her through new seasons of life. Amen!

    Dear Sister’s, I ask for prayer as I wade through the waters of forgiveness of a family member who has dishonored and defamed my family in hurtful words and accusations. I know my Lord would ask me to extend a hand of forgiveness as He has done that for me on the cross. But I am struggling to extend that hand of forgiveness as I feel so wronged by this person. I need prayer to proceed in life as the wounds are raw and healing is far off in the distance. May He grant me the heart in which I am able to move forward in freedom, not in bondage to bitterness.

  83. Dear Father,

    I lift up to you each and every woman who has posted here before me and I pray that you hear each of their prayers.

    I ask for prayers for my dad who continues to battle pancreatic cancer. He had a successful Whipple procedure in May but a recent CT scan shows that the cancer has metastasized to his liver. He will begin chemo again soon and we are praying that God again melts away any and all cancer cells and tumors in his body and that we have many more happy and healthy years as a family.

    In Jesus ‘ name I pray.

    Amen and thank you!


  84. Prayers for a dire situation, on the brink of losing everything. My husband and I are separated because I suffered a mental breakdown and he did not know how to respond. I cannot carry the load any more. But just filled with fear about the mess he is in and partially caused, and to which I must return to sort out my life.

    • Blessings. God’s sovereign presence in this situation in life. He will carry you through this. I pray for healing, love, hope and Peace.

  85. Please pray that God strength me to seek His will; I’m being manipulated emotional by my husband, he picks on my weaknesses liar about me isolate me and keep me in disadvantaged position.

  86. My heart is hurting and longing for a family of my own. I’ve been praying for 17 years for a family, kids and a place we call home that is open for others. I have days where my heart aches so much I don’t know what to do. I do want God’s will in my life. But I pray for his mercy and grace. Can you join me please?

  87. Hi having health issues that the doctors don’t know what it is just need prayer for healing. Also prayer for a book I’m getting ready to write the God will be glorified totally in this book. Thank you

  88. Hi having health issues that the doctors don’t know what it is just need prayer for healing. Also prayer for a book I’m getting ready to write that God will be glorified totally in this book. Thank you

  89. Uzoma, Katharina, and Debra – I see each of you as being on the outside, looking into your treasured “home”. It may be a home of peace and emotional security, or a home full of the love of children, or simply a place of health and healing…and of answers. I am praying that each of you find the “key” that will unlock the door to that home, and you will step into the warmth and love that is surely there for each of you. You may have to endure the cold, endure the pain and uncertainity for a time, but when you find that key and enter that home, you will find “peace beyond understanding”. I am thinking of 1 Chronicles 4:9-10, when Jabez “called upon the God of Israel, saying, “Oh that you would bless me and enlarge my territory, and that your hand might be with me, and that you would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain!” So God granted him what he requested.” To me, I am always struck by the plea, “that your hand might be with me”. It is so poignant and humble. This is my prayer for you, that God’s hand will be with you always and he guides you to the answers to your prayers.

    My prayers center around something more “worldly” right now: I have a very old car, but one that suits me and for which I am very grateful for. However, the clutch went out and I cannot afford the $800 to repair it. I need your prayers to help me find the money to do this. I have been without a car for close to 4 months. And to say it has impacted my life is putting it mildly! If I pray, and YOU pray….no matter how small the prayer is, I am sure God will hear and place a solution in front of me! Thank you!

    • I am praying! May God reveal his greatness and work in wonderful ways. Thanks for your words. They mean a lot! Let’s keep praying.

  90. I am sorry about your car, Mary Ann and I pray a solution will present itself soon. Perhaps a capable mechanic who will willingly do the work at cost or a minimal fee, or some “found” money that will provide you the wherewithal to have it repaired at a shop. Reliable transportation is so important. I pray God’s blessing and relief upon you.

    My request
    Please pray for my adult sons and his two “adult” children who are living at home but in disharmony and unhappiness. Let them find a loving and respectful way of living together and a way of moving toward self reliance and independence and real adulthood. Thank you

    • NEVER DOUBT THE POWER OF PRAYER! Yesterday I asked for prayers regarding my sad little car that needs a new clutch. I have exhausted all my resources trying to scrape together the money to fix it. Jan responded that she was praying for God’s blessing and relief.

      Well, Jan, you are a powerhouse of prayer! I just received an email from my daughter saying that she has paid off a credit card, and is able to pay for my car repairs! I have not asked her to help because she herself is struggling financially, trying to pay off her student loan and advance in her career. This is truly the blessing for which Jan was praying.

      Please everyone, join me in sending up a heartfelt prayer to God for Jan’s intentions regarding her son and his two boys who are struggling with “self-reliance and independence and real adulthood.”

      God bless Jan and God bless everyone of you in this prayer community.

  91. Jan, I lift you & your family to the Lord in prayer. May your son love his Children the way Our Father loves us. I pray for healthy boundaries to be established between them and love to grow the way Our Father has designed. Prayers for strength, wisdom & courage for each of them to do as God has asked them to, and that they are open to receiveing His blessings. In His Sons name I pray! Amen

    My prayer request is for our marriage. We are between the D word & intensive therapy. I prefer option 2. Please pray for us both to have open hearts to getting to the matter of this mess through the help of others. And for our 3 children. Thank you.

    • Crystal-I’m sending prayers for God’s divine intervention & blessings in your marriage. May you & your children feel the Lord’s strength & grace in the days & weeks ahead. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

      My prayer request is for my upcoming surgery at Mayo Clinic this Wed. Prayers for His guidance for my doctors & ultimately to have healing & wholeness in Him. Thank you.

  92. In Courage,

    Praying for all here. There are many needs in this world. God calls us to a spirit of continual prayer. I would ask for prayers for people of Houston area. They have lost everything. They are weary, & worn. The recovery will take a long time.

    Our country needs healing. We need to show more of Christ’s love to each other & less hate. I dislike that it took a huge disaster in Houston to see some of Christ’s love being displayed. Our country needs a revival now! We all need to start praying more!

    Blessings 🙂

  93. My husband and I need work as our finances are now at zero status. Cared for his mother for her final five years of life at our expense (he was swindled out of his inheritance by addict siblings) Have had serious business losses. Have lost our 25 year old son in fatal auto accident a week after his birthday (November 2015) Difficult to progress with motivation of any sort. Husband 62, myself 60 and he is discouraged trying to find any clients or work in our field (hospitality consultants) at our age. Looking to God for all that we need

    • Good and Gracious God, provide Joan and her husband what they need. Comfort them in their grief as they continue to grieve the loss of their son. Grant motivation to them both as they seek to be your hands and feet in the world. Set their eyes on you especially when they are feeling discouraged. In your name, we pray! Amen!

  94. Giving thanks as I celebrated my 39th birthday yesterday (Sept 3). For the awful wildfires in Montana. For those still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. For God to guide me in what my 2017 Write 31 Days topic should be.

    Thank You!

  95. I have been without a job since end of May. I was in a school system that laid off 3 of the last hired in due to budget cuts. I’m desperately looking for a job and seem to be getting nowhere. I need ft with benefits like I had. It seems God has turned his back on me but I know that’s not possible. I’m really down and depressed and it’s getting worse. I just need something good to happen something to make me feel not such a loser. This wasn’t even my fault. I need serious prayer and encouragement. Thank you so much for the prayers.

    • Lord, I lift up Kristy and that you will comfort her heart at this time let her know your peace. Give her favour and provide a new job for her. You know her desires and you are a good father, so I ask that you will comfort her and uplift her from this place of depression. Fill her with your joy and peace, in Jesus name. Amen

  96. I am feeling anxious as the new school year is about to start. I am already thinking about the stress of each day and what the mornings are like. I’m worried about my finances and how my money will stretch to meet all of my obligations

    • Jesus, I ask that you be near to Sophia during this time. That as she draws near to you….that You will draw near to her. That you will sustain her and strengthen her during this time. You are our Provider. You are faithful. We pray against any anxiety…as we know that this is not from You. We pray for a peace that surpasses understanding and that You will direct her path. Let her look for little ways that You are loving on her throughout each day. You have a purpose for her. Open doors quickly for her & close the wrong ones. We trust in You alone, God! In Jesus’s name we ask these things! Amen!

  97. Pray for purpose for my husband and I. We hit a bad season of ministry a few years ago and have just felt displaced ever since. We just want to be where the Lord wants us & find our purpose again for His kingdom.

    • Michelle, I am so sorry to hear this. Dear Lord, I pray healing for Michelle and her husband! I pray you will take what the enemy desires to destroy and turn that around for Your glory! Thank you for their service and hearts desire to be where you want them to be and to find their purpose. Reveal you are right there and you love them deeply. “..make known to them the way in which they are to walk and the work they are to do.” Holy Spirit “speak for your servants are listening”. Fill this deep personal loss and place a hedge of protection around them and protect them from the attacks the enemy is sending their way. Thank you Father that you have gone before them and will prepare the way. Thank you that your timing is perfect! Bless you Michelle!

  98. Dear Lord, even Word that comes from you is the World we and stand in assurance in. Lord, I pray You speak a Word if peace, the peace that only Suzann can have in You. Speak a Word of hope, that blessed promise that she is with you and they will see her again. Speak a Worf of strenght knowing that in you she lives, move and have her being. And Lord as your Word says, You will give her beauty for ashes, The oil of joy for mourning, The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; That they may be called trees of righteousness,
    The planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified.”

  99. Please pray for my husband and I. We both got laid off and we are two months behind on our mortgage.

    • Father, I lift up Meditte M and her husband to you and ask that you supply their every need. I ask also, Father, that you give them both a job that will last and enable them to be able to not only pay their mortgage, but have a surplus to give back to you in some way. Thank you, Father, for answering this prayer.

  100. Please pray for my daughter. She is in need of a bone marrow transplant but can’t receive it until she has a liver transplant. She suffers from an autoimmune disorder that attacked her liver a few years back, leaving it cirrhotic. The medicine she was taking to keep her immune system from attacking her liver again, not only suppressed her liver, but it also suppressed her bone marrow to the point that it no longer produces the blood cells normally. She has what they call myelodysplastic syndrome, which requires a bone marrow transplant. Without the transplant, she more than likely will develop Acute myeloid leukemia. The doctors won’t perform a bone marrow transplant on her or even consider it until she has had a liver transplant, but to get a liver transplant, she needs a live donor due to that fact that her liver isn’t considered “diseased” enough to qualify for a liver donor from someone that passes away. She’s 35 and has 2 teenage boys.

    • Dear Kim,
      I am so sorry to hear about this, and I honestly cannot even begin to imagine this journey. Oh my.. What I can do is get before the Father, the King most high, the great physician and ask for His healing, His mercy, His grace and strength, and His peace in this raging storm! “Help them look up and show them you are there with arms stretched out wide. “Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest..” They need You! I pray they can see you in this storm, and that you will allow many walking on water moments, moments they had no clue were possible. Thank you that you will reveal yourself. Thank you that You are faithful and You are there! Kim, I don’t say that lightly, I can’t even imagine that is easy to receive or grasp but I am praying He reveals this to you, your daughter, and your family in a mighty way.

      • Thank you, Janie. We found out today that she’s suffering from acute renal failure on top of everything else. This apparently was caused also from the medicine she was taking. She may need a kidney transplant too.

  101. I would appreciate prayer for my son, Joshua. We are estranged at present,his choice, not mine. But most importantly, he is not walking with the Lord. Thank you very much to any who pray for us.♥

  102. Feeling a loss of a community that I was once apart of. The loss of friends that were for a season I suppose. Heartache and hurt from the guy I trusted.

  103. I am struggling with a decision that I have made. How do I find peace? Do I need to change my mind? When all sorts of obstacles and doubts keep presenting themselves – what direction do I take.
    I feel immobilized.

  104. Please pray for the islands of The Bahamas as we wait to face Hurricane Irma. We dealt with Joaquin in 2015 and Matthew in 2016 and it seems very tiring already to think about post-hurricane. We are a praying nation but would be comforted by more. Thanks.

  105. Please pray for me and my family. Exactly a year ago our 14 year old grandson was hit by a utility truck and died of his injuries. My husband and I also pastor a large church in the Bay Area of SF. This year has a been a great challenge for us, if it had not been for our faith and hope in the Lord we would not have made it through. But the enemy has thrown every dart he can at us and our family, so please pray for continued strength and healing.

    • In Jesus name I pray for the comfort of the Lord to cover you and your family. I pray that He strengthens you and guides you each step of the way to overcome any plans the enemy has set in motion. I declare his supernatural power to turn whatever the situation may be now around in your favor.
      Amen <3

  106. Please pray for my faith. I am unsure of my purpose in life and I know God has a plan for me but I am clueless as to which way to go. I have prayed for a years for something and it seems as though the more I pray, the enemy comes by and makes the opposite happen. Im praying for the strength to not faint. I am praying for the Lord to show up and put all my worse nightmares to come to an end. I am asking that you all join me in prayer to keep my confidence in knowing that what God has promised will be and that I will be ok.
    Thank you

  107. Recovering cancer & chemo patient, hair loss, diabetes & hypothyroidism. In my 60s and feeling lonely, isolation and ugliness. I know the Lord is with. But cannot shake these feelings. Please pray for me.

  108. Really struggling with my self image and my body image. I really lack confidence in myself and have for a long time now. I also lack good girlfriends who are uplifting and positive. There’s so much negativity in my life already and I need positive friends!