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Now graduated from her role as a homeschooling mom of 8, Dawn Camp devotes her time and love of stories to writing her first novel. She enjoys movie nights, cups of Earl Grey, and cheering on the Braves. She and her husband navigate an ever-emptying nest in the Atlanta suburbs.

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  1. At least twice you used the word “remember,” and this is something I’ve been thinking about in this crazy life. So much of what we need to live the Christian life is already in our heads. And it always seems to take a jolt to dislodge it and get us living in the truth we know. I’m SO thankful for the happy P.S. at the end of this post, but also thankful for the way you walked me through your days of being thankful in the midst of gut-wrenching question marks about the future.

  2. … and the ‘remembrance’ of God’s timing, wowzers! I read, time and again just today, many ‘devotionals’ for this day, on God’s timing. He certainly does demonstrate patience – and expects the same, plus trust in Him… ain’t it ‘awful for the moment, but great for eternity?! Praise God (and thank you!) for sharing suck exciting, good news! Prayers for y’all . and all who are in like circumstances. WOWZERS!

    • Yes, there’s a whole lot about us that isn’t like Him, and timing is a big piece of that—and yes, trusting can be hard!

  3. N.B. Please excuse the typo’s in my (above) comments — I do so much better on my IBM typewriter!

  4. Dawn,
    Yay!! and Praise!! God is God and we are not. He knows the growth we need to experience in times of waiting. It’s a long story that I won’t go into….but had my husband of three and a half years not been laid off from a downsizing by his company, he wouldn’t have been online the day I lost my job after feeling particularly low about having just come through a divorce that took everything out of me. Long story short – even in both of our losses of jobs, God was orchestrating something beautiful. Just because He’s quiet at times, doesn’t mean He’s not at work. Times like these build our trust in Him. Raise your Ebenezer so you may look back upon it and remember God’s faithfulness. Sharing in your joy!!
    Bev xx

  5. If you could pray for my son, a very good job opportunity has become available. I pray that God (if it be his will) will give the interviewers favor and my son confidence and a job offer.

  6. Praise God for his new job! Thank you for sharing what you all were going through. Reading your words brought a smile to my face and prayers from my lips. We need to remember that God is in every area of our lives, even when we don’t or can’t feel it. He will never leave us nor forsake us. In the midst of this trying time, you and your husband got to spend some precious quality time with each other, what a blessing! I pray that God continues to bless both of you in the way that only He can.

    • We felt His peace, but yes, the timing was hard. Now we realize the job my husband received was not even available when he became unemployed, but we think the wait will be worth it!

  7. Thank you God for answering their prayer!!! May He continue to bless the both of you.
    Your post today has encouraged me not to give up on unanswered prayer.
    Thank you

  8. Beautiful testimony. I can relate as my hubby was out of work for a time, when we had very young children at home. It certainly stretches you, spiritually and emotionally. My hubby ended up starting his own business. It’s been a learning experience and we are very grateful for God’s continued provisions.

    (p.s. I’m glad your husband has found a job. When I first read your post, I thought about a position in my husband’s office as they have been looking for an HR person. Praising God for His mercies, which are new every day)

    • Jocelyn, thank you for thinking of us for a position at your husband’s office! My husband has been so touched by the response of this community.

  9. Praise Him from Whom all blessings flow! God’s plans are always best — thank you for sharing your struggle and your faith to encourage others who may be also waiting on His perfect timing. The precious memories of the sweet times you had together during this time will always be important.

  10. Yes, when we trust in our loving and ever present Father, we will never be disappointed. We perceive everything according to the world’s timetable and try to arrange things and our lives around it but God marches to His own beat and to His own plans. His’ is better than ours because He plans for eternity.

  11. As another update, my husband didn’t start work yesterday. There was a miscommunication between the Atlanta office and the Dallas office of his new company: they each thought the other had taken care of the mandatory background check and drug screening, but neither had (and my husband didn’t even know he was supposed to do them). He went in and did all that stuff yesterday but can’t actually start until they get the results, so probably Monday-ish. So, he’s checking one off the honey-do list and re-caulking our shower! You would think there had been time for all of those things these past months, but looking for a job was the focus.

  12. Oh Dawn,
    that is so wonderful!!!! Congratulations to your husband and you upon his new job position. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness to provide. I felt such hope pulsing through your post . . . that God was giving you the faith to believe for His provision, and then what a hope-filled ending. He came through for you in a powerful way. What I also sensed was your tremendous sense of joy in knowing the Lord and understanding Him . . . in knowing that His ways are not yours, and that His timing is perfect, in knowing that He was working all things together for your good. In that time of unknowing He gave your husband and you the gift of removing him from a dead-end job, giving you special times of sharing together, and giving you the gift of faith to draw closer to Him. I left a career because I felt that God wanted me to, after I had our daughter. Though I didn’t make a huge salary, still every penny made a big difference to us, and I really struggled to leave. But when I obeyed, God provided in amazing ways . . . resources we never would have expected, including my husband’s raise, and eventually a better-paying job. and now, during Michael’s retirement, the Lord continues to provide. I am just so happy for you both and how you were gracious enough to share this journey with us. Praying for his wellbeing and easy learning curve on this new job. Rejoicing with you!

    • Oh, Lynn—we have talked just this week about how he truly was at a dead-end job with no more chance of advancement and now he’s with a company who’s already discussing strategy for him years in advance. What a blessing!

      • What a joy to read this. Oh, how the Lord has rewarded both of you two, your trust and patience!! I’m so happy for you both.

  13. Such a helpful and godly attitude you embody for your husband. I’m sure he was blessed by it. Those times of uncertainty have stretched my husband and me as we faced 2 years of unemployment 10 years ago. When you don’t know the timing, and when you will find relief, it adds a whole new dimension of trusting God. We know in our head He’s trustworthy, but allowing it to sink down from our head to our heart is a whole other dimension. So glad to hear God brought you and your hubby through the difficult times in a way where you could enjoy one another without being overly stressed. Thanks for your example. 🙂

    • Wow—2 years! Yes, what we know in our heads has to settle in our hearts before we can fully trust the Lord’s provision in it all.

  14. I know where your coming from my husband was laid off for a year and yes it was hard. God has his reasons and his seasons for change in our life. I think he does this to see how much faith and trust we really have in him. As he says cast your cares. We always come out good in our lives when we’re obobedient and lean on him for understanding. But mostly it’s God timing not ours.

    • LoriAnn, in my experience it’s when we reach that point of full surrender to His will, purpose, and timing that we see the greatest blessings.

  15. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow! What a wonderful testimony!

  16. I just feel utterly blessed to be able to read your devotional and then to read the comments by all these prayer warriors.
    What a beautiful community on this site.
    Thank you Dawn and God Bless

  17. This has come at the perfect time for me. I handed my 3 month notice in in April feeling a prompting by God to do so. I haven’t quite finished work yet but will do in the next few weeks. I have just come home from an interview for a job which I would just love to have and I’m now waiting for the phone call (or lack thereof) to either confirm that I have it or not.

    These words are so apt and perfect for me right now. My heart is still anxious but God is faithful. And he has perfect plans for me.

    Thank you for this timely encouragement.

    So fantastic about the new job! Wow!

    With love,

      • The job didn’t work out but in that, despite the initial desperation and fear, I feel a peace. His plans are indeed good and whilst the blank canvas is staring at me, I’m excited by the picture we will end up painting together. Thank you for your encouragement.

  18. Oh my goodness! God is so good and faithful I lost my job in May and it was totally unexpected. I looked up to the heavens and said, “I know You are not surprised by any of this.” I had that peace that is beyond understanding. Just yesterday I began to question and cry out to God about when will I find something. He answered my prayer with this article that it is coming soon. Thank you so much for the encouragement today that I needed!

    • Kristin, I’m thankful that our story can encourage you in the midst of your own. Hang in there and wait on His good timing!

  19. Dawn,
    It’s refreshing how you’ve spent the time making it into something positive. Thank-you for reminding us that ‘God’s timing is perfect.’ Congratulations on your husband’s new job. I pray that all goes well for him….

    Blessings to you all,


  20. Congratulations on the new job, but mostly for weathering the storms of life well! May your husband be affirmed in his workspace, valued as an employee, learn the ropes quickly, and have fun at work too!

    You mentioned he traveled for the interview… does this mean a move is imminent?

    Although my husband has been with the same company, the last 7½ years have meant 7 positions and 7 out of state moves (all but 1 a promotion). God has been faithful to sell each home within 30 days. He has found us homes to buy when there wasn’t much on the market. He provides at least one friend for me in each new place, and although the moving is hard work, He has provided generously in time, energy, and resources for us to do most of the work in each home ourselves, allowing for it to feel like “home” while we are there.

    Whether you have to move or not, know that God is in all the details, in ways you can’t even imagine! May you both see His hands at work as he continues to grow you!

    • Marina, you’ve zeroed in on one of the greatest blessings in this: my husband seems to be truly valued by his new employer. We won’t actually have to move, it’s just that the owner in Dallas is very involved in the operation of and the employees in his company; that’s a big change for us! They’ve talked about long-range plans and promotions and seem so excited for my husband to join them. It’s been an encouragement to him after this waiting, which obviously held personal discouragement for him. Thank you for your kind words!

  21. I pray God’s richest blessings over you and your family. You are His beloved. I am so glad you shared how others blessed you in your time of need. Someone did that for me years ago and I am so very grateful to them. I pay it forward as often as I can. It is a blessing to me to share as much as it is for the person in need. Bless you!

    • One friend—who I know doesn’t have a lot of “extra” in her life—gave us a greeting card with a Kroger gift card slipped inside. Our retired neighbor hired my husband to replace the front and rear brakes on his car (my husband is a wonderful DIYer!). These kinds of things blessed us tremendously during our unemployment.

  22. Oh, how we know the feeling well. And that peace. When I look back on those times, I think — how did we ever feel such peace? That inexplicable peace is a gift from heaven, isn’t it? It forever stretches your faith though, doesn’t it? Like, in the Bible when God says to look at His past faithfulness as a sign of His future faithfulness–these times are now memorial stones of His faithfulness in our lives. When things are stretched, they don’t often return to their original shape. We’re changed; we’ve witnessed God’s presence and our faith has grown. — Congrats and Praise God for the new job. (And yay for the extra week.) Prayers for you both as this new season begins.

  23. I love the statement by Charles Spurgeon:”Remember this, had any other condition been better for you than the one in which you are, divine love would have put you there.” God’s divine love is so amazing and always perfect! I am so thankful for God’s provision in your life. Take it from a family who has been through 5 layoffs…GOD IS GOOD! “I have never seen the righteous forsaken or His seed begging bread”. God has always provided and we have never been late on a payment or without clothes on our bodies, a roof over our heads or food in our belly! How amazing it is to have had the opportunity to trust and come out on the other side able to speak of His goodness and grace! Father God, I pray that this new job will be more than dreamed of, will provide more than expected and will give opportunity for showing you to others. In Jesus name, amen 😀

    • Thank you for your words and this prayer. Yes, through it all we’ve made payments and had food in our fridge—what a blessing!

  24. Praise God!!!!! God is so good!
    I am encouraged by your share this morning. I am still looking for work, however, what you shared about what the Lord has been reminding you in His Word about trusting His timing, His faithfulness has been mine as well. I have registered at a temp agency and was called for a temporary opportunity. Pray it is the Lord’s will, I receive the assignment. Thanks you and Congratulations on your husband’s new job. May he be a blessing to those he encounters in sharing how God has blessed him and your family during unemployment and this may lead the to Christ!

    God bless you,
    Pam Bodden

    • Pam, I read your words to my husband: “May he be a blessing to those he encounters in sharing how God has blessed him and your family during unemployment and this may lead them to Christ!” He was so touched. I pray you receive this new job assignment!

    • Pamela.

      Praying you get the temporary assignment. I, too, have worked temporary jobs. One of the actually lead to a permanent position. God’s timing is perfect. I pray you can be a blessing to those around you.


  25. I am encouraged by your husband’s story and send praises for his new job. I have been unemployed since November and have been struggling to hold on to hope. This was the encouragement and positivity that I needed as I begin my daily job search.

  26. Big Congrats on the new job!! 🙂 My husband, now 64, was out of work for 7 years, despite having an MBA and years of experience. He worked any job he could get here and there, however brief, and between that and friends and family, including our church family, the Lord provided the whole time. We had nothing extra, but we made it. God is faithful, every time, every circumstance. Then 3 years ago, He provided a job in a miraculous way. We serve a faith-building, loving God. Again, so happy for you!!♥

  27. Dawn…

    Your ‘update’ brought an immediate spring of tears…of JOY…what an AH-mazing God we have to love us always! All His blessings to you and yours!

  28. Dawn,
    First, let me congratulate you and your husband on his new job. I retired in April from a very stressful job that was causing medical issues. I have been applying for different jobs since my retiring. Today, I received a call from the temporary agency and they are setting up an interview. Your post was what I needed at this time. Pray that I receive an interview.

  29. I have no words for your experience, except unbelieveable trust.
    I am also job hunting presently, and am starting over in my 50s. I need just a portion of your strength! Be well!

    • Becky, this is where my husband is too. He turned 50, four days later our first grandchild was born, and then nine days later he lost his job. Fifty has been quite the adventure for him so far!

  30. Dear Dawn, Thank you so much for sharing your experience during a time of unemployment. The Lord has encouraged me beyond words through your post, I am so grateful to you and you husband for sharing. I am currently facing uncertainty thru unexpected unemployment and I have heard over and over again the Lord telling me the same thing, His timing is perfect, He has the whole thing in His hands, rest in Him and enjoy this time of being with family and having a slower pace. I of course find myself trying to make things happen and am reminded that it all belongs to Him the owner of a thousand cattle on a hill. So thank you again for this. I am going to continue to trust the Lord with all my tomorrows and all that it will bring.

    • Sandy, I’m thankful our story can encourage you as you deal with unexpected job loss. Trust Him and enjoy the time with family while you wait on His perfect timing.

  31. I HAVE TO rely on God’s appointment. I have been out of work for over 10 weeks with no prospects in sight. I am almost 63, white and male. Around here that’s like having three strikes against you before you even start. Only God can open the right door. I have applied for over 30 jobs and nothing. Am I discouraged? Yes, and so is my wife. I cannot do physical labour so my job opportunities are limited to office work. I have over 25 years experience in administration but everyone now days is looking for younger people to train and fulfill those roles. I am seriously considering a change in careers again (last time it was to become a truck driver…disastrous) this time as an insurance agent. Is this God’s will as it costs a lot of money to take the course, which we don’t have. We are very fervent believers in prayer. Too many miracles have happened in our extended family not to believe. Just waiting is the hardest. GOD IS IN CONTROL!

    • I’m so sorry, Tim. Have you tried reaching out to friends and expanding your networks. My husband had never used Linked In, but he immediately jumped into it and after several weeks of unemployment, I posted to Facebook about our job loss, where we received multiple leads and shares of the post. So much help and support! We also found out about a local church that holds a weekly networking meeting for men who are unemployed. He attended those meetings and joined their email list too. The job my husband ended up receiving was not even available when he became unemployed, so the wait was truly worth it. God’s timing is not our own!

    • Godspeed!
      It is very trying, but God provides, just in time. I also have “different” abilities, and am alone. I really don’t know how I get the bills paid (I guess I’m not, really), but housing and utilities and interim work see me through. Thanks be to God.

  32. Congratulations on your husband’s job!
    We too are in a waiting period and your post was just the reminder I needed! Thanks so much for sharing!

  33. Thanks for sharing! This has been so encouraging for me because I am so unsure about my future in grad school and how I will get through it. I am hopeful, nervous, and trusting God the best way I know how to bring me through the unknown.

  34. This is a familiar journey for me also, we’ve traveled that road twice. There are many good memories from both times and we journeyed on to better situations in both experiences. The relief of finding the next stop on our journey is immense even as it comes with nervous wonder about the new normal ahead. You have been faithful and supported your husband. You will continue to be blessed in the days ahead.

  35. My daughter in law has been applying for jobs. She had a second interview yesterday but was told today, the picked someone else. She was so upset. She is working at a company that has already laid off two rounds of employees and sending lots of work to India. She needs to work and was so hoping this door would open. She has now applied to five other jobs. Please lift Megan up in prayer to find the right job with a good salary. Thanks so much.

    • Kathleen, I pray Megan gets the job that is perfect for her. We had some big disappointments in this process, especially the two other companies where he had follow-up interviews. Ultimately, we feel like the job he received is exactly the one he needs, that will be best for us.

  36. Congratulations to your husband on his new job!
    Your story reminds me of a similar thing my husband and I went through. He got laid off in 2006 and struggled two and a half months to find work finally taking an offer that moved us out of state away from anything familiar and comfortable. But we knew it was God.

    A little over a year and a half he got laid off again.

    He was off for nine months until he found a job that lasted less than a month due to the company having difficulties.

    He was off work for fourteen months before he landed another job that proved to be not a good fit so while working he looked for a new job. Nine months later the Lord provided a wonderful job opportunity and moved us back home.

    It was such a difficult time but changed us in so many ways. We never lacked for anything and we can’t even document how. God is so faithful.

  37. I want to say praises for you Dawn, I love praise reports. We can only ask, what God wants to do for us is His special gift. We won’t understand it, or even believe it as it is happening but I will say from our arduous journey .. IT IS ALL WORTH IT! We were unemployed for 8 months, my hubs did odd jobs and I thank God for that time too, but our marriage fell apart. In his new job, things went well for him, but not so much for me. One year in and at the edge of divorce (because of some really bad choices) we are still together and now stronger than ever. I almost thank the good Lord for his infidelity because if I didn’t almost lose something I didn’t think I wanted, then I would not know the value of it today. We both learned a lot about taking advantage of each other and developing a new respect for others not just ourselves.
    Continued prayer he will soar in his new career ♥️

    • In many situations could we could apply your words: “if I didn’t almost lose something I didn’t think I wanted, then I would not know the value of it today”? It sounds like the Lord sustained your marriage through a difficult time and brought you out stronger on the other side. Amen!

  38. I had a lady ask for me to pray for her a job and she had been out of work for three years, she’s concerned she’s being led in a whole new direction. I now that feeling, I answer lots of prayer requests and wait on the timing of my writing, meanwhile, I blog. Glad your husnband has a new job, and that you had some together time.

  39. Dawn..

    Praise God that your hubby got a great job with potential. Thank you for showing us how to really trust God in the hard places. For having faith that ALL would work out well-no matter the outcome. You are both great people of faith & God. I went through a “big” trial with my aging father’s mental/physical health. I never knew when the phone would ring. Once his dementia got so bad he was hospitalized. That was a scary month. Through faith & the prayers of many I persevered. God allowed me to witness a miracle & healed him. Yes! God’s timing is perfect!!

    Blessings 🙂

  40. Dear Dawn & Husband: Rejoicing in your new job! Your special time enjoyed, holding hands while facing the unknown.

    We, too, have experienced “layoffs, little in our larders and losses”.

    In 2006 we closed one of our businesses, an Art Gallery started in 2004. Our hearts were broken, and as a family, since our grown children adults were very active partners suffered pangs of depression, doubts, & debts.

    In 2007 we lost 250 clients of our 252, retaining our first, a Mega Church in Southern California and our last client, an international company that slowly dismantled our work force and crew. My husband’s attitude had been thankfulness ‘for the trees’ in that most of our guys were getting good pay & work with benefits! He had also been hired and relocated all our Co to me. I was ‘seeing the forest’ that they were systematically dismantling our Co and their competition but chose to partner, again, with my husband’s vista. He said the industry was changing! And it would not be cost effective to retool, train all of our guys. His work and Co of 35 years were diminishing. It would undergo more changes, and losses. The last 6 months, all my paychecks went back as loans to the Company to fund payroll and office expenses based on wrong untruthful info.

    In 2006 our daughter, her husband and our granddaughters moved 3 states away in order to be near his family, allowing the cousins to grow up together and for our children to buy a home. We were making at least one to two trips a month 9-1/2 hours one way on the weekends when my husband would commute home.

    In 2007 we moved and closed our offices & warehouse to our home & garage. We retained a skeleton crew, mostly of family and kept things running, but our once thriving business where we had 10-100 employees, sub-contractors, was on life support and dying. We spoke of moving and began downsizing our home. I had 10 garage sales and we listed our home, in 2009. I knew from our experiences you can make anyplace Home, our children had been raised in a large home on half an acre and we could scale down. Our home sold in one day! 3000 Sq ft -single story ranch 4/5 bedroom, 3 bath, family room, living room, 3 -1/2 car garage & workshop to a 2-3 bedroom hopefully with 2 bath in Vegas, near an Intl Airport. We had one weekend to find a place and ended up getting not the first house that we loved but the 4th. A 2 story 5 bedroom, 3 bath 2727 Sq ft 2 car garage with 2 HOA’s. In getting a 2 story some Sq footage is lost on staircases & hallways! But we were astonished to be blessed with a large home and started planning our rooms such as The Torah Room, where our Bibles, Commentaries and Libraries would be placed. A mancave. A craft room. 2 guest rooms. Room to add a lap pool/spa.

    We moved and closed Co down with $50K in Co bills, let alone our own debts and my husband refused to file bankruptcy. So we paid everyone. And managed. Things were going well.

    Little did we know that our two adult sons would return to us, to rebuild their lives. One son, after job resources shrank for one in Portland OR, & his subsequent move to UT to help our daughter & husband after layoffs in 2012. The other son endured a tragic motorcycle accident in 2009 Sherman Oaks, CA would leave him in need of surgery and the inability to work and put weight on his repaired leg for a year. The metal parts are lifetime. The work he had found after our Co folded would be compromised by his injury.

    The next event was April 2012. I heard yelling, and came downstairs to see what was wrong? He was laid off! We hugged, cried, and prayed then my husband said he had phone calls to make for work, and I went to the kitchen to begin my prayer chain first with family. I had not even called the 4th person on my list when my husband, in an hour, had received a job offer! In NY ! At the time, we had 5 family members out of work!

    We assessed the issues, and we went back east to
    1. Finish the job he was doing for the laying off Co (3 weeks)
    2. Allow my husband time for interview process for the new job offer Co,
    3. My new unpaid job was to find a place for my husband/us to live while working in NY.

    My husband chose to have our son who by this time had found new work in Vegas to move back into our home to watch and take care of our eventual home to retire in.

    It was Tuesday, the last of the 3 weeks, I had been diligent looking 8-10-12 hours a day, working with a realtor, looked into possibly buying but my husband said RENT. & find a place for the husband delegated amount of $500 a month.!!! Ok. You can smile at this, he had not rented since 1972 and had no idea what rents were/are! I quietly slipped out of bed to weep before the Lord in the hotel bathroom, stating “I know He had brought thus far, and would not us destitute, or w/o a place.” I even had asked the hotel Mgr for a break and more reasonable monthly rate for the studio we were in. Closed door to that request. We had 2 places to see in the morning but those were $1200 a month basement or garage converted apartments. I prayed and climbed back into bed, resting in the Lord, prayed over my 68 year old husband. We were leaving Friday.

    The Wednesday morning dawned with a phone call, to see one more place. We set appt at 11. The other places while closer to work site were not great. This place was level ground, no stairs up or down, the landlord would take c/o snow with his blower, it was a 1 bedroom, with kitchen living room, dining area, washer/dryer, & dishwasher, private entrance, a small area of the yard for ourselves… for $1350, including all utilities except phone. They had built an addition for the wife’s Mother and it was very sweet. My husband said, “we’ll take it!” They accepted all my info, bank statements, and we had a place starting June 1, 2012. We flew home, discussed the matter fully and packed our Jeep for the cross country trek. We were on a new adventure! A honeymoon cottage! & a job where Stu had been observed. Always cheerful, solving problems! I shared our drive out with family, friends,& the realtor who was amazed we had found a place with what we wished. We learned to live in snow, shovel, etc. A new found appreciation for New Englanders arose! And understanding why my parents never went back to New York after moving to California. I was back in the area where I had been born until 4 yrs old. The house we once had was gorgeous and in a very nice neighborhood.

    Everything progressed pretty well until 2015.
    October 9/10, 2014 a car accident. Call from Police he had been in an accident and was ok. $5000 damages.
    Nov 23, 2014 my husband walking back from store, was struck as a pedestrian by a hit n run driver, lost his keys, broken glasses, and phone. He was cut, bruised and down a ditch. He found his glasses, but couldn’t see the phone due to blood in eyes, climbed his way back up to the road, managed to call 9-11, he was taken to the Hospital. $19k Another phone call that makes your heart sink into your stomach.

    I had been back in Vegas, working on our taxes, clearing, cleaning & downsizing our home. Flights were $1500-2400 out of my $ limit on my cards. No more points, miles. I answered a friends call who said she’d look too. I had done this for our Co for our traveling engineers for decades, not a new thing. She found a flight for $300 with layover in ATL GA where she lived. I could do that. I welcomed the time over the weekend with her until my flight on Monday night. Blessings at the Baltimore! (Another story)
    Nov 23, 2015 he was laid off! Again. Searching, new resume, part time work for the UN, Major League Baseball, & other Cos but no full time work. I prayed and asked God for a job I could walk to. I started as a Home Health Aide to a quadriplegic whose parents on the same street we were renting on, had actually visited the Church in CA where we had been born again! The parallels continued. (Another story, too)!
    In 2016 a mother deer and one fawn ran onto the Highway on way to the LI RR and into my husband’s repaired fixed Jeep another $5000 in damage. And he was heartbroken to have these beautiful creatures die. We found out 10 accidents a month on the average in that area occur!!!

    Finally, a full time job offer came – 10-1/2 months later. We are still processing our finances and working, growing together in our 49th year of Marriage, and living apart, in two states, one Eastern & one Western. My husband survived Super Storm Sandy alone while I was back in NV taking care of health issues,home, etc. We’ve grown closer, experienced some hard experiences, and yet throughout it all we know the One who is in control and holds our future. Our faith has been tested, over and over, on different planes, realms. We’ve learned, grew up even more, seen God’s Faithfulness. We’ve been detached then fused back stronger. We’ve matured.

    This is not the Golden Years we thought we’d have. My husband is still working at 73, in a new field that he never would’ve looked into before, with a few years to go, and we’ve had to talk and share and grow up regarding finances, debts, and stewardship. Almost all our our savings, retirement plans were liquidated to pay our employees. I am currently, also, looking for work, in NV at 67. Not easy but God will make a way! He holds our future, and it is secure. Jesus is Lord!

    Be encouraged ! Our Father, does indeed own the cattle on a thousand hills. He opens doors and closes others. He asks we follow. Open hearted and open handed.

  41. I too suddenly lost my job of 17 years. The waiting and the unknown are horrible. I am choosing to be of more service to my church, and being a happy little housewife, in the silence of unemployment. Sometimes I am embarrassed to admit that I am job-less, because I placed my identity in my work. I am retraining my thoughts. I am more than my job. I am a child of The King, and a helpmate to my husband. Thank you for sharing your heart during this personal battle.

  42. Thank you for writing this! We just entered this journey, again. God is reminding us He is here, we are in his care.