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Jennifer is an artist living in rural Nebraska with her US Army veteran husband. She loves to create and seeks to reflect the beauty of Christ and encourage others in meaningful, beautiful ways. You can find her and see more of her art on Studio JRU.

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  1. Jennifer,
    Thank you for a reminder that I needed – that things are happening in the waiting! When I am waiting and I don’t see anything happening from my vantage point, I get the misguided notion that just because I can’t see it, nothing is going on. What false thinking. Part of the problem is that I am a “fixer” by nature, so I think if I’m not “fixing” it then it won’t get fixed….I know silly girl. I think this is a little, or not so little, thing called pride.

    Like you, what I’ve found is that God is always hard at work moving and orchestrating things that I do not see. I can’t see Him working in someone’s heart. All I know is that I can lift my prayers, not learn on MY understanding of the situation, and trust that God is certainly ABLE and that He’s got this (whatever “this” is). In the meantime I wait, pray, and thank Him for what He is about to perform. Greatly timed reminder, Jennifer, thanks!
    Bev xx

    • ah, more words of confirmation, just what I needed to hear this morning. God is so kind in putting all these reminders in front of me during this difficult season I’m in. Thank you all!

    • It makes it easier to get through the waiting when we know He is always hard at work, isn’t it, Bev? Even when we want to be fixing things! I totally get that! Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts today!

  2. These are the exact words I needed to be reminded of this morning. I’m in the middle of a health issue that is very odd and waiting to discover the reasons why. Just reminding myself that the Lord is near and He will never leave me. Thank you!

  3. Jennifer,
    Thank you for the much needed reminder. God is good. He knows every hair on my head and every thought I have. I have been thinking a lot lately how long I have been in “waiting” mode… at least 15 years and how discouraging it can be to wait so long. I see slight changes in my circumstances with my marriage but I know that I also need prayer to be more like Christ (patient, understanding, forgiving, loving, etc.).
    I will continue to pray for the things not seen that only my heart can see. Thank you.
    Warm regards,

    • I totally understand what you mean, Amy. I have/am experiencing long waiting seasons. I will pray for you in your season of waiting, knowing He is by your side and will help you through.

    • Amy,

      I will pray for you and your marriage. We have to trust that God knows best-His timing is perfect. I pray you will feel strengthened & encouraged during this waiting.


  4. Beautiful post! I am currently in a waiting period in my marriage. Even though sometimes it seems hard & difficult during this period, I know that God is up to something great prepared just for us. I feel so overwhelmed. The praise that God’s going to get out of it… Beautiful…just beautiful. Thanks.

    • It brings such hope to know that He is preparing you for great things, isn’t it?! Praying for you and your marriage in this period of waiting, Graham. We all understand feeling overwhelmed. Praying He comforts you.

  5. I just discovered (in)courage last week and this post spoke directly to my heart. I am in a dark season of waiting and am facing many unknowns. Patience has never been my strong suit and, coupled with a little bit of envy, I often find myself feeling forgotten by God.

    But this reminder to wait, to trust and know that God is with me during this season and that He has a plan for my life, has lifted my spirits tremendously. Although I cannot know His plan or purpose, I know that it is good. And that all will be well.

    “Joy comes in the morning.” Just meditating on this phrase brings me peace.

    Thank you, Jennifer, for this beautiful post. I am so thankful for the (in)courage community and I look forward to growing my faith among friends!

    • Beautifully said, Katie! And welcome! I found (in)courage about a year ago and so many posts have been gifts just when I needed them. May God continue to encourage you through the hard waiting time. Hugs!

    • Katie,
      Welcome and lifting you up in this dark time. God promises to walk with you THROUGH the valley. He doesn’t leave us stuck there. Sometimes the wait is long. But, He promises that His grace will be sufficient. I’ve found Him to be faithful to His promises though at times I felt like I was holding on by a thread. Those times have certainly stretched my patience muscles! ! But the ever lasting arms are beneath you…He won’t let you fall.
      Love and blessings,
      Bev xx

      • I know that thread well, Bev! Thank goodness it’s always strong enough to hold us, as tattered and worn as it may seem.
        Thank you for your kind words and reassurance!

    • I am so happy you found your way here to find encouragement, Katie. Patience has not been my strong suit either… and I think that is why He has given me so many ways to work on it! You are never forgotten and He will carry you through this season. Praying for your peace as you wait!

    • Katie,

      Welcome home to the heart of encouragement. Patience is/never has been a strong point of mine either. Waiting is hard. Remember God is ALWAYS with you. He will never leave nor forsake you!! May you have peace and contentment.


  6. “Joy comes in the morning.” Morning is one of my favorite parts of the day, and reading your post has given me added joy, and peace this morning. Jennifer thank-you for so beautifully reminding us to trust ‘it’ with the Lord.

    Have a blessed day all,


  7. Beautiful words, Jennifer. For many years when people would say they were “waiting on the Lord” I had no idea what they were talking about. I was young and unfamiliar with God’s ways. But now…I’m in the biggest waiting season of my life and admittedly some days are hard from sunup to sundown. However, I know there’s that bigger purpose so I just keep trusting. And even on those long, hard days, I thank Him for even having such an opportunity to be a part of that plan. Instant or not…

    • Oh yes, Jennifer! Those days can be hard from the start. It is a great way to look at it with gratitude for being part of His plan! Thank you for sharing that. Praying for you in your waiting season.

  8. Just needed that reminder. Trying to sell my home and an interested family are taking such a long time to make up their mind. Also, nowhere to move to! So……. wonderful encouragement, thank you.

  9. Thank you, Jennifer!! I am single and unemployed for much longer than I ever thought I would be. I am doing everything I’m “supposed” to be doing during this time; but through it all God is my Faithful Provider and your encouraging words are exactly what I needed to hear today. Joy WILL come in the morning even though it might look entirely different than I thought it would.

    • That is just how it works, isn’t it, Lisa? It will come even if it looks different than our plan. His ways not ours. Praying for you during this time of waiting and hope His plan for you is seen soon!

  10. This reminds me of a sermon my husband preached, “God is in the Delay,” about Esther. She invited the king to two banquets. I know I was always confused about that! Why two??? But if you read the story carefully, so much happened between the first and second banquets. If she had rushed ahead with her requests, if she had not waited, the king would not have called for the reading of the logs and known what Mordecai had done. Haman would not have completed his gallows. Things would not have been in proper order to accomplish what God purposed. Esther had to wait until the timing was right. She fasted and prayed and acted and waited. She was in place “for such a time as this” and her people were saved, because she waited on God’s perfect timing.

    • It is just amazing how things work out according to His plan… even when we don’t see it or understand the why at the time! His ways and His timing! Thank you for sharing, Maureen!

  11. Like water to a parched land your words today! Thank you for a gift today. A relief of sorts that only heaven will reveal! Thank you!!

  12. Thanks Jennifer for this reminder. There have been times I have looked back and seen the reason why a door didn’t open when I wanted. So now I am again waiting and it’s very hard so trusting the Lord for His timing, plan and purpose as they are always for my good.

  13. This is a beautiful reminder of God’s love and faithfulness, Jen. I don’t like waiting – not one little bit. But I have learned those same things you have, and I know that He is trustworthy. I trust His love and His goodness and His great wisdom. It encourages me to know He is working while I’m waiting. I may not ever see, this side of heaven, what He is up to – but I can know it is always for my good. Thank you for this. xo

  14. Jennifer,

    Excellent reminder of God’s faithfulness. I have found that God teaches us many things through trials. My lesson was patience. I have dealt with my aging dad and his declining dementia the last 3+ years. There were times I cried to God-“just take him, “what must I learn through this?” He brought me closer to himself through the struggle. Jesus also showed me hints that I was right where He wanted me. He walked me through a dark valley and now the sun is shining. Both of our struggles are over. Dad is up in Heaven with mom rejoicing with Jesus.

    Blessings 🙂

    • I am so sorry for your loss, Beth. I know through comments you have made here that you have been caring for him with all your love over these years. Thank you for sharing the good that came from your trials. Praying for you.

  15. Dearest Miss Jennifer,

    I read this post the other day and did not comment on it then because of all the similar  type comments… but, it kept coming back to mind and I realized that if something I wrote touched someone’s heart I would like to know. So, I find myself back here at your post… This topic has been heavy on my heart for a few weeks and just last night I had a much needed talk with woman I am now blessed to call “Mama” and I referenced your post. As someone who has been grasping for something to stick in a world of fast paced instant gratification patience and fear have been a constant battle for me for awhile now. But, your post is one of the things that “snapped me out” of my latest bout of self inflicted anxiety… it was so encouraging, comforting and hope giving when you said, “that we might be next in line or there might be a dozen people ahead of us” …knowing that the “operator” would eventually get to us; because He knows we are there, He hasn’t forgotten us. Thank you so much for sharing the words our loving Heavenly Father laid on your heart. I pray your day is blessed.

    This side of Heaven,
    Summer Rae

    • Oh, Summer Rae… thank you so much for taking the time to come back and leave a note. I appreciate hearing it so much and it serves as a great encouragement to me when I needed it. So grateful He spoke to you through these words. Thank you.

  16. Your words resonate as I am rejoicing in the answers to prayers prayed in long seasons of waiting while still fervently asking and waiting on prayers prayed just as long. The waiting is often quiet and dark. But I remember that He is there in my waiting. Thank you for your honest vulnerability.

  17. I so wish I could get this through my head and most of all my heart. I don’t understand why I must wait for that which my heart desires most: to find and marry the best of friends . I’m 41 and as time passes I think of all I’m missing out on sharing with this elusive person. All I can ‘see’ is the empty my heart feels. I try to fill it up with good positive things, serve others in need but eventually day turns to night and that hole in my heart feels like the Grand Canyon. I don’t know how to be patient in my waiting especially when I don’t understand why not now….why must it be later. If Heavenly Father knows my heart…the He knows how much that kind of love will mean to me, so why is He withholding it?

    • Sabrina ~ your post reminded me of the exact things I said for many years. I wanted to be married so badly and couldn’t understand why time was passing and I was aging and it wasn’t happening. I still don’t have all the answers, but I feel I had a breakthrough during a sermon that was preached at my church (by an assistant pastor who is now our full time pastor). He ended his preaching by saying God wants to bless his children, and if there was something on our hearts that we really wanted, to ask him. I just let down my guard and asked in faith for the same thing I had been asking for for many years.
      Soon after that I came in contact with someone I used to date and this time it was right.
      I will pray for you that you will be able to trust gods plan, and we just don’t know why things take so long. Just believe that he wants to bless his children and try not to ask why. I like psalm 37:7 that says, “be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for him to act”.
      Whenever I start to question or worry about things, I use it as an opportunity to release my faith, and I pray “I wait patiently for you to act, God”. Even though I don’t feel patient at the time. I pray the Lord will bless you with a sweet, loving husband the way He blessed me.

      • Thank you Ellene for taking the time to reply. It touched my heart deeply and I cried. I will try to do as you suggested. * hugs* thank you for your hearfelt words. 🙂

    • My heart goes out to you, Sabrina. I know just what it feels like to not understand the waiting and I have to remind myself it isn’t about my understanding. But it is so hard. All I know is that He has a plan and that brings me some comfort to know there is a plan ahead for me! I pray that you will someday see the plan and see why the waiting was part of the plan. Praying for you as you wait.

  18. I have been reading, seeing, and hearing God tell me to watch, wait, rest, trust God alone, and renew my mind.

    Instead, I find myself trying to fix things and people, bargain and plead with God to do my plans in my time, and read fiction books onstead of more Bible….ugh!!!

    Please pray for me and my loved ones. Pray God’s will and timing and glory! Pray for me to die to myself and live in Christ.

    Thank you

    • We know how hard it is, Tammie! Our humanness of not understanding and having our own plans is so difficult to put aside. I have certainly been there. Praying for you and your loved ones and you wait for His will and His perfect timing.

  19. I apologize in advance for such a long post…

    My beloved 73-yr-old dad had heart valve replacement surgery over 2 weeks ago on April 12. He was supposed to be in the hospital for a week and on a respirator for just a few hours after the surgery. The surgery went well, but my dad has had “some complications.” Since the surgery, he has remained in ICU on the respirator, is in “very critical condition,” has been completely unresponsive, has developed a bit of pneumonia, has so much fluid build-up around his heart and brain and in his lungs and tissues that he has had to have dialysis daily to draw out some of that fluid, has only 1 kidney (since an accident he had at age 9) that is failing along with other organs showing failure (including his liver), has now had a tracheotomy to move the respirator tube out of his mouth and to the trach in his throat, and (as of Fri, April 28) has a statistical prognosis of 60% mortality (meaning, he has only a 40% chance of surviving). More medical details and dire “complications” pile up as each day passes.

    At first, I thought this would just be a waiting game, for his body needs time to heal from the surgery. But now, it is becoming more clear to me that he will never gain consciousness again nor will he survive so many odds stacked against him. It seems that no amount of prayers and waiting will change the outcome of this horrific tragedy.

    Both my mom and I depend on him so much for absolutely everything. My mom’s health is not good as she continues to battle her own chronic pain and incurable medical conditions. And I am officially disabled with MY medical conditions (severe lumbar scoliosis and other spine issues) that keep me in severe chronic pain alongside my mom. I also have CVID (Common Variable Immune Deficiency) and, more specifically in my case, Hypogammaglobulinemia, which means I have NO immune system because my body does not produce hardly any antibodies to fight off infection, disease, bacteria, germs, etc. As such, I cannot be out in the world or around people, and hospitals and especially the ICU are literal death traps for me, so I have not been allowed to go see my dad. I NEED to see him! In person!

    And, right now, it feels like God has abandoned not only me but also my dad and my mom. I wish I had a positive story to tell here about the “wonderful results of waiting on God,” but I don’t. I am so angry and terrified that all I can do is beg and plead for God to have mercy on us and to save my dad’s life and bring him back home to us. And it appears that God is saying no.

    The waiting period for my dad is running out very quickly now. And it will take a huge miracle from God for any of this to turn around in a positive direction, especially for my dad. All I can ask of anyone here is for your prayers for
    — my dad’s life to be saved and his body healed;
    — for my mom’s need for help, acceptance of such help, inner strength, rest and sleep, and inclusion of me;
    — and, lastly, for me…I need God to forgive me for my hopelessness and all of my other sinful shortcomings, to strengthen my faith in Him, to help me yield to His will (whatever that may be), to ease my anger and give me patience, to help me know how to help my mom in ways that she will accept, and to give me something to hope for, for I have no future.

    My mom and I both need some measure of comfort and a sense of peace that only God can give. My dad needs a straight-up miracle!

    And, even as I type these phrases of Christian faith, hope, and love, I must confess that I am barely hanging on. I do not want to live without my dad. And my mom does not know HOW to live without him. Neither of us does. So please pray for us. I feel so overwhelmingly lost, unbearably sad, beyond terrified, and so angry that even I am afraid of myself. Forgiveness, mercy, miracles, faith, hope, God—these are all just concepts now whereas, before this particular tragic set of circumstances, I believed in these intangible things wholeheartedly for my entire life.

    But love…I still believe in love, for it is the one thing that can shatter me yet again into a million broken pieces that I no longer have the internal means and wherewithal to sort through, pick up, and figure out how to put them together again. That happened before…20 years ago when half of my immediate family was murdered. But, at least back then, I still had my mom and dad to go home to. They have always been my safe haven and my superheroes.

    How can I possibly live without either or both of them given the fact that I can no longer live alone and take care of myself due to my disabilities? I have been disabled and sick for nearly 11 years now and had to let go of my successfully crafted and beloved career. It’s been loss after loss and way too many family deaths and funerals for me.

    But NOT my dad!!!! Please, God, don’t take my dad!!! Take ME! I have no future here in this life anyway. Take me instead, and let my dad live so he can continue to take care of my mom.

    Thank you for reading my post and for any prayers you can lift up on my family’s behalf.

    • Dear Anna,
      Sitting here reading your post this morning touched me. My prayer is for healing for your Dad, strength and acceptance for your Mom, and healing and hope for you. Our only HOPE is Jesus Christ. He is not intangible. He is living and powerful and is seated at the right hand of the Father continually making intercession for us. He is our High Priest. We are allowed through His blood to come boldly before the throne of grace to find grace and mercy in our time of need. Oh, how I pray that these truths will take fruit and root in your heart, and realize that you do have a reason to live, and His name is Jesus. He will give you the strength you need if you ask in faith and believing. I know you have faith or you wouldn’t ask for prayer. I know you believe or you wouldn’t ask for prayer.
      I believe for you that God is hearing your cry and even though I don’t know or understand His ways, I do know that He is trustworthy. I pray for you that the Lord Jesus Christ will even now put His arms of love around you in such a way that you know that you know that you know that He truly loves you, cares for you, and hears your cries. I pray for Him to show you a way that He has for you and your Mom that you could never imagine, and I pray for not only healing for your Dad, but for peace for him. If He does call your Dad home, I pray you will rest in the assurance that you will be reunited one day in the presence of the Lord, and that will be your Hope. He is there with you even now. Believe Him and Receive Him.
      A Sister in Christ,

      • TJ,

        Thank you so much for taking the time to read my long post, to pray for my parents and me, and to write back such a thoughtful reply. I appreciate your kind words of encouragement and hope.

        At this time, I am unable to give an update on my dad because (1) I am too exhausted to type much more right now and (2) we are waiting on a final test result that will determine whether we let my dad go or, if he still does indeed have significant brain activity, we wait for his body to heal and for him to wake up.

        So all I can ask is for continued prayer for each of the things I mentioned in my original post. We are broken-hearted and so very tired.

        Again, I thank you with deeply felt gratitude for your kindness, encouragement, and prayers! I am hanging on as best I can.

        Much respect,

    • Dear Anna
      I’m just reading this post today and not aware of the current state of things with your dad but I want to encourage you to hold on to hope. Know that God is still GOD no matter what and He works all things out for His glory. We don’t know how or when but just like He came through for Lazarus and raised him up for His glory and to show that it’s not over until He says it’s over, He will come through for you all. I pray for the peace that passes all understanding to fill your hearts and minds. I pray for strength to hold on to God and His promises and for the ability to trust Him in even in the most difficult of times. Don’t Give Up please.
      Shalom x

  20. Anna – I will pray for you and your family. I can’t begin to understand what you are going through but my heart goes out to you in this difficult time. I believe that the Lord will give you all you need. Please don’t give up on Him, continue to have faith and cry out to Him. He will never leave you or forsake you.

    Praying in California.