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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. OH!
    I have been there in the lobby with you, waiting for the moment, totally losing focus, but then . . .
    This piece brings back so many memories of kid-wrangling and being near tears when the little worshipers cut loose and put the glory of God on display in a way that is completely free and unfettered.
    For years it was “other people’s kids,” then it was my own kids — this year, for the first time, my tiny grandboy will wave the palms (and have to be told it’s not a light saber), and my heart will be saying “Hosanna” right along with him.

    • Michelle, how special that you’ll get to share that moment with your grandson! I hope it’s a day you’ll both look back on with joy for a long time. 🙂 Thanks so much for reading!

  2. Lindsey,
    Echoing Michele’s words – having taught school, preschool, and Sunday school- I chuckled out loud when you said about the 2nd grade boys and the 4 year olds 🙂 But, capture THEIR joy, their excitement, knowing yet not knowing what was really going on….how far removed are we as adults? What must the people have thought back then? A triumphant entry one week, a crucifixion the next? What would I have been like had I been there. I celebrate Jesus on Palm Sunday knowing now what I know, but had I lived back then, would I have been so jubilant? Today, however, I especially praise Jesus on this Sunday. He rode humbly into town, not on a stallion, but on a donkey – knowing full well that in less than a week those shouts of “Hosanna” would turn to “Crucify Him!”. What pure, unadulterated love. A love I can’t even fathom! Now knowing what He knew that Palm Sunday, I praise Him and thank Him. Loved your post!!
    Bev xx

    • I’m so with you, Bev! It’s hard to imagine Palm Sunday WITHOUT knowing the reality of the crucifixion and this hard season of waiting for Christ’s return, but it would be a totally different ball game. And yes–Jesus already knew the ending but went there anyway, for us. Amazing.

      Thanks so much for reading!! xoxo

  3. Thank you for this reminder. I have a newborn (and 5 and 3 year old) right now, and am caught up in feedings and sleepless nights. I’m anxious for this season to pass so that I can regain control of time, schedules, and my sanity. I need to stop, take it in and see the joy all around me.

    • Oh, JK! I am RIGHT THERE with you. It is such a hard season. My reality is that many, many days, I don’t do such a good job savoring it. I can feel really guilty about it, but I’m so grateful that Jesus’ grace covers even that! Sending lots of that grace your way today, too. xoxo

  4. Lindsey,

    Oh if only we could get the enthusiasm of children. We get so caught up in perfectionism that we often times miss out on the joy!! I wonder if I lived back then-waiting so long for the promised messiah-if I would be so enthusiastic. I might be about His entry, but seeing His crucifixion and not knowing “the rest of the story” how would I react? Would I run away or cling to the hope that there might be more? Like Bev I can’t fathom loving someone so much to experience ALL the pain and agony on that cross. Dwelling on the cross & seeing Jesus up there makes me cry and yet want to praise Him at the same time. I often ask why me? I don’t deserve your love. Thank you Jesus!!

    Blessings 🙂

    • Thank you for reading, Beth!! I totally agree–we’re so undeserving, but I’m so grateful that when God looks at his children, he sees Jesus’ righteousness. So much to be amazed by this Easter season!

  5. Oh Lindsey, I am pretty sure you are the younger version of me. But unlike you I failed to see the joy. I made sure everyday day that everything was perfect, or appeared to be. Please slow down and cherish this time with your family. As the song says, “Don’t blink.” It goes by all too fast. I wish I had known to slow down and ask our Father for his grace and guidance. I am so thankful for my family and many blessings. I just can’t get that time back with my children. I have so enjoyed this post on this beautiful day. God bless everyone.

    • Hi Kimberly! Thanks so much for all this encouragement. I have to be honest–I don’t manage to see the joy all the time. (I chose “joy” as my word of the year in 2016 because I knew it was a struggle! I don’t know that I did so well with it even then.) But I’m trying, and with Jesus’ help, I think I’m getting there.

      Either way–I know you and I can trust Jesus to redeem any missed moments and fill in the gaps for us.

  6. Having worked with children myself, and liking things to go smooth I understand. It does give you a new perspective, some days I felt like a cowgirl needing a lasso, but we mustn’t let go of Jesus who is the source of joy.

    • Rebekah, that image of a cowboy with a lasso made me laugh. I could have used a lasso with my boys a couple times today! 🙂

      I think Jesus was on to something when he said to have faith like a child! You’re totally right–working with them and seeing things through their eyes totally helps me experience joy more fully.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

  7. Thank you for encouraging us to not miss the joy of this week. I appreciate you taking us into that moment years ago and showing us your heart. Just imagine the glorious day when the time comes for Christ’s return and how we’ll say, “It’s time!” 🙂

  8. Bless you as you minister to your little ones and as you are strengthened in Him. The joy of the Lord is our strength.

    Blessings on you!

  9. I too am a control freak. Those long days with babies and preschoolers transitioned into grade school/middle school and onward in swift, relentless fashion. There were days I became so frustrated with my sloppy housekeeping instead of taking in the joy; then I worried that I was too much of a control freak and had sabotaged my daughters’ childhood memories with “Mama blown rants”. But a couple of years ago God kept whispering “You’ve done fine. It’s ok. Enjoy the moment.” And for Mother’s Day my kids gave me a spoon rest that said something along the lines of “Good Moms have a messy kitchen and happy kids.”
    The waiting is something I struggle with daily. So thankful for God’s grace through his son Jesus. Such an incredible gift.

    • What a special gift from your kiddos! That’s a reminder I need most days, too.

      I find that nothing in my life has taught me about God’s grace more than parenting!

  10. I’m late to the game reading this…but I love this, Lindsey! I too get so easily wrapped up in the next thing that needs to be done that it’s easy for me to miss the joy of ‘right now.’