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Anna works full-time for DaySpring from Minnesota, where she lives with her husband and four kids. Anna is the author of A Moment of Christmas and Pumpkin Spice for Your Soul, and she shares the good stuff of the regular, encouraging you to see the ordinary glory in your everyday.

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  1. This looks great, ladies! So thankful for your hearts to serve women around the world with daily encouragement!

    • Awesome! Its never too late, God does not see us as we see ourselves, He only sees the potential we are craving for, we have to overcome the fear of this world to get what the Father has in store for us. I am dealing with that as I type. I am a member of a book club and card club, but I find no one has the deep compassion I have for God, my search is still a work in progress, and I am ok with that. Thankful for the women in my future, I know you are there 🙂 -Jesus lead me!

    • As a seventy one year old woman who left her friends to move across the country to be near her daughter, the trailer spoke volumes to my heart. I am anxious to read Craving Connection.

  2. Anna,
    Well I’ve got 3 copies….one for me :), one I’m sending to a wonderful friend along with the friendship necklace (wear one/share one), and one I’m going to give as a giveaway on my blog. I’ve flipped through the pages and the book looks awesome. Can’t wait to dig in!! Also just a thank you to all those who put hard work into this book and the job you do each day in enabling us to have and make connections here at (in)courage. (((Hugs))) to you and my (in)courage cyber-friends…so glad to be connected with you 🙂
    Bev xx

  3. I can not wait to get a copy of this book! I have tried many times to pursue meaningful friendships that have fizzled. Either someone has moved away or I just always feel left out because other relationships are already established and there just isn’t any room for one more. It’s so difficult to withstand the daily stresses of life without the support of a good friend.

    • I a right there with you. It seems like most of the friends I have made have either moved away or just not been really good for me.

  4. I always look forward to your encouragement through these writings, I’m sure this is great too.

  5. I discovered this book just last night through Instagram, and my interest was immediately piqued! As someone who struggles to connect, this book intrigues me and seems to be calling my name….

  6. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy. I would love to have this book. Blessings and Peace to you.

  7. I can’t wait to read this book! DaySpring has changed my life & strengthened my walk with Christ. I’m so excited!

  8. Super excited about this! Can’t wait to get my copy in the mail and dig right in! Connections are so important to all of us, and it’s great to have hope and somewhere to start! 🙂

  9. I hope to head out to a local bookstore today. It sounds like the whisper of hope I need. Thanks.

  10. Thank you for the opportunity to win books and all the other fun prizes!! This book sounds amazing and I SO enjoy the in courage posts I get every morning in my email…this is such a great community of writers and encouragement- thank you!

  11. I love all the messages that I read on this blog. They encourage and strengthen me for the challenges I face each day. I praise the Lord for these authors and their willingness to share what our Father shows and teaches them with others. I’m only 18 yrs old but already I’ve found as I spend time with Jesus, he fills me with the grace and strength I need each day.
    These books sound really special, I’m sure whoever receives them will be blessed.

  12. I am so excited to get this book! I have been in this “new” town for about two and a half years and have not found that friend I can relax, be myself with and tell anything to without fear. Thankfully I have a few friends back home, but there is something to be said about face to face enter action over a cup of coffee :-). For me, making friendships has been harder as an adult and I don’t know how much is this town or me. I look forward to the insights this book will bring!

  13. So apt in a world where we frequently connected but craving connectedness. I would love to read this!

  14. Oh this book looks so practical and lovely! I surely am craving connection as my family has recently moved overseas and I haven’t quite found my ladies yet. The incourage posts these last couple weeks have been so encouraging and uplifting! Thank you ladies!

  15. I cannot wait to read this book – thank you for always knowing just what I need!! 🙂

  16. I am really excited to read this book and I know exactly which friend I’d give the necklace to!

  17. After 27 years in an abusive marriage, I have few connections. I long for connection, but because of the abuse, I’m afraid too. As I begin a new year and a new life, this book is the perfect start to learning to connect with others! Thank you!

  18. I would so love to win a copy of this book! Sounds like there is so much encouragement packed inside…we are better together!!

  19. Wonderful book! It arrived last week!! I would love to share extra copies with several friends!!

  20. So looking forward to reading this book and the encouragement and ideas to deepen the connections with those in my life!

  21. Cannot imagine, Craving Connection, being anything but an inspiring, encouraging book if it’s anything like Incourage Devotions! I read them first thing each morning for a daily dose of inspiration, and they help to set the tone of my day! Thank you, Incourage Devotions!!

  22. I pre-ordered my copy from Lifeway and I can’t wait to pick it up after they later today! I need this book a lot. I have tried to make meaningful friendships but it’s hard. I have either chosen people who have not been very nice to me or chosen great people who have moved away. I just found out another good friend is moving this year.

  23. So excited for this. As a millitart wife the constant moving makes this a must! It’s exhausting doing it over and over. Would love to share these copies with friends moving this year!

  24. Looks like a great book – I would love to have a copy. Also looks like some other great gifts you are giving away. So nice to be in this community of women online and to have or build a real community of friendships and relationships with other women around us in the real world.

  25. Received my shipping notification yesterday! Looking forward to joining in this journey with others! Not sure what that is going to look like yet, but I am excited to deepen and strengthen my friendships!

  26. After some not so positive experiences with other ladies who were not really “friends” I’ve found with the help of the spirit and in courage that it’s ok. I am loved and I have love to give. I can take those experiences and learn from them. Trust god he will bring who I need to connect with in my life, and he has. People I didn’t know and they have been wonderful friends. Courage and faith…now connection.

  27. Celebrating with you, and celebrating everyone involved in the creation of this book. Knowing it’s going to bless so many lives!!
    Cheers and blessings

  28. This book looks really interesting. Our Bible study’s theme this year is “Ascend, Reflect, Connect”, so the book is really timely. Just bought a Kindle copy so I can start reading it right away! Can’t wait to get started reading it!

  29. This book is exactly what this lonely and longing for friends heart needs! I am encouraged by your commitmemy to offering resources like these to floundering folks like us who want more than the status quo. Looking forward to this read!

  30. I love you ladies and these devotions. They fill up my soul every morning when I get to work. You will never ever know how much they mean to me. I can’t wait to buy this book. Will be going to the bookstore today to buy a copy. Thanks for all the work you put into it!
    Sincerely Blessed by (In) Courage!

  31. I can’t wait to get this book. God knows my heart has been craving a meaningful connection with other ladies for several years now. I continue to pray and hope that this will soon happen in my life.

    Congratulations (in) courage!!!

  32. This book has released at the perfect time. My husband and I recently relocated to the North Shore of MA, as he received a promotion. Other than our college years, we’ve both lived in our “home” community for all of our 50+ years. Our friends, family, and church family have been left behind. I have not found new employment yet, but have enjoyed the opportunity to organize our new home. Nonetheless, I’m beginning to feel my isolation. I have time (which I’m typically craving!), but I’m starting to waste that time by becoming stressed about not yet beginning a new job and how we’re going to pay our bills, etc. I know that God has the perfect thing planned for me! I also know that my go-to tendency is to play tug-o-war with God for control in my life! Because I’m isolated (and shy!), I have too much time for mental tug-o-war. I look forward to the wisdom in this book. Unfortunately, when I pre-ordered the book I clearly didn’t pay attention to the release date. I had it shipped to my former office…which is now permanently closed! I now have to work on getting it re-routed or returned so that I can reorder. I’m hoping to get my hands on it soon!

  33. That trailer? Oh my gosh what a delight to see all those women I love and admire together. I cannot wait to read this book! Anything from (in)courage is bound to be something I’ll want to read, share, and talk about with others. Congratulations to you all! May God use this book to bring glory to himself and friendship to women everywhere. Praying this to be so.

  34. So excited about this new book!! Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy! God Bless!!!

  35. After losing a long time friendship I could really use a book like this. I feel lonely, but not alone. Can someone please pray for me? Thanks

  36. Thank you for recognizing this very real desire. True connection is a glorious thing – in marriage in family in friends in community in church. It’s what we were made for, ultimately, in our connection with Him. Thank you https://www.incourage.me for your daily dose of encouragement 🙂

  37. This book looks like it was written just for me. My husband and I have many acquaintances, but very few good friends. After college, all of our good friends moved away to other cities. Since then, we’ve tried to build friendships with other couples, but for some reason it didn’t last. I can’t wait to read this book!

  38. This is awesome! I struggle with trusting people after having been hurt so many times, but being able to have meaningful interaction is really a necessity for what I do.

  39. What a true need for all of us! To really connect……really …..with the one main thing we have in common with each other! To know….to serve…..to adore our precious Lord.
    Thank you!

  40. So thankful for the women who use the talents that God gave them to encourage others- THANK YOU

  41. Looks like a fabulous book. Would be the perfect read for me at the moment as I’ve been thinking a lot about friendship lately and how it changes as we grow older and move to new places.

  42. What a blessing it will be to read. Good friends make all the difference in life, but it can be hard to make meaningful connections. Can’t wait to read and share.

  43. I recently found this blog thanks to a magazine that I picked up at church. I love the devotions I am getting every morning and I enjoy reading the blog. I am looking forward to reading this book.

  44. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book. The prophetic word for our church for 2017 is just one word. ENGAGE. My husband and I were just saying last night how we should really step out and connect more with our neighbors. Some of them have been living on our street for more than 15 years. We say hello but are we really connected? My plan is to drop a little note to the ones close to me. The ones to whom I say hello and pray that God will open up doors to friendship love and support.

  45. Hi, I am a big fan of this website. I follow the blogs everyday and have blessed me incredibly. I even share it with my daughter and friends. Keep up with the amazing work you do in encouraging women around the globe!

  46. Just ordered my copy…this is exactly what I need! Have been going the route of waiting for connections to fall from the sky, but now am ready (and excited) to put some work into it.

  47. Connecting with other women is so vital in our lives. So grateful for a resource that encourages connection. Can’t wait to read it!

  48. Congratulations on the launch! I’m looking forward to see how God uses this book in my life and in lives of other ladies in my community.

  49. So excited for this book! I so need this in my life. My life is full but empty in the way of friendship and deep relationships. Thanks for this… looking forward to connecting!

  50. So needed! We all long for connection with each other, to belong. They will know we are Christians by our love!

  51. I can not wait to get a copy of this book! Would like to possibly reach out to my book club members to do the same. When you reach my age (76 ) a lot of dear friends are gone not easy to make close friends as Jessie says other relationships are already established.

  52. My word— this might be my starting place… and the beginning of a new year as well. I have been worshipping at a church for 5+ years and am the first out the door, afraid , terrified really of others ( friends I don’t know how to have or relate to really as I am super boring). I just don’t want to say/hear unkindness so just stay in my own bubble. I think I am doing wrong as a Christian in this manner-I am kind don’t get me wrong but never try to reach out and resist anyone reaching near me.
    I have tried Bible Study there but most Women have their own groups already in place. I am afraid to lunch with them as I won’t have anyone to sit with and that would be embarrassing. So… I just stay a distance. I was working toward making a difference this year and “me” trying. Sensitive in nature and worried about being hurt…. I am giving this a shot for 2017. I know whatever I do I will always try to do it best for the glory of god. The book looks like it would be helping with steps towards community. I so enjoy the daily e-mails, so uplifting.

  53. It is so easy to fall into isolation. Looking forward to a practical, spiritual plan to connecting with others.

  54. I guess for me, where I really want to feel connected and supported and don’t, is my husband and our ministry in a poor rural like part of our town. I feel if I share some of the things that broken people do, most of our main church would be asking why we are there and keep on rejecting them. A lot of people seem to think because we live in America and they’re poor, it’s basically because they kinda deserve it and caused themselves to be in this condition. But does blaming and judging help? I don’t know how to get past attitudes and how to get more volunteers to come and see that people are people and everyone needs to be loved by God. So that’s where I want to feel more connected and accepted.

  55. Connection is where my heart is currently being challenged. I’ve been really good at leaving people behind. I would love to win a copy of this book. 🙂 Thank you for your devotions that are both encouraging and challenging; they are my favorite part of my mornings!

  56. The title of this book speaks to me! Moving back home to beautiful Ohio 3 years ago was a welcome blessing! We had spent 14 long years in Southern California – I couldn’t wait to leave tht traffic, heat and craziness behind. I love being back home, closer to family, but my core group of “people” – my 5 girlfriends I left behind – boy are they hard to replace! We’ve been blessed with a wonderful church community close by our new home but I’ve yet to really get connected into a group that feels like home to me. I’ve got “friends” but no one that I really feel I can call for a day of girl time. I am blessed beyond measure in so many areas of my life…I’d like to make 2017 the year I make some connections in friendships!
    Thank you to everyone at incourage for all you do! I look forward every morning to your message – which is always applicable and right on!

  57. Sounds like a wonderful book, friendships can be difficult but so needed in our lives! Thank you for using the talents God has given you to help and reach others!

    • I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my book and to share with a friend. Especially love the clip-on frame with art prints/verses so I can focus on memorizing Scripture this year. And the necklace is beautiful – so simple! I especially love that it is gold so I can attach a gold cross that was my mother’s and give it to my granddaughter. Thank you for the encouraging emails every day!

  58. This book looks awesome! I considered getting a copy with the share necklace for my best friend who lives on the other side of the world (in Singapore) for Christmas…but I didn’t do it. I’d love to win this and be able to send it to her! Our God made us for relationships!

  59. I feel like the entire call of my life is to be in relationship. I am intrigued by how this fabulous book can expand on that theme. Thanks for zipping through time and space to enter my email box each morning awakening me to new grace from God.

  60. What a wonderful gift to all of us! Can’t wait to read as well as share. I always long for deeper connections.

  61. Please enter me into the free giveaway. I wold live to be able to share with a friend. I pre-ordered my copy.

  62. This book sounds awesome! I’m currently reading Giddy Up, Eunice which also deals with having/needing women in our lives and Craving Connections would be the perfect follow-up (& reinforcement)!

  63. Glad that internationals are included too! Can’t wait for my copy of the book to arrive. (in)courage has played such a big role in encouraging me.

  64. I love this — for myself and for my 18 year old daughter!!! it is soooo hard to be a Christian teen in todays world!! I am excited to go through this study with her!!

  65. How wonderful! This topic is near to our hearts. As we nurture those around us in our everyday, we seek to be connected. Can’t wait to read this!

  66. Ph my goodness, I LOVE the concept of this book! I thnk it is so needed in today’s culture. We are so very social media based in our relationships that we lack the personal connections we so desperately need and desire. I have hope that this book will allow those who read it to engage with those around them! Can’t wait to read it <3

  67. I would love a copy of this book. In the end, relationships are the only thing that matter.

  68. I would love a chance to win this book! Connection is what we yearn for in our everday lives. Since becoming s Mom, searching for connection has never before felt so important. We need eachother to help us through the ups and downs of life. So excited about this book. Thank you for giving us the chance to read this and be filled♡

  69. Our schefules are so packed that it seems we have forgotten how to take time and really connect with other women. This is just the sort of thing I would like to see our church ladies use as a kick off to deeper relationships.

  70. Excited for this book. We moved to a new town 5 months ago and I had to leave my community of people. It had been VERY difficult to meet new people and get connected. 5 months in and we still have not made friends. Very lonely times. I am trusting God will bring people in our lives at the right time. Until then, trusting in Him. Thank you for this book.

  71. Oh how I love this topic! I meet weekly with a beautiful group of ladies that lift me up and we have been looking for our next topic and study! Can’t wait!

  72. I can’t wait to begin this journey for myself and my friends currently and friends to come!!

  73. My girlfriend and I pre-ordered this book to do together and then ordered about five more copies to go to some of my girlfriends all over the country. I’m wwaiting eagerly for it to arrive!!!

  74. Living in a foreign country makes it difficult to establish friendships. The meaningful part of getting to know others for a short time is knowing we, as believers, will have eternity to share together even though we are apart on this earth. I hope I can get a copy of this book. It sounds like it will be something that will draw us ladies together, in a very meaningful way.

  75. I recently moved to the US from Canada and am a newly wed plus trying to find my place in this new community. I think this book would be great for me in these new circumstances that I find myself in. Thank you to all the contributors of (in)courage. I love reading your blog every day and have found many times the courage I needed in the words that were shared. Blessings.

  76. Would love to read this book….we all crave connections and it is the essence and spice of life!

  77. Ok, like everyone else, the book sounds amazing. But after watching the trailer, what I really need to know: whose house is that? It’s so beautiful! And especially, you all just look darling!! Each of your hair and makeup looks beautiful in the video…. such pretty smiles….. Thought you’d like to hear that!

    I loved hearing you all share about the book, so I could put voices behind your writing, too. I’ve been a regular reader of (in)courage for years, and the blog has really touched my heart on a regular basis. My Bible Study girls know exactly what I mean when I mention ‘that blog I follow..’. Thanks for sharing your hearts with all of us!

  78. This looks like a good book. Please enter me in the contest. It would be something great to read in the evenings.

  79. Can’t view this page in Firefox – way overscaled

    For me I crave connection but I’ve given up on it just like I’ve given up on church. I stay online – it’s safe. Women are mean and vindictive and cruel. I’m a fricking counselor and can’t figure it out. So I stay home, curl up with books, and say screw the world.

  80. So exciting! My word for this year is “intentional” – and that includes friendships and relationships. I tend to isolate myself sometimes as an introvert, and I really want to be intentional about making new connections, as well as strengthening the ones I already have. I can’t wait to read!

  81. This looks amazing!! LOVE the idea of the elves putting in Starbucks cards…so fun!!!

  82. I am craving connections & look forward to learning from this book & sharing the journey with others craving the comfort of real relationships.

  83. connecting with other women is so important especially in this day and age of busyness. this looks like a great book!

  84. So glad this book is available! Can’t wait to dig in, and share it with friends and coworkers. Thank you so much.

  85. I can’t wait to read this! Rejection in the past (some of it I’m sure was imagined) has left me wary of investing into others. But I know this is God’s heart! I can’t wait to grow in this area!

  86. I am looking forward to reading this book. I am in a season of my life that I am craving connection and don’t know how/where to find it. Thanks for all your encouraging posts for women.

  87. Ladies, each of you has blessed me time and again with your transparency and the Truth. You have already helped me connect, but now even more so! Well done, handmaidens of the Lord! Thank you!

  88. Would LOVE a copy of this book! Always looking for new ways to lovingly engage with those around me!

  89. Please enter me in the drawing. After all our moving and finally settling down, I still struggle with making the right connections for lasting friendships.

  90. I’ve been looking forward to this book!! Ready to focus on intentional connections and encouragement with friends and sisters in Christ in 2017!

  91. Wow! I am so very excited to read this book and to share with my prayer group. I know this will be a blessing and encouragement to so many, and the giveaway is such fun!

  92. I would love to get my hands on this book & share with my amazing team of women who are always looking to grow their relationship with the Lord & those around them.

  93. I am so excited to get and read this new book! I have found incredible peace and companionship through the daily (in)courage emails I receive. God has used the beautiful women authors to speak to me and I have found an online community of friends. God bless you for this book!

  94. I can’t wait to read this book! Winning would be great. If I buy one then I can share this one. We could challenge each other.

  95. Oh goodness, I have got to get my hand on this book! I feel like this is something I really need for this time in my life!

  96. Wow. What a great time for this book. Isn’t this what we need? Community and connections.
    Not superficial but deep and abiding.
    As a pastor this book is a gift I can’t wait to bring to my women’s group!

    THANK YOU for once again providing the right resource at the right time.

  97. The idea behind Craving Connection really stood out to me – cannot wait to dive into to this word and new engagements with God and community!

  98. It seemed like you were talking about me when you you spoke about the book. I would love to have this book. Thank you so much for making it available internationally in the giveaway.

  99. Love to read this book will order….any gift would be appreciated…love giveaways! Love connecting with women and this book will give such practical ideas. God bless you girls……

  100. I’ll have to check out this book. Especially if Deidra and Alia Joy are writers in it. I have met both of these ladies and just enjoy their writings. And their friendship. I’d enjoy winning a copy of this book. An early birthday present for me? (in)courage has been great encouragement to me. Thanks!

  101. Looking forward to reading this book & hoping it will challenge me to step out of my comfort zone to grow some new deeper friendships. I relocated about a year ago & I am longing for new, genuine friendships.

  102. In my youth I didn’t connect with other women much. I was very shy. Now I want some good friendships. Women friends who I can call and tell my problems to. Fortunately I have a couple of those. One friend and I went through similar trials with our aging parents a few years ago. That brought us closer. We called each other almost daily to check on the others parents and how we ourselves were doing.

    Thanks for giving me a copy of Craving Connection, necklace and one of each to give away.

    Blessings for 2017~~!!

  103. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book! Will definitely be adding to my ‘To Read’ list 🙂

  104. As a brand new empty nester, I’ve been craving some new friendships, but feel at a lose as to how to nurture them. This book sounds like a wonderful help and I can’t wait to read it!

  105. Dear Beloved Friends,
    I stand in the need to grow closer to God and His people. The book would be an absolute blessing to me. I would be humbled to receive a copy and be a blessing to others. I have thoroughly enjoyed the daily posts and the comments left by my online sisters in Christ. May God’s name be ever proclaimed.

  106. We’ve always had trouble connecting with people in a tangible way. We see them at church, maybe have lunch, or have bible study together but it ends there. We’ve been praying to build relationships with others in church – but it’s not easy.

  107. I would love to win this giveaway. I’ve been homebound due to chronic illness for years and don’t have any deep connections outside of my family. It’s been so long since I’ve had girlfriends that I am afraid I don’t know how to be a friend. I think this book could be a turning point for me. God bless you for sharing.

  108. Please enter me in the giveaway! I pre-ordered the book but would love to share with friends!!!

  109. This book could not be any more on time. God’s timing you could say! I too struggle with finding close personal women friendship in the town I live in. I have women friends at church, but it stops at the church doors. Everyone has established their lives here with family and friends, and not living in a town with family, makes it even more difficult. This has been a prayer of mine for sometime. Now, here’s your book! God is good. Thank you and God bless you.

  110. Wow, the news of this book brings so many answered prayers! In a recent season of trial and tribulation I have been praying for Him to show me a new direction & a calling for greater purpose in life; seeing this post today has made my day! I am excited about what this book will offer! Would love a copy of this book. 🙂

  111. Craving Connection really speaks to me right now. Six months ago I moved to a new area, closer to my sister and her family. I’m happy about that but I can’t depend on her to be my only source of friendship. Starting over is hard. I’m at a new church and trying to connect. I’m doing some volunteer work to also meet others. I know it will take a while to bring deep friendship back into my life but it can be lonely waiting to click with someone.
    Thanks for tackling a subject many struggle with in this busy and isolating world.
    Love and look forward to the daily posts.

  112. This looks like the perfect book for my life…thank you for writing it and offering it to us all. xo

  113. Yay, congrats y’all. 🙂 I pre-ordered, so hopefully my mine will ship today! Look forward to reading. Happy launch-day. 🙂

  114. Making connections can be so scary..especially for a confirmed introvert!
    Thanks for the giveaway

  115. I love it…I so crave TRUE CONNECTION. It’s a different, more meaningful type of connection than I have ever wanted before. I love the idea of this book, as it shows me I am not alone. Thank uou….I can’t wait to get a copy.

  116. Thank you for this awesome giveaway! I would love to win this book – it’s a topic that is very applicable to my life right now.

  117. Exactly the topic I’ve been talking about with my college aged daughters and the topic I wrote about in my journal this morning. Love God’s timing in answering, “I heard you.”

  118. Was talking with my 19 year old daughter who is in college , about this just last night….all the hurts/ anxiety around wanting friends and seems so hard to find and others seem to attain it so easily and naturally. why? Id love a copy too!

  119. I can’t believe today would be the first day I would find your site, this wonderful book and great giveaway! With recent very sudden life changes I find myself struggling with being and feeling alone. What a blessing to see this link to your book, website and community!

  120. Oh my! My word for the year is “Connect” and just last week when meeting with my accountability partners, my hard question for this week is “what do I crave?” I can’t wait to get a copy of the book and see how God will use it in my life…and in the lives of others!

  121. This is awesome! I would love to recieve a copy. I am a pastors wife. A leader. And sometimes we crave real connections. We have lots of interaction with people but I would love a getaway group of friends not connected to my ministry. A let your hair down, fun, sharing, group of pals. This book might be that connection I need. 🙂

  122. I’m in my 50s, and I crave connection, yet I have a very hard time even talking with people. Some ideas of how to do begin building connections and opening the door to friendships would be helpful!

  123. Oh my heart! I am tearing up just as I read the introduction above and listen to the video clip about the book! I hear this deeply with every bit of my heart and soul and I shout AMEN!!!! God always always always brings me the right things at just the right time in my life and He has most certainly done that through the women of inCourage. This book is no exception! I cannot wait to have a copy! Thank you to the women who poured out to make this happen and reach others with the need to connect meaningfully. Bless you! Bless you!

  124. Congratulations on the book!…it definitely would be one to align with my heart right now as I have been craving Devine connections. May it be a blessing to so many others! ☺

  125. Congratulations on the book!…it definitely would be one to align with my heart right now as I have been craving Devine connections. May it be a blessing to so many others as well! ☺

  126. Oh I can’t wait to read this book and hold it in my hands! Thank you, (in)courage, for writing a book for all of us. I know it will be a blessing to many!

  127. What a beautiful trailer! It really touched my heart. I look forward to reading this book and sharing it with others. Thank you for following His leading so He can touch the hearts of so many!

  128. I long so much for friendships that are close by. I find myself on many days being reminded that my closet friend, Jesus, is right there. No can talk to him all day; if I stay silent he will respond. I would love this book.

  129. It is so hard when you get hurt from relationships to put yourself back out there. This book would definitely be an encouragement to me right now.

  130. How fun! We might win by commenting OR find a surprise in the book.
    Please enter me in the drawing.

  131. Desperately craving community- would love to learn how to cultivate it with this resource!

  132. I am so excited to dig into this book. Praying God will bind hearts together as we seek relationships that are honouring to the mighty king we serve. Blessings

  133. Love the trailer. Community is so important a day we are afraid to step out would love to win a copy of the book

  134. Thank you for this new book! I can’t wait to read this book, because I have friends but none that really have anything to do with me outside of work. I feel this book will help me understand how to have friends and keep them.

  135. Please enter me in the draw. One of my SOULutions for this year was to spend more time in face to face connection and much less time on Social Media (at least not go to SM for affirmation that’s for sure).

  136. Thank you for addressing an area where many women get discouraged. We need the encouragement to keep trying because that deep-heart desire has been planted in us by God.

  137. This is something that speaks to me in this “season” that I’m in. Lately I’ve been thinking about some of my friends that reached out to me or invited me to do something when I first moved to the town we live in. How much of an impact their simple gestures have had on me and the bonus… that it opened a door to wonderful friendships and sisterhood. We will be moving again in the summer and I have vowed to do the same when we get to where we are going. I would love a copy of this book to help spur me along on this upcoming adventure. Thank you for making this available to us. It’s going to be a blessing to many.

  138. I am 51 years “young” and as I grow older I have found there is nothing more important than connecting with God, family, and friends. Thank you for listening to your hearts and ours. Thank you, (in)courage.

  139. I will be purchasing this book. A free one for a friend would double the blessings.

  140. I would love to read this! And let’s face it..drink some coffee while doing so 😉 ❤ picketh me!

  141. I am 36, and after leaving the law practice to raise my children, I greatly struggle to develop friendships. It’s been a very lonely 8 years, and I’m ready to have some real connections!

  142. Good luck with the book! Some more great connection ideas are to be found in “Everyday Confetti” by Glynnis Whitwer. I just downloaded it from my public library!

  143. What a timely book! This goes hand in hand with our ministry theme for 2017-18! Great giveaway…Thanks!

  144. I heard you speak of this book on faith conversations, I’d really like to get a copy from you

  145. This sounds awesome. I love to read incourage. Please enter me in the drawing for your new book…

  146. Oh this is a wonderful book, would love to have a copy, we moved from one state to another . My husband forced into retirement because of disability, me into giving up my job( that I loved) to be care taker for him and my mom who was dying (she has since gone home to the Lord). We have found a new church and I have made a few friends. but I find my days sometimes long and loney. I dream of having a book that I can invite some of the ladies over to chat about and fellowship. This may be the one. thank you

  147. Thank you for the giveaway and the opportunity! Would love to do this with other small group leaders within our women’s ministry at our church!

  148. What a wonderful giveaway. I think all of us could use some encouragement about connecting with our friends and community. Thank you! Sharon

  149. Congratulations!!!!! It’s a beautiful book – and SUCH a generous giveaway!!!! I’m really seeking someone to be “my people”. I haven’t had anyone to be in community with in a long time.
    Blessings on your endeavors, and thank you for always being so encouraging and loving on your FB posts!!!!

  150. Congratulations on the release of your book! I’ve been looking forward to its launch into the world. Thank you for sharing it with everyone. May those that receive it feel and know His grace.

  151. As someone new to our mew forever home, I am craving connection as I meet new people everywhere I go! I’m craving true community with people here and old friends afar, too. I hope to win & read this soon!

  152. This looks like such an amazing book! I’m sure it will be a blessing to everyone who reads it!

  153. My 2017 reading list keeps growing! I would love to win this book, as my husband and I find ourselves in a new season – one that has left me feeling a little lonely at times. Additionally, my mentor/best friend moved a few states away last year! Sigh…I desire genuine connection, and I think this book would help me to cultivate it.

  154. What an exciting release of this book! Love following this blog and would absolutely be thrilled if I won a copy of Craving Community!! Cheers to cultivating meaningful and lasting connections!

  155. It is a struggle to have meaningful relationships today, with so many good things vying for our time. I see so many women (including myself) crumbling under the weight of loneliness and a perception of not being enough. Thanks for this!

  156. Sounds like a wonderful book! So very true how we all long for and were created for connection. Relationships are the most precious things in life, including the one we are privileged to have with our Savior!

  157. I definitely need to read this book! I’ve always needed connection – but always found that friendships are too hard or set me up for too much hurt or require too much energy. I’d love to read this and hopefully see that I’m not alone in my feelings and how to address them. I’ve always wondered how others have that “friendship” that I’ve always just sat back and watched from afar.

  158. I just got mine delivered today!! I preordered two of them…now the hard part…deciding who to give the other one to! I would LOVE to get another through this giveaway!

  159. I would love to read this book! I have been craving connection, friendship and community for many years now. Because I’m an introvert with health issues that significantly limit me, I have always found it hard to make friends and experience deep fellowship and close knit community in my life. I could really benefit from the wisdom and insight this book offers. Also, everything included in the giveaway looks so pretty. Thank you for doing this great giveaway!

  160. Thank you for this blessing of this giveaway! I would love a copy of craving connection! Xoxo ❤❤❤❤

  161. I’m really craving connection with other women. I guess I’m going to have to be the initiator, the first one to try and connect with others.

  162. I need help in this area so much and always have a tough time connecting with people. It does to help that I tend to be on the quiet side sometime. I do know that the Lord wants to do a new thing in me if I am willing to let Him! God Bless you!

  163. The title of this book is ME! I crave connection and have accepted that I might never find it ( except with God ) at this stage of my life. This book gives me hope. Thank you, I can’t wait to read it1 Also, thank you for including those of us who live outside the US , in your giveaway. I smiled when I read that!

  164. This sounds great! Will definitely add to my to-read list! Intentionally seeking out and building community is one of my intentions/goals for 2017.

  165. This book looks so inviting! I, like so many, crave connections, friendships. Would so appreciate reading this fresh new book and gaining more insight into ways to reach out to others who wish for the same sense of connection.

  166. This book looks like a breath of fresh air. Social media has opened us up to communities we never could have reached just a few short years ago, and yet true connection is something that is still lacking in many of our lives, regardless of how many hours we spend on our devices. I can’t wait to read it and use it as a tool to help others find that true connection that I know I need in my life.

  167. Oh Rachel! Thank you for becoming my friend although we never met, we have through print and prayer. You nailed one of my prayers that I have kept tucked in the quiets of my heart and almost have given up on–not now…your book’s title has encouraged me to dig into its pages to learn and hopefully receive. There is joy to be had!

  168. As a women’s ministry leader for Hispanic ladies I feel this can be a great resource to encourage them to connect and fellowship with other women; and form meaningful connections /friendships that will help them grow in their walk with God and inspire them in there different relationships. I look forward for a copy of this beautiful book!

  169. What an awesome giveaway and Happy New Year. Congratulations on the book I really would love to win it. I’ve been thinking about wanting a book that truly has meaning and this book would be exactly that.

  170. Very excited about this book and fun giveaway! I’m a mom of a spunky 9 month old daughter, and am smack in the midst of navigating friendships at such a crazy time of life. Sounds like this book is just what I need to refresh my perspective on community and connections.

  171. I’m looking forward to reading this group and creating a community around me! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!!

  172. Thank you for the chance to win this amazing book and package. No doubt…I’m craving connection!

  173. Thanks so much for opportunity to be a first mover on this great read. I would love to share this with a friend whether free or not!

  174. I recently had this realization about myself and wrote it in my journal, that I crave connection! Imagine how thrilled I am to see this book now available. It helped me so much to put a label on what I was experiencing. Now that I know what the aching inside me is about, I can be intentional about meeting my God given need fro connection with others. I am looking forward to reading your book! Thank you-

  175. What a great title. As this new year has dawned I have been seeking clarity on my values and this, connection, has become one of the top 3. Both friends, family and I agree. I’ve been brainstorming options for intentional connection and I think working through a book with such a powerful title is the way to go. Thanks

  176. First and foremost I send Compassion to Michelle Bengtson upon hearing of her husband’s health news. While I hold you in prayer, please keep your eyes fixed upon Jesus. In the hardest of times we know this simply works the best!!
    I read The Happiness Dare by Jennifer Lee in 2016 and I not only know but feel God cares about every moment of every breath I take. It feels so good to be a senior citizen and a Christian Woman in 2017.
    Thank You and God Bless You for giving me the chance to read this book!!
    And yes, I have become the friend I wish I had……
    Connie B. sending you Blue Skies…..

  177. Today is the 12th anniversary of my mother’s passing into the arms of her Savior, and I’m missing her and the connection we used to have. I’m craving connection ~ and feeling alone (except for my dearest husband). Everyone is too busy to connect in real life these days. And as others have said, my reading list is getting longer, but maybe I need this book? In His grace, K

  178. With the new year already here,,God has been working on my behalf. I have been praying to start up my bible study once again. I have been looking for a great book to start the year with my girl friends. Praying that I get this book soon before our first meeting Jesus is Lord

  179. Just received mine in the mailbox today! I had pre-ordered and then forgot it about it to be honest. What a sweet, exciting surprise when I reached in for the mail today to put my hands on this. God is so good. He really is in every moment as today was the perfect day for me to receive this. I am making a warm cup of chamomile as we speak with my comfy socks on and a big snuggly blanket. Thank you for this gift.

  180. I am entering a new stage of life and missed the old connections with friends I used to have. With ailing spouses and aging parents it is difficult to retain friendships and connections. I am looking forward to this book being a real “boost” for God working through it to help me become closer to Him and closer to friends.

  181. This is exciting! Our ladies Bible Study is hoping to work through this book. 🙂 We are all looking forward to it!

  182. I just moved to a senior retirement community and feeling very alone. I need to learn how to reach out and connect with others in this community. My new movement comes in a time in my life when many of my family and friends have passed on and new connections are needed in my journey of life at this Point. I would like to learn how to walk this journey based on a spiritual connections and enjoy the fruits of connecting with others in grace and love

  183. Oh wow! Open to international readers 🙂 Thank you for the contest and hopefully the book will reach Philippine bookstores as well 🙂

  184. Thank you cannot convey my heartfelt gratitude for your creating this book. I love the video… it spoke to my heart’s desire…

    Praise God! I am not alone! I co-facilitate a women’s Bible study… and yet I crave connection… I look forward to reading this blessing aka book! Thank you for caring… Prayerfully, God will change lives and tear down walls with the loving balm of the words in your book. Thank you for this God centered book…

    I will be praying for your ministry… I am joyful just thinking about starting the New Year reading your book and being inspired to build godly friendships in this season of life… as a daughter of our heavenly Father! Praise Him!

  185. I’ve discovered recently how deep a connection void we all have in our lives… it takes such effort to reach out of ourselves! I would love to win these goodies, so I’ll toss my hat into the ring…

  186. Great! This book has perfect timing! I just spent a week away with my family sitting in seminars about loving your church, so I think this will compliment so wonderfully

  187. This year, I am hoping to restore some relationships with close family members. With the help of the Lord and your book, I believe my New Years connections will be revived, renewed & restored. God bless you for helping us women see what wonderful nuggets God’s word has in store for us!

  188. One of my goals this year is to intentionally invest in authentic friendships – to grow and nurture them. This book is the perfect for that! Thank you ♥

  189. I love this real connection. It’s a new year with many things facing us all. What a great way to connect snd walk closers with God and our sisters in Christ.

  190. I’m bound with anxiety & dislike leaving the house. Each in courage email I get helps me.

  191. Hoping to win a book! Other times that I’ve done online studies, I felt unconnected. Perhaps it is my age and that I don’t twitter or Instagram, not really sure. LOVE the title “Craving Connection” as we all certainly do, it’s right up there with wanting to feel loved. Praying about whether I should try again with these 30 challenges!

  192. As Rose wrote, I also co-facilitate a Womens’ Bible Talk and feel this book will fit right in with our 3-week series, based on Unity as written in Ephesians 5, particularly verses 2- 3, 15 and 29 with the “homework” being to read the in-between verses to make the CONNECTION complete. Yes, we all crave connection. It is a deeply entrenched desire, put there by God Himself, because he set His people in Families for a reason. He wants us to reach out to Him as a group of like- minded disciples of Christ so we can be taught how to reach out to others as Jesus did with His disciples. He didn’t just call one, He called 12. Therefore, when we Crave Connection, we will succeed when we invite God to the Table. I look forward to incorporating this book into our Bible Talk as we connect more closely with God and our group of beautiful women. The video is “frosting” on the cake! Praise God for all your efforts to bring this to us in God’s timing!

  193. My friends and I were just talking about this and I would love to gift a copy to my gf as well as get one for myself. Sounds like an incredible read – cannot wait to get my copy!

  194. Stumbled upon this book and then this website. It sounds like the something I have been looking for. Thank you.

  195. I’m at a time in my life where friends have all moved on. Between retiring husbands, their children and grandchildren and moving away, I have been left without friends. My dilemma has always been, I’m an in-betweener. Meaning I’m caught between two different generations, because I had my children later than my peers. Their grandparents while I’m still raising mine. Conversations become awkward when there isn’t much commonality in lifestyles. Too old for the parents of my children’s age and out of sync with mine.

  196. I would love to get a copy of this book. I think it’s actually something I need to read. After school, you lose all your close friends so building new friendships can be difficult. Thank you!

  197. Would love to win this! I’m due with baby girl on Tuesday and I know the baby blues are impending. This book couldn’t come at a better time in my life. Thanks for the chance!!

  198. Incourage has helped me through some rough days….I pray I win a copy because I know what I will learn will be priceless.

  199. The last year I have learnt how important relationships with those God has placed in my life our. I am sure this book will help me and the friends I have and are yet to meet build even more deep, honest and meaningful relationships.

  200. I was just talking to my mentor today about how lonely I feel since becoming an empty nester. She was trying to help me find ways to make some friends, I’ve forgotten how to be anything other than a homeschool mom and wife. Hope this book can give me some direction.

  201. At the end of 2016 I felt a strong longing for developing deeper connections with women whose lives were already entwined with mine. It seemed to me that technology and busier schedules had slowly eroded the meaningful times we used to spend in conversation, laughter, study, sharing concerns, encouraging each other, and praying together. I had a sadness sweep over me last October and it has remained within me to this day. I am working through the emotions associated with missing heartfelt communication within my close-knit friendship circles. The book you’ve just created seems to have come into my life “for such a time as this”. I am seeking out what God might be teaching me through this time of reflection, regarding the sense of loss I’m experiencing. I’m going to my Christian bookstore tonight to page through your book. How thankful I am to see my heart’s desire being explored in your new resource “Craving Connection”. And, how excited I am to see if ministry opportunities will open up to address this topic and help weave back into friendships more meaningful connections. It is a timely topic and one that will touch many lives as women read these essays.

  202. This is the first time I’m hearing about this book, and it sound fabulous. Can’t wait to read it!

  203. I have realized how blessed I have been for over 20 years to have a group of women in my life that are together in joys, pain, growth, and accountability. What I have seen in Women’s Ministry is many women, especially younger women, who don’t have those kind of deep, real friendships. Can’t wait to read and share this book.

  204. Cannot wait to find my copy at my local Store! Congrats to my favorite devotional resource group!

  205. This is si exciting. Can’t wait to get my copy! This is exactly what I need for 2017!!

  206. I’m thrilled to hear about this book. I do crave community, and every time I think I find a good connection, it crashes. I’m sure I’ll learn something that will help.

  207. How lovely! I have just been thinking about how to better RESPOND to friends needs…. I know lots of women and some really need a little more love….

  208. I’d LOVE to win this giveaway… especially as the pre-order specials weren’t open to international readers so I couldn’t get all of those amazing goodies 🙁 But even if this giveaway doesn’t come through for me, I’ll be buying a copy from Amazon (thank goodness for Kindle!)

  209. As an only adult child I’ve always craved for connections with others. For some reason God blessed me with Multiple Sclerosis 30 years ago which hasn’t helped! I am now the soul caregiver for my dear Mom (76yrs) who was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia one year ago (January 2015) after sustaining a TBI. Mom had 3 strokes & 3 seizures while in the hospital. Needless to say not only did my Mom’s life change – so did mine. I literally crave in a daily basis to correct with my sweet Mom. Forget friends as I’ve no time. We have no relatives that live in our State and my Dad passed on 11/12/12 (today is that anniversary). Mom and Dad would have been married 55 years 2 months after he passed. I CAN’T wait to order this book from Amazon..!!

  210. I think it is so important to have real connections with others. God meant for us to be in union with others. I know I feel lonely when I don’t have any connection with others. I look forward to finding out how this book will help me connect with others and with God!

  211. I am excited about this book and what it brings to the table. Connecting is so very important in life

  212. I am beyond thrilled that you have put together this book!! The daily emails I receive have been healing for my heart. Thank you.

  213. I pray I am not too late to be considered and hopefully chosen. This sounds like just the ticket…

  214. Everything about this is just AWESOME!!! So excited to hear from authors that feel like family already. I absolutely love (in) courage! Thanks for such a great giveaway.

  215. I believe this will b a wonderful book to read and to share with others as in a bible or women’s study group.
    This is just what we need when it seems that were all invisible behind our devices these days.
    I would be very grateful to win this package!

  216. I want to share this with my mops group! Looks like it will be a wonderful read for our leadership group! Thank you!

  217. I’ve been following (in)courage for a few years now and look forward to the reads everyday. Can’t wait to get this book for myself and share a copy with my Army daughter. As milatary wife and children know all to well about the loss and gains of friendships. Thank you for this opportunity to CONNECT!

  218. I would love to read this book. Have really been thinking about the friendships in my life and needing to cultivate deeper relationships with women.

  219. I can’t wait! It is proven that those who are happy in life have healthy, close connections with friends outside their immediate families. I am excited and anticipating this read. I hope to be one of the winners for the giveaway. Blessings!

  220. I am so blessed by this as letting God heal me and make me Whole from Rejection! Thank you.

  221. I turned 50 this year last and was just telling my husband this week how I miss good, true close friendships. The kiddos are all leaving the nest but one and life seems so distant and different. This comes at a perfect time. ❤

  222. I am so excited for you all! And I think this is exactly what I need. Will push this to the top of my reading list.

  223. One part of my ministry is connecting hearts. Everyone is craving connection, and this would sure help me with my mission!

  224. Excited to get a copy and work through the challenges! One of my goals for this year is to make meaningful connections that glorify God.

  225. I have not seen anything about this before. So-o-o glad it popped up on Facebook. I will be telling several people. Can’t wait to explore your website and see if I can find your book!