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Bonnie Gray is the author of Sweet Like Jasmine, Whispers of Rest, wife, and mom to two boys. An inspirational speaker featured by Relevant Magazine and Christianity Today, she’s guided thousands to detox stress and experience God’s love through soul care, encouragement, and prayer. She loves refreshing your soul at...

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  1. I am so very burdened with life right now. This entire year has been nothing but hard. I just had a new baby and feel like I can’t do anything anymore or how. Like I can’t meet any of life’s challenges anymore-take care of my baby or myself.

    • Rachel, I have prayed that you would find rest in this season. Rest physically, mentally and spiritually. As a new Mom, rest is a very precious commodity and lack of it, makes all things difficult. YOU can do this! Blessings!

    • Rachel,

      Prayers for rest for your weary soul! May God send a peace and calm to your life. Try to take a few minutes for yourself daily. Remember YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS YOU!!

      Blessings 🙂

    • Rachel,
      Just wondering…I felt this way with my first child….paralyzed like I was unable to do things and take joy in the beautiful child I was blessed with. What I didn’t know was that I was suffering from postpartum depression. I’m not a doctor and certainly can’t diagnose, but if you continue to feel this way you may want to get the advice of a physician. Postpartum depression IS treatable and there are ways to help you cope. Praying for you sweet sister…
      Bev xx

    • Rachel – I felt the same way with my first. Looking back on it now that my two boys are 7 and almost 10 (which I can hardly believe I am typing that!) the truth is I couldn’t do a lot of the things I used to do, at least not in the time or way I used to do them. The truth was I actually could still do them but the manner and time was what had changed. I pray God will give you the wisdom to accept the new way He may want you to do somethings and to find the joy in the experience. I know it was a challenge for me and I fought it often but speaking out, sharing your feelings and frustrations, asking for help and sleeping when you can are ways that will help give your mind, body and soul peace. You are not alone friend. It is a beautiful but challenging journey – motherhood. Praying for you!!

    • Rachel, I remember those days. Babies can be physically, emotionally and spiritually draining. I felt like I wasn’t good enough. Much is lack of sleep and hormonal issues. Praying that someone can assist you, that you get rest. Know that you are doing your best. You don’t have to do it perfectly. ❤️ Your friend, Lauri

    • Rachel –
      I know with deep faith that you can do it. You just can’t do it all at once. Take things one day, sometimes one step at a time. And, if it doesn’t all get done, then there is always tomorrow. I’m praying for you and God’s joyous gift to you.

    • Rachel, I’m feeling a bit helpless right now, too, but I know with God’s help this will pass. Enjoy each moments with your new child; it’s surprising just how fast they grow up. Hang on to your memories; they will be precious to you. Take care of what has to be done and don’t worry about the rest. God’s Blessings, Fonda

    • Rachel I am praying God will lighten your load try to relaxand enjoy that little bundle of joy…you are going to turn around one day and say where did all the years go!! God loves you and knows your burdens lay them at His feet.. Sharon

    • Father, may Rachel feel your presence in this moment… May she rejoice in the new life you have entrusted to her, and may she be gentle to herself. Surround her with your love and with others who will be willing to step in and lend a hand… thank you for loving Rachel…

    • Hi Rachel, thank you for sharing your heart this morning, as you’re feeling the burden fall on your shoulders. Give yourself grace – what you’re going through with a new baby is one of the hardest thing to go through – with your body, spirit and heart all stretched thin. Let everything go and prioritize your well-being at this time. Dear Jesus, I pray you touch Rachel right now with a deep sense of your care and love — through the voices of friends here, and most importantly, your strong arms of love around her. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  2. Thank you…for the reminder that God is with me always and forever…and He knows what I need before I ask. Please pray for my finances. I have messed things up in the past by not trusting God. Now I am living paycheck to paycheck (barely) and am trying really hard to trust Him to take care of me. But it’s hard not to try to ‘fix’ things my way. Pra I learn to sit at His feet and trust Him to take care of me and to show me how to handle my finances.

    • Praying for you, Debbie! God is your source. I am praying he will supply all your needs abundantly as only he can. Give him all your worries.

    • Things will turn around for you Debbie! Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. (Prov. 3:5) This always helps me and I hope this helps you too! I will pray for you.

    • Father, be with Debbie and surround her with your presence. Meet her needs abundantly Father, and may she trust You as the Great Privider… Help her to not give in to the temptation to be the ‘fixer’… help her to rest and see Your hand at work… thank you Heavenly Father…

    • Dear Jesus, help Debbie right now — give her ideas to take for just the one next step — and I pray that you place the right opportunity to help with her finances sooner than later. Bring friends to help support her during this tough time and just listen to her and help carry her through. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  3. I’m a Senior citizen widow and have recently been experiencing dizziness which is limiting my involvement in the lives of people in my community. I’m asking for wisdom on how to have this time in my life glorify God and still be a blessing to others and for healing! Thank you!

    • Martha When I was suffering from vertigo it felt like there was no control over when or where it would happen. I had to release control to the One is is in complete control. I am praying that the dizziness subsides in the powerful name of Jesus and that you reach out for His hand when you feel unsteady. I would appreciate prayer for recovery from surgery. I’m not use to being still and waiting for healing.

    • Father, put Your hands on Martha… help her to rest in You. I ask that You bring her physical healing… and also that Your Holy Spirit will calm her heart. When she’s not able to get out and about, give her sweet fellowship with You in this quiet time in her life… thank You, Father, for the assurance that You are always with us…

    • Hi Martha, When I was going though my season of anxiety, I also experienced dizziness. Give yourself permission to take the time to heal and take care of yourself. I went to see a therapist who helped me with a emotional PTSD (not physical) and I did EMDR. Just wanted to pass that on, in case it was something you were interested to explore. I write about my journey to find God’s healing in my book “Finding Spiritual Whitespace” and I think it will encourage you and bring you comfort. Dear Jesus, guide Martha and be her very comfort right now. Assure her you will carry her through this and bring her healing. IN Jesus’ name, Amen.

  4. Oh my gosh this so spoke to me. Tearfully I read as EVERYTHING applied to my life this hour, this whole month has been a CHALLENGE to this 70 year old, computer and phone has been compromised starting with my first time ever SALE AND ONLINE ORDER WITH MACYS. Even their customer service number on the back of the card rerouted my call 3 times. The people on the other end asked for my FULL SOCIAL SECURITY my husband heard it alll. Needless to say I am devastated and spinning and without the peace that passes understanding.
    Every day I have gotten leading from the Lord “ok do this, do that but I don’t even know where on my email page to change my password. So I put it down in despair, then nudged again to continue working to try to get this resolved.
    I need lots of prayer for guidance, PEACE and direction. It made my Thanksgiving week a week of fear and disparity and I am watching it haunt my CHRISTMAS. I am raising twin granddaughters and I feel so bad they see their grammie upset all day every day as she searches yet for another WHAT DO I NEED TO DO NOW.
    My pharmacist said that he had his identity stolen from using a coupon he got in the mail.
    I think the prodding from God is
    Seeking Him FIRST then go shopping…..Matthew 6:33. Thank you for your prayers.

    • Dear Grammie, what a Horrible thing to have happen to you. It feels violating and scary. I am so sorry.
      I know something about identity theft. Have you contacted all the main credit reporting agencies and the police already? Contact your credit card companies and your bank if you haven’t already done so. I hear you, that this whole mess is overwhelming. Lord I pray for this sweet one going thru this trial; praying for peace and wisdom. In Jesus’ name.

    • Grammie,
      I’m also a grandmother and want to encourage you to be kind to yourself. Many companies are very happy to walk you through online ordering. You sit before the screen and they see it as well. Just call the number to order. I’ve done quite a bit of online ordering. I’ve found Macy’s to be one of the worst in customer service and billing. Had to cancel my account as they weren’t billing me and reporting me as overdue. I have excellent credit.
      Also, never use a debit card online. Some get a separate credit card w a credit limit (say $200) so if there is fraud it will never go over that. You should not be responsible for fraud charges. Learn your bank card’s fraud policy and call anytime you have a concern or just st want to be are everything is ok. They are there to serve you.
      Finally, baby steps. Get comfortable w one online company and one card. Then expand from there. Fear of the unknown doesn’t have to stop us but can empower us. You can do this!

    • Grammie,

      God will take care of this. He’s got this-Don’t Worry!!! It is ever so easy these days to have your identity stolen. Hackers are everywhere on the prowl. Just like the devil! Give yourself a dose of peace. Praying for contentment in your soul as you work to sort this out. Just call the police and report what happened. Prayers for you as you navigate this. May God you feel God’s loving arms around you always! So sorry Sweetie!!

      Blessings 🙂

    • Father, Touch Grammie with Your peace… Grant her wisdom to resolve this crisis, and reminder that You are all knowing and all powerful… May her granddaughters see Christ in her…

    • Hi Grammie of Twins, thank you for sharing your heart during such a hard time when something has been taken from you. And I pray now for you: Dear Jesus, please help Grammie of Twins to step out and give her strength to take actions to solve this problem that many people are also experiencing. Please give her your comfort and reassurance that you will guide her to take just one step ahead. Be with her and also bless her precious grandchildren. Encourage her husband as they both take care of this – send friends who can help her. Thank you for Grammie. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  5. I would like to lift up all those who are homeless or without jobs at this season. It seems that God keeps putting them in my path and although I can provide food in some cases, I’m limited on resources and what I can provide, except to pray for them. So please let’s remember the ones who have nothing, who may have lost hope and need a smile or a kind handshake or even a hug. It’s easy for us to be thinking of ourselves and our family only during this season, but there are so many, like the Marine I met yesterday that was helping us load our Christmas tree into the car because he wanted to help. With one prosthetic leg and no job, my heart went out to him. I will pray for him each day and for God’s wisdom.

    • Carol you are God’s special Angel helping those less fortunate. Pray for me for I am homeless. I have a family but a son-in -law who has hate no compassion or soul.
      I may be homeless but I have friends who keep me out of the cold.
      I pray that I can find an affordable apt soon but for some reason I feel God wants me this way for now.
      I pray Carol that you continue to be healthy and strong I. His faith. Blessings to you and Merry Christmas to you and your family.
      Blessings Pat

      • Father… Be with Pay… in Your time may she find a home where she can be comfortable. Heal the broken relationships in her family… Might this season of Your birth bring her peace…

    • father, Along with Carol I pray today for all those in need – of housing, food, shelter, job and mostly the need to trust You as their personal Savior. May we reach out of our abundance to help those around us, even if our abundance doesn’t seem to be enough, help us always remember and be willing to help others…

    • Dear Jesus, bless Carol as she sees those around her in need. Assure her of your love and let her know how much you also are her Helper and you see all her desires and needs as well. Thank you for shining your love through Carol – I can only imagine how blessed people feel as they come into contact with you through her smile, hands and loving spirit. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  6. “Jesus is the One who leaves the ninety-nine for just one. ”
    That statement flew off the page to me! I desperately ask for prayer for my husband. He has been blinded and deceived by Satan into thinking that another woman is where his happiness will be instead of with me his wife. I have prayed for almost two years for him to be rescued from satan’s claws. My friend who is a prayer warrior has said so so so many times that when she prays she gets the feeling/vision that Jerry is lost and been separated from the rest of the sheep and Jesus is trying to find him. I pray Jesus finds and rescues my husband today. Thank you for your prayers.

    • Father, I pray that you will grab hold of Karen’s husband’s heart and create in him a desire to return to his marriage and to the vows of forever that he made. Father, be with Karen that she will trust you and continue in her commitment to loving her husband, even now when it seems so hard to love… may her live for You flow through her to reach her husband…

      • Leanne
        Thank you! Thank you! I needed your words and prayer. I just got off the phone with my husband. He is in the throes of trying to decide if he wants to start a life with the other woman or come home to me. He is calling tomorrow with his decision. I love him unconditionally. I took the vows and made a lifelong covenant to him. I forgive him. I see how satan has worked to destroy, steal and kill our marriage and my husband’s thoughts and feelings. But I know and I stand on my God is bigger and He will see that our marriage is restored and that Jerry’s heart is turned from a heart of stone to a heart of flesh. The blinders are being removed from his eyes. I ask you stand in agreement with me.
        Thank you. Be blessed

        • Karen, I stand before God in agreement with you that Satan’s efforts will be thwarted and God will be victorious… praying for peace for you… this is hard… I know…

    • Dear Jesus, thank you for Karen’s sharing, during this vulnerable time of hurt in her life. I pray that you will reassure Karen of your faithfulness to her and in the moments that are hardest, hold her close and give her just one step she can take, with your loving arms around her. Remind her of how beautiful, cherished and worthy of love she is. Send a close friend or two to help carry her through this time and help provide people to help in painful chapter and love on Karen. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

      • Bonnie
        Thank you for your prayer! I have been blessed by several beautiful friends who are also prayer warriors. I am so very blessed and very thankful. This whole situation has brought me so much closer to God. He is my first love and is so faithful. I am also thankful for you and others on this board for reaching out and praying for my husband’s freedom from satan and restoration of our marriage . I am truly grateful.
        Be blessed.

  7. Pray that I will hear Gods words as I talk to my estranged husband. Take the fear from me of his rejection and jabbing remarks that hit me in my heart and stomach
    Be with my children and whole family as we celebrate Christmas at a wonderful lodge He will be there
    I pray in Jesus name Amen

    • Father, be the healer of this broken marriage… and give Carole the right spirit and the right words to say in speaking with her husband… may this season of celebrating Your birth bring the restoring of this family… thank You, Father

      • Thank you for your kind words. I have read your prayer many times today. Every word is filled with love and brings a strong message. Bless you

        • God is love… and God is good… prayers go with you as you travel with your family to celebrate the birth of Jesus… may you know His peace in a real and personal way… today and throughout the season…

    • Carole
      My prayer for you to hear the Spirit ‘s words when talking with your husband. I like you pray for the right words to speak when my husband calls. He is involved with another woman. I have also tried to learn “zip your lips”. Sometimes it’s better to be silent than to respond to barbs. I pray for wisdom in using your words, peace in your heart and a restoration of you and your husband and your family in the mighty name of Jesus.

      • Karen
        I feel a connection with you as I read your loving prayer. I believe that you know that feeling of fear when speaking to our husbands of what barb we will hear next? The rejection is so hard and hurts. Your prayer warmed my heart. Sending you many blessings of thankfulness

        • Carole
          I do know the feelings of rejection you are talking about. It is so hard to understand why someone who “loves” us would be so unkind. But satan is a deceiver. He puts lies into our spouses hearts and minds. He wants nothing more than to divide and conquer. But our God is bigger. Rely on Him and the Holy Spirit to fill your mouth, thoughts, behavior and actions. Its hard, but let go, give it to Him. It’s really His battle! Trust Him to fight it for you.
          Be blessed! I will pray for you

  8. Bonnie,

    Please pray for a friend’s aging relative. He is having a hard time medically. Also another acquaintance’s husband is having hard time physically.

    I am doing fine now. God has blessed me with a good part-time job that allows me to see & care for my aging dad. Also my dad is doing fine for now.

    I pray everyone has a blessed December & a great Christmas!!

    • Beth,
      I am lifting your requests up in prayer right now. I’m so glad to read that you have a good part-time job and that your dad is doing okay at this moment in time. Thankful for you for a little respite. Praying that this peace continues through the holidays. May you have a blessed Advent season sweet friend,
      Bev xx

    • Father, Thank You for Your work in Bonnie’s life… and thank You for giving her the ability to spend time with her dad, loving and caring for him. Be with these others that are hurting… bring healing, brink helping hands, bring peace… Thank You, Father…

  9. Please pray that my husband will make a decision to receive Jesus as his savior and Lord very soon so that He can be the man God created Him to be.

    • I am praying for you Robyn. I have the very same prayer for my husband. I understand your challenge. You are not alone! I sure wish there were more encouraging books, resources for us out there. God is working. So hard to have faith sometimes when there is no progress. But our job is to trust Jesus. We are not in charge of their salvation.

      • Father, Be with Sarah right now… As she prays for her husband’s salvation, may she be the loving wife You have called her to be, so that her husband will see You through her life… Thank You, Father, for the privilege of coming to You in prayer…

    • Father, Be near to Robyn as she reaches out to You… bring those into her husband’s life who will point him to You… may he claim You as his Lord and Savior… Thank You, Father…

  10. My husband does not believe tithing is a priority and has recently taken over our family’s finances. I can see the affects of not tithing. Please pray that God opens his eyes and softens his heart. Thank you

    • Sarah,
      Lifting your husband up in prayer. This is a tough situation…we are to honor and submit to our husbands as head of the household, but he is also to love you as Christ loved the church. Perhaps he would consent to tithing on a short term basis…like 3 months?? To just see how things go. I would keep telling (not nagging) him as to why you feel this is important. Certainly keep praying that the Holy Spirit will soften his heart. No prayer is ever returned void. I’ll be praying with you…
      Bev xx

    • Father, Be near to Sarah… help her to walk close to You and trust You with this situation whee tithing has become a barrier for her husband… Soften his heart and help him to be willing to support Sarah in her desire to be faithful in giving back to You…

  11. I cannot seem to accept why the person i love most will always have no second thoughts in choosing me to be the person they hurt and reject. Like you’re just being used for their benefit. Somehow i am angry.

    • Father, in this moment surround Lucy with Your love. Help her to see how precious she is to You, and how loved she is by You…

  12. Please help me pray for my son and daughter. They are both extremely over weight and I am very concerned about their health.

    • Trevea,
      Praying that your son and daughter would see that being too heavy is a health risk. You don’t say how old they are, but you can always set a good example and pray that they would take responsibility for their own health. Over eating is often a mask for other issues that perhaps need addressing?? Praying for God’s wisdom for you as to how to proceed.

      • They are both in their late 30s. I do believe that most of the problem is due to health issues not over eating. They both have issues with their livers. Thank you for your prayers.

    • Father, Be with Trevia as she is burdened for her family’s health. May she be a testimony of Your love in her words and in her life. May her family see how much she cares and may they make a commitment to live healthy… Thank You, Father..,

  13. I could use prayer for my daughter and for our relationship. I know she is grieving that she is not yet married or even in a relationship while most all of her friends are married or married with children. He anger has been focused on me as the scapegoat, I suppose. I could use prayers that I would maintain a compassionate heart to see beyond her hurtful words and actions. I also pray that God would soften and transform her heart as only He can. Thank you.
    Advent blessings to all,

    • Praying for you and your daughter. The Christmas season often softens the heart. Pray she has someone special come into her life.

    • Bev,

      Praying for you, your daughter and son. May God change hearts this Christmas and bring them back to Him. Praying for a peace that surpasses all understanding to help you guard your heart. God’s got this-so Don’t Worry! I’ll keep praying for you all!

      Blessings 🙂

    • Bev, I too have an adult son who focuses his anger on me, so I join with you in knowing how emotionally painful this can be. Father, be with Bev’s daughter, quiet her heart and help her to realize that it’s only in trusting You that she will find peace and happiness. Guard Bev’s heart that she will continue to be loving and supportive, even when it’s so very hard to do – may she rest in You… Thank You, Father

  14. I am in a rough job situation and looking for guidance and help in looking for another position. I feel very down and discouraged and my self esteem is shot. I am looking for guidance and support in prayers at this time that a good fit for myself and my family will come thru in my searches or thru other means the Lord willing.

    Thank you,

    • I am praying for you. If you are a reader, start with your Bible first and go through verses that affirm who you are in Christ. The enemy loves to attack us right at the heart. Use the Word to speak truth to your self and shut him up. Then, so many others are also hearing God’s voice on our worth and value to Him…Bonnie Gray, John Eldredge, Leeana Tankersly, to name a few. Find comfort and encouragement reading there, too. My post follows yours, and I noticed our concerns have some common threads. Each time I pray for myself I will lift you up as well. I’m writing your name in my journal, ok? May the joy and the peace of this season overwhelm us with the beauty and joy of Emmanuel, God with us right smack dab in the middle of it all! Amen.

    • Carolyn,

      Prayers that God will help you raise your self -esteem. I know what that feels like constantly berating yourself. Join LinkedIn.com. It is a safe website for job hunters. They have great articles on how to write a good resume, cover letter plus other helpful hints. You can connect with others and see how it works. Will be praying that God will send a great position your way. Prayers also for peace and contentment no matter what God decides!


    • Father, Be close to Carolyn, and help to always rest in the knowledge that You think she’s precious. May she rest in the assurance that You are in control, and may You give her peace in this job even as she considers looking for another position… Thank You Father…

  15. My husband, long unemployed, with no ideas on what to do to move forward. I work full and part time to support the 4 of us. Do most of housekeeping too, if it gets done. I feel tired and stressed. Resent often that so much on my shoulders, but I don’t speak up. Afraid of conflict. Afraid to hurt him. Afraid I might be all used up and then who will take care of these precious people in my life?

    • What a hard situation you are facing! I am praying for you Esther! Please remember that God gives his HARDEST battles to his STRONGEST Soldiers. Continue to look to Him for help and you will make it through this storm. God bless You and your family.

      • Thank you! He came with us to church today for a little while. Our daughter was singing in the worship service today and she wanted daddy to be there. He stayed through the whole worship set and intro of the sermon…about coming home, being at home with God who loves us.

    • Father, fill the weariness and emptiness in Esther’s heart with Your love and with Your promises of strength for the moment. Father, may her husband be able to find a job, burden him with the conviction that he should be more helpful in home tasks… Thank You, Father…

  16. My heart is so heavy with the struggle of anxiety and panic disorder (I’m not diagnosed officially or on medication but I am 99% certain that this is what I am dealing with). This year I’ve been reaching out, being more, taking bold steps, and right when I started to fly, the turbulence got bad, so to speak. I’ve been struggling for 3 months with the re-emergence of the panic and I’m exhausted. It’s been a tough fall anyway, with that on top of it I’m floundering. It’s so bad that I want to crawl out of my skin sometimes and there feels like no safe place to be.

    Also, I’d really like to pray for the Gatlinburg, TN fire victims. Tennessee is a special place to me — I know it is for millions of people, but I have family in the nearby area and I’ve gone to Sevier County all my life. It breaks my heart to think of all the loss and all the people affected need prayers. But I also thank God that He spared so many lives.

    • Father, Even in this moment, bring peace to Amber. Quiet her heart with Your presence. Help her to find caring medical professionals to support her with treatment for this anxiety… Help her to claim Your promise of perfect peace when we fix our minds on You… Thank You, Father

  17. i pray for Trevea’s children – God so help them to overcome their weight problem and send them
    help. In Christ name, Amen
    Please help to pray for my left shoulder injury. It had troubling me for the past few months. it really aches and throbs for no reason whatever.

  18. Prayers for financial blessing, debt relief, a house blessing to accomodate our growing family and finally for the peace of God to fill me and to know that my needs will be met. I’m struggling so much with anxiety over the birth of a third child. I need to know things, everything, will be ok. Thank you so much.

    • I also pray for Doris left should injury to be healed in the name of Jesus. Doris you will be on my heart and in my thoughts this week and I will continue to pray for you.

      • Thank you Kim
        May God grant you peace and send you relief and financial help. May your Third child be a blessing to the family. Trust in God and wait on Him. God is the mighty Provider ! Amen

    • Father, bring peace to Kim’s heart… Help her to trust that You are our Provider and that You love us so much! May she be able to rest in anticipation of this new life You are blessing this family with… Meet their needs… Thank You, Father

  19. Please pray for me as this week I face major back surgery. Pray that the Lord will give me the strength to get through it and it will be a successful outcome. Thank you fit your prayers!!

    • Father, Right now, in this moment, I pray that Your peace will wash over Sue as she anticipates surgery… may she claim Your promises of peace and comfort. Guide the hands of the surgeon, and may the surgery be successful in healing Sue’s back… may her body, which You created, be made whole… Thank You, Great Physician…

  20. A friend just learned he may have cancer and is recovering from surgery. Prayers for his healing, for peace, and for provision of his needs.

    • Lea, I just prayed for your friend. May he have healing in his body from this cancer and that he would draw closer to the Lord during this time of difficulty.

    • Prayers that God who is able will perfect ALL things concerning him; that God’s peace will prevail and that those who care for him will pour love and compassion so that this process becomes a testament for God’s honor and glory. I pray that because of what people will see, lives will be saved for God’s kingdom. Amen.

    • Father, I pray for Lea’s friend… may he recover well from the surgery… bring peace as he faces the possible diagnosis of cancer… heal his body… give wisdom in decisions which may need to be made… surround him with Your live… Thank You, Father…

  21. As I glance through the many comments, I see that your post hit a nerve here Bonnie. So many are in need of prayer. What a mighty weapon we have to pray for one another. We can demonstrate our trust and love for Jesus by lifting others up in prayer knowing that He loves us and cares for us.

    As I work each day with little children, I see how they are so free to offer love. God has taught me so much through the children. I was unable to have children of my own, but now when I am older He has blessed me with these little ones to teach and to love. How thankful I am! He knows what we need and just when we need it. That comforts me and teaches me to trust Him in all things.

    My prayer is that I will keep Christ in Christmas; that my focus will be on Him. I have read many of the prayer requests above and will pray. So many are concerned about their husband’s faith or lace of. I’ve learned over the years that the best thing I can do is to live out my faith in front of unsaved loves ones and trust God with the rest. I’ve found that a wife who shows love and respect can speak volumes more than words.

    May you have a blessed Christmas Bonnie. Praying for you and your family.

    • Thank you for your wisdom Debbie! I am praying for your great this Christmas! 🙂 Kristine

    • Thank you Debbie. I will be praying for you. Please pray for me that I can control my anger more. I have always had a bad temper but as of recently I’ve been flying off the handle at the drop of a hat. Thank you so much for your prayers. Have a blessed Christmas! Xoxo ❤️

    • Father, Along with Debbie I pray that we will make this holiday season a time to reflect on You, Your love in sending Your Son… Thank You, Father, for loving us so much…

  22. I believe the Lord is showing me that I am getting burnt out at my job and it is affecting my physical and mental health. I am not sure what to do, as I do like my job and don’t want to quit. There is one particular aspect that is overwhelming me however I don’t feel like there is a way out of just that one aspect. I know the LORD has a good plan and I can trust Him. I would love prayer for wisdom and courage! And peace and healing for my mind and body.

    • Father, I pray for Christine, that she will have wisdom in knowing how to respond to her work situation and also that she will be surrounded by Your peace… Thank You, Father…

  23. Thank you for the reminder. I was tossing and turning this early morning, thinking about broken relationships in my life. Not knowing what to do or say; realizing that since other people are involved I may not be able to do fix those relationships. But I trust the One who can, the One who is always with me. Please join me in this difficult season. I need to hear him clearly. I need control over my emotions and I need sleep and rest. Please guide me with your wisdom. Lord I know you love me, I want to feel that love ❤️

    • Lord, I pray specifically for peace and for your heart in this situation. No broken relationship is beyond your powerful redemption. Please redeem and heal the relationships that You want for Lauri. Help her have peace with the ones you don’t. Help her keep her eyes on you, to grow deeper in her walk with You, where redemption truly begins. In Jesus’ name. Amen

        • Lauri, I am so glad. Your post really spoke out to me because I am on the other side now of relationships that have been redeemed, that I thought were broken beyond repair. It took time, space, and asking God to help me forgive and apologize where needed. It’s been a journey, one that God has had to guide me through. There are some friendships I have lost as well and I realized that it wasn’t me (which was always my first go to) but it was God who chose our lives to become distant. Know that He will strengthen you, and help you. Don’t forget to be gracious to yourself too. Xoxo

    • Father, Be close to Lauri… may she feel Your presence and Your live in a special way… May she trust in You… guard her emotions and help her to focus on You and Your promises. I pray for healing of broken relationships. Thank You, Father…

  24. I need wisdom for how to navigate this holiday season. I am working full time again and the kids are not babies any more (ages 7&9). I want to enjoy the holiday season but accept it for what it is — whether that is time, resource or money constraints, I want to find the joy in the moments I am given. It is God’s grace that has brought me to this point and I want to continue on to experience more.

    • Father, Thank You for the way You have blessed Jenn with Your grace… may she feel Your presence and Your joy during these hectic days… Thank You Father, for all that You do to show us how much You love us…

  25. Please pray for my husband Dave. He just interviewed for a great job. He has not worked in 3 years and really wants to get back out there. We want to be in God’s perfect plan and accept His will.

    • Father, If this is the job You have provided for Dave, open all the doors and help them to be assured of Your leading… Thank You, Father…

  26. I pray that my disability goes through quickly and that my children come back to me. I pray that the person in front of me, their prayers are answered.

    • Father, I pray for the restoring of Monet’s family, and for an answer about her disability… Father, bring peace to her heart in this time of uncertainty… Thank You, Father…

  27. Thank you for these wonderfully reassuring words. Please put on your hearts to pray for my grown children–I need the Holy Spirit to help me reach them appropriately for things in their lives.

    • Tracy, I pray that God gives you the strength & the right words to minister to your children. Trust in God’s promises because He never fails. Be Blessed always my sister.

    • Father, May Traci be blessed with wisdom and strength of spirit in her relationships with her children… May she be able to rest in Your promises of peace and love… may her life be an example of that love to her children… thank You, Father…

  28. Please pray for my daughter, Erin. She is living on the streets and I have not had any communication with her in many months. I long to hear her voice and know she is still alive. She is in desperate need of God’s intervention in her life!

    • Bev,
      I’ll pray that your daughter has been kept safe, and well, and that you will have peace, and comfort in knowing.


    • Father, I pray for Bev’s daughter… that she will be safe, that she will reach out to her mom and that this family can be brought together again… Be with Bev, fill her with Your peace… Thank You Father…

  29. Please pray for my husband as we are a one income family and he lost his job a week ago. We are waiting to hear from a good job this week. Please pray for us. Thank you.

    • Father, I pray for M and her husband as they wait to hear about this job possibility.., may they trust in You… Meet their needs in ways that clearly show them how much You love them… Thank You Father…

  30. I have recently turned my entire life upside down to pursue a relationship. I’m a fool for love! While I still believe God Brought him into my life for a reason, I am struggling with the deception. Please pray that I am truly open to God’s wisdom for the best next steps for me.

    • I will pray for a wonderful relationship for you, Elizabeth, with God’s guidance and wisdom!

    • Father, I pray for Elizabeth… may she feel Your love for her as the most special relationship… may she acknowledge any deception and give it to You, our kind and loving Father… and guide her as she seeks Your will for her life… Thank You Father…

  31. Once again I have to wait to see if a very important step in my medical career will be possible. Please pray for me it will be: there’s a PhD I would love to start working on and it would also bring more stability in my relationship, allowing me to live close to my boyfriend for longer than a year!

    • Father, Help Esther to trust You and be close to You as You lead her through her life journey… may she know Your will… may she trust and lean on You… Thank You Father…

  32. I have an alcoholic husband who does not love for Lord but loves him. Really wonder if he is saved or not. Anyways he is beginning to suffer “drink brain”. I just pray Jesus help him. Please pray for him…his name is Richard. Thank you n God bless

    • Father, I pray for Richard and Linda… praying that Richard will see clearly that his drinking is destroying his life, and that he will seek and get the help he needs, while trusting in You… be with Linda that she will trust You to continue to fill her heart with love… surround her with Your peace.., thank You Father…

  33. Limda,

    I pray Richard finds the strength to fight his way out, and that you have peace, and comfort as he goes through it.

    Have a blessed day,

  34. Please pray for my sons, and husband who have all been weathering storms.

    have a blessed day,


    • Father, I pray for Penny and her family… may they find guidance and peace from You in these storms of life… that You will lead them safely through… Thank You Father…

  35. I put up my Christmas tree last night, but wonder if I cam make it through the season. I feel so alone right now. I know God is with me, but even He seems distant. My husband was diagnosed with IPF in the early spring. His condition is progressing and it hurt to see what once was a strong and active man, reduced to someone who does not stand up straight and can barely make it from one room to the next. I am doing all that I can, but taking over the entire running of the household with all involved is wearing me down. Please pray that my strength hold out as long as I need it to.

    • I am praying for you Alice and your husband. Don’t lose faith in the Lord. He will guide your paths through these difficult times.

    • Father, I pray for Alice and her husband… Father, give her Your peace, surround her with Your love, and strengthen her for this journey she’s walking. Be with her husband, that he might be healed, that he feel Your presence as he battles this health condition… may they trust Yoh and find hope in Your promises… Thank You Father…

  36. Please pray for me during this time of transformation in my life. I have just gotten married and moved to a new state without any family or friends around. My husband and I are learning to show love to each other in the ways in which we desire. We want to start a family of our own yet are trying to get through our rocky times. I continue to look to the Lord for help in being kind and showing him love. It is not always easy.

    • Father, I pray for Jackie and her husband… be close to them as they begin their marriage journey and help them to draw close to You and to each other. Bring friends into their lives, that they might enjoy fellowship and find support… Thank You Father…

  37. I am a young widow. No family. No children. Please pray that God would bring the right man for me into my life. Please pray for my healing and protection. Please pray I can let go of a wrong relationship with a certain person. And please pray that nothing else goes wrong inside my house. My anxiety gets so bad that I’m afraid to stay in my own house. Thank you. I will remember everyone’s petitions in my daily prayers.

    • Therese,

      I pray that you will have peace, and to be able to live in the comfort in your home.


    • Father, I pray for Therese… bring peace to her heart… wrap Your loving arms around her… heal the grief in her heart… guide her as she seeks direction for the rest of her life journey… may she feel Your presence in a special way during this Christmas season… thank You Father…

  38. Treavea, I pray the same thing for my son. I know how concerned you are. I will pray for your children.
    My heart is heavy with hurt, guilt, and failure regarding my son. He is 14 and is being considered for a residential placement because of extremely violent and out of control behavior. It is a very heavy burden to be forced to consider a decision that difficult.

    • Father, be close to Bonnie… may she feel Your presence in a special way, that she will rely on you for Your leading in her life and in her son’s… be with him, touch his heart, heal… Thank You Father

      Bonnie, I’ve walked this journey and found my son had an injury to the love of his brain that controls emotions… you must be scared… I understand… don’t rule out medical causes…

  39. Before reading these thru many of the posts I was so burdened with my own problems that I am seeking the Lord for. But stopping and whispering a prayer for several of the post, my focus shifted for just a moment to acknowledge what an awesome God we serve. God knows and hears our cries. We are tossed about like leaves in the wind, we are drowning in a lakes of despair, we are broken, sadden, hurt, perplexed, bewildered, confused, anxious, desperate, fearful, faithless, crying, shouting, beaten, hopeless…. but just a word to the Savior, a tear shed, a quiet ask for help and God hears us in all this chaos. He hears our whispers, our moans, our pleads, our last bit of hope, of faith, of strength, and perseverance. He sees our tears, our cold fears, our utter despair and in that moment, that nano-second, that blink of the eye, God dispatches His armies of Angels to carry us one step further, dry the pool of tears, strengthen the heart, soul and spirit and give us that calming hope that God is in charge, we need to let go….. I pray for you, all of you, and I hope you pray for me as well, as we all stand before the Throne of mercy as our prays are placed before the Lord that every need be met, relationships be healed, prodigal sons, daughters, husbands and wives come to themselves and return to the Father, that all financial needs be met, sicknesses be healed, families restored, hope builds on hope, faith builds on faith and God grants His mercy to help us endure to the end…. Amen

    • JKS, thanks for your moving words. You spoke to the very core of my heart. May God bless you abundantly. In all your ways acknowledge Him & He will direct your path. Many Blessings my sister.

  40. My prayer is to be able to rest in God’s presence as He wraps me in His arms, & I need to hear His voice so desperately. My marriage is at a crossroads, & I am in need of divine guidance.

    • Graham,
      I pray that you will find clarity in order to make what isn’t, well again.

      Hoping for you,


    • Father, I pray for Graham and I pray for this marriage. Bring peace, bring healing, bring wisdom, bring comfort… Thank You Father…

  41. I have a daughter who is struggling with a heroin addiction. I am helpless, struggling with guilt for all the mistakes I made while raising her and struggling with all the mistakes now. My heart is heavy, please pray for my daughter that she may be able to overcome her pain and addiction.

    • Lord Jesus You are never at a loss as to know what to do, send out healing to her daughter and destroy all the works of the devil in Angela’s family.

      Please remember me too in prayers for I am assailed of the enemy.

    • My prayers are with you, and your daughter Angela, that you may have peace, and comfort.


    • You are a merciful God, who will give us rest. Father, bring peace to Angela. Let her know that her past is in Your hands, forgiven and forgotten. Encourage her heart so she can minister love and care and encouragement to her daughter. Send a laborer in the field to her daughter to comfort and guide her also. I pray that your blessings surround and overtake them, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

    • Father, I pray for Angela and for her daughter… Bring comfort and peace to Angela… wrap her in Your love… remove the burden of guilt she’s bearing. For her daughter, bring healing… help her to want to be freed of these destructive behaviors… Guide them to get the help they need and especially help them to trust You… thank You Father…

  42. I’m on disability. Was a female pastor for a decade who endured mistreatment as a woman and put up with it until another woman was mistreated and I was expected to just go with it. The expectation destroyed me. I now suffer with chronic pain, fatigue, and stuttering. Women have left. Some remain and seem to live in denial. Please pray for the church leadership to unlock the back room where they have quenched the Holy Spirit. They mistreat and silence women and men have lost their courage. The testimony is becoming tarnished in the community. Lord, have mercy!

    • Dear Lord, Please send your healing had to the Pastor’s church. Please give them the courage to stand up to all mistreatment and know you will be their guiding hand. In Jesus name Amen.

    • Father, please heal this pastor’s broken heart and spirit… may she rest in Your love…

  43. Lord, i lift up to you Pastor in exile who is actually dealing with chronic pain , fatigue and stuttering.. Heal her Lord, You are the God who make all things possible. Send angels on her way so that she may feel your comfort and power. . In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

  44. I’m so sorry to hear of the pain, and suffering that you, and the other’s have been through.

    I pray the light again will shine through.

    Bless you all,


  45. Thanks for this reminder that God is always there and He is in control even if we don’t feel it.
    During Christmas is hard for me. I don’t have my 3 babies here with me. I know they are in heaven but it still hurts seeing other families with their children and I don’t have any on earth. And if feels like the closer I get to God Satan attacks more. We starting tithing Again and just found out my husband’s used car is not worth fixing and we still own 8 more months on it.
    We don’t know what to do. We try to focus on all the Good God has blessed us with but when things happen like this we only see and ask God why!?
    Just needed this reminder! Thanks

    • Father, Be especially close to Veronica and help her to feel Your presence and love… wipe the tears of her grief for her children… meet the needs of this family… lead people into their lives to support them… help them to trust that You are the great provider… Thank You Father…

  46. I am almost relieved that 2016 is coming to an end. I have worked in a negative, toxic environment in a church for a year and a half and really want to leave. I have prayed for those involved and have resorted to fix it or fix me. Now my mental and physical health is being challenged. I really have to quit, but I want to do in a way that I can tell this pastor how her actions have impacted me. So pray for me that while I am receiving an exit strategy from the Lord, that I can bear up under the total control she tries to exert. I’m retired and this part time employment provides for extras, but it doesn’t seem worth it anymore. Please pray for my complete healing also. Thank you and God bless you for praying for us!

  47. Please pray for my daughter’s father. That he may come back home soon. He is dealing with guilt and depression and has little self confidence due to a destructive situation. Please pray for him as he is struggling each day to maintain his relationship with God. That he may make wise decisions in the future, that he may always be guided by the Holy Spirit and act according to Your will. Pray for my daughter’s health that we may find a proper treatment for her allergy problem. Pray for me so that I may trust wholly that God is here no matter the situation im in.that God will always give me comfort and strength , that God is good and that He can heal my unbelief.. Pray also for my friend Rita and her family, specially for her husband. Lord you know their situation. Please bring him back home to his family definitely. Send your angels to protect him where he is right now. Thank you for your prayers. God bless you all. In Jesus’ name I ask, Amen.

    • Father, I pray for Gem and her family… may she know and feel Your comforting presence… may her daughter receive good treatment for her allergies… may this husband return home to his God-given role of husband and father… Thank You Father…

  48. Please pray for my son as his divorce (not his choice) is finalized this month.
    Thank you & God bless your family.

    • Father, Be with Donna’s son as he faces the end of his marriage… may he continue to trust that You can heal and restore this marriage… Thank You Father…

  49. Thank you Bonnie for such a wonderful post. It resonates with two things I have focused on. Rest and Wisdom. And His love for use is deep and eternal. Gem, I pray for God to send His grace upon your daughter’s father, since I don’t know the situation, I can plead the blood of Jesus over him, and ask the Lord to guide him and you. I can speak to allergies to come under the name of Jesus, and the Spirit of God to breath on and for your daughter. Unbelief is allowing the enemy’s lies to overtake you. Renew your mind in His Word. I pray also for your friend Rita, her husband, their situation. I agree with angelic protection and add divine intervention and favor. I also speak to whatever attacks are against them to be cancelled, bound in Jesus name, and any demonic influences, you are loosed from your assignments, go and never return, go where Christ tells you. I pray that Gem and Rita, husbands, and daughter to feel a weight lifted off and the lightness of your yoke Lord, to be renewed, restored and refreshed and that they seek your presence, as their best present ever. God Bless.

    • Bonnie thanks as always for you vulnerability and compassion and invitation to commune in our struggles! Sometimes I can feel so alone and lost and fragile and I read others comments and feel not so alone! Advent brings hope to me! Christ came and will come again! The end of the story is GOOD! Rebecca I pray rest and peace for you! In repentance and rest is our salvation! In quietness and trust is our strength!

  50. I am 79 years old. I have always loved everything about Christmas. However, several months ago, my husband of 52 years joined a false religion cult which teaches celebrating Christmas is a sin. He previously sang in the choir and taught Sunday School, which he now says was a lie because he did not know “the truth”. My heart is broken. Thanks for praying.

    • Father, I pray for Frances, and for her husband… grab his heart, Father, and bring him back to you… help him to see That Satan is drawing him away through these lies… may Your Holy Spirit convict him and remind him of our awesome God… be with Frances, that she will feel your peace and presence, and that she will stand firm in her faith… Thank You Father…

    • Dear Frances,

      I will be praying for you! When I was a teenager I joined a cult like that, and I gave up Christmas and many other things. I know I hurt my parents. I was in it for over 20 years until we began to see the errors and went through a life changing time of coming to know Christ truly, without all the hinderances of the cult we had been in. We keep Christmas now with a whole new appreciation and meaning! I’m so sorry that your husband has gotten mixed up in it, and I know how hard it is since we have family in friends who are still in that mindset, it’s been painful. If this church he has joined is connected with the one we were in, be sure and look it up on google and know that there are support groups for those who are affected. Stand firm in your faith in Christ, try not to nag or convince him he is wrong because that doesn’t work. God will see you through this!

  51. Frances, my heart is tender toward you and your husband. I am speaking from my experience of only 36 years of a very topsy-turvy marriage. I wanted to give up so many times but I wanted my girls to grow up with both parents. I didn’t always walk in faith but I wish I had. A pastor said to be prayerful, quiet, kind, loving, and careful to serve my spouse without complaining. It has been a long journey and we have a ways to go yet. Be encouraged you can travel this road but it won’t be easy. Get in a support group at church, don’t share personal details, your husband may not appreciate that. I love you and my prayers are with you. God bless you.

  52. Hi, I’m walking through a very dark valley right now, I can’t see any light ahead of me. I know all I can do is cling to the promise that God is with me but it is so hard. I don’t know God’s plan in all this but I’m so tired and scared and it is hard for me to cling to this hope. It’s so hard for me to keep my eyes above the waves and see Him. I need God’s wisdom, His direction to be clear, or maybe I just need to rest in Him and not be anxious about what the next step is. Thank you for your prayers.

    • Prayed for you, Lissa, and will keep you on my heart. Your words just reminded me of the encouraging truth of Matthew 14:30-31. When Peter is sinking, he doesn’t try harder, or look within himself to stay afloat; he simply cries, “Lord, save me.” And Jesus reaches out and grabs hold of him immediately. I believe He is doing this for you, even as you struggle to trust Him. Perhaps all you can do is simply cry to Him for help, to save you from whatever you are struggling with. Though the circumstances might not change, you know that if you are in Christ, then Jesus is always holding on to You. I commend you for wanting to cling to hope. Know that even as you struggle to cling on, the sure truth is that HE is clinging on to YOU, and he is never ever letting go of you, His beloved and sweet child. Love to you! Praying. 🙂

    • Father, Be especially close to Lisa, right in this moment, may she feel surrounded by your presence and safe in the promise of Your love… Quiet her Spirit, calm her heart, help her to stay close to you… Thank You Father…

    • Lisa, I hear your cry. I’m having the same feelings but we must know God sits high. He has all the power in his hands as long as we believe and have faith of a mustard seed. We are in Gods plan to prosper us. Continue to pray, seek and fast because this to shall pass. In Jesus name. Amen

  53. I need prayer for my marriage. My husband and I have been married for 44 years and I don’t understand what is happening. We are drawing apart, having financial issues with our business and that is bringing him down. He feels like everything he does, I don’t think is good enough. How do I regain his respect and show him how much I care for him and we can get thru this. He has started drinking much more heavily and he gets angry when he does.. I just need help!

    • Father, Be with Janice and her husband, heal their marriage and bring them together to a closeness with You. Help Janice to be loving even when she doesn’t feel loved, and to reflect You in all she does. Surround her with Your love and presence… Thank You Father…

  54. Please pray for my daughter, Rebecca. She has been having serious health problems for the past 2 years, ended an abusive relationship, lost her job and just learned that her health insurance has been cancelled!
    She needs so much and while beyond my reach and care, I know she is not beyond our Father’s.

    • Prayed! He is our comforter in our time of need. Praying He richly lavishes His love to your daughter, and brings the things she needs to her

    • Father, I pray for Rebecca… heal her, Father… give the doctors wisdom and make her well. Be with her emotionally and spiritually as well… may she seek You, may she rest in Your love. Be with Elaine… help her to continue to trust You and to be comforted by the promises in Your Word… thank You Father…

  55. Bonnie, thank you to the Lord for your gentle words. They drew together so many scripture that our Lord has sent recently. I pray for each of our sisters and brothers here, that Jesus will meet all their needs according to His glorious riches. Please pray that Jesus, Abba, and the Holy Spirit teach me about their joy. Praise be to our Lord and Friend and Savior, who loves us everlastingly 🙂

  56. I have low iron for reasons unknown, but I’m still struggling with fatigue. I have a few other health issues that leave me tired, but with no resolve. Prayer for complete healing, and the iron pills work more. Also, that I live my life fully to Him. Listening and hearing only His voice.

    • Father, Be with Sarah… heal her! Give her strength, help the doctors find the resolve so that she can be well. Wrap her in Your presence and help her to feel Your comfort and peace… thank You Father…

  57. Sarah, I am praying with and for you for your complete healing ~ body, mind and spirit.

    I continue to pray and thank God for healing my father who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in October. He has just finished his first round of chemo. I am believing that God is melting away any and all cancer in my father’s body and giving us many more happy and healthy years as a family.

    • I am agreeing with you in prayer that your father will have complete wellness and a long and healthy life with his family. As I was praying, I envisioned a cross. I pray that he will be made right with God and look to Jesus throughout this battle and that he will always look to Jesus. I also pray Romans 15:13 over you: May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.
      May God will strengthen you for this and may his love, hope and joy overflow to your father whenever you are around him. I pray that your father will feel Jesus’ presence whenever he is around you.
      Bless you and your family Kimberly, & may the coming year be bright and full of hope for you all

    • Father, Be with Kimberly’s dad… may he be freed of the cancer, may he know Your presence and power and peace… thank You Father…

  58. Thank you Bonnie
    My prayer is that I would find something to do in the new year that I enjoy that would help support my family financially and my husband would find employment or some other type of steady income too. I pray also that he would find his God given purpose.
    I was thinking of selling essential oils but I’m not sure yet. I’ve always wanted to start my own business and this coming year my youngest child will be starting kindergarten so I will have a bit more time. I really need direction in this area.
    Also my second oldest (Joseph) will be starting high school and I’m hoping and praying that he will make some good friends and not be bullied or led astray.
    My youngest (Anita) is still struggling with toilet training and hoping she will not be frightened to use the toilets at kindergarten. She is very shy so I’m praying the transition to kindy will go smoothly.
    Thank you so much

    • Father, Be with Selina and her family… help her to seek Your will as she seeks ways to help her family… be with her children… help them to grow strong and to know You. Help Selina to sense Your presence in a special way… thank You Father…

  59. I prayed for An. I’d like prayer for a closer relationship between my children. And then a closer relationship between them and me. I am so thankful for this safe space.

    • Father, I pray with Yolanda that her relationship with her children will be deeper, sweeter and closer… help her to entrust them to Your care, to pray, and to love… thank You Father…

    • Yolanda, thank you for your gracious prayers. May our gentle and loving Lord draw you and your children near to His tender heart of grace. May you trust His hand in their lives and all the plans that He has for them. In our Lord’s gracious name, Amen.

  60. I need to know whether to stay in Cda, Idaho or leave yo a warmer state. My apt lease is up in July 2017 it is getting higher then a mortage payment. Unsure to purchase a,home or mobile at my age 62. Or relocate to Green Valley, Az and finish my working years there. Then purchase a place to live in. I have prayed and don’t have any peace on what to do. Amen

    • Father, Be with Denise as she faces many decisions about her future. Might she sense Your presence and clear leading, and may her spirit be calmed… thank You Father…

  61. Frances, I pray that the eyes of your husband will be opened and that he will come back to the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I pray that he will allow you to celebrate Jesus as you want , but if he does not, know that you can always worship Jesus in your heart and celebrate the real meaning of Christmas in your heart and life. I pray for harmony in your marriage, also.

    I am asking prayer for my husband. The doctor has found a tumor growing in his colon that must come out. We need better insurance, and a doctor to do the surgery. I am also praying that God will heal him or make the tumor shrink, so he won’t be out of work for long. His company does not have sick leave for his recovery, and we don’t know how we’ll make it. I am a teacher, but I haven’t found a full time position for three years now. I’ve been subbing these 3 years almost every day, but keep getting passed over for younger teachers. I need a full time job. I’m willing to work as a secretary, but I am not trained in some of the new software that they require. Our son is in the middle of college, but very frustrated, and having a hard time applying himself. I am trying not to panic, and put my trust in God. Please pray for my family as we seek God’s plans for us.

    • Father, Be with Susan tonight… may she be comforted by Your presence and may she rest in Your love and promises… I pray for healing for her husband, and wisdom for the doctors… meet their financial needs… provide for them… Be with their son in college, may he be focused on his studies, and might he be drawn to You for calmness… thank You Father…

    • Susan,

      My prayers are with you, your husband, and son that you will all be comforted by the Lord.


    • Tender Jesus, Lord we ask that you surround Susan and her husband with your healing love in full measure, bringing every resource to bear, making a way for the care and employment that is needed. Lord, we know that you are always with us as we draw near, that you bind up our broken hearts and save those crushed in Spirit. Thank you for hearing our prayers Lord for Susan and her family, we pray in your Holy Name, Amen.

  62. Thank you, Bonnie, as always, for the encouragement that is so desperately needed by so many, including myself. I am praying for your family, Susan, as this second week of Advent begins. May the God of Hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, because you trust in Him, so you abound with hope by power of the Holy Spirit. Thanking God for your sweet family and trusting He will meet all your needs in Hiis glorious riches in Christ Jesus. Would appreciate prayer for the health of some family members who may require deliverance and healing from issues that may adversely affect themselves and others in Jesus’ Mighty And Merciful, Precious and Holy Name. Thanks and Glory be to God in Christ.

    • Father be with Lisa and the members of her family that need healing and deliverance. May they be drawn to you and seek your face. I believe you can and will do a miracle in their lives and set them free. In Jesus name, Amen.

    • Dear Heavenly Father, we bring you your gracious daughter Lisa and her family. Lord, we humbly ask that you enfold them in your healing grace, helping them to stand firm in faith as they watch the deliverance that you generously give. Gracious Savior, shelter them in the shadow of your wings and cover them with Your precious blood. In Your Holy and Mighty name, Amen.

  63. God has all the answers, He hears our prayers and knows the longings of our hearts regarding our families and others that we are bringing to Him. He is the God of all comfort, and we are His beloved. He knows our struggles, and how they will make us rely on Him for He is our strength in times of weakness. Draw near to Him and He will draw nearer to you. Trust and obey.

  64. Please pray for an end to my financial burdens and for my husband to do his part. I am planning to start a Christian based debt ending process after Christmas. I just need the strength to persevere and to not give in to other people’s demands. There are many.

    • I pray for Donna and her financial burdens at this time that she will be still and know that you are her God. May she cast her burdens unto you and take upon her your yoke which is light and easy. I pray that you will restore the years the locusts have taken and bring back love, joy and reconciliation to her marriage and family. Give her wisdom and discernment for her future plans and may she be a true blessing to those in debt and need of her help. Donna when the demands of others are too many and overwhelming be kind to yourself and it is okay to say NO. May you be surrounded with all the Love, Joy and Peace God has to give this Christmas. X

  65. Emmanuel, God is with us, He really is with me and the word in my heart is HOPE! Recently diagnosed with cancer overcome with shock, overwhelmed with so many emotions, questions and watching my Family and Friends come to terms with the news too. At first all was very positive and I would be having surgery, Chemo/Radiotherapy combined and the outcome looked okay. Already juggling and coping with many long term, serious chronic health issues with Heart, Lung, Temporal Arteritus, Asthma, Diabetes 2, Immune System Problems and the list just keeps on giving. The time had arrived when they would all collide and cause major issues. Surgery and Chemotherapy were taken off the table as my body would not handle it and it was felt I would not make it through surgery. I start an intense course of Radiotherapy for five weeks from 12/12/16 until 01/02/17 with only weekends off. This was not the Christmas I planned but through my weakness and fear God will be my strength. He gives me His Grace and Mercy which is sufficient for each new day. God will walk with me every step of this journey and gives me HOPE for the future and through this it will bring Glory to His name.

    • Julie, I pray that the Lord will continue to grow Hope in your heart and give you His “peace that passes all understanding.” The Father’s everlasting arms are around and lifting you up. May you be filled with Hi strength even in your weakness. May the presence of the Lord be very real to you .

  66. My Mom passed away suddenly & unexpectedly in our home in April. Our family is just my husband & I & our 2 children, a teenager & 27 yr old. We were all very close to her & miss her tremendously. My 27 yr old has chronic illness & so do I, so we rarely leave home. Mom called us everyday. Please pray for us to have comfort & to get through Christmas. I have prayed & prayed but do not feel God’s presence at all. We would also appreciate prayers for healing, we don’t understand why we can’t get better. Thank you.

  67. Lord I pray for Becky and her family, above. I pray for you to show yourself, Lord Jesus, as they spend Christmas without her Mom. Lord, be with Becky and her elder daughter as they suffer through illness. Lord show them your love and healing. In Jesus name, Amen.

  68. There is a guy I like at church. I wonder if he could be my future husband. I think I would just like to know sooner rather than later if he is. And that God would pave a way.

    • Dear God,
      I pray that you will make clear to Louise your way. Give her ears to listen to your directions and guidance.
      Bless her Lord.
      In Jesus name I pray


  69. Bonnie,
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts with us.

    I would ask for prayers for my father in law John. This will be his first Christmas without his beloved wife. Also prayers for peace for my husband and his two brothers who are dealing with the loss of thier Mom, the glue of the family.

  70. Thanks for sharing. If someone could please pray for me to continue to be positive, loving, and encouraging despite the problems I may face. Also, pray for my father who lost both parents within the past two years, my grandmother died recently on September 30th. Thanks.

  71. I am a newlywed who is making life adjustments with my husband who is in pre-med studies and preparing to enter medical school whenever God opens that door. We are missionary staff at a Spanish Speaking Bible College and very blessed to be serving Him where we are. Prayer for wisdom, courage, clarity, greater fruitfulness in ministry, and peace as we make our life decisions together would be appreciated.

    Lord, thank you for Barbara. Please be with her father in law, husband, and brothers in law as they walk through deep grief this season. I ask that You would be their glue, their comfort, and their strength. Speak to their hearts Lord in a mighty, personal way, and use this pain to draw them closer to you.

    Lord, I also thank you for Shanice. You know that her grandmother passed away recently and that there is a lot of pain that is being walked through. Please comfort and encourage Shanice, her father, and anyone else that may be working through that grief as well. We ask that you would be Shanice’s safe place that she can run to, that you would place strong and loving people around her, and that your Word would comfort her in a deep and personal way.


  72. Thank you for this timely message. This is my husbands last round of chemo in another state. We left right after thanksgiving and will get home just in time for Christmas. We were all sick over the weekend and I’m really struggling. We have so much to be thankful for and God has been so very close. Thank you for this message.

  73. What a wonderful forum this is. I am praying for Becky and Frances. I identify with both of you for different reasons. Dear Lord, You are the God of ALL comfort. Your word says that “Blessed are they who mourn for they will be comforted.” Our Father of ALL comfort, wrap Your loving arms around Becky and her children, bring the comfort as only You can give. I ask for Your sweet Presence to fill their hearts to overflowing and bring healing to them from all illness…..for by Your stripes Lord Jesus we are healed! May Your healing be made manifest in Becky and her children. Restore hope to them Lord Jesus and bring them through this valley, this season, to a much brighter day and lives filled with peace and joy. In Jesus Name I pray.

    Frances, my precious sister in Christ, I hear your heart’s pain. Dear Lord, open her husband’s eyes to the Truth and bring him out of all deception and take what the enemy meant and has used for harm and turn it ALL for good and for Your glory! I pray for Your peace to flood Frances’ heart. Draw near to her Lord Jesus and assure her heart of Your love and Presence with her. In Jesus Name I pray.

    I ask for prayer please. I just turned 70 and I have suffered much loss and grief over the past 20 years, but the most severe over the past 5 years, which has brought seasons of depression and has left me “alone” during these seasons, as friends, even Christian friends withdraw and sometimes just leave. I forgive totally and don’t blame as they don’t understand, but it has left me alone and heartbroken. My loving and faithful husband stands by me, and, I know Jesus is with me even when He feels so far away and He understands as no one else can. This is a faith walk like I have never known before in my life. Thank you for your prayers.

  74. “Your name is on God’s heart, and your challenges, disappointments, and losses are always on His mind.” Thank you for reminding us how caring our Heavenly Father is. And yes, to rest in his embrace this Advent season is a heartfelt desire–to disregard the tyranny of the urgent and focus on celebrating Jesus. Thank you, Bonnie!

  75. I would appreciate your praying for our son-in-law. First of all he needs salvation…then he needs a job! He’s been out of work for almost 2 years and they are living off our daughter’s disability. There’s 2 children also. I so appreciate reading the articles on this blog. Bless each contributor.

  76. Thank you for your blog. It really inspired me. I feel kind of silly with my prayer request after reading the others, but here goes… Please pray for me as I continue my journey of discovering who I am. I have tried to be everything to everyone else and I’ve just begun to figure out what brings me joy – after over 40 years of living for others, it’s been a hard go. God has placed people in my path to help me, but I’m so afraid to make the wrong moves that I find myself not making any. I need to trust the wisdom He’s given me and have peace. Thank you. I am praying for you all.

    • I’m praying for you! I know those feelings well. God has made you more than a conqueror through Christ and by His Holy Spirit. I pray that He will give you strength and wisdom and boldness to be free to live the life He’s called you to live – the very life He created you for. In Jesus’ name, amen!

  77. Please pray for good health and continued healing for me. My husband saved up so that I could have a stem cell procedure done on my knees. (They were very painful all the time.). I recently had the procedure done and would like prayer that the Lord uses this to heal my knees and my body. I am still young, 62, and would like to live with joy and exhuberance like I believe God created us for. Thank you for praying for my complete healing.

  78. Donna,
    I pray that the Lord will make Himself manifest in your life, that you will feel his presence like never before. I thank you Lord that you are “close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit….” Thank you for Donna’s husband, and for bringing close friends that will not desert her, even in times of trouble.

    I pray that everything that you have lost & missed out on from the pain will be returned to you, and all pain will leave, never to return. I thank God He “will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten….” And you will live abundantly.

    To all of you,
    I pray the Lord will reach down & help you will all your needs, and pour out His blessings, his overflowing blessings, on each of you in the name of Jesus.

  79. Please pray for me as I’m recovering from back surgery and it feels like it is taking longer than expected. I’m depressed and tired.

  80. I hope it isn’t too late to ask for prayer, I’m battling anxiety and bitterness and in this Christmas season it all seems to remind me what I have lost because of this mental illness. And the most painful year I’m ending now. Pray so my heart can fill with hope as I look for the way out of it. I thank God for this community and your lives!

  81. I’m still struggling with my oldest daughter, her husband and my 5 grandchildren moving so far away from us after all these years of seeing them and all the things we were able to do together. Holidays, birthdays, picnics so on. I’m thankful for the family I still have close down here but I didn’t want to be a grandmother in name only. Now all they care about is their other grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and all the cousins they have up there, leaving my two grandchildren down here without any cousins, and I can’t be involved in the things that will be going on in their lives. Yes, I’m thankful for the memories and that they are all saved and 4 of them were baptised on Christmas Day at their Uncle’s church he pastors and yes I’m jealous I didn’t get to witness it. My son and husband say… get over it and move on and I have at times, but at times like these it still hurts. I’m me and I want to be allowed to feel the way I do without feeling I’m being selfish or ungrateful. Am I wrong ? I reach out to God for answers and comfort and He does give it to me even telling me it’s okay to grieve. But I have a big empty hole in my heart.

    • Lord I pray for Florincia that you will heal her mental illness. Fill her loss and empty heart with your love and presence and with good things that will lift her spirits. Help this year to be a good one for her. A year of healing. Help her to stop worrying and being anxious. Bring love ones into her life to make her realize that she still has them to count on to be there for her. Thank you Lord Amen !!!