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Robin is the author of For All Who Wander, her relatable memoir about wrestling with doubt that reads much like a conversation with a friend. She's as Southern as sugar-shocked tea, married to her college sweetheart, and has three children. An empty nester with a full life, she's determined to...

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  1. Robin,
    I’ve walked in those shoes of “there’s a finding” (only at the other end of my body). It’s scary when all the “But God, I still want to __________”‘s run through our mind. It’s a reminder of our mortality and an about face as to knowing what our future holds. The more fragile that I see this life is…the more I look forward, with longing, to the eternal Kingdom of God. I want to hold grandbabies in this life, but my first job is to seek Him and to encourage my children to seek Him so that their children will seek Him. Oh how I want the legacy of my family to be one who loves Christ well so that we may never again have to worry about “findings” in heaven because we will have found our rightful place. Praying for you Robin for a long and prosperous life and only good findings…always love your writing 🙂

    • Tears…be strong and courageous… Or weak and He will be ur strength…holding on to the promises with you, dear sisters …

    • How beautiful, Bev. Jean Fleming first pointed out to me that the fragility of our bodies points to eternity, a reminder that we aren’t made for this world. I believe that the legacy you so long to leave WILL be the one that reaches into future generations. Thank you for such a brave, bold declaration of your love for God. xo

  2. Ironically I am having a colonoscopy this morning. My 3rd. Father and brother died of colon cancer, grandmother colon cancer . I thought last night too, someone will get an abnormal lab result in that lab today. But I pray I will always run to Him- thank you for that reminder … He does not hide His face from us – We will find Him. Immanuel with us

    • PW

      Praying for you sweet sister! May God give you more time to find Him. Prayers for peace to enter your heart and soul!


  3. Robin Thankyou for sharing your heart and your fears. I have just completed radiation and chemotherapy for breast cancer and at 55 it is a slow road to healing. The side effects have revved up my arthritis and my breast is peeling dead skin like the world’s most insane sunburn. Some days I feel 100 and fear I am near the end of the road, but more often I feel God holding me in the palm of His hand, gently reminding me He loves me and that He is there for me. I lost a friend at 36 to this disease so I have no illusions, but I am so thankful for amazingly giving doctors and nurses and the technology to give me my best chance at life and health. Honestly, every day here on Earth is a blessing and a joy. And I know I gave nothing to fear when my time here is over.

    • You are so brave, Joanne, whether you feel like it or not. You honor your Father well, and I believe His strength has become yours. I wish I could wave a magic wand and relieve the unpleasant side effects of your treatment, but thank you for your honesty, transparency, and hope! You are a warrior, fighting an enemy. xo

    • Joanne,

      Such a strong woman! Your amazing faith has kept you going!! May God heal you completely!
      I pray for His peace to enter you heart and soul! Keep on fighting sweet sister!


  4. Stopped in my busy morning tracks already. Getting a dose of beautiful perspective. Thank you for this. Thank you for all of the comments from readers as well. Prayers being said right now for my sisters in Christ…Princess Warriors.

  5. This reminds me of how I defiantly refuse to balance my bank card. . .for fear of finding the need to stop spending before I WANT to. . .but I know I should. . . that ultimately it is the best practice to prevent the worst. We hold so much power that we surrender to not knowing painful truths. . .that ignorance is bliss is so overrated and untrue. I hate those mammograms. . .and recall being called back after my first. Such fear. . .esp. for me having worked as an oncology nurse for many years. I love this reminder to make an exerted effort to be proactive. Esp. in finding God and placing Him First. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Your comment was a lovely affirmation, Eunice. Thank you for taking time to read and share your perspective. Ignorance IS bliss…but only for a season. Or a second :).

  6. Robin,

    I love your posts. This was so real and touching. It made me think again how much He really loves us and the reality of how much we need Him. I’m so thankful that He is The Rock we can run to, and also he uses the encouraging words of others to continue to lift us up and let us know we are not alone. I’m with Lynn, thank all of you sisters for your comments and praying we will all abound with thanksgiving more and more each day and continue to pour into the lives of others. Xoxoxo & hugs

    • Brenda, way to fill my tank :). See me smiling over here? I kinda feel like this comment thread is a circle of encouragement. Which makes sense………..this IS (in)courage, after all :).

    • This speaks so loudly my body wants to give a physical response to your words. A year ago last August we were moving to AZ full time….house on the market, the senior season ahead of us full of God’s promises and purpose. And then during our routine physicals my hubby received great results and me? A diagnosis of breast cancer. It took the wind out of our sails and the house off the market. I had a good prognosis and radiation, though very difficult on my body, is over. This year, I sat in the waiting room after the mammogram waiting because they saw “something new” in the other breast. several more mammogram images and an ultrasound later………I left that place feeling relief. Just a cyst….but heading back in 6 months. I struggled with trusting the radiologist, but the tech who worked with me turned out to be a Christian and she asked if she could pray with me. She did. God sent an angel to pray with me…….And I will keep praying every time I go, thank you for your healing power in my life, in my breasts and let the doctors always see clearly IF anything come up. My life is in your hands and it is you I trust! Again, thank you for sharing this today…….I needed this, in November!

      • Renee, oh my. What a ride the past year or so. You, too, bring glory to God with your response to your first diagnosis, and then again with your second scare. You have NO idea how many people you encourage simply by being you :). Don’t ever stop!

  7. Robin,
    Thank-you for sharing your post today….
    The anticipation of the finding…. I’m so relieved the Lord had it covered, and that it turned out well. Prayers for a long time of turning out wells ahead for you.

    Prayers the Lord may bring you all comfort as you heal, wait, or wonder.


  8. I understand getting bad news, being afraid. I hate going to the doctor, I avoid anything I can. I know there are times I should have went. So I don’t recommend that, either. Yet, I choose to believe His report from Isaiah 53. I know I have a Master Physician, and I was a blue baby, I’ve been protected from everything from a house fire to tornado. When my heart was pounding out of my chest, my mother’s prayers calmed it. We are all here for a reason, for someone needs us, we need each other. We have an enemy, God didn’t put him in our book, Adam did. So we have to hold onto to His promises.

    • Praise God that our God is one who always delivers what He promises; in His time, in His way. May He be ever-merciful in showing us more of Him, that we might declare His goodness and graciousness. 🙂

  9. Oh my word, this spoke to me so loudly. I had my annual screening last week and experienced exactly the same emotions but God is so good and all is well……..

  10. Robin, this was such balm to my anxiety right now. My mom was a breast cancer survivor of 15 years, but later died of ovarian cancer at 62, found too late, as is usual with ovarian. Based on her history, my aunt’s and great aunt’s breast cancers, and my young adult daughter’s recent thyroid cancer DX, I decided to do genetic testing. I was positive for BRCA2, so am in the middle of trying to unpack all of that, with its implications for me, my brothers, and my own young daughter and son; along with upcoming thyroid surgery for my daughter’s cancer, it is hard, hard, hard to rest in Him and the finding. Do I allow anxiety to cripple me, or simply feel blessed that we know what we know and that His plan is perfect? Sigh…praying for your peace and health in this, and again, just thank you!

    • Lori,

      Praying for peace to enter you heart and soul! Feel blessed that God has given us this technology to know this information. You may be able to stave off any cancer. Don’t let anxiety rule in your life. Rest in His unfailing love and care for you. Enjoy each and every moment and day you have with your family.


  11. Robin,

    Love your posts! You are always so open & honest about life situations! Praying for a good outcome & for peace to enter you heart and soul! I am looking/enjoying peace with God finally. I’ve had a long 2 year battle with my aging dad’s worsening dementia. It was hard, but with each downfall I turned to God and asked for relief. God finally in His timing healed him back to his normal. He is now living in a newer assisted living close to me. It is so wonderful to take him out for walks.

    I’m looking for a kinder/gentler America that loves God. Praying for peace and unity in our nation.

    Blessings 🙂 (P.S. Let me know what happens).

  12. Robin, what a great script of your internal dialogue. I can relate to a point. I don’t have any family history, which surely dials down the fear factor. But I have received the “there’s been a finding. Please come back for follow up imaging” call. That, thankfully, was nothing, but it did teach me to take my dense breasts to get mammogrammed on days when the radiologist was onsite. Then there was the “there’s been a finding; we’ll need to follow up with an ultrasound” day.
    Maybe I should not have come alone.
    Whew, just follow up in six months with a diagnostic and another ultrasound.
    Then another diagnostic.
    But really, what I wanted to share was that at one point I thought, “Lord, I am not worried. Should I be worried? because I am really not.
    Am I just cavalier? or do I really trust you?”
    I trust God. Everything is fine. Whether we test or not. Early detection or not. God can be trusted. Whether I am cavalier or not, He is trustworthy always.
    I am looking for Jesus, Robin… and I am going to keep getting my mammograms;) I have insurance. The imaging center is nearby. It is just good stewardship. And if there should be a finding that turns out to be more serious, I’ll keep looking to Jesus. I know I’ll find Him right there.