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Sarah Mae has a past that would be her present if it weren’t for Jesus. A blogger, author, and co-author of Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe, she’s currently writing The Complicated Heart, a book for broken-hearted lovers of Jesus. Learn more at @thecomplicatedheart on Instagram or...

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  1. Sarah Mae,
    I read your post three times and just let the promises of God wash over me. I, too, am in a very “tired” season and I’m tired of being tired. What needed encouragement you pulled out and highlighted from Philippians (yet another reminder that I need to be continually in the Word – especially when I’m tired). Even in this state, God is using and working His good through me. I can still press on – just keep on moving forward no matter the speed. I can still choose to focus on whatever is good, and lovely, and true….so much goodness here. Just more proof that God speaks to me no matter what my life situation is. I may just have to print this out and meditate on it throughout the day. Thanks for speaking to my heart with God’s Word…

  2. Thank you for this – I am so tired, but not from lack of sleep. It’s a weary tired as I have been waiting for almost 2 months to get medical procedures on the calendar so that I can go from waiting in limbo to actually moving towards an answer, a resolution, no matter what the outcome may be. Waiting wears you down, right to the bone. Each day I pray for endurance to run this waiting race (which is, by the way, always a marathon and never a sprint!) one more day and keep going. The Lord reminded me this morning that He is well aware of times, dates, and calendars in my life and has this all under control. I live like He doesn’t, and that’s my fault, not His. I would ask for specific prayers for endurance, because this race is far from over, and I feel like it’s not even begun…not even after 7 weeks of waiting. Thank you for this beautiful reminder this morning of His loving care over us!

    • Thank you Beth for your words of encouragement that I so needed this morning. I too an in a holding pattern waiting weeks for one test, then more weeks for another. The pain never ceases and I’m tired from disturbed sleep as well. Feeling so heavy and down hearted today. Sarah Mae’s post and your reply have given me a much needed boost to keep moving and to keep praying while I wait. Knowing others are going through similar times of distress makes me feel less lonely on my walk. I pray for endurance for you and a deep sense of God’s presence as you wait.

      • Susan- thank you so much for your thoughtful comment! I am glad that my words were of some encouragement to you. I’ll be praying for you as you continue on your journey. Some days it’s hard to pick up and keep going, but then God brings these sweet touches in a devotion or a friend’s phone call or an uplifting email to brighten our spirits and remind us He’s with us. Hang in there, friend, and lean heavy into His arms with trust.

      • Susan,

        Praying for endurance and strength for you. May God give you the answers you need. May He give you a peace and calm to your weary soul and heart!


    • Beth,

      Praying for strength and endurance to handle this waiting game. May God give you the answers you are looking for plus a peace and calm in your weary heart and soul!


  3. Thank you! This is exactly what I needed to hear right now. I needed some of His words of encouragement in my current season and this is a great place to start.

  4. Sarah, thank you for sharing out of your weakness. The way you broke down this familiar passage is so directive and highlights God’s goodness and promises beautifully. You know how sometimes the Spirit leads us to the very words we need at just the right time? That was this for me today! Thank you.

  5. More and more, I”m realizing that my circumstances are not my biggest problem.
    So thankful for a “trans-circumstantial” God who meets me in the midst of whatever I’m struggling with and carries me through it (not around it; not over it) so that I get to witness His power and wisdom.

  6. Thank you for this, and thank you for the related Bible verses! I am going through something similar right now, and it can get me down if I take my eyes off Jesus. I love how the Lord encourages us through His word and other Christians. Your words are so timely and appreciated and I thank God for you. Bless you.

  7. Thank you. I’m in a “tired” phase as well – doctor doesn’t know for sure why, but I’m suspecting an autoimmune diagnosis, and it’s good to be reminded of God’s promises!

  8. Lord,
    You know I am hurting and You are with me ALWAYS. It’s been a month since my husband Bob went to be with You. Some days are harder then others. Guide me and help me remember You are with me always.

  9. Thank you for this post. Tired, as well, sometimes lack of sleep, however, it is because of waiting on the Lord in terms of employment, calling… It has been several months and I am beginning to feel joy in the waiting–still tired but through months of praying, questioning, wondering, worrying, and being reminded to be grateful in all circumstances. I started thanking Him for the waiting, the pain of unemployment, the pain of living with less but having needs met, the pain of strained relationships with my spouse and my sponsor ( in recovery for codependency). I am grateful for these reminders that He is in control and has my life, as well as, my family in His Mighty Hands. I have a Good Father, a Friend in Jesus who loves me and calls me His–tired, but realizing grateful is where my heart will be if I surrender to His will…

  10. Thanks for sharing these word of encouragement. I really need it today. I have just recently moved into a smaller apartment and trying to get stuff unpacked is keeping me up late most nights. On top of working full-time, Satan was trying to get me to give up. Your word this morning helped know that I can press on.

  11. Sarah, thank you for these very timely and encouraging words. I, too, am waiting to see my doctor after the first of the new year & am very apprehensive about it. I will be 70 tomorrow and haven’t seen a doctor in many years. I love Philippians! Such wonderful promises! So thank you again for sharing your heart and encouraging so many of us in “the waiting room”. May the Lord lift you as you have lifted me this morning.

  12. Wow! The Lord knew I needed this! I’ve been tired also but because I’ve been struggling with insomnia. At first it would make me anxious trying to fall asleep but then the Lord showed me when I’m anxious, I’m not trusting Him. He’s also shown me many of the verses you shared in your post and that He can and has used the time I’m awake to pray heartfelt prayers and lift others up to Him. Thank you for encouraging us with the encouragement God has given you Sarah Mae! May God bless you in your obedience. So great to know your tiredness has gone away! Praise God!!

  13. Words cannot express how deeply I needed this today! I have been battling a terrible depression that won’t lift. I haven’t been able to control my mind and it is troubling every aspect of my life. I am going to use these verses to speak truth over my life and hopefully this relentless depression will get better. Thank you!!!

    • I understand your struggle. Repeating verses and reminding myself of Gods love and faithfulness help. Know you aren’t alone. Depression can be relentless, but God is always faithful and stronger than the enemy.

  14. Thank you so much for this post, and putting these scriptures together all in one place (besides the Bible). I am definitely printing these out so they will be just right where I can get them when I need them. I was brought to tears as I read these scriptures I so dearly treasure. I have been living in the “even when” with health issues for many years now, but have learned these truths. I know that right now I am living in His “yet”, and while it can get challenging, these scriptures, and others, have helped me be able to believe that I can trust that is where He is still going to take care of me.

  15. That’s great your tiredness has lifted! I especially need to remember the verse about not complaining. Just last night, after my husband came home from work, I was complaining to him about how worthless I feel. I guess I needed to hear that verse. My husband probably wishes I heard it yesterday!

  16. Nice to know that I am not alone in feeling “tired.” this season of waiting, weariness and very hard circumstances has made me feel numb and don’t care. I know this is only a temporary season and God will get me through this!

  17. i may need to read this 10 times a day right now. Thank you for your honesty, your timely post, and I am glad that your tiredness is now better (though i am curious as to what was the cause…).

  18. Precious woman, God has not allowed your tiredness to to be a useless test. So many have been able to exhale and say “me too”,( including me too) because you have been willing to share what God has revealed to you.

    You are amazing!

    Looking forward to hearing the rest of the story.

  19. I’ve gone past tired and have hit exhausted. Spiritually, emotionally, physically. I have been waiting on the Lord for two years for answers and direction in two areas that are weighing heavily on my heart.
    Thank you for your post – I will try to look to Philippians more often. This one is especially challenging for me:
    I don’t have to be anxious but can plead it out with the Lord, and He will give me peace which will guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus (4:6-7)

  20. Thank you Sarah, these uplifting words will be an inspiration to many. Sadly, nowadays, too many people start their conversations with the words ‘ I am tired’.

  21. Thank you Sarah for using God’s words to lift my tiredness. Also appreciate knowing I’m not the only one dealing with the unrelenting tired bug…thanks Sis!

  22. Thanks for your encouraging words! They helped me and may you be helped by the mAKER OF HEAVEN AND EARTH!

  23. Sarah Mae,

    Glad the tiredness has lifted. Sometimes it feels like you are on a proverbial hamster wheel. A few weeks ago I started a part time job. I like it and all, but I’ve been a bit more tired. I still go and visit my aging dad 4 times a week, run all errands, look after my in-laws, etc. I know that it is temporary and life will slow down a bit soon. I also know that this job is God inspired. It is the perfect working situation for me. Yes–what ever we struggle with God has the answers. He will reveal them in His perfect timing. No need to be anxious, just pray and as my boss says “Let Go and Let God”!

    Blessings 🙂

  24. Sarah Mae,
    Thank you for sharing the powerful impact of these words from Philippians. This is such an encouragement to my heart–and a fresh take on what has always been one of my favorite books of the Bible. I’m glad to read that your tiredness is gone!

  25. Have just read your encouraging words, Sarah Mae, especially your last sentence, “You are not a failure or worthless or a waste. You are worthy. And you are not left.” I needed to read these words today, thank you so much! God bless you!