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Jen encourages women to embrace both the beauty and bedlam of their everyday lives at BeautyandBedlam.com. A popular speaker, worship leader, and author of Just Open the Door: How One Invitation Can Change a Generation, Jen lives in North Carolina with her husband, five children, and a sofa for anyone...

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  1. Brave enough to admit I need a Saviour. Free enough to be able to openly choose Jesus. Brave enough to be a witness of his love and grace. Free enough to share his love and extend true grace to others. The list is endless and limitless what we can do with bravery and freedom for and with and through Christ’s love.

    • Freedom to love anyone I choose. Brave enough to love those that are hard to love. Freedom to move about this world as a please. Brave enough to share the good news of Jesus Christ wherever I go. We all have purpose in this life; freedom to seek my purpose. Brave enough to walk into my destiny.

  2. Jen,
    Oh how I would have loved this to share with my children when they were young. I commend you on the wonderful job you are doing in giving them concrete examples of what bravery and freedom can look like in their world. Seeing all this chaos from a child’s viewpoint is confusing at best…

    As for me, brave looks like daring to be vulnerable with those around me…to take off the mask and share my weakness and my utter need and dependence on God so that HE may be glorified in my weakness. I believe this kind of bravery encourages and heals and don’t we all need a good dose of that?

    Wonderful post…may God be with us today and give us discernment, but give us courage – knowing that no matter what – He still reigns! May God’s name be praised…above any man or woman…

  3. Brave looks like standing up for people whose voice is not heard or misunderstood. Free looks like being allowed to invoke the name of Jesus to talk to those with whom we disagree about being brothers and sisters in Him.

  4. being brave means that I trust God no matter what it (situations of life) look like. being free means that I understand that NO MATTER what happens today, God is STILL in control and even in this, He will get the glory.

  5. Brave is stepping out of my comfort zone to share God’s love with not just my family. Freedom is realizing that God has this all, even the little things in his hands , and he is in charge of it all.

  6. Free to love as He asks me to, brace to trust Him no matter who is the next Cimmander and chief of our armed forces. In that love to respect the person He allows to be the next President yet brave enough to pray that qualified US citizens will ALL go to the polls today and use the free will He has bestowed on us.

  7. Brave goes behind the curtain today to cast a vote for a fallible and flawed candidate, knowing that God already knows the outcome of this election, and that our new president will be an instrument in His hands for accomplishing His purposes — which will not fail.

  8. Jen,
    This is wonderfully put. I hope you don’t mind, may I just read your post on Friday at a Veterans Day dinner I am presenting our Scoutmaster and Advancent chair with plaques for their dedication for their service to our country and now to our Boy Scout troop. I was going to just read a nice poem but I think this might be more personal to all.

    • Oh Tricia – I would be truly honored and humbled. Whether you do or not, please thank them for their service on behalf of the thousands of women that incourage represents. We can never know their sacrifice, but it does not go unnoticed or forgotten.

  9. On this day of prayer and seeking the Lord’s face and His design for this country that we love and are so grateful…. your words are ENcouraging… and I am grateful to have read these this morning….. Thank You.. Blessings on your desires to Bless and Honor His Holy Name…. Prov. 3:5&6

  10. Free to vote as a woman in this country. The vast majority of women throughout all time, and many in the world today, have been denied voting rights. So I cast my vote as a Christian woman today, thanking God for the freedom to do so.

  11. Beautiful, Jennifer. Thank you for sharing.
    I agree, the list is unending. His goodness is eternal.
    Off the top of my head this afternoon…
    Brave is getting out of my comfort zones to better serve. And, free is recognizing all the glory is His alone.

  12. What a beautiful post! Glad you are painting a larger picture for your children of “Freedom in Christ” and how specifically they can live that out. My favorite part of this post is the reminder that this world is not our home! I enjoy your blog…keep on writing!

  13. Jen,

    Your are a great mom. Teaching your children about the election and what it means to be brave and free. Brave means getting up in front of your church and doing sign language to music even though you are nervous. Doing it because it blesses the audience. Being free means worshiping when, where, how and whom I choose!

    Being brave and free requires us to thank God who gives us this freedom. Then going out and using this freedom to spread the gospel of Jesus. It can be making cupcakes , cookies for less fortunate, visiting assisted living & giving residents a hug & smiles,, or going to the doctor with a family member. Just do anything and do it to the glory of God!

    Blessings 🙂

  14. The freedom of any believer is in Jesus. It is the only true freedom Let’s not forget He loves the candidates.

  15. Brave is standing up for God and doing whatever He tells you to do, brave is standing up for your beliefs