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Stephanie Bryant is the co-founder of @incourage and a podcaster at the #JesusLedAdventurePodcast. She owns a Marketing & Business Coaching company. She is passionate about guiding you to your promised land and personal brand therapy. She enjoys spending her days with her husband and their miracle daughter, Gabrielle, on #BryantFamilyFarm....

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  1. Thank you for this, friend. I know this will encourage someone today. I often feel like my husband and I are always doing things the hard way — the poo way — while those around us are taking the easy way out, and I wonder if it’s worth our extra effort. I have to think this is the way God has led us to do life this way.

    • Thanks for your comments and insight. You are right on. Life gets messy and tough. And it hurts too.
      But God is faithful and provides strength for the journey. The mess can lead to your miracle. Thank God for prayer partners. Blessings

  2. Stephanie I love your frankness
    The poo does always come along with the Promise doesn’t it?
    Why are we always so surprised when it does? Lol
    Thanks for sharing

    • Thanks for sharing , we sure can learn a lot from the animals !!
      Yes , that’s what God has been showing me most powerful
      lately !! It!s like the frankness of the poo ,the messy ,yuck , hard, & dark times!! God has been showing me over& over again ,lately that He wants to show Me treasures in the dark ,yuck, hard , messy times !!!- TUGod !!!!!!!
      I find if we look for treasures in the dark yucks of life , God will show us deep treasures of
      joy , there!!! Then when we come to the light , from the hard , yuck, messy, dark times ; we will have a radiance ,that will b so deep a picture of joy& so powerful,!!! That joy in the middle of the undesirables !!! God does want to show us the impossibles !!!! -made impossible !!!!!! -Isaiah 45:1-6 -TUGod!!!!!!!

  3. This was an awesome article. I never really thought of trials that way but even in the midst of the yuckiness, God is there ready to clean us off to reveal the wonderfulness!

  4. Love this post on the power of poo — Jesus came into our mess, born in a stable with a shadow over his lineage. So grateful for this reminder that He came to us where we are — bringing us the Promise of a clean new life.

  5. Amen and amen! I’m in the middle of “poo” right now due to having left a six-figure, life sucking, family stressing and health destroying job to switch my family’s lifestyle to a simpler and more connected one. Still in the midst of seeking more accommodating work, living as a family of 5 with 2 dogs in a small RV and trusting God for each day has been difficult. But there are so many beautiful moments amidst the “poo”. Thank you for this, it encouraged me.

    • I gross out in all poos and I still have to face them at times or clean them, with no option. Even hearing it said especially in not an appropriate time, I get disgusted (that’s just manners, right?). Figuratively, “the poo is part of the process” (God’s mysterious ways; trials) and you are exactly right! I just need to continue trusting God no matter what. Perseverance is key to reach that wonderful glory and revelation.

      Stephanie, you touched me today. Thanks so much!

    • Whoo, Gina — just want to add my “Hurray for you!” You made a hard choice but a good one, you’re persevering through a struggle now, yet praising God along the way. You are a Poster Girl for perseverance. May God grant you a super-size miracle because you were faithful in the mess!

  6. Amen. We women deal with poo daily in all kinds of ways and God is His great mercy lifts us up and gives us joy…reveals the miracle!

  7. How I needed your encouraging word this morning! After crying myself to sleep last night over concerns about people I love dearly, I started the day out with a very heavy heart. The Poo was getting a little deep in my life! Thank you so much, Stephanie, for the reminder and the verses that point my heart to my God, the redeemer of my soul and the redeemer of every day’s Poo until He takes us home!

  8. I’m knee deep in poo right now. And your words brought tears to my eyes. I’m begging God to take it away because the pain is too great and my vision too filled with ugly, but it’s as you said and it’s the promise I must cling to: He’s strengthening and refining my faith.

  9. What a revelation for me today. Your words and stories helped me see what God has doing in my life! I have been begging for understanding. I see the blessings now. Thank you for being obedient and sharing this profound daily but so necessary part of life. May God richly bless you.

    • Having raised ducks for many years, cleaning the mini donkey stalls now and dealing with an estranged husband of 47 years, I love the analogy of “the poo”. Our lives are messy and yet we can be hopeful that God can clean up anything if we let him. Thanks for this…. Right after cleaning the barn this morning

  10. Stephanie, this is awesome! Since kids, I’ve noticed how bothered I am by mess. (And if I’m not, someone else is.) “The miracle is worth the mess” is exactly what I needed to hear! I love this on so many levels. Thank you, Stephanie!

  11. “The miracle is worth the mess,” what a beautiful story of the power of poo (heeheehee). But poo is so necessary, natural, and useful. Cow poo is good for fertilization and fuel, human poo happens right before pushing out a little miracle of life, and to not poo is probably the most painful of all poo situations. Although we term poo “waste,” God uses it all for our good. Today, I will remind myself “the miracle is worth the mess.” Thank you!

  12. I read two poems last night that involved poo, too. God must be trying to say something to me… 🙂 Creation has so much to teach us if we’ll just pay attention. Thanks for paying attention and passing it along!

  13. This is a story from a silly old cowboy movie, maybe fromsome other tale. The horse pooped on a little chick, he was warm, and the fox got him out to eat him. Moral of the story that everyone who poos on you isn’t trying to hurt you and everyone who gets you out isn’t trying to help. Strange thing to remember.

  14. Thank you, Stephanie. This is such a timely article for me. I’m currently enjoying (enduring?) some spiritual growing pains to which this speaks…

  15. I had just told my daughters about a friend whose son was robbing him of everything (elder abuse) and I was told this morning the bones in my left foot had collapsed (this after my right foot had to be reconstructed last year). Then I opened my email to this message. I had been feeling discouraged, now I wanted to laugh. God’s truth and timing are perfect. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Ok so here is the Holy Spirit saying to me but in your world I gave you “Pooh” as in “Winnie the Pooh,” who always will in the end be happy for a bit’o honey and the love of his friends. So yes poo is messy and smelly and yucky but it’s part of living. A necessary part of living. ( I’m a mom and critical care nurse). But it is part of how we were made. The other part of this is what we nurses often said the VIP in room so-and-so has bad smelling poo like the homeless one in room so-and-so. All human, all made by our one God. Whether we choose to believe in Him or not!

  17. Oh, the responses to this post have had me ROFL.
    I have been a torn up mess lately as my son, 19, moved out while I was at work. He has stopped attending church and is heading to the far country. My heart is broken & bruised. Amidst it all, God keeps sending splashes of love, the comfort of His word & now laughter.
    Good to laugh. Looking forward to that City w/out Poo!!!

  18. Stephanie,

    God allows poo to bring us closer to Him. This statement resonates with me: Sometimes it’s through a mess we find a miracle. I went through “poo” icky mess with my aging dad’s dementia. It brought me closer to God and praying more. In the end God allowed me to see a miracle. My dad is healed and living a more normal life. I praise God for the poo. Having gone through this I can now encourage and help others with these issues.

    Blessings 🙂

  19. An insightful post, Stephanie, offering hope and a strong dose of I-can-do-this confidence. The mess IS worth it, to see the miracle, to see God glorified in the end — sometimes even in the thick of it.

  20. I can so relate to this story and all the poo. We had chickens growing up and raised a big garden. Poo and dirt on lots of food and eggs. The first time I as a big sister asked to take a nap with my new brother (I was bout 6), he peed on the bed and me. And when I asked mom to help her, she had me rinse one of his poo cloth diapers in the toilet. Yes, poo is everywhere and it is part of the journey and necessary for the end miracle.