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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Jennifer,
    I find that the 5 minutes when I focus on others brings me the greatest happiness…perhaps that’s why I’m a “giver”. My husband laughs that I have an entire drawer filled with note cards….thank yous, thinking of yous, birthday cards, congrats cards, blank cards…you name it – I’ve got it. There’s just something about getting a snail mail card with a hand written note. Also, taking 5 minutes for ourselves is not a sin. God delights in us when we simply delight in being His creation and are good to ourselves. Though I haven’t been able to do the book club…I loved your book!
    Thanks for spreading some much needed cheer!

    • Oh, Bev. This reminds me so much of my mother. Ever since I was a little girl, Mom kept a large stash of greeting cards. And every morning, when I’d come downstairs for breakfast, she’d be sitting at the kitchen table writing the day’s greetings to friends who were celebrating birthdays, anniversaries … or just needing a little encouragement in their life.

      Thank you for sharing.

    • Bev,

      How interesting that you are a giver also! I have a hand carry card organizer. It is chocked full of cards-some blank, get-well, etc. I love sending cards to people to make their day. That simple act can cheer someone up on an otherwise downer day. Often times I call or text people to say Hi-just thinking about you. Love letting people know I care!

      Blessings 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for this, Jennifer! I also wasn’t able to do the book club this time (saving money so I can buy your book!), but the posts have whet my appetite for more. Adjusting to my kids’ school schedule went really well — for two days. Today, not so much. Thank you for handing me a tool I can use to get out of the I-messed-it-all-up slump and also put the focus back on others.

    • Pearl,

      I am so glad that these posts have encouraged you. You can also consider signing up for my Dares of The Day over on my blog. You’ll get 10 happiness dares in a row, for free, right in your inbox. 🙂

      Be blessed!

  3. My happiness lies in my cup of coffee as I read and pray. He uses me to write and sometimes send the message to the one it’s meant for. I’m amazed He uses this messed up tired mom and when He does it gives unending joy brings a smile to my face…its happiness.
    Privileged to be on the prelaunch team, blessed to be doing the book study so I can mark up the physical book as I am memorizing parts of it ( 3rd go around). ❤️Jennifer.

  4. Jennifer, thank you for this beautifully encouraging posting from the Lord. It is such a needed grace today and I love how these “happy boosters” are flexible and do-able. That each one of us would seek the Holy Spirit’s inspiration for using these great tools and creating new ones to bring a bit of “happy” and “joy” to others, our hearts, and to the joy of out heavenly Father 🙂

  5. Happiness and joy can come from the smallest and simplest acts or even thing’s. A sunlight warming up your face, a old song that speaks to you, words that pick you up. Those are the Good Lords little blessings that make the difference. As someone once told me its all about the little things, they add up to the greatest treasures.

  6. Jennifer,

    I, like Bev, am giver. I glean such happiness from giving to people. Taking five or ten minutes to write and mail cards, send nice text/email or call someone to say Hello just thinking about you. That can make my day. I also get pleasure from going outside for short walks in nature. Just looking at the gorgeous mountains or numerous stars in the night sky can also make my day and bring happiness!

    Blessings 🙂

  7. With my happiness style being thinker I love to take time to be in God’s Word. My favorite way to get happy in the middle of my day is to go out at my lunch hour and read. We have a park just down the street from my office. I sit in my car with the windows down and read, listen to the birds, look at the sky. This is like a mini-getaway in the middle of the day. It’s a great time for me to refresh and renew and energize for the rest of my day. I am thankful that I work at a church because I can also have little reminders hanging around my desk and work space.