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Jenny has been married to her high school love, Kris, for 20 years and is the momma of 5. Her heart beats for laughter, mountains, coffee, mentoring gals, and parenting her tribe.

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  1. Jen, love your honest & beautiful words! Harvesting hope while walking through a “long haul” season of heartache & disbelief is essential yet so far from our first inclination in how we deal with the raw reality of whatever or whoever has let us down. But you have taught me first hand, as my mentor, to look for & cling to those nuggets of hope God sends us as we wait for His best! Our desired answer may not be as close around the corner as we would choose, but He will be faithful to provide just enough hope so we don’t grow weary & lose heart. Your hopefulness in Him & His best encourages my heart! Keep walking gracefully through this “long haul” season! His plans for the Howells are immensely, eternally good ones! Love u friend!!!

    • Mornin sweet Sarah! Thank you for the encouragement. I am thankful for the journey of walking out this year with you sister. It has taught me much! Thank you for going before me into the unknown and trusting even when plans felt uncertain. I’ve got a tight grip on every ounce of hope and I know it will be enough because he is enough! Love you much, Jen

  2. Jenny,
    Your post really resonates with me. I’ve gone through difficult periods of waiting and wondering – not able to see what God had in store – but only live the pain I had in the hear and now. I do believe, in hindsight, I can claim the truth of the scriptures in Romans 5:4 that says that trials and suffering produce perseverance, perseverance character, and character hope and that hope does not disappoint. The more I have persevered through trials, the more I’ve had to rely and depend on God. The more I’ve had to do that, the more I see that God TRULY is faithful. Through trials my confidence in God grows. The hope that the confidence brings is a treasure far more precious than gold. Whether our periods of waiting and persevering are short-lived or span many years….God can and will use them for His glory and for building our character. So thankful for the prayer warriors who have prayed me through my trials. (Another gift of going through trials). Great post…may God give you the strength to keep clinging to Him. He’s got this…

    • Hey Bev! Thank you for saying “He’s got this…” because so many have spoken that with total confidence and I believe it! The more I hear the hope of others, my own swells. And that Romans verse is absolutely what is going on here! Lots of perseverance and character building happening in our home. So thankful that I can look forward with joy even though the wait is oh-so-hard. Appreciate your words! Jen

  3. Dearest Howell family,
    Looking in the rear view mirror is only for learning. Looking ahead to the author and perfecter of our faith keeps us moving forward in hope. I love y’all. Praying for your hopeful hearts.

    • Elaine! Thats right friend.I am all about some forward motion these days and even though I”m not a fan of the unknown – I know better because none of this catches my God off guard! Thanks for speaking truth and loving us in the holding pattern. XO Jen

  4. I needed this more than I can even put into words. This spoke some much needed reminders straight into my anxious & exhausted heart. Thank you so much <3

    • Good Mornin Lori! I’m SO glad it did. I was praying that it would even speak to just ONE anxious heart. Hold on sister, hope is right now because He is aware and near. Blessings as you keep your eyes up. ~Jen

    • Morning Sissy! Thank you. I love that we are in this season together and get to see His plans unfold at the same time…its crazy! Enjoy your time. Love you!

  5. Dearest Jenny,
    You write so beautifully with truth. As you raise your family, God will continue to bless as you serve as a mom, wife, daughter, sister, pastor’s wife and friend! You have many hats and you are so strong, with a strength only God gives. You all will rise above this. You have in the past and you will again. Thank you for sharing your heart with us and touch others without you even knowing just by your story. We continue to pray and can’t wait to see where God takes you!

    • Izzy! So sweet of you to read along – thank you for reminding me that this is for all of us! God works in His own super way and on His watch. You are right friend – He has never left us on our own! I’m excited to see where the landing spot is and can’t wait to dive into His to promise for our family. Loe you favorite college buddy XO

  6. You are a beautiful picture of faith, Jen! Hoping is hard work. Some days more than others. (Shoot, some seconds harder than other seconds!) Thank you so much for leading by example. Praying I follow well. If God wills, may he reveal a glimpse of his best for your family to keep hope fueled. Thank you again, Jen!

    • Pearl, Good Mornin! Thank you for your kind words…I want to do this well and some days and even seconds, I loose sight of the big picture of what really is going on in the unseen. I would appreciate that prayer for sure…I will happily receive all the glimpses of His best to keep us fueled. Glad you stopped by~Jen

  7. Thank you for sharing words that are in my heart. I have been in a season of hope for quite some time. The heartbreaking end of my marriage and the betrayal has left me reeling. But it’s put me on a path to God that I never would have had. I’m surrounded by faith filled women and so encouraged by devotions like yours . I know He has a plan and I just have to trust.
    May God bless you.

    • Deb, I’m so sorry about the rough waters. I’m thankful that you can see that the hardship is growing you…not something we ever want to go through but holding on to God and walking closely to Him sets us free to trust right? He most definitely has a plan for you and your every day. Thanks for sharing your real-life with us. Praying today that you can keep your eyes above the waves. So glad you have gals in your circle to encourage! ~Jen

  8. As hard as this answer was for the Howell family, I cannot help but think what an incredible growing experience, not just for you, but for your kids. They are so invested in the process and God is teaching them along with you. They are going to experience hope in the midst of the unknown and to learn that God is faithful when we trust Him with our hearts and circumstances. What a valuable gift!! Someone told me years ago that trials are shortcuts to a deeper relationship with God and I have found that to be true. (Still doesn’t make me like trials though!). Love you, friend. You are being held in His hands and He has you safe and secure.

    • Karin! Love your words..especially “trials are shortcuts to a deeper relationship with God…” I BELIEVE that sister. I can’t wait to see how God shapes our kids through all of this unknown living! I am hopeful that they will have some kind of awesome stories to share when they grow up about Gods faithfulness to us and how He showed up in our every day. Love you and appreciate you walking with us! Xo Jen

  9. I read recently that we should remember “He gives us what He can handle!” This long season of unknown because of my only child’s health is lonely in the flesh but quietly glorious at the feet of Jesus. I cannot do this without Him. I understand how He alone moves in the waiting, changing me. To the Potter of my soul I give praise in the heartache in His grace alone. He will never leave you, He is Master of it all. Amen!

    • Yes Corena! Its true, we can not do it without him. I’m sorry you are going through a hard season. So much trusting and putting one foot infront of the other. Thankful you are staying near to His presence and seeing Him in the unknown days. Hang on Momma. ~Jen

  10. I’ve prayed that prayer, too, asking for God’s best and saying I didn’t want for my life anything He didn’t want. But then when faced with having what I thought was best taken away, it’s so hard to remember what you wrote: “God was not doing this to us . . . He was doing this for us.” I’m in a situation right now where I’m waiting to see what God’s best is. Thankfully, this time, I’m really not sure how “best” looks, so I’m holding this one with a bit more of an open hand. I appreciate the reminder that whatever happens, God is working for eternal our best 🙂

    • Em! I’m with you. We just have no clue what He is up too for our good and His highest praise. You are right…we need to loosen our grip on “our” hopes for whats next. Hard to do – but that heart will give us a stronger peace and release of control (uh hem – so easy to type, not for the weak in real life). Hang in there for His fame Emily. ~Jen

  11. Ahhhh, Jenny. It’s so hard to watch our husbands deal with disappointment. It’s so hard when we have hope that God is going to bring something to pass and we discover His view of that something and our view are very different. I love that your kids looked for ways to encourage you and your husband on the day of that call. I’m so sorry.

    I loved this exhortation: “Let us be the ones who keep watch for all the ways God chooses to harvest hope in the midst of wild uncertainty and deep heartache.” Such a beautiful reminder for keeping our eyes on Jesus in the midst of uncertainty. Thank you for sharing your story here.

    • Jeanne THANK YOU! It is hard to watch and know how and where to help. Our kids have very much been apart of the process! My husband brought them in at the very beginning when we heard God leading us into our next assignment in Pastoring. After nearly 9 years here…we are all in and invested so God has really graced the hearts of our kids to be FOR what he has up ahead and I’m thankful for that. ~Jen

  12. Jenny,
    Can I still be a Christian and say, “Sometimes, this sucks!” I haven’t lost my faith in Jesus, but sometimes I have to say this is hard and it sucks. I know that God is able to do ANYTHING so what is so hard about helping me get to a better situation, and one that will benefit many besides myself? The pain your family experienced was real. No where in God’s word does he tell us to ignore what we feel, but he does tell us to trust him through it all.

    I am reminded of when Jesus was in the boat with his disciples and the storm shook the living daylights out of those guys. Jesus was sleeping! And does it not feel sometimes like Jesus is sleeping on our situation? But when the disciples woke him, he didn’t bail on them. He didn’t get out the boat and walk to safety like “See ya when I see ya.” Because he could’ve. No. Jesus calmed the storm. Most of all, he was with them through it all.

    Jenny, I pray with you today, that our Father will show you (us) He is in there with you. As you wait for him to calm the storm, rest with Jesus.

    • LaToya, Of course you can! It is SO hard. The hope lies in His undeniable soverignty. He often takes us on a journey and has great plans in the process of arriving at the destination doesn’t he?! We so easily become impatient – wanting the quick fix but He knows us better than that. What He leads us through honestly prepares us for the destination. I so appreciate you sharing with me! Hold steady to His great love for you sister. ~Jen

  13. This post confirmed what I already knew but needed to be told. I am in the midst of unemployment again, and feeling very discouraged but from the back of my mind this thought keeps coming through, “He is finding the perfect fit. He is forming you and molding you. He has not abandoned you!” Thank you for writing this!!

    • Ashley you are right! He IS doing all that and more. I’m with you and trying to not miss today…anxious about tomorrow. Easy to type but a struggle to live out! Praying you can find some bits of joy in your holding pattern. He is making a way for you. Thanks for reading along today! ~Jen

  14. Thank you Jen for sharing this beautifully worded reassurance of hope and a reminder for us all to remain steadfast in God’s promise to us through our faith and constant prayer even when we experience what may seem as a setback or lost opportunity. May your family, mine and others continue to live joyous, grateful, and patient as we pray and wait with anticipation for God’s timing.

  15. “God is not doing this TO us… He’s doing it FOR us.” Ahhh. As my family is smack in the middle of contemplating unexpected potential changes, we need to keep this in mind. Thanks.

  16. I am beyond words and truly at a cross roads. I don’t know if what I’m hearing is Gods voice of direction. Ive been in my painful situation so long that it’s become numb. I have a spouse who’s unwilling to talk or be real about the situation. And surely isnt working through to the side of resolution.
    Please pray for me. Either way I need a plan of action. And the courage to do it.

    • Nae, Thanks for sharing your heart and your hurts. Praying for wisdom in each tiny movement has helped me in walking upright through hard days. Praying you find some peace and the strength to walk with humility…so not easy when we are hurting. Hope your days to come bring you hope. ~Jen

  17. Thank you! This hit my heart dead-on this morning as I walk out hope while waiting for the change I know is coming. I desperately needed these exact words, and I needed them TODAY! Father always knows when and how to speak into those times I am grasping for reassurance that “all is well”.

    • All IS well Renee! Even if we can’t see it today, He is absolutely working out the details for our good and His glory. So glad our story met you and added some hope to your week! ~Jen

  18. How beautiful to read so many relying on our God for their hope, salvation and knowing, He holds us and is always there! As we watch the news and read a paper these days it makes one wonder if anyone really remembers He is there?
    I too have been in a time of waiting as I am goi g to be moving and have my home for sale. I must move for medical reasons and would like to move soon! However, I know that I must wait on Him! All things will happen in His time! He will plant me where I need to be for His glory! Not where I might like to be for whatever reason and I need to be patient, not one of my strengths! Thank you so much for this writing today, it has helped to put things into better perspective! Helped me to realize there are so many out there struggling out there with different , yet similar situations and we are all looking to our Lord and Savior and knowing He alone will carry us through.
    Blessings and prayers to all of you!

    • Thank you for reading along Linda! Patience is not my highlight either. It also helps me to see that so many are in this same season in many different ways. Heres to God showing up in your life big time and your eyes being expectant to His faithfulness! Hang on sister. ~Jen

      • Thank you! You know, I never expect a reply from anyone! This means a lot to me! You are precious!! You made my day!
        People really do care don’t they?

  19. Wow, Jenny. This is such a powerful testimony and I feel blessed that your share so openly and eloquently. You are living proof that our only Hope is in Christ and it is our humanness that stands in the way of trusting His timing (gotta get Him a calendar and clock!!) I pray your family finds peace, strength and confidence in your journey. It sounds like you have amazing children but I know being a parent and keeping a sense of joy amidst your pain and worry is an overwhelming job. I look forward to hearing that God has oprned a new door in your life and you are walking thru it with Him. Thank you for your words of faith and encouragement.

    • Jill! Can we be neighbors? You’ve blessed me today in your seeing that keeping a sense of joy in pain and worry can be overwhelming. It sure can be no matter how awesome our tribe is (we honestly do have an awesome five aware that God is in this!) the journey is often wearisome. So thanks for seeing my Mom heart across the screen, means a ton. I will be updating my blog along the way – join me :). Appreciate you, Jen

  20. Your struggle/story is so timely in my life — I’ve been on a hundred interviews & nothing has worked out; working on starting a business with no funds & that isn’t going well either! But I am choosing to trust in Him. A podcast I watched this morning reminded me to take delight in the Lord & He would give me desires for this season in my life. (Psalm 37: 4-7); & give me work to do He had prepared in advance for me! (Ephesians 2:10). Thank you! (So where are you folks now?)

    • Hang in there Robin! The waiting is SOOOO LONG sometimes. I’m sorry you’ve been discouraged but really thankful you are seeking to delight in the Lord! He is your only lasting hope and will see you through on His watch. Thank you! Jen

  21. Thank you so much for this posts and all the posts you do. They really are a blessing. This post was just what I needed to read today. Prayers and Blessings for you and your family.

  22. “How is it possible to remain consistently hopeful for such an exhausting period of time?”

    Man, I’ve asked that question a lot lately. I’m so thankful to have had your words of encouragement walking with me these past 5 years. It’s just one hard season after another sometimes, but God gave me such a dear companion to walk with me through them. Thank you for always pointing me toward Jesus while admitting that sometimes life just sucks. You do it well with laughter, tears, and humility, and an honest word or two. 😉 Love u so!

    • Shaundra!! There had been a lot of hard seasons and not so eloquent words haha, but look at how He worked in and through you as a wife, momma, and friend. You consistently are aware of the needs of those around you and God most def used your hospitable heart to focus how He desired to use your hard days to minister to the hearts of others including mine. Love you for that selflessness. Love you too! Jenny

  23. Jen,
    I really needed this today. Totally resonate with your sentiment: how is it possible to remain consistently hopeful for such an exhausting period of time? I’m tempted to give up on this dream/desire and just be content in the other areas of my life where God has showered blessing. But this gave me a little hope…to remind myself that I too told God I want His best above all. And now I have to trust He is not doing something to me or against me, but for me. Thank you for the much needed encouragement.

    • Isabell, Stay true to His promises. He will show you, lead you, and close and open doors for you. He is FOR you. Thank you for the encouragement! ~Jen

  24. Jenny, I praise the Lord for these abundant blessings in your post and the replies 🙂 How gracious He is to us when the burdens seem so hard to bear and we long for His rest that He comes to us and says “Let me. Let me help you through. Cast the care and let me give you rest and strength in these trials.” Its so hard to be patient, but as a small bud can only ripen into His fruit in His time lest it wither, its what we need to persevere to the character that brings hope that never disappoints because He is our hope. I am so grateful for your words that remind us that He does this for us, for the reminder that He is doing this to equip us. May we each bear with each other, encouraging one another in hope that we can be strong in faith, truth, patience, and love 🙂

  25. Praying for your beautiful family, Jenny, that the Lord continues to bless you so much 🙂 So grateful for all that He is working through you in these trials.

  26. Thank you for your encouraging words Jenny. We are actually in a hard season my family and I, waiting for what God has in store for us, a job for my husband, solutions to deal with our daughter’s allergic problems. We’re at cross roads and like all mommas I cannot help being worried. My daughter and I are missing my husband very much as he is abroad and we dont know exactly when he would be returning. I pray each morning that God would give us the courage that we need in this time of waiting and refining. As you said above ‘ God is not doing this to us, He is doing this for us’.Thank you for your testimony and your hope in God. May He bless you and your family abundantly.

    • Oh Gem I bet you guys are missing him so much. That has to be a hard place…waiting and trying to stay hopeful! I totally get it. Thank you for sharing so we can pray for strength. I am encouraged by your comment and am reminded that God is very much aware of our needs, hopes, and desires. Waiting to see what He sees as the best answer is NOT easy but you are living it out today and thats beautiful. ~Jen

  27. Thank you so much for these words. After two years of walking through a valley that included miscarriage, a twice flooded house, endless drama with sick parents, a simple foot injury that turned into a scary week long hospital stay, and so much more I thought for sure we were about to start climbing to the mountaintop. But God had other plans. We found out on a Tuesday that my mother, who has dementia, needed to move in with us on Thursday. Turns out God was not taking us to the mountaintop afterall. The two and a half months that have followed her move here have been the hardest thing we’ve ever had to walk through. I am exhausted and I spend most days struggling to find my joy in God alone. I guess that’s the battle we are supposed to fight when there isn’t much earthly joy to be found in current circumstances. God is using this time to teach me, like never before, that he gives us hope and strength for today…no more no less. I am flawed and sinful so I worry, I try to fix things, and I feel hopeless a lot. But sometimes I get it right and I run to my savior for much needed peace and hope.
    As always, your words resonate deeply. Thank you for sharing and I will continue to pray for your family. I know God has a plan that is good for yall and for us.

    • Jen, You HAVE been swimming in some rough waters sister. One thing after another will wear on any well -meaning and hopeful momma (esp of boys 🙂 I’m so sorry for the continued unknowns and exhaustion that comes along with serving family and recovering from you own hardships. I wish you didn’t have to be up to your eyebrows in hard stuff friend. What I do know is this: Somehow in God’s ministry to you even in the dark lonely times…you have managed to step out of your own junk and minister to others. I am a direct recipient of your selfless love. I know that doesn’t help the current issues but seriously…anyone who can step outside of themselves to show love to another in need is being held together by the spirit. I pray that His joy would come even in tiny moments giving you just enough to hang on (or make it to bedtime!). Appreciate your honestly always. Love, Jen

      • These words made me cry. Struggling mightily lately feeling like the worst friend imaginable because I can’t do much for anyone outside of the four walls of this house right now. It’s hard to feel called to a certain kind of ministry and have God say…but I have this for you instead right now. Thank you!

  28. I woke up this morning with “hope deferred makes the heart sick..” it dawned on me that it’s about giving up hope that God is speaking about (hope has been God’s word to me for 2016). I like your title When Hard Times Harvest Hope. My hope has been (oh so many years) for my adult son to finally be free from heroin drug addiction and to forever embrace Christ.

    • Toni, I love that your word for the year has been HOPE. Praying right now for your son and the hard place he is in with addiction. Thankful he has you as a Mom who is praying on his behalf to see Jesus as his rescue. We can all join in that prayer with you! Thanks for sharing, Jen

  29. Thanks for trusting. It helps me to trust also. It would seem that with so many of the little instances in our life where we have to trust Him that trusting in the unseen would seem easier, but as our hope builds with each delivered promise, somehow it becomes more painful as we expect God to show up as he did before, the same way, again. But would God be great if He did not surprise us Sister? He cannot show up the same way if He plans on giving us something greater. If you are not seeing expected results then that means God is given you an unexpected answer. And he always give more never less. So I am gladly awaiting your victory and upgrade.


    • Tupos, Great point! God is all about some suprising isn’t He?! We do tend to expect Him to come through in our way and not His alone. Thanks for encouraging me in the victory ahead and the upgrade – love it. ~Jen

  30. Jen! Beautiful words from a difficult place. We spent almost a year in the place you are now. We were out of church ministry, but knew that God had a church for us somewhere. We sent out resume after resume. We would start the interview process, only to have unexpected doors close in our face, each time walking a little further in the process until finally we had two churches that wanted us to candidate–one in NC close to family and friends, one in MT where we knew no one. We had to choose which church to candidate at because the Alliance does not allow you to do both places. We chose to candidate in NC. Worst experience ever. We knew at the end of the weekend that it was not the place for us. We got home, waited for the church to call, and they felt the same way we did–not the right fit. We learned about a year later that church went through some internal issues that most likely would have damaged our already fragile hearts. We prayed the MT church had not moved on, they hadn’t. They flew our whole family out 2 months later for us to candidate. Such a vastly different experience. We have called MT home ever since. Continue to trust God as he leads. Use the time to recharge, refresh, and renew your spirit. Finding a church where we could plug in and be involved but not be in charge was so valuable for our ministry today. Love you, Jen. Keep writing and sharing your heart!

    • Jess! Right after I read “we spent almost a year here…” I said oh GOD PLEASE NO! Cant imagine but I do trust that He will fill our life with very good things during the wait. Kinda like our adoption with Molly, those 4 long years of waiting set her up to be our daughter and us her family. Beauty does come from waiting. I am SO sorry y’all had such heartbreak in the process. His protection is often hidden and we don’t even get it but we have seen that also even in this short time. I am thrilled that God planted you in MT and appreciate the encouragement to enjoy the in-between moments to recharge. I know He will use it and love that you’ve gone before me. XO Jenny

  31. I have certainly had my share of trials, large and lengthy to small and seemilyly insignificant to others.

    As I learn to hope and trust again in the Lord (its been 5 long years), so much has been cultivated, such as simple joy, feeling my worth, finally (almost!), realizing I have gifts to offer too, but more importantly, knowing I can also help build this world so filled with darkness…one person at a time. I can shine God’s light, and pray over those I encounter, that they may come to see His great light, and know His peace.

    My prayers for you and yours, as you wait for His plan to unfold..:) Blessings!

  32. I found these words this morning, as I don’t always get on line every day. They came just as I needed them, and as a friend text me about a couple of situations in her life. I was able to share your words with her and then share the link on my FB. thank you for helping us both through a “stormy” time. As I read about sees of hope, I thought of Jesus teaching about faith as small as a mustard seed. Sometimes even that seems too large to manage, but God has an amazing way of coming through if I will just Listen and obey. Trusting HE is working out things, going ahead of me, preparing the way through the storm. Thank you and thank God for people like you who share their stories of God at work in their lives. I pray you and your family will find just the right place to live and serve God.

  33. Jenny Howell, you are a women after Gods own heart! You are a gem and walking through the last 8.5 years of life with you has been an honor and a huge blessings! Beyond thankful that we live in a time where relationships can still thrive even when we don’t live 3 mins away, can’t just barge in and start crying, physically watch our kids grow up on a daily basis, and have random coffee nights full of laughter, how everyone’s problems are so easy to fix, what a mess we are, and the constant reminder of how much we need Jesus for everything and He graciously uses us to love on one another. Love you friend and where ever you land I won’t be far behind to help you organize your kitchen!

    • Carly! All of these words make me so grateful for your friendship. Especially the “what a mess we are” because that is exactly the kind of friend we all need. One who can share the joys and victories with AND the dark, messy stuff with. It is in those moments that we are either pointed to Jesus or away. You’ve remained faithful to point to Him. As soon as I have a kitchen, you are welcome to organize it for me! XO Jenny

  34. Thank you so much for this post. We lost our company 3 years ago. We lost our way of living. The Lord have been so good to us that we have all our needs cover in his time. It’s just that we don’t have any control and he does everything in His time. We are learning to really trust in Him. I really pray for constant work But I guess He knows what’s best for us.
    To trust is one of the hardest things He asks from us.

    • Sylvia, Thanks for sharing…so hard to wonder why and find deep trust in it all. You are right, He does have our best ahead and most of the time HIs best work in us is accomplished during these unknown seasons. Blessings as you hope in HIM alone. ~Jenny

  35. My wife sent this link to me the same day I found out I did not get the job I had applied for. She didn’t even know I did not get the job. God has a plan.

  36. Thanks so much for sharing! I have also been job searching for two months and several things have not worked out. Each time, I despair that I will never find anything. Even though I know that is not the truth, it is a struggle to keep the faith and optimistic hope in the moment. This has been good for me to read. Thank you!

    • Joanna, It can be so rough to find joy in the wait. God has been putting a strong, no excuses reminder in front of me as we walk this out. He keeps saying, ” If you trust me with eternity…you can surely trust me for your moments/days/weeks/years.” It’s so true and something we can def work on today! Thanks for sharing. It’s so helpful to know we don’t walk alone. Keep hoping and trusting Jo! Jenny

  37. I love it & hate it when God reminds me of a prayer I prayed…and that’s why I’m flailing or waiting. Yet, He loves us too much to give us anything less than His best for us. He truly wants something for us. He’s not doing it to us. Well said.

    Thanks for this honest & encouraging post Jenny.

    Rachel B.

    • Hello Rachel! Thank you much. It’s so rough to wait out His very best but I’m so looking forward to our landing spot. He is FOR me and you! -Jenny

  38. Jenny,

    Prayers that a good job will come open for your hubby. One pastor put it this way: “we are in the midst of trials because this is where God wants us.” I have been through many a trial these past 2 years with my aging dad. Some days were worse than others. But God being faithful has brought my dad back. He is a living miracle. Earlier this year we were at the brink of despair–but through faith, prayer and hoping God worked a miracle.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Thank you Leigh! Just trying to pay attention and not miss the journey while longing for the destination! I keep saying “I’m doing the best I can…” and thats true because my best is not so great but HE is GREAT. I hope to bring Him glory. XO Jen

  39. Incredible and just what I needed to hear at this time in our lives. Thank you for sharing!