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  1. I believe all three truths, as those truths are given to us by God. I am very thankful for HIs love and His mercy.

  2. It’s so beautiful that God would take someone so unworthy as me & use for His glory. Now, that’s the unmerited favor that only He can give. Even when I mess up…He’s there. ..drawing me near to Him. I am eternally thankful.

  3. I loved Priscilla’s metaphor: “Wipe your tears away. That road is behind you now. I (God) have other roads in store for you in the future. . .”
    We can actually get trapped by our past if we don’t surrender it to Christ.
    I have found that the most reliable defense against this lie is heavy doses of truth. Romans 8:1 starts off as an anthem to celebrate the future and all God wants to do: “There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus . . .”

  4. I do think we have trouble with Romans 8:31, we continue to condemn ourselves when it is the enemy’s lie and we just can’t look at ourselves the way God sees us. We should be using John 3:16 and 17.

  5. I believe the three truths and thank the Lord for his mercy. I have trouble sometimes, actually a lot, with the guilt I feel when I make the same error again and again. My sin is overspending and I confess and repent and then when I do the same thing I feel horrible and not worthy of his love. I don’t have the money to buy anymore so that should solve the problem and I feel like laying at his feet and begging for his mercy and forgiveness again. I know it is Satan that is leading me in these lies to myself and I need to ask God for protection from the tricks and lies of Satan. This is a book that is really talking to me, excellent book!!

    • You are not alone in the struggle with going back to the same patterns. It is from this base of truth and prayer that we then take action. It is His will for you to be rid of these sin patterns, He will provide a way out and the strength to follow in obedience!

  6. I really struggle to remember that my debt has already been paid, and that my salvation is based on God’s character, not mine. I was raised in a very judgmental, works-based circle, so the enemy has lots of misused Scripture and past experience to replay. I loved her response to Satan pointing out our past failings… “Isn’t it amazing that God forgave *that?!*” Turning into a moment of wonder and glory, instead of a moment of senseless shame.

  7. Its hard to remember that we are saved by grace. I feel bad for some of the stuff I have done to myself and others before I was saved, but remembering that THAT. WAS. FORGIVEN, is really hard to do sometimes. The grace of God is so overwhelming that when you receive it you have no choice but to pray out of gratefulness and humility. I feel I am compelled to pray all the more.

  8. Thank you, Katie, for this amazing post and to all who posted. Thank you and praise to our Savior, Jesus Christ for His great mercy. I struggle so much in this place and try to remember that if God is for us who can be against us? For each of us is a conqueror as we surrender to His grace. He empowers us to stand firm, though it is so hard at times, and see His deliverance. Praying that each of us has His peace.

  9. Katie,
    The evil one is crafty! He can bring up my past and drive me crazy with condemnation and guilt. I hear “stupid, not good enough, not smart enough”. At times I tend to believe it–even though I know the truths of God.
    Blessings 🙂

  10. As I read along through this chapter, I couldn’t help but grab my zippered pouch of highlighters and colored pencils! I highlighted this portion of Priscilla’s words: “despite our best efforts, we keep feeding our enemy new clips of failure to choose from and compile. ….” Wow, that passage hit me like lightning! How true! I do that to myself so often. I allow past regrets and mistakes, (that I have already asked and been given forgiveness for) to creep back into my consciousness. Reading Priscilla’s suggestions and being aware of “The Call to Prayer” helps to keep me reminded of the best way to continually combat the dirty tactics that Satan uses!