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Jenny has been married to her high school love, Kris, for 20 years and is the momma of 5. Her heart beats for laughter, mountains, coffee, mentoring gals, and parenting her tribe.

(in)side DaySpring: things we love
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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. Such good, honest truth shared, Jen. Glad to know I am not alone in this struggle. Thank you for helping me to stay the course when my heart is wanting to take a hike too! And thank you for reminding me to embrace the Selfless One when I am needing to get over my selfishness!

    • Sarah! Thank you for sharing…You know you are never alone in any struggle my friend (especially with all my crazy close by). Appreciate all the ways you help this girl and others stay the course. Eyes up even when we feel conflicted and life gets complicated! Love, Jen

  2. Thank you Sissy. We have a rich story full of all the the ways God has faithfully marched us through lots of change together. Glad I have you. Love you much!

  3. Sissy, Thank you for encouraging me along the way. God has been faithfully present in all our change and I’m spoiled to have such a caring Sister. All 40 years of me loves you much!

  4. Thank you for this -it so describes how I feel right now as the Lord is asking me to yield to such deep change that He is working in me. It down right scary, but He is ever the tender sculptor, smoothing all the worn places that are just screaming selfishly in in persevering. Thank you for speaking words that speak to this struggle, that none of us are alone. Praying that He soothes and uplifts all our weary and fighting places today 🙂

    • I find myself there often and it can be a rough holding pattern right? Thankfully Jesus awaits our choice to yield and welcomes us even when we don’t love the surrender! He is faithful in our selfish places isn’t he? Blessings over you and your change! Hang in there…hope is always near.

  5. Jenny, thank you for being so honest and vulnerable. I found myself in a similar but different situation yesterday. I was holding onto anger in a self-righteous way and God brought me to Mathew 6 and the passage about murder and anger…and as I prepared to write about David and hope for my blog, He took me a place I didn’t want to go: showed me how David’s Hope grew in the breaking. I was broken by grief for Hope to be gifted me…and this past year, I’ve been on a journey of having my pride broken…not an easy journey….I’m a slow learner, but there is such freedom and beautiful grace in the letting go and seeking forgiveness.

  6. I get you Shaundra. It’s all about some balance isn’t it?! Take care of others…always, make sure your own soul is cared for… Us Mommas are not so great at that! I’m all in for some quac!

    • Jess, there’s nothing sweeter than looking back and recognizing the process and progress! Thanks for keeping it real and seasoned with grace always.
      Love, Jen

  7. This is such encouragement, Jen! My heart has been on quite a few long hikes especially during this season of adopting- our Father has gently nudged me back time and again. Thank you for sharing!! What great word pictures you gave! Much love!

    • Thank you for reading along Catherine! Oh the heart hikes we put so much effort into. You know I get the adoption trail… It is long and steep and can cause all the discouraging feelings right? The Lord is such the perfect trail master. Love your honesty. Love, Jen