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Annie F. Downs is a bestselling author and nationally known speaker based in Nashville, Tennessee. Her most recent books include 100 Days to Brave, Looking for Lovely and Let’s All Be Brave. Read more at and follow her at @anniefdowns.

(in)side DaySpring: things we love
& you will too!
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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
& you will too!
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  1. Annie,
    I’m with you…washing dishes at the sink goes a whole lot faster and better when I’ve got praise music playing. If it’s just me and the dogs (one is deaf), I will turn the music up loud. If I want to still my heart, I’ll play it softly. Depending on my mood, I may even become “undignified” and dance before the Lord like David. Music is a big part of daily worship for me. Thanks for the music suggestions…one of my go to favorites is Christy Nockels.
    Blessings Annie,

  2. My song right now is “Why?” By Nicole Nordeman. It’s a powerful song but even more so because my niece sang it. Even though it was years ago I’ll never forget the passion she sang it with.

    • By the way this was a sweet devotional. You’ve encouraged me to get out my iPod and listen. I pray this season of the year is beautiful for you.

  3. I have the EMPIRES album and listen to it a lot! I also have a few songs on the Bethel Music “We Will Not Be Shaken” album which fits my life in so many ways at the moment so I think I’ll check out the rest of the album 🙂
    Thanks Annie!

  4. I feel you girl! Except my go to worship time is when I am running. I don’t know how I would get through it without jamming to my Jesus music. I feel like my go-to music is One Girl nation and Love & Outcome right now. They have a lot of encouraging songs that lift me up in this hard season. For sure going to look into your list though. It’s good to have some variety.

  5. I love to remember the words of hymns and worship songs as I walk the dog (but I don’t want to block out the glorious sounds of nature by listening!). So what I do is try to remember one song for each letter of the alphabet as I walk and then meditate on the words. What a sweet time of worship that can be. (“Q” was a challenge – lol)

  6. Oh my Annie, right there with you; eagerly anticipating Adele’s new album. 🙂
    I highly recommend anything by Andrew Peterson, but especially his new album “The Burning Edge of Dawn.”
    Also love Christy Nockels’ live album “Let it be Jesus.” Thanks for the other album suggestions, will have to check them out.

  7. I love the you have soundtracks for the seasons of your life. I’ve done that too. As I’ve been writing, I’ve created playlists on Spotify that include music for my characters, and for me.

    One song that has really ministered to my heart this fall as I’ve stepped out and attempted something challenging is, “It Is Well,” sung by Kristene DiMarco with Bethel Music. Love. That. Song.

    And also, “You Make Me Brave,” also by Bethel Music.

    There are others, but these two speak truth and courage to a sometimes fearful heart. 🙂

  8. Annie,
    Music is on most of the day for me! Life is better when you have praise music going to remind you whose you are!! I have been listening to the soundtrack of War Room. Volume is up high when “Me Without You” or “Impossible” come on. Also love “Feel It” by Toby Mac. I listen to Pandora music on my PC. I love the Praise and Worship or the Bluegrass Worship station.
    A lot of the time I’m looking/listening for a song I can do for special music in church–I do sign language to music. My church just loves it when I can do a bluegrass gospel song!!
    Blessings 🙂

  9. Thank you for the wonderful suggestions! I love to listen to worship music but I admit I am somewhat ignorant as to what is out there. I basically stick to Pandora worship radio stations or Chris Tomlin. His song ‘All the Way My Savior Leads Me’ is amazing. And the song ‘How He Loves’ by David Crowder Band is simply glorious. Thanks for leading me to more music that can uplift my spirit 🙂