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  1. As a woman who struggles incredibly with self-esteem, this book was a *must read* for me!! The concepts of being beautiful, of being enough, and being someone who matters are so simple and yet are things I know so many of us struggle with. If you want to learn how much God loves you from the inside and out, read this! Barb’s message is beautiful!

    • Hi Kaila, thank you so much for sharing your Enough Already story! I love that God used the material to bless your life. You are beautiful!!!

  2. Barb, it is so good to see you wrote the book you’ve talked about for a few years, at least it seems like years. I don’t know if you remember me from Cedar Creek? Jerry and Debra Barron? I always loved listening to you speak. We live in Onsted, Michigan now and attend Ogden Churh in Adrian. Congratulations on your book! May God continue to bless you!

    • Hi Debbie! So good to hear from you! Of course I remember you and Jerry 🙂 I know that you are a blessing to the Ogden Church because you were such a blessing to the Creek. Thanks for sharing your note – all the best, Barb

  3. It would take a lot to believe “i’m enough”, although, it’s not hard at home with the support of family, but outside of that I’m terrible about comparing myself to others, not just in looks, but accomplishments too. I could definitely use this book to help with that aspect of my life.

    • Oh, yes! I totally relate to your comment. It is so easy to compare ourselves against other women. You are created as God’s unique masterpiece and your beautiful presence in our world matters! I’d love for you to check out my Enough Already book, not because I want to sell a book, but because I want God to impress upon your heart how beautiful and special you are!

  4. What a great encouragement to me this was. Especially in the time of life that I am currently in. Thank you!

    • I’m so happy that this posted blessed you! I love love that! Thank you for taking the time to share your comment with me.

  5. I sometimes know this in my head and heart, and then other times feel like, “if I could just loose weight…”, if I could just do this or that thing in my life. Then I know I need to start praying for contentment and peace.

    • I feel the same way, too! There are times when I remember that I’m God’s beautiful masterpiece and other times when I struggle. Thank you for being a part of today’s discussion and sharing your heart. You are enough already and I pray God always reminds you of that!

  6. Ah….God says I’m already enough…and now to “put on blinders” to the American culture that says I need to do this, this & this!! 🙂 Thanks for the challenge & encouragement!

    • Hi Eunice, I totally agree! We are enough AND we have to learn how to hold onto that truth in a culture that wants to remind us that we are “less than.” That’s why I love the Enough Already message. Thank you for sharing your comment today!

  7. I’ve had struggles all my life thinking I’m too fat. I could use some encouragement about not focusing on comparisons.

    • Hi Marla, thank you for checking out my Enough Already book on today’s Recommended Reads. You are not alone! So many of us struggle with poor self-image and critical thoughts. I wrote Enough Already because I believe that God wants us – you – to know that we are beautiful because He created us. We don’t have to condemn ourselves because we don’t weigh a certain weight or dress certain way. I would love for you to experience the encouragement of the book. I hope that you have a chance to check it out.

  8. I do struggle sometimes to believe that I’m enough already. One reason for this is because, at 44, I don’t have the relationship I want to have with my mom— let alone the relationship God wants us to have. We’re too much alike in all the wrong ways; AND we’re too different in all the wrong ways. So, it causes conflict between us. I often think, why can’t I make my relationship with my mom work? It’s a source of great frustration and pain. I reach out, and she turns me away. I have to remind myself that it takes two. If she turns me away when I reach out, that’s not my fault; and if she refuses to let go of the past (both things I did in stupidity and things I did in blind ignorance), I’m not accountable for that. God has changed me and only He can change her. I am enough just as I am. All I have to do is keep pressing into Him and let Him deal with my mom the way He’s dealt with me. Be blessed.

    • Hi Keri, thank you so much for sharing your story with us today. My heart goes out to you – especially because I can hear the heartache and hope in your words – the desire to have something so precious like a better relationship with your mom. Yes, you are right – it takes two. I’m glad that you see that. You are enough as you are and I pray that God continues to remind you of that. All the best, Barb

  9. I so often rely on others’ to gauge weather I am “enough already.” That is fleeting, though. For me to really believe it, I would have to be reminded of the gospel where I am.

    • Hi Ana, thank you so much for sharing a comment and checking out my Enough Already book. As women, we DO struggle with managing others’ opinions about us, yet, we are enough because God created us in His image. I wrote Enough Already to equip and encourage every woman to love themselves inside out, because that’s exactly how God loves us! You are enough!

  10. The thing I most loved about this book – and yes, I’ve devoured very single word! – was the candid look beyond the mirror. It was a revelation to me that nearly every other woman has the same insecurities I have about body, appearance, and self-acceptance. There’s something about sharing our concerns that puts them in perspective. Barb Roose’s humor and bold frankness about her own battle toward the truth that we are indeed created as “Enough” truly shifted my thinking.

  11. So true… Constantly surrounded with media, images of how we should look and feel… Needs to stop!

    • Hi Brandy, thank you for sharing a comment and checking out today’s recommended read. I struggle with all of the messages about how we should look, dress or weigh. I wrote Enough Already to inspire and encourage women. I’m hoping that we can band together and start a movement in Jesus’ name to remind all women, Christian or not, that they are beautiful because God created them!

  12. I think the only thing that will lead me to believing that “I’m enough” will be God working in my heart.

    • AMEN! I totally agree with you! Thanks for checking out my Enough Already book on today’s Recommended Reads page. God has been working in my heart for years to remind me that I am enough and I wrote this book because I want other women to know AND believe it as well!

  13. WOW!! What a
    wonderful, encouraging post! I have always wondered if I would ever be
    enough for anyone especially for myself. I sometimes struggles with
    believing whether or not God loves me. I grew up with four sisters and a
    controlling and demanding mother. We were always fighting for my mother’s
    attention and approval. Somehow, I always came up short. Even
    today, I struggle with being enough for her. I would love a free copy to
    share with my sisters. Thank you for the smile today!!

    • Hi Janice! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us today. I hope that you win the free copy of my Enough Already book. I share my struggles as well as the truth that we are beautiful that God created us. Janice, you are always enough – you always have been.

  14. Angela: I’m beginning to see myself as beautiful and enough just as I am. I find it helps to connect to the beauty around me.

    • Hi Angela, thank you so much for posting and checking my Enough Already book on today’s Recommended Reads. I am so glad that you are beginning to see yourself as beautiful. Do you have a moment to tell me how you’ve started to see yourself as beautiful? Was it something that you read or something someone said?

      • It’s been a journey over the last while. It started with someone asking what I thought my best physical feature was, deciding it was my legs and buying leggings, tunics and boots. I love them! Then I’ve been able to return to walking and love the feeling of strength, the fresh air and so many good things. I’m an emotional eater and have struggled with that for years. Recently I had fresh flowers in my great room and kitchen and realized how much I simply needed beauty, not food. Finally, I’m a theology student and studied the Trinity last month. I was blown away at the relationship the Trinity wants to have, already has with me. It just changed everything for me. I realized I’m beautiful, extra pounds and all because I am loved so deeply.

  15. I need to learn how to see me the way my God and my husband do. I HAVE to remember that my “imperfections” tell a story about me, and they’re exactly where they’re supposed to be. Once I figure those out, then I’ll believe that I’m enough. I know it in my head, but knowing it in my heart is a whole other ball game.

    • Hi Phronsie, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! I love that you took time to check out my book on today’s Recommended Reads. I hope that you were encouraged. Yes, our imperfections tell a story about us, but our imperfections are what make us special and unique. You are beautiful because God created you and who you are is so important to the people around you!

  16. I have always filled the emptiness in my heart with “stuff”, but have recently started giving things away and realizing that I am enough, I have enough, and I will always receive enough. This book comes at a wonderful time, as I am working toward believing this!

    • Hi Shawna! Thank you so much for sharing your comment and a part of your story. I hope that you have a chance to check out my Enough Already book. It sounds like God is already working in your heart and life – and I know that the message of Enough Already will continue to encourage you along the way. All the best to you!

  17. I love the term faux beauty. It’s as plastic as a Barbie doll and should be as transparent as lip gloss, but its not, people are so deceived by appearances. The old saying is true, beauty is as beauty does, and true beauty comes from knowing Jesus.

    • Hi Rebecca, thanks for posting! I’m glad that you visited “Recommended Reads” to check out my Enough Already book. I love the term “faux beauty,” too!

  18. I would feel enough already if my family and friends told me what I do right more than tell me what I do wrong. I know how God feels about me, but then again, sometimes I doubt that too because I don’t see that when I look at myself.

    • Hi Holly, thank you for sharing your thoughts. It hard to feel like we are enough when so many voices try to tell us that we are “less than.” Keep trusting in God’s words for you! I want to be the voice of encouragement to you today and send a reminder that you are enough!

  19. This book gives beautiful and truth filled perspective about the women God created us to be. What freedom to be found in the fact that we were made to be original and no one else is like us. We can’t compare or wish to be something else or someone else as that will only make us end up bitter and blind to the beautiful things we have to offer to this world. Through this book I learned we must surrender those comparisons and remember we are enough and will always be enough to our amazing creator!

    • Hi Emily! Thank you so very much for sharing this post today. I’m glad that you shared your Enough Already experience and I know that your words will encourage other women to check out the book. Thank you!!!

  20. I would definitely need more self confidence in myself and what I was doing. I struggle with trying to find what my gift is, so this book sounds like it would be very helpful for me.

    • Hi Kathy, thanks for sharing your comment and checking out my Enough Already book on today’s Recommended Reads. So many women can relate to your words and your desire to have more self-confidence. God created us to be amazing lights for Him in our world. My Enough Already book is all about helping us dump our poor self-image and confidently stand in the truth of our God-given beauty. I hope that you get the chance to check it out!

  21. What would it take for me to believe I’m enough? As soon as I read that question my first thought was ‘I have no clue.’ See, I’m not the ‘pretty’ girl in magazines. I typically don’t wear much if any makeup and my wardrobe consists of mainly workout clothes and my uniform for work (uniforms don’t allow for much creativity at all). I see beautiful women everywhere with perfectly constructed outfits and hair and makeup to boot. And I immediately shame myself for not being like that. But here’s the thing I think I will have to recite to myself during those moments: I am God’s handiwork and He tells me so in Ephesians 2:10. And so are the girls that I envy sometimes. We are HIS handiwork and He has created us to do the good works that He has prepared. We are ALL enough in our own ways simply because God is our creator. Thank you so much for this beautiful post (and book) to help me see this truth! Can’t wait to read it!

    • Hi Kisha, thank you for sharing your comment! I can see where you are holding tight to God’s words and I am so glad that you know that you are a masterpiece, because you truly are! In my Enough Already book, we talk about comparisons and how we are so quick to find the flaws in ourselves. However, God created us and as you’ve pointed out, we are God’s masterpiece – on the inside AND out! Be encouraged today in knowing that you are beautiful! I hope that you have a chance to check out the book!

      • Thank you so much, Barbara, for your kind and wise words! And thank you for writing this book! I can’t wait to read it!!

  22. I don’t know what it would take for me to believe that I’m “enough already”. At 42, I’ve truly never believed this, although I’ve known and had a relationship with the Lord most of my life. I’m always struggling with self image issues, and always feel inferior to others around me. Even in my own house, I feel like I am not a good enough wife or mom. I know that I am accepted by God, just the way I am, because of Jesus. But I don’t feel like I’m “enough already” for myself, or the people in my life. I’m very interested in reading your book.

    • Hi Tracy, thank you for joining in today’s discussion. I’m glad that you had a moment to check out my Enough Already book on today’s Recommended Reads. You are not alone in your struggle! So many of us can relate to how you feel. In fact, my Enough Already book shares my struggles as well as the struggles of other women who share their stories as well. I use lots of scripture, stories and lots of humor to share a simple truth: We are beautiful because God created us – and there is nothing that anyone can say or do that diminishes that truth. Tracy, you are beautiful!

  23. As the mom of a tween daughter, with another daughter close on her heels, I’m seeing more and more how the desire for authentic beauty as God defines it is one of the most valuable truths I can instill and model for them. Not to mention, how important it is for my own heart. While this post is just a glimpse, I’m so grateful to Barb for this book and revealing God’s truth by sharing her own journey through it.

    • Hi Marna, I love how you pointed out how important that it is for us mamas to model the “I am enough” message for our daughters. You do that in such a beautiful way. Thank you for sharing your comment!

  24. Barb has such a way with words and she makes me feel like she wrote them just for me. Being a Christian I know I’m worthy and I can recognize my strengths, but all it takes is one negative person or situation to make me forget all that I know to be true and allow my weaknesses to swell and find a way to cover up all the good and beauty God created in me. Barb’s words are so encouraging to me and a great reminder of who I am and all God desires me to be!

    • Hi Bethany! Thank you so much for sharing this comment! I love your words and I pray that God uses them to encourage other women!

    • Hi ppreacherswife, thank you for sharing your comment. It takes such courage to stand up and share. For years, I spoke at women’s conferences and so many women expressed how they didn’t feel beautiful or that they were enough. Truly, God called me to share this message with women – knowing that we are enough in God’s eyes transforms our lives and relationships. I don’t want you to buy my book because I need to sell books, get the book because it creates space for God to speak truth and encouragement into your life. All the best to you!

  25. The concept of “enough” is nothing new to me. I’ve heard it all my life…..not thin enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, just not enough. The thought of actually being enough in a positive mind set is very uncomfortable for me. But when I read the pages of this book I can hear Barb’s voice in my head….as if I am getting my own private sermon. Whenever I need a reminder/pick me up, I can pick up the book and go to the chapter that suits my scenario for that situation. This is not a one read and done book.

    • Hi Kim, thank you so much for sharing your comment! I love that you took time to share your story. I love that God continues to use the took to remind you that you are enough – because you are and SO MUCH MORE!!!

    • Yes! Hi Kristi, this is a wonderful book for a group of women – no matter if they are young or adult – to experience together. There are discussion questions and journaling questions at the end of each chapter. This gives God an opportunity to minister to us through each others’ stories as well as space for us to listen for God’s voice. If you read it, send me a note at barb@barbroose.com!

  26. As a self proclaimed plain Jane, I rarely allowed myself to have meaningful conversations about beauty with other women. It was just too painful. After reading your book, Barb, I was able to join a group of women at my church in a meaningful and life changing conversation about beauty and to see it through God’s paradigm and perspective. Your book and the insight held within its pages has been invaluable to me, and to so many of the women in our church congregation. Thank you so much for sharing your struggle with beauty and for helping so many of us tackle a topic that has been hidden and overlooked in so many Christian circles.

    • Oh Christine, how your words bless me! Your comment demonstrates an answer to the prayer that I’ve prayed so often: God, use this book to connect women to you. You are so beautiful my friend – inside and out!

  27. This book is so fantastic! Funny! Easy read! And teaches you to love yourself just the way God made you! I have passed it on to my 13 year old daughter who as a middle school student (yikes!) is learning to love herself just the way she is! I would highly recommend it to any woman who needs a little encouragement!

    • Hi Laurie, thank you for sharing your comment. I love that God used this book to uplift and encourage you AND your daughter – love it!

  28. I have Enough Already” and it is a blessing. The book takes an honest approach to faith and beauty. I’ve been challenged to embrace my uniqueness and to CARE about myself through every stage of life.

    • Hi Letitia! Thank you for sharing your comment. It is so precious to me! I’m so thankful that God used this book to bless and encourage you 🙂

  29. Loved, loved doing this book with my life group. I have struggled for years with body image and self esteem issues. Putting God’s perspective on how to view myself and how he views me was a life changer.

    • Awesome! I loved visiting your group this summer. Thanks for sharing your comment – and for all that you do to minister to others!

  30. A message so desperately needed for women of all generations! I can’t wait to get my hands in this book and share it with the beautiful women in my life.

  31. Last summer I had the word “Enough” tattooed on my forearm. Literally to remind me each and every day that I am ENOUGH. Next to it I have “Psalm 46:5”. (For God is within her, She will not fail.) Because He is with me, I am enough. Unfortunately even with these daily permanent reminders, knowing I am enough is still a constant struggle. It is a powerful thing to know and live, and I feel we could all use each and every tool we can get our hands on to remind us and teach us how to live each day ENOUGH.

    • Cool! That’s amazing! I wrote the book because I want every woman to discover what you’ve discover. In Christ, we are enough!

  32. I have a friend who gets eye lash extensions. I thought she had the most beautiful lashes, and then I learned they were fake. They are so beautiful on her, but I want to be enough. I want to be the way God made me.

    • Hi Ihamer, your friend is brave 🙂 I don’t have anything against eyelash extension, but I think that I would be seriously injured if I used them – ha! I love your desire to content with who you are. Thanks for sharing!

  33. I need to see me, not the numbers on the scale! Losing almost 60 pounds (not close to goal), enabled me to see the real me hiding behind my mask of insecurity! God is for me, no matter my size or shape! I am becoming!

    • Hi Kitty, I LOVE YOUR COMMENT! “I need to see me, not the numbers on the scale.” Can I borrow that quote? It’s brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

  34. As a woman who is noticing more and more wrinkles every day. I find myself torn between the allure of the fake fix and embracing the beauty of aging how God intended me to age. I love that this book isn’t about settling, it’s about seeing the best you – the You that God created!! This book is an amazing reminder that our true beauty is found in Christ, not societal pressure. This is a book to read and read again when feeling low, down or when in need of a reminder of how unique and beautiful God has created each one of us! I highly recommend!