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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Crystal,
    What a beautiful tribute to those who have served, those who are serving, and those who keep the home fires burning while their soldier is fighting for and protecting us. My dad served, and it’s on days like this that I so miss this man of integrity. Like so many who served, my dad went about his daily business and didn’t look for a hero’s crown. That image typifies so many who serve…unsung heroes. Pausing with you, today, to applaud and thank them and remember them…

  2. Well said. Sometimes “thank you” doesn’t feel sufficient, (especially when I’m thanking God…thank you seems so small…) but oftentimes, I think it means the world to folks to be acknowledged. It’s brave to go; it’s brave to watch your sons and daughters go; it’s brave to watch your husbands and wives go. ~ Thankful for all the brave ones today.

  3. Crystal,

    Thank-you for your post.
    In honor of the many service men, women and animals past and present (my family and my husbands included) thank-you from the bottom of my heart. For those I did n’t thank when I could of I am deeply sorry. Although I felt gratitude I should of spoken those words directly to them.


  4. Crystal.
    Our church had a great service for Vets on Sunday. It was lead by a retired Marine! We learned a lot, but got to honor ALL the vets-living and dead–their wives and families. He talked about the sacrifice made not just by the vets but their loved ones as well. Back in WWII we didn’t have computers, skype, email, etc. A lot of people didn’t have phones either. They had to rely on letters from the soldiers to know how they were doing. So at this time I would love to say a great big THANK YOU to ALL Vets and their families! Everyone made a huge sacrifice for my freedoms!!
    AMEN!! Blessings 🙂


    They were the heroes, those who’d fight
    Through the longest, darkest night
    To keep the freedom, in this land
    They fought together, hand in hand
    So many lives lost in the wars
    Families crushed, to their very cores
    Uncertainty loomed, would they come home?
    Or would their families be left alone?
    Mothers, Fathers, siblings too
    Friends and spouses, gathered in the pew
    To pray for those away at war
    Anticipating their arrival, at the door
    Many of them died in battle
    Amid gunfire and tanks a-rattle
    These heroes died to keep us free
    They saw things, no man should see
    Through the heat of day, or chill of night
    These forces were ready to stand and fight
    Many were wounded, despite their skill
    Their aging bodies, remind them still
    The men and women of the armed forces
    Are heroes that our country endorses
    We must pray for those still in the fight
    That God would keep them through the night
    That He would hold tight their family
    And bless the veterans, who kept us free
    Thank you veterans, we’ll not forget
    The sacrifices you made, we’re in your debt
    May God bless you every day
    May we never forget to pray
    That God would say close at your side
    As you fight for us, in Him abide
    Through the longest, darkest night
    You are our heroes, fighting for the right

    Debbie Preuss © 2005