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Deidra is a national speaker and the author of Every Little Thing: Making a World of Difference Right Where You Are, and One: Unity in a Divided World. Follow Deidra on Instagram @deidrariggs

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  1. What an impact this will make on my life as well as everyone I come in contact with. I can’t wait to put these thoughts into action.

  2. I have spent years trying to be ‘more’-to have that dream job, to always have the perfect home, to be the best at whatever I did only to find myself empty, jaded and nowhere. Then He prompted me to let it all go and I was stumped! I thought I was doing what I was called to do-I was even able to use scripture to justify my constant pursuit of best and perfect. It’s been over a year of waiting on God to show me what is next and what I am learning is that the now-the where I am in this moment whether it is with my grand daughter, at the market or searching his word-it is where her wants me to be and to serve. It’s a long story to get where I am but your words today are a great reminder to stay mindful! Thank you!!

  3. I’ve been thinking a lot about what does God really require of live Him and love people. I think it is all the little things that can sometimes add up to something big, but not always. It’s showing up once again into the the community of believers to worships God together even though this introverted self has been with people all day and desperately wants some alone time with her Saviour. It’s taking a risk to walk alongside someone during something tough, to journey with them. It being vulnerable and authentic and trusting God.

  4. I already so want to share Jesus with those around me when I see all the pain in the world! I will make it a conscious thing to do as I go about my daily routines and errands! Thank you for inspiring me to do what the Holy Spirit is showing me to do in so many little ways…the little things!

  5. I so often get busy and respond and react out of myself, instead of being connected to Jesus and responding with everything available to me. Lord help me to slow down and love You and people with the help of the Holy Spirit and everything available to me.

  6. I love this. I always felt so guilty for wanting to be “me” on my path and so worried what would people think. I’m so glad I am not alone and even better now I am even more determined to live my life the way that I want to. Stepping out in faith today.

  7. “The power of the Holy Spirit will transform you first, and it will begin on the inside of your fainting heart.” I forget this is the first step. Allowing the Holy Spirit to permeate me. Only with the direction of God’s Holy Spirit can I love others. Especially when I have been wronged by them. But we are first asked to love God. He has provided the two step directions hasn’t he?

  8. I can’t wait to begin reading this book. As a subscriber to Deidra’s blog, I have been blessed over and over again by her genuine words. She approaches the tough topics head on and attempts to have the hard conversations, something many more of us should do. In the way He always does, God is using this beautiful person & her story to reach the hearts of others.

  9. This is such an appropriate time for me to be reading about this. I have always felt that God knows exactly where I need to be and I need to be content with that and not always want to have more in my life. God is all I need.

  10. It’s not always hard to love those in our lives, but it’s sometimes hard to SHOW that love in a way they will receive it. Looking forward to this book.

  11. Through my art, God has been whispering me to change my style and focus on creating pieces that will inspire, show His love for us, uplift and be the light in this world. I am responding to his call in my life and hope that others will find my work and be transformed and uplifted.

  12. It’s wonderful to know that God knows me and loves me where I am and that through Him and can love others the same!

  13. If we just started right where we are with what we have available, God can stir our hearts to begin to see and have His heart. Making a meal, visiting a shut in, offering a ride, giving a donation. We can start in our neighborhood. For me, connecting with the local, rural andimpoverished school- asking if they need help, is what I plan to do this very week.

  14. To be more aware of my words and action, even in the little things. I need to be better at step out of my comfort zone!

  15. If I started loving others with everything I had, not only would I, hopefully , impact someone else’s life in a more positive way, but my life would be greatly impacted as well!

  16. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about being a servant to my family and the people around me. I’m tired of thinking about myself first, it’s not getting me anywhere. But I loved the sweet encouragement in this except and would love to read the rest of the book and make this the reality on my life.

  17. In an era of lots of outward noise, it’s easy at times to become distracted or discouraged and lose sight of what the Gospel really means…Deidra really hit home in this excerpt, especially in the intimate space for me with God in my current season of life. I can’t wait to read the whole book, what a gift of truth and encouragement.

  18. Such powerful words, Deidra. So grateful for your ministry. May the Lord use this book to impact many, for His glory.

    • Commented before I read the giveaway question … I imagine if we began loving God and others as He desires, the most notable change would be in *us* even more than in anyone else. Lord, let it be so.

  19. My friend… I love how you are so consistent in showing me grace while pushing me out further to the edge of my own comfort zones so I can be more like Jesus. This book came to me first on the day after a very hard day. I thought I would ‘escape’ for a few but you pulled no punches. This is our call – to love God and to love people. Some days I want to pick and choose, but grace is grace for everyone. How does this lovely book filled with your heart help me to impact the world around me? Well – you simply remind me of truth and remind me that in it all, He has a plan and He is at work… that every little thing actually carries within it the power to be huge in the Kingdom! It reminds me to be intentional and to live my normal day in and day out life with purpose… (and to not make it harder than it has to be!)

    So thankful for you, Deidra, and for this book and God’s perfect timing! Now, to underline and highlight and dog-ear the ‘real’ thing and then go and put it to work in my every day life!


  20. Loving God and loving others is not only a way to shine your light. It’s the path to joy and freedom!

  21. This has encouraged and reminded me to simply love. Nothing else, just love, even through the hard things. Just love.

  22. Oh I needed these words this a.m. as one of my kids started the day angry and guess who was in the line of fire? MOI ! 🙂 God encouraged me to use graceful words, yet true words and within a half-hour she was blessing me! Grace,grace grace!!

  23. This is the very essence of our Heavenly Father, love. The more we strive to live our life through “love” glasses, the more we can become like him. The more we become like him, the more joyful we can be.

  24. If we began loving God and loving others with everything we had, the world would be a much better place. Placing God first will enable us to love others and love ourselves. 🙂

  25. Deidra, I am loving your Every Little Thing and am nearly breathless as I race through it….not because the words don’t deserve to be savored, mind you, but because I am loving them. So . . . a second savoring saunter is next in store. Something more to look forward to. Im so glad that YOU took a deep breath, breathed deeply of Him, and that He wrote this through you.
    so grateful.

  26. Every Little Thing is a must read for for the man and woman who is a believer in the power of God and sometimes afraid to access His power that works in us. What a blessing to know we are not alone.

  27. Such a great question! It would force me to lay down my feelings of hurt and jealousy at people that have hurt me in the church, and love and forgive them with the spirit of Christ in me. May I do this as well as I can. Love Deidra, and so very much want to read this book!! 🙂

  28. I cannot begin to describe how much I needed to read this article & book excerpt today. I have committed (perhaps overcommitted) myself to a lot in life right now–99% in love towards helping others and 90% of that is for God’s work. I am weary and get run-down, and sometimes feel greedy because I don’t feel rewarded. However this excerpt & giveaway question has reminded me why I give so much of myself to God and to others. As Deidra wrote, I have “infused myself with the salty goodness that comes when we surrender our lives and our agendas and our hopes and dreams to the power and the control of the Holy Spirit.”

  29. “What if we began the hard work of loving God and loving people with everything available to us?”

    I would put people over projects and say yes even when it’s challenging … did this today. : )

  30. I need to stop worrying what people think and go with what I know to be the right thing to do.

  31. I LOVE the idea of living a surrendered to the gospel life….I can’t wait to read the book!

  32. This seems to be a theme in my life lately. LOVE. Just. Love. I’m reminded daily that no matter what happens, no matter who is there, no matter where I am, no matter why a circumstance arises or when it will be resolved….JUST. LOVE

  33. That quote inspired me to be more patient with my kiddos as we enter another week. God has blessed us with them, and I know our days can be long, but the years we have for such influence are short!

  34. How has this question inspired you to action this week? “What if we began the hard work of loving God and loving people with everything available to us?”

    Oh, that question has been a burning in my heart. It inspires me to action *because* someone else has the same heartbeat. I don’t know *how,* but I hope it is visible.

  35. Love this statement, “The gospel is relevant despite us.” God (the word), Jesus and The Holy Spirit have always been there. It’s me that’s missing. I am the one who needs to surrender my worldly will to follow in His accordance. What words of wisdom Deidra writes. Simple in thought but not always easy to do, a life long battle.

  36. If people acted like that it would be amazing and I think it would be contagious and continue to spread.

  37. such a simple concept with such profound implications; i could (and will) easily spend the rest of my days striving to live this out.

  38. I’m learning to love those around me, in my household, better and give them my best, not my leftovers!

  39. I would love this! Such a great topic for us all and it’s definitely something I’ve struggled with as “just a mom”. Looking forward to reading it!

  40. I heard this last night and will paraphrase a bit…very simply let me strive in every moment to love God and the person right in front of me.

  41. I’m so glad I pre-ordered the book! I really did devour Deidras words and the message she so clearly shares. It has honestly stirred a hope in my heart that I did not even realize I had lost sight of. I love too how Deidras voice is so clear in the pages. Reading felt like spending time with a friend.

  42. wow – so well said – thank you!!

    The gospel of Jesus Christ does not need us to make it anything more than it already is. What the gospel of Jesus Christ invites us to do is to be exactly who we are, in the places where we find ourselves, and to be infused with the salty goodness that comes when we surrender our lives and our agendas and our hopes and dreams to the power and the control of the Holy Spirit.

  43. I work with special needs youth and adults in my church, and it is amazing how God speaks through the Holy Spirit to help me reach them. However, God also uses them to teach/speak to me. I always ask God to open our hearts and mind before each lesson. I love to give our youth & adults “weekly challenges of faith” and hear them come back telling their stories the next week.

  44. This is a challenge I am struggling with right now. May the Lord use your encouraging words to remind me of His promises and allow the holy spirit to work through my faint heart.

  45. I love this. So often I feel that my philosophy is irrelevant because it’s based on Scripture. How wrong I’ve been – Scripture doesn’t need made relevant. I just need to really and truly live it!

  46. I think this has inspired me to live the gospel more AT HOME, with my kids. Everything is so rushed, that it’s been hard to slow down and really take time to do and teach the things that matter with them.

  47. Wow! it’s you He wants…simply you! Amazing. I cried my way through this post thinking that my own family doesn’t want me…only what I can do for them.

  48. “He is persistent . . . ” thanks be to God. So excited to start reading this. So very, very happy to see this dream become a reality – for the good of a hurting world.

    Also . . . yellow!!!!

  49. I’m in a position now where my peers are advancing in what I believe to be our calling, and I’m not. Loving them in God means that I need to learn to be genuinely happy and supportive for them and trust that God has a plan for me far greater than my own.

  50. So often loving God is easier than loving others. But it is His commandment and I can’t do it without Him helping me. I think the greatest change occurs in me, when I love God and put Him first and then out of the overflow from my heart, I am able to love others well.

  51. I have to always remind myself that I am ENOUGH. That I do not need to be more _____ (fill in the blank). This reminds me to just take God by the hand and be wonderfully made.

  52. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about this book, I can’t wait to read it for myself!! I want to love others the way that He loves me and to love Him as He deserves. He’s given me everything that I will ever need and it’s so much more than I could ever imagine!!

  53. If everyday we were looking for ways to reach out to others, what a transformation! We are broken and God wants to fill us up and for us to show love to those around us. Today…looking to be present and there for someone who needs a friend or just a listening ear. Look forward to reading the book.

  54. Oh this speaks to me…I have been failing with some of the people most close to me. I need to love without conditions and I am not sure how to do it well but am willing to try!!

  55. WOW! I think if we truly love God and each other with all we have, it would start a revolution in our homes, country, world, etc… AND HIS KINGDOM WOULD COME TO EARTH! Good words.

  56. I volunteer in our school two mornings this week. Make it a point to look the kids in the eye, smile, work with the other adults, and remember this is on purpose. What I’m doing matters. Even though I’m a mom, our kids and teachers and kids need love too.

  57. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of doing without loving. This week I am loving my girls by seeing where they need grace rather than instruction.

  58. Reading this book (which has already blessed me with the many yeses I say), starting a new journey with my family, minus Facebook and Twitter, I’m realizing my ministry is here at home, with my family and my community. I’m not called for a bigger ministry, although I was trying to push it that way.

  59. Giving love to others helps me to look beyond myself. You can’t give happiness to others without getting a lil on yourself!

  60. Love this! I think God has been trying to show me lately that a “little thing” I can do it open my heart to the people that it has been the hardest for me to love.

  61. Deidra,

    I just love the pictures, especially the girl with wide open arms. I do that in church-lift up my arms to God surrendering it all to Him! It is not always easy to love others. This sentence hit me right between the eyes: What the gospel of Jesus Christ invites us to do is to be exactly who we are, in the places where we find ourselves, and to be infused with the salty goodness that comes when we surrender our lives and our agendas and our hopes and dreams to the power and the control of the Holy Spirit. Last June I felt a calling to leave my job and be a “local” missionary. God has worked it out. June 2015 I quit my job and have gotten into “missionary” work. At my dad’s assisted living I talk to some of the residents, smile a lot. I always say thank you to the workers. Yes I know it is their job to clean, cook, caregive, etc. But it is nice to be appreciated!
    I even say thank you to cashiers for helping me. At church I will always say hello to newcomers. Want them to feel welcome and come back again! I pray I am making a difference in every little thing I do!
    Blessings 🙂

  62. I’m trying hard to be more dedicated to my friendships. My friends are special to me and I want to see my friends thrive and grow in God’s love and plan for them.

  63. Inspiring me to show patience at school, with my coworkers but especially with my students. Love your words, love your heart, Deidra!

  64. Trust and obey it is the only way. Deny self take up The Cross and follow Him. When we serve others, we forget self. It is not about us, it is about Jesus. When our lives mirror the life of Jesus, then we live up to the title of Christian, which means Christ- like. When we don’t, non-believers are convinced they are right not to believe. AWESOME genuine article, from the heart.

  65. As I read this article I’m touch and inspired.! And I know lots of readers who would be encouraged, inspired to read. Some who would be impress. I am so touched in reading this article. Thank you for sharing this with many who appreciate writers God has inspired as yourself . And your right ! Every breathe counts. I take those words to heart especially right now since I have a friend on Life Support with no Breathe now. But I tried to encourage friends and family that Frank will rise with CHRIST IN HIS NEW LIFE ! I couldn’t have read this article at the perfect time to share with them. I would love to have this book.