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Karina Allen is devoted to helping women live out their unique calling and building authentic community through the practical application of Scripture in an approachable, winsome manner.

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  1. I could have written that first part myself. We are even the same age. Thank you so much for this. My heart needed it.

    • I am so glad Andrea! Life is hard! But I am learning to lean into the ease and rest of Jesus. Praying that over you as well! Be encouraged. His joy truly is your strength!!

  2. Karina,
    I had never thought about it, but you don’t find anywhere in the Bible that it says Jesus was bone tired. He didn’t go, like we do, until we get to the end of ourselves. He knew when He needed to pull himself away and go be with His Father, and be refreshed. Once again, I need to imitate Christ. I am in a season of being so very tired of chronic pain. Staring down a possible third surgery in less than three years…I am weary. I would be honored if you would pray for me. Praying for you too, my sweet sister.
    Bev xx

    • Jesus, You are acquainted with our sorrows. You feel our pain and You long to bring healing. I ask for healing for Bev! May she go in the strength that she has knowing You will give her the strength that she needs. You are good and faithful. We trust that You are working in the unseen places even when she can’t see it. I release healing and comfort and joy and hope over Bev!

      • Thanks Nancy…I go in for knee surgery this Thursday. It will be a long recuperation, but I don’t have much choice. I know God will see me through this as He has been faithful to see me through so many other things. xx

        • I’m so sorry, Bev, that you must face surgery once again. My prayer will be: Lord, this dear servant of yours needs your healing touch. All who know her are asking that the surgery go especially well, that everyone who cares for Bev will be knowledgable, wise, and caring. I pray that day by day she will see progress and be surprised how the pain subsides. May there be many people who come alongside Bev and her family to provide support. And I thank you for the joy you will give them in serving. I also thank you that you will be sheltering Bev in the shadow of your wings through this entire process. And she will give you the glory for her healing! All this I pray with confidence in the powerful name of Jesus, AMEN!

    • Bev,
      Prayers that the knee surgery went well! May God heal you and give you the rest you need! Come to Him all who are weary and He will give you rest! Praying hard for a good outcome and no more pain!
      Blessings 🙂

  3. I would love your prayers. This summer has been an endless list of “going and doing.” This week I am sending my daughter off to college and there is still so much to do. And my heart isn’t ready. I’m tired and overwhelmed with the tasks to come. I need to surrender all and just do the best I can.

    • Father, You see every are of JJ’s life that is overwhelming to her. I pray that You would come in with Your overwhelming peace and guidance. Where she is weak, You are strong. May she lean into Your strength. Holy Spirit, guide her in tasks. Give her grace to accomplish what are priorities for you and grace to accept the things that can wait. Believing that this new season will be one of supernatural increase, favor and blessing. Steady JJ’s heart with hope and refreshing.

  4. Please
    could you pray for me to have contentment and not compare myself with others
    anymore.. I’m struggling so hard with having my younger, prettier, married and
    mom sister visiting me without her kids.
    God has been very clear about answering my prayers, and said he WILL,
    yet I struggle to trust as I’m 43 now and it feels like I’m on the edge of
    impossible. I need peace and trust!!

    • “The Edge of Impossible” – if you ever decide to write a book, that’s your title! I would definiitely read it! Perhaps what you’re gong through you could write about….. and use it for His glory.

    • Oh Agnes! I understand! 99% of my friends are married with kids.

      Jesus, You are enough and more than enough. Would You speak words of life and hope to Agnes? She is whole, worthy, beautiful, chosen and called in You. Give her a vision for the amazing future that You planned for her before the foundations of the earth. You are faithful beyond what we can comprehend. May she trust Your ways. They are holy. May she trust Your timing. It is perfect. If You have promised something, it shall come to pass. May Agnes stand on that strong foundation. I release supernatural peace and and increased faith!

    • Agnes,
      Prayers for contentment. You are fearfully and wonderfully made in God’s image. You are a beautiful recreation of Christ. He can and will bless your life! Remember my life verse: Jeremiah 29:11.. “For I know the plans I have for you. declares the Lord”. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. To give you a hope and a future!” He might be working on molding you and the potential mate! Turning you both into the man and woman He wants. Prayers will continue my sister in Christ!
      Blessings (((((hugs)))))!

    • Oh, dear sister, how I can soooo relate…even our ages. I have been struggling so much, lately, with the comparison wound, and even jealousy, and then condemnation and despair for having those feelings…

      Gah!!! 😛

      It feels good to “unmask,” and get this out in the open, in a safe place with safe sisters who will understand.

      Thanks for opening up, sharing, letting us pray for you, and praying.

      James says to confess to one another, pray for each other, and we’ll be healed.

      Yes, please! 🙂


      Nina Ruth 🙂

  5. I was so encouraged by this post. I am in a very tired season of life. I am separated from my husband of 23 years, by his choice, and I have 3 teenagers. I know God is bringing me closer to him through all of this as I am walking with him more & more everyday but I am weary and tired. Please pray for me to see God beyond my circumstances and know He has a plan and purpose for this pain and suffering. I only want Him to be glorified in all of this and I know He will if I stay faithful to Him.
    I want to find joy in everyday no matter what the situation is!
    Thank you and God bless!!

    • SD,
      I have walked in your shoes…similar situation after 26 years of marriage. I never thought I would come through it all, but I did experience what you referenced – that God drew me unto Himself and He proved so faithful in bringing me THROUGH the desert and not leaving me stuck there. The whole process IS exhausting. Praying for God’s strength and comfort for you and your children. May you feel God’s loving arms surround you and love on you during this very difficult time. He is delighted that you want to bring Him glory through your suffering…you are under His watchful eye and He will honor your prayers. You are not alone…
      Love and ((hugs)),

    • SD, thank you for sharing!

      Father, You are sovereign. You are a good, good Father. You are always at work for our good and bringing glory to Your name. We lean into the truth that Your ways are higher. I release peace, comfort, joy and hope over her whole family. Wrap Your arms around them. Hold them close and be near to their broken hearts. Honor SD’s faithfulness. Be her strength. May she fix her eyes on You alone and be led of the Spirit. You will never lead fail her. You are faithful!

  6. I am in need of prayer – for me and my husband. We both need spiritual refreshment….thank you so much for offering to pray. Thanks, too, for this post- just this morning I put into place a plan to rearrange my morning schedule before I head out to work so that I can meet with Him first thing. I realize my spiritual well is dry and my trust and confidence reservoirs are empty, and that’s just not going to be good for anybody…… So, I am now incorporating a time of spiritual rest and refreshment into my day before I ever even leave the house.

    • Thank you for this outstanding post. I have had one struggle after another and it wears one out. I read Christianity is an uphill battle and we need others to encourage us along the way. Thank you for doing so. Elaine

      • Thank you Elaine!

        Father, You are the epitome of peace. I pray that Elaine would lean into Your peace that surpasses understanding. Build up her faith to know that You are at work in and around her. Give her strength to stand and fight when she needs to and the discernment to know when to rest because You will fight for her. You are her protector and healer an restorer. You are good. May her trust in You grow. You are good!

    • I love this Beth! I am so proud of you!

      Jesus, bless and multiply Beth’s decision to commit the first fruits of her day to You. I release spiritual mysteries and revelation. Cultivate her spirit to hear Your still small voice. Pour so much of Your Spirit into them that there is no option but to overflow into others around them. Renew Beth and her husband. Strengthen them. Be their joy and energy. Be their focus and heart’s desire. You alone are worthy! Give them a spirit of perseverance and steadfastness.

  7. Thank you, Lord and Katrina, for this posting. It speaks of the weariness in my soul. These last several years have been a struggle and I feel like I am failing, yet I believe that Jesus will lift me up at the proper time. I pray that each of you know His peace and rest; please pray for me. He is so good to us, just waiting so very close to help. May we be blessed with His rest today.

    • Thank you for sharing A!

      Father, it is not your desire for us to live weary but to sink deep into Your presence and find rest for our souls. Where A feels that she is failing, remind her that You will never fail and that is what matters. You are good and faithful. Your timing and ways are like no other. May she follow Holy Spirit’s leading into all truth and purpose. I release a deep rest for every part of A that needs Your refreshing touch. Come in and move as only You can!

  8. You really touched on it today. I am a 44 year old single mom of two girls and work full time to provide for us. Life has been tough these past five years and now I have made the decision to return to school and work full time so that I can continue to provide for my girls as they near the college years. I am tired. I know that God covers us constantly with his blessings and I am thankful. Sometimes I get carried away with the burdens and forget to lay them down and let the Lord carry them for me. I need refreshing and I know God can provide that…. Thanks you for sharing. I needed to hear it this morning.

    • Suzi, that blesses me!

      Jesus, You are in the business of trading our heavy burdens and yokes for Your light ones. May Suzi, intentionally and daily make that choice. Give her capacity to do all that You have called her to do. And may You bring sweet community around her family to help carry the load as well. Remind her that she is not alone. You have not forgotten her. She is seen known and loved by You, her good Father. Multiply her time, energy, resource and strength. Continue to give her hope and vision for her and her family’s future. Her best days are ahead!

  9. thank you for this it truly is a refreshment to my heart, it gives me strength and encourages me to trust God and lay it all at the foot of the cross, my biggest burden is to see my unsaved loved ones come to know the love of God and give their hearts to Him, my second is for restoration of my home, we were robbed by our contractor and our home is left hanging 6 years now, would all of my believing brothers and sisters join with me in trusting God for these longings to be fulfilled, you see He is the way where there is no way, He is my only hope, first and foremost for my loved ones then anything else after, thank you and God Bless

    • Ruth, thank you for sharing!

      Father, it is Your will that all may come to know You. I release salvation over Ruth’s loved ones. May she be salt, light and the hands and feet of Jesus. May she generous in planting seeds and watering knowing that You will be the increase. Holy Spirit, draw their hearts to You.
      I pray in the supernatural for restoration of all that was stolen. May their resource and time and energy be returned a hundred fold. I release peace and comfort and hope over Ruth’s family. You are a way maker and provide streams in the dessert. You delight in displaying Your power in hopeless situations. Move as only You can!

  10. I am in a hard season, again. We are an adoptive family, and we are recently hit very hard by some of our adopted son’s choices. Reeling and full of pain, longing for some refreshment, that is my soul and heart right now. I would love your prayer.

    • Thank you for sharing Jennifer!

      Father, Your heart is adoption. You have adopted us, the least and broken, freely. I pray for Jennifer’s son. Would You soften and convict his heart? Holy Spirit, gently turn His heart toward You. Give this sweet family a persevering spirit. Give them vision and hope for their future. You have destiny and purpose for all of them. Remind them that He who calls is faithful and will bring about what He has promised. May they trust Your timing and Your ways. You will not fail or disappoint. You are trustworthy. I release peace, comfort, strength and joy over their spirits. Heal their hearts as only You can Jesus!

  11. I am greatly in need of prayer please! Almost 69 & the hardest season of my life….fighting depression & the loneliness that it brings by those who don’t & can’t understand. I cling to my Lord Jesus day & night, but I also need someone who will believe in and for me. Several in my church of 21 years have just walked away…it’s like I don’t even exist anymore for them. I long to just see a little compassion and maybe a hug or a phone call even if they don’t understand, to let me know that I am not forgotten and that my years of service meant something, even if I am not able to serve now like I have in the past. I need healing from so much. I am so grateful for any prayers that might be lifted up for me.

    • Sweet Donna, I am walking a similar path of depression and loneliness. Please know even if you “feel alone”, you aren’t forgotten by God.
      For the hug that hasn’t come yet, I am giving you a great big one, (even if it’s through my computer screen), for the call that hasn’t come yet, I would love to speak with you, to listen to your burdens. If you want to talk (a complete stranger did this for me a couple of weeks ago, and it has helped lift my spirits), please let me know and I will include my contact info. We need God, but we also need one another. Praying for you today, dear one. Xox

    • Donna, that breaks my heart!

      Father, Son, Spirit, You are everything that Donna could ever need or want. Be her source of security, love, acceptance, encouragement and comfort. I release a spirit of unshakable joy to rest upon you. Bring deep healing to her body, mind and soul. Where people fail and disappoint, You never will. You are immovable. You are constant. You have not forgotten Your beloved daughter. She is chosen and You have destiny ahead for her. This season will serve as a testimony of Your love and grace. May she learn to trust You at all times in every season knowing You are at work.

  12. “He was busy. He was persecuted. He felt every emotion there is and faced every temptation imaginable, and yet, I don’t believe He lived tired.”. There is such hope in this statement. Thank you for your words and encouragement.

    • Thank you Chara!

      Jesus, You are hope and You bring hope. I bless my sister with renewed hope and rest where she is tired. You are her source. May she lean into You like never before.

  13. Definitely with you… with everything you wrote. Give me another 17 days and the age will be right too! 🙂 I have done things in not proud of, I have questioned myself and my faith. I am tired. Spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally. I love that Jesus himself knows what we go through and I’m in awe that He still remained without sin. Oh, to imitate that!

    • Pamela, I feel ya!

      Jesus, that is our heart’s cry…to be imitators of You. I pray that Pamela, would carve out some time to camp in Your presence and cultivate her spirit to be in tune with Yours. I release peace and rest over her that only comes from You. Giver her vision for what You have planned for her. Your joy is her strength and You give lavishly. Be close to her weary soul. Bring a deep refreshing in every area that is dry. Stir up her trust and faith in You to believe that You are at work even when she can’t see it. You are good and trustworthy!

  14. As I read this I almost wondered if you were writing my current story. I so understand. So tired. It’s been a really long two years and I’m just plain worn out… But at this point I’m learning what REAL rest is…what that means and how we NEED it so desperately.

    • Lori, you are in a great place!

      Jesus, this is exactly where You desire all of to be. I pray that You continue to show Lori what real rest is. It comes from You. It is deep and lasting and satisfying. I release a spirit of rest, peace, joy and hope over her. Blow a refreshing wind of Your spirit. May she move in step with You trusting You at every turn. Uphold her. Strengthen her. Give hope and vision for all that’s ahead.

  15. a simple transition can bring joy and sadness all weaved together, reflecting on God’s goodness and faithfulness in my life, choosing to be intentional as far as “creative white space” with the soul purpose to re.fresh ~
    today, mango lemonade & music as we pack up our dreams.
    a grateful heart ~

    • Transitions are a thing Alison! Bittersweet!

      Jesus, no transition is a surprise to you. I pray that You would give Alison vision and hope for this transition. Honor her as she is intentional in finding space for You to move in her and through her. Build up her faith in You. You are a good Father and have purposed good for her. Remind her of Your past goodness and faithfulness to her. You never change. You are constant I release a fresh wind of Your Spirit. Reign down Your peace, comfort and joy over her!

  16. God’s timing is always perfect, and these were the words I needed to hear today. Thank you Karina. I welcome your prayers for me, and my family, as we struggle with more than a few issues that have sapped my strength. Pray that I take the time to seek God first in ALL things and lay my burdens at His feet.

    • I am so glad that you were encouraged Lisa!

      You are perfect. Your timing is perfect. I pray that Lisa will intentionally seek You and trust You in this season. I release supernatural strength, peace and rest. You are their provider and source. May she lean into your ways and promises.

  17. What timing God has in this message. I am in the valley and know the hand holding mine is Him. thank you so much for your couragious writing

    • Thank you Diane!

      Jesus, You are with us in the valley and on the mountaintop. Be near to Diane in this season. Give her a vision for purpose for the future. Be kind and gracious. Release Your peace and joy and love over her! Hold her in Your embrace and whisper Your promises to her soul.

  18. Karina—how easy it is for us to forget. My summer started out like this too. Even “good” things made me weary. The Lord is refreshing me, don’t you find these things are cyclical? And sometimes the cycles just go on and on. Thankful for the respite now and praying you will experience the same! It was so nice meeting you at Declare!

    • Hey Britta! Thank you for sharing! It was fun to meet you as well!!!!

      Father, good things are good, but sometimes they are not Your best. I pray for Britta to have discernment over her season to know what she is and isn’t called to. Good things that are not God things leave us weary and drained. I release an ease of Your Spirit and a deep rest. Teach Britta how to navigate the rhythms of life so that she can always be an encouragement and a blessing for those around her. May she make Your priorities her priorities. And would you bless her a hundredfold as she does? May she yield her time, talents and treasures to Holy Spirit’s leading. He will not fail or disappoint. You are good and faithful!

  19. I thank you also for your post of encouragement. I have been raising a daughter with a mental illness, in and out of emergency, mental hospitals and counselors for suicide attempts and self harm every 4-6 weeks for years now. Suddenly she decided to live with her father overseas and has cut me out of her life completely. I don’t have words for how my heart feels. I don’t even know how to pray. Yes, Im weary beyond belief. Your prayers would be wonderful.

    • Joan, I know that must have been so hard.

      Sweet Jesus, You see Joan’s pain and confusion and doubt. Would You meet her there with Your tender mercy and grace. You are good even when circumstances are not good. I pray that she would sink into Your presence and allow You to fill her heart and soul with Your overwhelming peace. I release supernatural faith to believe You for miracles. I release healing and wholeness over her daughter. You long to bring restoration. Soften their hearts toward each other and to You. Holy Spirit, move in power and might!

    • Joan,
      Meet Joan and soften her pain. Help her to see she did all she could for her daughter. Shower her with your tender grace and mercy! You are there even in the hard circumstances of life. Give her emotional and spiritual rest and peace. Fill her heart with peace and contentment! Holy Spirit bless her and help her to feel you now and always!

      • Thank you for your prayer of mercy and compassion. Please pray with me to know what our Lord wants me to do now. I am open. I will go anywhere, do anything. I just need to know. It is hard to hear the Lord sometimes, especially through pain and confusion.
        Thank you again for your prayers and especially for my daughters healing.-Joan

  20. My “word for the year” has been perseverance. But we can only persevere when we obtain rest! So thankful for this little “aha” moment!

    • I love a good “aha” moment Shauna!

      May You pursue deep rest and refreshing that is only found in the presence of the One who is rest and refreshing. He longs to meet you there and tend to the unseen places of your heart and soul.

  21. It’s incredible to think how when I resist rest and refreshing, I’m actually being contrary to God’s word. Thanks so much for your post! Praying about how I can refresh others.

    • Amen Jacquelyn!

      May God give you vision for how to refresh others. May He give You a greater desire to be the hands and feet of Christ in practical ways to the hurting around you.

  22. Karina, it is not impossible that we meet face to face this side of Heaven, but I know for sure we will do just that when we get to Heaven, God will richly Bless you and yours, thank you for all kind and encouraging words, thank you for joining hearts and spirit with those who are burdened for their unsaved loved ones and all other cares and worries of life, thank you my sister keep up the good work God has placed on your heart, I believe there is strength in numbers, I believe because Jesus lives, we will live, it is not His will that any should perish, we have God’s promise that whatever we ask in Jesus name believing, it will be done, according to His will

  23. I don’t have a twitter but sure would love the prayer as this is definitely me right now! I’m so glad you gave me the words because it was so hard to describe what I needed! Thank you!

  24. Thank you, Karina, for drawing my attention to Proverbs 11:25. God has given us the cure for being emotionally and spiritually tired: refresh someone else. And of course, it’s true. We always feel rejuvenated after helping others. I also appreciated this statements of yours: “His desire is for us to learn the rhythms of life and to learn how to navigate them with grace, endurance, trust, and hope.” Those four nouns at the end summarize what our attitudes/actions need to be when our minds and spirits become tired. Advice well worth taking!

  25. Hi Karina,
    God is so good to have allowed me t o see this post today. I am so TIRED, mentally, physically and spiritually. I want to do God’s will, but not even my tithes have been paid recently. I am so broke, my children are hungry; and yet I am permanently employed.
    I am learning not to complain, and to realise that God is still blessing me in spite of My deepest burdens lies with the inconsistent behaviour of our three sons. Please pray for us as a family

  26. I am so grateful for this posting. I really would appreciate prayers as there are things going on with my family that are making me weary and I need to let them go to God. Thanks.

  27. I love you so, girlie! I am so proud of you and will continue to be praying for you! And isn’t that just how He loves through you – that even in your tired… even in the hard season, you offer to pour out prayers and lift up hearts! Praying for breakthrough and rest and (you know — a little later!) energy and new vision for what is next!

  28. Karina,
    I was weary, tired and worn out last year. It was a tough year moving aging dad into assisted living, dealing with his medical issues and trying to work a full-time medical job. It was so very frustrating as the job was quickly changing and becoming more stressful. I reached a point of feeling ill every day in June 2014. Oh I coped and got through it thanks to God! I needed some soul rest and peace. That finally came June 30, 2015 when I quit my job to care for my aging dad. Since that time we have called in hospice as he had a few more “medical problems”. God has seen fit to bless me with the much needed rest.
    I pray for everyone here! God please bless each person here. Help them with their weariness. Shower them with grace, peace, and contentment of mind, body and soul! Help them to get times of refreshing they so desperately need!
    Blessings 🙂