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  1. This is perfect for me for today. I’m being held hostage by even a circle of “good” things- godly,Christian things like wanting to do more for Him, be more for Him, write more for Him, take care of my family better for Him…. and that kind of a list can burn you out too. I find myself arriving home from work overwhelmed and stressed because of my evening to-do list; all the many things I want to accomplish in my few free hours due to the mark of success equaling “fitting it all in even when you don’t really have the time.” Just last night this happened to me- I walked in the door to a problem with our heater, and before even greeting a family member or two, I got myself all in a huff as I dialed the repair service and spent the next twenty minutes trying to schedule an appointment while my family – who I hadn’t seen all day – milled around me, my attention glued to the mechanic on the other end of my ear. Exasperated as I got off the call, it set a bad tone mentally for me for the rest of the evening and instead of loving my family and accomplishing things I needed to tend to, I spent my precious free time in a funk.

    And then this morning, I saw my little debacle for what it truly was- sin. I confessed it to God… as He gently reminded me that His mercies are new every morning and I can start again.

    • They sure are, Beth. Thanks for sharing your story here – hope you’ll join us as we journey to this simplified life together!

  2. This is excellent and confirmation from the Lord. I am being presented opportunities left and right but what is needed is simplicity because every good opportunity is not good for me.

  3. I feel overwhelmed and guilty for all that never gets done, and all the broken things, and, and, and, and, and, and. I need some peace, and a change of expectations.

    • Standing with you, Joanne. I so get that, and am hoping these three days of notes from Emily help with that change in expectations.

    • I empathize with you Joanne – to encourage you, it’s actually very freeing to let go of expectations for a while. then, you can reformulate them but you might think about walking away from them for now (within reason) and cutting yourself some slack. God’s Word says, “The boundary lines for me have fallen in pleasant places…” so ask Him where your boundaries should be. Are you trying to handle too much? He will show you if you ask Him to.

      • I will pray about my perceptions and expectations thank you Beth and Anna. I have two boys with special needs and all the extras that go along with that. I will need to spend time with Jesus to see what is necessary, and what can be let go. And live with “it is what it is.”

        • Joanne,
          Prayers for you as you mother those two precious little ones. I pray you can join this discussion and find out what the “secret” is to finding that “me” time to relax and come back to God then be filled and ready tor family!

    • Joanne,
      I completely understand where you’re coming from. To much to do so little time. I pray God helps you sort out all this and helps you find the spiritual whitespace you need.
      Blessings 🙂

      • Thank you so much Beth, you at different times have been such a sweet encouragement with your comments and prayers for me. I so much appreciate the comments and prayers. I do think of you as you care for your father. I know your plate is full. Hoping and praying you are able to get some answers and time for refreshment for yourself too. Blessings to you. Being a caregiver is a lot of commitment, energy, and patience, and often very few breaks.

  4. This sounds like a great discussion for most, if not all women. We, as women, tend to fill our days with business. We try to climb the corporate ladder, do for our families, etc. and then there is no time for us. We get frustrated, frazzled, etc. We all need some spiritual whitespace to step back and let God fill us. Then and only then can we continue to be there for friends, family and work!