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Former Bad Girl, grateful for the grace God offers. Happy wife of Bill, one of the Good Guys. Proud mom of two grown-up kids with tender hearts. Lame housekeeper. Marginal cook. Pitiful gardener. Stuff I love? Encouraging my sisters in Christ—across the page, from the platform, online, in person. Unpacking...

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  1. Liz,
    My condolences about the loss of your dear mother-in-love…I’m sure the loss still hurts. Your words give me the picture of God patiently waiting, knowing what we need even before we do. He has His arms wide open, waiting for us to fall into them. I got goosebumps reading how the Holy Spirit held you up in your weakness! Thank you for sharing this story…I go into the day encouraged!

  2. The reminder that He is already there before we even know we have a need on the horizon, is so powerful, we have got to remember this and appreciate His beautiful grace all the more!

  3. Hi Liz,

    I most definitely needed to hear your words today. I have been dealing with an excruciatingly difficult decision that I have to make and have once again been guilty again of being an emotional-stuffer-downer. I knew that all I have been facing surely should be causing me to break down crying on a regular basis but yet the tears have not appeared. I was not in touch with all the pain that lies beneath, and this is a place I know I do not want to be.

    I read your words and cried. Cried over the loss of your mother-in-law. Cried over what you must have gone through in the hours before your speech. Cried over the amazing experience you had during your time on stage and for the beautiful way that you explained your story. Then my tears took on the form of my own pain and sadness that I knew had to be inside of me and yet with a delightful realization that I am not going through this alone and that all I needed to do was look through a different lens. Thank you for sharing your story.

    Condolences and blessings to your family and you.


  4. Liz,
    Oh the freedom when we free the holy spirit to take over and to minister to us right where we are. I’m sure your authenticity in that moment communicated volumes to the listeners and opened their hearts all the more. May God continue to comfort you and your family.

  5. Hi Liz,
    I’m so very sorry about your mother-in-law’s passing. What a beautiful woman she was from all you say, and what comfort it must bring you to know she is with the Lord. Still, the parting is so, so difficult. This is such a beautiful story of God’s grace in receiving her and ending her suffering, and of strengthening you to minister to others who needed a word from the Lord. Yours was a talk that these women likely have never forgotten, because they literally saw and felt the power the Holy Spirit working through you. I felt this same power when my beloved father died eight years ago, and I had to write and deliver a eulogy and sing at his funeral. I knew I could not do it, but I so wanted to honor my beloved father and also be a witness of God’s grace through his long, arduous dying. I knew there would be people in attendance who didn’t know God. I tried and tried to write about Daddy, but nothing came, until literally just before the funeral. . . just at the last possible moment that I needed the words, God gave them to me–they flowed. And then, when I stood to sing, when I had not one ounce of strength left, God allowed me to sing His Eye Is on the Sparrow, and Malotte’s Lord’s Prayer (the latter being a common, yet very difficult song to sing). It was so important for me to sing for Daddy, because he had had such a beautiful voice, and he and I often sang duets at the family funerals. But who would sing for him? I didn’t think I could, because singing is so emotional and I also associated it, in this instance, with having sung with him so many times before. And now, I sang alone. Yet, just as God did for you in your speech, with each note I sang, God empowered me. My voice got stronger and stronger, until it catapulted to that soaring high note at the end of the piece: “For Thine is the Kingdom and the power and the gl-o-o-o-ry, FOR- E-E-E-E-VER, Amen.” The Lord did handle it, and He helped me in a time when I couldn’t possibly have done it alone. And He has been here during the painful years of missing my father. I know He is with you, too. Thank you so much for sharing, Liz.

  6. Liz,
    I am deeply sorry for your loss.
    Thank-you for being you and for sharing you with us. You are a true inspiration and gift.

    When faced with something hard we might not know how to deal with it but then we manage. We can rest assured knowing God’s hand was at work.

  7. I needed God’s message through you today. My weaknesses lie in health issues and a daughter who is moving 2,000 miles away from us. I am SO weak right now.

    • Praying for you Kathy. I also am struggling with illness (depression) and daughter living across country. I will be praying For God’s joy and comfort to overtake us.

  8. Condolences on losing your mother-in-law! It is hard losing someone you love. Only God could supply ALL our needs–even words from a wounded warrior! He is so AWESOME!!
    Thank you for this most timely post! Been going through rough times with family and work for 1.25 years now and it hurts and depresses! Bless you for the word picture of God patiently waiting for us ready to give us what we need even before we know we need it! he’s there for us ALL the Time!!
    Give your husband my condolences!

  9. Amen and amen. He was glorified in that moment, and you were faithful to your word, which brought Him more glory.
    I’m so sorry for your loss… what a blessing that you had such a great relationship. May great memories of her help carry you through the difficult days… and He be glorified again and again…

  10. Oh Liz…what a beautiful message. Even with tears in my eyes reading this, I know this is His truth for us all. I’m so glad He is already there at the end of it all…even we are taken by surprise…He already knew.
    May He continue to bless you as you bless us with your words!
    Much love!

  11. Liz,

    I am so sorry for the loss of your other mom, your mother-in-law. This is very painful to lose a close family member.

    This is beautiful! I have cried through all the times I’ve read this devotion. I’ve experienced the weakness, nothing to give, and His strength does the work. Just last night I experienced this with a class I facilitate/group lead, and if it was appropriate, I’d share my story, but for reasons of confidentiality, I can’t.

    You post made my cry because Jesus is so amazing, tender, sweet, powerful, glorious in the way He works through us when we just plain have nothing.



  12. I will be traveling this next week to TX for the Celebration of Life service for my DOM (Dear Other Mom). A woman who for the past 18 years took me into her heart and life when my family abandoned me. I knew too when I saw who I got a message from, didn’t want to read it just before getting on the freeway to drive home after a very long day at work. I cried all the way home…about an hour. Miss Vi was 93, lived a full and loving life by serving God. I want to be like her. Hugs sweet Liz.

  13. Wow, what a precious testimony of God’s wonderful grace, Liz! My own mother passed away a month ago, so I can relate to the emotions, and I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for being willing to be used of God!

  14. Sorry for your loss. When you said it seemed like a good plan then, but a terrible plan no…we just cannot plan on how life will unfold! What a powerful reminder that He is always with us! And Great Is Thy Faithfulness is the perfect song to really get the tears flowing.