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Robin is the author of For All Who Wander, her relatable memoir about wrestling with doubt that reads much like a conversation with a friend. She's as Southern as sugar-shocked tea, married to her college sweetheart, and has three children. An empty nester with a full life, she's determined to...

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  1. Oh, If only the giveaway was for the first commenter!!! 😉 If I used my fringe hours, I’d want to do something creative and messy!

  2. Gosh, I think I would just sit and read more books or maybe sew a little more. (I officially sound like an old lady!)

  3. Find more things that bring me personal satisfaction and joy. Right now, I know that I enjoy crafts and reading. I’d like to discover more of my gifts!

  4. Good morning! What a great giveaway! So looking forward to this study! I have so enjoyed these book studies as this is my eighth one! I am learning to quilt in my fringe hours! I just finished my first one!

  5. I want to make things-scrapbook pages, cards, paintings-but for me, the key is to do it for the joy of it, not with the goal of making something perfect.

  6. I love hanging out on the internet…I wish I could justify it when I am failing my classes anyway…

  7. Find my smile again, it’s been lost in the demands of every day life and oh how I miss it!!!

    • Would like to read the book to find out how to get fringe hours to enjoy. Would like to do more things outside!

  8. I would make better use of my blog! I think I’ve only touched it once in 2015! But there are blog posts that are often circling around in my mind, but it’s the last priority right now, sadly.

  9. I want to make more time for sewing and scrapbooking. Both are so fun to me and they are a great creative outlet. I definitely want to use my fringe hours for that. 🙂

  10. I am pulling together some trainings on self-care and having a better quality life, with the same sources of stress – mainly for foster/adoptive mothers. This book sounds like it addresses a huge part of that. I am so far removed from what I enjoyed in my youth, that I don’t even remember what they are. I have six kids from 7 to 31.

  11. I would spend more time reading and doing the things that have been pushed aside because of other commitments…studying, painting, creating, gardening, decorating.

  12. I plan to write more hand written notes to people. My goal is to write at least 52 handwritten notes to people who had made a difference in my life.

  13. If I used my fringe hours, I’d get back to calligraphy, or finally learn to knit/crochet. Or maybe just read a book. 🙂

  14. I love to read, but don’t make a lot of time for it. I’m going to do better about that!

  15. took off 3 days to”get stuff done” around the house, specifically my attic which has become the dumping ground for anything we don’t want to find a place for or throw away -just a little hoarding tendency. Anyway, very frustrated that a majority of my off time was spent vegging with TV…lots of…who am i kidding…way too many fringe hours there!

  16. I would give myself time to write. It is always so therapeutic for me, and as I age, I find myself feeling much more confident in my writing. That is something that I certainly want to continue to foster rather than allow it to fall by the wayside.

  17. I think I would go sit by the river and just reflect – without guilt. And read the myriad of books I have from my friends on (in)courage!

  18. In my fringe hours now I read but I’d love to reawaken the hands on creative in me and maybe actually complete a project I’ve pinned to a Pinterest board.

  19. I would love to use my fringe hours for papercrafting and journaling! Thanks for the great giveaway-the book sounds like just what I need & I know I will love the videos!! Blessings

  20. I would read more, for sure and just enjoy the simple things in life that are often overlooked when I’m “busy” or in a hurry.

  21. I would write for Dayspring. God gives words, but.. my schedule fills up with the demands: loving husband, loving children, serving family, serving ministry, teaching, teaching, teaching, work-part-time, and (did I mention) cleaning house..all to HIS GLORY (of course),

  22. First of all I would rest & relax. Then I would made home-cooked meals for hubby. Would love to have tons of hours and, of course, money to be a local missionary–cooking and helping the less fortunate in the area. Would spend a lot more time with my aging dad. 🙂

  23. I would love this chance to win! With two little ones not in school yet, finding those fringe hours is tough, but can be possible. Looking forward to reading this book and making time for myself, by reading more books, painting and gardening :o)

  24. I would write. I know the Lord has placed a burden to pen the words He has put on my heart but as a tired mom the energy and motivation is lacking. The spare moments I have go to a quick rest or a work email. I am really excited to dive into this book discussion

  25. With fringe hours, I plan on painting more furniture to sell and proceeds to help student mission trips from our church

  26. Fringe hours…man, that sounds nice and refreshing! I would work more toward purposely discipling my daughters (proactively, rather than our current reactive style) and would definitely WRITE more.

  27. I have never done a book study like this before and I am excited! What I would do with my fringe hours is that I would develop my skills as a hobby photographer…maybe even make it something more.

  28. I like the title of this book and look forward to reading it. I would get back to doing more counted cross stitch. My mom and I used to do that all the time.

  29. Honestly, I haven’t had a “hobby” in a while… I can’t even think what it would be!! Isn’t that depressing?!? I love to read and I write… but that’s not exactly what I’m thinking of when I think of something fun and creative just for enjoyment… Must think on this more.

  30. Oh, so many ways to spend that time…creating, reading, meditating, exercising…or just enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee – before it gets cold!! 🙂

  31. This book is beautiful and a message that so many women need! Looking forward to it. And if I win, I will be giving a book away to a friend. 🙂

  32. Ooops, I meant to say how I would use my fringe hours. I would use them to work on decorating projects I would like to do around my house and/or continue to practice/teach myself to sew.

  33. Spend more time exercising like doing Holy Yoga, rather than feeling like I just want to sleep at that point 🙂

  34. I like to read, scrapbook and lunch with friends during my #FringeHours. I love this book and know so many friends I’d like to share it with!

  35. I would love to find the time to get into my bible daily. It would also be great if I could find time to scrapbook, do a puzzle, write for fun maybe once a week. I miss those things.

  36. To use my fringe hours, I’d do something wildly creative…some way to fully express who I am as a daughter of God and to live to the fullest potential He had given me.

  37. Thanks for this awesome giveaway. I’m already subscribed to (in)courage and I love Dayspring. I have followed Jessica’s blog for a few years, too. I would love to use the fringe hours for a more dedicated quiet time, to read and to scrapbook our families memories.

  38. I plan to blog more and get moving on submitting articles for local publications. So in short my fringe hours will be used for writing!

  39. My fringe hours would be filled with music. Working on my acoustic guitar playing and singing!

  40. I’m learning yoga and striving to increase my personal spirituality. If there are more minutes or hours after that, more project sewing (while listening to audiobooks – so more books is covered too).

  41. I would create – I tend to let drawing and such go by the wayside but I love doing those things so much.

  42. I’m a SAHM to a 2.5 yr old and 4 yr old, no naps, no school. If I could reclaim some time for me, it would be to read and study for the board exam that will allow me to work in a field that has become a passion and that I only discovered after my kids were born.

  43. Honestly, I feel like I have forgotten what I love to do. I am not going for martyr status here, just in life as a single mom of sweet strong willed 5 year old girl and need to remember I need to fill my cup so I can give better to her & others.

    • Time for myself…I am really anxious to begin working on ME. I’ve been working for and with others for the last 45 years, and so, it is now MY time with the Lord. Thanks for making this all possible with your new book…”Fringe…” Am trying also to figure out how to do all of this computer manipulation. tried to comment on my own, but couldn’t figure it out…so I am just adding a reply to the last entry. Hope that works.

  44. If I had more time I would use it to be creative. This is something that has been lacking the last 5 years in my life and I miss it!

  45. Would love to read this book but…I can’t get all my things done now so where am I going to find the time to read a book to help me have more time? I would sure love to try!

  46. Can’t wait to read Jessica’s suggestions. She is so busy I’m curious to know how she even finds fringe hours!

  47. Thanks! This book will be great for a ‘giveaway from me’…after I read it! 🙂 A good theme for everyone…even for those who already ‘make time’ for themselves…more good ideas I’m sure!

  48. I think I would use some of my fringe hours to do some self-care and get back to the “me” that I used to be.

  49. So very sad this is the last Bloom book club, but so thankful that Jessica is our author!! I realized, last night, as I was waiting on time to pass before church, I should have had a book with me. Today, my book is in my bag!!

  50. I plan to/ hope to figure out how to make time for all of my half-finished projects, to get out of me all of the creative energy that builds up over time.

  51. I already ordered my book and one for my daughter who will turn 30 this year and really needs to know about setting aside some fringe for herself! Let’s just say she learned well how not to in my mothering years….

  52. Just purchased this book today, if I win I am going to give it to a friend. I have followed Jessica for a long time now, this book sounds amazing!

  53. I would love to use my fringe hours to consolidate all of my interests as an artist and musician mom into a blog!

  54. I love this! I plan to carve out time to hone my skills for my passion – writing – as I discover my fringe hours.

  55. Looking forward to reading this & getting encouraged. Hoping to use my fringe hours to read & learn more about God’s grace 🙂

  56. I love to read but something I would love to make more time to do is draw, paint and craft. I love doing creative, artsy, crafty things. I grew up always drawing and coloring and even made time for it as an adult. But after getting married and working full time and then becoming a mom, the artistic side of myself definitely got pushed down on the priority list – way, way down.

  57. Go to one of my favorite coffee shops…the Well or Frothy Monkey, to read and journal!

  58. Read. Read, read, read. And learn more about graphic design. I love learning new things and this is something I have developed an interest in lately.

  59. My husband works second shift and I teach kindergarten at a local private Christian school. I am on full time mommy duty to our three kids, aged 8, 5, & 4, both morning and night, and take the kids with me to school. If I had more fringe hour, I wouldn’t know what to do with the downtime, but think I would read more and figure out ways to spend more quality time with my amazing husband!

  60. If i used my fringe hours I would discover a hobby I enjoy or read about things that interest me, or just sit and listen and dream a little more.

  61. Oh, I wish I had time to read read read the hours away!!! Maybe this book will help me find that time.

  62. How funny that I got an email from Jon Acuff today about this book today! I thought to myself “As a mom of 3 boys I could REALLY use this book!”. As I discover my fringe hours I’ll declutter my house and blog regularly.

  63. I would love to have some time for myself without feeling guilty or like a failure. I have a job and a home to take care of and 3 granddaughters to enjoy.

  64. I would work on my love for photography! I’m teaching myself the art of it and would love more time to do so!

  65. Oh I would spend more time painting the Word of God while listening to preaching on Youtube!!! It is so exciting to see how much gold there is in the Word of God!

  66. With my Fringe Hours, I would love to discover, or rediscover, my passions. I have things I love to do but not sure what to do with them

  67. I’m going to spend more time meditating on truth – not reading, not praying, just spending time listening to His voice and letting His truth sink in where I need it.

  68. I’ve made a Fringe Hour bag to keep in my car, since I spend a lot of time shuttling kids around.

  69. Super cute Giveaway… I think in my Fringe hours (which I have way more of right now as a new Empty Nester!) will be spent finally reading all the stacks of books, and making more art!

  70. I really want to read more often and of course, on top of my usual sewing, I would love to get back to embroidering.

  71. I would like to spend more time on inner reflection and finding my true feelings about things.

  72. Oh man oh man, just thinking about it makes me smile. I’d go somewhere. Anywhere alone (without my sweet little 16 month old) 🙂 and I’d read and write. And then write and read.

  73. I would read more books, study more…I would bake more…I would scrapbook…and may be I would start writing a family devotional.

  74. Discover fringe hours? ME Time? I currently sneak in reading books. Perhaps if I read this one, I could sneak in housework?

  75. I’m all about taking time to write right now. Journaling, calligraphy, the occasional blog post. Anything really to just fully love in the moment.

  76. I think that is part of my problem-there are too many things I would do with any fringe hours and can’t decide what is best: read, paint, draw, knit, shop, pray, go for a walk, just sit, sing, play guitar, organize-ok maybe not the last one?!

  77. What I would do – how does one choose? I ache to do something creative, make art, write, play the piano; but I need to find time for exercise, learn to cook healthy, sort through the detritus of too many years and downsize. I long for simplicity – the time to watch snow fall, breath in candle scent, and freeze-frame “moments” of peace.

  78. I really have no idea. The only thing I do for fun right now is coupon. More time for that would be great. Or even for cleaning and organizing so I can think straight. 🙂

  79. There are so many thins I would do with fringe hours but the biggest would be reading just for fun again!

  80. Those of us who are quiet, not so much obnoxious or even grouchy are hard to love. Thankful for grace shown me by friends and family to love me, an introverted “brooder”

  81. It’s so hard to choose what I’d do: read, scrap, do art classes. These all make my list for my fringe hours.

  82. Oh I love the idea of Frindge Hours and would love to win this! I would fill them with life-giving activities – no screens, all prayer, reading, painting, loving others, cooking and simply being.

  83. I would spend whole-hearted time on creative projects, write more old fashioned letters, paint with friends, and read more books!

  84. as I discover the fringe hours I would like to do for me is take the time to create (sewing, panting, etc.) without any expectations of it being a new product or for someone. Just to create something fun and raw

  85. I’d spend my fringe hours sitting at the beach, watching the waves roll in and remembering a blessing with each wave. When I used to crave out time to do this once a week, I rose from the sand a strong woman and found I could squeeze much more out of my days.

  86. My fringe hours involve early morning running. I have a goal race in March. Once that’s done, I’ve had a creative project in the corners of my brain that I’ve realized won’t go away until I act on it.

  87. I would read more books, write/journal, teach myself to crochet, get out my photos and supplies and start scrapbooking again

  88. As a full-time college student, with a full-time job, and a mom… I would like to find a little more time for “me”. My craft room is sitting sad, and lonely, and I would love to get some scrapbooking in, or sewing, or painting. I knit when I can steal a few minutes, or when I am watching a half hour of TV with my husband at the end of the day before bed, but that feels like I’m cheating him out of quality time as well. Right now, just joining this study to read a book for pleasure is going to be using my fringe hours… can’t wait! <3

  89. I would read and just sit still, maybe journal, and definitely take more solo walks! Trying to remember how important it is for mama’s tank to be full!

  90. So looking forward to this book. I could use more productive fringe hours to read, knit and de-stress.

  91. I would love to win a copy of this book! I’m always looking for more books to read and I think this would encourage me to do some more crafting!!

  92. Super excited for this book!! Thanks for the chance to win! I want to get back to playing my French Horn, scrapbooking, and reading during my fringe hours!

  93. I would definitely read more books!! Ever since I had my 3rd beautiful daughter in November, I just haven’t been very good about making the time to read. I miss it!

  94. I’d take more time for me and use it to journal, do some ofmy art work, crochet, read some, get my home together more, and other things I enjoy and find relaxing.

  95. I would use my fringe hours to send notes of encouragement to friends I have not gotten to see in years but only see their lives on facebook.

  96. i would use my fringe hours for a plethora of things…. crocheting, reading, spending time more time with the family, or friends, and just plain relxing!!

  97. I would garden more, plant flowers, try new recipes in the kitchen, paint large canvases filled with floral landscapes, read soul nurturing books, and spend more time with God. Oh how I can’t wait to read this book. With two little ones. Its hard to find me time, but it’s possible by paying attention to my fringe hours. I’d love to win a copy of this beautiful book!

  98. So many things – I need to get back to journaling, but for right now, a friend has gifted me yarn and needles and is offering to teach me to knit.

  99. This is perfect timing! God has been speaking to me about this for several weeks. I just started oil painting again after taking a 5 year break following the birth of my first child. I have a 6 year old, 3 1/2 year old and a 19 month old. During my fringe hours, mama plans to paint again!!! 🙂

  100. I’m super excited for this book because I know I am terrible with time management and could improve in that area! With the extra time, I would definitely get more into the Word. Some days I use no time as an excuse for not getting in solid, quiet time and I need to change that.

  101. As a pastor spouse and with pastor spouse friends, I’d love to get my hands on a copy of this book and will likely be able to pass it along to many others that it could benefit. Also, the other items are super cute and have such a fresh, inspirational look to them!

  102. Looks like a great book- hopefully will have time to read it?!….seems like then I need to read it 🙂 Love the adorable giveaway pack!

  103. I’d read more books, enjoy photography and scrap-booking, and maybe even try painting or something else similar that isn’t in my natural skill set.

  104. I plan to read more, more of His word and more from my gifted sisters, and enjoy being outside in His creation!

  105. I would love to find time to write, to read and to scrapbook and make cards. Also to take more time to write cards and notes to people.

  106. I will get the memories of my family recorded and do my knee exercises/stretches that I am supposed to do!