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  1. (in)courage,
    “He was full of unfailing love and faithfulness…” So thankful that Jesus never gives up on me…that His love is unfailing and that He always walks with me through whatever I am going through. Thanks for bringing my focus even more keenly onto Christ and His unfathomable love.

    • Bev,

      I have been following your story here at In (Courage). I have been praying a lot for your son. May God change His heart and bring him back to Himself!

      I was also thrilled when you got married. I was praying that God would send you a wonderful Godly man!

      Prayers that you have/had a great Christmas!


  2. All praise belong to You God. No one can compare to You. There is no one like You Lord. No one can do the things You do. You are a great and awesome God. I love You. Thank You for being my heavenly Father.

  3. This reminds me of the song “Leaving Heaven” by Matthew West on his Heart of Christmas CD. It talks about Jesus living in splendor and leaving the golden streets of Heaven to come down to our broken world. The second stanza hits the nail on the head: “You see the world is dark and it needs a light.
    I’m gonna hang a star in the eastern sky
    So everybody’s gonna know where I touch down
    I’m leaving Heaven right now.

    Blessings Everyone! Merry Christmas!