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  1. These all look like such fantastic books. I’m an adult and I know I would love to read copies just for myself regardless of the kids in my life! We all need a reminder now and then (for me, just about every day) that it’s going to be okay!

    My favorite bedtime book as a child was my book of fairy tales (the originals, weird Grimm endings and all) with gorgeous watercolor illustrations. I still treasure that book.

    • I can’t remember a favorite but our home was always filled with books. But I remember the first book my daughter read to my mother was “the giving tree” by Silverstein; she called my mother to read it to her over the phone. We lost my mother to ovarian cancer in 1995 when my daughter was 6; but this is one of her dearest memories and one she still talks about.

  2. I’m going to be real….I didn’t have a favorite bedtime book, to be honest I can’t recall having bedtime stories 🙁
    This collection of books looks awesome, what a blessing. I have a daughter that loves to read and we spend 15 min each night reading a devotional or short story together. It’s about the bonding time. I find her heart opens up at bedtime and we have rich discussions then. It’s a sweet time

  3. My parents didn’t do bedtime stories, but we always sang twinkle twinkle little star and then recited Psalm 103: 1-2. Those memories are precious to me!

  4. Reading and Bible stories are a big part of our bedtime routine. I never was read to as a child so I love to read to our son. God made light sounds like a book I would love to read to him


  5. My favorite bedtime story, especially around the holidays, was a book about a little boy who was searching for the Christmas star. He looked all over, meeting all sorts of people, but just couldn’t find the star that he was looking for. If I remember correctly, he eventually realized that by helping the people he met, he realized that Christmas was in him, just like God. I definitely not doing it justice here! I don’t even remember the title – I’m going to have to call my mom to find out!
    These are such good books to be giving away! I’ve been eyeing these books for some time now and would love to win!

  6. Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb was my kids all time favorite. After 26 years, we can still recite it from memory! 🙂

  7. My mother never read to me but I read to my own kids and their favorite bed time stories are the Laura Ingalls Wilder books.

  8. I didn’t have bedtime stories as a kid but I read to myself constantly and LOVED Roald Dahl and babysitter’s club (wow) 🙂

  9. It was a poem that my 42 year old brother and I (46) can still recite from memory – haha – “The Owl and the Pussy Cat” 🙂 LOVE the books – thanks for the chance to win! Merry Christmas one and all! xo

  10. I don’t remember what my favorite was as a child, but my favorite to read to my son was “The Kissing Hand”. Even though he’s 17 now, occasionally he will indulge and sit by me on the couch as we reread it. Memories I will cherish forever!

  11. Hallelujah! Thank you for writing these books for children. I have three grandchildren 12, 11, and 8 years of age; I am always trying to find a special book for each of them with a message of how AWESOME our God is. These will be perfect for us to read, discuss and for them to take home and enjoy too.
    Praising the Lord for your marvelous gift.
    With great appreciation and admiration,

  12. I honestly don’t remember having a bedtime story read to me. However, I read to my boys and their favorite book was Milk and Cookies by Frank Asch. I now have grandchildren and purchased copies of the book for them recently, so their daddies can carry on the tradition.

  13. Awesome books! My favorite book as a child was a book called ‘Caroline’ that my sister had received as a gift. It had the coolest illustrations! It was about a girl named Caroline and her menagerie of animal friends. I wanted to get it for my kids when they were little but I can’t find it anywhere…

  14. I loved Alexander and the Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day! I have wanted to go to Australia ever since I was 5 because even though his mother said that bad days even happened in Australia, Alexander’s refrain always stuck with me. I also fell in love with the story of Anne of Green Gables that my mom read to me cuddled in bed and later watched the mini series with me cuddled on the couch. In college I wrote a paper on Anne and I am now reading it to my 3 children!

  15. I didn’t have many books growing up post depression. These books sound wonderful. I have three great grandchildren with another on the way. Would love to have these books,. Thanks for introducing them along with the opportunity to win them.
    Christmas blessings to all…..

  16. what a treat to have these for my grands… I don’t think I ever had one book read to me… my parents did the best they could… but this kind of interaction never happened… so when I became a mom… I was a reading machine… some of my favs to read with my kids… Aunt Vera Bedtime stories… Little Pilgrims Progress… Little House… and so much more 🙂

  17. I grew up loving to read “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein. I remember reading this so often it was memorized. These books all sound absolutely fabulous.

  18. I have always loved reading and still do… though it’s much more difficult with a little one! I’m praying that he will love reading as he grows older, too, and this bundle of books looks like they would be a wonderful addition to our book shelf!

    My favorite bedtime story memories are of when my grandma (Meme) would read and read and read to me when I stayed at her house. My favorite was “The Wizard of Oz”… and she has the best story-reading voice! Special memories…

  19. My favorite book as a child was a book of poems my grandmother had. I would get that book off the shelf every chance I could and read all of the poems over and over.

  20. I don’t recall bedtime stories, but we always said prayers together. I read Goodnight Moon so many times that I can still recite it word for word, 20 years later:)

  21. My favorite as a child (and well into adult years) was Little Women. These books are ones I would read myself, but I guess I’ll share with my grand-nephews. Wishing a Happy, Holy Christmas to all!

  22. I honestly don’t remember bedtime stories as a kid. Some of my favorites to read to the kids I work with are the “There was an old lady who swallowed…” and “Maybe a Bear Ate It”.

  23. I was such a reader as a child but one book stands above the rest “Mrs. Duck’s Lovey Day.” I still read it to my girls.

    I have a 7 year old girl who is just starting to notice the differences between her friends and herself. She is noticing that so and so points her toes in gymnastics, etc. and she doesn’t. I am working hard to keep her noticing her own greatness and I think these books would help a lot!

  24. My favorite bedtime story was “The Sugar Creek Gang” series that Mother would read to my brother and me and stop at an exciting place and close the book and we had to wait until the next night to hear how the story ended. I am new to (in)courage but am finding it a delightful experience. Thank you. Dorothy

  25. My favorite childhood books are any of the “Little House On The Prairie” books. My Mom would read these to my sisters & I!

  26. I.don’t think I had one particular book I read for bedtime. Each night was a new chapter book! These three books would be an excellent edition to my baby’s nighttime routine. Or as presents!

  27. I loved anything Little House on the Prairie. My kids love our Bible that is a graphic novel. Comics are always a hit!

  28. I don’t remember doing bedtime books, but we did read Keys for Kids (a family devotional) each night as a family. 🙂

  29. I grew up in an underdeveloped country, we had no library, no bookstores, my mother did not read a book to me and none especially at bedtime. However, their examples are bookloads for me–their sacrifices for all of us, the love, hope, prayers, faith. We made do of whatever resources we have…this was more than a book could teach me.We live, trust in God’s providence and unconditional love. Now that a huge book of life for me to enjoy for a lifetime…

  30. What a great group of books that you have listed..

    I guess my favorite would have to be “Little Red Riding Hood”. I was always happy when that big bad wolf was recognized…

    God bless, have an awesome day,


  31. All these books sound great. Growing in faith has worked its way too far down my list, so Im attempting to reprioritize! As a child, my favorite bedtime story was actually more like Storytime. My grandmother was an English professor. She told creative and one of a kind, exquisite bedtime stories. They had beautiful make believe characters, with a story line that was always encouraging and uplifting. I miss her. I miss the stories also!

  32. I would love to read these books to my 4 girls. My favorite book as a child was The Great Cookie Thief! I also loved Hide and Seek with Grover.

  33. I didn’t have bedtime stories as a child, but one of my favorite daytime books was The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats!

  34. Having two teachers as parents, I was exposed to new books on a regular, if not daily basis. And, I loved having the “new”. But, for those times I wanted “known”, it was the poems & books from Shel Silverstein. They were fun & funny and, often, taught simple lessons. Thank you-I have a smile on my face, remembering.

  35. Ever since I was a child I have enjoyed reading and now I have the opportunity to share that love with my “Grands”! I so enjoy reading to my granddaughters and one of my favorites is “Love You Forever.” Thank you for writing these amazing stories that I hope I will be able to share with my granddaughters!

  36. Honestly, I can’t remember what my favorite books were, but my kids have developed a love of reading that I’m very grateful for. We’ve inherited a lot of books from my mom (a retired schoolteacher), but none of them are faith-based. These would be great to add to our collection! Thank you for the opportunity!

  37. My mother always read Bible stories to us at bedtime out of Egermeier’s Bible Story Book. We loved the pictures and the stories!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win these great children’s books!

  38. I don’t remember specific books; just that my mama snuggled me close and read to me. Blessed childhood!

  39. Mum read through the Bible, Genesis through Revelation, one chapter aloud each night with me when I was little (and when I was bigger, too…) We’d finish it and then start over.

  40. My favorite bedtime book as a kid was Lyle the Crocodile. I wish these books would have been around then! What great gifts these are for the Christmas season.:) Thanks for the chance to win!:)

  41. One of my favorites was Miss Suzy, Miss Suzy was a little gray squirrel who lived all by herself and some bullies chased her away. I also remember reading Little Bear. My favorite with my kids are the Kissing Hand and How Much Do You Love Me? I’m so silly, I almost start to choke up each time I read these to my kids. Thanks for the chance to win. In God’s Love, sheila

  42. I have so many favorite bedtime stories from my childhood! Some of my favorite memories have to go along with the Laura Ingalls Wilder series, though – once we started getting a little older and graduating to later bedtimes we got to take turns having those read to us by my Daddy.

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway – these books all look amazing and I would love to own copies!

  43. I loved books & reading as a child but my parents didn’t do bedtime stories… so I can’t say I had a favorite bedtime story. I would love to win these books to share with my children.

  44. I used to read my sister “The Monster At the End of This Book” (starring loveable, furry old Grover) every night – does that count? 🙂

  45. I don’t remember bedtime stories growing up,we probably had a few but not consistently. in my own house all 4 of us love reading so bed time stories have been with this from the beginning. 14 years and counting.We love Bible stories expescially reading to each other.It’s the best snuggle time of the day.

  46. The book series I remember reading at bedtime was the Little House on the Prairie series. I would love to read these new books to my three children. Merry Christmas!!!

  47. My favorite story at bedtime growing up was usually a fiction that took me somewhere else within the pages. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  48. I didn’t get bedtime stories – but whenever I was at the Dr’s office (which was every week) I would have my mom read, Green Eggs and Ham. To this day it is still my favorite book.

  49. I love all of the golden books!! Pokey little puppy was one of my favorites. I believe childrens books are so important,of course they were when I was a kid in the 80’s but really especially now days because it’s so tempting to run to the T. V. and alot of kids have phones and I pads. So it’s so much better to be reading.

  50. I don’t remember having bedtime stories. My mom did read to me though. I’ll say my favorites were all the fables, Cinderella, and Dr. Seuss books.

  51. We didn’t read bedtime stories. I have always loved ready so I always was reading something at bedtime.

  52. Don’t remember being read to at bedtime, but we certainly read to our girls. Lots of Pooh books.

  53. I’m another of those girls who didn’t have the bedtime-story-with-Mom/Dad experience growing up. BUT, I had a wonderful grandmother, my Mimi, who always made bedtime special with prayers and or a Bible reading. And we all know the Bible is THE best book around! 🙂

  54. OMG (Goodness)! I realize I’ve ALWAYS loved books and reading as you asked what our favorite bedtime book was when we were little…and I still have mine! I’m 63 and it’s on my bookself wall. It’s called “365 Bedtime Stories”. I have no idea how old it is and I couldn’t find the copyright date in it…also the last pages from Dec. 27th to Dec. 31st have been ripped…but it’s still so special to me.
    Thanks for this great post!
    Merry Christmas!

  55. raggedy ann! i memorized it from my mom simply reading it to me. i have the book on my desk along with my other childhood favorites!

  56. Dr. Seuss! Yertle the Turtle, Horton Hears a Who and Marvin K Mooney Will You Please Go Now! 😀

  57. Parents never read to me much before bed as a child. I only remember one time when my mom read with me, and it was a chapter book and I don’t remember what it was. But I loved that time. Otherwise, my favorite bedtime book as a teenager, that I read to myself, was anything Jane Austen.

  58. I love it! I am always on the hunt for books for my Littles to lead them to Jesus. Thank you!

  59. It wasn’t just one. It was a tattered collection of nursery rhymes and stories that belonged to my mom when she was a child. I still have that well-loved book !!!!

  60. No bedtime stories in my house but my first grade teacher read us Charlotte’s Web and then my love of books was birthed.

  61. My favorite childhood book was from my Aunt in Vienna, Austria, whom I never met, but my parents named me after her (my full name). She would keep in touch with our family with many photos and letters in those days. She sent me a book “Engerl’s Tageslauf” in Vers und Bild von Grete Scherer. (It was a story about a busy little Angel). It was written in German but my Dad interpreted it for me and the pictures (Bild) were wonderful. It was a blessing for me. I still have this little book, and have just now looked at it again. :

  62. I have always liked books and do not remember having some just for bedtime. Now though, it can be hard to stop reading at bedtime!

  63. I really don’t remember my parents reading me bedtime stories, but I remember me reading books to my little sister (5 1/2 years younger) at bedtime and our favorites were the Andy Ant and Christopher Churchmouse series.

  64. What wonderful new books! I’m about to be a new mom and the days of bedtime stories feel so long ago. These would be a great addition to my child’s library. One of my favorites as a child was “Madeline.”

  65. My favorite memories were of The Berenstein Bears series- my sisters and I read them over & over. And now, my girls do the same 🙂 would love to win your bundle!!

  66. I know we had stories all the time – not just at bedtime but I don’t remember having a favorite. We read a lot of Golden Books and Dr Seuss.

  67. Mom told my sister and I bedtime stories about the adventures of two little girls. As an older child I loved reading the Mandy series. I remember counting down the days to the next one being published.

  68. Mine was Splish, Splash and Splush. 3 little ducklings who were afraid to get wet so someone gives them little rain slickers and boots! They are so cute. I’m 54 and I still have that book.

  69. My favorite book as a child was the ugly swan, I related to that swan! I didn’t fit in and very much felt ugly and unloved. I remember being so surprised by the ending, the book emotionally stuck with me, felt it was telling me I was a beautiful swan just you wait and see, you won’t always feel this way and you will be seen.

  70. My favorite book as a child was the Little House Series. I have a wonderful memory of my mom taking my sister and I to the grocery store in our pajamas so we could see what “head cheese” was.
    My boys favorite memories of their dad before he passed away are when he read to them. What a precious memory it is for me too!

  71. Hi! My favourite bedtime book growing up was ‘Emily’s Moo’. It was about a cow who lost her Moo and ate all kinds of foods and did all kinds of things to finally get her Moo back! I loved it so much I memorized the whole thing! So well actually, Mum really thought I could read when I was 4!

  72. These look amazing – what a treat. I always loved when my mom read me the Little House on the Prairie series. But I think the Tiger in the Teapot will always have the #1 spot in my heart.

  73. I didn’t really have a favorite bedtime book as a child but I LOVED The Mandie series by Lois Gladys Leoppard when I was a tween.

  74. Any book I had in my hand at bedtime was probably my favorite at that time 🙂 If I had to pick one … probably Charlottes Web. My grandkids love the Eric Carle books now.

  75. my dad would make up stories better than any book i had at home. i wish i would have written them down!

  76. I always adored “Corduroy”. It didn’t matter how many times I read it, or had it read to me; it didn’t get old. It’s a classic, and now I enjoy reading it to my daughter. What a blessing!

  77. My mom always read out of bigger books. I really liked Heidi. That was long ago. My own children loved hearing from the Boxcar Children series. We also read the Janette Oke series for children and that was full of great life lessons.

  78. Blueberries for Sal! My two year old loves it, too! We just got God Made Light, though, and it’s turning into a family favorite 🙂

  79. My favorite that I can remember was “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendack. I still love that book. 🙂

  80. I have vivid memories of my mother reading me Anne of Green Gables. That series is still one of my favorites to this day 🙂

  81. I remember my mom reading The Chronicles of Narnia (bit by bit, night by night)… it was a magical time of cuddling around the heater with my siblings, wrapped up in an amazing adventure!

  82. I don’t know that I had a favorite bedtime book. I’ve always been a bookworm and I love them all! I did always love when my mom would read me The Boxcar Children series, though.

  83. Even now when my daughter who will be 15 in the spring, starts to talk about books she has read and I give a comment back, it allows us to reminisces about when she was younger and I read to her. God is so good to me and letting me share Him with her through His word.

  84. I’m sure I was read to a lot when I was really young , but can’t remember any titles. Ones I read to my children were lullabies and lightning bugs, the tale of the mouse. and are you my mother?.

  85. God made light is already on my Christmas list and I have 3 daughters so I know Angie Smith’s book would be perfect as well. What a great selection. I always loved a little known book called 5 bed for bitsy about a puppy growing up and also loved the pokey little puppy.

  86. i don’t remember ever being read to at bedtime. However, I read to my children every night, and my favorites were anything by Dr. Seuss or books about the Berenstain Bears. Now I get to carry on the tradition with my granddaughter!

  87. I can’t remember what I loved but my daughter loves her storybook bible and a ballerina book 🙂

  88. I loved Where The Sidewalk Ends and The New Kid On The Block. Both poetry books. My mom was an English teacher so we had a very wide variety of books in our home. Dr. Seuss books were also bedtime favorites!

  89. I have already read “it will be ok” to my 4 year old son several times and he loves it! We borrowed it from the library…honestly it is great for adults too!! My favorite book as a child were Berenstein bear books 🙂

  90. My fave was a book about Strawberry Shortcake. Not very exciting but bedtime books are a necessity for my 4yo & were for my now 17yo. Books grow the mind. These grow the mind of Christ.

  91. I would LOVE to bless my kids with these amazing books! I loved any sesame street book when I was little. 🙂

  92. Books weren’t part of bedtime at my home. However, I do remember a very fancy and dreamy book of fairy tales that I loved to look through. I can’t recall anyone reading it to me. I hope I just have a horrible memory!

  93. We didn’t read stories when I was a kid, but I became a library enthusiast in elementary school and the librarian would have books waiting for me every week! I love the old American Girl books and as an adult, whenever I have guests who spend the night, I always offer to read to them one of the many children’s books that I have now (have to make up for lost time!). Each Christmas the group of women I am friends with gets each other a children’s book, as we all desire to be foster parents/are foster parents/ or are in the process.

  94. I don’t remember a favourite bedtime story, but I do remember my mom reading is the illustrated Bedtime Bible story books. I’m sure they were good.
    I love bedtime story time now with my kids. Maybe they’ll remember. ❤️

  95. i don’t remember having a specific bedtime storybook but most nights we would read from a family devotional and often at bedtime my dad would make up his own stories. He passed away in 2012 and while I don’t always remember details, his stories were always my favorite.

    I love all these authors and would love to share these books with my niece and nephew

  96. I can’t remember a specific bedtime story from my youth, but my favorite bedtime books to share with my kids now are Goodnight Moon, The Big Red Barn, and anything by Sandra Boynton. I’d love to add these books to our library.

  97. Morris Goes to School will always be a favorite! I’ve got to dig up my copy so I can start reading it with my 3 year old 🙂

  98. One of my favourite bed time stories was “The bible in pictures for little eyes” by Kenneth Taylor – I remember being fascinated by the illustrations.

  99. I actually didn’t have parents who regularly read to me, however when my daughter was younger we loved reading No Willems books and my son’s favorite book was into the night a Berenstain bears book. I know neither biblical, but still great reads.

  100. I was very fortunate to be raised in a home where books were read and loved. My favorite bedtime story? Goodnight Moon, with quiet all around, a dear mother patiently helping her excited little one fall asleep, and beautiful words that I can still recite!

  101. I’ve always loves anything by Virginia Lee Burton (her illustrations!!); my son’s current favorite is: “Freight Train”.

  102. My favorite bedtime story as a child was “little britches: father and I were ranchers” by Ralph moody. So rich. Would love to read these stories to my kids!

  103. These books would be such blessing! I cannot remember a specific story I loved. I love reading to my children, and one of my favorites is God’s little boy by Elizabeth George. The illistrations are precious and my boys love hearing about who they are as God’s little boys.

  104. My favorite bed time story was any Dr Seuss book!
    These books would be so amazing for me to be able to share with my children and to continue to encourage their faith.

  105. I don’t remember ever really being read to as a child. But I did a lot of reading on my own. when I had our three girls it was our top priority in their bed time ritual. We read many books ranging from Dr. Seuss to the Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes and all of the Arch & Golden Books we could acquire. I doubt any of them have a favorite to this day. The girls treasure that time and now two of them have begun those same traditions with their families. Precious Memories!

  106. One of my favorites was “Madeline.” I also remember liking a lot of the books from the “Serendipity” series.

  107. I don’t remember a particular favorite book but do remember being read to every night as a child. As a mom, one of my favorite times of the day is when both of my boys climb in bed with me and we read together. I’ve probably read “But No Elephants” hundreds of times along with lots of Dr. Seuss and Graeme Base’s books (boys love his art work).

  108. My favorite bedtime story as a kid was “Babette.” It was a story about a cat. I remember it being one of the first books that I “read” to my mom. (You know when you’ve heard a story so many times, you memorize it.)

  109. My favorite book was ‘Mr. Bear Squash You All Flat’ and I just found it because they republished a 50 year anniversary edition. I ordered it so I can read it to my Grandkids. I also love to read them ‘The Monster at the End of the Book.’

  110. Truly a Blessing…Thanks so much for making a fundamental difference in the lives of our children thru faith-based Christian books!

  111. I don’t remember being read bedtime stories. I’m looking forward to reading bedtime stories to my son though.

  112. The only one I can remember being read at a bedtime is “The Velveteen Rabbit”. I think my husband would really appreciate this book and the reason for creating it! He feels the same way!