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  1. I am so thankful for my overflowing blessings! Our God is truly good. I will praise His name.
    I have two requests (ongoing):
    For my son, who has “gone prodigal” as some would say. I pray for his heart to be softened and his head to be turned as Jesus’ continues to pursue him and call his name. He is one lost sheep.

    For Redeemer Christian School…that hearts would be softened to bring Christmas to these orphans in this dark corner of the world. (see my blog).

    With thanks and blessings,

    • Father God,

      Please change Bev’s son’s heart. Bring him back to you with reminders of your goodness & sower him with love. I also pray for Redeemer Christian School and the children attending. Shower them with your love and grace. Keep reminders of yourself in their hearts so they know the true meaning of Christmas!


    • Dear Father,

      Thank you for Bev’s response to praise You even when life isn’t easy. I ask that you would give her son a heart of flesh and replace his heart of stone. Let him see You at work and know Your faithfulness and goodness. Give Bev peace to trust You with her child. I also ask You Lord to provide for Redeemer Christian School and let the overflow of Your love be more real & tangible to the children than ever before. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

      My prayer request would be for me in my role as a mom to a special needs child. He is 3 1/2yrs. old and non-verbal, along with other developmental delays. So many days I feel like a failure as his mom and I don’t think I have the strength to go on. Pray for me to overcome my fear of failure as his momma, to be patient, trust the Lord, and energy to take care of him each day. And that he would one day understand salvation and Jesus’ love for him. Thank you.

      • Dear Father,
        I pray for April today. Thank you for her soft heart for you. Thank you that you have her life in your hands and that you know the number of hairs on her head. Thank you for the gift of her son. Father, I pray that you would give her an overwhelming sense of you and your love for her son. Give her wisdom in knowing how to communicate with him. Help her to find the resources available to help her raise her son to know you. Surround her with the help she needs, and with the encouragement of your people. I pray all this in Jesus names, Amen.

        My request is for God’s guidance in my life as I make decisions moving forward. I want to be sure it is His guidance, and not my own desires that influence my decisions.

  2. Dear Lord, I pray that you continue to watch over Bev’s son giving him gentle reminders of your presence. And I pray that he finds his way back to you. I pray for the children of Redeemer Christian School. Keep your hands close to their hearts and reach to others so that they can feel the excitement of the holiday. It is throughout the inspiration of others these children can feel safe and loved. Amen.

    I ask for prayers today. I have a colonoscopy and an upper GI tomorrow. I would love prayers that is goes ok and everything is ok with me. I also ask for prayers for. My husband as he starts a new job tomorrow. I hope he enjoys the new job and finds it to be rewarding. Thank you so much!

    • Lord, I pray for Andrea this morning. Please be with her during her tests tomorrow and lay your wisdom on the doctors as they perform the tests. I also pray for Andrea’s husband- that he would have the proper training to do his new job well and that he would be a light to those around him at work. May his work glorify you and point others towards you.

      I am thankful for many blessings- as a recent college grad, I have a job that I love and great roommates and community. I would like prayer for two upcoming life decisions: one involves moving to another city after my lease is up (I really miss the south…where I went to college…but currently live in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA). Another area of prayer is regarding wisdom with a new relationship. I want to make sure that I am doing everything for the right reasons and want clarity as far as next steps. Thanks!

      • Father,

        I pray for Kristen’s relationship. Let her know if she should continue this relationship or not. Also give her wisdom about moving to the south. Help her find a good job where she would be happy and content.


    • Father,

      I pray for Andrea’s medical tests tomorrow. May everything come out with good reports. I also pray for her husband’s new job. I pray he enjoys the job and get along with the co-workers.

  3. Praying for you Kristin K…I know big decisions can be really hard to make because it feels like you might mess everything up, and wanted to encourage you that no matter what happens, God knew it was going to happen and it didn’t surprise him, and he will use it for your good…congrats on your recent college graduation!

    My prayer request is for my schooling…my grades are not doing so well, and on top of that I am dealing with some people at school that would love to see me fail and do anything they can to make that happen…I have someone at school trying to protect me, but it can be really hard to be at school…TY

    • Dear Lord ~

      I pray for VA. You alone know how hard these days are for her. You see all that she’s up against. And You know the concerns that are especially hard for her to even put in writing.

      Thank You that You love her! That You have plans for her! Be her biggest cheerleader, the giver of all the wisdom she needs. Surround her with Your strength, help her to focus on her work. And give her the confidence she needs to succeed, no matter what others might say.

      Remind her that with You, we can be everything You’ve planned for us to be!

      In Jesus Name ~

    • Lord,

      Help VA with her schooling. Give her the confidence and knowledge she needs to get her grades up. Shower her with your mercies and make her be successful. Make yourself known to VA all the time and help alleviate some of the problems/people she is up against.

    • I lift women up to Your most precious name. These gorgeous, strong, inspiring creatures You alone created. My prayer is more women would learn to rest in YOU in this week. That they would receive great revelation in knowing they are MORE than enough and ENOUGH is ENOUGH when they abide in YOU. That even in their very weakest human moment YOU love them the very same as you do during the times the world may say that they shine. I pray for moments in lives where women slow down for a few minutes, even seconds and recognize all of the gentle kisses you bestow on them daily. Thank you for being the best Daddy! Your LOVE conquers all and I’m oh so grateful!

  4. Tuesday I am having a double mastectomy. I’m BRACA 2 positive and have stage 2 breast cancer in my left breast. I have 4 beautiful kids and an amazing husband. Though I’m apprehensive (just because of unknowns and yea- surgery) about the surgery- I’m SO very grateful for the town where we live. I have family and WONDERFUL supportive friends surrounding us. I am so grateful to live blocks away from the gorgeous hospital. I am SO amazed by the outpouring of love from my community. Yesterday I received a bag from a friend with EVERYTHING I would need after this surgery. Our meal calendar is full and my kids are oh so excited! Most of all I am a daughter of the most high King who holds me like a sheep so closely to HIS heart, I can hear it beat and that rhythm is the only sound I need to stay filled with joy and peace. Thank you for prayers of agreement with me- lymph nodes would be clear, no chemo after, quick recovery, peace with my husband and children as they walk this journey with me.

  5. I am thankful for this wonderful site, and for all of you. I am thankful for my husband, and our children, friends, and family, and for God.
    Praying that the devil will back off my family and I, and that we will be able to get our car back, and that our health will improve, and stress will subside.
    Thank you Jesus, we love you too

    • Dear Lord, please bless Lisa and her family and help them to be all truly blessed. We ask for special blessings for them: that they will be able to get their car back, we pray for good health and strength for them and for the ability to cope well with what comes their way.

      I also pray today for health and strength for me and my partner, Terry. I pray especially for Terry that he may get a job. He has graduated with an Engineering degree and has been searching for a job for months now. I pray that he’ll find one so that he can become a productive member of society and that he can start paying off his debts. In the meantime, I pray for mental strength for him to cope so that he won’t be so depressed.


    • Lord,

      Bless Lisa and her family with both financial and physical well being. Shower them with the strength to endure these trials. I ask for special blessings for the stresses to subside and they can relax and enjoy the holidays–especially your birthday Jesus!

  6. I am a mom, wife, and graduate student. I am in my last year of grad school. I am in the midst of re-taking a stats exam that I did not pass the first time. Please pray for clarity and strength for me. I am thankful for the re-take. I also have to start writing my dissertation and have a certain portion completed by mid December.
    I need prayer as a student and a mom, so that my husband and son do not feel that I am ignoring them.
    I am thankful for this opportunity and for how God is showing Himself to me through this so far.
    Thank you

    • Lord,

      Please give Beth the knowledge she needs to pass this stats exam. Help her to do better than ever. Give her the quiet strength and endurance to begin writing her dissertation. Make it go well for her during these busy times. Also help her hubby and son not to feel ignored, but allow them to help her out in any way possible.

  7. Lord Jesus, I lift up Holly to you and ask that you would be with her and her family Tuesday. Please go before them and pave the way . I pray her lymph nodes will be clear and no chemo will be involved. I pray her recovery will be quick. I lift her children and husband to you asking for your peace to surround them. And for Holly, may she see You at work through this and wrap her in your arms and hold her tight as a father who loves his daughter. The Lord be with you may He fill you with His peace.

  8. I am thankful that even in the hard times we are well loved and well cared for by our good God. Please pray for my brother, Sean, who is trying to rebuild the relationship with his girlfriend who is the mother of his baby boy. Neither one of them are Christians. And really could use the hand of God in their lives right now.

  9. Dear Lord, please bless Lisa and her family and help them to be all truly blessed. We ask for special blessings for them: that they will be able to get their car back, we pray for good health and strength for them and for the ability to cope well with what comes their way.

    I also pray today for health and strength for me and my partner, Terry. I pray especially for Terry that he may get a job. He has graduated with an Engineering degree and has been searching for a job for months now. I pray that he’ll find one so that he can become a productive member of society and that he can start paying off his debts. In the meantime, I pray for mental strength for him to cope so that he won’t be so depressed.


    • Lord,
      Please be with Jess and Terry. Please give Terry the strength and wisdom needed in searching for a job. Please open up situations where he gets in contact with the right people, and that doors will open to the exact place that You want him. May he be blessed in this journey and know that You are looking out for what is best for him.
      Thank you Lord, Amen.

    • Lord,

      Help Terry find the right job. Put him in contact with the exact people at the exact time. Make him a successful member of society and allow him to use his knowledge and skills learned in school.

      Don’t allow him to wallow in self pity or get depressed as he struggles to find a good fitting job. Shower him with your grace, love and mercy! Give him the strength to endure this trial!

  10. I am very thankful that I am seeing the fruit of many years of prayer for one of my own prodigal children begin to come to pass before my eyes and I hope that encourages others who are waiting. Such a surprise (crazy, I know because I have been praying) in the timing but very real and full of joy and awe. I still have other prodigal children we are waiting on too and would appreciate prayer. I am in a resting and waiting period for what the Lord has next as I recently retired from over 22 years of home daycare. I am heavily involved in jail ministry and love the opportunity to share Jesus with these misfits that most of the world has discarded as I identify so closely with them in their sin and pain. I need to see clearly where that next step in this area is and how to walk into it. God bless every one of you and I pray He truly meets your needs according to His riches in glory.

  11. I am thankful for God’s faithfulness, despite my doubts and fears. I am thankful for His provisions and that He is more than enough!
    I recently moved across country to finish my Bachelor’s degree in Christian counseling. Please pray for focus and not to lose sight of God in the midst of serving Him. Pray for the wisdom and ability to retain what I am learning.
    I am so thankful for my relationship with Christ and I do not want to neglect it while in this process.

  12. Beth,
    I will pray that you will be able to get through your course with the understanding of your husband and son.

    I hope all will be well…….

    Best of wishes,


    • Sorry this posted late. I did n’t mean to miss those following.

      My prayers are with each one of you that are struggling and in despair. I will pray that your worries will be erased and that your prayers will be answered.



  13. I am thankful for children who love the Lord, a job I enjoy and the colors of this season.
    I would like prayer as I am going through a really dark, lonely time. Thank you for your prayers❤️

  14. God, you hear these posted prayers. You hear prayers from hearts that cannot share. Thank you for your unconditional love for all of us.

    Guide us in all our thoughts and actions. Help us to remain in gratitude as we get love, blessings, and challenges in life. Give us the will to give our wills and our lives to you for your glory.
    Be with those facing immediate issues. Hold all our hands. Show us who we can help in your name.
    Melinda Basler

  15. Please pray for me as my husband is having mental health issues including a huge battle with anxiety attacks. We have been having a rough time, he admitted two affairs from two years ago and an addiction to porn. He has resigned from his position at work to get another job where he doesn’t have to travel all the time and has an interview on Tuesday, the same day as I have my last assessment and he is a mess. He is having anxiety attacks. He has come back to God in a big way, but still, the medication issues and anxiety remain.

    I have only a few days left of my degree, (the hands-on part) but if I do not complete them, I fail my entire course and waste a whole year of expensive, time consuming, post-grad study.

    Please pray that my husband’s mental health is restored fully, that he can complete his job interview, that I do well in my assessment and for the few days left of my course. Thank you! I’m grateful that this community has prayed for me so many times about my marriage, now everything is out in the open and we are on the path to being restored.

    Father I pray for Lou Ann, Thank you for her desire to follow you and to help other people. I pray that you will guard her time as she desires to build her relationship with you. Protect her from having a relationship that is about you, but not with you. Keep her strong in you, build her up as she studies. Guard her heart and her mind. Also protect her time and her priorities. I pray that you will grant her wisdom, insight and understanding as she studies and that she will be able retain what is good. Thank you that as she follows you, you will guide her.

  16. This is a beautiful idea. I will praying for Rebecca, who posted before me.

    I ask for prayers to get through some guilt of past bad decisions. The guilt is eating me up. I would love to be friends again with the 2 people that my words have severely hurt. Pray for their hearts as well.

  17. Praise God for my 5 year old son’s heart surgery going well Friday and continued progress. He is the ultimate healer and I am so humbled by His blessings!

    • Becky,

      My heartfelt prayers will be with your son and for you and your Family,

      Dear Lord,
      I pray that this little boy will get through his surgery with a speedy recovery and that he will be able to live his life to the fullest. And please watch over Becky and her family as they go through this with him.(Thank-you)


  18. Lord, I praise you along with Shelly for the answers to prayer that are coming to fruition with one of her prodigal children! We celebrate this together!! Please continue to work in this child’s heart to grow in the Lord. And, I pray that your mercy will touch the hearts, minds and souls of her other prodigal children. You are the One who saves. May your Holy Spirit bring light, truth, grace and love for them to see and know.

    I also beseech you in regard to Shelly’s next step in the jail ministry with which she is involved. Yes, to identify with them in their sin and pain while expressing the joy of the gospel of Christ is glorious to your name. May you bless her and the others involved in loving these “misfits” into the family of God. Thank you, Father God! In Jesus’ name. Amen.

    My prayer request is asking the Lord for provision of clothing which I can tolerate. I have a chronic condition in which my body has become hypersensitive to many things, including clothing. I have only a couple of items that I can wear without causing burning and swelling in my feet and abdominal/pelvic organs. I need warmer clothes (long pants, long sleeves, sweaters, etc.) for the winter.

    Additionally, my daughter (23 yo) recently became engaged and has set a wedding date for June 2015. We are living in TX while she is in IN. There are many barriers to going to the wedding due to my illness. These include a place to stay without scents/perfumes, new building construction/renovation, mold or recent use of pesticides. And of course, clothes are an issue here too.

    I’m thankful for God’s loving mercy in my life as last year I lost tolerance to all food as well. I became very discouraged and fell into despair. However, out of a love that breaks all barriers, the Lord has lifted me out of the despair. I had lost 25-30 lbs. over last summer because I couldn’t eat (I was already at the lower end of what is considered “healthy” weight range before this crash), but the Lord of grace touched my life with compassion as He restored tolerance to enough food that I have been able to regain ALL of my weight back and am back with a normal BMI! Praise the Lord for He IS good!!

    Thanks for your prayers and for this way of praying for one another!!

  19. Lord I thank You for the strides Diana is making in her weight and tolerance to food and I pray You would continue to heal her body.

    I am asking for prayer for my family. For restoration and wholeness and for the ones far away to return. For Gods grace and mercy to follow them while they are making their way home. And for me to have the grace to make the hard choices.

  20. Please pray for my heart to be strong while facing the breakdown of marriage…. Please pray that my husbands heart may be softened and turned back towards myself and our family. I pray for you Kim, that your family be restored and blessed.

  21. My husband and I have had a year of heartbreak. His ministry of 25 years was “concluded” as a young director took over, and now our house is for sale and we are ready for a next step! I am in my 20th year of teaching. I am thankful that right now we have our beautiful home on a lake, health and our family is growing and doing well. My prayer request is that we will have patience to wait out this time of transition. So far, no jobs have come through for my 59 year old husband. Too soon to retire, too old to get hired it seems. My husband’s mother just passed away last week also. We need some HOPE!

    • Dear Lynn,

      You certainly do have some major transitions to deal with. But, as bad as it seems, I like to think that, through these circumstances, a new door will soon open for you both. God is SO good and He always opens new doors when old ones close. Your husband is NOT old…..and his years of experience will be a signal for those looking for just his skill and expertise. So, be confident now. Say a sincere prayer for the person who ‘took over his job’…no doubt it was his time for growth…and paves the way for new growth for your husband … and you, too, to find out what God has in store for you. I’m confident that you will look back on this time in your life some day with sincere praise for the turn of events. I’ll pray for you. God bless you always.

  22. Amen
    Please God hear all of prayers, we know that You are faithful and in control!
    Miracles happen each and everyday!
    Let us focus on seeking Your face


  23. I am thankful to The Lord for His healing over my moms body as she has undergone treatments for ovarian cancer. He has healed her and I am so Thankful for a loving Powerful God that cares about our every need. I’m also Thankful for the healing of relationships within our family. There have been broken hearts for many years that The Lord is now mending. So much to be Thankful for!
    My prayer is to be approved for health insurance. We have been waiting for approval My son just chipped his tooth last night and we are going to have to pay out of pocket for this tooth to be fixed, protection over our family until we are covered.

    • Casey,
      I pray that all will remain well with your mother’s health. I will also pray everything works out with your finances.


  24. Dear Father, thank you for all the blessing and miracles you have showered upon me! I ask prayers for my children. My son Nick for continued sobriety and a growing faith in God, and for recovering, Christian friends to enter his life! My son Zach, to accept Jesus as his Lord and Saviour and my daughter Kirsten who is a pediatric cardiology fellow and new Mom. She is so tired and overwhelmed, please pray that God strengthens her to continue to care for His children that are ill, and that she leans more on the Lord than herself!
    I lift up Lynn and her husband, that God uses their gifts of faith and teaching to include more hurting people to your fold. I pray that they are reminded in small ways everyday that you are with them and this non working time is a time of rest and replenishment for their hearts! And to bless Lynn’s husband with the peace that his Mom has now gazed upon the face of our Father and waits for the day that they are once again reunited. I also thank God for the opportunity to pray for one another!

  25. A high school classmate who’s 7mo is going thru chemo.

    My sister & brother in law as he deploys to Korea for a year.

  26. Please pray for my life. I am a strong Christian. I recently married another Christian who I’ve found to have a terrible temper. It’s a miserable existence. We have only been married a short time.

    • Lord, I pray for your strength, peace and patience in Kim’s life and marriage. Guide her and keep her safe. Gave her husband the strength he needs to over come his short comings and be stronger in his beliefs and faith.

    • Kim,

      My prayers go out to you and that you will find peace and comfort in your life. I also pray that your Husband finds the means to take control of his temper and that you are able to find the joy you once shared.
      Take care,

  27. I am married for 28 years, we have 2 teens, we are under EXTREME stress on many fronts. We don’t have enough money, we argue all the time, I spend too much time crying and not hearing any direct solutions from God. Our marriage is suffering and I have gained a lot of weight from emotional eating. Thank you for praying.

    • Lord, I pray that You will give Lisa, her husband and their children the faith they all need to believe and know that God will supply them with all their daily needs. Help her hear Your voice even through her tears. Lord, bring her and her husband closer together during this time of trouble and chaos.

  28. Fath this day as we worship you I lift up Pat’s friend who is deeply affected and involved in helping physicians heal her body. Lord we know you are the Great Physician and today we are so thankful that you have given the knowledges to the earthly doctors to treat diseases and pray for strength need to overcome this fiery test this loved one is going through. Father give comfort to all her/his loved ones as this journey continues to its conclusion in your will. Father reveal yourself in a new and exciting way to Pat’s sister and brother in law as they experience a different corner of your creation. Keep your loving fingerprints on their life as well as the lives of their loved ones. Keep them safe as they are stationed away from home to aid in defending our country. Lord we love you and are so grateful and thankful you loved us from before we existed.

  29. To sweet Lisa with so much heaviness in her heart, for her marriage and kids…Lord we lift her up on our collective shoulders so that she might fully realize your presence and healing…of her spirit, and her body. Let her be nourished by your word, and by your love for every fiber of her being. It is SO difficult to see the light when we focus on our own shortcomings…lift your arms up to Him, Lisa. I will continue to pray for you. Have courage my dear!

  30. I request prayer for me to find a reputable work from home job due to transportation issues. If that is not viable, then any type of employment within walking distance would be great. I also need prayer to remain at my employer and have the fortitude and strength to ignore the bullies and trust and live by faith. There are many unsettling circumstances going on in my life right now and if I don’t find stability with employment quickly, I could be facing dyer circumstances. I need miracles and Godly intervention. Thank you for your website and prayer opportunity.

  31. Thank you, Lord, for your daily blessings and to wake up each day to another one of your wonderful, beautiful days (even when the day is snowy, cold, gray or rainy).
    Please pray for my continued strength and for mine and my husband deeply troubled marriage. We are both Christians and believe Jesus is our lord and savior and died for our sins. Both of us need to bring Him closer to our hearts, I try daily but I don’t feel as though my husband tries daily. I know God can do all things, in His timing. I pray for daily renewal of strength and faith and renewal of this marriage.

  32. Please pray for those who hurt me so deeply, that Jesus wraps them in His love and mercy and healing. Thank you Jesus and may Your holy name be praised 🙂

  33. Father I ask you to pray for Laura, for her continued devotion to You and to her marriage. I ask you Father to please allow Laura’s husband to come to You for strength and devotion as well, and for Laura to feel her husband’s attempt at keeping their marriage united in Your name. Let this marriage recover from whatever troubles have befallen Laura and her husband and help them to renew their vows in spirit and in love, in Your name Father, I pray! I would also like to pray for every other intention and prayer request listed above- please watch over us Lord and continue to Bless us!!!
    My request is for my life to be tuned around- I have recently lost my job, I have a 3 year old son and we are currently living in my mothers basement and we are a burden to her. I would ask that I find a position that will use my talents for Your higher good Father! Allow me to be of service and to pay my mother back ten times over what she deserves- she has been so good to us! Thank you everyone for your prayers! God Bless <3

  34. Awe Jesus I pray for Erika today I pray that you will find her the perfect job because you are our provider. I pray for a miracle for her. Jesus I pray her fiances won’t be a burden any longer. Thank you you are a Fod who sees us, hears us and loves us dearly. Bless Erika today show her how much you delight in her .
    Please can you pray for fiances for India, I have been anxious lately and have been more withdrawn since coming back from the mission field. My heart still needs to heal. Thank you for praying I’m so greatful.
    Blessings and love

  35. My husband Brent had a job interview last week. We are believing he gets a job offer with that company so we can move back to Colorado to be with our family. We currently live in Texas but have a 14 month old her deserves to grow up by her grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins. Thank you

    • Father God in your name I life up Jennifer to you and her husbands chance at a new job. I pray that you will give them the peace that passes all understanding and allow her to know that if this job is is for Jennifer’s husband all will work out to you Glory and that the transition to move back to Colorado will be an easy one and that there will be no major hiccups for them and that their daughter will adjust well to her new environment again. We ask all of this in your name ! Amen.

  36. It is easy for me to be thankful for Gods creation, to be able to take walks in the woods along the rivers and lake.
    Its hard for me to be thankful for my unbelieving (blood) sisters.
    Jesus has blessed me with a his band who loves me.
    Pray for a breakthrough on my anorexic lifestyle and it’s so hard to ask for this prayer because a part of me doesn’t want prayer for this but my current and future health depend on changing.
    Thanks! 🙂

  37. Recently had to file bankruptcy, lost my condo and my car. made the adjustment is my new apartment and then lost my job. This has been a tough tough season for me and worrying that I might be out on the street.

    • God, I pray that you lead Jennifer to the job you have waiting for her and that you and she draw close together during this difficult time. I also pray for close friend to walk along this journey with her.

  38. Thankful for a God who hears our prayers, spoken and unspoken. I keep praying even though I struggle to believe it makes a difference. I’m thankful I can ask others to lift me up when my faith has been sucked dry. I pray for Carol and Jennifer in their struggles…for healing and peace and courage and hope. It’s hard for me too, to ask for prayer when I’m not even sure where I’m at with God anymore. I’m a victim of abuse and I need to learn to trust and forgive. I want to be free of the ugliness inside but I find myself pushing away everything that could help me find peace.

    • Father, please hold tight your daughter, “feeling alone” she is wonderfully and perfectly made. I ask you to be with her and show her your love in all the little things. Be strong beautiful daughter of the most high, for He will meet you where you are at. I too struggle with low self worth, but knowing how much He loves me helps me each day reach out to others in need. I am praying for you today dear sister.

      • Oh God I pray for “feeling alone”. I have been there with abuse, lack of trust, feeling utterly alone. I pray that you show her how to lean into You during these times. Open her eyes to the ways that you are comforting her everyday, especially in the small little ways that maybe only her heart would see.

        • Heavenly Father wrap your loving wings around your daughter “feeling alone”. Give her peace, patience, love and the knowledge that You are there for her at all times.

  39. Dear Father in Heaven, Jennifer really needs You and we know you will be with her and also when so many doors have shut for her You will open others. We praise Your Name now for what you are going to do for her. Amen I’ve been in the same place Jennifer exactly because of my own actions but God worked it out and now that’s been years ago and my whole life has changed.
    I need prayer for my daughter who is 42 and had her FIRST mammogram last week. I have been pushing her really hard these last few months but she had no insurance and no job, Now with Medicaid she can get medical care. They found a lump in her left breast and she goes tomorrow for more testing. She is particularly in danger because her dad’s family is FULL of breast cancer and my side does too. She also has 3 children she has practically raised my herself but her husband is back with her, praise God. Prayer for healing and that it be benign in Jesus name. Amen

  40. Dear Lord,
    Thank you that you have given us each other to pray with and for.
    I lift up Jennifer in prayer to you. Please provide for her & let her know that you are with her. I pray that she find peace and comfort in your word.

    I have thankfulness for my family. Please pray for my daughter, she is going through a rough time. Please pray for healing & for her to have a strong Christian friend or friends to come alongside her. Thank you for your goodness and mercy, dear Lord.

  41. I pray that God can calm the storms that are causing me to slip back into the deep hole of depression. He has carried me out of it in the past year, but I find myself standing at the edge of the hole and feeling myself being sucked back into it by circumstances that surround me.

    Dear God, I pray that “feeling alone” will find the true peace that only you can give. Only you know her daily struggles. I pray that she will see that she is loved and through that live she will be able to forgive and trust again. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  42. I am thankful for a lot of things. Mostly my wonderful loving understanding hubby! I am also super grateful that my aging dad has moved into an assisted living. Lord you are awesome, wonderful, powerful and beautiful to behold!

    Prayers for my job situation. I am in a job I don’t like and want to leave. I know others would like me out of there also. Prayers for my aging dad’s health issues. His dementia is getting a little worse, plus he has fallen a number of times this year. We’ve been to ER 4 times this year. It is so hard to watch your parents age.

    Blessings to everyone!

  43. I am so thankful for my family and the season God is bringing me through, but I ask you to join me in praying for my health and specifically fear and anxiety to be broken in the name of Jesus! I have a dr appt tomorrow that I am asking for an overwhelming peace for. I am asking for papa to saturate me with his peace and love so I can mother well and be a great wife! Thank you—blessings to you all!

  44. Susan,
    I am standing in the gap and praying for your daughter. My daughter is going through a similar circumstance and I have had friends who have come alongside me and stood in the gap. They are praying her through this time. I know how hard it is to see your child hurting and not be able to see any solution.

  45. Holly,
    I pray you will feel His presence right now and that your husband and children will also feel His loving arms around each of you.
    I pray for the surgeons who will be doing the surgery that Jesus will guide them in every way. I pray for your recovery as well, that it will be without complications.
    I praise God for the community of friends who are helping you all with prayer and who are the hands and feet of Jesus.
    With love,

  46. I am lifting you up and asking that God would give you peace that surpasses all understanding, that He will give you rest, and that He will protect and restore your health. In Jesus’s strong name I pray these things will be, Amen.

    Please pray that my husband, Jonathan, and our marriage and family will be healed. Thank you!

  47. Father,
    I lift up to You “feeling alone.” Abba, let her snuggle close to you and feel Your breath on her face. I pray for her to be encouraged and enlightened by Your Presence. Father, heal the wounds of the past in her life, and teach her to trust and love again. It is written that “a bruised reed You will not break, and a dimly burning wick You will not extinguish.” Let “feeling alone” remember The Word that is within her. Help her to recall your promises and to speak them over her life. I know from my own experience that it is hard to believe and trust when it seems God is busy elsewhere and He seemingly doesn’t hear your cries. But, never give up. There is no where else to go. He is the only one who can give us life and rekindle faith and hope within our hearts. And, He can and will do it!

    My husband has reached a stage where he has to go into an Assisted Living Facility. My request is that the transition will go smoothly, that all of my financial needs will be met, that I will be able to find the things I need for him at a reasonable price, and that I will be able to afford care for him as well as myself. Also, that I will have the peace of God in accomplishing these things. My husband has been suffering with mental illness for many years, which means the entire family has and is also suffering. Pray for peace and joy.
    Much love to all of you!

  48. I pray my nephews make better choices in their lives before its too late. I also pray for the women I work with.

    Also Father God, I pray you answer the prayers of the person who posted before me. Thank you Lord for everything!

  49. Lord, I lift up Stephanie’s request for her nephews to make better choices – I pray that their first choice would be you. That would then lead to better choices. I also lift up the women she works with. What a blessing to these women that she cares enough to want them prayed for.

    Lord, I would ask that our granddaughter be returned to our family this week. Romans says all authority is given by you that you are over government agencies. Please Lord return our child. Thank you. Amen

  50. Dear Lord, I pray that you would make Becky’s family whole again by re-uniting her with her granddaughter. I pray, God for safety and health and complete healing over her family and her granddaughter. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

    God has placed a strong desire on my heart to speak to women with a message of love and encouragement. My desire to write is equally strong, and I’m ready to devote my life to this calling, but I need the resources to make it happen since we are a two-income household. I pray for a clearly God-lit path that is also revealed to my husband, and that we would walk in faith and trust.

  51. I pray for Elin that You would give her and her husband a clearly lit path and that You would help her to use her gifts for You. in Jesus Name. Amen.

    Please pray for my family as we wait for our house to sell in one town due to my husband’s job change. Houses are not selling well there sadly. We are In a small 1 bedroom apartment in our new town with our 13 year old son that has Asperger’s on a futon. Our budget is tight and Chriatmas is coming and my 50th birthday the day after. Praying for a house for my birthday/ Christmas so my family can feel at home in our new town. Thank you

    • Lord, be with Monica. Help her family with their housing situation. Open the door of her old house for a new family. Then a new door for her family. Thank you!

  52. Father, I know you have a plan for a new job for me after getting laid off and I can’t wait to see what it is! Help me to be patient and trust you to provide as I wait for you to lead.

  53. Father, I pray for Tffany, that you would give her guidance and courage as she looks forward into a new phase of her life. Help her find a new job that would let her do your work every day!

    Please show me the best path forward as I finish up my last year of school and look into where you would have me go for my future job. And please be with me as I try to show your love to my friends who don’t yet know you.

  54. Father, I lift Tiffany to You….that You will open doors of great favor & provision for her to find just that right & perfect job that will not only bring needed support, but also one that will bring her great joy. In Jesus’ Name!

    Please pray for me to receive the grace for my step-daughter Angela, who has lived with her Dad & myself for the past 7 years & almost totally dependent upon us (late 60’s) to support her and our 7-yr old grandson. Long story!!! She has many issues, but is either not willing or unable to deal with them, so we (mostly me) have to bear the burden. I find myself having to deal with so much anger and having to stuff it down which then causes depression. I have been left pretty much alone in this. God’s word says that His grace is sufficient and I believe that. I need to find and receive that grace to accept those things that I cannot change, but only God can.

    Thank you Lord that as we pray for others, our needs are met as well. We thank You Lord for hearing and answering all these prayers, to the glory of God the Father, in Jesus’ Name! Amen & Amen!

  55. Donna, God says, as our days are, so shall our strength be. May I encourage you to read Psalm 4. It has helped me lately in situations where I feel angry. Father, I ask you to give Donna hope, to be her helper, her shield, her deliverer. Provide for her as she seeks to serve you.

    My prayer request is for healing in my marriage.

    • God bless you Kay for your prayers & encouragement. I pray the Lord bring healing to your marriage in every way! I pray the Lord’s healing virtue flow through your heart and your husband’s to heal all that has been wounded and restore all that has been lost. Our God IS a God of restoration and will restore much more than was ever lost. It is His way! May the Lord flood your heart with His peace beyond your understanding and release His all sufficient grace to you as “your times are in His Hands” Psalm 31:15

  56. I pray for Krisette, I lift you up to Jesus,
    the Holy One, our Redeemer
    And our Healer. I am praying for the struggle you are going through
    In your anxious feeling, I pray you will find a quiet space and moment to reflect on the Lords mercy and goodness to you. You are precious to Him. Keep calling on The Lord.
    A song for you is…
    “I lift my eyes up to the mountain
    where does my help come from?
    My help comes from you,
    maker of heaven,
    Creator of the earth.
    You know I need you Lord,
    you’re my only hope,
    you’re my only prayer,
    So I will wait for you to rescue me,
    Come and give me life.
    So, I pray our Lord will breathe into you something that will replace your anxious
    feeling and help you through this process.
    I also pray for your need for finances, that in His perfect timing , it will be supplied.
    In Jesus name I pray.

  57. Lord, I pray for Kay and her struggles in her marriage. I know, Lord, that you can restore Kay’s marriage like you did mine. I ask for peace for Kay and her husband, and that you bring the people into their lives that will direct her. Lord, You are the God of restoration and redemption. Thank you for your faithfulness.

    I ask for prayer for my husband….that he would find a solid job. He’s very frustrated and angry that God isn’t listening to him. He feels like a failure. This week we had our water and phones shut off for non payment. . I had to scramble to find money. We’re behind on everything, and we’ve got 6 children, and they all have things they need. And the holidays are coming and I don’t know how we will get through it all. Please pray for God’s direction and his clear answer for my family. Also, that I can continue to encourage him and pray…I’m starting to get a bit discouraged as well. I know God is faithful.

    • Lord, I lift up to you Monique and her husband. Lord, hear their prayer. Take their discouragement and provide hope and a way Lord. Carry their family through the holidays Lord and provide for their need. Lord let your light shine in their darkness and let all glory be given to you. In Jesus name, Amen.

      I ask for hope and strength that I will not always be alone. For strength when everything seems overwhelming. I feel like I will be alone all of my days, I desperately don’t want this. But need help if theis is God’s will for my life.

      • Father God, I lift Louise up to You now. I ask that You strengthen her and give her hope. I ask that You send the one You have for her soon. You created us as social beings and said that it is not good for us to be alone, I pray that as quickly as is in Your sovereign will, You will provide. Lord, You alone know the secret longings of our hearts, how deeply we sorrow over hope yet unfulfilled. Please give Louise Your comfort and peace as she waits on You. I ask You to encourage her heart and help her to press into You. Thank You for never leaving us Lord and loving us right where we are, in Jesus’ name, amen.
        Isaiah 41:10

    • Most Gracious Heavenly Father, I praise you for giving us a place to pray and share our heart with others. Please be with Monique’s husband as he looks for a solid job. Please gift them with whatever graces they need to not only survive this holiday season, but thrive as well. Be with Monique as she mothers her children and is a help meet to her dear husband. Keep her strong and keep her encouraged. Be with the children and give them hearts for their situation and bless them with love.

      I would like to request prayer for my daughter. She is the mother of 3 small sons (3,5&7), and has been battling back pain for at least 8 years. She has had 2 surgeries in less than a year and is now totally disabled. She has applied for Social Security and it has been denied. She does now have an attorney, and the attorney is hopeful, cautiously, because my daughter is only 34. Her husband is unemployed as well. We have been trying to help monetarily as we can, but there is only so much we can do. We have been paying their rent, electric, water, and last month we even paid their phone bill! I am afraid that they will go the worldly way and divorce. Those boys are loving, kind, beautiful and bright and need both of their parents. My daughter also has mental health issues. She was diagnosed as a teenager as bipolar, but she refuses to accept that diagnosis and the meds that could level her moods.

      I know that we serve a MIGHTY HEALER AND THE GREAT PHYSICIAN!

    • Lord, I also lift up Monique, her husband and precious children to You, in Jesus’ Name, that You, O Lord, Jehovah Jireh, our Lord, our Provider, to supply ALL their needs according to Your riches in glory by Christ Jesus! I ask that You step into & encounter this family and their situation in a supernatural miraculous way as only You can! Let Your word in Psalm 46 be fulfilled in this family! “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. The Lord Almighty is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress. Selah. Be still, and know that I am God;” I will continue praying for your Monique!

  58. I would appreciate prayer for upcoming surgery on Tuesday, hernia, should be easy, but would still appreciate prayer, for my incarcerated son’s salvation, for some friends, we relocated here about 9 months ago, I have no car, and some unspoken. Thanks very much, blessings to those who are faithful to prayer.♥

  59. Please pray for my husband of 21 years. He is so far from The Lord. His heart is hardened and he’s so full of pain, anger and bitterness. He’s given up on our marriage and thinks its too late for us to be happy. We’ve been through ALOT but all he can dwell on is the bad. He says hes forgiven me for not being the Godly christian wife i should have been but if he had, he wouldnt be so against reconciliation!
    He hasn’t moved out which is a blessing but he’s really going through a spiritual warfare ana battle. He claims to be a Christian and I pray to God that he is and if he isn’t that God would save him. He will not go to church and doesnt want to talk about God. We have 3 children ages 18, 16, and 13 who think he hung the moon and have no idea anything is wrong.
    Please pray that The Lord will take away his pride & selfishness because that’s what it all comes down to. The devil has him so blinded and deceived.
    Thank you for your prayers!!

  60. I NEED community…and friends. Long story short, I was over sheltered and controlled. Very controlled. To the pint where I ended up having a nervous emotional break down — causing me to move out from under my parents roof, and living with my brother and his family for the 6 months leading up to my wedding. Being over sheltered and controlled has handicapped me. Because I have been hurt so much, I have been caused, in simple terms, to be anti – social, and un-trusting.

    Recently, the Lord has changed my heart, causing me to want to be involved with community. However, I am struggling with the want to continue on in it. I have an amazing support system here at my church, but I could use all the prayer I could get because the truth is….I just plain do not want to deal with the emotions from the hurtful experiences I have encountered.

    I now welcome new friendships. If you send me a facebook friend request or email, please remind me that you met me on this website.

  61. Monique I pray in Jesus name for you and your family with the struggles you are undergoing.
    Father I pray that Monique and her husband faith may not fail and that Father You keep them. Father You say that You would provide for our every need according to Your riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Lord Monique ‘ s husband is in need of a solid job that would pay all the bills, Father their 6 children are in need, Lord open up your floods gates in heaven and bless them I ask in Jesus Name. Holy Spirit refresh Monique with the right words of encouragement so she can encourage her husband. She needs your energizing power Holy Spirit to equip and en power her do you can press on forward. Holy Spirit motivate move and strengthen Monique.
    Lord make a way where their seems to be no way. Only You Father can do it for this family.
    Lord thank you for what you are doing thank you for what you have all ready done and thank you for what you will continue to do. In Jesus Name Amen

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow.
    Please pray for my friend Mark that He would be saved. That he will give God what he struggles with that causes him to become withdrawn. I have not heard from him in a long time. Our friendship has been tampered by the hand of the opposition. Please pray for our friendship. Thank you.

  62. Dear God, I pray for Joanne’s friend Mark, I pray that his heart will be opened to you inspite of his struggles and he will come to know you. I pray that you will use Joanne to encourage him and bless their friendship.

    Praise God for He is good, faithful & His love endures forever. Pls pray for God to revive my friend’s spiritual life. His name is Dennis. May he fall in love deeper with Jesus & surrender all his hurts & life to Jesus. Please pray that God will heal & restore our friendship and relationship.

  63. Dear Lord,

    I pray (above) for Pearly’s friend, Dennis, that he may receive you into his heart, that he would come to trust and to know you as his Savior.

    Please pray, sister, for the man I love (named Mark). After losing my husband years ago, I have finally fallen in love again , but Mark lives 700 miles away and we face many logistical challenges to bring our lives together . Please pray for our relationship and for God’s blessings on it.

    Thank you,

  64. My daughter-in-law learned a little over 4 months into her pregnancy that the baby has an enlarged heart, a hole between ventricles, and no valve coming from the heart going to the lungs. The heart is weak and only pumping at 15% of normal efficiency. So the baby is right now at grave risk of congestive heart failure.

    Of course, the first desire that pops into our minds is for healing. But a greater desire is that God be glorified in his parents, grandparents, and his own little life.

    When the mom asked the doctor Friday, “So, realistically, what are we looking at? A baby to take home, or should we just concentrate on the time we have now?” After trying to dodge the question, the doctor said, “There ARE miracles. I can’t give you any numbers on that because they are MIRACLES. We cannot predict a miracle.”

    Very true. But our Lord invites us to ask, and either way, He will give the greater miracle of taking us deeper and deeper into His heart. Please pray for both the greater and the lesser miracles.

  65. Dear Jesus,

    We thank you for bringing Mark into Laura’s life and pray that you will make a way for them to join their lives together. May you move mightily to work out many of the logistical challenges that are keeping them apart and may you remind them of your great love and amazing power as you work in their lives. You are good and we are grateful!

  66. God you are healer and awesome in power. I pray that you will knit together a miracle for Carol’s grandbaby. This is the time for miracles and we pray for one now. I pray that the doctors will know how to proceed and that you will hold the entire family in the palm of your hand. Give them peace, strength and courage.

    I am thankful for the right professionals who have come into my 7 year old daughter’s life to diagnose her learning disabilities. This means a plan can be implemented to encourage her learning in a way suited for her.

    Please pray that my ex-husband will finally sign the separation agreement this week so that things can be settled. I need to have this over and I need restoration from the trauma of this marriage.

  67. I am praying for you, my sister Lyn. I know this must have been such a difficult time, and I am praying the Lord draws you close to him and continues to heal during this time. I also pray for continued wisdom as you love your daughter and train her up in the Lord.

    For the person commenting after me, please pray for the salvation of my sister. She is my best friend and I love her so very much and we share everything except for faith in Jesus. It breaks my heart and I desire so desperately to see her in heaven one day.

    Oh friend, thank you for praying. I appreciate it and am thankful for you.

  68. Brittny…I know how hard it can be to have a sister who does not know the Lord. I prayed for my sister for years before she came to know Jesus. God is good and he will hear your prayers (and mine :)) I lift up your sister and trust that God has the perfect plan for her.

    As for me, my marriage is in trouble. We have a beautiful three year old boy that we adopted at 6 days old after being childless for 14 years. But my husband has never adapted to being the provider and husband we need him to be. Then I was diagnosed with lupus on top of adjusting to being new parents. I think we are on the brink of falling apart. He says he is not attracted to me anymore and he spends more time with his friends than at home. I am so sad for me but even more so for the son who we promised a stable family to. Please pray for us.

  69. This is SO powerful! I’m already sensing the prayers! More Lord….may we all unite and see your kingdom come, your will be done in all our lives and situations! We thank you for being such a good papa that loves us SO much!

  70. Elizabeth, my prayers are with you and for you! Your circumstances may seem out of your control, but praise God, our Loving Abba Father, our Sweet Jesus and our Counselor and Guide, His Holy Spirit! We know He is keeping you and your son and your husband close to Him! I pray that He will hold you tight and lead your husband out of darkness and into His Light. I pray that He heal your family spiritually and you physically…Amen!

    I am thankful today for spending time with my grandchildren!

    Please pray for all children with Special Healthcare Needs, all children with challenges…all children! Thank you!

  71. Mary, special prayers for you and children! As a teacher, I know this all too well.

    Pray for a friendship of mine to be reconciled this 2014 year. My friend is Marissa.

  72. Praise and thanks to Almighty God for every blessing in my life and i pray for everyone who are going through hard times in life may the lord Jesus bless them and grant them peace and happiness for ever .Amen .

  73. Father God, I lift up Amy to you. Please be her strong tower and place of refuge. Lord, her heart is troubled over a friendship with Marissa. Lord, we know you understand the heart of this matter. We know and thank you in advance for showing them both how to find peace and reconciliation with and in you. Please pour out blessings on each of them as they look to you. Be there God. Help Amy to trust you even more fully. Touch her deeply, Father. We love you and ask this in your precious Son’s name. Amen

    my request: our 6 month old daughter was recently dx with an extremely rare cancer. She will begin her third (of at least 13 cycles) of refractory chemo on November 25th. The cancer is everywhere in her body but we are claiming that it will not be in her brain and central nervous system. Please pray protection from Satan’s attacks on my marriage. We are taking a beating. Please pray over our other 6 children. They age from 2-10 and are struggling to make sense of everything as we all are. We praise God for His faithfulness. We moved to a new state about 6 weeks before she was diagnosed. God has poured out support and love through the hands and hearts of perfect strangers. We pray for miraculous healing, but trust His plans are for good always…even when life is on end and doesnt make sense.

  74. Lord, I pray for Lisa. There aren’t words, Lord! I cannot even imagine what she is going through. But You, Oh Lord, do. You are the Great Healer and are Healing itself. Permeate her daughter’s tiny being with Yourself. Course through each and every cell and corpuscle of her body. Bring complete and total healing and use her to bring many to You. Also bind and join Lisa and her husband together in a way they never imagined possible. What the enemy meant for harm, use for good and for Your glory! Don’t just restore their marriage, but remake it into a beautiful reflection of you and may they be used to help many other couples who are struggling. Bring comfort and total peace to Lisa’s heart. I pray she feels Your presence wrapped around her like a warm blanket. Fill her and flood her totally with You!
    Please pray for my kidneys. After many years and much money and several surgeries I am still in pain and discomfort. Sometimes I feel like the woman with the issue of blood in the Scriptures. My mother passed away from complications of the same thing. Also pray for my son, Michael, who struggles with something(I don’t know what) that keeps him chained from totally surrendering his life to the Lord.
    Thank you and God bless!

  75. Father of Mercy, our Great Physician, I thank you for this sister in Christ, Susan. Lord, please touch your daughter and heal her. I pray for a drop of your precious blood, sweet Jesus, to flow from the top of her head, to her kidneys, Lord, and heal her. I ask for your Mighty healing Power to flow through her, to take away her pain, comfort her and deliver her, as she touches the hem of your healing garment. Thank you, Jesus. King Jesus, I ask that you please answer the prayer of her mother’s heart. I pray that you will reveal yourself to Michael in a way he has never known. Let him know how you value him, that he is your treasure, and that you love him like no other could ever love him. I pray he will come to know you as his Lord and Savior. Keep knocking on the door of his heart, Lord Jesus. Amen

    Please pray for my Dad, Paul, and my family. My Dad was admitted to a Skilled Nursing Facility 6 days ago. He just turned 79 years old, has been Diabetic for over 20 years, has had 2 strokes in the last 4 years, a heart attack that we didn’t know about within the last 2 years, and has been diagnosed with Dementia. He is struggling. He doesn’t understand everything and he keeps trying to get up out of bed, but isn’t strong enough to walk on his own, due to recent blood loss. He cries because he doesn’t want us to leave and he won’t eat. He’s not sleeping due to so much restlessness. My Dad was my first friend and my best friend my entire life. This is so hard for him and almost too much to bear.

    I thank you so much for your prayers! May God Bless You!

  76. I have 2 daughters, age 9 and 16. I was raised in a Christian home but ran very far away when I was 17. I am now becoming involved in my local church. My youngest daughter loves it but my oldest is very resistant. She loves the idea of Jesus but I pray for her to KNOW Jesus. Please pray for my family in our journey to find Christ in our lives.

  77. I’m praying for a full time job so I would be able to visit my out of state grandchildren more often and to go on church planting mission trips in South America again.

    Lord, I lift up Trina and her Dad to you. Comfort them both at this time of need and give Trina the strength and patience she needs to endure the changes that her Dad is going through. We thank you for your love, grace and mercy when we need it and ask this in the name of your son Jesus Christ, Amen.

  78. Dear Lord, please fill the hearts in Rachel’s family with your lite, love and Holy Spirit. I pray you show them your true love and peace and guide them home to your loving arms and eternal unconditional love. Please lift up your daughters and sons before you today and I pray you would remove all fear that is hidden in their hearts. Give Rachel’s family perfect peace and calm any storm that they may be walking in right now. Amen.

    Please pray for me in my current season of heartbreak and despair. I am reborn and committed to my relationship with God, yet it is an every day challenge fighting off the demons of sadness, despair and anxiety. I have lost a love, about to lose my job and scared, I pray every day to God, to fill me with his peace, strength, and guidance to walk in his lite. I know I cant do this alone and need him. I give it to him, thy will be done. God Bless you all and thank you for your prayers.

  79. Dear Lord, I pray that you would be with Paige during this time of her life. I pray that you can fill her with your peace and let her know that no matter what you will be there for her and you will provide for her. I pray that she can cast all her anxieties on you and you can handle all her worries.

    I ask for prayer for anxiety also. I worry about everything. Most stuff is superficial…I want to be confident in myself and know that I am amazing b/c I am a child of God. Please pray that I can focus more on others and quit worrying so much about stuff that doesnt matter…truly..

  80. Father, thank you for Lorie! And she is so right…she is amazing simply because she is Your daughter. I pray that this beautiful and powerful truth would sink in deeply today as she goes about the ordinary things of her daily life. I pray that instead of anxiety and worry, You would give her the gift of joy and the ability to see this joy and provision in even the smallest glimpses of You all around her. In Jesus’ name! Amen.

    I would so appreciate prayer for all the heartache and discouragement that is in our little church family right now. Pray that I would be thankful and hopeful for all God is doing and will do and that I will not lose hope in my own prayer life for myself, my family and others. Thank you!

  81. Lord I pray for Julie and ask that at this time of heartache and discouragement you would care for her and her church family. I pray that you would give her a steadfastness in her relationship with you, with herself and with those around her, especially her loved-ones. Lord I pray that hope would be an anchor, hope that can only come from you. Lord I also pray that your Holy Spirit’s comfort would be very real, despite unanswered questions and confusing times. I pray for healing and wholeness for her church. In Jesus’ name, AMEN.

    I would like some prayer for courage. I am taking a sick leave from work because I struggle with anxiety and depression. I am about to take an anti-depressant and just feel nervous about that. I also would like to find healing in this time that God has provided for me to draw near to him, and a renewed sense of purpose and wellness. thank you.

  82. Lord Jesus there I no one like you! I pray that you move this mountain of discord among Julie’s church! Have them seek peace that only you can bring! Be with your servant Julie and give her preciouse time with you in prayer.

    Please pray for my 2yr ol Dayton. Two weeks ago we spent days in the hospital with him suddenly unable to walk! With many many test came up with no answers but that a virus did this to my precious son! Home now for a week and by Gods mercy and in changing faithfulness he is trying to walk.. Please pray that Gods hand will bring him to full recovery!! Thank you thank you!!
    A mothers heart.

  83. Jesus, you are so much more than our Redeemer, you are our healer and worker of all miracles. I pray that you would touch Dayton, your precious child, and heal his body completely and permanently. You love him, even more than his parents, and you understand their pain as well. Also comfort this mother, and she waits and trusts in you. Give her peace and every resource she needs to walk through this part of her journey. We thank you for your unending mercy and grace.

    Please pray for truth, protection, and salvation for some family members who are involved in the occult. I also need prayer for other family members to know how much they are loved by the Lord. Thank you for standing with my husband and me in this.

    • Father God, I pray for Michelle’s family members involved in the occult. Jesus your name is so powerful and at the mention of your name Satan and his demons flee! I pray that you would protect the minds and hearts of these family members. I also agree with Michelle and her husband that you would let her family members know how precious they are to you and how loved!

      I ask for prayer for my marriage of 25 years. We have been through a rough time. I pray for my husband to be present in the marriage not spending every moment watching television and not communicating. Also, that as I try to honor him as head of the house and submit to him that the Lord would lead me. We have financial struggles and my husband no longer wants to give to the church. I do not know what the Lord wants me to do in this area of our marriage. Thank you.

  84. Our Father is most faithful. He answers our prayers in unexpected ways. Even when I do not believe that is the right answer. Today and everyday we pray for the return of our grandson, Kayden. He was taken by CYFD (Child Protective Service) 14 months ago. He was 3 months old. He has a genetic disorder and his parents were accused of abusing their child. CYFD has failed to move forward with transitioning him home. They have not one thing to ensure this child medical care or appropriate care. Everything that was required by the court has been completed. They continue to do more classes with hope this will prove they are “good parents”. No procedures or protocol was ever followed. Please pray with us that he will be returned. Not another holiday season without our precious Kayden. Our God is a Father of Miracles and of Hope. Thank you.

  85. Dear Father, I pray My husband finds work quickly. I pray we have food to feed our sons. I pray they aren’t scared and anxious about dad finding a job. I pray beyond everything that I live. That I can beat the terminal cancer. That you save my sons and husband the pain of losing me. I pray for our car that it make it through the harsh snowy winter. I pray we have a few things to put under the Xmas tree. I pray for friends. In Jesus name, Amen

    • Teri, I pray the heavenly Father brings you healing. Oh Lord, we pray for Teri. We pray that you will bring her healing. We pray that you will provide from them financially. That you will meet all of their needs. We pray that you will bring work to her husband quickly. Their family needs some miracles in a big way. Please provide for them!

  86. Please pray for strength to finish the healing process from sexual abuse as a child. Also for strength to go through the holidays without my husband or close family. Pray that I will reach out to others where I live and we can celebrate together and not be lonely. The abuse is still tied to overeating (sugar) and spending money so pray for healing of the core needs that lead to my attempts to cover up the pain.

    Thank you, I will pray for the other requests. In the overwhelming love of Christ, Laurel

  87. Laurel, I just prayed for you. For healing of your heart, to find the courage to forgive, I prayed The Lord would remind you of your self worth and bring other women around you for support and faith. God bless dear sister–Teri

  88. God is good always, even when I can’t see it. Prayers for my daughters weight and issues. This is causing problems with my ex and his new wife and myself. I desperately need a job for income to pay bills, will be out of money by dec1st. Faith to depend on god for income and believe He has a plan to bless.

    Father I pray for Jill and her husband. Make them fruitful and multiply. Sow them Your plan and will for their lives. Bless them and comfort them…place Your loving arms around them and squeeze, breathe Your blessing and peace and comfort on them. Grow them during this time into Your likeness. Your will be done!!! In Jesus mighty Name!! Amen

  89. Jill, I prayed for you, I smiled when I read the comment, of all the comments that yours would be the one before mine, I always said God has a great sense of humor. It took me a while to come to terms that I was not blessed to be a “mom” by the natural way. So my prayer for you was not only that the lord gave you the baby that you and your husband long for, that he also gives you patience, peace and wisdom. I too longed for a baby, but GOD works in a million ways and sometimes his plans and ours don’t always look the same, I was a mother, just not the way I planned. God planned it different. So my dear may God bless with you with your child (or children) and give you the wisdom you need to raise them in this world. I pray for you to have peace while you wait for his will to be done.

    During this time of my life, it is changing whether I want it to or not. I need prayers for strength and wisdom to stay with my Lord Jesus during this time of turmoil in my Life. I just need to hold on to him tight and not get lost in the shuffle.

    • Prayers for you Tammy. I understand what you are going thru…I am at a life changing stage too. I pray that you will have the wisdom of the Lord Jesus and His mighty strength to get you through this difficult time.

  90. My prayer request is for my new friend from Uganda Medrine that she be healed of the malaria she has come down with and for my son Thomas who is having a crisis with his faith since his father passed away suddenly in August. He is very angry with God and doubting His existence.

  91. I’m a teacher on FMLA this year. I want to go and teach at a different school next year; specifically with second language learners. Please pray for the right job to come my way where I will feel valued and be a blessing to the school and ESL students.

    • I have a missionary friend who works with that program in China. I will pray that God will open the right doors for you at the right time.

  92. I am thankful that though I did not take time to read each post before me, God has. He knows each need and the best answer and the right time. I commit all of them to Him who knows all, sees all, controls all, understands us and loves us totally!
    I am thankful for so many blessings and for what God has brought me through.
    I ask for prayers for a problem that has arisen in my husband’s family that is could cause a huge split and hurt a lot of people. Please pray God will soften hearts and that LOVE will reign.
    For my vision and heart, both cause me to struggle, especially the glaucoma. Thanks.

  93. Please Pray For My Husband Keith For GodTo Heal His Stage 4 Colon Cancer And His Drug Addiction
    And LorD I Lift Mary Up For Her Vision And HerHeart
    To Work As You Created It to And For The Problem In The Family To Be Resolved I Ask thIs In The Mighty Name Of Jesus

    Gospel As

    • Lord, I pray for Keith to heal his stage 4 cancer and drug addictions. All healing comes through You. Open his heart up for your transformational work You want to do his life. May he grasp Your unfailing love and mercy and draw close to You. And I also pray for Mary’s vision and heart. Please give the doctor’s wisdom in Keith and Mary to bring Your healing in their lives. May You put them in the path of those who can help them the most. I ask this in Jesus Name, Amen

  94. I ask for prayer because for some reason I seem to be going through a season of personal struggle. I don’t know if its brought on by age or what my problem is. I feel like I have so much and when I see those in other countries with barely enough to eat and then I complain over something not going my way I think, how can I call myself a Christian. I also feel my hands are empty before God. We are commissioned to tell other about Jesus. I want to be a witness for God but I’m not sure how to do that. I feel this urgency to tell others about Jesus but I’m not sure where to start. Its not to say I couldn’t go out on a street corner but what I mean is a very personal relationship with God. He is my best Friend along with being my GOD.
    Thank YOU GOD for over flowing blessings! May I share You with others.

    • Hi Bonnie,

      I just read your prayer request and my heart goes out to you. I believe we are all a witness to others all the time. One of my prayers is to be God’s eyes and to see what He see’s. To have His ears and to hear what He hears. To be His mouth and to speak what He would
      say to others. His hands to reach out to others and His feet to go
      where He leads me to go. We can do this everyday to those we come
      in contact with. One thing I try do be aware of is to just smile at people. You don’t see a lot of smiling these days and if I smile at someone sometimes they will smile back. It just might make that person feel better. God can and will use us in different ways to be a blessing to others. I know He will do this for you. You are willing and that’s all it takes. May God richly bless you. I will be praying for you as you listen to our Father and he will direct your paths. Donna

  95. I am full of Thanksgiving to God. He has given me so many blessings over the years. I thank Him for this website and all of the good things
    I have read on it. I believe prayer is the best thing that we can do for
    each other.

    My prayer request is for my oldest Son Michael. Right now are relationship is strained because he lied to me about some money that
    he needed. Said it was for one thing and it turned out to be for some-
    thing else. He and his wife have struggled a lot financially and I have
    helped them out a lot. I believe that I have done too much for them
    and they have become too dependent on me. I don’t have the money I did have and I’m not able to really help them now. My Son isn’t speaking to me now and that hurts my heart. I appreciate your prayers. Donna

    • I am sorry to hear about this strained relationship with your son. Sometimes talking it out can help and at other times, it just takes time. I pray that you will continue to reach out to him and his family (not with money) but with love and care. I will also keep you and your family in prayer that a way will be made for you and your son to talk about these issues and that our LORD will give you peace and wisdom in this situation. You are on my list.

  96. I’m so thankful for my family. We are becoming licensed Foster a Parents today. My pray is that as we enter into this season, that our family is a gift to the little ones, the least of these, the orphaned and neglected.

    While fear of the unknown and loosing our hearts if and when they leave our home is on my mind…I ask for God to be glorified and usher us in to the hard, but oh so good Thanksgiving. That He will provide for our needs, and I don’t worry(like I always do;).

  97. There is so much to be thankful for it’s hard to choose just to pick one. But in picking one I guess I have to be most thankful for my salvation and my desire to know Jesus more and develop a closer relationship with him. This is one of my prayers.

    But like so many above, I too have a daughter that has gone away from the LORD and needs prayer to have her eyes reopened. And the other is for my brother as well. He too needs to find the LORD.

  98. Father God,

    There are so many prayer requests here. I pray for each and every one of them. Please help them be good Christians and feel your love, grace and mercy showered on them.

    Help those wanting a baby to have one even if through adoption. Cure those with medical issues–especially cancer and malaria. Heal family issues/strife and turn hearts back to you. Shower each one with the blessings you know they need–financial, spiritual, or medical. In Jesus Name AMEN!

  99. Saw this late cause I just came out of surgery. Praying for quick recovery and healing, fruit of the womb, love and joy in my marriage, I specially ask God to draw my husband more closer to him to him more and give his life to him, and I ask for my self spiritual strength to serve my purpose in life for God.

  100. Please pray for physical healing for me. I have bursitis in my hips, right ankle, and right elbow, and pain in my lower back. Thanksgiving is coming up and I will need to be on my feet and preparing dinner. Also, I’ve had insomnia for years and cannot find an answer or anyone who can help. Thank you.


    May our God and Father, Jehovah Rapha the God Who heals, send forth His Word and heal you and deliver you. I pray for a quick recovery and vibrant health for you, that Jehovah Shalom the God of all comfort, bring you peace of mind and heart and peace to your household. May God lead your husband to show you his love and appreciation and that joy may overflow your hearts. I ask God our Father to lead your husband into a deep and true and fulfilling relationship with Him, and for you to have all the strength to serve God in His purpose for you as you patiently wait for His timing.

    A good prayer to pray over your husband is Colossians 1:9-12. This is what I pray for my husband, inserting his name.

  101. Lord I pray in your son Jesus’ name to touch sweet Mary with you healing power. Shower her with your love. Give her an unmistakable, knowing that you are in the healing business ! I rebuke the bursitis from Ms. Mary in Jesus’ name. Let sweet sleep overcome her tired and worn body. Restore her to a place of believable hope in healing. Easy her mind of ‘All’ things that would keep her from a peace-fillled sleep. Touch her mind and body and soul with your healing love. Give her and her sweet family and wonderful day of Thanks ! Praise and honor and glory to your name Jesus . . .

    I have a deep request which I cannot say as of yet. There is such great hope that the Father will intervene ! I will be victorious and I will be an over comer ! I just need sisters to pray for me. I am standing in my own way. I feel that it is bigger than me, but I know it is not bigger than God. I look to the day I can give a healing report of my own. I feel it near. Please dear sisters,lift my name on high. Veronica

  102. Lord I pray that ou would guide Veronica in this personal request, and that your will be done in this situation, and you would shower her with peace and love in her waiting, Amen.

    I have been suffering from anxiety and lots of fear the last few months, things have gotten a lot better with counseling and prayer, but a little more prayer could never hurt :). I ask for peace and His guidance this challenging chapter of my life. Thanks!

  103. Father, I bring Camille before you and place her in your loving hands. Let her know when anxiety rises that you are holding her in the palm of Your Hand.
    Remind her of Your perfect Love so that she can speak to her fears, tell them be gone and replace them with Your words of encouragement. Over and over..walk the little steps each day with her, out of the valley and into Your amazing light:)

    Please pray for me to hear the Lord speaking clearly about my family going back to my home country, timing, employment, accomodation,that my mountain of a vicious adversarial legal matter brought against me will be cast into the sea and and that my PTSD will be fully healed. Call with me on Jehovah Nissi, Jehovah Saboath and Jehovah Raphe as I seek Him to manifest Himself in victory. Pray also for healing for my daughter’s learning difficulties as she is struggling so much now in G9.This is it!

  104. Your needs have been lifted up in prayer, and I thank God for the way he has turned my life around–He’ll do the same for you. I found answers came as I praised Him more and begged Him to answer my prayers less. He already knows what we need and he will supply according to his riches in heaven.
    I have a request for a friend, Alice, who is facing a terrible family situation. Thank you.

  105. I thank God for all His blessings, for (in) courage, for all God`s support.
    I pray for Alice, Aline`s friend, for her family situation. Let God change it according to His will. God created family in unity with Him, happy in Him. Dear Creator, get this family close to You to become happy in You. Ask You in Jesus name. Thank You for Your will for family to be whole in You. Amen.
    I`d like to ask about my job and life situation. It`s too much pain of me. I`d like to ask to pray to God to strenthen me in it or change it according to His will, for His protection for me. As I know many persons spy me. It is difficult to live in such position. I do not think I have persecution mania. I`d like to live and not to survive.
    Also I`d like to ask about the situation in our country. Let God change it according to His will. It is difficult to live knowing there is war in your country but the invader doesn`t recognize it. It is difficult to know many innocent people die, all the country is like a little lamb against the great beast. I ask for God protection for Ukraine.

  106. Lord I lift Lexy, my daughter to you. Show her u have never left her side. Even though, she heading the other direction. Show her we still love her… I pray that God will guide her and protect her and keep her safe! I pray that that God will show her… All the blessings she has and to follower u Lord! I ask you to pray for my daughter… Who is following friends instead of God. I know God has a plan for her… Thank u Lord for always protecting her and ask you to guide her closer to you lord

  107. Lord we pray for Anna and her daughter Lexy, your strength and protection are more than enough. Help us to remember that the things that are impossible with men are possible with you. Shine your light so bright Father that Lexy will see your goodness and long to follow you! Lord help Anna not to live in fear but in the joy and peace of knowing you are in control.

    Holy, Lord I pray for my nephew Sean who is STILL suffering (after 10 years) with his Fathers suicide and the anger/resentment he has inside. I pray that he comes to the knowledge of you and your LOVE for him. Help him to get counseling to deal with the anger and all the physical ailments that are a result of his pain. Help him through this season (Christmas) as it is a reminder of the tragic death of his Father (my brother). Thank you Lord for sending your precious Son and for all the blessings you have given me. Prayers for all the ladies on these pages who are hurting, may you comfort each one.

  108. Please pray for my friend William. William was hit by a car in November and nearly died. William has to have a piece of skull put back into his head that they took out to relieve pressure. Please pray that William makes it through the surgery and makes a complete recovery in Jesus name, amen.

    Thanks so much,

    Catherine Climpson