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Lois is mom to two lovely daughters and wife to one good man. She’s a former journalist and lifelong Midwesterner who values authenticity, loves gardening, and always reads the end of the book first.

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  1. Lois, this is eye opening. What a thought! I’m usually the one recommending books that people “don’t have time” to read, and I know how disappointing it is, especially when the book has touched my core. But not always – sometimes I’m the one taking a pass on a great opportunity to feel and learn with a friend. Books are such a great way to connect. Thanks for the nudge.

    • Suzy, I understand your disappointment because I’ve felt it too. But you’re right–books provide a great way to connect with and comfort another person, even when we are in need of some comfort ourselves!

  2. What wonderful words you have written. I love how you speak of reading what someone is going through is an encouragement to them. I have several chronic illnesses, and it always encourages me when others care enough to say ” I know that must be hard” ect. Just knowing that someone cares and sees your struggle can make all the difference in the world, because as you said every person wants to be known and know that they are not on this journey alone.

    • Thank you, Kim. I appreciate “I know that must be hard” too, because it shows the person wants to understand and is not trying to fix anything for me!

  3. How is wish my former husband could have read this 25 years ago when I was going thru depression and anxiety, and all that goes with it. Your words went right to my heart thinking how this is exactly what I asked him to do several times. One book in particular on the subject was so well written and was helping me to understand I wasn’t alone, that many others suffered from this debilitating disease. I gave him the book and asked him to please read it, maybe it would help him to understand a little better. He never even looked at it. That to me spoke volumes. He didn’t want to know, to understand – think about something else he would say as he went off to work not looking back, leaving me to deal with my problem. I eventually was admitted to a sanitarium. We’ve been divorced now for twenty years. I am writing my memoir hoping my story will help others. Bless you for your caring heart.

    • Bobbie, I wish your former husband would have read that book, too. Yours is a powerful example of how something so simple could have had such a huge impact. I’m glad that you are at a point in your life where you are using your story to help others. Thank you for sharing a bit of it here.

  4. Thanks for this Lois. This is something I hadn’t heard of or even thought of doing. I love to read, read, read… so I will be paying attention…
    May you be blessed as you bless others!

  5. I love this post! I never really thought about this before, altho…now that I think about it, it does make me feel good when someone tells me that they are reading a book that I have talked about. Thank you for this great idea…I will for sure be paying more attention to what others are saying, because it’s such an easy way to show someone that their thoughts and feelings are important to me.

  6. Lois I love this! I’m a words of affirmation person and sure enough, if I recommend a book to someone and they read it, it means the world to me! I try to read books others recommend and your post has been a gentle nudge to make enough more effort and not merely have good intentions 🙂

  7. LOis, your insight, gifting from The Lord, has been inspiring for many women. Good word. I, too, like to read recommended books but do not always let the friend know. I download to my Nook so that I can have immediate access so that I do not forget! Thanks for your thoughts which come as a recommendation to many of us!

  8. Marty,

    I’m not much on reading. I am on the side of sending cards & notes. Readily making food for someone is my first choice. I want them to know that even though I can’t understand I care and am praying for you daily!

    Great reminder to think of others first!