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Jennifer Dukes Lee is the author of several books, including Growing Slow. She and her husband live on the family farm, raising crops, pigs, and two humans. She’s a fan of dark chocolate, emojis, eighties music, bright lipstick, and Netflix binges. She wants to live life in such a way...

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  1. Jennifer,
    As a sister “chaser of the light”, I love your writing and I particularly said “yes” aloud when you said when the Light comes, “it’s as if God twister the lens cap off of Heaven.” I have days when I easily see and drink in the light…and other days when the dark glasses may be on, but it doesn’t mean that the sun (God) is not still shining. How wonderful that God has let us know how the story ends…that the Light wins out in the end!! Thank you for a beautiful and encouraging post this morning!

    • God’s omnipresence — and His gift of our natural world — are everyday reminders of the fact that God’s got this. Stepping out of doors is always a good reminder for me. Thanks, Bev.

  2. Oh Jennifer, I’m right there with you. I live at the west edge of our little town and on many a morning have jumped in the car with pajamas on racing to view God’s glorious display of hope. His joy comes in the morning. It’s been a season of nighttime for me and I know that I must cling to the truth you have shared today. I also chase His sunsets. Even tho the darkness is coming His beauty at the end of a day still reminds me of His goodness. I’ve had several songs pop in my head while reading your post. A young student/friend shared a story of God speaking to her as the sun was rising during her bus ride one morning and the song Light Up the Sky by The Afters was playing. Now each time I hear it or each time or I see a beautiful sunrise I am reminded of His presence even in the darkest times. Thank you for words today.

  3. THANK YOU,JESUS…… On dim days, we’ve got to know that the sun will still rise. We’ve got to know that God is moving us all toward a grand and glorious finale, with no more darkness.

  4. “You are in the middle of your story, and yeah, it might look dim today. But—spoiler alert—the Light wins.”

    Love this! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  5. Jennifer, your photos are beautiful and your words are pure truth. They remind me of Psalm 43:3, a verse I pray over and over: “Send Your light and Your truth; let them lead me. Let them bring me to Your holy mountain, to Your dwelling place.” What a glorious bit of encouragement for a Monday morning!

  6. What a wonderful reminder that Gods mercies are new every morning! No matter how dark our night, he always brings us through to another day. I have had some days when I just want to crawl under the covers and hide myself, but in his strength I have been able to face even the darkest of days. His grace is sufficent to see me through and knowing that he is there with me makes all the difference between facing a new day or dreading it.

  7. Beautiful photos. I can see God’s glory in them. Yes, I also love to see the sunrise in the morning and know that God’s mercies are right there again. I particularly like your comment about tripping over the hem of God’s garment as He wraps Himself in light. Thank you.

  8. Jennifer. It’s me. Thanks for leading me to the light. I can see and it is a good thing to wake up to the Light of the World. Continue to shine, my friend, continue to shine. Your voice shouts it out and it is a good thing.

  9. Awesome way to start the day… a Light Chaser… I am so grateful He healed my blindness… the blindness that kept me from seeing His light everywhere… now seeing even the faintest shard of light… no matter the darkness that surround me…He shines… now until eternity!!! Happy Monday … facing east with you today!!!

  10. Hey Jennifer!

    Great reminder. My husband and I just returned from a trip to the rocky coast of Maine…….talk about a ahhhh moment………watching the sun come up over the ocean…….no words my friend…just hands over the mouth aweness…….is that a word? Remarkable mercy. The Lord my God was in the midst. Not to ever be missed. And this happens every morning! Really………I stand in awe again. Thank you for giving me this moment to remind myself of the light. My husband and I stand and watch as our only son is destroying his life with gambling.


    • Dear Dianna

      I stand with you in the pain for your son. It is not your fault and I pray God will reveal to him the destruction he is causing to himself and you as parents, and that you will have the long-suffering and wisdom in being able to deal with this. Please get professional help and a group of trusted Christians who can stand with you in prayer.

      Your sister in Christ


  11. I woke with a heavy heart this morning for some of those most precious to me who seem to be wandering farther from the truth. And as tears slipped out and prayers poured with them, the thing I heard and focused on was….Darkness does not overcome light….light overcomes darkness…..and then I read this <3 Bless you

  12. I have been receiving imcourage emails for several months now, and it has been used of God to strengthen my faith during a dark time. Is there any way to increase the text size, as I have difficulty reading it in the smaller type size? If you and other writers knew how to make this support dynamic type, or increase the font size, I would really appreciate. Thanks for sharing your hearts!

    • Amy,
      On my computer if I hold the CTRL key down and then hit the + key it makes the font bigger! I hope it works for you!

    • Hi Amy!

      First of all, we are thrilled that you are receiving the incourage emails. We pray that these are a blessing to you in your faith. It’s a joy to walk with you. But we’d love for you to be able to see where you’re walking. 🙂 … Pam is right. She is sharing a really great way to bump up the font bigger on your computer. I do the same on many sites on my computer. If your computer is a MAC, go up to the very top and click on VIEW. Scroll down to “ZOOM IN.” I hope this helps you, not only at incourage, but as you travel elsewhere on the Internet!

      Be Blessed, Amy. And thanks for being here!

  13. Oh, how I needed this today!!!
    Brought me to tears…God ALWAYS knows EXACTLY what I need to hear / read!!!
    Thank you!

  14. Thank you, Jennifer, for your pictures. Not just those taken with the camera and your beautiful eye….but those painted with your words. They brushed their way down deep for me. May I live forever in The Light…His light. Have a beautiful, blessed day.

  15. You truly are an artist- both with your words and your pictures. Beautiful paintings you painted here. I needed to be reminded that light ALWAYS drives out the dark. Truly, the light always wins. Amen and Amen.

  16. This is such a beautiful post to encourage a weary soul today. Thank you. My heart grieves at the evil encompassing the whole earth. Thank God that He is Light and in Him is no darkness at all.

  17. Thank you Jennifer. You happen to be a light in my darkness on more days than you know lately. And this post inspired me to get my camera out, its been tucked away for a few weeks and it helps me to get perspective. A good reminder that the light will always overcome the darkness of circumstance.

    • Light WILL always overcome darkness, Shelly–even the tiniest pinprick of light. Look through HIS lens, and He’ll show you His way, His path, His light in your darkness, His light trailing across the ocean, leading you home. He loves you so much, and so do I!

  18. Oh my friend… you know I am a chaser of Light too! It’s never so easy to spot the Glory of God than during those magic hours or sunrise and sunset!

  19. What a beautiful way of explaining and sharing through photography this wonderful and freeing truth that Light always overcomes darkness. Thanks for sharing. God bless you. How great that Jesus is the Light of the world.

  20. Thank you, Jennifer, for this beautiful and uplifting post–for pointing us to Jesus, the everlasting Light. Living alone the past 14 years, I have found my hardest times come during the darkness, when the enemy attempts to use the black of night to cover and distort God’s truth. I’m always grateful to welcome the sunrise.
    Your writing is exquisite and memorable in both content and style, and today your words of light and truth have resonated in this heart of mine. Thanks for that gift. (And I loved the wonderful photos too!)

    • My precious Judy,
      I am remembering God’s promise to you–His promise that is filled with light and life. He will not fail you! Cling to Him and the light of His Word and His truth. Walk in the light of that. Remember in the darkness what He has shown you in the light! He always keeps His promises.
      You are in my prayers and my heart–always.

  21. Thank you so much for this. My husband of 14 years is battling great darkness and has recently walked out on me and our two small children. God keeps revealing to me over and over and over that He is light and capable of overcoming darkness in His timing and for His glory. Your message is one more way God is confirming His promises to me. Thank you for shining your light.

    • I keep reading and re-reading your words, Robyn, and asking God to shine some bright and beautiful light on you, dear sister. I cannot begin to know the depth of your pain, and am praying for God to show you the depth of His love and faithfulness.

      Thank you for sharing with us. We at incourage consider it a privilege to walk alongside you in prayer.

  22. Your photos and your words both are filled with God’s light, love and peace. I shall look for the light and heaven breaking through at every opportunity. Light does win, and we win with it!
    Blessings, Jennifer!

  23. Thank you for this reminder: “Weeping may endure for the night, but JOY comes in the morning!”

  24. Jennifer……such exquisite prose, such extraordinary truth. Thank you for being a bearer of light in a dark world. The light shining here is so powerful by contrast. You are a beautiful, transparent vessel, letting words of His light spill from your heart.
    Than you!

  25. I grinned & shook my head “yes” in agreement with you. I blinked back some tears. And I restrained from shouting a healthy “Hallelujah!!” at my desk here in the office. 😉
    “The darkness is not the boss of you.” My favorite sentence in your post this morning!

  26. I love this sentence: “I’ve become a chaser of the light.” I want to be a chaser of light. Darkness will always be there, if I can just notice the light that is also ALWAYS there.

  27. Jennifer,
    Your inspiring messages come in God’s perfect timing. I have four (4) friends who are struggling with various stages of cancer and everyone of them received this devotion from me. It offers light, love, hope and peace to everyone, no matter where they are in their journey. Thank you for sharing your “divine moments” with all of us! Your gift of writing is truly a gift from God.

  28. Oh, boy, you’ve done it again, Jennifer. You’ve made my heart soar on the wings of your words and photographs. May every stunning view wreathed in light remind me that Light always overcomes darkness; Light always wins. Thank you for an ultra-inspiring post!

  29. What a beautiful post – both the words and the photos blessed and encouraged me today! I too am a chaser of the light and I will be thinking of your words when I slip outside to stand in breathless wonder as the last rays shoot out across the horizon and the sun dips below the rolling grassy plains of West Texas. Your words will echo in my heart and I will remember that even in the setting sun God is still near and in the sermon of the sunset, I will remember that God is there in the darkness and there is breathtaking hope that the light will return in all of its brilliant wonder tomorrow.

  30. I am sorry for my constant request. Please pray for Ukraine. She is wounded and bleeding. She needs God as ever before. Only now people have a clear understanding: only God can save them. I do not want Ukrainians on the East left alone and lonely in that batter. Thank you for your attention and prayer.

  31. I love to watch sunrises, especially on the beach! Grateful to His Glorious light that comes!! I truly needed it this year and now I can see it–all has gotten better!!

    Great writing!

  32. Before reading your message this morning I received a very hurtful e-mail about 3 simple spelling mistakes in our church newsletter of which I am the editor. I really wanted to send an equally hurt full response but something made me move on to the next e-mail. There you were on Daysprings. Your message was my morning sunlight. God really does provide answers and at the right time. Thanks so much.

  33. Jennifer, thank you for your message. I’ve been diagnosed this week with stage 3 if not stage 4 renal cancer. Though I hold no fear as I know our Almighty GOD is in control, you message reinforced me. Will be having my operation this week and I know Jesus has already completed the work. By his stripes, I’m healed.

  34. Thank you, its such a peaceful time the dawn of the day. Before the sun comes totally up, it’s quiet you can enjoy all of God’s presence. Looking around seeing and hearing all that autumn has to bring for that day..Brick red leaves, yellows, burnt oranges and still a hint of green slowly being taken over. I call it the changing of the guards( autumn taking over) I really enjoy this time of the season. Your message help me, my focus was a little off being so overwhelmed by health issues, finances and daily issues. Thank you so much for the photos!!!

  35. Thanks so much for your insights. It has been a wearying and dark period. I am chasing the light, now!

  36. Beautiful photos to make your spirit soar. Good luck Rayson with your operation this week and stray strong the Lord is with you every step of the way and he will not forsake his child. For by his stripes we are healed.With God NOTHING is impossible. The Lord is your physician and his WORD is your medicine.

  37. Thanks for the reminders.
    While going thru one of the roughest times in
    my life, I found these words. I’m not a reader of your
    blog, but the Lord led me to it this morning, somehow.
    I know alot about darkness, been clean and sober now for
    16 years; and when I speak as a missionary to Mexico, and at
    the local rescue mission, it is always a call to look to Jesus, our
    light, not the depressing garbage all around us. But as the darkness
    was increasing, I really appreciated and am applying your fresh revelations.
    Some new, some perfectly timed reminders.
    Thank You Jesus!! <
    I pray that the Lord will richly Bless you and yours, and your work here.
    (Wow, it's getting brighter in here!)

  38. Isn’t it amazing how God speaks to you through an article on the internet right when you need to hear Him the most! Thanks! This is just what I needed to read this morning. Made one of these photos my facebook cover to remind me through out the difficult week I have ahead. THE LIGHT WINS!

  39. Thanks Jennifer, I really needed to hear this confirmation that I am on the right track with God. He truly is the Light yesterday, today, and always!

  40. To Robyn who posted on September 15…Hi there….this is the first time I came upon this amazing site….I noticed your post….struggling with your husband who is stumbling in darkness….my husband is also stumbling …he abandoned us 3 yrs ago now. Aside from these very encouraging reminders, I would like to share a website with you where they will pray for healing of your marriage. This ministry was born out of the husband being the prodigal and the wife being the “Stander”, praying for his redemption….check it out: http://rejoice ministries.org …or Rejoice Marriage Ministries. Inc. I am standing still for my marriage..against the world saying to “move on”. As has been said, we are in the middle of the story….IF we wait on our awesome Lord, He will write the end of the story. Praying for you, Robyn, as you and your children walk thru this most difficult and challenging time. Joy will come in the morning. Time is in God’s hands. Trust Him, Sister. Let Him be your All in All. <3….To you, Jennifer….thank you for reminding us to keep walking in His light and being such an encouragement…this site made my day!

  41. It made me feel like I had one foot in the here and Now and one foot in Heaven. I surely had a glimpse of it. God bless.

  42. This past year has thrown a lot of darkness at me. Oh, how I have found myself struggling to hang on to the light! There are days when I am sure the darkness is finally going to overwhelm me. Both of my parents passed away, my one & only sibling and I are now estranged, the company I worked for let me go after 20 years, and I started a new high-stress job. All while dealing with depression and anxiety disorder. Your words in this post are encouragement for my soul. There are times when “I” struggle mightily and forget that I am not alone, the battle is the Lord’s and He is in control. Thank you for helping me to remember that today.
    May God bless you and keep you.

  43. Hi Jennifer,

    I found this message in my inbox from Dayspring Devotions.
    I just wanted to thank you for reminding me who the winner is!
    You have been such a blessing today, I really needed this message.
    Blessings to you,
    Sharon :o)

  44. Jennifer, Thank you for this uplifting “blog” this morning. I have been in the dark the whole month of September when being diagnosed with Kidney Disease. Having a 17 year old beautiful son, I have been so worried and so angry with Jesus because, of course, I feel, “why me?” I know that is a selfish feeling, but because I’m human, I know He has to understand. I just want to be back in the Light again so I can encourage others around me. Bless your sunny heart, Jennifer!

  45. My neighbor and special Daughter sent me this email. Just what I needed, as it began to stir-up childhood memories.
    As a child, spending summers with my Grandmother, I would “Chase the Sun” as it slowly dipped into the Pacific Ocean. I can still see those glorious scenes in my mind. I didn’t have a camera to permanently preserve those Sunsets.
    I would climb the hill above the chicken house, sit on a large boulder and watch the Golden Rays on the Rogue River as it met up with the Pacific Ocean.
    Thank you, Jennifer Duke Lee for sharing your spectacular photos and beautiful words. I will be sharing your message with friends and family.

  46. What a beautifully written and constructed piece! Thank you for sharing- your writing as well as your lovely photos. And thanking God for your gifts and ability to express them. He IS our light, He leads us down those pathways best lit, let us be obedient and follow 🙂

  47. Jennifer! Soooo Beautifully written & Photographed. Thank you For sharing your work and your Heart For Aba

  48. Hi Jennifer,
    I have just gone on retirement a second time. Now I have come to a cross road and feel quite empty. Your words and photography have shown me that there is still some purpose for me. That is, if I allow Jesus to show me the way. Thank you for using your gifts to strengthen us on the road to the future because with Jesus everything is possible. Thank you, Johanna Honeyman

  49. I found your blog as I am searching for light. In my darkness my husband has filed for divorce and our hearing is in about a month. So much damage has taken place in our lives since February. I am asking God to shed some light so that we may part in peace and there will be no un-forgiveness. Your blog is very encouraging; exactly what I need right now to move me into the next stage of life that God has waiting on me. Thank you for allowing God to use you through this blog.