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Karina Allen is devoted to helping women live out their unique calling and building authentic community through the practical application of Scripture in an approachable, winsome manner.

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  1. Karina,
    I believe that God has allowed the numerous trials in my life in order to shape me into a very compassionate person. I literally feel others hurt. Sometimes it can be difficult being a person who feels things and emotions so deeply, but it has also enabled me to reach out to people who are struggling. It is nearly impossible for me to turn a blind eye. One ministry that I am helping with is Redeemer Christian Church in Pakistan that ministers to impoverished and orphaned children in order to bring them the life changing love of Christ as well as an education and hope for the future. I used to be embarrassed about being so “emotional”, but now I see that it is how God uniquely shaped me to serve Him. Thanks for a great reminder this morning!!

    • Bev, that is awesome! I love that! You have the heart of Christ. I know that everyone on the receiving end of that compassion is blessed beyond words. Know that the Lord is pleased with you. Praying that you walk in boldness in how the Lord has created you. Keep shining!!!

  2. What a beautiful way to start my day – reading of God’s magnificence and love for me. Thank you, sweet friend, for sharing this with us today! You are certainly loving the way He created you to love. xoxo

  3. Beautiful encouragement Karina! Thank you for reminding us this morning that we are so unique, hand-made by Him and created to shine His love in different ways. I love to shine His love by encouraging others with words – whether it be my kids, my friends, my husband or a stranger in the elevator :).

    • Thank you so much Renee!!!!! Let me just say that you do an amazing job of loving with your words! They are always filled with the love, hope and life of Christ. Praying for a continued boldness and confidence as you love out of how God has crafted you. You shine bright my sister! I love you!!!!

  4. Thank you friend! It is my prayer that I always shine His light. I am so grateful for how He loves us in His greatness! May you shine bright today and bless everyone that you come in contact with! ((HUGS))

  5. Oh girl, you know I love this! No one else can be who He created us to be! He is a personal individual loving Father… while we want to look and act like Him – He has made us to each do that in our own unique ways! So much freedom and release to be ourselves and love all in!

    • Karrilee, Amen and Amen! I love that God is so big and yet so personal!!! Praying a deeper confidence and boldness for you as you love all in in your own unique way! I love you sister!!!!

  6. Karina, what a beautiful post. I love the reminders, and Psalm 139 is my absolute favorite. I hadn’t thought about God created me knowing what would make me laugh, make me cry, make me sigh in wonder. I love how well He knows each of His children!

    As for how God made me to shine in a dark world, He’s given me the gift of encouragement through words spoken or words written. The trials He’s allowed into my life have given me greater empathy for others. And, when my heart is tuned to Jesus’, I can sense how to encourage others in their own trials, and in living out daily life.

    I’m so glad I stopped over here today!

    • Jeanne, thank you so much for sharing! Psalm 139 is definitely a fave!!! The Father is so incredibly sweet in His care and design of us. He is intimate and detailed in our lives.

      I resonate with how you love. I pray that God will give you a greater capacity and reach in this next season. He never wastes a hurt. May He bring fresh revelation from your trials that will bring healing to the hurting around you. You are such a blessing! Shine on !!!!

  7. I love this…it made me smile when you noted God’s intention in designing our individual humor styles. Breathtaking to meditate on the nuances and details that God handcrafted!

    • Rachel, that made me smile! Thank you for sharing! I am constantly blown away by our detailed God the more I meet people who are the complete opposite of me. May He bring you deeper revelation of who are and how He has created you to love. Shine bright!!!!

  8. Thank you for stopping by and for sharing Salina! I love how God leads us to the places we need to go in order to hear the truths that we need to hear. Praying that your day is blessed and bright!

  9. Hi Karina,

    Love this post! I love how you pointed out that our God is creative! He most certainly is. Sometimes I fall into the trap of up myself for being so emotional. I have come to realize that the compassion i feel for others; family, friends and strangers is a gift from God.
    I started blogging a year ago and I am using the compassionate heart he has given me to encourage, inspire and give others hope.
    Thanks so much for the beautiful reminder that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” and that each and everyone of us is UNIQUE!

    • Donna, Thank you so much! His creativity constantly astounds me! I love that you have such a compassionate heart! Know that it bless Jesus and those around you. I pray that God will use your compassion and your gift of writing to bring hope, encouragement and healing to many!

  10. Beautiful post! It’s an area that I’m still working on for myself. Thank you for sharing the encouragement!

  11. Your writing is beautiful and poetic!! Love the thought that God created me to be me–warts and all!! (HA HA)!

    I am like Bev a very emotional person. Empathy is felt for people all the time. Just mention a problem and I will find a way to fix it. Trouble is I have a tendency to beat myself up and think less of myself sometimes. Then I have to realize that God made me and He doesn’t make mistakes!!

    I love sending post cards, letters, e-cards, etc. to encourage you on your journey! I also call people and check on them!

    Blessings 🙂

    • Oh thank you so much Beth! Best compliment ever!!! I pray that God continues to cultivate a heart of compassion and empathy in order to build up and further His kingdom. May you learn to love others out of confidence in who God is and who He has created you to be.

      I adore the way you love people! That is totally my flow as well! Know that you are a blessing to others and to the Lord! Keep shining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Wow. Sorry for coming in late with my comment, but this message alone, if well taken in our hearts and spirits, it can light up the whole world! Darkness looms everywhere you turn, and it gets darker and bolder each day. However, if we let our light shine, as intended from the beginning, we will not only illuminate our worlds, but the world itself too.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for leaving a comment! I’m glad that this post resonated with you. Darkness is there but God’s light dispels all of it. That is our hope!

      Have a blessed day brother!