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Now graduated from her role as a homeschooling mom of 8, Dawn Camp devotes her time and love of stories to writing her first novel. She enjoys movie nights, cups of Earl Grey, and cheering on the Braves. She and her husband navigate an ever-emptying nest in the Atlanta suburbs.

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  1. Dawn,
    Today is still young, but the fact that I woke up and drew a breath is yet another example of his mercy. Yesterday, on the anniversary of 9/11, I walked my dogs with my husband and God painted the sky in glorious hues of pink, red, orange and blue. The clouds were aflame with color. To me it was a comforting reminder that God can and does bring beauty from ashes. I love looking for God’s handiwork in all the small places…I never cease to be blown away by His marvelous creativity. Thank you for a beautiful reminder that I am the crown of His creative masterpieces. Often I don’t feel that way and I need the reminder. If He took that much care with creation around me, He must have taken great pains when He created me…hard to fathom some days…

  2. The LORD reveals HIMSELF in children’s hearts. Their pure clean bright shining hearts that you can see in their bright shining beautiful brown eyes. Blazing with happiness and purity and contentment.

    I saw the LORD right there today.


  3. Dawn, what breath taking pictures! Thanks for the invitation to enter into glorifying Him and being in awe of how amazing our God is! Seeing the detail He puts into all His creation is a reflection of His love for us. What a great reminder to take with me into the weekend. Thanks!

  4. This post – the message and the pics – really warms my heart. The marvels of God’s creation always enliven my sagging spirits and center me as to who is in control. Thank you, Dawn. 🙂

  5. I have always been in pure unadulterated AWE of God and His creation, both of man and the world. I guess in my 66 year old minds eye I see things that make me extremely happy and satisfied. I look at flowers, insects, hills and mountains, but I guess maybe it is the tree in the winter, striped bare of it`s leaves, naked against cold, freezing winds and rain and still it stands with its` limbs up and to me it is praising an glorifying God always. And God neve forgets to awaken it in the Spring to leaf out once again. Same as humans except I rarely see anyone reaching their arms up to God in love, devotion, even adoration to praise and glorify Him our wonderful creator.
    My husband asked me one day as we were driving along back roads to Houston to the VA for his appointments, what I liked so much about these roads and why not the interstate? Well, that is not hard to understand so I explained it to him. I asked him to look at the trees. He said yep, they are dead for Winter. I asked him to look closer at their beauty. He was totally amazed that he had never seen it before. He saw that in any kind of weather they looked beautiful and lacy, that he could see THE TREE itself without it`s covering of leaves. And he thanked me so many weeks later for making him aware of God`s beauty even in Winter when it all seems asleep.
    Well, my wonderful husband has gone home to be with his Lord and winter is coming on again as it always will until Christ returns. Thank You God for all of the seasons of the year when You open our tired eyes to see beauty You create for us. Amen and Amen

    • Nancy, thank you so much for this. I will look at the trees differently this winter and not just be sad that their colorful leaves are gone. May God bring you peace as you miss your husband.

  6. I love this! God speaks to me through nature. He’s given me a passion for it. So much so in fact that he prompted me to go back to school for a degree in Natural Resources Management (I have a degree in history, a love but not a passion of mine) and he wants me to write a book I just haven’t quite found my voice yet. I see God in trees, leaves, flowers, birds, bugs….all of it. Today I see him in the dreary sky, the cooler September temperatures that remind me that the chill of winter is well on its way and the breeze silently whispering through the trees. The birds have stopped their chorus which is in many ways very sad as it signals the end of one of the most beautiful times of year but there is beauty in every season, both in nature and in life.

  7. Beautiful reminder…thank you. I find Him each morning in the sunrise…His mercies new each day!!

  8. Love this post. Your pictures are just amazing. I find God in everything…when I take the time to look. That’s the key right there. Thank you for sharing this today…a great reminder to seek Him in the ordinary moments of life.

  9. …in the early morning sky…sun working its way to push rays over the mountain tops. I see Him.
    In the deep purple canopy that anxiously awaits the Light. It is a magnificent moment to behold Glory.

  10. That verse from Proverbs puzzled me. Why is it the glory of God to conceal a thing (25:2), I wondered. Might it be that he loves to surprise us with his splendor? If we saw everything and understood it all when we were very young, we’d lose out on the joy of discovery. But his creation is so vast, so varied, so full of detail, we NEVER run out of new phenomenon to explore! And for those of us who know God, moments of discovery are opportunities for praise and worship, to give him the glory for what he has done. Thank you, Dawn, for the thought-provoking post and the inspiring photography.

  11. I can see God’s handiwork all around me. I live in the mountains of upper E. TN. In the fall God colors the mountains and leaves with such beautiful hues that it is glorious.

    I need reminding daily that if God cares enough for the birds, and flowers then He surely cares about me!

    Blessings 🙂