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  1. Just this weekend as we sat by the “stump fire” in our backyard I looked up and quoted this verse. Yes, it is SO amazing when you consider how many stars there are up there that God knows them all by name.
    Maybe we are supposed to be like stars, shining for Him in the darkness of this earth. The Creator knows each of us and calls us by name as well. What if we all listened, obeyed, and let our light shine in our little space, not trying to outdo others, or take over their spot, but in ours.
    I always look forward to the Sunday scripture! thank you!

  2. I always really appreciate the scripture graphics you post. I usually change my computer desktop to the new Sunday scripture graphic each week. Sometimes I print them out and glue them into my journal and add my thoughts about the verse. This one really grabs me and I might have to keep it on my desktop and meditate on it for few weeks. Thanks so much for all that you do here at (in)courage!

  3. I love looking at stars! It is amazing that the God of the universe knows each one by name! He wants us to be light in this sin sick world. We need to shine brightly!

    Loved the picture !