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Christine Wood is a Homeschool Mother to three darling children and a wife of twenty years to Joe, her High School crush. They live near Seattle and love the outdoors, enjoying God's creation.

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. Love this. Comparison, disappointment & self loathing are certainly hanging in my thought closet, as well! Thank you for the gentle push back to Him & Truth. Also, don’t you love how well he loves us? How we find sanctification in parenting? He’s so good. Thanks for sharing!!

    • Thank you Julie. He does love us, oh how He does. Now to keep all that junk out of the closet so that I can see that clearly everyday. Big Cyber Hug Friend!

  2. The word comparison really stuck out for me, as living with chronic illness, I am always comparing myself to what others can do vrs what I can not! Thank you for showing me that it’s time to empty my thought closet of this destructive thinking, and putting my focus back on who God says I am.

    • Well said. Comparison is an easy but deceptive trap and it robs us of the uniqueness and specialness God designed in each one of us. I just heard Lysa TerKeurst speak and she reminded us ladies that it just doesn’t make sense to compare because what we’re doing is comparing our inside to someone’s outside. Apples and Oranges, right?! And each one is delicious!

  3. So beautiful, Christine. It is so hard to detach ourselves from our old way of thinking. Our old thoughts about ourselves. To welcome in the love He has for us truly helps to clean out the old perceptions. Why is this such a struggle for us? … if only we would practice let go and let God each moment of each day!

  4. Wow- I love this…and I so want to be clothed in His righteousness but sometimes I pick up that old sweater of Comfort and put that on instead and hide. It is kind of like that show- “What to Wear”- we need to throw out all of that old stuff and let God (kind of like Stacey and Clinton! ha!) take us on our own little shopping spree. And when we try to pick up similar stuff- He will rush in and say, “No way daughter- this is not for you- you need THIS- THIS shows your beauty.” THIS meaning trust, self-control, patience, etc…Thank you for sharing this lovely story!

  5. Thank you so much for painting a picture with your words that helps me with what I am struggling with right now. I will save this “picture” and come back to it often to remind myself what He wants for me. I am often hard on myself so that I can become “more of who He wants me to be” and forget that I AM who He wants me to be. And the more I get rid of those “old clothes” the more I look like who He made me to be.

  6. Christine, I’m in awe of your beautiful and wise spirit. You are the Lord’s favorite daughter. Your words and the comparison between discarding the old and embracing the new, brought tears to my eyes. Love you.

    • The Lord doesn’t show favoritism, He’s perfect that way! But I know I’m you’re favorite (and only) daughter! Thank you Mommy!

  7. Comparison, regret, and disappointment are hanging in my closet and in my head. It is a constant battle to take out that trash and let God take over. It is soo hard to understand that God created each of us differently and we need to be who He created us to be!

    Blessings 🙂

  8. This is a great word picture. One I believe I can hold on to, and remember to apply, when I recognize I’m wearing the wrong outfit. His Word is so faithful to direct us in all things. It’s just pulling it out, putting it on, and choosing to believe it over and above all other voices. That’s where we have the true strength and victory. Thanks for reminding me. All too often, like your little one, I tend to hang on to my old familiar “clothes” thinking they fit…it sometimes takes a friend to point me back into His gaze to see the Truth.