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Robin is the author of For All Who Wander, her relatable memoir about wrestling with doubt that reads much like a conversation with a friend. She's as Southern as sugar-shocked tea, married to her college sweetheart, and has three children. An empty nester with a full life, she's determined to...

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  1. Having just turned 55, the book has been making a BIG impact on my view of life. So when Jean actually stated the number of days until she was a certain age, light bulb moment! This isn’t playtime, there should be purpose in my life, God’s purpose! So I ask myself, “How do I know what God’s plan is for me?” Well as mentioned, I need to seek God first, He should be my priority and then my husband. Acknowledge the BIG things, don’t allow the little things to consume me. Woozers!

    • Nanette,

      Perfect timing. Lightbulb moments. Prioritizing.

      I’m so glad you’re reading along :).

  2. Just loving this study and hearing the amazing sister-knowledge shared here and on the videos!

    My wow was chap 7 when Jean speaks of numbering my days not to increase my pace but to examine and correct my heart, character and actions. Oh, how I need to do this daily! Late 40s here, and starting to see the rut of my faith. Church busy, prayer-busy, but am I Jesus-busy?
    No wonder He shakes us some days with this thing called life… as a busy work-at-home mom some days it’s hard to breath, literally, and now I see it’s meant to awaken and ‘prepare’ for what is ahead, I pray that as I awaken to His callings I will be fully-filled in Him and His purpose. Layering properly the important stuff on the top! not with the leftovers of my time.
    Also what significance there is to see all those days ahead – by actual numbering, but to also see that our visit here is so short.
    Thank you Jean for helping us to see the long and short of it!

    • Tori,

      It really sounds like you’re internalizing these lessons; great seeing how you’re processing.

      • “My wow was chap 7 when Jean speaks of numbering my days not to increase my pace but to examine and correct my heart, character and actions. Oh, how I need to do this daily!” Exactly true for me too. I struggle with being Martha when I need to be Mary!

  3. This was a wonderful section and video. Jumping right into my favorite quote, “Concentrated thought on an aspect of life can infuse it with meaning and possibilities”. I currently live in a strange mix of comfort that in knowing Christ I need not fear death and being anxious of the world I know coming to an end. I attribute the anxiety to the season of loss I have been in . In eight months I have lost two family members and two friends. I don’t want to live the 13,505 days from my 33rd birthday to my 70th with an anxiety about the end. I want to learn to apply myself and infuse my life with meaning and possibilities rather than allow dread to grow.

    • Aubrey,

      First…{{hugs}} for your great loss! So many in such a short period of time :(.

      But oh, so lovely to hear your response. So brave, so God honoring. The thought you chose was one of my favorites, too. 🙂

  4. Goodness! I love watching these videos! I feel like Jean keeps answering the big questions of my heart these days as well as putting into words the reasons why I’ve started living more intentionally.

    For example, in answer to Q1, when I look back over my life, I realize that having the Scripture in my heart has always directed my paths. As I look forward in my parenting and the years (and hopefully milestones…like potty training…) that I have left with my girls, more than anything else, I want to pass on that compass.

    Looking back over the chapters, my favorite quote has been, “Maybe my stumbling, tumbling times train me in sustaining grace.” I sure hope so, especially as this mama waddles towards the transition of adding a third to our nest!

    • Jeniffer,

      Congratulations on #3 :). What a great quote you shared; which can be offered as a prayer, you know? 🙂

  5. So excited to start reading! I got the iBook sample so managed to read ch1-2 before the kindle version came back.

    My issue is that the gift link Bloom sent me is for an “expired” book and doesn’t correspond t the new eBook. I had to transfer it to a giftcard to be able to get it but they only will transfer to $9.99 and th new kindle version is more expensive. I know it sounds so silly to be crying over $3 but I am so sad I can’t put try additional money to it to be able to continue.

    Sorry for being such a moaner, Robin!

    • Oh, Samantha…so sorry for all your trouble. We’ve never had to deal with issues like this before!! Thank you for pressing on and understanding all these things out of our control :(.

    • Hi Samantha,
      I had the same issue, but have written an email to Amazon’s customer care and within the course of the day they resolved it for me. They say the book is $9.99 on the site but I know I tried to download it and another price of $13.plus showed up instead, so they have credited the whole amount to me just in case:) I’m so happy I can start reading!! Thank you so much to all the sponsors out there! You really touch lives with your generosity and one day I hope to be one too! Really hope this helps:) Xx Lara

      • Robin, Lara,

        I managed to talk to a lovely guy at Amazon (after several failed attempts at using their chat option) and he credited the difference and mentioned that they are in the process of changing the price back to $9.99.

        God is so good!

        I am so thankful for the kindness that Bloom extends so that everyone has an equal chance of taking part. I have in the past been incredibly embarrassed by my financial situation but recent health complications have been paired with the feeling of the Lord urging me to slow down, to be transparent and wholly understand what He is leading me towards!

        Looking forward to catching up with the book reading/questions now!

  6. I cried through this video, too. I am just going to keep my tissue box close by for Thursday. 🙂

    Q1. My best friend lost her husband in January after 20 years of marriage. She has 2 littles, and she is a stay at home mommy. We have cried a lot of tears. Through this great grief, I’ve learned that I need to be more intentional and present with my husband because I don’t know how many days we have left. He could be gone tomorrow. As I order my calendar, I need to think about who is most important. — I am also planning on doing a big clean out of my house (I nodded my head YES when Jean talked about downsizing.)

    Q2. For me, it starts with a surrendering of my day. I start my day with a prayer, and I tell the Lord, “Help me to be in step with you today.”

    Q3. I used to do this when I was teaching high school — how many days till Summer! I think it’s a great concept if you use a calendar to plan and pray and come up with a 5-year and 10-year plan. (and it’s 8,474 days, by the way — if I calculated it right)
    Q4. Only 1? You are killing me, Robin! Ok, here is my favorite: “When I number my days, each day rattles with sharp significance” (p. 52).

    • I like the calendar keeping part too. I intend to keep a strict calendar with my kids as the summer break is 2weeks away…..so help me Lord! I want to start short term first and I trust Him to help me grow in the long term.

    • Lyli, I ((hugged)) you on FB but learning a bit more, I’m sharing another. Such hard loss…

      Your Q2 is perfect–a simple but heartfelt daily prayer :).

      Q3. I’ve yet to figure mine :).

      Q4–I’M SO PROUD OF EVERYONE for choosing ONE! I KNOW it’s hard! 🙂

  7. I didn’t realize how I needed to read this book until I started. Yes, I am the person who loves doing things, the more the better, and possibly without enough preparation. The busier I am the more meaning I think my life has. In the past few months the Lord has been working greatly on my understanding of His will for my life and our relationship. Among many of my favourite quotes from this chapter there is, obviously: “God is not asking me to number my days to increase my pace (I would gladly do it!) but rather to examine my route, not to increase my efficiency but to see, where I must make course corrections in heart, character and actions.”:) What it looked like for me, in a practical way: Before throwing myself into another service I examined the things I do now. I teach Sunday School class, but do I give the children as much attention as they need it? Do I do my best to prepare the lessons for them? I take part in the ladies ministry but do I actually care for the ladies enough to pray for them regularly and boldly share the thoughts from the Word of God with them? I spend so much time at church but what about my time with the Lord, one on one?

    I didn’t take up any new service. But I directed my prayers, heart, preparation towards the ones I was involved in already and saw how God wonderfully works.

    I counted my days. The number is beautiful. 16425. So many days to live with earnestness, enthusiasm, anticipation and hope. Thank you God.

    • Oh, Karolina…your heart is beautiful. It is joy to read how deeply you’re thinking. Thank you for sharing.

    • I love that you are examining what you are doing now. That is something I often times forget. I think well I have time to fill this gap in service so I could. But, we first need to be doing what we are doing well. Thank you for the reminder in that and the extra steps I could take in the ministries I am doing now. Blessings to you.

  8. Preparation Enriches! This week’s video has blessed me so much. I just want to live in an atmosphere of eager expectation and hope.

    • I loved that idea too. It means I have to go back to what I learned last week: to be joyful and radiant, I must be still and know He is God. I must trust He works all things together for my good.

  9. Oh I’m so happy I just happened to click on today. I can hardly wait to get over to Amazon and purchase a kendle edition of Jean’s book.

    I think I may just be in the same season as Jean…I will be seventy-one in July and found it so refreshing to hear life from her perspective. Like Jean, I have built my life around pursing a relationship with the Lord and found it only gets richer the older I get.

    My favorite quote: My intended wing is to finish well…I want to live my life in eager expectation and hope of the days ahead. I believe the best is yet to come, and though my roots are planted loosely here on this earth, God has taught me to plant my roots deep in the soil of His love…so that whatever season of life I am facing, the Lord will continue to walk with me all the way through to the other side where I will enter heaven and live eternally.

    Hugs to you girls and especially to Jean,

    • Glenda, Oooo–is your birthday after the study concludes? We shall celebrate YOU!! 🙂

      Your comment made me smile; for lots of reasons.

    • Glenda, I love that imagery “God has taught me to plant my roots deep in the soil of His love”. It’s so simple yet portrays so much as to where our hearts need to be, what a comforting place that is.

  10. Q1 My husband has had two heart attacks in the last three years. My heart is turned toward how many days do we have left to spend together after 46 years of marriage. I am not fearful, but I have learned to be intentional and grateful with the time we hold precious.

    Q2 I have a devotional time and prayer each morning asking Abba to direct my day.

    Q3 I calculated my days and I have 1024 days until my 70th birthday! I am looking for ways to make Jesus known to those around me each and every day.

    Q4 My favorite quote is in Ch. 7 “Setting my life in parentheses and holding it at arm’s length helps me to think more critically about the direction of my life.”

    • Oh, Joyce…46 years of marriage is a rare, wonderful thing. Congratulations…and I’m sure after your husband’s heart attacks, your whole world tilted a little. You do realize the IMPORTANT things at a time like that.

      Thank you for joining us and sharing your answers. I’m grateful.

  11. I may as well go ahead and just color every page yellow, the underlinings and highlights go on and on. Jeepers.

    When I was diagnosed with cancer in 2010, I had opportunity to ponder that news for a month before we shared with our children and extended family. I clung to Proverbs 31:25 and Job 2:10 as my lifelines to my anchoring God throughout the secret knowing and the divulging and surviving. Even when I discovered the mass while alone in a hotel, I did not fear, but consulted with God and knew I was to just rest and awaken the next day taking each moment one step at a time as He would unfold the story for me. Had I not been intentional about being in the Bible for years on a regular basis, I wouldn’t have had those “addresses” in Scripture to recall to mind in the moment. Inadvertently, the Holy Spirit had schooled me in preparation.

    I have much time alone at home these days and time to be with the Lord is sweet, yet I can stay busy in good things, yet ignoring Him. So, I still have to make a conscientious effort to prioritize the day by beginning with Him. My time at home alone is intentional, though, because for so many years I stayed far too busy investing my time and energy in things that weren’t eternal. Our recent downsizing in preparation for the empty nest has caused me to shift my focus on giving my best to the people who matter most.That’s been freeing to be able to say no to the things that aren’t part of God’s plan for me in this season. So freeing.

    My favorite quote is actually a phrase Jean uses to mean intentionality and it’s “intended wing”, especially as I ponder an emptying nest (so often I type it as “empty next” unintentionally, of course) and wondering what is next and what is my purpose now that mothering boys at home is ending. So, it’s nice to be reminded that I have wings, too, not just the boys flying out. And so I pray for God to direct my wing into what He has next for me…it won’t be empty, I’m sure. : )

    • Amy…w o w… YOU are a testimony to wise investment; that upon finding your mass, your mind when straight to Christ. Beautiful, friend.

      Your comment is precious; I can “see” so much of you in it :).

      And…I’m in Macon, not terribly far from Columbus. Soooo maybe one day we SHALL meet :).

  12. I am so thrilled to have a woman older than me speaking her… I too had this moment when I turned 50… I told The Lord I wanted to be gray and gracious woman… I saw too many older joyless, woman lacking in grace… I am graying slowly for a woman my age….so I do t know what that means about my progress☺️…. It looks like Jean has arrived.
    At my age… I see people getting set in their ways… Needing there bed…their schedule…etc… So I look for very intentional ways…no matter how small to get outside myself…my comfort zone…it’s like doing stretching exercises…keeping pliable ….so when the big stretch comes…I won’t snap in the wrong way!

    • Oh, Ro–your last lines are fantastic!! Sounds like you’ve been well-intentioned for a long, long while :).

  13. I have loved Ch. 6 on De-romanticizing the Life of Faith! “To soar I must taste my weakness and need.” “Though I want to soar, maybe God will make me, like the albatross, fruitful even after a crash landing.” What a beautiful word picture. I feel like I really began to live in 2009 after the loss of a very close friend. I decided then to live while I am living. Though I often stumble and magnify my human frailties, daily time with the Lord keeps me focused, intent and soaring. Thank you, Jean, for saying it’s ok to be human. It’s ok to fail at times because God knows our weaknesses and our need and meets us there.

  14. 1. As far as implementing this into my spiritual life and relationship with Jesus… I think I am just starting to do so. There is no answer I can give at this moment.

    However I have noticed the impact it makes in daily tasks and have noticed the difference in an unwell planned situation and I figure, if it works in daily mundane things why wouldn’t it be helpful and thrive in my walk with Christ.

    2. Well, I try to pray as soon as I open my eyes. I try to read God’s word Daily more then one time a day. I read books that implement God’s word. I pray before I open a book or the bible. I try to say a quick in my head prayer before speaking to anyone. And I really try to listen!

    3. I calculated to my 95th birthday… I did this because I am Hopeful!!! (hahaha) Actually my family on my mothers side lived to their early to mid 90’s. My Grandpa is Gonna be 92 and still does everything, rides his bike and all! Came out to 2735 Days. (I may not have done that right! lol

    Well you know I think numbering our days means to be aware of our time here on the earth. To keep ourselves in line with God’s word. To live a life of integrity with Christ but Most importantly to Love like Christ Loved every moment everyday we have here. Of course we are not perfect so there will be days we fail but it Shows us that. I think it shows us how many opportunities we have to spread the Gospel.

    4. I know you said one but these two tie into one another. “I remember that terror and dread are often curses on those who refuse to call on God.” & “God brought terror on the disobedient; but his blessing is freedom from terror:” pg. 32 Last paragraph.

    These two Lines speak out to me so much! I struggled with some wicked spiritual warfare in my sleep and to the point of while I was awake and it effecting my family and personal sanity. I did everything everyone was telling me, read scripture aloud, called on Jesus, but never with my heart just with my mouth. After reading these lines I got it. It’s like it all snapped into place. I was so fearful of looking crazy or stupid and ashamed of Jesus that my spirit was disobeying God. I had a Disobedient spirit and God revealed this to me through these two lines.

    I am Amazed at how dense I was. lol!

    Since reading this, my anxiety before bed time is at a low. 🙂

    • Alejandra,

      Well, praise God! I’m so thankful you’ve been relieved of your anxiety!

  15. Share one quote from chapters 4-7:

    Page 50, “Though my life is brief, it is immeasurably precious to God.”
    This helps me to not get so down on myself when I’m falling short of my good intentions, even good intentions of spending more time with the Lord. I remember this Truth, and keep going, knowing that He loves and accepts me just as I am. He cares for withering grass and fleeting vapors. May I, too, live in this reality.

    • Oh, yes, Jean…we need to live in the reality of Christ, not the pits we sometimes dig. He SO loves you and me, just as we are. That’s liberating and astonishing. Thanks be to Him for this amazing grace!

  16. 1. A time when I implemented the concept of “doing the advance work in preparing for future events” was what kind of grandmother (Nana) I wanted to be. I loved different aspects of both of my grandmothers and learned from how my parents were grandparents to my daughters. As a teacher I knew lots of other things to do to enjoy my grandchildren to the fullest. I love the relationship I have with all three of my grandchildren, now 10, 11, and 13 (I’m 59). In two weeks, my husband and I will take all three on a sailboat to Catalina Island for fun together. We did it last year and it was wonderful!

    However, I am a person who looks forward to heaven. When my oldest daughter passed away at 32, I was joyful knowing she was where she would no longer suffer the physical trials caused by her Juvenile Diabetes and the worry she had due to many ungodly decisions she made. What I didn’t expect was the intense and long-lasting grief due to her passing away. Since I knew the good, I didn’t expect to feel so lost. For a long time I felt guilty for being sad, but God has healed that guilt. And He used this experience to soften my heart for others.

    • Oh, Debbie…what a wise woman you are. You sound like me; I’ve already had those thoughts: what kind of mother in law would I like to be? What kind of grammy? I’m picking up things from those in my life I hope to hold onto. The next step is FILING it so I won’t forget, right? 🙂

      Also…I’m so sorry for your great loss. My daughter is my heart and I know this grief never completely goes away. I’m thankful God has relieved you of the guilt, though…greatly.

      • Robin-You are so kind. One of the things I like the best about this book club and study so far are the interactions with other Christian women walking the path for each of us. I find it amazing that you have used the word wise twice in comments to me. I so rarely think I’m wise. I tend to see my faults and shortcomings. One of the intentional things I’m trying to do is live the truth: I am FREE in Christ. I need to see myself as He sees me. Women like you help me see what I do that is good. Thank you.

  17. Perhaps the quote that resonated most with my spirit was Jean’s comment about the romanticized view of life in Christ – how it is both destructive and dishonoring to God. God never promises that following Him will be easy or a way of insulating ourselves from the suffering and pain that plagues our journey here on earth. One of the most important ways that I have tried to “do the advance work” of preparation is to actually expect that there will be challenges as I walk with God … and to live with eyes and ears open to understand how God wants to use those moments to refine me and to glorify Himself.
    And the challenges have indeed come, though not in ways I could have ever fully anticipated and certainly not in ways I would have ever chosen …. an errant daughter whose choices brought deep pain, a son whose suicide brings endless grief… but the foundation of trust in the good purposes of God remains secure. I so agree with Jean’s comment that our lives need to be built around our relationship with God – it is then that our lives can open a door for the presence of God in the midst of all the complexities of life.
    I, like Jean, want to end well; I also want to live well until the end. So grateful for the grace and presence of God that makes each day possible. God willing, I have about 6, 344 of them.

    • Charis,
      I am so sorry for your losses and hurt. My oldest daughter was also errant and brought deep pain to more people than I can count. She walked away from a husband who was perfect for her and was willing to leave her 18 month old daughter behind. Once she regained time in Robyn (her daughter’s) life, she was so selfish, Robyn was a manipulative, screeching terror.

      Kimberly did not commit suicide, but she passed away almost 5 years ago. God was gracious; He let me see Kim recommit her life to Christ before He took her home.

      The only thing that kept me going, and continues to keep me moving forward despite more “world trouble” in a variety of ages, is the faithfulness of God.

      Praying you know God’s Presence and His goodness, mercy, grace, and peace fill your heart and mind with joy.

      • So many of you have suffered deep hurts and losses. I’m sorry. But I’m INcouraged by the responses you’ve shared and the growth that has come to you in the pain. I hope I get to meet some of you in person some day. Your responses and insights help me ponder what I’ve written in deeper and broader ways.

    • Charis,

      It is encouraging to me to hear you share your perspective, and how you’ve already patterned your life in a way to trust and sense God WHEN the storms come. Oh, how I wish I could remove them from our human condition, but it is so often in and through them, we grow and become more tendered to those around us. Hugs to you.

  18. I absolutely loved chapter 6. The quote that got me was “Ironically, to soar I must taste my weakness and need. In the turbulence of life, I reach out to God.” I think about how many times, I tend to shy away from God and distance myself when the turbulence arrive instead of reaching out. There have been too many times, when I lash out on God because I’m not “soaring” when instead I need to be reaching out more.

  19. 10,707 days until my 70th (but I didn’t account for leap years) and about 715 days until our eldest son turns 18 (and probably leaves for college).

  20. It is nice to have 2 places to share with friends (here and Facebook). Q1. Planning for anything always brings me anxiety. I confess to being a perfectionist. The Lord is helping me change my thinking in this area. My husband and I have totally different views and attitudes when it comes to planning for the future. My prayer is we will be unified in our thinking and in our hearts. We can plan without worry because “If the Lord wills, we shall live and also do this or that” James 4:15

    • Cathy,

      Thanks for mentioning that :).

      It encourages ME when I hear about the Lord doing a changing work in another’s life. Your story challenges me to TRUST :).

  21. Q1. Last year my husband and I updated our wills as we lost a friend unexpectedly. I have been praying about our business and what Gods plans are for the future because it seems like too much for my hubby. I was surprised by Gods response which was to stop talking about cutting back and expect his provision and increase. It is so important to listen to God as we read his Word.

    Q2. I spent my young Christian years disciplining myself to set aside time alone with God every morning. I recall days when fifteen minutes seemed so long. Now I can spend days at a time. And I look forward to that time each morning. When I recently went through a very difficult stretch, that pattern in my life was a life preserver.

    Q 3. I have 2945 days until my 70th birthday. Less than 3000! I have begun a practice recently of writing words of intention for each week which keep me grounded and focused.

    Q 4. Favorite Quote this week: “every life creates an atmosphere”. Wow, what is the atmosphere around my life?

  22. Paula!! Know what stood out in your comment? That you practice writing words of intention for each week! Over the course of a year, I can imagine how that would affect your life in the best of ways.

    Also…yep…that quote is one I find myself thinking on often.

  23. As I read through the comments this morning, a song recorded by Frank Sinatra came into my head: “..but now the days are short, I’m in the autumn of my years…”. Actually, I’m in the winter of my years. Jean wrote “…I want to trust His grace, trust that He can reveal Himself in me even when I’m barely hanging on, trust that when there is almost nothing of me left, He will show up most powerfully…” Then she prayed: “The only limiting factor is me, and, glory of glories, You can use me in spite of myself.” I cling to this hope.

  24. Q1- My husband of 32 years recently passed away from a short but painful bout with matastasized kidney cancer. As his caregiver during his final months, I watched a man, who was devoted to making money in an effort to provide worldly things for his family, lose control of his entire body. Jesus brought him to his knees in an effort for him to come into His presence with thanksgiving. . Although he was a believer in Jesus, he realized too late that he had not lived his life for Christ. he had failed those who loved him best. He shared with me many times during his final days that this was his biggest regret. I wept daily for his loss of time to live his life as he had desired.

    Since his passing (almost 2 years ago) I have spent a great deal of time examining my own choices and preparing for whatever The Lord has planned for my life after such a dramatic change. I’ve seen first hand the regrets and sadness of a life lacking Godly direction. I know that this is NOT what I want for myself. Learning how to prepare and NOT worry is my greatest challenge. More and more I’m finding my days successfully focused on what God’ s plan is for me. However, there are still many days of despair, frustration and great sadness over lost opportunities.

    The timeliness of this book is perfect for me. I feel God’s words speaking to me through Jean’s voice. I can’t thank Him enough for sending me the guidance I’ve prayed for since my husband’s passing. Thank you, Jesus ( and Jean) for showing me how to live well in my remaining days.

    • Oh Lyn! What a beautiful way to honor your husband’s memory. To live your life out, as he ended up wishing he had lived his. One of my fears over the past year has been learning to live my life intentionally, but having my husband “lag behind.” Oh I shall be praying for you Lyn as you dive into God’s plan for your life, and live with intention.

      • I think what lessens the terror and worry when I give thought to things I may face in the future like DEATH or LOSS or WIDOWHOOD or FAILURE OR— is that all those areas are buttressed with words of encouragement and promise of supply in God’s Word to me. Every area of study seemed to put a bit of Holy Spirit steel in my backbone and a bit of Holy Spirit balm on my fears.

    • Thankful for the ways God is speaking to you, changing you, and loving you into closer relationship with him.

  25. The thought for me is on the color of the atmosphere of my life. I have wanted joy and courage but now I want to expand to include more. Eager anticipation and hope (that sounds Great). Enthusiasm. I need a greater expectation. Acceptance of a greater good.

  26. Q1. I am just beginning to prepare. I have been mindful of friends who have lost their spouses at a young age, and I have thought about how I would handle that, and how I could glorify God in that great loss. My husband and I have talked about retirement and what we want that to look like, and are taking steps now to prepare.

    Q2. I am really trying to start my day with the Lord. Life seems to quickly take over, but I feel his presence so much closer when i have started my day in the Word and with prayer.

    Q3. 12,271 days til I’m 70. I want to spend each of those days doing everything I do to the glory of the Lord. Numbering my days brings awareness to each day. Makes me stand up and take notice that my time here is short.

    Q4. Share your favorite quote from Chapters 4-7.

    Again there were so many that stood out, but on pg 31 at the bottom. “I just want to honor the Lord and be a blessing until the end of my life.” That is my life song.

  27. The last three days I spent with my sister & her two children (3 yrs old and an 8 month d). I did not get in any quiet time. I came home exhausted & needing Jesus!!!! I just read Ch 4-7. A biggie for me, as my husband & I are *preparing and planning to be parents, is to be intentional with my parenting. I’m not a mother yet but I am preparing for the future. One big way is prioritizing my Jesus time when I become a mother. It. must. happen. I am preparing to be the best mom I can. I know I wi have mishaps, I won’t be perfect, but I can plan and prepare for the road of motherhood ahead! If I don’t plan to be, I may very we’ll fail to be. Part of that is being intentional with my Jesus time. I think it’s crucial to the way I want to raise my kids to make sure first and foremost I’ve fueled myself and my soul tank is full of Jesus. How else can I give Jesus to my children. I am loving this book!! Ch 4-7 were great. I got so much from each chapter: 1. Be prepared for the future. Take action steps to prepare. 2. Intentions: Live in eager hopeful expectation and be bold and courageous for Christ. 3. Surrender to soar 4. Fine tune my focus, think critically about the direction of my life, number my days & make each day count. Cliche as it sounds… Live every day to its fullest. Live every day as if it were your last.

    • Emily,

      I wonder how different a mom I would have been had I thought about these things at this level before my babies were even born! How fantastic that YOU are!! And, like you, I’ve learned (am always learning) cliches become cliche because they’re TRUE! 🙂

      • I know! I’ve been waiting & praying to be a mother for quite some time. My relationship with God has grown SO much through the wait & process. I know He has used this to draw me closer to Him so I can be the mother He intended me to be!

  28. I have done a lot of reflecting since reading chp 7 in Pursue the Intentional Life . Question 1 made me really think about ‘ doing advance work’ in preparing for my older years. My own mother is now in her 80’s , she lives alone and leads a reclusive life, rejecting social interaction, apart from basic necessity and tends toward cynicism and bitterness. It is a sad and lonely life, it is also a red flag warning to me, to prepare intentionally for my latter years. To puposefully put in place good practices.. to remain faithfilled , knowing God has a plan and purpose for me all the days of my life, to be thankful ,stay connected and social, with friends, family and church. i plan toward my latter years with a determination to make wise choices, to keep healthy, mentally and physically. Also it is the best way to support and love my mother in her last years too. I am constantly reminded that Jesus comes very near to her, everytime I am with her and my ‘intentional ‘ and ongoing prayer for her is that she will, ‘ be at peace with God, at peace with herself and at peace with others’, before she leaves this life on earth.
    Q2- My practical steps to order my life around God an not the other way round are;
    daily reading and meditation on His Word.
    Keeping a thankful heart
    Reminding myself of His goodness in all circumstances
    Choosing to serve Him in the service of others
    Loving my family an valueing all of them individually
    Remembering that my TRUE life is hidden in Christ- ( whatever ‘other’ life I think I am living here on earth!) ( Colossians 3 v3 NLT)
    Q3- There are 4,385 days until I reach 70 yrs old… Each day ( when i remember I say these words as a prayer;
    ‘This is my day set before you Lord, that I might walk in it according to your power at work in me’
    I believe the Holy Spirit gave these words to me many years ago at a very low time in my life- so that I might count each day as precious.
    Q4-My favourite quote is, when Jean talked about heaven.
    “Although thoughts of heaven are so lovely to consider, the Lord reminds me that my short stay on earth is my only chance to honour HIm with faith and faithfulness. Isn’t this afterall gaining a heart of wisdom?”

  29. Q1. I’m not sure if I’ve grasped the true meaning of this question but the thing that springs to mind is how I am giving myself a timescale – I don’t like to describe it as a deadline but it kind of is – to work towards becoming a mother again. I want nothing more than to have another baby…since losing my baby girl and since the abusive relationship I was in at the time has now disintergrated, I have paralysing fear that I will never carry a babe on my hip or never hear the words “mama” uttered from jam-smothered lips. I am currently praying big time for the Lord to reveal His plan for me in this matter. I was given the number 28 and I believe this is when I am intended to become a mother for the second time – whether that is through adoption or another way.
    I am at peace with possibly being single for the rest of my life, but I would always regret NOT having another child, NOT exhausting all possibilities to be the mother I feel led to be.

    Q2. I now start my day and end my day with the Lord. I will get up early so that I’m not rushing through my studies and can comfortably sit and absorb His Word and what He shows me. Likewise, I will end my day with sitting and giving thanks and praise to all He has done and praying for Him to help me live my life, forever pointing to the Cross.

    Q3. I worked out that I have 16820 days until I am 70….it seems like such a LARGE number but I know I may not be intended to live all those days. If God’s plan is for me to live the 16820 days I don’t want to get to the last 500 and think…wow that came around quick, I’ve wasted so much time. I want to live FOR Him, with Him in the midst of me for all my days.

    Q4. “Lord, what content, what truth, what promises might help me to trust You and live for Your glory in this circumstance?”

    This is actually similar to what I pray daily, I ask for Him to reveal in His Word how best to live for the Kingdom and where I should be at this point in my life.

  30. Q1: I was recently in a scary car accident. I was alone in the car on my way to work. My last thoughts before impact were that my family would be okay because they love each other and that I would be okay regardless of what happened because I had my faith. Love and faith, planted over a lifetime, took away fear at that moment.
    Q2: I have been more deliberate about my morning quiet time with God, rather enforced while I’m healing. :). The time has been a blessing, and a I find myself sending prayers heavenward all the time throughout the day – like when I read all the comments above.
    Q3: There are 7125 days until I turn 70. Each one is a gift.
    Q4: “This can be my time of greatest growth in Christ, the final stretch to the finish line, a time to put away every stale and self-protective barrier and make a dash for the tape.” The self-protective patterns that I learned in childhood have held me back for a long time, but turning 50 last winter has helped me learn to finally take the risks of loving and living life fully.

  31. Q1. It seemed like all the older people were negative. They’d talk about what was wrong with the world and agree with each other but do no thinking about how to change it. I started searching for how not to be negative when I got to be their age. I don’t follow much news, so i don’t talk about the world and yet I read about mercy house and about freeset and I’ve joined some projects, so I think that’s my answer to the second part. Just a small step to be different. We also have three Compassion children, started in 2010 with a girl my daughter’s age that she got to pick.
    Q2. Joining the Hello Mornings challenges, even when I don’t follow up daily, has been helpful. My evening Bible readings with my daughter at bedtime are precious as is what we do for her homeschool curriculum. My best days are when I remember to ask God to order my day, be in charge of the timing and everything I do.
    Q3. Back in 2010 I had heard a sermon about ordering our days, so instead of counting back from 70, I asked the Lord for 90 some and to teach me what the years were for. I wrote 45, 50, 55, 60 etc, and it seemed like he gave me a word for each. 45-50 then has been about learning to speak up. I’m 48 now!
    I know, I’m playing catch up on the reading and the watching and blog questions, but I have more time now and I’m really enjoying it. Thanks for making that possible, the grace on timing.

  32. i turned 65 in April and God showed me how blessed my days have been.,Last April my 38 yr old daughter in law passed away. it was unexcepted and she left behind our son and two young children. Ever since then i am reminded of Grace Grace amazing Grace. This chapters helped continue to realize how precious a gift life is. Every day i live i know that my days our number and It is because He lives i can face tomorrow.
    My quote is from chapter 7.”Father , as i number my days by your grace peel away deceptions that cloud reality , I will die soon. I must grow in my understanding of Your purposes and desires for my time on earth , Lord please unable me to live whatever days left to live for Your glory. ”
    i know a couple of purposes in my life right now is to count my blessings and pray for my grown children and their spouses to come back to The Lord and that my grandchildren will be taught and come to know The Lord.
    These chapters also brought to mind the prayers of my Mother and Aunts who all lived by in their late 80’s and 90’s.
    They all prayed for me and my sister until the day they died. i want that to be my legacy that i prayed for my children and grandchildren until the day i die.
    My favorite scripture from these chapters is Isaiah 40:29-31. The Lord has shown me that i am weak and that if i wait and hope and on Him , He will renew my strength and carry me on wings like eagles. i know He was done that this last year . i am know coming to a better place with the death of my daughter in law because she lived
    her faith and taught me more about The Lord , love and Live and now i am one step closer to the Throne of Grace because of her and her faith in The Lord. The Lord says My grace is sufficient for you for my power is made perfect in weakness, I now live by this scripture every day and live one day at a time and Trust God every step of the way