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Robin is the author of For All Who Wander, her relatable memoir about wrestling with doubt that reads much like a conversation with a friend. She's as Southern as sugar-shocked tea, married to her college sweetheart, and has three children. An empty nester with a full life, she's determined to...

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  1. Hi I requested a sponsored downloadable book as I live in New Zealand but I have not received any email yet. Does this mean that I did not make it onto that list for the international readers? If someone could comment or send me an email to let me know would be great as I’d really like to be a part of the book group. Xx

    • We’ll be in touch one way or another SOON, Jasmine! Thank you for your interest!!

  2. Hey! This will be my first time to participate in a book study. I am a newbie at FB and can get lost very easily. Is there a way to find help on how to keep track of things that are on your fb page or will they show up on mine. Ugh. I just need a little instruction that will make sense to someone that is starting out. Looking forward to doing like intentionally.

    • Maggie,

      This is MY first time, too :). Your best bet is to subscribe to Bloom emails (I add it at the bottom of most posts); then. whenever you receive one with an update (from here on out, on Mondays and Thursdays), you can bet I’ll be posting in our Group, too. I think you can add the group to your favorites, but I’ll look into it a little more and report back :).

  3. I was wondering the same as Jasmine. I hadn’t heard back yet about an ebook download. However, if money isn’t a problem I could buy the book from Amazon and then buy the kindle through their match book program for 2.99. Still, waiting to hear if the ebook is released.

  4. I can’t believe I won! WOOHOOOO! I am so excited to jump into this book and study with you guys, have missed the bloom book club gals!

  5. I’m with Jasmine. Because I live in Guatemala I also requested a sponsored downloadable book but I have not received any email yet. I also would like to know if this means that I did not make it onto that list for the international readers? I would really appreciate knowing so if someone could please comment or send me an email to let me know too. Thanks as I really would like to be a part of the PTIL book group.

  6. Hi ladies,

    Please let me know if you HAVEN’T received any sort of contact by now!! All emails should have gone out yesterday.

    Thank you, again, for your interest and support!

  7. I got the email for my sponsored book, but when I clicked on the link Amazon tells me that the title is no longer available for Kindle. Soooo…..?

    • I’ve had the same issue as Marie…I’m also not quite sure if the gift voucher will work for me as it’s for Amazon “dot com” rather than “dot co dot uk” :S

      • Hey Marie and Samantha,

        Oy. We received word yesterday that Amazon had removed the Kindle version much to our dismay (no warning, no explanation). DaySpring administrators are working to find another solution as quickly as we can. For now, you might try other book etailers to see if they have stock. My VERY sincere apologies for the delay in replying–I’m traveling this weekend, tied up with family and friend graduations and related parties, so I’m a bit scattered when it comes to all things internetty :).

        • Hi Robin,
          Thanks for your reply, I’ve just seen your FB post as well 🙂

          I completely understand about checking other retailers but I had received a Sponsered eBook giftcard to be able to take part so I don’t think I can transfer it to another website – really hoping that Amazon can at least put it back up for a day or so.
          I can’t imagine how they could take it offline after inCourage purchasing I don’t know how many “gift copies”

          I hope you have a wonderful weekend at all things graduation-esque, travel safe!

          • Hey Samantha (and all!!!) ~

            Did you see my FB note that Amazon is supposed to have it available this week?? It’s not up today, but I’ll keep checking and let you know as soon as I know something :).

            (also? “graduation-esque”? J’adore!!) 🙂

          • Robin,
            I saw! I’m excited for the book to come out of it’s *Timeout* and start reading, the FB posts and the video have only churned up the eagerness to get reading within me!

            Thank you for being such a blessing!

            (One day I get to France – the whole hour it’ll take to get there from England – but until I do, I will add “-esque” to the end of any words that take my fancy!)

  8. I would like to thank my sponsor for generously providing me with a book. I lost my mother in November and was her caregiver, so I have been searching for a job for months and would not have been able to get a book otherwise. Thank you again and may God bless you.
    your sister in Christ, Cheryl

  9. I know I am behind the times, but when I went on the Dayspring link, it said the book wasn’t available temporarily. Anyone else? I’m so bummed! And a procrastinator!

    • Trish,

      Oy…yes, it’s temporarily unavailable at DaySpring. If you do a search of Christian booksellers, you can still find some in stock; I mentioned two a few comments above.

  10. Hi! I was lucky to receive an e-mail that I was one of the lucky ones chosen to receive a sponsored e-book. All I had to do was to write an e-mail to confirm that I was still interested in the book. That I did, but I haven’t got either the book or any response to the e-mail? Does that mean that I won’t get the book after all? Do you know what’s going on? I felt so blessed to be sponsored, and I am so exited about joining this book study, and really can’t wait to read the inspiring book! :0)
    -Ava Sophie

    • Ava Sophie,

      We apologize for any confusion; so much has been out of DaySpring’s control and unfortunately we don’t have exact answers. Trust me, it’s frustrating for us, too.

      Behind the scenes we’re working to get books–electronic and paperbacks–but I can’t guarantee timing. We were told the Kindle version would be available again on Amazon, but it’s not there yet, soooo…we’re patiently waiting.

      It looks like we’ll start the study before everyone has a copy in hand, but hopefully the videos and blog posts (and comments!!) will keep you in the loop until you have yours :).

      Thank you for bearing with us!

      • Hi! No problem! I’m looking forward to receiving the book, but I’ll wait patiently with you guys! Thank you for doing what you can :0)