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Melanie Shankle lives in San Antonio, Texas with her husband, Perry, and daughter, Caroline. She is the New York Times Bestselling author of Sparkly Green Earrings and The Antelope in the Living Room. She's passionate about Jesus, laughter, and sales at Anthropologie.

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  1. I love my husband because he still makes me laugh, after 26 years of marriage. There is always something new to discover about him, I am still in love with him…

    • I’ve been married for 29 years & my husband makes me laugh all of the time. He made me laugh when we started dating in college, & I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  2. I love my husband but life gets in the way sometimes. We have laughed and cried together and he never ceases to amaze me.

  3. Maybe l love him most because he is honest and speaks the truth. We have been married 33 years (yikes) and he is not a Christian. It has been a huge struggle for me but I cannot seem to give up loving him. He is the human love of my life. God must have put us together for a reason, so I’m hanging in there, on a thread sometimes, but I’m here. He is a gentle and kind person, honest to the core and sometimes I don’t give him credit for that, I am all worried about his salvation and how this is affecting ME … instead of just loving him as God wants me to. Epiphany! Do you sometimes write something down and realize you have seen a light? Thank you for listening, pray for me … love Beverly

    • Beverly, I am praying for you – you just wrote down my very life. Please pray for me too – I pray that we can be the examples of God “with skin on” to our husbands, and maybe one day we will see them come to know the one eternal God who is already our Savior.
      Thank for putting my thoughts into words.

  4. I love my husband because he cherishes me. He makes our whole family laugh. He is a great role model for our boys as he guides them in their walk with The Lord.

  5. My husband is great! He has a big heart. He’s always helping others. Cups are always half full. He seizes the day and makes the most of it. What a guy! Lucky me! 🙂

  6. Coffee. Each morning my husband will pour me a cup as I head downstairs or have my cup at the ready by the coffee pot if he has to leave for work early. It starts us off right.

  7. I love my husband…because I have pledged to God to do so. It doesn’t always feel good. It doesn’t always make ME happy. But sometimes I see a vision of what God has for me, just by obeying Him…

  8. I love my husband because he sees the world in a unique and beautiful way and he looks out for our family.

  9. I love my husband, because on some of the worst, darkest days he still knows how to make me laugh.

  10. Why do I love my husband? That can be a loaded question at times. 😉 We are rapidly approaching our 15th anniversary, yet there are some days when it feels like we’ve been together and yet others when it feels like only yesterday we said “I do.” This man, I call husband, came into my life and not only fell in love with me but also fell in love with my oldest son, who just happens to have Down Syndrome. I was at a point in my life where I thought it would be just my son and I; after all, how many men want a ready made family, or to make that hurdle even more difficult a son with Down Syndrome. Little did I know how prayers (my SIL and her mother had been praying for God to bring the right man into our lives from the day my SIL married my brother, 3 short months before my son was born) would be answered. My husband went on to officially become my oldest son’s father, and together we have two more wonderful sons. Even on the rough days, I marvel at the love he shows us. I often tell him he spoils me rotten. My biggest regret I often tell him is we got together so late in our lives, then I laugh and remind him I come from a long line of long livers (my grandma was almost 100 when she died and most of her family lived well into their 90’s), so we still have a chance of making it to some of those big anniversaries (he was in his 40’s when we got married and I was 35).

  11. I love my husband for so many reasons but one that first comes to mind is his loyalty. He is such a loyal man. Loyal to his family, friends, workplace, church home, and loyal to so many other things. An admirable quality to have in todays world.

  12. My husband lives Jesus every single day. He’s funny and kind and the steady rhythm of my life.

  13. I love my husband for the way he fiercely loves our children. He is a fully engaged, hands on, cares about the small stuff kinda Dad. He models unconditional love for them.

  14. I love my husband because he is my knight in shining armor. He leads me and is full of wisdom. I can always count on him to take care of and protect me. I am so thankful for him!

  15. My husband and I will celebrate our 25th anniversary and although we won’t have time to get away and celebrate, because life gets in the way, with 3 children, he still makes me smile. He can be exasperating but the one thing I love most is how much he loves our children. He will move mountains to spend time with them. I am praying that the time will come soon when he does that for me again.

  16. When I ask my husband why he loves me, he always says: ‘Because I choose to.’ I think thats a great answer. I don’t want him to love me because of the things I do, because those things are not always going to be around, I’m not always at my best. And God forbid I’d loose the ability to do things all together… I love my husband because God gave me him and thus its my calling to love him. Its that simple really. Its not about what he does or who he is. God calls me to love him, he’s my greatest gift ever. Now theres a longggggg list of things I love about him like his devotion to us and me, his willingness to listen and be confronted with things and processing that, his working so very hard to provide for us, his touch. I can go on and on. But I truly love him because he was given to me to love!

  17. I am bowing out of winning this book, because I already own it! As part of our new empty-nest, we have started reading each night after dinner. This is our current book. We have laughed loud and long together over it! THANKS, Melanie!

  18. I love my husband because he has me set his alarm for 5 mins early so that we can snuggle for 5 mins before he’s off to work early

  19. I love my husband because he is faithful; he believes the best about everyone. He also makes me coffee and makes me laugh! I call him my “Special Ed”! Now, he also drives me CRAZY sometimes, but you didn’t ask about that!!

  20. I love my husband after 36 years – because as time goes by, he is changing and letting his heart be more readily seen. He loves me in spite of my bad days and when I look my worst, he says I look ‘cute’. I am truly blessed.

  21. I love my husband because he is selfless and unconditional. He reminds me everyday what it means to love Christ and love each other. And he is good good lookin’ 🙂

  22. My husband is selfless and forgiving and loves me at my worst. He brings out the best in me and challenges me in all the good ways. I am so incredibly in love with my sweet and handsome man.

  23. I love my husband because since day one he has always put God before me… even when it hurt. Because of his leadership in our home, my personal own spiritual walk has deepened and matured.

  24. I love my husband because he is the kindest man I know. He is my rock.
    We have been married almost 30 years – we are in the most difficult season in our marriage so far – any encouragement is always so welcome!


  25. One of my favorite things I love about my husband is how sensitive he is…..I love a man who can cry! Beth

  26. I love this idea of telling why we love our husbands. I love mine because he is rock solid-steady.

  27. As a very broken new believer… who had no concept of unconditional love… my hubby loved me … he laid right down… and I walk over him… and over him… as a bridge… as “Husbands love your wife as Christ loves His Church…” right into the loving lap of my Abba… after 33 yrs… He still loves me and I can say we live out Anne Lamont’s quote today!!!! Thanks for opportunity to win… I would love to read your book and also pass it on to younger ladies I know 🙂

  28. I love my husband because he puts up with me and all my craziness with a gracious and patient attitude!

  29. I love my husband because he is a great father and husband. Always trying to be the best that he can. Never faulting me for my many many flaws :). There is not a day that goes by that I am not thankful to God for making us one. One of my biggest prayers is that our children will be able to find a spouse as wonderful as my husband.

  30. I love my beloved husband for his faithfulness these 23 years….they have seemed like only a few years!! Life is a vapor!! thanks for the giveaway!! 🙂

  31. I love my husband because he is very loyal and has put up with me through all these years!!

  32. I love my fiancée be cause he knows me at my best and at my worst and loves me just the same. He puts God first in our relationship. He doesn’t care about my past, what other guys would probably call “baggage.” He shows me what God intended love to be each and every day. ❤️

  33. Today I love my husband because of his servant heart. He only works half days on Fridays and many Friday’s I walk in from work and hear the washing machine going. Then other days (like yesterday), he was helping me with the laundry and accidentally forgot to turn on the dryer. An hour later, I go to get the clothes to fold and wonder why they are still soaking wet. When we realize what happened, we just laughed. Two years ago, I might have flipped out on him, but there’s no harm in wet clothes. Especially if my husband is tired due to the fact that he helped set up for our church’s Easter service and ran sound for the service. Servanthood and laughter. That’s why I love my husband.

  34. I love my husband because he has resolutely stood beside me for the past 22 years. That’s not to say the years have been perfect! There have been some REALLY difficult seasons. But, even when he wasn’t showing up for the day-to-day challenges, he has always showed up when I could no longer do cope on my own.

  35. I love my husband because after 26 years together, he still tells me loves me every day, thanks me for the little ordinary things I do, still reaches for my hands and opens doors for me. He has had so many health issues but wants no special treatment, always thinks of others before himself and is my very best friend. I would be lost without him. I hope that my daughter is one day lucky enough to find a man as wonderful as her Daddy!

  36. My husband is an amazing man. He serves our community and country, yet he always has time for his family. He admits his mistakes and fears. After 22years together (14 years of marriage), he can still cause butterflies to stir within me.

  37. I love my husband because he reminds me to relax. Even when I’m fighting it tooth and nail. I’m a Type A personality – and God put me with the most phlegmatic man on the planet. And I don’t think that’s an accident. He reminds me that it’s ok if things aren’t perfect. Or on time. 🙂

  38. I love my husband because he loves me! Honestly I wonder how he puts up with me some days!! We are approaching our 17th anniversary. It’s unbelievable how quickly time passes us by.

  39. I love my husband because of his care for me, and especially my daughter. It is so heartwarming to be in the other room and hear him talk to our girl, explaining the periodic table or heat transfer theory. (She’s not even two.) She giggles and giggles, and it’s just the best.

  40. I love my husband because he loves me and our daughter with such an intense passionate love. He would do anything for anyone and has the most tender loving heart of anyone I have ever met. I thank God for him every day!

  41. I would love to read this book! I heard about it awhile ago on a podcast (maybe with Kat Lee?) and it’s been on my pinboard ever since.
    One thing I love about my husband is that he is the steady to my crazy!
    Sarah M

  42. I love my husband because he makes me a better person. He has modeled how to look at others as if walking in their shoes.

  43. My husband cracks me up, every single day. Laughter is the glue (or at least one of them) to our marriage and for that, I am ever so thankful.

  44. Because Doug loves me “even when” and “always and all ways” and “no matter what”…all with the help of Jesus Christ and His strength, not ours! Thanks for your book to counter statistics and make marriage real for all our 20-30-something kids that wonder if it is worth it or necessary even though they heard all the Agape love stories in Sunday school. Thank you from this Mom!

  45. My husband’s smile and strong arms arms and celebration of love for the Lord are such a blessing to me in my life. He is a man of integrity and loyalty. He blessed me with the children that I never had. We now share two grown children and three grandchildren. He is the brilliant man who has been my strong support during a transition with my Mom going from independent living to needing family and medical assistance. I know that God brought us together at this time in our lives to show what restoration looks like.

  46. I love my husband because we are working so hard together to be the best people God wants us to be and we’re doing it the right way, the wrong way, and every way in between as we struggle and triumph and become more for each other. He is my sane when I am crazy, my happy when I am feeling dragged down, he is reason when I am off the charts unreasonable. He thinks I am the most beautiful woman ever and I can’t be compared to anyone even if I can’t see that at all. He is grace and love in their purest forms given from God.

  47. I love my husband because of his determination to provide and work so hard for our family. He is currently working 60 hours a week, two jobs, so I can be home with our little girl. Even while he works so hard, he never complains about having to pick up a second job. He also still comes home and spends time with his family, and loves us well. He is such a wonderful, Godly man and I am a blessed woman.

  48. Gonna be shallow, but I really do thing my husband is beyond handsome. Still stirs the butterflies in my stomach….

  49. I love my husband because he is the most honest, loyal, generous person I’ve ever known. And I feel more safe and loved with him than with any other human on this earth. I am a Christian and he is not, but I wouldn’t trade him for anyone. God truly blessed me with this man. He is my rock. And that is not to say I don’t feel like strangling him many days of the week! 🙂

  50. OK…I love my husband because he is exactly everything I am not. He reminds me that this world is not about me. And that is a VERY good thing. I’m in need of a good shot of You-can-do-this-marriage thing!

  51. I love my husband because he makes me laugh, he loves God with all his heart, and he’s teaching our boys to do the same. Plus he eats my cooking. . .no matter how it turns out.

  52. One thing I love about my husband is that he is comfortable in his own skin…he’s an outdoorsman, a “man’s man” and yet, he is just so confident in the gifts God has given him and who God created him to be. He never “one ups” another guy and I never hear him validating himself in front of others. I love his security. In the person God has made him!

  53. I love my husband because he makes me laugh, is a terrific Dad, and takes such good care of all of us.

  54. I love my husband for the same reason that I sometimes wonder how we ended up together. Because he is my polar opposite and he challenges me to do things I would never do on my own.

  55. I love my husband because he will look at me until I smile and always tells me I am beautiful even when I just woke up or feel frazzled from the day (how does he do that?, I love it and that is always what I need).

  56. I love that years into our friendship (and now marriage) he’s still pulling out fantastically entertaining stories that I haven’t heard yet. He keeps me thoroughly entertained. I love that about him.

  57. I love my husband because no matter how much he can drive me crazy he can make me laugh at him and at myself and it makes me remember why I still love him more now than ever in the past 23 years.

  58. I love my husband of almost 43 years because I’ve learned that he really means his vows to me–he loves me in every single thing that has crossed our paths. I feel it and I know it! I love that he puts Jesus first in our relationship!!

  59. I love my husband because ‘what you see is what you get’! He knows who he is and Who’s he is and he doesn’t try to be anything else!

  60. I love my husband because he’s HIMSELF. He has a heart for service to others and he works hard to provide for our family. I’m incredibly proud of him because he was recently honored for his hard work, and I love to see him get recognized for that.

  61. My husband offered to wheel me around Disney when I was not crazy about the attention because he would not allow me to be left out.

  62. I love my husband for so many reasons, it’s hard to pick just one. I am constantly amazed by him and how he loves me and our children.

  63. I love him because he lives out what he believes. He loves me as himself and speaks God’s truth over me. Also makes me laugh

  64. I love my husband because he has one of the biggest, most generous hearts of any person I know.

  65. I love my husband because he has been faithful to his vows from 41 years ago, truly cherishes me by his words and actions, and still makes me laugh at his jokes. God has blessed me with a wonderful husband!

  66. I love my husband because he is so devoted to me and the kids, it is amazing to see – especially in this day and age. He is constantly looked at as being “weird” for wanting to go to every single competitive cheer competition for his daughter – while screaming & acting a fool. I think it is sad that other men – fathers, husbands, etc – don’t take an active role in every kids life! My husband rocks the house!!

  67. He has been my best friend for 49 years. He helps when not asked and he is my adviser when I need answers (whether everyday questions or spiritual ones) he is there for me. I pray that God will give us many more years together.

  68. I love my husband for the great man he is and thankful God brought us together 17 years ago.

  69. i love my husband because he is my gift from God. We both prayed for the Lord to bring us our perfect mate and he brought the two of us together. I tell him sometimes that he doesn’t need to treat me like such a princess, that it’s ok to be firm and put his foot down. He tells me that I bless him so much that he would never imagine treating me less than how I deserve to be treated. We both wake up in the morning thinking how we can bless the other more than the other blesses us. We’ve been married 19 years and I love him more than I ever thought possible, he has such a kind heart and a deep love for the Lord, I am blessed to have him as my partner in life.

  70. I love my husband because he encourages me to be me…and is my biggest support in realizing that. He’s pretty great at making pancakes too!

  71. All the ways I love my husband…
    We have been married for almost 18 years. We almost didn’t get married a week before the wedding I almost called it off.
    We have overcome both our parents divorce and the effects on being a child of divorced parents. It is never done for the kids young through adult. Every holiday, birthday party or event you are reminded of the fact by the mass chaos that swarms.
    We have made it through alcholism, baggage we brought in from both our pasts, night school, intimacy issues, financial issues that no matter what stage you are in someone else wants your money and it is hard sometimes just to keep up.
    Together we have made decisions I am proud of decisions I am not proud of.
    But through it all I am grateful I so glad he has been by my side and me by his. I couldn’t have picked a better partner to do life with.
    One that has seen me at my worst and still loves me. One who has supported me in every way. Life is hard. Marriage is harder. But you have to make that decision despite flaws, annoying habits, disagreements, and the messiness that comes with life to stay by one another and trust that God put you together for a reason. And never give up.
    I love him for his hardworking, perservering, never give up attitude.
    I love his sense humor. I love how proud he is of our children. I love the Christ filled man he has become. I love his support.
    And I love just being with him.

  72. I love my husband Doug because he is a consistent and loyal servant leader who daily gives of himself to our family and everyone around him. I am blessed to share this journey of life with him!!

  73. I love my husband because when all seems lost, when we have been pushed to brokenness and feel empty, when our journey has been in the valley, he has held us up in hope, never giving up, and adhering to the promise to love for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health. He shows me how to forgive and stay the course, how to keep going, keep praying, keep believing, keep evolving. God gave me this rare treasure of a tough marriage because He needed to change me and my heart. So I can keep going and believe that I got the good end of the deal, right alongside my husband 🙂

  74. I am crazy in love with my husband of nearly 21 years because he makes me laugh……at situations, circumstances and , most of all, at myself. Together with God we make a really good triangle.

  75. I love him because he has been a beautiful representation of Christ laying his life down for me when I didn’t deserve it.

  76. Oh, My….My husband is such a blessing to me. The one thing I’ve learned is to speak positively and not grumble and complain to my girlfriends and co-workers. I just – whether Im feeling it or not – speak about how much he means to me and how wonderful his is to the kids and me.

  77. I love his laugh, his ability to laugh, his ability to spread laughter, and his ability to make me laugh.

  78. I love my husband because he is much more patient than I am and is such a strong follower of Christ.

  79. He’s always able to make me laugh no matter how bad things get; he let’s me know that God’s got good things planned and not to take life too seriously. If I can’t laugh at myself – he’s always willing to do it for me!! He’s my perfect match.

  80. I love my husband because he loves me enough to speak hard truths to me. When I am struggling with anxiety, he reminds me that I am really struggling to trust God in His sovereignty. That’s just one of the many reasons I love him.

  81. I have a genetic disorder that causes multiple chronic illnesses. It has left scars on our marriage but my husband still stands by me & loves me no matter what my limitations are. God has blessed me with a wonderful man & I try to honor him at all times. That is why I love my husband.

  82. I love my husband because he spends all afternoon making me the food I think I want and then cleans everything up, because I am spending too much time throwing up from morning sickness. He’s a good guy.

  83. I love my husband because God made us for each other. God told me He would be my husband. A year and a half after we were married, god took us through a trial that rocked our world (and still does), but we carried each other – he was strong when I was weak, and vice versa. We were very rarely both happy and sad on the same day – because one needed to be strong for the other. He keeps me grounded, and I him in our own areas of weakness. In the past, I’ve thought, “How can God have put us together – we’re so opposite!” But I have come to realize that in those opposite places, we fit together, like a once-broken plate. 17 years this June. Sometimes that feels like an eternity ago, and other times it feels like seconds! 🙂

  84. I love my husband because he encourages me to dream with soaring wings and he is my biggest fan. I love how he makes me laugh every day and I love how God has taken 23 years and made Him our center of our marriage. My hubby is my best friend and I am truely blessed.

  85. My husband has been dubbed “the giver” by our family. He works incredibly hard to provide for us, yet is never too busy to give his time, his talents, his widom to others. He is all about his family – his parents, his kids, me, my family. His priorities are always taking care of us; he is the perfect mixture – tough as nails, hard-working, honorable, kind and generous. We’ve been married 27 years, and I am so grateful that we plodded through all the tough times. He is my true partner in life. A certainty in an uncertain world.

  86. One of the reasons I love my husband is because he has
    Shared his life with me for almost 33 years, and we will be celebrating
    Our wedding anniversary this Thursday ,April 24. Woohoo!!!!

  87. Wow! Your post today hits home and God provided a way for me to draw closer to Him and to my husband through your words today.
    You see, I just found the Incourage website through a monthly email that I receive through Liz Higgins last week. I have felt “out of touch” with God and everything in my life in general since my dad passed away a little less that six months ago. I had asked God to provide me a way to “reach Him”, to get my life back on the godly path and help me with my anger issues. God revealed a good starting point with the daily emails through Incourage.
    Like most marriages, ours has had its UPS and DOWNS, even to the point that we divorced for six months back in 1994. God was there for us to put it back together and use our story to help others. You see, my husband is such a patient man but will not let me “run over him”. He is the spiritual leader of our family and such an awesome business leader to others that he comes in contact with every day. I am so proud to be his wife and want to be the best that I can be because he deserves it. I am truly blessed to have the “love of my life” and I pray that I can get pass these days of grief so that our love can grow even stronger.
    Thank you so much for your words today!

    • I’m sorry I spelled Liz’s last name wrong; it is Higgs (in case she reads this loll!). Love your Liz!!!

  88. He is here! That’s choice he and I make daily. When so many have cut and run we are still sticking it out through the highs and lows, thick and thin, fun and not so fun. It’s been nearly 23 years of married love and I’m still lovin’ it – and HIM. 🙂

  89. We just celebrated 12 years of marriage yesterday which doesn’t seem like a lot, but when I compare it to friends around us it seems like forever – most of the time in a good way 🙂 He still cherishes me and takes care of me and I am honored to stand by his side.

  90. I love my husband because he’s funny, smart, loving, and kind, but mostly because God chose him for me.

  91. I loved my husband because he made me feel important to him. I need to read this book to remind me there is still something between us.

  92. After 21 years, there is no one I’d rather be married to. He has his moments, but he is caring, supportive and my hero!

  93. I love my husband of almost 24 years for so many reasons. We have been through so many good AND bad times together and he is still such a steady force for me. We are just beginning to see the light at the end of a very dark season for our family – both children have left the nest in the last 6 months – and haven’t landed in the best place yet. My husband gently reminds me that we have planted the Word in them and it will not return void. My husband has been faithful, kind, funny and full of grace for 24 years. I KNOW I got the better end of the deal in our marriage and I’m so grateful to the Lord for sending him. We are now learning how to make our way through the new territory of empty nest – and starting to enjoy it! 🙂

  94. I love my husband, because he lets’ our 4 and 3 yr. old “bake” with real ingredients alone… (no oven use) to let me sleep in after a long night …and then cleans up the crazy huge floury mess.

    I love him because he loves me as just myself. He wants me to love Jesus more, and gives himself willingly to serve our little family.

  95. I love my husband because he loves Jesus, he’s a great husband and father and he’s a hard worker and that allows me to have my dream job- stay at home mom.

  96. My husband continues to show up for us, trying to be the husband and daddy he wants so much to be. He loves us so very much. I love him for that, and because our children will never doubt how much they are wanted, how very precious they are to their daddy and me.

  97. I love my husband because he continues to love me despite my failings and works hard to provide for us.

  98. This book has been on my reading list ever since I read about it at!

    I love my husband for making me dance with him in the kitchen until I can’t help but smile and forget why I was angry in the first place.

  99. My husband and I are going through a difficult season in our marriage right now. I feel like he’s given up on me and us. I do love him and want to work through this hard time. I’m not sure he feels the same. I love him for being the best dad to our three kids. He has such a great relationship with each of them.

  100. I love my husband because he loves me even though sometimes I’m the biggest weirdo on the planet. And because he knows he isn’t where he should be spiritually but you can tell he’s trying to get there. And because he works so hard to provide for us. And… I just love my husband because in a world where you see so many not making the effort to be present in their marriage, he does. Even when it gets hard.

  101. I love my husband because he’s involved! I’m so blessed to have a friend and partner that is willing to help in all ways.

  102. In a world where I have not experienced much grace, God gave me a husband whom is the epitome of grace when I don’t deserve it…that is why I love him.

  103. So hard to pick just one thing…I love his beard…I love his dedication…his love for others.

  104. I love my husband because he loves me through all my mess and always puts our family first.

  105. I love my husband because after three years of trying to get pregnant…we finally stopped trying because it was too hard for me…fast forward a year and 3/4 to this spring…and I learned that the idea of having children terrifies me. I love him for all that trying. I love him for him. I love that going on 5 years May 1st I have peace in my heart knowing that his dreams are becoming a reality in my heart and we are learning to live united.

  106. I love my husband because he’ll do the dishes on Tuesday nights when I stay out late to volunteer at the church. And I love my husband when he “yells” at me to go to bed because he knows when I stay up late I get run down and get sick. And I love my husband because he still tells me I’m beautiful even when we both know that the gray hair and the wrinkles make me look different than the girl he married. 🙂

  107. One of the reasons I love my husband Stephen sooooooooo much is because God has gifted him as a very talented musician and he writes me love songs! Lol, I also love him because God uses Stephen to refine me, and God knows I need all the help I can get!! 🙂

  108. I love my husband because he takes such good care of us. He’s the hardest worker I know and loves me even at my most unlovable. How did I win the marriage lottery??

  109. 43 years of loving my husband through all the seasons of life! Such a wonderful Guy!!Going for the “Gold” !! Thank You for writing this Book and Sure hope to win a copy but will want to read this either way!! I believe marriage is a beautiful covenant from our awesome God:)

  110. I love my husband more now through many fires & near collapse, because I’m able to see him more through the eyes of faith. He is a beloved brother in Christ whom God called me to love & share my life with. As I seek to see Him through more of the way Christ sees him, I love him more. He is more cherished. Every failure & every success is part of his journey & I get to be by his side through it all. Through our journey together, even the hardest parts, I’m blessed to grow as a child of God in need of grace, alongside my very best friend.

  111. I love my husband because after 40 years of pure hell, beatings, broken wrists, a broken kneecap, feeling like I was a piece of dirt – this from a crazy mother and then a crazy husband – I finally found my happily ever after. Mind you, sometimes I want to scream and pack and leave but I want him to go with me 🙂 That’s how I know I am in love with him. He is not good at talking about his feelings but when he gives me cards or notes, I immediately go to read what he has written and I carry those loving words with me when times are tough. The only other man I’ve ever loved so much is my Dad, who has been struggling on a fixed income for many years now. My incredible husband has been supporting my dad for over six or seven years now. Dad lives two hours away and when Dad needed help at the hospital or at his bankruptcy hearing, Andrew was there. Andrew paid for Dad’s bankruptcy. Andrew puts money in my Dad’s banking acct every month to help Dad pay his rent. We pay for his newspaper delivery and magazines. We go up to see Dad about every five – six weeks to take dad out to eat and to go grocery shopping. What other man does that, with no complaints and no hesitation? My dad is in awe of Andrew as much as I am.

  112. I love my husband because no matter what he always finds a way. He’s creative and can imagine what I cannot. He’s the knot that ties up my loose ends when I’ve over committed myself.

  113. I love my husband because I love God. Every morning I pray for God’s love to give to my people…since 2010. If you think I am talking platitudes here, just think a little more deeply. This is the year of our 25th anniversary and God gave us the gift of a conference my husband will lead in the summer at the very town of our honeymoon: Charleston!

  114. One of the things I love about my husband is that he kisses me goodbye every morning while I’m still asleep. He leaves very early for work but waking up briefly to that morning goodbye kiss starts my day off great.

  115. I love my husband because he makes me laugh. He is my best friend. He takes care of us in so many little ways, besides working hard and shouldering responsibility and being committed.

  116. I love my husband because he didn’t give up on finding his way to recovery from alcoholism, and he doesn’t give up on us, even in the hard season.

  117. I love my husband for being the logic that balances my emotions perfectly!! He has been my steady rock for almost 22 years – through richer and poorer, in sickness and health, and when things got worse before they got better.

  118. I love my husband because he is so incredibly patient with me. For the first number of years of our marriage, I thought he’d gotten the better end of the deal. The marvel and absolute JOY it has been to discover that I have really gotten the better end of the deal!


  120. He can make me laugh and I can make him laugh…a good sense of humor goes a long way in a marriage! 🙂

  121. I love my husband because after almost 27 years of marriage we still laugh at the same things, and because he has taught me about forgiveness, respect and faith. And he has never given up on us.

  122. My husband is a pastor, and I remember not really caring about him one way or the other until the first time I heard him preach. After that I had a lot of respect for him, which grew into friendship, and eventually into love. We celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary the day before Easter, and spent it landscaping at the church we planted together a year and a half ago, and discussing the message Jason would preach the next morning. After all this time, his love for God’s word, and the conversations we have about it is still one of my favorite things about him.

  123. Have no husband anymore, but maybe will again in the future. I just wanna be prepared for anything.

  124. I adore my husband because he pursues his Savior. No, really–This is my answer because after the past year of our lives being turned inside out through our family’s separation due to the lengthy hospitalization of our 2 year old……My husband TRULY found his savior. He truly found his place and finally could hear what his Lord knows of him. And our lives with a chronically ill child are difficult, but so worth it.

  125. I’am more in love with my husband now than the day I married him. We even each other out and together make better versions of ourselves. He amazes me on a daily basis. I lucked out, he’s a blessing ❤️

  126. I love my husband because he still makes me laugh after 33 years of marriage…and he keeps me honest about who I really am. And by the way, I have a blue wildebeest and a kudu residing on my living room walls…so I feel your pain! Can hardly wait to read this book.

  127. I tell my boys to find someone to love that will make them laugh. The beauty and money will fade, but there will be hard times and you will need the laughter. The holding tight and the laughter are so important. Your book sounds wonderful.

  128. I love my husband for all the barely surviving times and hard times and good times. He always gets up, pulls his boot straps back up with Gods help and always recenters himself. 28 years worth we have loved and fought and cried and laughed. I would do it all over again with as long as it was him. I tell young people it will be the hardest thing you do in live but the most rewarding.

    Thank you for keeping it REAL

  129. I love my husband because he looks at every day with a renewed spirit about him and a positive energy that I do not always have! He makes me better.

  130. my husband lets me cry on his shoulder…ever since I was 14… I’m 43 now. And he’s my alarm clock every morning. And he loves God. I suppose there are a few more things, but I also loved reading the list of sweet things people posted about their husbands-the simple (not always easy) things are often the most profound.

  131. I haven’t met my husband yet… But I love that God wants to prepare my heart for something so amazing/heartbreaking/sacred.

  132. I love my husband because he is the one God chose for me. He helps me to stop and smell the roses; I help him put order to his chaos. We are nothing alike and that’s exactly the way God made us and why He put us together – so my husband could sand off all those rough edges I have and I could do the same for him. We are learning to become the one flesh that God has joined together until death do us part.

  133. I love my husband’s love for God and His Word. The way he plays with my children, the way he’s able to fix the broken “things” in our house. The way he smiles and his dimples show deep… he’s not perfect, but this post was a good reminder that no one is perfect, and that in our imperfection, we can truly experience life together in dependence of a perfect God. So thankful for this reminder. Thanks!

  134. I love my husband because we can still laugh together after 23 years of marriage and parenting 2 special needs boys. 🙂

  135. I love my husband because: he makes me laugh; he’s the one I want to be with when times are hard; he loves our daughter so well; he’s a hard-worker and faithful provider, and much, much more.

  136. I love my husband because he is thoughtful, my best friend, he gets me and he is a wonderful father to our children.

  137. I love my husband more than he will ever know. However being in a blended family is extremely hard and sometimes makes life very hard. I want to know how to love my husband all the time.

  138. My Husband is my everything. He’s my number 1 supporter no matter what. It’s always a learning process but i couldn’t imagine learning with anyone but him.

  139. Our 10 year wedding anniversary will be this July and After being together for almost 12, years we have finally realized how important it is to be vulnerable and honest in our communicating. Which can be painful when it doesn’t come naturally. I’m thankful that my husband makes every effort to grow in our marriage and forgives.

  140. let me count the ways i love thee, my precious husband…if i really did, well, it would be a book, so the thing that pops into my head right now is that he doesn’t throw his towel, many of his clothes, or most anything else on the floor. he makes my life easy by picking up after himself very well, & i so appreciate this trait! thanks for sharing this lovely, witty giveaway!

  141. I love my husband because he is funny. And kind. And a provider. And together we have made beautiful babies. 🙂

  142. I love my hubby because he works so hard. He daily pushes himself to be the man he wants to be — a man of character and integrity, who gives 100% at work and 100% at home. And I never have doubted how much he loves me and is committed to me.

  143. So many reasons to love my husband, but one of the biggest is his patience. He is never one to raise his voice or be hurried or anxious. He is such a calming and steady presence to me and our kids. Love him!

  144. I love Mike because he never gave up on me! We are both working harder than ever on our marriage. Thank you for the chance to win your book!

  145. I love my husband because he helps me to not take myself so seriously and always makes me laugh!

  146. I still love my husband after 45 years because he is still my best friend. The one I can tell anything to because he knows me so well. I quess he really was my soul mate.

  147. I love my husband because “together” we fight to keep our marriage strong in any way possible–but one of our favorites is long walks on the beach looking for beach glass. He purposes to “get” my heart no matter how long it takes–I know he loves me and cherishes me. He holds my heart well…

  148. We picked each other to be in the larger story the happily ever after- man it’s hard and we don’t get each other and we have differences and we are wired differently but he is who at the end of the battle and day I say YES to all over again

  149. I love that my husband thinks he got the better end of the deal when I know that it ABSOLUTELY me who made out like a bandit!
    33 years on 7/11!

  150. I love my husband because he has a servant’s heart. He’s always putting my needs before his. He prays, supports and encourages me daily in my purpose. Through sickness and in health, foreclosure, church and family drama. My husband has been steadfast in his love for God and for me. He loves me like Christ loves the church, and I’m grateful for him. I love that man; he is my best friend.

  151. Tomorrow is our 36th anniversary…I love my husband because he loves Jesus, he is an encourager to me, and is always looking out for our best interest.

  152. I have some major health issues and my husband married me anyway. He takes sick great care of me. I’m definitely getting the better end of the deal!

  153. I love my husband because he has never judged me for my past (and there is one), and he puts up with all my idiosyncrasies, he thinks I’m beautiful, he is compassionate and generous, funny, and his faith in God runs deep.

  154. I love my husband because from day one his priority was to provide for me. At first it was a house, clothes, just things we needed to live, but as the years have gone by and as God has been molding him into a man after HIS own heart his provision for me has become leadership, humility and grace…which I have needed a lot of. Seeing him grow spurs me on to do the same and gives hope that a once difficult marriage can be all that God intends for it to be! Your book sound amazing!

  155. I love my husband because after the death of my mom, the critical illness of my dad, a car braking down, and a hot water heater blowing up (yes it actually blew up) all in 2 month he made me go to see my daughter run a half marathon in Florida (we live in New Hampshire) with a one way ticket……….and left me there for a month. Even thought it was not in the budget, he said he wanted his wife back I may have been a tad depressed when I left.

  156. I love my husband because he sees all of me, the good the bad and the ugly and still he loves me. He knows how to treat me like I am the only woman in the room.

  157. We’ll be married 30 years in June, & I love my dear husband more than words could ever say. He reflects God’s love in all he says & does, & I’m so blessed God brought us together in church choir all those years ago 🙂

  158. I love my husband because he brought my coffee to my work when I left it on the counter this morning!

  159. I love my husband because of the way He desires to serve The Lord and lead our family to serve Him too. He sacrifices a lot for us and He inspires me to draw closer to God everyday.

  160. The love of my life my husband loves me unconditionally. My husband is a Christian man and we met in our church singles ministry. From the moment we met I loved everything about him, his Christian life he shared with me and his devotion and caring spirit he showed to all of our children. We both are from 2 different marriages his wife passed away with cancer and mine was a abusive marriage and you know how that ended. My husband took patience and worked with me through his love and the Lords love in getting that wall of a shell I built around me. Yes we have had our obstacles and our arguments, but the wonderful thing we adopted is we never go to bed being mad at each other and now one of us starts the conversation and we iron out all the things bothering us or working against us as Satan will not defeat our marriage of 25 years.

  161. I love my husband because I can see Christ’s love for me through him…he is flawed, but fights so hard to make me feel that powerful, perfect love.

  162. I love my husband because he challenges me to be a better person. He has bi-polar disorder and it can get very trying for us both. I have 49 year old woman disorder and it can all be a challenge. =)

    Our favorite thing to say to each other is “I love you because you put up with me” and that means so many things, on so many levels for us both.

    I am forced in this relationship to rely on God more than my Man and I think that is exactly what it should be. It took a decade to realize that though.

  163. I love him because in our marriage I have learned that the only person I can change is myself. And as I started working on my own brokenness, he has begun working on his brokenness. God took two broken souls, brought us together, and we discovered that the holes in our hearts could not be mended by one another, but that God does the inner healing work. He can do the impossible. After 32 years of marriage, God and the vows we have made to Him keep us together. It’s not always pretty, but it’s beautiful.

  164. I’ve been married for 31 years to my best friend…he makes me laugh, is a great husband and father. I already purchased and laughed my way through this book, but I would love to win the copies to share with friends. I can’t bear to give my copy away!!

  165. I LOVE my hubby because he stole my heart 15 years ago and still takes care of me better than I ever dreamed. Lucky girl here!!
    Definitely not perfect but it makes for lots of good laughs!

  166. I love my husband of 33 years for being kind about my struggle with my weight. And when I start a new diet/eating plan … whatever, he has never, ever made a smart aleck comment or rolled his eyes or said anything to mock me. I really love him for that.

  167. Your article was soooo very encouraging. With the decline of morals and the willingness to walk through discomfort in this world, sometimes life feels so hopeless. I want to encourage my kids to choose marriage. Yes, it is hard, but there are so many blessings that come with it; just like having children. My husband is the kindest, gentlest man I know. He is a strong encourager! My life has been better with him in it. 🙂

  168. I love him because, despite his gruffiness, he has a kind heart, makes me laugh and is the most amazing dad to our little girl.

  169. My favorite part about my relationship with my husband is that I’m always safe with him. He loves me and shelters me no matter what. Plus, he always makes a point to tell me how he’s attracted to me – even though I weight lots more than when we married, and as a stay at home mom I don’t always take the time to look my best. He loves me for me. It’s so easy to respect and partner with a man who really loves you!

  170. Long story short, my husband had to be a stay-at-home-dad for a couple years for our family. Because of that, he really does understand the tough job I have of being a SAHM. I love that he is always willing to give me “me” time if I really need it, even though I’m sure he’d prefer to have it himself at times. He has grown over the past 5 years to be super sensitive to my emotional well-being especially in this area and I love him for that.

  171. I love my husband for the friend he is and has been to me. A loyal, faithful friend even when I’ve pulled my heart away in distrust, lost sight of joy, fun and friendship, been extremely hard to love, lost my health, etx. He fights for us and our girls. I love that he is a man of integrity and believes God is redeeming us through our marraige, no matter how hard it gets at times.

  172. After a horrible marriage that ended in divorce. But actually blessed me with the most precious gift, my Daughter. I was blessed to meet my Fiancé’ Tim. It’s taken a long time for me to learn to trust and be able to open my heart to Love someone again. I still have my days. Those days where your past come back to remind you of your insecurities and doubts. But he’s stood by me through it all. The up’s, the down’s and some of the best days of my life. I want this marriage to work more than just for me. But for my Daughter too. Who has grown to love him like a Father. I always feel like I’m the one getting the better end of the deal. He’s an amazing man. Like no other I’ve ever known and I’m blessed to call him mine.

  173. I love my husband because he makes the choice to love me every single day. He is an amazing father and spiritual leader that loves me like Christ loves the church.

  174. Wow! What an amazing piece of writing. We all have our stories – and I’ve recently learned that telling our stories brings healing – not only for the storyteller, but for the listener as well. Not a day goes by that I don’t read stuff on this website and go – holy smokes – they’re talking to me. My husband and I have been married for 17 years and together for 22. Over the past year and a half things have been less than easy. My husband is a recovering alcoholic. A month ago, we had some serious issues that caused me to literally collapse to the ground, crying out – “Heavenly Father, please tell me what to do!” Instantly, I heard a voice that said, “I’m with you. Don’t be afraid.” It was at that moment that I put my marriage in God’s hands. The first time in 17 years that I gave my marriage up to the Lord. I asked him to lead me on the right path – whichever path that may be. With the help of our 15 year old daughter (our darling facilitator), we have been reading the bible every night as a family. We are also seeing a therapist. This weekend was the first weekend in a month where things actually seemed to be turning around. And then today, I read your story. Ya know – it’s funny how sometimes you can pray for a sign from God and he doesn’t speak to you in a tiny whisper, but rather slaps you right up-side the head. This story was my slap. You ask why I love my husband. I love him because we too have grown up together (I was 18 when we started dating). I love him for his sense of humor and his determination. I love, that although he has faults, he is willing to give 110% to change. I love that he is patient as we work through our brokenness and heal our relationship. I love that he is more of a man of God today than he was 22 years ago. And, I love that no matter what happens, God keeps pulling us closer and closer together.

  175. I love my husband for so many reasons. Since the day I first saw him in High School he has given me butterflies, and after 10 years they only seem to multiply. After he joined the Army, and we had to move to Alaska, we went through some pretty rough times, but he is my best friend, and there is no one else I would rather experience this adventure with! He has helped my faith grow deeper, and brought me closer to our Lord. God has truly chosen an amazing man for me to do life with, and I couldn’t be more thankful! 🙂

  176. I love my husband for his patience & willingness to work through my woundedness. Having grown up in a dysfunctional home where abuse was the norm, I came into our relationship ill-equipped to be a full partner. His commitment to me through good times & challenges, loving me for who I am–imperfections and all–shows his true character. He is a man of God, for God, and with God, and his relationship with God flows into how he handles his relationship with me. It is a gift and a blessing to be married to him.

  177. I love my husband because tomorrow it will be 25 years that he has shown me grace daily and always put the family’s needs before his own. He is such a godly husband and father.

  178. I love my husband because he’s faithful. Faithful to me. Faithful in going to a job he hates to provide for our family. Faithful in putting up with my many flaws. Faithful in leading our family. I definitely got the better end of the deal.

  179. I love my husband because he is willing to do whatever it takes to fight for our marriage. When he would deploy overseas he would literally wait for over an hour at the end of a long, exhausting day in a war zone just to talk to me sometimes for only 15 mins that were allowed. He wanted to make sure I (the one not in a war zone!) was ok. He did it every chance he got because he wanted to stay connected with me.. He wanted to fight for us even though he was busy & exhausted from fighting in a real war. These days the war is at home–struggling to stay connected with each other in the midst of parenting a child with special needs. No matter what situation life throws at us, he stands firms and holds my hand through it all.

  180. I love my husband’s heart as protector and provider for your family. His commitment to his role of husband and father to our family blesses me in ways he will never know.

  181. I love the way my husband reveals more of God’s love to me with each passing year of our lives together…his forgiveness and grace, the security and comfort of knowing he’s there. And I especially love that when I make mistakes – even big ones – he helps me laugh and see the silver linings rather than getting upset and making me feel worse!

  182. I love how he still looks cute – even when I’m mad at him. He is a dedicated dad to our boys and I am thankful to have him in my life!

  183. I love my husband because he “gets me” – at least most of the time! We share the same sense of humor – he can make me laugh out loud with just a look, with no one else knowing why I just erupted into fits of giggles. He love my family, and more importantly, they love him! We don’t live close to any of them but he always looks forward to spending time with my dad and uncle and that makes me happy! I grew up a daddy’s girl and found one with the same basic makeup – not exactly alike but my hubs shares some of the same character traits that I greatly respect & admire in my dad. He’s loyal, funny, responsible, and hardworking….I am one lucky girl! 🙂

  184. I love my husband because of all that he sacrifices for our family and because after 12 years I can still sit across from the table at him at lunch and one wink makes my heart skip a beat 😉

  185. He is my best friend. Even when I sometimes forget, he is still my best friend, his friendship IS worth fighting for and God will help me remember.

  186. My hubs is my BFF! He is the hardest working man I know, he’s loyal, dependable, just pretty much perfect. But, most of all…he loves me even when I am at my worst!

  187. I love my husband because he is who God blessed me with. He is truly amazing. He is the leader of our household and wants us to grow in the Lord. He is the best father to our kids. He is my helper around the house. He puts up with me!

  188. I love my husband because he is faithful, dedicated, supportive, honest, involved, fun and loving as a husband, father, and in the workplace.

  189. My husband becomes more interesting every year. I think that’s what I love most about him. I still don’t have him figured out. ;o) Even after ALL these years!

  190. My husband is my best friend, the best daddy, and he’s incredibly patient with me!

  191. I love my husband because when we are sharing food or a drink he always saves the last bite or sip for me.

  192. When we got married 37 years ago, we would tell each other we would love one another forever and a day and then some. No matter whether we are going through the valleys or the mountain tops he is there for me. I asked why he loved me and he said I just do, unconditionally. I know he wil be there with me through the joy and sorrows . He is my human rock that God has blessed me with.

  193. I love my husband because he is my best friend and he balances me. He knows how to make me laugh and not take things too seriously. He supports me in many ways and he always tells me he loves me.

  194. I love my husband as he is God’s gift to me. He continues to support me on my journey – especially when it gets really difficult. He is a wonderful father to our two children, and the backbone of our family. Without him I would be no where, he is exactly what I needed to walk in God’s Path (thanks God!).

  195. I love my husband because he never gives up even when I do. He teaches me to trust God and be thankful, to be able to love imperfect people, let go of perfection and enjoy the moment.

  196. I love my husband because for 27 years it still moves me to see him kneel and pray to God for me!

  197. I love my husband because after 31 years, he is still my best friend. He gives of himself 100% to me, to our grown children, and now to our beautiful grandies. He is kind, always considerate and such a good man. I’m a blessed woman!

  198. I love my husband because he is so persevering. Until recently it has been out of survival to escape how he grew up, but now it is a pererverance to run the race and to live out the things that God has called him to even when things are tough.

  199. I love my husband because he never gives up and never complains…no matter what life throws at him… And he still loves me through it all…even when I don’t deserve it…

  200. I love my husband because I can’t think of just one reason to love him. He makes me whip my head around over and over by challenging me and keeping me on my toes.

  201. Because he is a wonderful provider for our family in many, many ways beyond just the financial. My rock!

  202. I love my husband because of his priorities in life – God first, others second, and himself third. My husband earnestly and honestly hopes that EVERYONE (even those he does not like) will come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior and share in the gift of eternal life with Him in Heaven. He is studying at Denver Seminary right now, following the conviction God placed in his heart during junior high to serve Him in full-time ministry. We just got married nine months ago, and I am SO EXCITED for the adventure (with all of its ups and downs) that God has in store for us! God has taken us this far, and I know He will continue to sustain us!

  203. i love my husband with all my heart even on the days i cant stand him! Yesterday we anknowledged our dating anniversary of 19 years, although our marriage is only 8 years young. More than half mylife has now been spent together with him, with our love for each other, our children, our ups and our downs, it isnt easy, some days i reflect back and wonder what if i had taken a different road/path in life, but i know that God has me on the one i am meant to be on, and that i wouldnt want to spend my life with anyone else, we love each other inspite of all our faults and hurts and thats what makes it a real love story, that we can find the forgiveness in ourselves to keep on trying and to actively love each other

  204. I love my husband for loving me so well as a new mommy. I love him for staying up with me until 2 am last night trying to reassure me that he does in fact love me and our new baby, even if we both cry a lot these days.

  205. I love my hubby because he truly has a servant’s heart. He will do anything for me anytime I ask him and he (almost) never complains about it. I also love him because he’s a techy and can fix all my computer issues! 😉

  206. One of the reasons I love my husband is because of the spontaneity he brings to my life 🙂

  207. One reason I love my husband is that he has always told me that he thinks I am beautiful. This is through almost 27 years of marriage and several different clothing sizes.

  208. Oh my, let me count the ways! I love him for little things like taking the garbage out and doing taxes and taking care of our cars and for big things, like his patience with me and his unconditional acceptance of who I am!

  209. I love my husband because he loves to give gifts. He has never forgotten my birthday or our anniversary in 53 years of marriage. He will be 77 years old tomorrow and now he is much more fragile than when we first met, but I love him still.

  210. I love my husband of 25 years because he has shown me what grace, forgiveness and love are, and because he has always, yes, always! been willing to work out the hard stuff that feels horrible and makes us cry…but willing to work it through. I love him more now than ever.

  211. I love my husband because you can always count on him to do the right thing. Or course, not always in the exact (right) order and timing I would do it, but he is here with me doing the daily hard and wonderful thing called life.

  212. I love my husband because he calms my “crazy.” I can be so stubborn sometimes and just shut down when my feelings get hurt, and he comes to me over and over trying to open me up, reminding me he loves me, and that he wants to understand why I was hurt. I can so easily get upset at the littlest thing, but he loves me anyway and reminds me why we have to fight for our love. There are so many more reasons, but that’s been a big one recently!

  213. he is one who made me understand how beautiful I really am, that the way God made my body is nothing to be ashamed of and to embrace it – so many other reasons, but that right there is a HUGE one!!!

  214. I love my husband because he’s learning to speak “my” language. He does the dishes every night (holdover from when my pregnant with twins belly wouldn’t let me reach the sink) and makes the kids breakfast every morning before school so I can sleep in just a little longer. 🙂

  215. I love my husband because he hasn’t killed me in my sleep, even though I deserve it most days.

  216. My Joe is the most wonderful compassionate loving caring and giving man I have ever known! He makes me laugh on a moment to moment basis! There is nothing we can’t talk about or say to each other! He is my long lost best friend that I’ve finally found! He pampers me with his cooking and cleaning because he says, “I get home first” We have just had our first anniversary and I feel as if I’ve always been with him! The love grows daily! We are also growing together in Christ!

    And I’d love to read your book!

  217. I love my husband. That’s it. Made a commitment for a lifetime to do it, a covenant before God. He doesn’t need to do a thing for this. What drew me to him initially was his wonderful sense of humor and his pursuit of God.

  218. I love my husband because he loves the Lord first and because he simply adores me despite all my imperfections. He is the bestest husband ever!

  219. I love my husband of 45 years because he keeps growing and changing and becoming more like Jesus. He fell in love with ministering in Africa in his sixties. He works hard at preaching, teaching, and caring for our family. He loves people and asks them to tell him their stories, then prays for them faithfully. He reads the word and prays with me every morning over coffee. Do we drive each other crazy sometimes? Absolutely! Are we different? You know it! But is the fight for a good marriage worth it? Yes and amen!

  220. I love my husband because he has been through so much with me, the happy times and the not so happy times. Moment by moment we go together.

  221. My husband is the most honest, God fearing man I have ever know…I am a better person because of him! Sometimes because I have had to learn patience with him but mostly because he is such a good man!

  222. I love my husband because he is more than I ever dreamed off, more than I deserve, and he is the answer to my prayers.

  223. I love my husband because he loves God, he loves me, he loves our daughters, and he loves our neighbors – he is a man of integrity (in fact, he taught me the meaning of that word) and, though certainly not a saint, he’s my soulmate!

  224. I love my husband because he takes care of me and he knows what I need even before I do sometimes.

  225. After almost 35 years of marriage, I still love my husband who is my high school sweetheart. He is such a strong spiritual leader in our home. And he is a wonderful father to our two grown children who both consider him to be one of their very best friends. I never have to doubt whether he loves me. We’ve been through some hard times together, but we will always be together. And I will always love him!

  226. I love my husband because he shows me grace daily, makes me laugh til I cry, and loves me in the sweetest of ways. Despite our differences in opinions, habits, and quirks, we choose each other everyday. I’m so thankful for him!

  227. I love my husband because he is a Godly leader, a servant with an unselfish heart, a giver, an amazing father, and my best friend and soulmate.

  228. I love my husband because he encourages me to pursue activities that I am interested in. And because he gives me what I call a ‘love pat’ on my booty almost everyday! 🙂

  229. I love my husband because he’s everything that I’m not – particularly, an excellent cook! (The best breakfasts-in-bed in our home are made by him 🙂

  230. I love my husband because he loved me so well and so much that if I wasn’t sure of anything else… I could count on that. He brought me coffee every morning, mainly to get me up and out of bed on time for work. Given that I wasn’t always the easiest person to live with at the end of the day, he never said a word. He always gave me that 10 minutes of quiet time I so need to relax , handing me that cup of coffee, saying sit. When we moved to our farm, we lived a wonderful simple life together. Two people working a farm is work, real work.. but we so loved it… Next month he will be gone 15 years. He died there, on our farm, our dream realized. Too young, too sudden, too much love. But he was truly a gift from God for me. I cared for him at home. And the love between us became even deeper and tighter, knowing too, that you have to let go.. but really you’re only letting go of that physical presence. I still love him to this day. That will never change for me. And I know what it’s like to be truly deeply loved unconditionally, the way the Father loves us, for I was the same way. I miss him.,

  231. I would love to win these books to read and to share.

    I’m not married. Sure would love to be. Not giving up on my dream. God knows. He sees me. He cares.

  232. I love my husband because, at age 52 and 20 years of marriage, he still makes me feel beautiful.

  233. He’s stayed. My husband has stayed. When no one else has. Even though he’s certainly seen the worst of me, and the best is yet to come….

    I’m in awe this God fearing, kind, generous, hard working, and sincere man, who is ever in pursuit of peace, chose me, and chooses life with me till Jesus calls us home.

    In awe….

  234. I love my husband because he never lets a day go by for letting me know how much he loves me, even those days when we might not be getting along as well.

  235. My husband is my best friend. He still makes me laugh after all these years. I love that some of the best date nights we have are spent at home eating take out on the couch and talking.

  236. My husband is so thoughtful, kind, and humble. He encourages me to strive to be those things, too, just by living them out before me every day. He is truly a servant leader. And he makes me laugh. 🙂

  237. Although the road has been bumpy, he is still my best friend, and a wonderful provider for our family.

  238. I love my husband because he is my friend. He gets me, he knows what makes me laugh or drives me nuts. He has loved me through my craziness and my worst, he knows all my hidden secrets and fears and ugliness….and loves me anyways. We enjoy life together, everything is better when he’s apart of it. I love how he takes care of me and our boys in a million little ways. I have even grown to love the fact he will tell me what I need to hear,not just what I want to hear. He really is my truest friend and the love of my life. So blessed that we get to do this thing called life together . He’s God’s gift to me.

  239. My husband is so tolerant of all my animals. Even when he has had it with them, he knows how important they are to me. Which means he is so very important to me. We have conquered a lot of huddles in 33 years of marriage.

  240. I love that my husband recognizes when I’ve had a rough day. Sometimes it’s flowers, sometimes it’s just letting me watch what I want to on TV that night. 🙂

  241. I love my husband because he makes me smile. Even when he won’t pick up the half eaten dead bird on the patio or wants to watch golf all day. He can still make me smile when he plays with our boys or just gives me that look.

  242. I love my husband because he chooses to love me…and he plans amazing date nights with me! Nearly every month for the last 10 years, even through moving twice and having 4 kids!

  243. I love my husband for being the gentle balance that I need. It seems at times that we are complete opposites and yet that is exactly what each of us needs sometimes.

  244. I love my husband because he works so hard for our family and always has. Also, he’s not very “romantic” but the times he is are times I treasure.

  245. the start of our kind of love started out with eyes locking…and electrical shocks when our hands touched…it was all wine and roses….with poetry and long night phone calls….marriage that seemed to be the answer to each of our prayers…we are in now in our 70 ‘s and there isn’t too many things we have not experienced together….some are so joyful and give more pleasure to remember what we did, how we did it, and the memories we made in a joyful state…other time it was sadder then sad…disappointment in each other, regrouping and renewing the feelings we almost forgot about….but we made a promise to each other that in our 90’s we would be rocking in side by side rocking chairs and still holding hands…hand holding has been one of the things that over the years that has worked for us and seen us through all the rough times….the loving, good times…our hand intertwined like our love…sometime letting go but always something to hold on too, grabbing a hold of in wanting to be joined back/still forever….words of I love you starts our day and ends with our nights….in all our years together, we kiss good by…good nights…waking up….coming in, back to each other when we both have been away on an adventure….we eat together and hold hands when we pray together thanking Jehovah God for our food….we pray at night together as we sleep next to each other…loving to hear each other breathing in slow rhythm that we have shared for a lifetime….there is no longer places we go alone…we have grown to become partners at a level that we very seldom go our separate ways…we know time is short for us and we want to be what we both know, together when a time comes that life end for one or the other of us…..we are reflections…of our love….now and forever more…..

  246. God brought us toether.It was a second marriage for both of us.God knew we each needed to be loved for who we are not what was wanted from us.
    My husband doesn’t always know how to speak love words like women want to hear but speaks with actions that shout loudly of his love.Even when I haven’t always been the easy one to be around,he was there. I am learning from God how to appreciate and love him more and more.we have been married for 24 years and I thank God for my husband.
    I would like to win your book but if not,hope to find and read it anyway.

  247. I love that my husband cares so deeply about the things that bring him joy. He is passionate in his work and as sweet as can be at home. Also, he loves the same weird foods as me.

  248. I am so grateful to my husband for his companionship and that we can serve God better together then we can apart!!

  249. I love my husband because he is one of the most merciful and forgiving men I know. He is a hard worker and loves his family. He is a great husband and father. And, he puts up with me! 🙂

  250. There are countless reasons why I love my husband. I find a new one almost every day. One of the biggest reasons is how he provides and cares for our family. We made the decision a few years ago that I would quit my job and stay at home to raise our kids. He’s been winning all the bread ever since. He never complains, never tires, and is always looking for more ways to help our family financially.
    Right alongside that reason is another — he gives SO much of himself. His time. His energy. Not just to our family, but to anyone who needs help. My hubby is always one of the first to offer assistance to anyone in need.

  251. My husband wakes up early every morning to fix our daughter’s lunch and to pour my water and sweet tea for the day before I head to work. One of the many reasons why I love him.

  252. I’m getting married in June. I’m happy, excited, and TERRIFIED all at the same time. I would be completely naive to think it’s going to be sunshine and rainbows. It won’t be.. We are BOTH sinners and I could use this book!

    Why I love him? For his unconditional love he gives me.. Even when I don’t deserve it. And the light and laughter and weirdness he brings into my life.

  253. I love my husband because it was he that introduced me to the church and taught me about salvation and God. He puts God first and leads our family …… and he never returns home without a surprise for both the kiddos and me. So blessed.

  254. One reason I love my husband is because he makes it clear how committed he is to me and our kids. He works hard and has always been supportive of my role as a stay at home and homeschooling mom. He makes me laugh pretty much every day.

  255. I love my husband because he is an encourager [(in)courager]. I often lack self-confidence, but he is always positive that I CAN do it, no matter what I am tackling. He understands where my lack self-confidence originates (years of put-downs by someone who was significant in my life), so he is most willing to give me encouragement. 🙂

  256. through the ups and the downs of life, Tom is my constant. we laugh at things other people would find absolutely ridiculous, we cry at the same spot in movies (well, I cry more than him but when he cries, I’m right there with him….), he knows me and gets me in spite of my faults and shortcomings. i can depend on him. he loves well.


  258. I remember listening to my now-husband, before I even knew him, telling jokes and I was THAT girl laughing when I wasn’t even close to remotely being invited into the conversation! It still, to this day, is the laughter and joy he brings to our family that makes me love him so very much. I love how much he loves our babies, and how they bring tears to his eyes – a big 6’3″ hunk of a man will tear up – and I just feel so blessed by our Lord to share this life together.

  259. I love the dad my husband has become. He can make my boys giggle nonstop as they create crazy, imaginary stories together.

  260. I love my husband because he balances me out. He is stronger in areas that I’m not and vice versa.

  261. Love my husband because 30 years into this marriage I know I got the better end of the deal. Every day brings challenges, but there’s no one I’d rather do this with.

  262. This morning I’m so thankful for the way my husband sees and accepts the real me. He loves me with all of my brokenness, fear, and sin.

  263. Friday my husband & I are celebrating our 16 anniversary. I fell in love with him because he was the man I had prayed for during my nightly prayers. He is a man after God’s own heart. He is honest, trustworthy, has the utmost integrity & knows how to encourage me to be a better person. We may not always agree on everything but there is nothing that will cause us to turn our back on each other. He is my best friend! ~Mary

  264. I love my husband because he is mine. The one person who gets me… Sees me in the good, bad and ugly and still loves me!

  265. I love my husband because he is kind, patient, and a loving father. He also saved my life last night by performing the Heimlich maneuver.

  266. I love my husband because he truly is my better half. In this current season of our life I’m going to work to pay the bills. Meanwhile he’s home, going to school, taking care of making sure the bathroom is clean and cooking dinner for me more nights than I cook for him. Yet somehow it seems perfectly normal for us.

  267. One reason I love my husband is he still rocks! We have been married going on 31 years with two beautiful wonderful daughters. Marriage is hard and great most of the time! I would love to read your book and have my daughters read it, too!

  268. I love my husband because despite the fact that I can’t put the toilet paper on the holder correctly or forget almost everything he tells me to do, He still shows me Christs intimate and passionate love for me every single day!

  269. We were high school sweethearts. I fell in love with my husband because he was tall, dark & handsome and he could dunk a basketball. Even though he can’t dunk a basketball anymore…. & would probably throw his back out trying… after 20 years, he’s turned into my best friend, my lover, my creative business partner, and the most loving Daddy to our 3 daughters. I wouldn’t want to live on this earth without him.

  270. I love my husband for a billion reasons. Mostly, he is patient with me and my weird requests. He’s a night owl and likes to watch TV a bit later than I care to stay awake. So now, when I go to bed, he “tucks me in”. It’s such a small and easy gesture. But he humors me, and I think he knows that I love that it’s so corny and he does it anyway.

  271. I love my husband because he really understands the craziness of our life as we parent our children, especially our son with behavioral and psychiatric problems. Nobody else gets it like he does.

  272. I love my husband dearly!! He gives so much of himself daily to our family and to me. We have had several tragedies in our family in the last three years tgat have left me either emotionally or physically unable to care for my family as I should and he just picks up the slack without ever complaining. He is a gem!

  273. I love my husband because he’s patient with me and my slow learning of what marriage is and could be.

  274. I love my husband because he is truly my polar opposite. Where I am uptight and stressed, he is my “let it go” side. And he always knows how to make me laugh. Plus, I still get goosebumps when he winks at me from across the room.

  275. I love my husband because he works hard to provide for our family. He is an amazon daddy to our two boys. He loves people and The Lord with all of his heart. He is not afrai to make mistakes and is so willing to share his testimony with others to help them through similar struggles. I am so thankful for him!

  276. I love so many things about my hubby, I can’t even list them all here. He loves God and he loves me. I get to experience just a hint of God’s love with my hubby. 29 years of marriage and I can’t even believe it! We always have something to learn and grow thru, I’d love to win a copy of your book!

  277. I love my husband because he continues to live his life giving evidence to answering my prayer to grow closer to Christ. My husband is faithful,steady and strong and he always provides. This makes me love our Lord more as I know we are on our way to Him. I do well when I share his strengths to others.

  278. I love my husband for so very many reasons, not the least of which is that he continues to love me day after day no matter what decisions I have made that day and no matter how poorly I am loving him.

  279. I love my husband because he is the fun in our family. Without him our home would be boring and lifeless.

  280. 30 years ago God sent my “kinsman redeemer” and he’s still here. That’s why.

  281. I love my husband despite how different we are in our outlook. He has made me realize I need him to be complete…to rub the rough edges off of my personality in order that I might be perfected for God’s glory.

  282. Scott is a part of the cloth, when woven together, that makes me me! He is my best friend for life, and I feel so blessed that God has given us to each other to discover this world together and do what we call life as one.

  283. I love my husband of forty years because in addition to being the man I married he became so much more! He became who God wanted him to be and not what I wanted him to be. He had the courage to fight for our marriage, even though he didn’t understand why we had to work so hard at times and even when he had to stand up to me to do it! He has loved me through so many seasons of life that I forget what life is without him and never want to experience it without him again. He has taught me what grace looks like and without realizing it has helped God grow me in grace in so many ways.

  284. He let’s me cry for no reason when I just need to get it out, hugs me, and tells me it’s all going to work out. And I have a deer not an antelope in my living room. 🙂

  285. Why I love my husband…

    I just do. I was made to love him. To be his high school sweetheart. His college love. His wife. The mother of his 3 babies. His support. His wife. I love him, his people, our people, our life that God has blessed us with. I just do.


  286. I love my husband because I CHOOSE to love him. Every day is a choice to love him or not to love him, and I choose to love him. He makes me laugh more than anyone else. He is the best father to our two girls and is a great leader for our family.

  287. I love who my husband strives to be everyday. He wants to be better, love better, and give more of himself every single day. There has been a lot of pain in our past, but day by day with God by our side we have been able to fill in the broken pieces with something, a love, more amazing and new. Something I didn’t think was possible. I love what God has done in his life!

  288. UGHHHHH! This post really HIT HOME! I have always said since my divorce that a relationship takes work this just proves that relationships throughout life take work, time, and GOD! I am currently dating the man I will marry one day. He is the light of my life. He is such a loving man and has every quality in a man I prayed for after my divorce.

  289. I love my husband because he broke our lives wide open and is now humbled enough to walk through the broken pieces of our altered ideas and decided to throw off his fear of being raised quiet and say why he wants to be a family with me. And also, he still leaves me that much flushed.

  290. I got married nearly a year ago, and we have already hit some bumps in the road. One of the beautiful things in our marriage is that before we even started dating(we were good friends), We knew that if we got into a relationship, it would be forever after, because we didn’t want any thing else. We both wanted real commitment. I can see what huge value that was for us when we got married and met a storm around us that effected our marriage. We were prepared that there wouldn’t be pink clouds forever.

    What I really love about my husband(however annoying it might be at times) is that He never looses faith in God. If God has promised something, and I start doubting, my husband says,”But God has said…”. No matter what I say, I only end up being reminded of Gods word, because of my husbands steadfast faith! That is so valuable to me, and is more that I have ever dreamed of in a man!

  291. I feel in love with my husband’s sense of humor many years ago, and today that still delights me like it did the day we met. He is funny. And life can be way too serious, I need that laughter.

    And now, I’m overjoyed that he’s passed his stellar sense of humor onto our children, consequently there is never a dull moment in our house.

  292. My husband doesn’t always feel his worth, but I love him because he takes care of me – and the family in ways I never imagined.

  293. There are so many reasons! A quick few…he loves our kiddos and pretty much will be the dad at any gathering that is having fun with all the kiddos. He loves the Lord. He loves to shop. I hate shopping, so it worked out that he does the grocery shopping and all our clothes. I am not good about making sure to get a deal, etc., so it just drives me crazy. Super thankful he does it for us!

  294. My husband is the most forgiving, grace-filled man ever…
    what an amazing gift he is!!

  295. I love my hubby! I love how he works so hard to support our family, how he cooks all our meals, and still loves to make time for our baby girl!!

  296. I love my husband for taking such good care of us, making me laugh, and loving me through my crazy.

  297. I love the guy because he took a chance at a new life, graduating with a teaching certificate at the age of 55. He’s a hard worker!

  298. I Love my husband for so many reasons it’s hard to know where to even begin. Over the course of the ten years we’ve been married God has moved in so many ways in our marriage. My husband, the quiet one, known for his one liners, has shown his strength in a season where I was broken to the core and God used him to carry me and to be strong when I couldn’t. This man makes me laugh at a moment notice and also can make me want to scream when he still doesn’t remove his belt from his pants at the end of the day. He has the patience of a saint and is the best daddy I could ever ask for our children. Marriage is hard but it’s so worth fighting for especially when you have a man like my husband standing by your side. I am humbled that God brought him into my life. I wish I had a stronger word for my love.

  299. My sweet husband is such a good dad to 3 teenage girls. They can’t wait to show him the latest fashion trends and he really pays attention! Love him!!

  300. I love my husband because he makes me laugh and drives me crazy all at the same time! We are going on 29 years!!

  301. The plan would be to give the book to my daughter and son-in-law
    for their first anniversary gift.
    (neat idea, huh!)

  302. He is the only one I know who thinks outside and lets me think outside the box in all aspects of life.

  303. I love my husband because he is faithful, loyal, hard-working and has the patience of a saint!

  304. The first time that I met my now-husband, I knew that I was going to marry him. 30 years and four adult children later, we are still in love. Thanks for the chance to win!

  305. This Saturday is our 28th anniversary, and I love that my husband still makes me laugh, and still makes me feel beautiful 🙂

  306. My husband is so thoughtful and patient and loving. I am so thankful for his ability to even me out!!!

  307. Nat and I have been married almost 15 years. The thing I love most about my best friend is his growing love for our Savior. I am so proud of him and his obedience to follow the Lord.

  308. I love him because I tend to be serious and he makes me burst out laughing. P.S. I downloaded your book on my daughter’s Kindle and laughed myself silly. But i’d love a “real” copy, too!

  309. I love my husband because he is my soul mate and the best person I know. He was my rock after my 5 miscarriages and the best cheer leader when I finally got pregnant and stayed pregnant with our daughter. I can’t say enough wonderful things about him!!!

  310. I love my husband because he accepts my issues and does his best to look past them. He makes me feel loved at all times which in-turn creates peace and security in our marriage.

  311. I love my husband because he is always there for me, still makes me laugh after 35 years of marriage and is my best friend!

  312. I love my husband because I have given him hundreds of reasons NOT to love me, and he does anyway. He has more integrity than any person I have ever known.

  313. After 34 years of marriage, there are still many reasons I love my husband, but here’s just one: He’s been designing our little dream home for literally a year, trying to shrink it down to size and make it perfect with just what we need and nothing more.

  314. While he’s not romantic in the least, he’s in it for life, and has shown me that he’ll put up with the “worse” as well as the better. He’s my male nurse hero in the “sickness” times when I need him to help me shower or wake me to take my pain meds after surgery. He’s willing to put up with my family. He listens. He provides. He’s mine, given by the Almighty. What a gift of almost 28 years!

  315. There are so many reasons why I love my husband it is hard to pick just one. I was blessed with someone that fits me better than I ever dreamed of or prayed for. He makes me laugh harder than anyone else, puts up with my flaws and idiosyncrasies, has helped me through the loss of my parents and puts me first above all else. He makes me a better person and I pray daily that I bless him as he does me.

  316. One of the reasons I love my husband is because he loves to cook and he’s awesome at it! That man can grill like no one’s business. And it’s not that I don’t like to cook, but why mess with a good thing.

  317. I love my husband because he’s a Godly man of character who makes me feel like the most special woman in the whole world.

  318. He’s my best friend! And I love his passion for good cattle – he is a rancher and his eyes light up when talking about certain cows…

  319. Rich has displayed to me a quiet resolve, kind and giving spirit, and the face of Jesus more times in the last 26.5 years, than I could count. He also drives me nuts with little annoying habits and comments. I attempt (when I am conscience of it), to show respect, unconditional love and affirmation to him. It is hard sometimes, but I am reminded of how I am loved by my heavenly Father. Rich is my knight in shining armor, an incredible father, faithful friend and I am so blessed to call him my husband.

  320. I love my husband for many reasons, but today because he’s a hard worker and rarely complains of working long hours to support our family.

  321. I love my husband because I know without a doubt that if I need him, he will be there for me, sometimes to do things that I know that he really doesn’t want to do, but he does it for me. And after 35 years, he can aggravate me quicker than anyone, but he also still surprises me with what he does.

  322. When I’m hurt or happy, when I need help or advice, it’s my husband that I want to run to. He is my rock when I need him to be my rock and my soft place to land when I fall. He knows when to back off and when to step up. He makes me laugh ’til I cry and can communicate to me from across a room with just an eyebrow raise. I sure got the better end of this 23 year (and counting!) deal!

  323. My husband has shown me what it looks like to truly love and follow Christ. He is more than I deserve and more than I could have ever dreamed of.

  324. We will be celebrating 20 years of marriage in June and I can honestly say that I love him more today than I did when I married him. I am so thankful to have a husband who loves the Lord with all his heart and who prays for me everyday. I am truly blessed!

  325. How do I love my husband? Let me count the ways:) he is always there for me, especially recently he has been so sweet and understanding. We are in that crazy stage of raising 3 littles and when he is home from work he’ll bring me breakfast in bed with the perfect cup of coffee… And gets the kids ready for the day. Nothing says love like a diapers change;)

  326. I love my husband because he is everything I am not! Anniversary #18 is coming up in a few months and I wouldn’t have wanted to spend these years with anyone else but him!

  327. I love my husband because he can drive me to the brink of insanity one minute and make me weak in the knees the next. And he makes a killer grilled cheese.

  328. I love my husband because he loves Jesus more than he loves me. I love him because he anticipates my needs. I love him because he is a wonderful father to my children. I love him because he is a leader and role model as a school teacher. He is my hero!

  329. My husband is my biggest encourager, he has faith in my abilities beyond anything else.

  330. I love my husband because he stands by me as we face the challenges of military life together. The frequent moves, my searching for a new job at each new location, the joy of meeting new friends and saying goodbye to “old” ones – the challenges are endless. Through it all, he loves me, understands me and finds new ways to make me smile every day.

  331. I love my husband for many reasons, but a big standout reason is because in 2009 and 2010 I was suffering from severe depression and a variety of physical (at that time undiagnosed) ailments. I was not very loveable. John never gave up- he prayed for me, he prayed with me, and he spent countless hours on the Internet researching possible solutions. He was the first person to model for me, up close and personal, what God’s unconditional love for me looks like.

  332. One of my favorite/least favorite things about my husband is his SLOW AND THOROUGH decision making process. I love him for it now, though, because I have learned that he examines every possibility for twenty years down the road before taking the first step. Makes me feel safe and confident whenever we FINALLY get around to doing whatever it is that we’re doing. Even if it’s just buying ketchup. 😉

  333. I love my husband because . . . along with all of the other reasons he loves me. I know that I am not always an easy person to love, I have a habit of pushing the people I love the most away. I never think I deserve to have them, or they say or do something (most of the time unknowingly) that hurts my feelings, and I don’t want to confront them so I give up. But NO MATTER what my wonderful husband, Brad, LOVES ME!!

  334. Terry and I married when I was 19 and he was 28. He has helped me grow up. We have also grown together through the past 18 years. God has blessed us.

  335. I love my husband because of his patience, humor, and most of all because of the way he loves our son! I couldn’t ask for a better partner in life and dad for my child. I’m so glad he chose me to share his life with, even if it’s not always easy.

  336. My husband is steady. Faithful. Unwavering in his love for Jesus and our family. Can’t beat it.

  337. I love my husband for 1000s of reasons, but recently I’m especially thankful because when I lament that I’m not getting anything done (with a 3 month old), he says, “Yes, you are. You’re raising a boy with an eternal soul.”

  338. I love my husband for his complete kindness, his faithfulness to the Lord and his family. I love him because he is so hopeful, so dear and still pursues me. I don’t deserve him one little bit, but I’m so very grateful he’s mine!

  339. I love my husband, we are coming up on 12 years and still call each other by our nicknames Sweet Boy and Sweet Girl…we balance each other.

  340. We’re going on 26 years of marriage and it doesn’t feel like 🙂 We laugh and cry together and finish each others thoughts – sometimes that makes him crazy, especially when I don’t give him the chance to speak!

  341. I love my husband because he goes the extra mile for me and the for the kids. He sees things that need to be done and he just does them. I have gotten the best end of the deal for the last 32 years.

  342. I love my husband because he makes me feel like no one else does. He makes me feel like I am the most beautiful and important person in this world. He is my rock. He is the best daddy to our two beautiful children. He makes my life more fun!

  343. I love my husband for standing by me and caring for my needs while I was sick for a year.

  344. I love my husband because he makes me laugh every day. He aggravates me a lot and we don’t always see eye to eye but I love him and thank the Lord for Him!

  345. I love my husband because he leaves pop hidden for me in the basement fridge….so the kids dont know it’s there and because he knows I’ll want one, even when I tell him to take them all.

  346. I love my husband for countless reasons, but he has helped me increase my love of the Lord and my understanding of His word more than anyone. This is a blessing to me. Despite my many imperfections, he shows me grace.

  347. We married (first time for both) at 33 & 36. Let me tell you something: when you wait that long for your husband – and you wanted to get married at 23 – you are just plain grateful. And when God lets you see WHY He made you wait – so that you could marry a godly, handsome, gentle and funny man – you STAY grateful. I hope I stay grateful for the rest of my life.

  348. I love my husband for a lot of reasons that I tend to forget on tough days. Today I’m reminding myself that I love him because through all the changes in me since we got married (physical, emotional, etc) he has never wavered – I know he loves me with all of his heart.

  349. My husband is so kind and patient. Those are a couple of my favorite things about him.


  351. I love my husband for so many reasons, but recently I’ve mostly been over-the-top thankful for his patience, slow-to-anger-ness, hilarious sense of humor, and selflessness. I definitely got the better end of the deal on this one, and I’m forever grateful to the Lord!

  352. I love my husband because he constantly shows me how to love. Even at his lowest moments (like losing his job a few months ago) he spent his last ten dollars on a stranger who needed food. He arranges bags of essential items like toothpaste, protein bars, blankets and gloves for the homeless, and he’ll go out of his way to help a stay animal find it’s way home.

  353. I love my husband because he takes such good care of me and knows how to make me laugh even when I don’t want to. 🙂

  354. I love my husband because his heart for The Lord encourages me daily. And he’s pretty stinkin’ hilarious, to boot! 😉

  355. I love my husband for so many reasons. But just to name a few; I love him becuase he adores our children and is the most amazing father. I love him becuase he makes me feel safe. I know he always has my back and will always be there when i need him.

  356. I love my husband because he keeps trying at our marriage even when we don’t like each other.

  357. I don’t think I show my love for my Husband as much as I should. Throw in 3 boys to take care of and I focus on the madness instead of the peace that my Husband brings me. I need to do this more.

  358. I could go on for days with all the reasons I love my husband but I will sum it up by saying he is the sum total of our marriage vows plus very funny, hard working, very intelligent & creative, we have nicknamed him Mikeguyver cuz he can fix anything, he is compassionate, and shares my family values, and he is a wonderful dad!! God blessed me with him in so many ways!!

  359. I love my husband because he’s compassionate, hard-working, lovable, and just plain funny!

  360. My husband is possibly the most patient man I know. I am difficult on my best days and sometimes unimaginable on others. He has his ups and downs, but he is always kind and gentle with me. Even when I’m at my worst.

  361. I love my husband because he sees marriage as team effort. We’re one another’s best friends and we work out disagreements with respect and love. I’m so blessed!

  362. I love my husband for his patience and gentleness. We’re on the same team and he always has my back.

  363. I love my husband because we each prayed for a Christian mat e and knew when we met that this was the one God had chosen for us. We are best friends and love all the time we have to spend with each other. We look at each day as if we just met. We have our ups and downs but in the end we are still in love and very Blessed

  364. I love my husband because he puts up with my pregnant hormonal self these days. 🙂 Of course there are many other reasons. But that’s the first that comes to mind these days.

  365. I love my husband because of his giving heart. He is always giving of himself for others. That can be with family, his job, or his church he’s always willing to do and do for others!

  366. My husband has become my rock so many times over in the 17 yrs we’ve been married. He has proven time & time again that he is here for me through sickness & in health. When most spouses may become overwhelmed & walk out the door, mine chose to stay, care for our 3 girls and gramma, take a 3 month leave from work to care for me day & night. Crazy times test those that we love. Mine unfortunately had to go through ‘sickness’ times more times that I could ever want. In the end, it is he who has chosen me. I’m the lucky one.

  367. I’ve never loved my husband more than this past year as we have battled my stage 4 cancer together. In the middle of one particular night I awoke to find him kneeling beside me at the bedside and praying for me. Not only did that act boost my own faith. It also melted my heart.

  368. I love my husband for his strength, his character, his faith, his charm…and because he makes me laugh until I cry!

  369. I love my husband because I choose to and God enables me to do so. I love my husband because he faithfully takes care of me every day. I love my husband because he has stuck by my side through almost 10 years of being disabled and home-bound. I love my husband because he chose to love me and marry me knowing that I was sick and would likely get sicker.

  370. I love my husband for being such a good daddy, but I first fell in love with him because of his love for the Lord. His life showed it.

  371. I love my husband because he has made himself my safe place to fall. I can always find comfort and acceptance in his arms.

  372. I love my husband bc even at my worst he sees my best. He encourages me, doesnt judge and lets me be me. He is a blessing to me and our 2yr old daughter. I have had a difficult time transitioning to Motherhood yet he says im the best. Thank you for this exercise. I need to tell him this. I dont often enough.

  373. I love my husband because, even at my worst, he still loves me. Even on my fiercest days, he can laugh at me, grin, and love me even more.

  374. I love my husband because, even after 31 years, we can talk for hours. He believes in “to love and to cherish…” and I am so thankful for him.

  375. I love my husband because he is kind and generous. We will celebrate 20 years in June and it has been a difficult few years. Love never fails.

  376. I love my husband because he will say “I’m sorry” and also “I forgive you”

  377. I don’t have a husband, yet, but I have a fiancé and I love him because through his bouts of depression, he puts others before himself, even when he is having a not-so-good mental day.

  378. I love my husband because he somehow finds good in me on days when there really isn’t any there. He also lets me ramble on and on about nothing!

  379. I fell in love with my husband because he loves Jesus so much. He is hilarious, a great leader, and a cutie 🙂

  380. I love my husband because he is a Godly man who loves and cares for my children and myself. He works hard to be the provider of our needs- sometimes too hard. That may mean that we don’t see one another as often as we like. That may mean that I go to bed while he is still working, but it also means that he is there when I wake up, he is there to give me an “I love you” when I head out the door, and he is there support me when the going gets rough.

  381. I love my husband because God gave him to me. He is a wonderful man, husband & father & a great provider. I love how he can make me smile and laugh, even when I don’t want to. He knows my heart and he cares. It definitely hasn’t always been easy (July will be 19 years.), but I wouldn’t want to spend the rest of my life with anyone else.

  382. I love my husband because he is so very patient with me as I grow into the women called me to be (he is 5 years older and where we are in live it counts) he is encouraging & loving but speaks the truth when it’s needed!

  383. Melanie,

    I have been married 10 years and we have had our share of arguments. We have both been through a lot of “stuff”–especially with my aging parents in those years. Through it all my hubby has been there for me no matter what! He loves me unconditionally and I feel truly blessed that God gave me such a loving, caring hubby!

    We pray for each other and encourage each other in Godly love!

    I love my hubby because he puts up with me and my family when life hits hard! (he is cute also)!! He knows how to snuggle with me and give me just what I need!!!

    Blessings 🙂

  384. I love my husband because he is indeed my soulmate. He is a great provider to my girls and my mother, and hangs in there with me on the worst days and the good days.

  385. Here is one reason I love my husband…
    I am 45 years old. As long as I can remember, my mom has bought Cadbury Cream Eggs for me for Easter…even as an adult with kids of my own. We have been known to stay up until midnight on the night before Easter to eat our chocolate as we both always gave it up for lent. She now has dementia and is also unable to walk. I was in the store one day last week and saw the eggs and got a little sad knowing that she won’t remember (or be able to get them even if she did remember) our little tradition. I never mentioned this to my husband. Easter morning I woke up to a box of Cadbury Cream Eggs that my husband bought for me because he ‘knew my mom always got them for me’.

  386. I love my husband because he leads our family well. He is a great father and provider. He takes great care of us but doesn’t take himself too seriously.

  387. I love my husband because he gets up with my 17 month old in the middle of the night and puts him back to sleep…every single night 🙂

  388. I love my husband because he cherish’s me even when I’m not very lovable! (We all have those days!).

  389. I love my Pedro because he makes me laugh and is such a good dad to our son. I wish we communicated better. Some days it’s just so hard. I still love him though and hope we will be more happy together.

  390. Why do I Love my Man? I Love my Man because when I was my ugliest (talking of my sinfulness) he did not look away.

  391. I love him because he has a way of making me laugh! Love him because he was made for me 🙂