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Renee Robinson is the author of Seeking Christmas - Finding the True Meaning Through Family Traditions. She lives with her high school sweetheart husband and their 3 boys in Davidson, NC.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. I love the lines: God wants us out of our comfort zone. This is the place we will encounter Him in ways we never imagined. It’s about relationships and connecting us together through Him.

    I need to remember that specifically when I am asked to get out of my comfort zone.

  2. I am right there on this journey… the line that jumps out is …be thankful for this opportunity… instead of dread… instead of grit your teeth kind of obedience… to be thankful for each step that takes us out of our comfort zone. God love a cheerful giver…not just our money…but of our lives. I am so thankful His Love can carry us past ourselves. Hillsong Oceans plays on repeat these days 🙂
    Thanks for these encouraging words today!!!

  3. I love this Renee: “In my comfort, I rely on me. In my discomfort, it’s all on Him.” I do so much better when it’s all on Him.

    Thanks for sharing such a good reminder in a way we can remember and apply it in our lives, today! 🙂

    • Thank you, Renee. I tend to find myself trying, trying, and trying harder – only to realize later, I was working from me and not from Him. So thankful for His patience 🙂

  4. Thank you, Renee, for sharing this message. I am slowly coming to realize the truth in how discomfort–in those things that stretch us beyond where we like to stay–draws us into the precious community of the Lord. Those are the times when we experience Him like no other. And those are the times when we work alongside Him loving people and doing good. “In my comfort, I rely on me. In my discomfort, it’s all on Him.” This quote’s a keeper!

    • Thank you, Kristen. I am so grateful God is constantly shifting my focus and preoccupation. I can’t imagine what I would miss out on in this life if He weren’t always working on me!

  5. What a beautiful message. It’s so true that the times I’ve been most uncomfortable and felt the most insecure, Gods hand perfectly orchestrates something wonderful, however small it may be.

  6. Absolutely wonderful this story is. If you had not prayed ” God direct my steps today and prepare each encounter you have for me today.” God would never have had the opportunity to let you hear about someone that he knew needed that comfort themselves. It is so amazing that God is right there waiting for us to reach out to him and we don’t always understand that. Thank you for sharing.

  7. I’m overwhelmed by grace too when I think of how brave you were to go up to that woman’s door with the soup! I do things like that too serving in church planting overseas, but it’s still sometimes hard, so I loved your point about God getting us out of our comfort zone so we can rely on Him instead of on ourselves.

    • Thank you for your comment, Betsy. Leaving our comfort zone always brings us closer to Him when we are aligned with His will. I pray I never try to be too comfortable!

  8. No only was your blog post beautifully written, it deeply touched my heart. A few drops spilled out of my tired baby blues, because when you wrote,
    “Rarely is it about what we think it is … It’s about His radical, relentless pursuit of us. His never giving up Spirit that will create all kinds of scenarios to reach His children. It’s about relationships and connecting us together through Him.”
    you also wrote of my life for the last several years of slogging through my husbands illness, surgeries, the many times I expected he would die, and the loneliness.

    I keep hearing of the ways I encouraged and touched others in Him all through it. Nothing external has changed, but internally I the tiniest bit aware God is making use of me. Unseen, but still gifted for use in His holy plans.

    Thank you for bringing it deeper for me today.


    • Joni- thank you for sharing your thoughts here. I can only imagine how God has used you as He has taken you through such painful and difficult times. I love how you so beautifully said, “Unseen, but still gifted for use in His holy plans.”

    • Joni,

      Prayers for you and your husband. I pray God will heal your hubby completely.
      Prayers for peace, comfort and contentment!


  9. I long for God to paint a picture that makes me feel a little more comfy in my life. My current job has taken a dramatic shift from its beginning 7 years ago. So much of a shift that I would like to leave. Trouble is economy is such that I won’t find this good of a job (paycheck & benefits) elsewhere. I’m wanting to feel more comfy in life. Would love to just quit and become a cook.

    In my comfort, I rely on me. In my discomfort, it’s all on Him. I find though that the former statement is ever so true. The more discomfort I have in life–job, aging parent, etc. The more I pray and seek His guidance.

    “God wants us out of our comfort zone”. He has made that very clear to me more than once. He has laid people on my heart to assist in various ways. The Holy Spirit can really keep on me till I finally take action. Once I do take action I feel better about myself and the people I helped.

    Blessings 🙂

  10. I. Love. This.

    Thank you for the gentle reminder that it isn’t our plan but His that is most important…that when we trust, it brings the most amazing grace into our lives. And chicken soup?!? Good choice! Best comfort food ever! Lucky lady…