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Arianne is a mom of three boys and a baby girl. She lives in Phoenix, AZ, and sifts through the Legos and fluffy cloth diapers hoping to one day catch up on sleep. Her heart is healing and thriving from living life as a mom of kids with autism and...

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  1. Oh thank you for this post! After experiencing 3 snow events this past week and I guess number 4 will be this morning….I soooooo appreciate your words! I think the latest count is 52 inches of snow so far this winter. You’re right of course that other places have it worse (and deeper).

    Yesterday I made it the doctor for meds for an upper respiratory infection which I think was brought on by snow exhaustion.

    I promise to send you kind thoughts in August about consistent air conditioning, a cool sky-blue swimming pool nearby and frigid drinks of your choice.


    • Oh Cindy, I am so glad you popped in here if that is the kind of winter you guys have had! Thanks so much for those yummy thoughts for August, tucking them away in my pocket. xo

  2. Arianne,
    Greetings from NC! I thought I had moved away from the snow and ice…but it found me! Thanks so much for the reminder that God finds me, too, right in the middle of my cabin fever. As the snow thaws, let my heart melt for Him!!

  3. Thank you so much for this reminder. Here in SC, we’ve had two snow/ice events in two weeks; I’ve had that respiratory virus that has had me coughing for two straight weeks (Oh, how I dislike the taste of cough medicine!). I am a homebody, but I sure appreciate the knowledge that I am free to go about when I want to. I hate knowing I have to stay in. I am grateful that it’s already 44 degrees outside, that the snow is melting, and that traffic is running at near speed limit on the country road in front of my house. Today, I may even venture out to the grocery store–alone. Who would ever think that ‘window shopping” in a grocery store could be considered a fun date? After three days of being snow-bound, I do!

  4. Lovely! Even the empty nest is less warm on a frosty morn, and the blaring white over all my lawn and drive and neighborhood makes me want to keep the shades drawn and the doors locked! Yes, God is here too… Planting hope in good blog posts and seed catalogs, in weather forecasts and texts… Yes, hope springs eternal.

  5. Thanks for this – I really needed it this morning. I’m having myself a good ol’ pity party today inside and out and all around. And yes, I too acknowledge that other areas and people have it so much worse in ways I cannot imagine, but thank you for recognizing that MY hard is hard for ME – emotionally, spiritually, weather-ly. It’s one of those days when the snowpiles are big outside and in.

  6. Thanks for your encouragement. I’m in the UK and it’s very cold at the moment, but I’m not flooded where I am, thankfully. I love snow and love the sunshine, but we have neither.

  7. Thank you so much for this post. Yes, I’m having yet another snow day in Maryland. I used to be a teacher and liked snow days, but really these have been going on forever this winter. So thank you for the encouragement that God is here with me even in the hard days. And I will be praying for you this summer in August….

  8. ‘Love that title, Warrior Woman! What an identity to embrace! I see her in my imagination: calm, courageous, hard-working, persevering wise, etc. But it’s not achieved out of sheer grit on her part. She has supernatural powers, infused into her spirit by God Almighty. Thank you, Arianne, for that strong image and your encouragement: We can do this!

    P.S. I’ve been wondering: Is there any location on earth that has perfect weather all the time–even most of the time? If so, I don’t know where that is. Perhaps God is saving such bliss for heaven! Something else to look forward to!

  9. Arianne. Hello. Yeah another sister in Christ from Sunny Arizona!! Yes please do pray for us when it is 100+. Been praying for a lot of friends & family in this cold, snowy weather. I too am from Chicago!!
    Love these words. Blessings~Carol❤️

  10. 3rd paragraph from bottom ……. God brought you before, He’ll bring you through this.
    Mine isn’t the snow or the cold but __________ This gave me a hug ♡ He’ll continue to bring me through
    Keep me in your prayers thanks

  11. I think this post may have saved me today. Life is SO hard right now on so many fronts and I feel so discouraged. God has brought me through 54 years and I know He will carry me through. Yes, I am a survivor. Sunshine and blue skies are coming – I just need to continue to hold His hand till they arrive. Thanks so much for your encouragement this day. XX

    • Oh Prudence, I’m so grateful that these words made their way to you. I hope and pray that today you are holding on, still. For the sunshine that we’ve been promised. Praying you find the sunshine right where you are, too. xo

  12. thanks for your simplicity that speaks to the situation and heart and brings room to breathe, knowing all is well.

  13. Thanks for the wonderful post! We have just the right amount of snow where I live, it lasts about a week. We do what seems like endless gray and rainy days though. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever see blue sky again! One day I mentioned to one of my blind students I was tired of the rain and he asked me if I thought I knew better than God about what we needed, and what a disaster it would be if I actually controlled the weather based on my own wants… Gulp, a large dose of humble pie!! LOL!

    • Endless gray and rain can be just as tough on your spirit (and your supply of the happy vitamin – Vit D!) as the snow days are. Praying those days don’t get you down, love. xo

  14. This is a lovely post, thank you so much. I’m breathing in deep and letting God reach in and soothe those little aches. (I’m also having the mildest winter EVER in Western Turkey, wishing for cold.

  15. Oh thankyou Arianne – we have had a very very hot summer here in Adelaide, South Australia with a long run of days in the 40+deg C range & it was truly getting to my sanity!! God sent rain & cooler breezes on Friday & things feel ok again 🙂 It is good to be reminded that He has it all in His hands & that we will make it- so needed in the desperate moments 🙂

  16. Thanks, I needed that. Sometimes things feel Wintery in life in this season more than others. Thank you.

    • I think our spirit rides along in seasons just like the earth does. Some beautiful lessons to learn from the quiet winters with the sleeping soil and the dark skys, but it doesn’t mean it’s not hard. The promise of sunshine is my promise of soul-healing, and I hold on to it. Praying for you today, Angie. xo

  17. I appreciate what you said in your letter,about God being no less to me than anyone else in my needs(may not be the exact words) The snow has melted outside but sometimes it seems in my heart and circumstances to still be there in me. But your writting touched my heart from God,He is still there no matter how my heart hurts for my family. thanks for the encouragement

    • He meets us right where our need is, and it is no less to him than anyone else’s needs. I’m so glad God found your heart and touched it, praying it continues today still. xo

  18. Arianne,

    I do not envy your August days. I used to live in Tampa, FL and know all to well the loooooong hot summer days of sticky yuck! Prayers for you come August.

    Thanks for your encouragement today. I can handle a little snow but this year has been truly bad here in Upper E. TN. Wednesday-Thursday we got 3-6 inches of snow and I was home bound Thursday. Friday the sun came out and melted some I was able to get out and go shopping. Friday night-Saturday more snow. I’m happy I got 4.5 days off work, but enough–I’m ready for spring and being outside.

    Others have it much worse than I–my poor hubby and others had to drive through cold temps and snow to go to work–no off days for them.

    Prayers for everyone 🙂

  19. Hey! well,l have just woken up on my sisters comfy coach in Bournemouth,UK, to birds singing, a clear if watery blue sky, and the promise of church, and a tea by the coast later on, (fish and chips? ) ..not quite Easy street (l should have been in Capetown with my daughters on holiday, but a torn tendon and an errant passport put paid to my holiday at home), so today, l can breathe a little after a difficult six months, an’unexpected surprise’ because God is always good, and a couple of days away from our house up north, will help me store some courage and faith for the next hard time..blessings on all my sisters out there…

    • I loved imagining your day in the UK – it sounds lovely! Sorry to hear about the tendon and passport woes, it’s the little frustrations that build up and I know how that feels. Prayers for that blue sky day for you today! I hope it was beautiful. xo

  20. And I know that some areas have it worse than others, some parts of the world are much more worse off in general, in everything. I know this. I just also know how hard YOUR hard is. God isn’t any less there for you than someone else, desiring to reach inside and soothe what aches in your spirit.

    This phrase really resonated with me. Sometimes I berate myself when I feel like I’m struggling with something. I think about how good I have it compared to others, and that I have no right to be upset. Thanks for the reminder that my “hard” is just as meaningful to God as anyone else’s. I will still strive to look on the bright side, knowing that things are alot better than they could be, but knowing that God cares about me and my individual situations and struggles. Thanks, and God bless!

    • There is no condemnation with God. None. He simply loves you and longs for you to come closer. When we struggle, he wants us to let him help. He doesn’t ever shame us for the struggle, just encourages us and loves us. I’m so so grateful for that. And what you said, about finding the bright side – that’s the beautiful gratitude I think God offers us on a plate, something to chew on, while he goes about working on our circumstances and our heart for us. I love how he loves us! Thank you Randelle. xo