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Jennifer is an artist living in rural Nebraska with her US Army veteran husband. She loves to create and seeks to reflect the beauty of Christ and encourage others in meaningful, beautiful ways. You can find her and see more of her art on Studio JRU.

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  1. We learned a few months ago that our 20 month old daughter has a rare genetic disorder called Cohen Syndrome. Her days are filled with lots of therapy, to help combat her many global developmental delays and various challenges. While it can be overwhelming, God is definitely providing and bringing us through this time. And overall we know His plan is perfect for our sweet girl, and our family. Thank you for this encouragement today.

    • Such a wonderful outlook to your journey ahead, Brittnie! It is a beautiful example of how He brings us through. Thank you so much for sharing. Praying for your sweet baby girl!

  2. Jennifer,
    Over the past several years God has been so faithful to bring me through many trials – divorce, my dad’s death, my dog’s death, major surgery to name a few. His grace was present at the time that I needed it. His love truly endured through it all. I am now celebrating being married to a wonderful godly man. My life is a living testimony that God brings us through the trials…He doesn’t leave us stuck in them. His love and grace continue to help me deal with my prodigal son. I take hope in God’s perfect plan for him. Feeling blessed!!

  3. I was helping someone who did not feel so good about themselves and another one as well and it was bad and before I knew it I was washed out and drowned into a sore chest from fatigue and just downright tired so when I did badly in an essay I just cried. I was just plain tired.
    I tend to do too much and do not know when to stop cos I’m a elite athlete and we just go on and on and on until we are told to stop but by that time we are just plain tired out. So, this happened and I just needed to rest an to cry and cry and cry cos I was so tired and worn out and washed out and upset and ….. time to rest ……. is good for me. 🙂

  4. You asked what God has brought me through. First I nearly died at 6 weeks old. Then my father died of cancer when I was 17. I made poor choices and my marriage to an alcoholic ended in divorce. I remarried another alcoholic, a different type, not daily but binge, and survived numerous trips to detox. He had a massive heart attack and later died. My daughter when through a troubled marriage and divorced and I was forced to find shelter for her, as we were all afraid of her ex.
    Today Praise God I am happily married to a wonderful man. My daughter and grandchildren are involved in their local church, something I would never have imagined at one time. I get to travel with my husband in a semi, so I balance 2 homes, one on wheels and the other of brick. I am richly blessed. I have some awesome friends, and God is my Abba, the Creator, my Savior, my Friend.
    I write this to remind others that HE WILL SEE YOU THROUGH. Joshua 1:9 is one of my favorite verses. I cling to it and spend time with God each day to keep me on track.

  5. God loved me through abuse which led to abortion which led to a suicidal attempt. Through much pain and prayer I know speak and empower women so they can avoid the pitfalls I encountered.

  6. SO beautiful! Thank you for a lovely reminder!!!

    I struggle with postpartum depression, but this is a wonderful reminder that no matter how moody and dreary and irrational and ugly I might feel on the inside, I am still loved.

  7. I’m going through a tough time adjusting to a lot of changes in my life. After 5 years of looking for a job, I finally am employed again. However, my job is hundreds of miles away from my homestate, friends/family and I had to leave my cat at my parent’s house. I pray each night for my cat to be with me again. I feel like I abandoned him and I wonder if he’ll remember me. He would sleep with me every night and follow me around the house. He was my best companion. It’s been so overwhelming and lonely. It’s hard to sleep through the whole night since I moved here. I just don’t feel like myself and wonder what’s wrong with me. It’s hard to be myself and socialize with my co-workers. I have so many expenses from moving and I couldn’t bring a lot of my belongings with me from home. My apartment is so bare and it ‘s been challenging trying to settle in to my new place when I can’t unpack some of the things I brought since I don’t have furniture/places to put it. My computer also died before moving and I’m waiting to have a computer again. Right now I’m so unhappy and wonder why God brought me here.

    • Congratulations on finding a job, that is exciting after that period of looking! But I am sorry to hear of your struggles, Christine. And so often it is hard, we just don’t understand and don’t see… but He does. He has a plan for you and it will be good! Praying His grace and love will see you through.

  8. I love the words that you said about grace pulling you up when you need to be lifted……what a picture that you WROTE!


  9. I, too, have been through the mill, so many more times than I care to think of. Enough times to know, without a doubt, that God will see me through. Not to spoil the ending for you, but, Everything will be OK!

  10. I have lived through a lot, but I have lived through it!
    It is only through His amazing grace that I can stand.
    Thank you for the reminder, I so easily forget how much I need Him.
    I want to say thank you to my generous, loving Father who has held me through childhood abuse, major psychological and physical illness, financial deprivation as a child, an absent dad and three suicide attempts. Through it all I have come to know Him more and more deeply and am learning to love Him and depend on Him more.
    I agree with Ann Voskamp that in His plans ‘all is grace’
    I seek to be a grace receiver and a grace giver as I live for Him

    • A grace receiver and a grace giver… I love that, Ruth! He has really gotten you through so much. Thank you for sharing with us. It is beautiful to see the strength He can give!

  11. What an AWESOME GOD of perfect timing we have! Two days ago I went in for my first “routine” colonoscopy and am now waiting for a week for pathology results. Doctor said he does not believe the growth is cancerous, but I will most probably have to have 1/3 of my colon removed to prevent the probability of cancer in the future. Yesterday was one of the darkest days of my life as I walked through the valley of the shadow with my FATHER. Today, is a much better day and I am confident that I will, with HIS help, adjust to my new normal as well. Your article lifted me up and pointed me to HIM. Please join me in praying that my pathology confirms no cancer. I would be so very grateful. “What time I am afraid, I WILL trust in Thee.”

    • You will adjust to your new normal, Sarah! With Him all things are possible. He loves you so much and He will help you through the path that lies ahead. Thank you for sharing with us. Joining you in prayer!

  12. My Mommy went to be with her Lord and Saviour on 1-30-14, My heart is breaking, but my spirit is soaring, because my Heavenly Father took her to Heaven so quickly and beautifully! There was nothing left unsead and I am so grateful to God for the last moments I had with her!

    • Teresa, I am so, so sorry for your loss. Just beautiful to hear how precious those last moments were. He was there then, He is there now and He will see you through this. Praying for you!

  13. hi Jennifer… thanks for this encouragement sweetheart! well,for me living away from my husband while studying for my post grads would be it. it s heartbreakingly lonely and many a days i can t concentrate on my studies ( my exams are just around the corner too!)… cos i miss him so.
    please do pray for me… it s true. just cant do it without His mercy and grace… oh, Jesus! thank You for Your love that sees us through… all day,everyday! Encouraged 🙂

    • I can imagine how hard that must be, Anne! So grateful to know that His love will see you both through this part of your journey. Through His grace alone, friend! Praying for you and your husband!

  14. I had the unfortunate experience of being molested by a relative and lied about by my whole family! I turned from God as a teen, got into drugs and being permiscuous and attempted suicide several times before coming back to a real relationship with Jesus! I married a controlling man who opposes me at every turn and had six miscarriages, life long depression has followed me! However thru Christian Ministries and Blogs I am (in)couraged to press on to write for others of hope and help in the bleakest of times, because of Jesus and His love and grace! I just have to hang onto that love and grace everyday!

    • Oh Dawn, how amazing that you have turned your experiences into something that will bring hope and His love to others going through difficult things! His love and grace at work. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I know it will encourage others!

  15. My heart went out for you as I read your testimony of grace and trusting! You are so right! In 2005 I started having numerous symptoms…all different and not quite leading up to answers. They all collided and caused much confusion in my doctors. It much time, trust and patience. Today…since then, I have learned that the thorn in my side…to keep me humble, on track and completely believing that God’s grace is sufficient, that I have lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, degenerative disc disease, spinal spondolitis, and many more….my neck is metal now from c3-c7. I have had so many surgeries, my spinal cord constantly swells and caused pressure on all the spinal nerves, my hand swell like sausage, electric shocks keep my body in severe pain at least 20 hours of my day, every day. I wanted to just die….but GOD by His perfect grace and mercy, has taught me to keep focused on HIM! This is only a temporary place for me, I am bound for eternity with our precious Creator! But until then, He lives in me…He gives me strength, He is so faithful! Yes I still have much pain daily and some flare ups that cause long hospitalization stays…but HE KEEPS ME IN HIS GRACE!! It is not easy honey, but I along with many other women, will pray for you! that you stay focused on HIM! He will fill you with joy in your pain. He will give you strength when you are at your weakest! In the loud screams of this life…He has made it possible for us to escape in His Love by just being still and listening and bathing in the presence of our Savior! You are so wonderfully made….and so special to your God! I will pray for you my sister in Christ, that in your weakness, His love gains strength!

    • You made such a great point with this, Karen… His unending love and grace is sufficient. It will see us through anything. Your story has encouraged me so much. Your attitude through all that you have been through, through all that you go through daily, knowing what you will go through… your focus on Him is such a beautiful, incredible thing. Thank you so much for sharing. I am praying for you as you walk this journey with Him!

  16. Wow this has been so encouraging to read! In life indeed we are confronted with challenges that we never thought possible for us. Maybe because we feel that we are untouchable or who knows what. But when we are confronted with our own reality of having to face sickness it’s a different story. I’ve had to come to that reality. Same as Karen I made a doctor’s appointment to discuss why my feet were swelling and in pain. After a couple of doctors and much testing done, I was faced with the my own reality. Being diagnosed in 2009 with psoriatic arthritis, degenerative disc disease in my neck, bursitis and the latest fibromyalgia & anxiety. I went from being a full time Customer Service Manager, working actively in my local church, being a mother/wife and housekeeper. To having to leave my job in May 2013, moving to another state and now staying at home due to my health issues getting worse. I see myself and I’m not half the person I use to be. HOWEVER, through all this, as hard as it has been, I have seen Gods Glory. I know he has a perfect plan for my life. One of my hearts desires has always been to give by grace ALL that I have received from our heavenly father. And at this point in my life, regardless of all the physical pain, financial difficulties, emotional distress I have been through. I know that he is making a way for me to be able to accomplish this. Focusing my eyes on him, his grace, his favor, his love and his every lasting FAITHFULNESS towards me. I encourage each and everyone to let’s keep our eyes focused on our LORD and SAVIOR. He will give us each and everyday the strength to endure whatever awaits us. We will OVERCOME because he OVERCAME. Lots of Love and Prayers,

    • You said you see yourself as not half the person you use to be… but He sees you as the whole person you are, Diana! And isn’t that such a wonderful and awesome thing?! He loves us so much and He sees what we can’t. You are such an encouragement with the way you keep your focus on Him through all these challenges. Thank you so much for sharing. Praying for you!

  17. God’s grace has pulled me from paralyzing fear of my husband dying, through weeks of his hospitalization, through months of his recovery and therapy, and even now is pulling us both through my husband’s disability. His grace gives us strength and peace to make it each and every day…and not just survive, but thrive! Our go-to Scripture: Isaiah 41:10 — “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

    Thank you, Jennifer, for telling of God’s magnificent love!

    • I know how you feel, Sabra, that fear. That paralyzing fear. My husband had a brain aneurysm and brain surgery. The effects are something we have to live with daily. We get through only with His grace! I love hearing His grace gives you strength to thrive!! Thank you so much for sharing and encouraging us!

  18. Well… there is so much God has brought me through and is bringing me through. I can honestly say I am here today, living the wonders of married life for one, because of His grace and His Love, His faithfulness and His Power. Overcoming my past has been the hardest but God gave me Hope and Courage. Whenever it was dark He didn’t let go and I was able to wrestle through. It’s His Hope that can get us through anything. And today… today has it’s struggles and disappointments too but through my past experiences I can be thankful. I know what I am fighting for. And… breathing in and breathing out God makes I can have peace and rest in all circumstances. Not easy but it truly is possible.

  19. Jennifer, thank you so much for sharing about your recent surgery and diagnosis with diabetes as well as your struggles. We serve a Mighty and Powerful God who can use these experiences you are going through all for HIS Glory. By sharing your story, your struggles and your faith that God will see you through this you have no idea how many people He will be placing in your path to hear that story, to hear those struggles and to hear how your Faithful LORD and Savior has filled you with His Grace and His Mercy to see you through. Praise the LORD, HIS Love Endures FOREVER!

    My Sovereign Father has helped me through the Journey of grief. In September of 2012, I lost my 25 year old brother who was killed in a very tragic accident on the interstate. While being a Christian, this was something totally different and unchartered territory for me. When I finally turned all of my pain, all of my sorrow, all of my tears and surrendered it ALL at HIS feet, He took all that pain, all that sorrow and all those tears and turned it to JOY. I now have been blessed as He called me to lead a Grief Recovery Group. I LOVE the ladies that I serve and the way the LORD is using me to be His Hands and Feet!

    I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your work and I am so excited that you are sharing of your beautiful work here each month!

    • Oh Mellissa, my heart just goes out to you and your family. What an amazing story of how He can turn pain into joy. I am so, so happy to hear how you are now leading others in their time of sorrow. What a blessing you are in all those lives! Thank you so much for sharing with us!

  20. It’s not easy to trust in God when things get hard. But it is then we need him most. I face days of pain but even in this I know he is a good God.

  21. “What has His love and grace brought you through, or what is it bringing you through right now?”

    This has been a stressful, eventful month for my family. My aging father decided he wanted to move into an assisted living & we were waiting on a room to open up. The 9th of January we got word that a room was available. My oldest sister and I got together and did all the paperwork, appointments, etc that needed to be done, and by the grace of God he was accepted to move in. BTW we needed to move him in this month and did just in time. It snowed buckets here moving week, but it all got done–Praise God.

    Another Grace moment was when I was talking to a co-worker about selling my dad’s car and they need one. They came, saw the car and their loan was approved!! WHOOT WHOOT!!

    God is good ALL THE TIME! Praise God for his love & unending grace during this process!! 🙂

    • That is wonderful, Beth! So happy to hear things worked out so smoothly! It is awesome to hear how stressful times are made much easier when we have His grace. Thanks so much for sharing!

  22. His love and grace has brought me through SO much. When I think on it, it’s nearly overwhelming. He’s been so good to me, especially in the times that were not good. When we first moved to this area, nearly five years ago, my asthma became uncontrollable. I was in and out of the hospital repeatedly and my lungs were causing issues with my heart. It was difficult to understand. Why did God lead us here only to have this happen. I was in crisis mode, but during a church service, it was like God asked me for a certain amount of time and I thought, “I can’t do that. I won’t survive it.” But, of course I have and the doctors found a way to gain some control on my issues. God is faithful. It’s not easy, but He’s there with love and grace each new day.

    • I totally understand what you mean. We can think there is no way we can do it, get through, overcome… but by His grace we see the other side! All things are possible with His love. Thank you so much for sharing your encouraging story with us!

  23. Jennifer,
    Some days it feels as if His grace and love runs out….but the truth is I’ve run out. Thank you for reminding me that I need to be re-reminded, often that God’s love endures because some days I cannot endure the frustration of life. Loved this today!