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Mary is a writer and speaker who lives for good books, spicy queso, and television marathons – but lives because of God’s grace. She writes about giving up on perfect and finding truth in unexpected places at MaryCarver.com. Mary and her husband live in Kansas City with their two daughters.

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  1. Mary,
    I exactly needed this today. Exactly these words and exactly these verses.
    These were the verses that will make my days – now and forever.
    Be blessed and feel very hugged,

  2. Mary,
    I can so relate. When good things are happening, I find myself subconsciously buckling up for the shoe to fall. What a great way to turn that “logic” on its head and look at the hard trials as the temporary and fleeting experience. Truly if He is for us, who can stand against us? I needed this great reminder this morning…wonderful post!

  3. Thank you for this today Mary. I have to go out and shovel MORE snow here in New England this morning and I’m going to consider myself lucky that I have a home with a driveway that needs shoveling so that my car (which runs well) can get out. How’s that for seeing the bright side?

  4. I do this ALL. THE. TIME… When life is good I think ” uh oh, wonder what’s next” how wrong/backwards/lifestealing is that???? I’m going to make a conscious effort to turn that around! Thank you (truly!) for pointing this out. He is FOR me 🙂

  5. I kinda like it when it’s all a surprise what the LORD will make out of every single situation. Good or bad. I just stand in the midst of Christ JESUS in the storm. Or in HIS LIGHT. Well, we are always ever in HIS LIGHT, right. But what HE can do is amazing.
    Happy happy day you’re having.
    I’m with this cold. Had it nearly all week and it just all got worse on Thursday Friday Saturday and today. But think the worst is over and on the mend.
    Touched the GLORY of the LORD and played with it today in worship and it’s healing healing healing.
    Love the part where JESUS is the HEALER.
    This is a lovely song. I love it.
    All things work out for JESUS’ good anyways, no matter what.
    Happy. In spite of my cough and cold. On the mend here.

  6. Learning to see God’s grace in everything is a discipline that needs to be intentional every moment, minute, hour of the day. And, it’s definitely not easy. But, I believe we focus on the moments of grace, all of them, we will not only be a blessing to God but we will be blessed by God.

  7. God is so awesome!!! I co lead a group. Some of our members have been struggling with persevering through extremely difficult times. I have been praying about how to encourage them. Your post today was the perfect answer. Thank you!!!

  8. I was so blessed and strengthened by today’s scripture. A friend quoted that verse to me last week because I am really going through difficult times and today again the Lord is talking to me about it. I am so grateful to Him and thankful to you for allowing God to use you to minister to me in this great way. Thank you very much

  9. Mary,

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    This year started out kinda stressful for my family. My aging father is/was ready to move into assisted living – just waiting on a room. Oldest sister visits and does a few chores at his apartment then leaves. Next day a room is available and I spent a lot of time taking dad to doctor’s appointments, interviews, getting paperwork ready, etc. Finally took 2 days off near the end of the month and with my sister’s help we got dad moved. Praise God it didn’t snow any more on move day.

    Now we have most of the end paperwork done–changing addresses, canceling insurance, etc. Been stressful, but thankfully God saw us through it all. Best yet God helped me sell my dad’s car within 1 day of talking about it to a co-worker.

    It is usually hard when going through rough times to feel God there-even though I know it in my head. I must remember those verses and recite them often.

    Blessings! 🙂

  10. So trying to get out of my J-O-B blues… – well lack of job actually. laid off TWICE in less than 6 months, feeling sorry for myself and throwing a pity party- so not pretty and not very “me” as I usually am upbeat, confident and filled with trust that Jesus is working this out for my GOOD.

    Am going to spend more time in prayer this week and reading the word to help me out of this mood… such a great article and hit my heart and my head.

    Appreciate the prayers and will be praying for the ladies before me. Thank you all for your words they encourage me.

  11. I needed this today….can’t seem to see the blessings when the ice dam on my roof has caused leaking and the tax man says I owe this year. But, you reminded me that God loves me and is blessing me in a million ways each day. Thank you!!!

  12. Wow, you brought new meaning to that verse for me. NOTHING can separate me from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. What a great thing to memorize.

  13. I really like your idea of buckling up, because it’s now it’s going to get real good! You’re right we always are waiting for the bad stuff to happen, but when God is in it, then we know good is going to follow. Thanks for this attitude changing idea.