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(in)side DaySpring: things we love
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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
& you will too!
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  1. My favorite part of the holiday season and all the Christmas decorating is our annual tradition of getting the Christmas Tree. We gather our favorite family and friends, early in the morning and with the wafting remnants of baking Monkey Bread, pastry wrapped kielbasa and hot chocolate we leave the house and head up the mountain, rain or shine. Our ‘promise land’ is a sea of evergreens like you’ve never seen before. The smell is amazing and the view is incredible. There are 3 levels to climb (if you are adventurous) where the perfect tree is waiting, “pick me, pick me”. Once we’ve all cut down and hauled our trees to the beds of the waiting trucks, we all pull out our morning goodies to share. Once spread out on the back of a station wagon, now on the new picnic tables, there are the favorites that must attend year after year as well as the newcomers-something a little different from last year. Its a time of great fellowship, shared love and the perfect way to start out our holiday season, creating this year’s memories and even getting a photo for this year’s Christmas card! Perfect. I love it.

  2. This isn’t very fair to those of us who don’t yet have any Dayspring Christmas items…
    I have my favorite Christmas decorations (some lovely hand made ones) and I love some of the Dayspring ones too, I just don’t have any.

  3. I don’t have any DaySpring Christmas items yet either… but I just saw that the ornament I really want is on sale so I am going to snatch it up. I would buy from them everyday if I could. =)

    We always have a Bible reading on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day or both. We get together with my family of origin on the Eve for Chinese food and fun. Only the kids get presents at this point.

    We like to put as many in the car as we can, crank up the Christmas music (we take turns on the channels) and go look at Christmas lights. Last year we ended it with a late night drive through snack! and it was actually on Christmas last year. We tried to brighten up the folks who had to work but they were in great spirits themselves.

  4. Oh goodness… there’s so many favorite things… but I’d have to say – right now I’m LOVING the “Love Came Down” Lanterns!! I’ve got 2 of each of the styles… set up on my mailbox, the entry steps to our landing, and on the porch! I get many compliments on them, and know that I’ll use them for years!!