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A mom of three, recovering perfectionist, nature lover, and DIY aficionado, Elizabeth has loved God for as long as she can remember, but only recently began to live out her faith.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Love that God loves us through the mess all the way to Real.

    Thank you for capturing that beautiful Truth. Now to find Ten Shekel Shirt and Beauty!

    • How beautiful is God’s presence, when we find it smack in the middle of our daily lives! Thank you for reading, Marcy. {HInt: there’s a link in the post to Ten Shekel Shirt’s music!}

  2. I love this recipe of the ordinary holy…and finding the Presence of God by “selecting a lower gear.” Thank you Elizabeth Anne. Beautiful writing and thank you for drawing me closer to Him this morning.

    • Finding a lower gear, a more thoughtful and open place where I take time to let God in, yes, that is a great recipe for the “ordinary holy” as you put it so aptly! Selecting a lower gear is always a struggle for me — a classic do-er/perfectionist — but when I do, I am rewarded so richly.

  3. Thanks so much for the recipe for your apple pie. I love apple pie btw.
    I cannot seem to find the song.

    • Karyn: You are so welcome for the pie recipe. I clipped it from our local newspaper years ago. The combo of butter AND shortening (I use coconut oil now instead of shortening, though) make for an amazing crust. And, the trick of simmering down the liquid the apples release intensifies the flavors 🙂 The link in the text above goes to Amazon MP3’s little sample, which isn’t a very good way to get the feeling of the song overall. You could always do a Ten Shekel Shirt station on Pandora, or use another free or online music app… I also love their songs,”Spark,” “Meet With Me,” and “Great” as well. An awesome (if not a bit older) Christian band!

  4. The way you chose to take the change of plans in stride and enjoy the day is definitely a lesson for me. Can’t wait to try the apple pie recipes…it’s one of my fav desserts.

  5. Wow. This looks amazing! I have forever been looking for a substitute for shortening. Had never thought of coconut oil! I’m totally making this. Thanks!

    • I have been substituting coconut oil for shortening in my baking for the past three years, and I love the result! Of course, you may have a slight coconut taste to your finished product, but that usually is just an added benefit for me 🙂 When it’s cold out, coconut oil solidifies and has a texture just like shortening; on warmer days, you can just pop it into the fridge if you want it more solid.

  6. Great recipe for apple pie and life. It is always best to slow down and drink in the sunshine and worship that is God, but that isn’t always easy especially with a change of plans.

    I love listening/dancing to music of all kinds. When I need to “get in the worship mode” I turn on Pandora and listen to Praise and Worship music. It helps start my day and keep me focused on what’s important.

    God bless you and your family!