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  1. Hey, Robin … Thank YOU for the photo share.

    The light switch plate reminds us that because Jesus lives inside of us that believe, in a born, dead & risen savior we are responsible to turn on HIS love light in a million little ways. Our destiny is set in stone & our victory is won. Praise Time N Tennessee!

  2. This book has revived & renewed all of my thoughts on creativity and the master creator. It is so beautiful to know, your not the only one in the room. And to think I sat in Emily’s class at She Speaks this past summer. To God be the Glory!

  3. This is lovely, and graceful, the photos, the story of the clean up and the shared meal, and their story. I am reading a million little ways and this post also just now jogged my memory of the book by Edith Schaeffer entitled “The Hidden Art of Homemaking,” it’s purpose is making a loving and artistic home wherever we are. I think, Jesus is trying to tell me something………

  4. The guest post was absolutely beautiful. As a homeschooling mother of 5 who has a passion for loving hearts, my art is often the sometimes unrecognized beauty that happens in time spent with someone:) Such beautiful words. And so encouraging. Thank you, Roseanne.

    Thank you Bloom Team. I love the book and the pictures and the videos. What a blessing:)

  5. I loved this post! Thank you for such inspiring and thought- provoking words…’ many restrict art in their lives due to the fear that form will not match the inspiration’ This is something I really struggle with, and sometimes allow it to overwhelm me to the point that I procrastinate making the art for fear it will not turn out like the vision in my mind! The comments by the ladies taking part in this study and Emily’s book are really helping to change my skewed perception of myself and causing hope to arise in my abilities to make art happen! This post; Ihttp://kindawonderful.typepad.com/pink_paper_peppermints/2008/03/how-to-actually.html
    also helped turn the lights on for me and tomorrow I am going to start a creative art project with my girls! Thank you! Also love seeing the collages!

    • Yippee! The beauty of God flows through us and around us and in us. Blessings on the project with your girls–You are telling the next generation of the faithfulness of God:-)

  6. Joanne- I also thought of the book ‘the hidden art of homemaking’ as I read this post. I have the book but have never read it- maybe it should be next on my list!

    • I read the book many years ago and was in a different place than what I am now. I remember liking the book, but I’m believing I would benefit from reading the book again after reading AMLW. I do recommend the book. Edith Schaeffer was very gracious and very creative in all she did and this comes across in her writing. A very loving and lovely woman.

      Blessings Dawn,


  7. Loved the pictures and your post! God’s plan for us is to be Christ-like in all that we do and say. I feel God created us to be artful creatures–even if your art is cooking, or homemaking.

    Thankful for friends who call/email or just stop by and lend a helping hand now and then. Doing little things for people is what God wants from all of us!

    God Bless!

    • Thankful that you “stopped by” to leave an encouragement for me. Sometimes those simple things in life make us rich, You artful creature of God, you–Beth!

  8. Do y’all remember RoseAnne from our Bloom study of Richard Foster’s book, “Prayer”? She was our first guest to join Angie and Jessica! Loved her then, love her now!

    And yes–I LOVE seeing the interpretation of art splashing all over Twitter and Instagram. Thanks to ALL!

    • I remember her! So awesome to that this post was written by the same RoseAnne who shared so much wisdom during the “Prayer” book study.

      “The beauty of respecting their mom and wife by delaying their own satisfaction was dazzling.” This really impacted me. So beautiful.

      Thanks Robin for putting together the collages of art!