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jody and her husband, rick, have five children from kindergartner to high school senior! even with all these kids, God has had their family on a bit of journey. in the past few years, the mcnatt's have traveled through adoption, breast cancer and recently, a cross country move. jody writes...

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. It’s in the small things we find the spice of life … leftovers, crumbs! Your message inspires me to thank our Lord for messengers like you – blessed to be a blessing …

    • yes, the crumbs! how we can take them for granted sometimes…let’s choose to look at them differently. God uses everything … all of it.

  2. You’ll never know how timely and WONDERFUL this word is…and you are!! 🙂

    Thinking of the old song, “Little is Much when God is in It!!” 🙂

    nina ruth

    • never liked my multiplication tables in grade school … but sure do love when God MULTIPLIES His grace in my life these days. completely dependent on HIM who does this good work … it’s mercy. it’s mystery. it’s His message of love. He is always ENOUGH.

  3. I miss the days of feeding teens so I really loved your post. I realize that was not the message 🙂 but it brought back fond memories.
    So many times I feel meager… learning that God does not care. He can make much of me 🙂
    Love, Patty

  4. Ah yes.

    Beautiful read.

    One i needed today – trying to fill mouths, and juggle a schedule.

    Yes, yes, yes. Thank you!

    Kind Blessings,
    Kate 🙂

    • kate, i know that filling-mouths-and-juggling-schedule-thing well…i get it and what’s more, God’s GOT IT. praying today His grace abounds and spills into your busy day!

  5. Thank you; this was a beautiful encouragement today as I prepare to be a first-time mom and my husband and I fret over the budget and think of all that’s not there. But Jesus IS there, and He will be more than enough in our home!

    • aww katie … just reading that phrase “first time mom” gives me goose bumps. hooray for you! there’s nothing like it girl. n o t h i n g! praise be to HIM for this blessing called motherhood. it will stretch you…your budget…your tummy…and your faith. beautiful stretching. grace.

    • i know, holly, freedom when we finally see! … it’s not about our meager … but about the mystery of Jesus’ MUCH. sufficient. enough. abundant. amen. xoxo

  6. Thanks for a great message. Sometimes it feels like all I do is meager tasks at work. It is amazing to realize that God takes those meager tasks multiplies and uses them for the greater good of the clinic.

    Just bring your small amount, little bit, whatever you have and do it wholeheartedly and God will multiply them into something huge!

    • “just bring your small amount…whatever you have…” YES! that’s what He asks, what He wants. “bring righteous offerings, and trust the Lord!” ~ psalm 4:5

  7. Wonderful post! Sometimes we all need to be reminded that “when God is in it, little is more than enough!”

  8. i think that’s why i wrote this post … i am so in need of that reminder right now in my own life! praise Him for His provision … His abundance in our lack.

  9. So often we become caught up in the big things that we forget He is in ALL things great and small, especially the small. This is a wonderful post with a beautiful reminder! Thank you for being faithful to write it!

  10. Jody, I resonated with this so much. I have been stuck in a rut for so long trying to keep up and make sure I am doing enough trying to raise five little kids (four boys, not teenagers yet, but I can already see the grocery bill creeping significantly these days, not anticipating leftovers either!)

    After feeling so worn down these past ten years, physically, emotionally, spiritually, doing the same thing over and over every single day, I wonder how in the world I am going to be able to keep doing it. Where is all this energy, wisdom, patience, etc going to come from to raise these kids??? I wrote something very similar to this a few months ago using the same story of Jesus with the 5,000! I am amazed that God has used this same story to give encouragement to mothers like us.

    Ever since writing this and coming to that realization that yes, indeed, there WILL be enough, because with Christ there is ALWAYS enough AND MORE! How exciting! I cannot help but smile with delight, even as I wash the dishes for the zillionth time 🙂 It is truly Christ and Christ alone that is going to get us through those times of plenty and times of scarcity.

    Thank you for sharing your words with so many.